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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 28, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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hello. i'm ryan nobles in today for brooke baldwin. the third and longest shutdown of the trump presidency is expected to go into the new year with no sign that either side is ready to relaw enforcement. b -- relent. but there are new signs of the strategy, to blame nancy pelosi. on day seven of the shutdown, the president is threatening a shutdown of another kind, a full one at the border tweeting, "it will happen if the obstructionist democrats do not give us the money to finish the
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wall and change the ridiculous immigration laws our country is saddled with." all of president trump's latest finger pointing is further truth that the president is not going relent. remember this? >> i am proud to shut down the country on border security. i will take the mantle. i will be the one to shut it down. >> is he taking the mantle? sarah westwood joins me live from the white house. has the white house heard at all from nancy pelosi? >> the white house is saying they haven't heard from nancy pelosi or chuck schumer since offering nearly a week ago a deal that could have seen the president settle for less than that original demand for $5 billion in border wall. now mick mulvaney, the income being acting chief of staff/budget director said this morning that the democratic leaders have not been invited back to the white house for further talks and he suggested
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that the white house now is simply waiting for a counteroffer from the democrats, all while hinting that the president would be willing to come off that $5 billion number but mulvaney didn't specify by how much. that's in line with cnn reporting that mike pence offered a deal that would have seen the president sign a bill funding the wall at about $2.5 billion. that's something democrats rejected. the white house is saying the shutdown could persist into the new year until democrats retake the house in january and they're blaming that on pelosi. the president said that pelosi is the one calling the shots and mulvaney suggested that pelosi could be in danger of losing her bid for the speakership if she accepts a compromise with this administration. take a listen. >> she's unwilling to actually do anything until she gets her speakership. >> this all comes down to mrs. pelosi's speakership. left to his own devices, chuck
11:03 am
schumer and the democrats would cut a deal but they're protecting miss pelosi. if she cuts a deal with the president of any sort before january 3rd, she's at risk of losing her speakership. >> nancy is calling the shots, not chuck. chuck wants to have this done, i really believe this. she's calling the shots and she's calling them because she wants the votes. if they do something, she's not going to get the vote and not going to be speaker of the house. that would be not so good for her. >> reporter: there's still no much clarity about what trump will or won't sign, which is causing headaches for negotiators. but the president has taken to reviving the old threats to shut down the southern border and cut off funding to central american countries whose people are trying to cross into the country illegally. the white house is buckling down for a shutdown that could
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stretch well into january. >> having been on capitol hill last week, it seemed as those nancy pelosi and chuck schumer were pretty united but perhaps the white house knows something we don't. thank you for that. >> now to the border, which is front and center for not just the president but also the secretary of homeland security. kirstjen nielsen will head to the border to immediate with border agents and medical workers after the death of two young migrant children. they have been detained at the border by customs and border protection. there are now details on how sick felipe alonzo-gomez was before he died on christmas eve. nick, tell us about what you know about her visit. >> reporter: nielsen has been very cagey about the details of her trip, but we know she's going to be visiting a variety of border patrol stations here
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in el paso today and tomorrow will move on to uma, arizona. we expect her focus to be these medical screenings. earlier this week she announced a series of protective measures, she called extraordinary measures to keep another child, not another death. she doesn't want another child to die in cbp custody because two children have died in less than a month in cbp custody. it's something that sarah huckabee sanders spoke about this morning. >> we are doing everything in our capacity to make sure when people do come that they're taken care of so we don't have these type of instances. in many cases they show up extremely dehydrated without food and seeing a doctor for the very first time in their lives, both adults and children. >> reporter: we expect nielsen to meet not on with border patrol agents here locally but health officials.
