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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  December 21, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the government shutdown, which he says could last for a long time. "new day" continues right now. >> for secretary mattis, who has never been known to quit anything, this was the breaking point. >> his decision to resign is our worst nightmare. >> i have made my position very clear. my measure that funds the government must include border security. >> i'm glad the president won't sign the continuing resolution. >> trump will shut down the government, but it will not get him his wall. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning. it is friday, december 21th, 8:00 in the east. the darkest day of the year. and i don't think he's just talking about sunlight. there is a message being sent by u.s. allies, active duty service members and republican lawmakers
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this morning. they are saying america is less safe. the reaction to the resignation of defense secretary james mattis cannot be over stated. he quit over the president's decision to pull u.s. troops over syria and his plan to withdraw half the u.s. forces in afghanistan. but the resignation letter is more of a rejection of trumpism in its totality. the general made clear he will not work alongside a president he thinks is too ungrateful to u.s. allies and too cozy with its adversaries. >> and as if that's not enough, a partial government shutdown is less than 16 hours away now. the president insists he will not sign a spending bill that does include funding for his border wall. that sent the house scrambling to pass a bill with border wall funding included. mitch mcconnell is miffed. he plans a vote today to begin
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debate on the house bill. but unless someone blinks, 800,000 government workers will go without paychecks during this christmas. let's begin with barbara star. you have interesting reporting about what happened behind the scenes with general mattis. >> reporter: the mattis decision to resign is reverberating across world capitals. there is no way around it. the secretary of defense for the strongest most powerful military of the world has said he can no longer support the commander in chief. james mattis went to the white house yesterday at 3:00 to meet with president trump, an official directly familiar with the events of that 45 minute meeting with the president says president trump was surprised that mattis was resigning. he had his letter already written in hand. he did not anticipate there would be anything the president
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would say that would change his mind, that he would resign. we are told by this official that it had been building for some time, but indeed the final straw was the president's decision to get u.s. troops out of syria. mattis was deeply, deeply upset at this because it would mean he was leaving the kurdish forces that he sworn to protect to a potential blood bath. and 40 years in the u.s. military doesn't leave his friends behind on the battlefield, compounded by troops coming out of afghanistan, leaving afghan forces abandoned. what else happened? one of the things we now know is his recommendation and the chairman of the joint chiefs recommendation for a new chairman had been rejected by the president. they wanted general david goldstein, the head of the air force. mr. trump selected the head of the army general mark millie.
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where we are this morning that is so important is the reaction of the rank and file of the u.s. military. typically, they don't pay a lot of attention to politics, we are told. but i want to tell you when i came into the pentagon at an early hour this morning, the first five military people i saw in the hallway all expressed their dismay, their concern and their uncertainty about what lies ahead. and the bottom line for the u.s. military, when they feel uncertainty, there is nothing more serious than that. john, alisyn. >> i have heard the exact same thing from active service duty members who normally don't weigh in on this, who normally keep a degree of separation. not this time, not at all. >> joining us now abbie phillip and john avlon. >> we talked to a republican from indiana of the armed services committee, a big supporter of president trump, extremely critical of the
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withdrawal of u.s. troops in syria, extremely unsettled by the departure of james mattis. and that dynamic, where republican supporters of president trump are shaken, that to me is one of the most interesting and long lasting impacts of what the president has done. >> i think that's right. i was speaking to a former white house official last night who told me trump is in a death spiral. with mattis leaving, with the adults gone, there are no guard rails on this investigation. you have investigations. and of course you have a stock market in collapse. all of these things happening as a government shutdown looms and a new democratic congress coming in. every sign you look at points in a bad direction for trump and for republicans. i think for the first time they're realizing that there is no clear means by which things are going to get better. >> i guess you can't run the
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united states like your family business. i mean, i guess that some days it is revealed that acting in a unilateral way, an impetuous way really does have vast consequences for people like the rank and file, as barbara star is talking about, for james mattis, who because of his principals had to quit. i mean, i guess that the fantasy of, well, we're going to run this like a business and who is going to do that better than donald trump, that's a problem. >> the problem is you have got someone in the oval office who thinks about everything with self-interest when that office really requires someone who can transcend self-interest and think about international responsibility, think about the consequences of their actions and also the sense of continuity with the sense of a republic. these things matter. that's why studying history
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matters. this president's determined ignorance leads to a crisis of confidence like this. it is all self-inflicted. that is important to understand. strong is strong. the culture didn't change on election day. but this president is creating compounding self-inflicted c ee crise crises. there is nothing more serious. >> i was really curious what would happen when the president woke up this morning and saw the worldwide reaction to the letter that james mattis wrote. >> what did i predict would happen? >> what did you predict? >> he would tweet. >> he has, in fact, tweeted. you also drink water. that's not a jump. the president had tweeted. but he's not addressing the james mattis situation at all. he's talking about the shutdown and domestic politics. will he be able to continue that throughout the day?
