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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  December 22, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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. you are live in the cnn newsroom. thanks for being with me on saturday the deposit shutdown at midnight will not end at least until after christmas. that's guaranteed now. the people with the power to restart the government sister gone home. the u.s. senate adjourned with no agreement with the president to break their stalemate. so hundreds of thousands of federal employees right now on christmas weekend are either working without pay or staying home on furlough. it's what happens when republicans and democrats in congress and sometimes the president can't reach an agreement. they threaten to shut down the government and three times in year, they have actually done it. today it's over the president's demand that congress give him $5 billion to help build the mexico border wall. no agreement, so hundreds of thousands of american federal workers are now paying the price
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with a shutdown. this time, it's during christmas. don't forget, it's only the headache for the president. there has been a lot of them. his one-time national security adviser told by a judge that he arguably sold his country out. his defense secretary says his view and trump's view don't line up. so he resigned. the stockmarket took the worst beating in ten years and the worst may still be yet to come. cnn sarah westwood is at the white house, cnn kristen homes is on capitol hill. the senators have now gone home. >> that means no one is blinging. is this a staring contest i guess between the democrats and the president right now? who is going to blink? what is going to happen next? do we know? >> reporter: well, that itself question now, this is a complete and utter mess. not only do lawmakers go home without opening the government. they went home with a plan when they get back on thursday. so right now everything is up in
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the air. if we break it down, we know that mitch mcconnell took to the senate floor today. he basically said, this isn't about republicans. we're out of it. this is about democrats and the president so if we look at that, the democrats and the president, the mind set is that the vice president is here meeting with chuck schumer moments ago, a quick meeting. i want to read you a meeting. the vice president came in and made an offer. unfortunately, we're still very far apart so that does not sound like two people, who groups who will make a deal any time soon. but in addition to that, this meeting came after chuck schumer really weighed into the wall. he said no bill would ever pass in the senate ever, ever, if it mentions a plan for the wall so where is the president? is he going to blink? well, any indication from my inbox is no i got a fundraising e-mail that title was help build the wall. so this could go on for a very
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long time. anna. >> stand by, kristen, the president's original plan was to fly to florida. he wanted to go to mar-a-lago, now he is at the white house during this shutdown. it affects so many people especially at christmas. how does the president explain why he is sticking so firmly to his guns? >> reporter: anna, the president sees this as a necessary fight for he and his base, even if it is not supported by polling or some members of his own party. white house officials say the president is standing firm on his demand for $5 billion in funding for the border wall. they say the president needs that funding to be for the construction of a physical barrier along the southern border. it can't just be used for general border security, which is one potential compromise that has been floateding around the halls of capitol hill. but despite that current hard line position, make no mistake the president has been all over the map. when it comes to this funding fight, starting last week, when he said he would be proud to take responsibility for a
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shutdown if it was over a border wall. earlier this week, his aides were signaling the president may be inclined to sign that spending bill that passed out of the senate that would have kept the government 07d until february 8th. by thursday, the president was rallying house republicans to pass a funding memnism that contained $5 billion for the border wall. earlier today the president hosted a lunch attended mostly by conservative allies, mark meadows, too much allies, senator lindsey graham. there were no democrats in attendance. these people agree with his plan to shut down the government for the twaum. kristen mentioned, mitch mcconnell said this log jam won't be broken until the president had to set well democrats. he needed ten votes to get the government reopened. it's a lack of clarity on what the president will and won't consider in terms of a deal has created headaches throughout this process. keep in mind, earlier, mike pence was telling lawmakers the
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president would sign the cr. now he is back on capitol hill negotiating on his behalf. it seems both sides are entrenched. >> thank you, ladies. this weekend's deposit shutdown is all about billions of that, in funding for president trump's border watch. remember the border wall? the 21 that mexico was going to pay for? here's what first candidate then president trump promised in speech after speech. >> it's going to be a very tall wall. a very strong wall. a very powerful wall. >> it's going to such a beautiful wall. it's going to be so big. it's going to be so power. it's going to be as beautiful as the wall can be. and who is going to pay for the wall? who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! >> who? >> mexico! >> mexico is going to pay for the wall and they understand that. we need security. with eneed the wall. we are going to have it all. >> mexico had a very different
