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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  December 31, 2018 3:00am-4:01am PST

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>> we are not wasting taxpayer dollars on a ransom note. >> our president decides to use the death of two children as a political tool. i was disgusted. >> this is a multi-facetted problem that requires a multi-facetted solution. this is "new day," and it really is a new day already in new zealand. look at this, the new year just sprung there. happy new year. i am alisyn camerota. i am here with erica hill. that's beautiful. oh, my gosh. it's so exciting. they look like they are having better weather than we will in new york tonight. let's take a moment to watch their revelry and fireworks
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display. impressive. that's cool. >> not a bad way to kick things off. >> that is really cool. you know, i am one of the only people on earth that does not think new year's eve is overrated. people think it's amateur night. i love new year's eve, so i am very excited to be spending the morning with you. >> you have a big night ahead. >> i do. and we will tell you about our big night, and tonight journalist will be honored and i am excited about that. here in the u.s., the government shutdown enters day ten, and there appears to be no end in sight. sources tells cnn the president is unwilling to compromise, and he will not agree to a bill with only $1.3 billion for border wall funding. and for some 800,000 federal
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workers, they will start this new year without a paycheck. and in an extraordinary interview, john kelly admits the trump administration abandoned long ago the idea of a physical concrete wall on the border with mexico. why is president trump still touting a wall? the president weighing in for the first time on the two children that died while in u.s. custody over the weekend. all of this, of course, comes as senator lindsay graham says the president is reevaluating plans to withdrawal u.s. troops from syria. to say there's a lot going on may be a underestimate this morning. let's go long island to the white house. >> yeah, it's day ten of the government shutdown and no break through expected anytime soon. the outgoing chief of staff,
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john kelly, also not going out quietly. kelly in an interview with the "los angeles times" blasted former attorney general jeff sessions, suggesting sessions sprung something on the white house. and he told the "los angeles times"s, to be unhonest, it's not a wall, and now he is going towards steel slats, but we left a solid concrete wall early on in the administration. just a few days ago president trump tweeted out the only way to solve an immigration crisis was through an old-fashioned wall on the border with mexico. and lindsay graham said he presented a potential idea to
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president trump that could end the shutdown. listen to this from the senator. >> the president didn't commit but i think there are open minded and i know there are democrats out there that would be willing to provide money for ba wallboarder security in exchange for the daca deals. >> reporter: there's something going through court, and there are 800,000 federal workers that are still furloughed or without pay, and president trump signed an executive order freezing pay raises in 2019 for all federal workers. >> thank you very much for
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starting us off so well. we have nia-malika henderson, and a.b. stoddard, and cnn political analyst, carren dahmertion. >> i can't begin to tell you all how different it looks from the outside looking in, and how absurd this shutdown looks, this impasse looks. i lost track of what exactly the president was asking for with his wall so i went back in time to see what it was asking for, and the president has lost track of what he's asking for with his wall. a.b., here's where it started. when he was campaigning the president, back then, donald
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trump said he wanted 1,000 miles of a concrete wall. then he said later that it was going to be solid concrete from the ground to 32 feet high, and then he changed it to 700 to 800 miles, and then he changed it to steel slats, no more concrete wall, and then it has to be between 500 and 550 miles. >> every statement from senator schumer, the democratic leader is we'll just wait to find what position the president lands on and we will take seriously any public approved plan to re-open the government once we hear about it from president trump, and until then you can keep flailing around, and senator graham, you know, can come out and try and speak for the president and bob and weave and
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pretend there's something going on. actually what it seems, the people around president trump are concerned about ending the shutdown and looking like they want to re-open the government and are concerned about this politically, but the president himself thinks it's a great fight, and he doesn't really care how long it goes on. it's true, when you listen to the people around him trying to back off a wall, he calls it steel slats, and a member a few weeks ago said congress doesn't have to fund it because we will find it from the military and other parts of the government, like they are going to find a hush fund to get the steel slats going, and if you hear kellyanne conway calling it silly, and then lindsay graham saying he can make a deal -- >> the president said this is
