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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  January 2, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PST

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will lead to immigration and more illegal crossings is what we are seeing play out. you are seeing the ports of entry with weeks of a wait just to be able to go in and say i want toseek asylum so you are seeing migrants turn to something else which is what we saw there monday night early tuesday morning. >> thank you for the reporting and the big picture analysis. appreciate it very much. top of the hour. i'm poppy harlow. jim sciutto has a well deserved day off. president trump is firing back this morning after mitt romney writes a scathing op-ed. the incoming senator slammed the president's character saying he has not risen to the mantle of the office. more of this clash in a moment. it is day 12, morning 12 of the government shutdown and the president is just hours away from two key meetings, one with his cabinet officials, the other
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a high stakes meeting with congressional leaders, both parties will take place in the situation room. can they hash out any sort of a deal. let's go to the white house. the meeting with congressional leaders in the situation room. why? >> reporter: that's right. we just learned a time for this meeting is set for 3 p.m. the white house confirming that. it is notable that this meeting is taking place in the situation room, an area of the white house that istyp typically reserved f monitoring international crisis and military operations overseas and sort of under scores how the administration feels about the issue of immigration and how perhaps the president feels about immigrants, noting that he has repeatedly called them invaders. we should point out the last time that chuck schumer and nancy pelosi were here at the white house things did not go well. they spent about 30 minutes to an hour arguing, not showing signs of budging on their positions about government shutdown. this time it is unlikely that
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cameras will be there to capture the scene. based on statements from both sides there likely will be fireworks. here is a statement from nancy pelosi, a tweet that she put out regarding this bipartisan package of bills that democrats are expected to vote on in the house. she writes that donald trump is giving democrats an opportunity to end the irresponsible trump shutdown, just the first sign of things to come in our new democratic majority committed to working for the people. there is zero dollars for the president's long promised border wall. it is unlikely that he will sign it. here is a statement from press secretary sarah sanders writing president trump made a serious good faith offer to democrats to open the government, address the crisis at the border and protect all americans. we have heard nothing back from the democrats who so far have refused to compromise.
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that meeting scheduled for 3 p.m. previously a source suggested the entire meeting was quote a stunt and not an attempt to start serious discourse about reopening the federal government. we will likely get an earful from lawmakers after that meeting. now to mitt romney, the incoming senator, republican senator in a blistering op-ed about president trump. let me read you part of it. this morning romney writes the trump presidency made a deep descent in december, the departures of defense secretary jim mattis, the abandonment and the president's thoughtless claim that america has long been a sucker in world affairs all -- romney goes on to write with the nation so divided, presidential leadership and qualities of character is indispensable.
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we are joined on capitol hill. not mincing his words and now the head, the chair of the rnc calling it disappointing, significant on a number of levels. >> significant on so many levels. she calls mitt romney the freshman senator. keep in mind, that is her uncle that she is talking about certainly coming to the defense of president trump in this spat. certainly, mitt romney's words were very harsh for the president not only talking about his policies but perhaps the most cutting critique of romney's was about president trump's character. he goes on to say to a great degree, a presidency shapes the public character of the nation, a president should unite us and
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inspire us to follow urbetter angels. the president should demonstrate the qualities of honesty, integrity and elevate with comedy and mutual respect. he did tweet about this op-ed and said here we go with mitt romney but not so fast. the question will be is he a flake. that in reference to the former republican arizona senator who took on the chief critic of republicans here in the senate of president trump. this brings up the question, is that the role that mitt romney is going to take over as he becomes a new senator. will he take over that mantle and continue to challenge president trump potentially not only words but how he votes in the senate floor. >> that's a question. thanks very much. joining me now is mitt romney's former health care policy adviser. thanks for being here. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm good.
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happy new year. you read the op-ed. >> what is interesting is the tweet from trump saying is mitt romney going to be another flake? one subtle thing about mitt romney that a lot of people don't realize is on the core issue of immigration, mitt romney and president trump agree. mitt romney in a town hall last march boasted that he thought he was more hawkish on immigration than president trump was. that's one big difference between jeff flake who was more center to center left on immigration and mitt romney who on the core threshold issue, mitt romney actually agrees with him. that op-ed, he criticized president trump on his tone, his temperament. on policy mitt romney made a point on agreeing with the president. he agrees with the president on china. he agrees with him on immigration. not so much a criticism on policy. >> why do it? attack his character, the most sort of fundamental thing, the
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character of this president. why do it right before he assumes the seat? what do you think his goal is? you advised him. >> i think mitt romney is a guy who very firmly believes in a certain -- what the president should be in terms of a moral leader and temperamental leader, what the tone of a president should be. that is what he is most offended by about president trump. and i think that's what he wants to be in the senate. he wants to be the guy who represents that maybe more traditional republican approach to politics that he feels that the president has deviated from. >> do you think that in a sense he wants to fill somewhat of the role that john mccain held in that sense? >> reporter: in a certain way, yes. i think what mitt romney wants to do is he wants to be the champion of that traditional pre-trump republican party. again, a lot of the difference between mitt romney and the president is not on policy.