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idea. the current president who was just sworn in earlier this month says his country will not pay for the wall. his predecessor also said, nope. and here's how former mexican president vincent fox pout it when asked on cn in. >> well, you can use my walls. we will never pay for that [ bleep ] wall. with that wall, that makes it more clear. >> to be clear, the former mexican president says his country will never pay for that bleeping wall. fast forward to last week when president trump started talking about the possibility of a government shutdown. what we heard from him is that if democrats refuse to use u.s. taxpayer money to pay for the wall, he, president trump will shut down the government. listen to this exchange with senate minority leader construct schumer. >> i am proud to shut down the government for border security. chuck. i will take the mantle. i will be the one to shut it
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down. >> and president trump changed his tune about that yesterday after saying he would take ownership of a government shutdown. he is now saying it belongs to, drum rom, please, the democrats. and he also made a slight switch in how he refers to what u.s. taxpayers will be getting for their money. he shifts from a boshder what ul to border -- border wall to border security. take a liss gasoline the house of representative voted 217-185 approving strong border security and the money necessary to take care of the barrier wall or steel slats, whatever you want to call it. it's all the sample, tremendous enthusiasm for border security. they want to see something happen on border security. >> so now president trump says democrats won't pay for border security. he's substituting that term for a boarder wall. guess what, border security, a
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complete border what ul are not the same thing. in fact, here's the kind of border security democrats have already supported in 2013. senator schumer and house minority leader nancy pelosi both were in favor of spending $40 billion on a border security plan that called for building 700 miles of new fencing and would have doubled the number of border security agents to roughly 40,000. it got bipartisan support. it passed in the senate but failed in the republican-controlled house, because they wouldn't even bring it forward for a vote. so in the past, democrats supported spending $40 billion on border security but they made it very clear today that they will not spend billions of dollars to pay for president trump's border wall. >> so, mr. president, president trump, if you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall. >> the current funding bill
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president trump is insisting on includes $5 billion of funding for dhs, which will be able to replace about 115 miles of existing wall and will allow them to build more than 100 miles of new lineal wall or steel slats. the u.s.-members do boarder is 1954 miles long. so there are currently about, ah, 650 miles of border fencing already built. can you do the math there. that's really what this government shutdown is all about. since trump insists that this is what americans voted for to build a border wall. maybe mexico will step up to help him keep that promise? >> well, you can use my walls. we'll never pay for that [ bleep ] wall. >> and thus, that's where we are, with neither mexico with its money or the u.s. congress
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ponying up u.s. tax dollars to pay for a wall. last night president trump tweeted a picture of the wall he's chosen. he's actually turned it into this fence, made of metal slats with spikes at the top. this picture, however, doesn't look like any of the eight prototypes congress set aside taxpayer money to have built. cnn reached out to the white house where the president got this rendering. we will let you know when we hear back. with us, democratic strategist and former clinton white house aid and cnn host of s.c. cupp unfiltered, s.e. cupp. if i'm sitting at home. maybe i don't care about the play by play, where we're at right now. what i care about is how this shutdown is going to end. perhaps there are three options. the president caves the republicans decide they pass this clean cr, that already made it through the senate and force the president's hand, or there is a shutdown at least until the
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democrats take overcome january. se. how do you see this ending? >> it's looking like the last one, a shutdown for at least the next couple of weeks and nancy pelosi i think hint at much. i think that's where she thinks this is going to. earlier, she said, look, if we don't get this today or tomorrow, we should all go home, relax, be with our families. we know for certainty the shutdown will end the first week in january, meaning when democrats take control of the house. i think that's probably what we are looking at. >> i see you shaking your head. you agree? >> i'm not sure. the democrats see no reason to change their minds. trump doesn't have any real incentive to change his mind. because his base doesn't want him to. so we're at a stalemate. which means what do you do in that situation? the problem is the republican-controlled congress had two years, unified government in which to pass this border wall. they never did it. so here we are, the last few