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is that what he's going to try to do, look over here not at the fact that u.s. allies and republicans on capitol hill feel that the world is less safe? >> yeah. i think he's doing exactly what we would expect him to do, which is focus on the base, the thing that he thinks will ingratiate him the most with the people he cares about the most. that is a strategy for today. it is probably not a strategy for the next several months. as josh pointed out, this white house is entering into one of the most perilous periods that it has experienced so far. remember, the president just lost his chief of staff, had trouble finding someone who would replace him, named someone an active chief of staff hanging open the possibility that he needs someone to fill that role on a permanent basis. he now has to replace a secretary of defense. he has already replaced an attorney general going into a contentious confirmation hearing. this is a white house facing a
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lot of headwinds and a president dealing with one crisis at a time, not in any strategic way but trying to get through the day. for right now, he feels like he's gotten the major victory with house republicans last night, but the senate will be a huge, huge problem. and president trump is trying to get mitch mcconnell to end the filibuster to make this easier for him in the moment, which could create more problems for him when he has a house controlled by democrats in january. again, there is no strategy here. there is just an effort to get through this latest thing. and i think the jim mattis departure really highlights that republicans on the hill are starting to finally worry about this. i think foreign policy has been the last resort here for republicans. and now they feel like there is no -- there are no guard rails there anymore. and i think we'll see more and more concern, more and more willingness to speak out about the broader issue of a lack of
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strategy from this white house and frankly a lack of organization around the basic tenace of governance that has gone without combat from republicans for the last two years. they are finally starting to pay attention, even though this has been going on for quite some time. >> less than 16 hours from now the government will shoutdown unless mitch mcconnell can pull some sort of rabbit out of his hat. let's cast your memories back. i don't know if it was last week or monday, two weeks ago, i'm told, when the president sat down with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and for a split second he took responsibility. let's remind people of that moment in time. >> i disagree. >> i am proud to shut down the government for border security, chuck, because the people of this country don't want criminals and people that have lots of problems and drugs pouring into our country. i will take that.