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not about the wall, it's about border security. the only thing president trump really needs out of this for him to say okay is for him to feel like he's getting a win in his book. >> i think that's right. i mean, he is obviously looking at the conservative chattering class, people like ann coulter and rush limbaugh who are down with his first move in agreeing to a clean cr and no wall funding and then he backed off of that once there was outcry from folks in his base, folks in his base that he felt like he folded too quickly. he has to figure out a way where he can sell this as a win. what does that look like? it's unclear because we know this is a president that talked already saying basically the wall has been started and a lot of it has been built already and i just don't talk about it, and obviously none of that is really true and you wonder if it gets a
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1.3 or 1.6 billion, whatever it ends up being from the democrats, likely none of that will be allocated from the wall if he just sells it to his base as a win, and he was planning to go to the border and he wants that photo-op, this is a president in his fantasy would really be able to, as a re-election campaign, be able to stroll along that southern border and essentially say this is the wall, the border system, the steel slats or whatever as part of his campaign, and he will maybe be shy of that but he is a salesman and will sell whatever is in that deal to his base. we will see if they buy it. ann coulter is hawkish on wanting a wall, and she has a countdown to how much of the wall has been built, and he has
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a hard base he has to please. >> both sides, republicans and democrats say they want more border security, and both sides say they are willing for more construction of some kind shoring up the existing fencing, and both sides are saying they are willing to have spend money but they are at an impasse. they are starting at such a point of agreement but then we are in the day ten of the shutdown. >> it's not knew that they are at an impasse over this, because for a long time the gop wants to do border security first and democrats wanted to pair border security with some extension to the question of the the larger question of immigration, whether that's the daca program to give official status to young people who came to the country as undocumented children, or it's dealing with the quotas of legal immigration, and they want to have a little opening of the jaw
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litmation of those here already, and you kind of saw that was what people were talking about a year ago when pwe were still talking about the money for the daca deal, and the president didn't take that. and the gap of where they are on how much to spend on the border security situation, whether you want to call it a wall or anything else, it's really narrow given how big the federal budget is. but, but, this is all kind of the first step of what the negotiations are going to be between house democrats and the president, and between senate republicans and the president because there's not exactly one state of mind among the republicans right now in washington, d.c. either. this is all going to set the tone for what they are going to be negotiating going forward for the next two years, which will include a lot more on immigration and border security, because this is not a full funding of any sort of border
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security measure, and it's definitely not going to be addressing the entire immigration crisis, and it has been dogging d.c. for a long time to counter that, and why can't they meet in the middle if they think it's a priority, but it represents so much more in this moment and that's why we may be looking at this dragging on in the next few days when congress comes inback in 2018. >> john kelly gave this remarkable interview. he talked to the los angeles times for two hours on his way. this is sort of his exit interview but it was with the los angeles times. he said to be honest, it's not a wall, and the president still
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says wall and often times he will say barrier or fencing, and now he is towards steel slats but we left the solid wall early on in the administration. that's good to know. thank you, general kelly, for explaining that to the public. and then he explained his own rocky tenure, and arguing that it's best measured by what the president did not do when kelly was at his side, ab, meaning that he says he prevented the president from doing things like a precipitous withdrawal from syria and et cetera. >> it's hard to watch kelly come to an end, after the service he gave to the country and losing his son to the service, and he thinks of the constitution and our country, and he obviously stayed in this job which he
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called bone crushing for a long time thinking he was doing it for the greater good. at some point, after all the indig t indignity and back stabbing and everything, and the shaming that president trump does with people like jeff sessions and then chief of staff, john kelly, and you get isolated all out in public. it comes to a point where it's too much and he is trying to regain some sort of self-respect and credibility explaining why he stayed so long, and it's true that president tru that john kelly kept this president -- lots of things have almost happened behind the scenes, and what john kelly is telling us, what we heard in the anonymous op-ed in the "new york times" and bob woodward's book
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"fear," it's all of this piece, and i think he has a human need of self preservation of why he took it and why he felt he was doing the right thing. >> are you suggested john kelly was the author of the anonymous op-ed? >> the possibilities are endless, but he could be a contender. >> thank you, and great to talk to you all this morning. we showed you this morning moments ago new zealand is bringing the new year in with the awesome fireworks display. let's listen in for a moment. [ cheering ] >> so nice. of course thousands of people