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weeks of their control of the government and right before christmas, trump decides to shut down the government because he couldn't get this done during the two years when he had complete control of the united states government. >> so who had the leverage in this situation? >> it's not clear to me, is it clear to you? >> democrats. yeah. it's a sticking point. democrats don't really have to change you know, construct schumer getting out there saying, there will be no wall. the government there reopen when you abandon the wall. >> that is throwing significant gauntlet down for trump. who knows that he can't abandon the wall. he can maybe abandon policy. he can't abandon it rhetorically. they are putting him in a box. a very uncomfortable box. >> it's a waiting game. once january comes, the democrats take over, trump can say, atried, it's out of my hands. >> maggie said she noticed a shift the chaos had become too
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much for some trump supporters, including those that helped get him elected. let's listen. >> the number of conservative bhos i have talked to in the last day who worked on the campaign, supported the president, who now say you know what, i regret doing that, this was a mistake. this administrationsome, you know, off the rails, all of these investigations will be a . they are disgusted for lack of a better word with what they have seen. >> se, have you heard more sentiments with the republicans that you know? >> yeah, yes. in particular, for house republicans. this is a very local problem. house republicans are going home to their constituents right now as we speak, they're financial to have to answer for what they did with two years of total control. well, they're no closer at getting the wall, they're as far away as they have ever been. the government shut down. wall street had its worst week
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in ten years. there is not a whole lot of progress to show for having total control. now those very same republicans know their job is about to get infinitely harder because democrats will take control of the house so for those house republicans, the problem is dealing with voters. the problem isn't the chaos and insanity in washington and how frustrated they are with the president. it's very real when they get home and they have to sort of explain what they've done. >> why aren't republicans sticking up for i guess their own principles? we've heard so many times they talk behind the scenes. we have the anonymous letter, you know, that was written in the "new york times". then this week, things change as maggie haberman is reporting. as what we saw after mattis decided to resign. we saw what happened following trump's syria announcement. why do you think republicans aren't digging in a little bit deeper this week, in particular, when it comes to the shutdown? at what point is enough, enough,
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following trump in. >> i'm not sure i'm the best person to ask that question. i'm not a republican. my cynical analysis is they're afraid of their base and trump. they deep making political calculations based on what they think will be at that moment. i seen pier, an editorial. they said the chaos is not accidental. it's on pumplt i agree wipurpos. i agree with that. it's to create more chaos to divert from the crises going on. won scandal the an outrage, multiple is a statistic. you can't keep track of how many there are. what's going on from day-to-day, because you are here, there, everywhere, keep up with automatic craziness. that's trump's goal. he wants us to be all over the map so we can't focus on the fact this is aco las sal failure of a president. >> so does the chaos get better or worse when democrats take over the house? >> i don't see it getting
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better. >> your take? >> no, no, why would it? democrats will be able to do a lot of things they haven't been able to do in the past. i think they will set their sites on trump and aggressively go after some of the investigation in addition ethical violation in his cabinet. there is a lot of real estate for democrats, you know, come nook the new year and so there's going to be a lot of sort of pushing back on trump. republicans will push back on democrats. it will be i think another really rough year. but i do think if there is any maybe silver lining, republicans, what makes this week different, if republicans had done better in the mid-terms, i don't think you'd be seeing republicans coming out and saying, well, wait a second, mattis is leaving. this syria thing is a mistake. the shutdown is a mistake. i think they go along to get along because it had been working. voters really rebuked republicans in the mid-term elections. so now i think they're getting a
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little nervous. >> except the republicans still in power are the buns who are not -- ones who are not feeling more embold opinioned to country that house strategy. >> for house democrats, republicans, i mean, voters, sent house republicans a message that was pretty clear. i think for house republicans, less so in the senate is your point. they are feeling a little nervous about the next couple of years with democrats having to share with democrats. >> thank you both for being here. we'll look for you at the top of the hour, good to see you. we appreciate it especially on a holiday weekend. se cupp unfiltered here at 6:00. we have new details on how president trump lashed out over the acting attorney general over prosecutors he overseas. details on that, plus the president's main man in charge in the fight against isis now resigning on the heels of james mattis' resignation. just the latest official to
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leave following the president's surprise move to pull troops from syria. live in the cnn "newsroom" when we come back.