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i will shut it down for border security. >> that moment of responsibility did not last. and this morning, the president is rebranding. we should have a sound effect for a rebranding alert. here it is. senate mitch mckonld should fight for the wall as hard as he fought for anything. if enough democrats won't vote, it will be a democrat shutdown. >> that's not what he said. he didn't say democrat shutdown. >> then he said he was going to take responsibility. but something has changed, strangely, josh. >> what's changed is the ramifications are becoming clear. in less than 16 hours, the government is going to shut down. trump is throwing the hot potato to mitch mcconnell and trying to absolve himself of blame. i think the bigger problem here is that trump, instead of listening to his generals, has been listening to right wing media personnel. by following their strategy and
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their admonition, he has to stand tough on the wall. what they have driven him into a box cave. there is no clear exit strategy for trump and republicans, even if the government does shut down. as john and abbie have said, he seems to be governing by impulse moment to moment without any larger thought to where this is going to lead and how he's going to get out of it. >> look, if we are going to have a rebranding alert, it should be jazz hands thrown up on the screen. what the president is doing here, listening to right wing media, the problem is right wing's responsibility is to get ratings not governing. we are hours away from a christmas shutdown brought by a republican president with a republican congress. that itself is bizarre. so as he contemplates the situation he's got them in and the fact there is no strategy, it reminds me of his nemesis
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john mccain's favorite joke. it is darkest moments before it goes completely black. >> he is putting mitch mcconnell on the spot and in the bind. he says he should use the nuclear option. mcconnell is not going to do that. this is what the president just said on twitter. >> should i do jazz hands here? >> or spirit fingers or both. the funding bills like this require 60 votes in the senate by senate rules. the president suggesting they change those rules to pass it with 50. mitch mcconnell doesn't want to do that because he has a long view. >> and memory. >> and memory of what happens in the senate. he is also miffed at the president right now to say the least. he's really upset about james mattis. he put out a blistering statement in mitch mcconnell
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terms for the resignation of mattis. i wonder what will mcconnell do today? >> well, we'll see. we have been told to expect a vote around noon today. the presumption is the vote is going to fail. when it does, it is likely it will shut down. then it becomes how much pressure comes on trump and the government to reopen. the issue facing trump really, again, i was speaking to a white house official last night who said half in jest, but not really, that this shut down is keeping trump away from his golf course at mar-a-lago. he will not be happy sitting in the white house not golfing, watching the bad coverage on television that will start when the government shut downs. we don't know how mitch mcconnell is going to get out of it. >> when do you think, abbie, the president will leave the white
5:15 am
house for march ra la house. >> the white house has committed he will stay here and sara sanders basically reiterated that this morning, but it is a real question. how long is he going to want to sit in the white house to sort of wring his hands about the situations, not being able to go where he wants to go. there will be parts of this government where people are working on furlough, parts of homeland security where people will be working on furlough. it can't go on forever. he understands the politics of this are bad. he understands that the bad politics of ending the filibuster are not only bad in the long term but the near term. it will help protect him from
5:16 am
having to pass legislation when nancy pelosi takes over in january. the president is in a bind here. everyone is expecting that vote, which only requires 50 votes at noon today to fail. they don't think it's going to go forward. so that's going to basically put the president back at square one. >> okay. as we're never supposed to say, time will tell. abbie, josh, john, thank you very much. many senators are already back home for the holidays, but with this critical vote to prevent the shut down today, are they going to head back to washington? we will ask one of them next. s began to appear. these techs in a lab. this builder in a hardhat... ...the welders and electricians who do all of that. the diner staffed up 'cause they all needed lunch. teachers... doctors... jobs grew a bunch. what started with one job spread all around. because each job in energy