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>> we're also learning new information about that 8-year-old boy from guatemala who died, this coming from the new mexico medical investigators. what you have learned? >> reporter: this new information was released to us earlier today. they did lung swabs as well as national swabs and he tested positive for influenza b. initially cpb said the child was diagnosed with a common cold and he was released from the hospital, even though he had a 103 degree fever. we understand he was never tested for the flu. this is part of the evaluations that the medical professionals are doing. the family is waiting for a cause of death and they may have to wait an extraordinarily long time. the autopsy could take between six and 12 weeks to find out the cause of death, the second child to die in a month. >> thank you. let's talk about all of these
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developing stories. joining me now cnn analyst david drucker and cnn political commentator sally cone. david, let start with you. can th the president initially saying he would take the blame and now he's blaming the democrats. can this work? >> the president is the one who triggered it. it n it's not going to be possible for him to shove this off on democrats. democrats have been saying you guys figure it out. moat voters don't look at that, they look at who's in control. i do think down the line, that after the shutdown is entrenched for a couple of weeks and democrats are in control of the house, the president is going to be in a better position to say i
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can't get this done without democratic participation, here's the compromise i've offered, here's the compromise they're rejecting, if they were to reject and compromise and then he might be able toll reframe this narrative. until we get to this point, he's going to have a hard time doing that. the other problem the president has at least initially is that what he's asking for and the way this wall in particular is wrapped up in being all about him, it's not a politically tenable position, even though border security broadly is supported by voters and you can make a case separate by trump that it's good policy, when it's wrapped up all about trump, vomers wivo voters will have a harder time being for it. the best thing the president could do is get this not being about him, get it to be about border security and he might be ultimately in a better position than he is today.
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>> let's talk about nancy pelosi's role in all of this. she seems content to play things close to the vest until she officially takes the gavel as speaker. is that wise for her or should she get involved in this fight before the end of the new year? >> only donald trump could find a way to a situation entirely of his creation, where his party under his leadership has control of the white house, the house and the senate and still find a way to blame it on a woman. so nancy pelosi is exactly right to stay out of this. her party hasn't taken over the house, she hasn't even been elected speaker. the fact that trump is trying to pin this on her just shows his incredible desperation and sort of dirty politics. i do think when assuming pelosi is elected speaker, which i certainly believe and hope she will be, that one thing they could do is just say, look are there already was a compromise
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on the table. there was a bipartisan compromise that republicans and democrats already agreed to and passed and if i were pelosi, i would put up every single day and vote on and pass a budget deal that reopens the government, the one that was already agreed to and, by the way, a comprehensive immigration policy that actually doesn't scapegoat and fear monger and do all the bull pucky that trump is doing around the border and playing politics with the border but actually solves the real problems of our system and creates a path to citizenship. >> the president has also tweeted, quote, that they may have ten senate votes but we have the issue of border security. and then he puts 2020 with an exclamation point. is this really about the next presidential election? and is this a winning issue for him that he's just going to continue to pound regardless of
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if it means keeping the government shut down or whatever discord is leads to after this is over with? >> i gave up trying to predict what donald trump was going to do a long time ago, but it does seem that he thinks it is a reliable strategy to gin up fear mongering and hate against any others beyond our border and in particular muslims and people from mexico and central america. that has been a repeated strategy of his. it is an old play book both parties have used but particularly republicans. it is a race-based, otherizing, dehumanizing politics of fear mongering that he's taken to a whole other level. here it's actually important to point out two things. one, for instance, those migrants in the caravan coming to the united states, they're not coming, quote unquote, illegally. these are not undocumented folks. these are folks following the rules, coming to the border, presenting themselves at the
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border to claim asylum in keeping with our laws and rules, rules that trump has tried to single handedly change and then tear gassed people. but he's portraying this as an issue. meanwhile, if you actually -- look, i'm a proud deseasoncenda immigrants, but two-thirds of immigrants are here in our country because of overstaying their visas but he has no interest in that. he just wants to gin up fear and hate at the border. >> we were talking about days, could it be months before they resolve this problem? >> theoretically it could be months. the deeper these shutdowns get, the more entrenched both parties get. and eventually the voters decide one party, one faction is to blame and the other side realizes they just got to get out of it and move on. two things are important to
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understand. one, the president had a republican house and senate for two years and he never really pushed a comprehensive legitimate of program to try and deal with immigration the way he would like to see it dealt with. i think that's a big missed opportunity. and it signals that you're not going to see much more than that in the next two years with democrats in control of the house. the other thing in talking to republicans after the midterm elections, they found in the final weeks of that campaign, the president's rhetoric about the caravan, about birth right citizenship and about the wall hurt republicans in the house and made that majority on the democratic side big are than ge might have otherwise been. i don't think calculations where the president is on this on the right is necessarily putting him in a good place in 2020. democrats will have more responsibility for governing, won't be able to just blame republicans, but for now the president is not in the best place, as he thinks he's is.