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it's more on tone, temper. john mccain was a maverick on policy as well as on tone. i think that is one big difference between mitt romney and mccain. >> let's take a little walk down memory lane. >> donald trump's magnificent hotel and having his endorsement is a delight. >> i like him a lot. he is a friend of mine. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> he was begging for my endorsement. i could have said drop to your knees and he would have dropped to his knees. >> these discussions have been enlightening and interesting and engaging. i have enjoyed them very, very much. >> i suppose it depends on the day or the moment. let's see how this plays out. how do you see it playing out when mitt romney actually is sitting in the senate and has a vote, a key vote on key issues? >> i think a lot of republicans have been waiting for six years
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basically since mitt romney was the republican nominee in 2012 for someone who could be called a champion of the traditional pretrump republican party. mitt romney is presenting what we might call an opening style saying he is the leader of the pre-trump republican party. now that he is going to be on capitol hill and in washington, he will have a lot of opportunity to be that spokesman for the republican party that up until now hasn't had that iblt that mitt romney can bring it. >> and words matter a lot. what you say and what you write is so important when the world is listening. message to the president. the president mentioned flake in his response. jeff flake voted with the president on almost everything. it sounds like you are saying mitt romney will likely do the same. >> again, i think that one thing that is under appreciated is that on immigration specifically let alone the broad range of republican issue wheres trump has been a relatively mainstream
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republican president, immigration is one where you can say trump has deviated from a more republican view. mitt romney and trump are pretty similar. when mitt romney ran in 2012 he attacked other candidates on the republican side for being soft on illegal immigration, opening america up as a magnet. on that, he is with trump. trump and romney could work together on that potentially. >> i don't know if you saw this, but mitt romney's niece tweeted about the op-ed calling it disappointing and unproductive. do you agree? >> i think for the people who are looking for that champion of the pre-trump republican party, mitt romney is serving as that vehicle. i think it is good for republicans to have this debate. what should the republican party stand for in terms of tone and
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temperament and policy. you need a champion on the other side to do that. >> nice to have you. thanks very much. >> thanks, poppy. still to come, with the new year still bringing a second trump summit, will it bring a second trump summit with north korea's kim jong-un. new questions surrounding the regime could complicate matters. u.s. stocks down as 2019 trading begins. we are live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. just days after taking a major step, senator elizabeth warren set to make her first trip to iowa. we will discuss. pecialty storee what's new? olay has this season's hottest debut. like new clay stick masks. all mask, no mess. olay hydrating facial mist. for hydration on the go. and our breakthrough brightening eye cream.
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welcome back.
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kim jong-un with a warning to the u.s. in his new year's eve speech saying the north may have to take a new path if the u.s. leaves sanctions in place. the president writes i look forward to meeting with chairman kim. let's get to our global affairs analyst and former deputy secretary of state. good morning. thanks for joining me. >> good to be here. >> kim jong-un talks about this new path. he doesn't clarify what that might be. it is if the u.s. doesn't change course. a new piece this morning in the times is fascinating. president trump finds himself essentially back where he was at the beginning in achieving the ambitious goal of getting mr. kim to relinquish his nuclear arsenal. did the june summit just change
7:17 am
optics or change any reality given where it seems like we are at sort of square one here. >> i think david's piece is right. this is a little bit groundhog day. we have seen the administration and the president in particular wildly from fire and fury to falling in love with kim jong-un. yet we find ourselves in the place that we started. it is good that the temperature is lower than it was back in the fire and fury days. the problem is this, thus far, at least, the president has been played by kim jong-un and the art of the deal looks a lot more like the art of the steal. kim has been legitimized by the meeting with president trump. we are divided from our closest allies, south korea and we have gotten very little if nothing in return. it is good that they stop testing. their program has continued to move forward. they have not removed a single
7:18 am
nuclear weapon. there is just a lot of hard work to be done and making grand declarations as opposed to doing the hard work of seeing if we can actually negotiate something is what is missing. >> david's piece points out the timeframe here and this approach to north korea is different than with iran because you are dealing with a regime that has somewhere between 20 and 60 nuclear weapons. but the pushback as you know from the state department where you used to be deputy secretary of state now is rhetoric matters and tone matters. and the escalation has been tampered and the rhetoric has been way toned down. isn't that some progress? >> it is. it's much better that the rhetoric is down. tone does matter. at the end of the day, substance matters more. here is the challenge. if we really want to get serious about this, we need to make sure that the pressure is sustained
7:19 am