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washington is still reeling this morning between defense secretary james mattis resignation and this looming government shutdown. joining us now we have chris koonz of delaware. you're a busy man, senator. we appreciate you taking the time. we should note you are in wilmington, delaware. what train are you getting on to haul your way back today. >> i'm hoping i will be on the 8:34. but if we have a longer conversation, i will be on the 8:51. >> okay. i will try to keep it snappy in that case. so what's happening with this government shutdown? is there anything that could any
5:21 am
way in the senate that this could be averted? >> well, frankly, the president could indicate once again that he's willing to sign the bill that we have already passed through the senate. the senate passed a bill we worked on very hard in a bipartisan way all year that includes 1.6 billion in additional investments in border security but doesn't include $5 billion for a border wall. that strikes me as a small difference that is not worth shutting down the government over. and by the way, let me remind you, making 40,000 federal law enforcement officers, 54,000 customs and border patrol agents and suofficers work over the holiday without pay is not the result. the president hasn't yet spend the $1.3 billion we appropriated for border security last year. this is a fight more over message and the president trying
5:22 am
to fulfill a campaign promise over substance. i'm old enough to remember when mexico was going to pay for this wall. in a series of meetings with homeland security and customs and border patrol, i'm convinced that the wall isn't a good idea but we should invest more in border security. but there is a way to do this to compromise. later this morning, the president is going to sign a big bipartisan criminal justice bill. just on wednesday, we were celebrating this big, positive step forward that republicans and democrats agree on. it was only when the president got up yesterday morning and listened to far right wing media that he changed his mind abruptly and deseeded to kareem back towards a shutshowdown to change the news from his decision to withdraw our troops in syria and hand that country to iranians, the russians and
5:23 am
the regime. >> just in terms of this shutdown, a couple more points. you are suggesting the president revert to 24 hours ago where he seemed willing to sign that continuing resolution to february 8th to keep that open. a lot has changed in the last 24 hours. he had a conversation with rush limbaugh. that's one of the things that changed his mind and he now seems in no mood to compromise. he wants mitch mcconnell to end the filibuster rule that requires 60 votes. he wants it to just be a bare majority so that they can get this passed. do you think mitch mcconnell is considering that? >> i certainly hope not. leader mcconnell understands the profound and changing impact that it would have on the functioning of the united states senate to make us just like the house, to get rid of the one most important rule that requires compromise, requires working across the aisle to get anything significant done.
5:24 am
and i respect the fact that majority leader mcconnell has refused the president's repeated tweets and speeches demanding that he tear down the one last critical remaining element of how we govern ourselves in the sta senate so the president could achieve some short-term goal. let me just say this. the two folks tweeting in support of president trump's decision in syria, slat mere putin and rand paul don't strike me as the right folks to listen to about our national security. and listening to rush limbaugh and making decisions about governance doesn't strike me as a great idea either. our founders found that our system works best when we work across the aisle and compromise. the president is urging mick mcconnell to tear up the last thing. >> we had joe hockhart on. he had a suggestion.
5:25 am
he suggested that democrats kough up more money for the president's border wall or slats as we're calling it in the border wall in exchange for protection for robert mueller. what do you think? >> look, we have offered up a broad bipartisan compromise i worked on with senator mccain and collins earlier in this congress that would have given a significant investment in border security over a decade in exchange for a path to citizenship for dreamers and fixing a number of other challenges in our immigration system. i have been willing to work across the aisle on that compromise. it is an interesting idea. i am very concerned about robert mueller, particularly given matthew whittaker, the acting attorney general's refusal to listen to the advice of the professional ethics advisers in the department of justice. you know, i personally don't think we need to throw another
5:26 am
$5 billion into the border wall through a slush fund without congressional oversight, but i am willing to invest more in border security. so i don't think the gap is that big. and the idea of getting the bill that senator flake and i have gone on the floor now three times to demand a vote on, getting that bill passed would be a significant step forward in my view. >> first of all, senator, the use of the new jazz hands mandate that we have here well played. very nice. thank you. you used it. okay. let's talk about secretary mattis. what changes? what will change without secretary mattis now at the help at the defense department? because as you know he was often called the last adult in the room. >> with general mattis, a decorated and seasoned marine corps general with significant combat leadership experience was