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>> it almost seems once democrats take control, this process restarts itself all over again and it could mean it's going to be an even longer process. >> thank you both for being here. appreciate it. >> happy holidays. >> up next, a major development in the unsettled congressional race in north carolina. a judge's order now creating further uncertainty over who and when this election will ultimately be decided. we have those details straight ahead. >> and breaking news, a tour bus hit by an explosive device in egypt not far from the pyramids. multiple people dead and wounded. we'll have a live report next.
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breaking right now, a
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roadside bomb blew up a boss in egypt killing at least two tourists. a dozen others were injured. this happened as the bus was traveling close to the pyramids. cnn's selma abdeliz joins me on the phone from cairo, about 40 minutes from where the bombing happened. selma, what are you learning right now? >> reporter: well, what we know so far, ryan, is this tourist bus passed along what was a hidden roadside bomb. that bomb exploded hitting a tourist bus with 14 vietnamese tourists on board. two of those vietnamese tourists were killed and ten others wounded. we understand two egyptians, the driver and a member of the tourist company were wounded in the the blast. these people have been sent to a local hospital and that the health minister and prime minister have both made instructions for them to receive the best of care and on their
11:20 am
route to provide support. this is in the area of giza. what is of upmost concern to authorities is whether or not this was a terrorist attack and whether or not the tourist site in egypt are safe enough for tourists. >> selma, thank you very much for that report from cairo after this bus accident and bombing in giza, egypt. selma, thank you for that report. still ahead, all eyes on wall street after a week of historic highs and lows. where will the stock market settle this time? and help wanted. what a very interesting posting from the house jbt udiciary committee is revealing about possible plans for 2019. with all that usaa offers
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the markets will be closing soon and after a wild week where the dow suffered its worst ever christmas eve, if stocks finish higher today, the market will have accomplished something it hasn't done all month, close higher three days in a row. despite the week's gains overall, december has been a pretty miserable month on wall street, the s&p came within inches of entering a bear market multiple tombs this weimes this course the president is monitoring everything. alison kosik is at the stock market now. the market often finishes with rally, but this is not a typical december. >> reporter: it certainly not a typical december. even with the gains this week, it looks like december will go down as the worst performing month for stocks since 1931.
11:26 am
that was during the great depression. hold that in your hat for a bit. as for today, we've been watching stocks struggle to found direction. at the moment, a triple-digit gain for the dow. anything can happen. we have seen sentiment change on a dime, we saw that yesterday when we saw the 900-point swing for the dow. there's a lot weighing on wall street as far as that cloud of uncertainty, an economic slowdown. some of the recent fed moves worrying wall street as well, unresolved trade situation between the u.s. and china is another worry. then the uncertainty in washington, not just policy-wise, not just the government shutdown but whether or not fed chair jay powell can keep his job in the next year. so these worries are keeping wall street on edge. if you're looking at your portfolio, there's one more day left to trade, that is monday. that is the final trading day of
11:27 am
2018. up may wa you may want to have a strong stomach before you look at it because there aren't any gains this year. the s&p down 7%, the dow down 5%, the nasdaq is down 5. i wish i had better returns for you this year, ryan. >> alison, i've made the decision not to check my 4 -- 401(k) this month. is that wise, ignore it completely and hope it goes away? >> i wouldn't say ignore it but if you're in it for the long term, don't look. >> as democrats prepare to take control of the house in six days, they are now looking for a few good lawyers to apparently lead investigations into president trump and his administration. cnn reviewed a recent job posting by the house judiciary committee and found in it search for attorneys with experience
11:28 am
with criminal, immigration, constitutional, intellectual property and commercial and administrative law. the advertisements hint that the democrats plan on launching multiple investigations of president trump. cnn's legal analyst jennifer rogers and paul callan join me. what does it tell you about their investigation of the president? >> there's no question that they're going to pick up some of these investigative threads that the republican-led house was not willing to do. i hope instead of trying to duplicate efforts of the mueller team, that they focus on the conflicts of interest have been present since the presidency started, the questions of whether the president and his business interests are driving
11:29 am
