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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  December 23, 2018 4:00am-5:01am PST

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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. good morning, i'm victor blackwell. >> i'm leyla santiago in for centennial olympic park this morning. in indonesia, 222 people are dead after a tsunami crashed into the region last night. more than 800 people have been hurt and dozens are missing. >> the tsunami slammed and destroyed everything in its path clear from the images there. officials say no warning before it hit. it appears this was likely caused by underwater landslides
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triggered by a volcanic eruption. take a look at this. it is the moment the tsunami crashed into a live concert. ♪ [ screaming ] seemingly out of nowhere there. red cross officials say they expect the death toll to rise. cnn senior international correspondent ivan watson is following the latest. what exactly is the latest right now, ivan? >> reporter: good morning. well, this was supposed to be a holiday weekend in indonesia, a time when some of these beach resorts were full of indonesian tourists. since it is the national holiday coming up, christmas in indonesia, and, instead, at around 9:37 p.m. on saturday night, that is when a wall of water crashed into stretches of the coast of western java of eastern sumatra along the strait.
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there were no advanced warnings because this tsunami is believed to have been caused by an underwater landslide triggered by not an earthquake, as indonesia has seen in recent months, but a volcano. specifically crackatou and it is one of the most legendary volcanoes of the 19th century that erupted in 1883 and killed more than 30,000 people and sent up such a big ash cloud that it's believed that world global temperatures plunged as a result. this island sprung up a half a century later and been active in rents mont recent months but scientists believe the tsunami was made worse because there was a full moon saturday night and a high tide. so, again, no warning at all and that is why you see images like
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that wall of water crashing through the stage as people are celebrating, partying on a saturday night. now, the president of indonesia has expressed condolences to the country and we node aid organizations and indonesian emergency workers are rushing to the area as well. dozens of roads have been damaged by this tsunami. indonesian authorities say it was perhaps a meter and a half high and went in distances of about 500 meters inland and is just another terrifying natural disaster for a country that is still reeling from other deadly tsunamis as recently as last september. victor? >> ivan watson for us there, thank you for the latest that is happening in indonesia. let's show that video of the moment that the tsunami crashed into that band that was playing live. ♪
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if you watch this video before even this, you see there are children in the crowd. these are families, adults. it was a gathering for an employer there at the lead singer of the band posted this video on social media just hours after the tsunami. >> translator: i just want to say that our bass player banny and our manager hokey wejia pass away. i also ask for prayers for my friend indy, harman and hujan who are still missing at this time. also my dear wife is still missing. the rest of us have broken bones, minor injuries, including me, but we are fine. please pray that we can find indy, harman and hujan and my wife. this is a story that
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continues to develop and we will keep bringing you updates on the story throughout the morning. washington appears poised to enter what could be a lengthy shutdown. >> i am proud to shut down the government for border security. >> no further votes will occur until the president and senate democrats have reached an agreement. >> white house officials say the president is not budging from his demand for $5 billion for a border wall. president trump, if you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall. plain and simple. lawmakers battle is out over board wall budgeting, the showdown is likely to continue after christmas. >> the next formal session is scheduled for thursday and still no deal in sight. senior correspondents
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congressional correspondent is live there in washington for us. good morning to you. we don't know how long this will go but we do have at least a minimum now based on what we are hearing from the majority leader on when senators will be back to hopefully vote on something. >> reporter: that's right. thursday is the earliest the senate back in session and house too. if any deal is reached, members are supposed to be given 24 hours notice to return to town before voting. the reality here is that the chances of a shutdown going for more than just days but potentially weeks is increasing silth because of the fact that daks are regaining control of the house on january 3rd. . we are not talking about the $5 billion of money the president is demanding for the wall on the attorney border but the 2.5 million that vice president mike pence is pitching privately according to sources chuck schumer and schumer has rejected
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those demands in a meeting yesterday. democrats don't see any reason to budge beyond what nancy pelosi and schumer have already offered, 1.3 billion dollars for border security. they are saying the wall should be completely off the table. the president showing no signs of giving up on that topic. yesterday, he had lunch with some of his closest supporters, republican supporters on this issue. instead, dispensing mike pence on capitol hill to see if there was any resolution. the fact they are no closer to a resolution suggests this could go on for very likely days, if not weeks. chuck schumer made it very clear yesterday, president trump, at that time wall off the table. the president does not want to go there. so we could see a roughly a quarter of the government shutdown for some time and no end in sight.