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. here's something else to add onto the multitude of crises president trump faces this weekend. remember matthew whitaker. trump passed over other top justice department officials to personally appoint him as acting ag. democrats immediately cried foul when this happened, they accused president trump of installing whitaker to derail the special counsel investigation. well, cnn has now learned that at least twice in the last month trump had lashed out at his new appointee. the first time, after trump's former attorney michael cohen pleaded guilty. the second after trump was implicated in some of cohen's crimes. we are told that president trump wanted to know why more wasn't being done to control prosecutors from bringing charges in the first place. now this revelation comes the very same week we learned that
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whitaker is ignoring advice from an ethics official at the department of justice who recommended whitaker recuse himself from overseeing the mueller investigation. instead, whitaker is staying on. i want to bring in special agent ap analyst josh campbell. josh closely worked with former fbi director james comey. what does this new reporting tell you,oabo about why trump pd whitaker to begin with? >> so there were fears out there people concerned about the rule of law, why would you install somebody so critic about about the investigation in the past? i think for that group, these fears are now being manifest. based on this reporting, we know the president was lashing out to his acting attorney general, showing his frustration, venting about why the justice department is controlling prosecutors in new york, looking into his former fixer and lawyer michael cohen. it raises a lot of concerns on a
2:24 pm
couple different levels the first of which being we know whitaker is on record critical of the mueller investigation. beyond that, there is this long held norm, the wall between the white house and the justice department when it comes to criminal investigations. it appears as though trump didn't learn the lesson, we know reporting from the former fbi director james comey how he, the president, allegedly asked him to make the flynn matter go away, for example. it was reported to the "new york times" the president was talking to his own lawyer using the justice department to go after comey and clinton. again, there was obviously backlash when that reporting came out that shows he continues to push forward and isn't concerned by that norm the white house should not be meddling in the affairs of the justice department. >> so what can robert mueller do given whitaker is technically his boss. he is overseeing his investigation? >> there is not mueller can do. i bet this is news to him and
2:25 pm
something we all was looking at, was whitaker brought in to make the mueller investigation go away? up to now it hasn't. if he want to, that would cause such public backlash, house democrats will be assuming power in the house of representatives, so if he acted in a way that would make the mueller case go away, he would have a lot to answer to congress. >> that hasn't happened yet. if you are mueller, you look at these developments to include the latest reporting where the official nominee, william barr had written this unsolicited memo to the justice department critical of the mueller case. a lot of people experts in law enforcement, lay people looking at rule of law issues are concerned when you see these things lining up there i understand he has a reporting of where the mueller report is headed? >> it's interesting. they're lost in all the chaos from the last week and the reporting on the national security side was this secret court hearing that took place in the district of colombia. he talked about it on our air.