5:27 am
someone who gave reassurance to our allies, clear leadership to our armed forces, clear advice to our president with no previous military or public service -- public sector experience. the first president in our history without that experience. and frankly more than anything, secretary mattis, general mattis was very clear about the very real threat posed to our democracy and our alliances by both russia and potentially by china. in the absence of that advice, i'm very concerned about what president trump's america first world view might lead him to do. i think it was a tragic error to withdraw our troops from syria. i pray our president will reconsider. and what i'm hearing he is considering doing in afghanistan is alarming. if he has not consulted with our close allies, who served alongside us and sacrificed over 17 years, i will remind you 1,000 nato soldiers have died in
5:28 am
afghanistan. if the president is abrupt and flawed in his decision-making in afghanistan as he seems to have been about syria, not consulting our allies, not consulting senior leaders in congress, i think the consequences for our alliances as well as our security would be significant. i urge everybody watching to read secretary of mattis's resignation better. i had a lump in my throat reading it last night. this is a chilling moment. i think it will be difficult for president trump to secure the service of a comparably skilled, seasoned and respected leader in national security. democrats and republicans may have policy differences, but all of us want our nation to be secure. that means relying on our alliances and having a clear view over allies. sec tear mattis put that first and foremost in his service to our nation. i am very concerned that president trump will begin working on his worst instincts in foreign policy and national security without the guiding hand of secretary mattis at the
5:29 am
helm. >> thank you very much for being here. we look very forward to seeing what you all come up with at about noon today. thank you. >> thank you. >> i want to keep the camera on him to see if he makes the 8:34 train. he's got six minutes to get there. run, senator. a new report shows veteran suicide are on the rise. the call for action by the leader of one veterans group. that's next. ♪city fallout let our lungs breathe♪ ♪can you hold me, i can't even speak♪ ♪oh my, here it goes♪ ♪'cause this is already bigger♪ ♪this is already bigger than love♪ [♪] dare to be devoted. jared®
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james mattis has resigned in protest against president trump's decisions on syria and afghanistan. the president says he will withdraw troops from syria. we have learned he wants to withdraw half the u.s. troops from afghanistan. a senior administration official tells us that james mattis vehemently opposed both those decisions. joining us is founder and ceo of veterans rights.
5:34 am
one veteran told me he was devastated. >> that's what i'm hearing, too. this is a concerning, fragile moment in american history, especially for our military and veterans community. secretary mattis is on another level. i have never seen a more popular leader among the modern military, period. he's more popular george washington. a recent poll said he had over 80% approval rating, close to 90%. so mattis is another world in terms of his trust and reverence within the military. this is reverberating around the active duty and veterans community. >> and in terms of the actual policy decisions that precipitated it, the removal of u.s. troops from syria and the removal of half the u.s. forces from afghanistan, how do you do that. >> mattis said the president wasn't listening to him. and all the talk in america about supporting our troops, most of all, that means
5:35 am
listening to them. there is no one who speaks for all troops or all veterans, but mattis is very close. this is a guy who is an icon. he's a grandfatherly figure. he's so revered that when he does speak, he does speak for many people from the general down to the lowest level grunt. the grunts are shrines to mattis in combat zone. the president is not listening to him. in many ways, he's not listening to the military. >> one of the things you want more than anything else is to bring u.s. forces home safely in general. >> everybody wants that. but if you look at the cumulative situation, the military needs stability. and mattis has been this block on everything from the parade to the trans ban. everybody is concerned with him out of the way to protect us and the politics that includes especially syria and afghan
5:36 am