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>> manu raju, thaunnk you so mu at the white house are there president trump is floating the idea of firing the fed chairman he picked and announcing suddenly troop withdrawals and struggling to file cabinet vacancies. ryan nobles is joining us from the white house. the first family staying in washington for the christmas? >> reporter: that's right. that is not normal for president of the united states and not just donald trump. you have to go back to bill clinton's administration for find a president who went somewhere other than washington for christmas, but that is exactly where president trump will be, understanding the optics of this budget battle and the fact the government will remain shutdown over the christmas holiday. it doesn't appear the president has any interest in backing down from this position that he has taken that he wants some level of border funding in this package that will reopen the
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government. you have to remember that the president had cut a deal with both senate democrats and senate republicans, as well as members of the house to pass a clean continuing resolution that would keep the government open until february but at the 11th hour, after a lot of pressure from conservative leaders and particularly conservative media members, the president reversed course and, as a result, that has put him in a very difficult position. if he even bends a little bit to senate democrats, it will look as though he is losing this battle. the president seems prepared to dig in what could be a length li foo -- lengthy fight and remain in washington the next several days. but at this point, not a ton of talking between either side and it's difficult to see where the resolution comes in terms of the shutdown which means this will be a busy week in washington when normally over the holidays, it is very quiet. >> ryan nobles, thanks so much.
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one the president's most outspoken critics, republican senator bob corker joining our jake tapper for an exclusive interview this morning. be sure and watch "state of the union" with jake tapper at 9:00 a.m. eastern only on cnn. another administration official is leaving because of the president's decision to withdraw troops from syria. does the move make americans less safe at home? former assistant secretary for the homeland security department joins us next. ♪ ♪ the greatest wish of all is one that brings us together. the final days of wish list are here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. only at your lincoln dealer.
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breathe freely fast, with vicks sinex. my congestion's gone. i can breathe again! ahhhh i can breathe again! ughh.. vicks sinex, breathe on people were found dead nearly a week ago. authorities are reviewing a video that allegedly shows the murders and was uploaded to social media.
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another high ranking official in the trump administration has quit over the president's sudden decision to pull out to u.s. troops out of sea. >> according to two senior officials, brett mcgurk saw the situation as reckless and cnn global affairs elise lavin explains. >> brett mcguirk has resigned. he told mike pompeo he would be leaving his post on december 31st. he was expected to leave in february to take up a post at stanford university, but his decision to leave early came on the heels of president trump's sudden announcement he would be withdrawing all troops from syria. now mcgurk days earlier was talking to reporters about the new u.s. policy to stay in syria. not only to defeat the remnants
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of is isis but also to counter iran. mcgurk was in the region of meeting with coalition partners to discuss this policy and was sitting with iraqi leaders, talking about the u.s. commitment to stay in syria when president trump tweeted that the u.s. would be withdrawing from syria. people familiar with mcgurk's thinking saying that not only can he feel his credibility was on the line, but also he doesn't feel he would be able to defend, let alone execute that policy. mcgurk has been the envoy dealing with the 70 plus-member coalition to fight isis since 2013. first serving as the deputy to john allen and taking over as envoy himself, clearly has done a lot to reduce the presence of isis. as he said, there is still
4:17 am
remnants and he said it would be reckless for the u.s. to withdraw precipitously. i'm also told the decision by james mattis, who he was very close to, affected his decision. mcgurk said he could no longer serve the president in this policy against syria. elise lavin, cnn. joiningship. >> joining us to discuss this is our guest, juliet. >> good morning. >> let's start the president's first official statement on this. a response typical on twitter. the president tweeted yesterday the following.