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wrb dell, well, a million people are expected to ring in the new year in times square, and miguel, i am looking forward to it. >> you get to press the button to bring the ball down. that's so thrilling. >> yeah, i know! i am so excited. it just gets better and better. when do people start to get penned in and unable to leave? >> new zealand, the land of tomorrow and we're in the land of yesterday and it's about to get more interesting. on the far end, you can see the pole where the famous ball will come down, and it's like hotel california, you can check in anytime you want but if you have to leave you can't get back in so you better have your restroom strategy figured out. no alcohol, no backpacks or coolers or large bags and no
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lawn chairs or umbrellas, and doesn't sound like a party to me. there will be over 50 agencies, local, state and federal agencies and hundreds of officers. they will be in hotels and the bomb squad and they will have everything, and this year they have one new thing. drones. >> we will be deploying nypd drones for over watch and we have not done that before but it will give us a visual aid and the flexibility of being able to move a camera to a spot with great repity through a tremendous crowd. >> reporter: if you want to bring your drone and fly it over times square, they have anti-drone technology as well so don't consider it. as you might notice, i am wearing my fashionable new year's sweater, and no jacket or hat so far, it's warm out here but it's going to be wet, so
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pick your poison, wet or cold. >> i thought your sweater would be more bea bedazzled. >> yeah, i know. accusing president trump of injecting politics into the deaths of the two guatemalan children, and the president falsely blaming democrats, and what the white house is now saying, next. share the love event, we've shown just how far love can go. (grandma vo) over one hundred national parks protected. (mom vo) more than fifty thousand animals rescued. (old man vo) nearly two million meals delivered. (mom vo) over eighteen hundred wishes granted.
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president trump falsely blaming democrats for the deaths of two guatemalan migrant children while in u.s. custody, and the president misrepresenting the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the two children to make the case for his proposed border wall. back with us, nia-malika henderson, and a.b. stoddard, and president says the circumstances sir rounding the deaths of one of these children saying that one had not had any water or food for days according
3:23 am
to the father, and that's what we heard from customs and border protection. the parents, though, pushing back on that, still, that does not stop kellyanne conway from continuing to drill down. here's what she had to say. >> i don't like some of the democrats using these deaths as political ponds. >> isn't that what the president did? >> no, the president didn't. he didn't want the children to come on the journey to begin with, and many are paying coyotes -- >> this is not a new policy. >> any surprise this is the message we are getting? >> well, not really given that it the president taking the stance that it's pointing the finger at the democratic party and twisting facts about what the circumstances are about their deaths, and it leaves a bad taste in their mouths even though president trump is prone
3:24 am
to doing this sort of thing. i think there was a decade in the last decade where there were no deaths of children at the border, and now two in a month. there has been very harsh criticism. he will try to deflect but deflected in an attempt to put it on the other party it cause a backlash that doesn't look good, and you are talking about little kids that should have have had to die in these circumstances. >> he is the president, and the republicans controlled the house and the senate, and these children died on his watch. not to cast any blame, but the idea that he thinks that he can somehow blame the democrats for this, it just doesn't wash? >> i think that's right. remember, this is a president who as a candidate said what no other presidential candidates said before, he said that he alone could fix it, and by it he
3:25 am
meant virtually everything. so the idea that now he can cast blame on democrats, it's typical of the president, it's not a buck stops here administration or president, and it's a president that likes to cast blame, and he likes to frame democrats and whoever else is standing nearby, he likes to cast blame on them. he's not somebody that likes to take responsibility. that's what we saw there. he is also somebody that likes to twist facts, and that's what we saw in that twitter about what happened down at the border. we do know that obviously kirsten nielsen went down to the border, and she went down to the border, and the last child that died, he died of the flu, and that's what the medical examiner said there were signs of inflew
3:26 am
be influenza. and he is now talking about cutting off aid, which is the wrong thing to do where people are fleeing, and they are fleeing poverty and violence as well. this is a president that is obviously trying to talk to his base and not take any responsibility and frame the democrats as the folks at fault here. >> a.b., we know the message is consistent to the base and it's well conceived, and most of the furloughed workers are democrats any way which was one of the comments made, and at some point the president is going to have to stop going back in the cabinet and just pulling out the old things that seem to work, and maybe just have a better understanding of what is going on. >> that was my favorite holiday treat from president trump is that all the furloughed workers are democrats so they pretty
3:27 am