and we don't give countries like china a pass on renewing relations with north korea. there is a lot of work to be done internally in terms of deciding what we are prepared to give, organizing our allies and getting the north koreans to take the first step which is basically declaring everything they have. this is pain staking diplomacy. the administration has not been particularly good at that. it requires a lot of work externally in lining up our allies and working with china. it's doable, but thus far we are at the starting gate. >> i want to ask you about important diplomacy that is in the beginning stages between the u.s. and russia on the american citizen who has been detained. we heard from secretary of state mike pompeo in brazil. he said hopefully within the next few hours we will get access. we know that the u.s. consulate is open to him. we don't know a ton about his
7:20 am
story other than his family says he was there for a wedding and he was detained on friday. what is your read in terms of what would be happening behind the scenes at the state department right now and how do you see this playing out? >> you are right. we don't know a lot. i certainly don't know anymore that has been written in the press report and on cnn. what this looks like at least is the russians simply doing tirks oor tit for tat. what they will do in response and other countries have done in response is just arbitrarily pick up someone just to create pressure and leverage on us. that is what this looks like. russia has responsibilities under the geneva convention and ord basic diplomatic protocols. they have responsibilities to give us access and responsibility to put forward what the actual charges are. i imagine the state department
7:21 am
is very actively trying to get that information and that acc s access. >> the kind of legal process here in the united states is so different from what an american citizen would face. before you go, you have a great op-ed. america first is only making the world worse. here is a better approach. but at the same time, you know, we have seen in some key nations this global tilt to the right. you see pompeo in brazil. look at italy. look at hungary. what is your read when you look at the global tilt? >> i'm from the center left. we both share a concern that at the time the world is getting more dangerous. there is a general tendency in the united states to pull back and no longer support the global role that america has played for more than 70 years. we are seeing nationalists,
7:22 am
populists, autocracies on the march, democracies divided. problems like climate change, cyber war fare that no single nation can deal with alone and no wall can contain. is there a foreign policy of responsible global engagement for the united states that most americans can support? that is what we try to put down in the washington post today. >> it's an important conversation and a fascinating piece. thanks very much for your time. >> thanks, poppy. a major sit down over a major shut down. it will happen in a few hours. the president is to meet with congressional leaders at the white house. is it all talk? will there be any action? you've had quite the career.
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and it protects you with 24/7 professional monitoring. i guess we're sleeping here tonight. xfinity home. simple. easy. awesome. call, go online or demo in an xfinity store today. welcome back. senator elizabeth warren will take a four-city tour of iowa. the first caucus state in the presidential nominating process. it is her first visit to iowa since announcing that she has formed anploratory committee for the 2020 president 8 race. cnn senior politics analyst writer joins me now. iowa, iowa, iowa. >> i love it. there are a lot of fast food joints in the state. >> my father was born in iowa. there are a lot of great things in iowa. i am a big fan of the state. is it the best litmus test?
7:28 am
>> i think you have to be competitive in iowa if you are going to win the nomination. you look back over the last few cycles, hillary clinton won in iowa, donald trump came in close second place. if you are not competitive in iowa, forget about it. >> she took questions this week on monday from reporters in a presser. strategic given the president's attacks on the press? >> i think perhaps so. i think elizabeth warren recognizes that her stock has probably fallen a little bit in the eyes of the press. you have the native american dna. i think she recognizes that the best way she can change her mind -- >> how much is that going to follow her? we know the president isn't going to let that thing go. >> the president has his twitter account. the press is going to follow back. the way she can perhaps control it is by going on with the press. >> when we look at cnn polling that we are doing with the des moines register. if you look at her favorability
7:29 am
in iowa it is 64% favorable versus 20% unfavorable. that is pretty good. in terms of recognition and the likelihood that she would be their choice for democratic nominee she comes in fourth. >> i mean, look, it's not a very strong position. it's not a bad position to be in. iowa calls will be go up. to me it is alarming is that even though her favorable rating is 64, her unfavorable is in the 20s. >> hillary clinton's unfavorable rating is 49%, a little bit better than that. >> she is not hillary clinton. >> there are those who have made anologies between her campaign and candidacy of hillary clinton. there are a lot of differences, more differences one would say than similarities on that. >> i think they come from very
7:30 am
different political back grounds and different parts of the party. elizabeth warren is a progressive hero. hillary clinton i think had to fight some charges that she wasn't progressive enough from the left. they are very different politicians. >> you write an interesting pie piece, high on electability, elizabeth warpen not so much. >> elizabeth warren won her election by 24 points. remember she was running in massachusetts. if you look at how the house democrats did in that state statewi statewide, it is a 12 percent overperformance. so by that metric, elizabeth warren perhaps didn't do as well as perhaps you might expect otherwise. >> we have a long way to go. >> a long, long, long way to go. >> happy new year.