4:18 am
this is not a nothing event but frame for us why this is so significant. >> well, i think it's significant, at least in the fight against isis and more generally the fight against terrorism for three reasons. i think, first, is isis is not dead. as you just reported about what happened in morocco with the poor women in scandinavia. they are rattliz radicalized he take action in the united states. what has been beneficial the last couple of years, i'll give the trump administration credit for this, is a sense that isis was on its knees. to vacate prematurely is in the words of mcgurk reckless. the third area i think will impact us in the homeland and abroad is the sense that our
4:19 am
word is unreliable. when you think about mcgurk sitting there in iraq saying we are here and the president tweeting, what is that going to say to our allies or a coalition that is so necessary to stop isis and to stop the terror threat? in the end, i think, the sense that we are unreliable, that our word doesn't mean anything, that the coalition does not stand, that in the end is the biggest threat to our homeland. >> independent of the allies, but the people who work for the president, those who work in the state department, the department of defense. when you were sent out to sell the u.s. policy and while you're there, the policy takes a 180, what does that mean to the people who are trying to support this president? >> i think it means that -- let me say we are seeing this in the same way with the shut down, that no word matters, except for president trump's and that is no way to run a government. it's unsustainable. i think it will, obviously,
4:20 am
undermine negotiations and diplomacy that go on across the world, not just with isis or syria or iraq, but, of course, in europe, latin america, china, or wherever else. the sense that whatever the diplomats or military folks are saying is not verifiable until president trump validates it. we don't work that way in this country. we have cabinet members that set agendas and people who implement those agendas. i think it's sort of a disaster for our word in terms of government employees. as you note in the tweet that president trump sent out yesterday about mcgurk, i mean, it's kind of a self-own. how can the president not know the lead person fighting -- you know, fighting the isis threat? in the end it may trump look completely out to lunch in terms of counterterrorism efforts. >> that is what i didn't understand. the president claims he doesn't know or didn't know people and twitter will be flooded with
4:21 am
pictures of him with this person on several occasions. is it even possible that the president could not know the u.s. enjoy in this fight against isis, is that realistic? >> i think it is with this administration. most administrations would have -- i worked in an agency would have a process by which agency professionals and subject matter leads would brief the white house, either the principles of cabinet secretaries and in most cases the president, himself, because when you think about our foreign policy priorities, certainly the fight against isis is one of them. and i think we have to view the mcgurk thing in the context of mattis. that one-two punch is really just a statement, not just to the world about the fact that the process is not holding, that there is no control over a president who does things like end the war on isis by tweet, but also i think internally, in
4:22 am
terms of confidence that this president knows actually i'm going to be blunt here, knows what he is doing. he watches tv and he makes a decision about our troops as compared to taking the subject matter and expertise of people who actually know what they are doing. >> let's talk about the catalyst of these two departures and the decision to reverse u.s. policy in syria and the commitment of this administration to fighting isis. i want to play for you something that senior policy adviser steven miller said with our wolf blitzer. i don't think this is getting enough attention ybut he articulates the view of the work that americans have done in syria and the fight against isis. listen and then we will talk. >> let's defend our national security! let's put america first and not spill american blood to fight the enemy of other can you see as in the case of syria.
4:23 am
>> the consideration of other americans but others americans have been beheaded or killed or inspired by isis. your take on that framework. >> it's just sort of remarkable. isis is sort of philosophy is, obviously, to attack the united states and western interests. we have not not that just occur in paris but other european cities but here in the united states with people inspired by isis. as i said in the beginning, isis gains its traction, not just by physical strongholds abroad in iraq and syria and not by owning and controlling land, but also by being able to recruit others who view isis as the winning team. what has been beneficial and why haven't we had -- as i said, to the credit of the trump administration, what has been beneficial with this sort of destruction of isis, not the death of isis, but destruction of isis is that it has stopped a
4:24 am
lot of that -- of that sort of radicalization. and so this idea that isis had -- threat to western europe or the united states is just a hysterical factually inaccurate and assumes that isis can't reform. i think what people -- look. ideology like isis don't die. right? they will exist. we still know they exist. how we win is that that we make that philosophy not successful in terms of attacks and in terms of ownership of land, so that the ideology withers at the vine. and that is what we were doing with isis and both, you know, mattis and mcgurk sort of are saying, you know, this sort of decision by the president is premature and reckless, and almost everyone agrees with that, including our allies. >> one of their last joint media vable availabilities, dunford and
4:25 am
mcgurk said isis is a clandestine organization and other cells popping up in the area that were cleared by u.s. forces but this ideology they still have to fight and the commitment of that beyond the commitment on the ground we will have to see how this administration holds to that. quickly! before i let you go, mattis is leaving and so is mcgurk. would you expect because this is such a reversal there on to be more high-level departures because of this syria policy? >> it may not be the syria policy you, but to the extent that this sort of recklessness and the tweets and everything going on with the white house right now is sort of this last week, as i would call it. the person i'm looking at right now is gina haskell, the cia director. we are starting to hear reports that the president's reaction to the khashoggi killing and undermining the cia's assessment that clearly the royal family and the saudi prince was a targeted assassination, i would
4:26 am
look to members of the intelligence community getting some sort of support by what mattis and mcgurk are doing so what i'm looking out for in the next couple of weeks. >> good to have you, juliette kayyem. >> thank you. we continue to following breaking news this hour. new video of that deadly tsunami in indonesia overnight. hundreds are dead. the latest developments is next. ever since darrell's family started using gain flings, their laundry smells more amazing than ever. [darrell's wife] uh, honey, isn't that the dog's towel? [dog sfx] hey, mi towel, su towel. more gain scent plus oxi boost and febreze makes gain flings our best gain ever. gain. seriously good scent.