policy with saudi arabia and russia. but there are also going to be all sorts of other threads that come out of the mueller investigation and they'll need these kinds of lawyers and investigators to do that work. >> does that include the president's taxes? we think the mueller team may be looking into that. is this an for democrats to finally get those taxes and put them in the public? >> definitely. it covers all sorts of subjects. they're look forking for a grou con d lawyer who is can investigate a lot of conduct. >> there's a senate intelligence committee investigation that continues. what are some of the biggest
11:30 am
unanswered questions? >> i think some of the areas that we're waiting for and of course we don't know everything so there may be areas we've heard nothing about. we're waiting for the wrapup of the roger stone side of things. there's been litigation over their testimony. we're waiting to see what happens with that. then there's the secret subpoena that's being litigated currently in washington, d.c. we doesn't know what that's about. those are two areas where we know there are things going on that have not been resolved. and then there are the great unknowns that we know nothing about because the mueller team has been so quiet. >> many lawyers say that mueller probably is doing way more than what we know about and what's been revealed publicly. paul, the russia investigation took a bit of a strange turn. a court filing by a russian farm includes that among the vast
11:31 am
information collected is a nude selfie and that the mueller team is unlawfully blocking access to these materials. does this mean anything? >> god knows and god knows who the nude selfie is of. a lot of this is classified material and mueller is trying to block that from the public because it is classified. the new york attorney general's office is investigating possible fraud by the trump foundation and charitable organization. there could be criminal allegations that arise out of that. i think that's the wild card investigation that may dominate the news in the year to come. >> thank you both so much for joining us. have a happy new year. next, a major development in the unsettled congressional race in north carolina that's been plagued with allegations of
11:32 am
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major developments today in north carolina that could impact the future of a congressional seat there. a three-judge panel denied a request by the state board of elections to continue in their current form so they can complete their investigation into allegations of election fraud in the state's ninth district. the board refused to certify the results that republican mark harris defeated dan mccready by 5 votes. the board was scheduled to hold a public hearing on the matter on january 11th but no that hearing is in doubt. as of noon today there is no one
11:37 am
sitting on the state board of elections in north carolina. as a result republicans are preparing to go to court to get mark harris seating before congress reconvenes. joining me to discuss this is dallas woodhouse, the director of the north carolina republican party. just three weeks ago i was in north carolina reporting the story. you told me if early vote totals were leaked and you thought they were a new election should take place. today you're saying the results should be certified. why the change of heart? >> well, simply being that we've had three weeks and the state board of election has not put forward evidence of these things. these were rumor, innuendo. there were stories about thousands of ballots being destroyed. that didn't happen. and now the north carolina state board of elections that became defunct at noon today failed in their duty which was required under the law of the
11:38 am
constitution and morally to certify mark harris the winner because he got more legal votes. they have not put forward evidence to show he didn't. it was clear that the three-judge panel, made up of two democrats and one republican, was concerned that the board of elections led by governor cooper's appointee, joshua malcolm, was going to just continue a never-ending fishing expedition. the evidence did not exist to justify denying mr. harris but to keep this going to try not to seat mr. harris, to sully his name and reputation and see if they could somehow figure a way to take away an election victory earned by mr. harris and republicans at the ballot box. mr. harris got more legal votes. he should be certified and he should go to congress. >> in response to the point that the harris campaign made about the state board of elections not concluding their investigation in a timely fashion, they respond that harris did not
11:39 am
supply them with some 140,000 documents to cooperate with their investigation. >> this is outrageous. i have never been so angry about anything. the democrat head of the state board of elections who has been disgraced by the three-judge panel, he put out that statement, not the other board members. he is trying to suly again mr. harris's name -- >> has he submitted these 140,000 documents? >> hold on a minute. he's not required to send to a democrat every piece of paper a campaign ever put forward. by the way, it is irrelevant. the board of elections needed to establish that these things happened, that they happened at all. mr. harris only ever touched his ballot. his. he doesn't have anything to add. this was an absolutely atrocious smear by a disgraced democrat elections chair, the former chair now on the way out. it is unconscionable.