afghanistan. we are at war right now, and we need a steady hand controlling our military and leading us. >> is the president justified in his decision on syria in that video two nights ago. he said it was justified because it would be the will of u.s. service members who died fighting isis. he invoked the names of fallen service members. what did you think? >> everybody has their own opinion. it was the most disgusting plit siization of our military i have ever seen. it outraged mattis. no one speaks for the dead. and to invoke the memory of folks in uniform for a political position is like nothing we have ever seen before. that video has been shared throughout the military and throughout the country because people saw it has so outrageous. that's what folks are very concerned about. who is going to protect us from the politics. that's what america needs to be
5:37 am
asking you. >> you work hard to protect u.s. service members and veterans every day beyond the politics. i want to talk about an issue that doesn't get nearly enough attention. i don't think the suicide rate gets enough in the united states. but among veterans it is worse. it is really interesting. it says that the veterans affairs office, department, has failed to spend millions of dollars that had been earmarked for veterans suicide prevent programs. how did that happen? >> if you look at our military, they are also facing 20 veterans a day being lost to suicide. two months ago, we were talking about gi bill payments that weren't coming to veterans around holiday time. this is all part of one big mess. we are not supporting the troops or taking care of our veterans. we need to focus in on mental health. the fifth veteran to die by suicide at that facility, at
5:38 am
that same facility. five veterans have been lost to suicide. it is a national health emergency, and it does impact everyone. >> it is happening from the four star level all the way down to private. >> the president wants to put all that fury on something that needs attention. that's it. these are the issues we need focus and we need real heat to get it fix sged. >> in terms of the spending, this is interesting because if you look at the social media outreach. look at this. pieces of social media content on suicide prevention fell from that high in 2016 to 47 now even as the suicide rate among military members is going up. i'm not saying it is happening because we're reducing spending on social media. but to reduce that spending at the same time the suicide rate is going up, that seems like malpracti malpractice. >> suicide is the number one
5:39 am
issue for our members. suicide consistently is the number one issue they want us to focus on. this is like keeping power drive in a fight. it is like having ammunition on the side you don't use. >> is this just a bureaucratic mess or is there a lack of a will? >> it's got to be both. i don't know what the bottom line is and what happened here. we have got computer breakdowns at the va. you can't pay gi bills on time. this is a total breach of the contract the american public has. if the president won't fix it, the american public needs to find a way to do it. >> i appreciate you coming in and discussing this. i think this is one of the most important discussions we should have in this country. >> appreciate it. >> we'll be right back.
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sglrchlts t today is a big day for holiday travel. aaa expects a record number of americans to travel. he's live at new york's airport
5:44 am
where the weather could not be helping. >> reporter: it's not going to be helping. if you are among the roughly 120 million people traveling on one of the busiest travel days of the year, mother nature is not going to help. when you look at the weather and radar picture across the country and you see the northeast all the way down to florida being affected here, covered in either rain orwintery mix, you see it will add up trouble for travelers. about 102 million people preferring to travel by road. and about 6.7 million expected to head to the airport to catch a flight. you see about 3.7 million traveling by other means, perhaps bus, rail or other way here. the main advice be patient but
5:45 am
also be prepared. already we are experiencing delays before you make it to the airport this morning because of the rain and because of the flooding mix, john, which means be patient and do expect cancellations or at least delays as you head to grandmother's house. >> i expect everyone will take that advice. everyone will be wicked patient today as they're stuck in traffic and they can't get on their flights. we appreciate you being there. thanks very much. >> thanks, john. all right. the president wants mitch mcconnell to use the nuclear option to prevent a shutdown. will that ever happen? we'll get the bottom line next. these techs in a lab. this builder in a hardhat... ...the welders and electricians who do all of that. the diner staffed up 'cause they all needed lunch. teachers... doctors... jobs grew a bunch. what started with one job spread all around.
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what's critical thinking like? a basketball costs $14. what's team spirit worth? (cheers) what's it worth to talk to your mom? what's the value of a walk in the woods? the value of capital is to create, not just wealth, but things that matter. morgan stanley well, in order to prevent a government shut down today, the president is demanding the president pass a spending bill to provide $5 billion for his border wall. that is highly unlikely. so the president wants mitch mcconnell to change the rules and use the nuclear option.