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welcome back. i'm victor blackwell. >> i'm leyla santiago in for christi paul. over 200 people are dead from a tsunami crashed into the indonesia. >> no warning before this. it slammed into residential areas and destroying everything in its path. we have new video in that just came in. first, let's look at this. this is aerial video. you're looking straight down here and you can see just the destruction everywhere. >> this is one of the hardest hit areas here. a big concern now will be getting the aid to come in to help people with really destroyed lives. there is debris everywhere. one of the main roads between the two impacted areas we are told is creating some issues.
4:32 am
this video also new coming in. >> this is the second video. you saw there that there was a passable road in the last clip. here, impassible. one person is just trying to step through here. what we don't know is how many people were in these homes in these buildings. the rescue efforts have begun. still, dozens of people missing. the latest number we have, more than 800 people injured. we have got more video here of the destruction across this part of indonesia from this tsunami. ♪ also my dear wife is still missing. the rest of us have broken bones, minor injuries, including me, but we are fine. please pray. >> translator: that water came so fast.
4:33 am
so many people were running and were washed away. >> disruption is less likely to be warned. although it is not -- whether a volcanic eruption or -- some other movement in the ocean. it is quite sudden. i want to bring in cnn meteorologist allison chinchar. the officials there are believed this was caused by an underwater landslide. not typically how it happens there. break that down for me. what is this exactly? >> a lot of people probably waking up wanting to know what is an underwater landslide? not a common term you hear. here is what we know. the volcano erupted yet on saturday. in doing so, you get a lot of the rock underneath the surface that gets displaced and it falls down to below the surface.
4:34 am
in doing that, it pushes up that water, generating that tsunami wave. now, locally speaking for a lot of those areas along the coastlines, this can be a very severe tsunami. it's a very localized tsunami, but even still, you have the two islands between java and sumatra, where the volcano exists between those two. both of those coastlines on those islands were affected. here is the thing. the volcano is not just going to standpoint because it erupted once. it is very still likely it will continue to erupt and subsequent underwater landslides could still happen. for a lot of these folks that live along this region, you will have to stay alert for any subsequent tsunamis that may take place. here is a look at the satellite imagery. you can even see the eruption plume as it took place yesterday. >> allison, typically, we have been on air together when these have happened in the past. you often go straight to usgs and you go to the local authority on matters like this.
4:35 am
what are you getting from them? and i understand there's a link to the government shutdown in the united states? >> the u.s. geological survey's website say they are dealing with limited support and put out limited products. they don't have the staff nor are they allowed to put out stuff during this time of the shutdown. so your normal websites, u.s. geological survey and pacific tsunami warning center and that center has not put out an alert before the government shutdown took place. again, the local agency that is here in indonesia, the bmkg, their website has been crashing consistently over the last 24 hours just because they are the only agency that you can now get information from since the two u.s. agencies are no longer supplying enough information. >> tough situation made even worse. allison chinchar, thank you so much. take a look at this. i think if the control room can pop this up. do we have full screen we can show people here this tweet as
4:36 am
well from -- just giving you an idea of how broad the government shutdown is and in incidents like this that happen halfway around the world, thousands of miles away, how it still impacts people there. this is a tweet from the u.s. embassy in jakarta where people would be going for updates. due to the lapse in appropriations, this twitter feed will not be updated regularly. please visit the state department on twitter for updates. >> they have said don't believe there are foreigners involved but typically we would get communication on that from the u.s. embassy there. >> absolutely. speaking of that shutdown, christmas cancelled? not really. but it is affecting the national christmas tree site. we will explain when we come back. >> hi! i'm gilda radner. okay now! >> people want to know what made you funny? >> from the time i was a kid, i loved to pretend. >> she was the very first
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partial government shutdown is affecting so much of the holiday season and one christmas favorite is feeling the impact. >> the national christmas tree knee the white house. the park shut it down after a man climbed the tree and refuse to do come down over an hour. they can't reopen it because no funds to fix the damage the man caused to the tree. a bummer there. but no worries. the government shutdown not putting a lid around here on the christmas spirit, right, right? >> right. >> okay, good. >> right! >> i thought i was alone on that! >> here is decatur choir to get you in the mood. ♪ you know dasher and dancer
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2018, i mean, this has been a busy, busy year. we are not just talking politics. sports. business. entertainment. >> all over. cnn's brooke baldwin takes a look at some of the trending stories that captured our attention in our "8 in 2008 series." ♪ >> 2018 was the year of the social media activists. people across the country speaking out against sexual assault, gun violence, and racism.