11:40 am
>> but dallas, originally this board of elections unanimously voted not to certify the votes, there was a 7-2 vote to continue the election -- >> originally godzilla was a lizard. how long ary going to wait? it is 54 days since the general election. they have put forward virtually no relevant evidence, a couple of affidavits that are filled with hearsay. they have put no concrete evidence. and it is their job to do that. it is not the job of mark harris to prove that he shouldn't be certified. he won the election. he should be certified. i believe a federal court will order the state of north carolina to do so. >> all right. so that seems to be the next stage of this for republicans heading to federal court to see mark harris seated. dallas woodhouse, we appreciate you bringing us your
11:41 am
perspective. let's get the democratic view on this. want to bring in the chair of the democratic north carolina party wayne goodman. mr. chairman, you heard what dallas woodhouse had to say there. would it be your preference that this current board or at least a board in some fashion, a board that roy cooper, the governor, would appoint, he said he's going to do that today, would be able to see this investigation through to the end? >> the short answer is yes. what is shocking and is unconscionable is that the north carolina republican party has day in and day out changed its tune on this. it seems like their position has changed depending on the day of the week. in is purely obstruction of an ongoing investigation. governor cooper and the state of north carolina have had to deal multiple times with the republican-led legislate why are passi -- legislature passing laws. this investigation needs to
11:42 am
continue and despite what you heard a moment ago, the board of elections has provided hundreds and hundreds of pages of documents for folks to know what is going on. of course during an investigation most documents can't be released until the investigation is complete. so it is shocking, it is unconscionable but it because of what the republican party is doing. mark harris is trying to steal this election. it is obstruction of an investigation. >> mr. chairman, to that point, why did the democratic party of north carolina not appeal this decision by the three-judge panel to keep the board in its current composition to finish this investigation? why did they allow it just to dissolve today at noon without any type of court challenge? >> well, there is a very short window. of course i'm not the attorney for governor cooper or for the state of north carolina, but what i will tell you is this, that in order to keep an investigation on track for the january 11th hearing, it was vital that there be a board of elections constituted based on
11:43 am
what the last constitutional law was for a board of elections. the republican party of north carolina and the republican legislative leaders have multiple times now distracted and delayed and done all they can to destabilize our state board of elections and the lebss pr -- elections process. why is it now they are saying they don't want this investigation to go through in this is obstruction. governor cooper is trying to do his best within the law so we can have a board established and it will be established under the last constitutional law to get the job done. there is ample evidence provided publicly and i'm confident there is more evidence that the republicans apparently don't want us to see. this is obstruction of an investigation. the republicans are trying to steal a congressional election in the ninth congressional district. >> one last question for you, chairman. governor cooper has indicated he will attempt to seat a board to continue this investigation until a new board can be seated at the end of january. this is a little bit in the
11:44 am
weeds for people who haven't been following the story chapter and verse. the republicans said they are not going to submit two names. theoretically two democratic names could be submitted, there could be a quorum and this could go further down the road into a court battle. would you be comfortable with the idea of a board of elections without any kind of republican reputation at all or would you worry it would be tainted and make this process even more economy kp complicated than it already is. >> it's been tainted -- >> i don't mean to cut you off. i understand you plan to sit those three democrat members on that board and i understand that that is your position. but are you okay with the idea of there only be three democrats on this board making this
11:45 am
decision? i understand that the republicans to a certain extent are obstructing this in their own way by not adding those republicans, but wouldn't it make sense to have both republicans and democrats be a part of this investigation and see it through? >> it would make most sense to have republicans join us as democrats in having this board do its business. they can't have unclean hand and claim this board as constituted can't do its job when they won't submit names themselves. the board will need to do what it needs do. if it means only the folks who show up to do their job, so be it. but it shameful and unconscionable the republicans are trying to have it both ways when the voters are being denied their voice for the ninth congressional district. >> we appreciate you being here trying to unpack it all. the bottom line on this is there's very good chance that the voters of the ninth
11:46 am
congressional district in north carolina will be without a representative of congress when the new congress convenes at the beginning of the year. chairman, thank you very much for being here. still ahead, a hotel guest said he was thrown out of a double tree hotel for making a call in the lobby all because he's black. what does the hotel have to say about the claim? >> and a new development involving actor kevin spacey facing sexual assault charges. back in a moment. it's half-washed. next time, add downy fabric conditioner for up to 7 days of downy freshness. downy and it's done. with a $500,000 life insurance policy. how much do you think it cost him? $100 a month? $75? $50? actually, duncan got his $500,000 for under $28 a month. less than a dollar a day. his secret? selectquote.