5:50 am
let's get the bottom line from david chalian. tell us about the past 24 hours through your lens. what was different about what we have all just experienced? >> i really do think we have now witnessed a real moment in history, one that when the trump administration is written into the history books, yesterday, the way in which jim mattis resigned his post in protest of the president's world view of the president's positioning of america in the world being an antithetical where he feels clearly the president has left the united states in a less safe and secure position and he could no longer serve that president. this is not just a moment of another departure or more chaos in washington or just more noise and on to the next headline and the next thing. this is not that kind of a
5:51 am
moment. it may not be, you know, back in the nixon era howard baker of tennessee going down to the white house and explaining it's up. but it's a lot closer to that than anything we have seen in the trump presidency to date. i mean, it really is a presidency in crisis like we haven't seen. >> i think that's right. i think when you are dealing with james mattis, there is a national security aspect to it. there is a policy aspect to it. because those are so big, there is a political aspect to it. we already saw republicans beginning to waiver and in some ways channel their frustration with president trump into a rejection of a decision on syria. when mattis quit, the way he did, it felt to me as if republicans were even more embolden to split with the president and criticize the president. any criticism and split of the president now when the mueller investigation may be close to wrapping up just comes at the most perilous of times for the
5:52 am
president. >> yeah. there is no doubt about that. and yet, john, i agree with everything you said. and yet we still see this, you know, republican base come to rally on this wall issue, right, on the house. they come in and vote on something they passed that they know has no chance in the senate. there is no plan to avert this shutdown. but it speaks to still how much a level of support back home the president has among these voters. even some of them lost their seats and it will be a whole new congress. yes, you see some republicans in the senate when it comes to foreign policy and national security feeling a bit more embolden to break away from the president. you hear the voices from inside the administration. you hear voices from republicans on capitol hill expressing real worry and concern at this moment in a way they haven't yet. >> how miffed is mitch mcconnell this morning? >> first of all, you have called
5:53 am
it highly unlikely that it would pass. i think that's being generous. mitch mcconnell on this issue of the nuclear option when it comes to legislation. basically, i know many people watching already think the senate is broken and perhaps fairly so, but that is being mitch mcconnell to break the way the senate works in order to get this $5 billion worth of funding for a border wall. mitch mcconnell has said time and time again, i am not going to break the rules of the senate on every day legislation like appropriatio appropriations. that is not going to happen. the president is spinning in the wing there knowing mitch mcconnell is not going to break the rules. you saw mitch mcconnell brought a vote together that was unanimous. >> he thought he had a victory yesterday morning at this time. he thought he had a victory. >> and i think he's not just spinning in the wind with mcconnell. i think he's baiting mitch mcconnell. i think what you are seeing
5:54 am
right now is a fight between mitch mcconnell and donald trump. the president is baiting mitch mcconnell to get the vote done his way. mcconnell is publically splitting from him on the mattis thing, using language -- he put on a statement yesterday. mitch mcconnell didn't have to put out a statement. he chose to put out a statement where he said he's particularly distressed that mattis is resigning due to chasharp differences with the president. >> john, you're right. part of the story of the last two years has been mitch mcconnell and paul ryan's belief that, you know, i'm just not going to take the president on when he causes chaos or this tweet or he's mean to that person and just going to try to push passed that and push the aga agaenda forward. i know to many people it may read as just more washington
5:55 am
ease, but that's not the case. you are right. that was a holy cow moment. >> he said holy cow. he cleaned it up. >> he is more awake than i am. that's never been in doubt. >> dave, fasten your seat belts. it's going to be a bumpy ride. >> the good stuff is next. a migraine hope
5:56 am
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♪'cause this is already bigger♪ [♪] ♪this is already bigger than love♪ dare to be devoted. jared® the good stuff brought to
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you by jared. dare to go all in, dare to never let go, dare to be devoted. okay. time now for the good stuff. a chicago bank brightens the future for a young woman and her son. a single mom works two jobs, but she still struggles to pay off her student debt. when her bank learned about this, they paid all $150,000 of her student loans. >> oh, my god! oh, my god. are you serious? >> i am serious. >> how great has this been? fifth third bank says she is an inspiration and this is the least they could do. she says the help changes the entire course of her life and now she can save for her son to go to college. >> are you serious is what she
6:00 am
said. that was my reaction. >> that is remarkable, $150,000. >> there is nothing that can weigh over you like student debt. all right. the government shutdown is looming. the reaction to the exit of james mattis pouring in. good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow, and there is no shortage of news this morning. shutdown today. the president warns if the democrats do not vote for border security. by border security he means a wall, so a partial government shutdown is almost definitely coming less than 15 hours from now. the president vows in the blizzard of early morning threats and claims that totally ignore his face to face promises a week and a half ago. you will remember this. let me quote the president. i will be the one to shut it down. i won't blame you for


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