4:50 am
#activism. here is top eight strentrends s of t -- stories of the year. >> times up anti-harassment plan and sequel to last year's me too reckoning. >> we are just pushing the movement along and doing what we can in our voices and solidarity. >> we are standing with women everywhere saying time's up. enough is enough on sexual assault, harassment, abuse of power. >> women who encounter sexual assault, harassment or inequality in the workplace, especially those outside the entertainment industry who lack financial or legal resources. >> and now that we've all joined as one voice, it feels like empowerment to those women who never had it. >> number seven -- >> yanny. >> do you hear yanny, do you hear laurel?
4:51 am
similar to 2015's dress, two seemingly unrelated worlds. >> it says laurel. >> play it again. >> yanni. >> yanni. >> no. >> it seems everyone had an opinion from law enforcement -- >> what we've determined right now is that the audio sound you've been hear something actually the name "laurel." >> to capitol hill. >> it is "laurel" and not "y "yanni." all right? how many "laurel" fans here? thank you. >> in the end science called a winner. >> if you heard "laurel," you are correct. >> like the dress, yanny or laurel served as proof it doesn't take much to break the internet. >> spiderman, as he was being dubbed. >> young migrant from mali
4:52 am
living in the shadows. in the span of 30 seconds, his selfless act of bravery captivated the world. he scaled a four-story building in paris with his bare hands to save a child's life. for his heroism, french president granted him citizenship. he now works with the paris fire brigade. >> number five, deep sigh of relief after 38 agonizing minutes. with nuclear tensions between north korea and the united states running high, people in hawaii got this text, ballistic missile threat inbound to hawaii. seek immediately shelter. this is not a drill. panicked families seeking shelter anywhere they could, some even putting their children in storm drains. within 12 minutes, a tweet that it was a false alarm but no word from the governor, who admitted
4:53 am
that he forgot his twitter password. >> what happened today is totally unacceptable. >> it took 38 minutes for the emergency system to declare a false alarm. dozens of viral videos exposing racism, barbecue becky. permit patty. pool patrol. even starbucks got its share of social media scorn. starbucks later apologized for the incident, and launched employee anti-bias training. number three, professor christine blasey-ford, publicly accounting her alleged sexual assault. >> it was hard for me to believe and i thought that brett was accidentally going to kill me. >> she accused then supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh
4:54 am
for assaulting her when they were teenagers. president trump mocked ford's testimony during a campaign rally. >> how did you get home? i don't remember. how did you get there? i don't remember. where was the place? i don't remember. how many years ago? i don't know. i don't know. >> in a series of tweets, trump claimed that the attack ford alleged, quote, was as bad as she says, charges would have been immediately filed with local law enforcement authorities. the #we believe dr. ford, believe survivors and dear professor ford started trending as hundreds of thousands of women took to social media to express their solidarity and the #why i didn't report, after their own sexual assault experiences of no one believing them. number two in parkland, florida,
4:55 am
marjorie stogi marjory stoneman douglas high school. >> what we need more than that is action. >> students created the never again movement, to prevent gun violence and help organize the march for our lives in washington, d.c., which became the most tweeted about movement of all of 2018. more than $.5 million was raised for march for our lives, facebook fund-raisers and president barack obama's inspirational tweet about the march became the second most liked tweet of the year. and number one, never before has a president used social media quite like this. communicating directly with more than his 57 million followers. from antagonistic tweets about world leaders and political foes to trafficking in half truths @realdonald trump helps set the day for the news coverage and political discourse. whether he's blasting what he
4:56 am
calls the rigged witch hunt, calling the media fake news or heaping praise on allies and supporters, the president tweeted and retweeted more than 3,000 times in 2018 and is the most tweeted about political figure of the year. >> make america great again. >> big moments. thanks so much for starting your moment with us. "inside politics with john king" is up next. share the love event, we've shown just how far love can go. (grandma vo) over one hundred national parks protected. (mom vo) more than fifty thousand animals rescued. (old man vo) nearly two million meals delivered. (mom vo) over eighteen hundred wishes granted. (vo) that's one hundred and forty million dollars
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mom. ♪ welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. it's day two of a partial government shutdown and no end in sight. tens of thousands of federal workers face uncertainty this christmas as the president digs in, even though it's clear he lacks the votes for his border wall. >> we're totally prepared for a very long shutdown. this is our only chance we'll ever have, in our opinion, because of the world and the way that it breaks out, to get great
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