2:26 pm
where basically it was a weird bizarre scenario, court officers were locking down a floor on the courthouse. they weren't letting nobody in. there was something sensitive taking place in there. there was a grand jury subpoena issued we presume by robert mueller's team, not listed by name. a lot of the facts are lined up. we think this is coming from robert mueller. it's to this company owned by a foreign entity asking for records pursuant and applicable to a criminal investigation. now, what the company had said was, look, we're a foreign entity, we cannot comply with your laws without violating our own. this went before a three-judge page of judges in the district of colombia, who weren't convinced. they said, no, you can comply. what we are learning it appears that same filing is being appealed to the u.s. stream court. >> that company is el 58 that additional level. we tone know what will take place then. if the supreme court will look
2:27 pm
at it. it appears this may be the first instance the mueller investigation is colliding with the supreme court. we will see how they rule. >> thank you for having you on. president trump saying he was pulling u.s. troops from syria, it shocked allies and members of his own party? how is the president reacting to the fallout and backlash? plus, another official resigning today in the wake of the president's announcement. so is he making a mistake? we'll discuss next.
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we are just getting this news into cnn. president trump is set to remain in washington through christmas due to the government shutdown. if that's an indication of just how long this shutdown can last. president trump's surprise announcement to pull u.s. troops out of syria earlier this week stunned u.s. allies and members of his own party. it is prompting his own top officials to now head to the door. we are learning brett mcgurk in charge of the fight against isis is walking away, specifically because of trump's syria plans. trump claims on twitter the u.s. defeated isis comes a tweak after mcgurk said this. >> nobody is declaring a mission accomplished. a mission caliphate is much longer than a campaign. we are prepared to maintain the stabilization in iraq and syria. we have learned lessons in the past. we know once a physical space is
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defeated we can't big up and leave. there are clandestined cells. nobody is saying they will disappear. nobody is that naive. >> mcgurk's ressic nation on friday comes one way after secretary of defense james mattis quick on changing his mind on syria. joining us now, cnn correspondent elise lavitt. >> reporter: he has been in government a long time and spend some time out of government. but brett mcgurk you saw rate there talking about the u.s. policy to stay and not only defeat the remnants of isis to counteriran and iranian proxies in syria. he was meeting with iraqi leaders when president trump made that announcement. >> that the u.s. would be pulling out. he was actually telling the
2:34 pm
iraqi leaders that the u.s. was prepared to stay. so he felt not only was his credibility on the line, but also that he was not the one to defend this policy let alone execute it. he thought it was sudden. he thought it was reckless. and people close to his decision-making said that he just thought that he couldn't serve any longer. like mattis, he was expected to leave at some point, but just felt like he couldn't continue to serve. >> eless labott, happy reporting, happy holidays, my friend. i want to talk to two people who know the pentagon top to bottom, john harlan and more fascinating is someone who else security and policy positions for five u.s. secretaries of defense under democratic and republican administration and rick francona, retired u.s. air force and military attache? syria. first mattis out, now brett
2:35 pm
mcgurk, he is leaving, unable to work with this president. is this just the beginning of a potential snowball effect, in your opinion? >> it's quite possible. i mean, frankly, the palace intrigue over the last few months has been the question of queen secretary mattis would choose to resign? would it be the march in springtime over north korea, over the border deplaymate? if jamal khashoggi affair, when the president chose a different individual to be the chairman of the joint chief officer for the u.s. military? what would it be? we've seen one after another, after another, clearly, this was the straw that broke the camel's back. >> colonel francona, do you agree? how difficult is it for the four star commander general to flip the bird albeit respectfully on the way out. >> respectfully. he did make his points quite clearly in that letter about his
2:36 pm