much don't matter to them, but then again they are democrats that loved the wall, and they called him to tell him they wanted the wall, and that was definitely worth noting. president trump has no interest in expanding beyond the base. if you look at the experts that studied the 2016 election, and all of the data of his 77,000 point win in three states alone, where jill stein's margin was material, and he has not done anything to expand beyond his coalition, and bolsters and people around him are telling him he has to, and part of president trump's -- the way he operates is to stay on offense, and newt gingrich said donald trump wakes up trying to stay in the offense, and i don't think
3:28 am
he wants a wall to talk about in front of the cameras, and he wants to keep fighting and i doubt he will take whatever package to open the government, and he wants to continue fighting and he wants to be seen as fighting for the base. i do not see him compromising coming to the middle and reaching out to independents or democrats in the next two years. >> the president writes if we had wall they would not even try to bring their kids, and migrants would not even come. if only it were that easy, you know? and only if there were such a simple solution. democrats keep wanting comprehensive immigration reform and some republicans do as well, but the president rarely, if ever, talks about that. >> right. no, he's not somebody that is a convener of some sort of saw louson, and that goes to what
3:29 am
a.b. was saying, he is not doing anything but appealing to his base, and his base is not comfortable with the idea of other people coming to the country. you can go back as many decades as you want to, and walls are not the motivating or demote -- de-motivating factor, and the circumstances are no longer liveable. whether that war or poverty or any other kind of instability. i think there probably is a consensus to be found between house democrats and senate republicans, and the senate was led by democrats at the time, but the senate did find a compromise they could pass before and house democrats are inclined to try and vote for something that can have a starting solution for the immigration crisis, but with the president being the decider and the potential vetoer, i don't
3:30 am
know if that's really something that is possible to get through because it will have to be in spite of the president. he doesn't seem to be the type that will try to find that solution and push it through. >> all right. thank you very much for all of those insights. there was tragedy at this wildlife preserve in north carolina. a young worker was mauled to death by a lion that escaped its locked enclosure. we have the latest of how it happened for you, next. and then mocking students that survived the parkland massacre sparking outrage. stay with us. (drumsticks clatter) hodoing great dad!er does this thing got? looking good babe! are you filming? at, we can't guarantee you'll be any good
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i am a techie dad.n. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. hello, lover. >> breaking news.
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russia said it detained a u.s. citizen on suspicion of spying. paul wheelen was taken into custody on friday. the kremlin has not released any details on what they claim he did, and cnn has contacted officials for information but has not heard back. and now a lion escaped and killed an intern. we have more. >> reporter: good morning. yesterday a professionally trained animal keeper led a group of workers into the lion's enclosure here for a routine cleaning. at that time the lions are typically moved from their habitat into a locked space but yesterday something went horribly wrong as one of the lions managed to escape, and as the lion entered the area where the humans were, he quickly killed 22-year-old alexandra
3:35 am
black, and the lion was killed in order to retrieve her body. her family said, she was a beautiful young woman that started her career and there was a terrible accident and we are mourning but she died following her position. this is the 22-year-old's fourth internship, but she had only been on the job here a little less than two weeks though she wanted to make a career out of spending her life with the animals. folks here are in shock, and the conservative center is assessing the situation and wanting to, of course, ensure future safety. >> horrifying. thank you very much for the live report for us. disgraced comedian is under fire again after audio of standup material leaked in which
3:36 am
he attacks the parkland massacre survivors. in it he cracked jokes about gender identity and then attacks the parkland teenagers who are now gun control advocates. >> they testified in front of congress, these kids? what are you doing? you are young. you should be crazy. you should be unhinged, not in a suit saying i'm here to tell you -- [ bleep ]. you are interesting because you went to a high school where kids got shot? why does that make you interesting? you didn't get shot. you pushed some fat kid in the way. >> he rants about people with disabilities and uses the "r" word more than a dozen times, and he admitted to inappropriate sexual conduct towards a number
3:37 am
of women. >> i don't know how that listening is going? >> what it sounds like to me is that he feels as though he was the victim in some ways of the pc police, so he is now going over things that he considers to be overly pc. in his comedy, he goes for sacred cows and nothing is off limits, and not even the parkland teenagers. with comedy, sometimes it has to be funny. >> yeah, it doesn't always have to be offensive or so far beyond the line that it makes -- >> his old stuff was funny. he did a lot of stuff about his own kids and parenting, and it was hilarious. >> and relatable. >> what do i know? the people in the audience was cracking up. >> yeah, they were laughing. >> but it sounds like he is back with more anger.