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it's happened again. a black man says that hotel staff where he was a guest in portland, oregon called the police on him for talking on the
11:51 am
phone. >> i've not moved. i've been sitting here the whole time and they're calling the police on me because i'm taking a phone call in the lobby. did he ask any of those people who just walked by what room they were staying in? no. >> jermaine massey said he was racially profiled. he said he was asked to leave or be arrested. sound familiar? this is a story this year where people were asked to vet blainve black people just going about their business. this list is pretty long. it goes on and on and the problem persists. in most of these cases, the person dialing 911 was white. let's bring in cnn's paul vercammen. paul, from the start, tell us the story from the beginning of
11:52 am
the portland hotel incident. >> reporter: he returns from a concert. massey goes into the hotel lobby into a quiet space. he said he needed to call his mother for a family emergency and then he says "the security guard starts harassing me." >> do you really want that p.r. issue, earl? >> the portland police will be here in a minute. >> call them. i'm waiting. they're coming why? >> to escort you off the property. >> because i'm staying here. i didn't do anything to you. i'm sitting over here taking a phone call. >> and massey goes on to say that he was told to produce evidence that he was staying in the hotel. he showed a card key envelope with the date on it as well as the room number. as you heard, he also pressed them and said other hotel guests
11:53 am
have to provide this? they said no. eventually police were called and portland police said they got called for a trespassing call. they escort him to his room. he gets ejected. what's next? we spoke to massey's lawyers and here what's they said in terms of legal action. they said we have a litigation and political strategy. he's trying it decide how public he wants to go with all of this. he is overwhelmed and determined he wants justice and he doesn't want this to happen to anybody else. also interesting, massey has experience with the justice department in both human relations and specifically in discrimination. he now works for amazon in human resources. the hotel has offered an apology. let's look at what they said, basically saying in so many words that they're sorry about all of this, that this matter ended in a way that it didn't have to. we've reached out to the
11:54 am
gentleman, et cetera. they still have not had a chance to talk to massey. we have reached out to both those employees involved in his being kicked out of the hotel. they have not responded. >> paul vercammen live for us from los angeles. thank you. >> next, a severe storm that has already killed at least three people is now moving toward the east coast. we'll have a live report straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the greatest wish of all is one that brings us together. the final days of wish list are here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. only at your lincoln dealer.
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the winter storm system that's moving east has now turned deadly. officials confirm three people have died, one in a crash in kansas after a tree fell on her camper trailer in louisiana. and another woman in tennessee
11:59 am
after walking through floodwaters. in the midwest, whiteout conditions have made travel nearly impossible in some areas. in the south millions remain under flood and flash watches. overnight 11 inches of rain fell in parts of louisiana and mississippi. alison, what can people expect in the coming hours? it certainly seems messy out there. >> yeah. we still have rain from florida all the way up to maine. right now snow in areas of new hampshire and maine as well. this is where you have some of the heaviest rains, cities like charlotte, washington, d.c. and new york at this particular time. we zoom in further to the north, any travel plans through places like prove den, new york, philadelphia, baltimore, d.c., you are contending with that rain right now. we already have delays. this is likely to extend delays. further south, good news for atlanta and birmingham, you're starting to see an end to that
12:00 pm
rain. but charlotte, tallahassee, some of the heaviest rain has yet to come for those areas. areas like alabama and mississippi have picked up eight inches of rain and some have picked up a foot of rain. that's why you have a lot of flood and flash flood watches in effect. that means unfortunately travel will be an issue for the remainder of the night for a lot of these cities. >> a very busy time of the year, too, for travel. we appreciate you. thank you for that report. top of the hour, i'm ryan nobles in for brooke baldwin. you are watching cnn. the trump presidency is expected to go into the new year with no signs that either side is willing to relent. but the strategy is to blame speaker of the