disagreements. not only over the syria matter the way we are treatmenting our different series of alliances arnold the world. i felt it was well writtenco gently prepared letter. i agree with mara, i believe this was the straw that broke the camel's back. what you are seeing with mcgurk is probably indicative of what's going on throughout the pentagon right now. i don't think you will see a lot of retirements, but you will see a lot of pushback on what's going on here, because and i agree with general, i'm sorry, i agree with the secretary of defense, i agree with brett mcgurk, this is the absolute wrong thing to do. we are repeating the mistakes in the past in afghanistan and iraq and i can't believe that president trump is going down that same path. so i think he's going to get a lot of pushback, but he is the president and he will probably now surround himself with people who are going to go along with this. so i think we're probably not going to be able to reverse this
2:37 pm
awful decision. >> a defense official explained mattis' res ig naition to cnn this way. the president was the only one elected and must execute his agenda. to do that, he needs people who share his points of view. since you worked for five defense secretaries, are the conversations between a president and his defense secretary typically my way or the highway? >> no, traditionally, you have a dialogue one would outline a number of different options the pros and cons of those options, it is the president's choice and the appointee that is the secretary of defense has to decide, can they go along with this or not. i think what we have seen is secretary mattis saw he could not go along. what's extraordinary about his letter to the president is it's actually pretty obvious, it is saying things like we need to support our allies and partners. things that under regular
2:38 pm
circumstance would not be so astonishing. >> we know that syria was one of the last straws for, obviously, secretary mattis and now mcgurk. mcgurk saying isis is not defeated. what's the best case, worse case scenario for what happens when the u.s. leaves there? >> i can give you the worst case, the fight against isis will slow down. it's going to have to. we know that erdogan has designs on moving forces east of the euphrates to the iraqi border. he said he is going to do that. i don't know that the president has talked him out of that, maybe that's a part of the deal why we are going to leave. but if the turks move in anyway against northern syria, we're going to see what happened the last time they did this. the sdf, syrian democratic forces, mostly made up of the kurds, who the turks believe are a bunch of terrorists are going to stop fighting isis, they're the primary force on the ground against isis, they are
2:39 pm
effectism. they will stop fighting isis, they will redeploy to their home areas to defend what they believe their family and their territory. the fight against isis will take the back burner. we can continue artillery and air. we will not be able to move on the ground. that's the worst case scenario. the best case scenario, there isn't one. >> that's bleak. before we let you go, i want to touch on the government shutdown at least. this is the third government shutdown in a year. what message does this send to the rest of the world? does it expose a national security vulnerability? >> absolutely. because we can't just see this shutdown outside of context. it's a week where the secretary of defense has resigned, where you see the counter iso-coalition leader resigning, the president deciding to substantially reduce the military pasture in afghanistan, to pull the u.s. military out of syria. it's one thing after another after another that is leading u.s. allies and partners around
2:40 pm
the world, america's comparative advantage to look around and say, wait a second, what is happening here? is this still the team i want to be on? >> this is an important discussion. i really appreciate you joining me this week and especially around the holidays. thank you. we are learning much more now about the death of college football player jordan mcnair. some just released body cam footage could reveal a lot about the slow response by paramedics after he collapseed from heat stroke. we'll have details just ahead in the cnn "newsroomsome just rele
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the cnn "newsroomthe cnn "news."
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welcome back. the university of maryland has finally released under surveillance to a to be player who collapsed during practice and died, jordan mcnair suffered heat stroke in a workout. it raises questions. an independent report found that more than an hour passed before a team trainer called 911 after mcnair showed symptoms of heat stroke. cnn's nick valencia joins us now with the details. nick. >> reporter: anna, for months, the media requested for this video to be released. they say they wanted to wait for the tomorrow's office in the state to finish their investigation. now, that's happened. here we are, six months since the death of jordan mcnair, seeing these clips for the first time. what is evident in this video.