3:38 am
president trump promising offering a rapid withdrawal from syria, and now president trump is slowing the timeline. where did that sudden change come from? that's next.
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president trump is reevaluating his plan to withdrawal all u.s. troops from syria this according to republican senator, lindsay graham, and it comes on the day james mattis will leave the pentagon, and that happens at midnight tonight. barbara starr is at the pentagon with more this morning. good morning, barbara. >> good morning, erica. this is james mattis' last day on the job, and at midnight tonight, there will be mr. mattis on the line and shanahan, the deputy secretary who will become the acting secretary of defense at midnight, and there will be that transfer of power because the secretary of defense is a command position, and it's a mark of respect and a little bit of a ceremony but it's necessary. they will then notify the white house at midnight that mr. shanahan has all the authorities of the achieve the goals of the president. >> senator graham seeming to suggest the president is rethinking a rapid withdrawal of 2,000 forces from syria, and it's really not clear what will happen next. >> you are right, barbara, it's not clear on many levels what will happen next, but thank you for all that background. here with us now to discuss it, we have cnn global affairs analyst, and a cnn military analyst, happy new year to both of you. general hertling, lindsay graham's impression seems to be that he had gotten through to the president, he had gotten through to the president in
3:44 am
their lunch and he opened the president's eyes to pause a troop withdrawal from syria, although the president said he wanted to do it rapidly. is this a process that can be turned on and turned off? can he hit pause on this? >> it's very difficult, alisyn. the term "pause" in military lingo has different definitions, but in this situation it sounds like senator graham is saying, hey, i got to the president and i hope he rethinks his decision. the problem is the president already announced it to the world, and there are both friends and foes alike that are taking his last announcement of over a week ago thinking that is what we are going to do to include the military forces on the ground, u.s. military forces, who may be a little confused about what a pause means. you are either all in or all out when you are in these kinds of operations, and there are people
3:45 am
leaning forward in terms of redeployments or potentially leaving their partners in northern syria. again, this is more confusion and more chaos in a situation that is already very complex in northern syria. >> as barbara starr just said, there's a big lack of clarity, but something else happened with senator graham's meeting with president trump. he said president trump told him that because he had gone to iraq on that surprise visit for christmas that when he was there the people on the ground, commanders on the ground, informed president trump that isis has not been completely destroyed, which mr. trump found eye opening. why wouldn't the commander-in-chief have that that information? >> it depends on how much attention he was paying to the daily briefs from the intelligence community. the top officials have been saying we almost have them all defeated but there are pockets,
3:46 am
and you have iraq saying they have indigenous groups that are helping support isis. this battle was at least another year to run, just in the actual battle zones, and you also had people like the isis envoy who now resigned and wanted to see more of a social and security infrastructure before you pulled out the small numbers of u.s. troops who were serving like training wheels and a security umbrella for the other forms of aid, not all aid the u.s. was paying for but aid that the u.s. was enabling that now is going to be harder to deliver, but back to mark's point, can you really turn this off? my understanding is that mattis signed an execution order and they were moving out on pulling out u.s. troops and replacing some of their mission with french and british forces.
3:47 am
>> a i-hai have a question abou, general. if jen tgeneral mattis felt so strongly he would resign over this, and he released that letter and resigned, why would he sign that execution order? >> it's the civilian control of the military, alisyn. he is still the secretary of defense and he takes orders from the president, and it's in his chain of command. if the president says do it, you have to sign the order at the same time you are saying i am going to resign. he's still in the chain of command until the 31st of december, and he has to do the bidding of what the president tells him to do, and it's how the secretary of defense works. >> kimberly, if history teaches us anything, it's that the president often agees with the last person he spoke to, and that's part of his style. he is very persuadable by whoever he spoke to. so senator lindsay graham went
3:48 am
in and paid hmade his case, and president seems to have understood, and so you hit pause. but today if he speaks to rand paul or somebody else, it could be a different decision. what will the commanders be acting on? >> that's what our allies are watching right now, how fickle the decision-process seems to be. the hope is that the u.s. commanders on the ground convince the president and their word will carry, and this will, in a sense, back up the pentagon's goal to mitigate the withdrawal by giving them at least perhaps air cover over syria to enable allies like the french and the british forces there to keep this from completely falling apart as we pull out. >> so general stanley mcchrystal was on abc this weekend and he didn't pull his punches when he
3:49 am
talked about his feelings about president trump and president trump as a commander-in-chief and so let's listen for a second of what general mcchrystal said. >> if you were asked to join the trump administration, what would you say? >> i would say no. i think it's important for me to work for people who i think are basically honest, who tell the truth as best they know it. >> you think he's a liar? >> i don't think he tells the truth. >> is trump immoral in your view? >> i think he is. >> what did you think about what stanley mcchrystal said? >> i know stan mcchrystal very well and we were in combat together, and you can't just take them by himself. he is talking about his book on leadership and that's what he was having this interview about, and he made the point that leadership is not present in the
3:50 am
white house because you have the requirement to have integrity, and you have to build trust and develop others and have to take action and be intellectually curious when you are a leader, so you combine mccraven, and secretary mattis, and john kelly and you say there's not only a leadership vokid, and the management processes like what we were just discussing with senator graham coming out and changing the whole approach to syria, these things are starting to add up, and stan mcchrystal is very precise in his language. he doesn't speak that way off the cuff. he is a quiet professional, and he and bill mcgraven, those guys are quiet and get the mission done. for both of them to be speaking up within the last month about what they see as a leadership
3:51 am
void tells me an awful lot. >> thank you very much. a bald eagle goes rogue, and steals the show at the cotton bowl. we'll tell you what happened, next. t bed is on sale now during our lowest prices of the season. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it can even warm your feet to help you fall asleep faster. so you wake up ready to make your resolutions, reality. and now, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j.d. power. plus, 24-month financing on all beds. ends new year's day. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. acidic foods can your enamel is very precious. wear away your enamel. your tooth is going to look yellower, more dull. i recommend pronamel because it helps protect and strengthen your enamel. it's pro enamel. it's the positive thing. ♪
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much of the northeast will see a soggy and rather mild end to 2018. cnn meteorologist, chad myers here with your new year's eve
3:55 am
forecast. a little wet out there in new york today. >> yes, very much. every one in times square will look like john berman in a hurricane. it will rain from 6:00 all the way on. it's already raining across a lot of the ohio valley. we will see severe weather, and potential tornadoes in the yellow area today. rain into new york already, but thunderstorms moving into birmingham and montgomery and even into atlanta, georgia, by 9:00 or 10:00. that's a lot of people outside with lightning in the air. it won't be lightning for new york, but there are no holes in this radar. there will very few breaks for rain, but it will be warm. over 65 in atlanta at the ball drop or peach drop that we have here in atlanta. it feels like -- in new york city, it will feel like 46. last new year's it felt like 5 below, 50 degrees warmer than last. >> you can't dampen my
3:56 am
expectations, no. the spotlight may have been too exciting for one bald eagle that failed to return to its handler after the national anthem was sang. it landed not on one, but two fans. that is uncomfortable. the eagle hung out on one fan until the trainer came to pick him up. what is he doing here? he's just taking a lap, basically. that's where the excitement ended for notre dame fans, they were crushed by clemson. >> rough end for them. the shutdown entering day ten. no end in sight. new cnn reporting this morning on why president trump is unwilling compromise. that's next.
3:57 am
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we're going to be here for a long time. >> democrats should not get a inch. >> outgoing white house chief of staff, john kelly, told the "los angeles times," trump abandoned the idea of a concrete wall early in the presidency. >> the president doesn't want to come on the perilous journey to begin with. >> at the end of the day you had two young children die in the custody that should never have occurred. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john


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