2:46 pm
you can hear for yourself in a moment is frustration on behalf of the first responding officers, truly frustrated. it can only be described as a lack of urgency. we want to be clear about one thing. according to an independent investigation, the paramedics, whose lag time was blamed to leading to the death of jordan mcnair. they weren't found entirely responsible. >> that report concluded they weren't given proper instructions where that lag time happened. it is clear these officers in the clip are frustrated. mcnair are not seen in the video. large chunks are redacted. what is clear is frustrating. >> did they bring him inside? still inside, jesus. >> the first paramedic, the second one showed up with paramedics, by the time he got to the hospital, that independent investigation concluded that too little was done too late. if you remember this story when
2:47 pm
it happened in late may, two weeks later, jordan mcnair died from that off season workout. it led to the suspension of the coach, dj durcan. he was eventually fired. the strength and conditioning coach also stepped down. witnesses said that it was that strength and conditioning coach who continued to run mcnair even though he complained of not feeling well. there was also ramifications for the university president who is scheduled to step down from his post in june of 2019. we did reach out to the family of mcnair to get a comment and see if they will pursue their own civil litigation. it's not clear right now. we are waiting their comments. >> nick valencia, thank you. with the government partially shut down, administration officials running for the exits, wall street having its worst week since the 2008 financial crisis. the president still says he is better than everyone at, well, everything. >> i know work, i have the best
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according to donald trump, nobody knows more about practically everything than donald trump. here's cnn's jeanne moos. >> reporter: remember how muhammad ali always used to call himself the greatest of all time. well, now it's president trump calling himself the greatest at all times. >> i think nobody knows more about campaign finance than i do. nobody knows more about trade than me. nobody knows more about construction than i do. >> reporter: what field doesn't he excel in? >> i know more about isis than
2:53 pm
the generals do, believe me. nobody knows more about environmental impact statements than me. there's nobody that understands the horror of nuclear better than me. >> reporter: it's enough to make your head explode. >> nobody knows the politicians better than i do, believe me. >> reporter: even political opponents like cory booker. i know more about cory than he knows about himself. >> nobody builds walls better than me, believe me. >> reporter: president trump sure knows how to spew spurrell tivz. >> i have words. i have the best words. i think i have the best temperament. nobody has better toys than i do. >> reporter: and from a guy who doesn't like to read, this -- >> and nobody loves the bible more than i do. >> reporter: thou shalt not exaggerate, mr. president. for years, journalists have been chronicling donald trump's breath-taking self-admiration, delivered in the third person, no less. >> because nobody's ever had crowds like trump has had. >> reporter: occasionally, president trump has demonstrated a flash of humility, a moment of
2:54 pm
modesty. >> i understand the tax laws better than almost anyone. >> reporter: almost anyone. you mean someone understands tax laws better than he does? ♪ anything you can do ♪ he can do better >> get better leak than me? i have better everything than they have, including this. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn. ♪ no you can't, yes, i can >> reporter: new york. all right, from the you have to see it to believe it file, check this out. a bmw flies through the air. terrifying video, really. a driver in slovakia who fell asleep at the wheel drifts off the roadway and launches off a guardrail before entering a tunnel. he grazes the top of the tunnel there before landing. the craziest part, the driver walked away with just minor injuries. gatwick airport in london is expected to be back on track after drones delayed nearly 150,000 passengers. two people have been arrested with criminal use of the drones.
2:55 pm
officials say about 1,000 flights were canceled or diverted during the 32-hour shutdown. officials say passengers should expect some delays and still some cancellations today as they continue to recover. sentenced to death, racing against the clock. was the trial fair and what story does the evidence tell? is the wrong person behind bars? the time for justice is running out. "death row stories," the complete third season airs tonight at 9:00 eastern here on cnn. that does it for me for now. i'm monica cabrera in new york. i'll be back in an hour. s.e. cupp continues after a quick break.
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or prevents heartburn in as little as 30 minutes, and lasts up to 12 hours. zantac. eat your way. treat your way.™ welcome to "unfiltered." here's tonight's breaking headline. go home, 2018, you're drunk. fittingly, for a year of frenetic highs and lows, craziness and chaos and peak swampiness in washington, d.c. we're ending it with a bang and a shutdown. we're now 18 hours into a partial shutdown of the federal government, the third such shutdown this year. and after some wrangling this morning, majority leader mitch mcconnell adjourned the senate until thursday. but don't worry, president trump took to twitter to reassure the american people he's on the case. "i am in the white house," he writes, "working hard. news reports concerning the shutdown and syria are mostly fake. we are negotiating with the


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