7:31 am
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welcome back. just hours away from a major meeting between congressional leaders from both parties and the president. the government shutdown is on day 12, no end in sight yet. will that change this afternoon?
7:36 am
we'll see. a source tells us this could be more of a stunt than an effort to hash out a deal. >> good morning. great to be with you. >> happy new year. you said this morning, let me quote. there is an easy way out of this mess and democrats could cut a deal if they are smart about this. what should they do? >> well, first, they need to reopen the government. they will have this meeting today. i don't think much will come of it. tomorrow soon to be speaker pelosi will pass two bills, a six-bill package to fund the government for those six appropriation bills and then a continuing resolution for the homeland security bill through february 8. i think that is a very smart and prudent strategy. send it to the senate. force the senate to reopen the government. once the government is reopened and this may fail, once the
7:37 am
government is reopened, then they have to engage in a very serious negotiation with the white house. what they should do there, if i were the democrats i would happily trade border security funding for an agreement on the dreamers, the tps population and maybe the mueller protection bill. i would start there and force the president to decide and make a decision. >> do you think it is in a good faith effort to propose something that as nancy pelosi said in her letter last night to all democratic members of the house does not have a single dollar toward the wall? i ask you that because republican congressman who i had on last hour said to me the president won't sign this. so can that fall in the category of a good faith compromise effort from democrats? >> what the democrats can do is
7:38 am
insist on reasonable border security measures. i don't think anybody seriously believes the 2,000 mile concrete barrier makes sense. even general kelly said they have taken that off the table. the question is what type of border security enhancements? >> i think president trump believes it. >> he may believe it -- that's part of the problem. the president is very difficult to negotiate with because his positions change all the time. you remember, the senate initially passed a continuing resolution that had the administration's support but not the president's. so nobody can speak on behalf of the president. that's what is largely contributing to this crisis in leadership in washington that we're all faced with. but i think there is a way to do a border security deal that democrats can support that will not fund the wall. they voted for up to 700 miles
7:39 am
of barriers on the southern border. i think they can come to an agreement here. i don't know that they can spend $5 billion on this fiscal year on border security. >> let me ask you about mitt romney's op-ed. he will assume his seat this week. he got the president's endorsement when he ran for president in 2012. since then there has been a lot of love lost between the two of them, shall we say. but i'll just read you part of it. with the nation so divided, resentful and angry, presidential leadership and quality and character is indispensable and it is in this province where the incumbent short fall has been most glaring. his niece who is the chair woman of the rnc tweeted it is disappointing and unproductive. how do you see it? >> well, i believe mitt romney
7:40 am
actually is correct. he has diagnosed this problem absolutely the right way that the president's nature, his name calling, his insulting of allies is all very destabilizing for government and also creating this crisis of leadership both at home and abroad. and the real challenge is who else besides mitt romney will speak up and say what needs to be said. i said earlier today that i think at some point we are long past the time for an intervention down in washington where i think top leaders, top republican leaders will have to sit down with the president along with members of his family and senior white house staff and try to straighten this situation out because currently i think the presidency right now, we are in an unsustainable situation with this president. >> i was watching this morning when you said that. you said somebody has to march down pennsylvania avenue and say
7:41 am
this is an unsustainable situation. the president's approval rating within your party is still over 80%. >> well, yeah, but you are also -- i hear that number floated around quite a bit. those are people who often self-identify as republicans. what i'm concerned about that there are fewer people self-identifying as republicans. the percentage of the president's support looks larger. i talk to republicans all the about this erratic behavior and this conduct in office. that is really contributing to this crisis. if they may agree with the president, i disagree with him on health care and his travel ban and other issues. there are other issues where i would agree with him on. the point is it is the conduct in office and the behavior that is so destabilizindestabilizing look at the market turmoil and other situations around the world. people are justifybly alarmed.
7:42 am
>> alarmed. charlie dent, appreciate your time. thank you very much, congressman. >> great to be with you. patrick shanahan has a strong message for senior leaders in his first day on the job replacing general mattis. what he thinks is the most major threat to the united states right now. heyi'm craving somethingkin! we're missing. the ceramides in cerave. they help restore my natural barrier, so i can lock in moisture... and keep us protected. we've got to have each other's backs... and fronts. cerave. what your skin craves.
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wall street opened in triple digit declines in the first trading session of the year. the dow is off about 139 points.
7:47 am
let's go to the floor of the new york stock exchange. allison alison kosik joins me from there. new year, same problems. >> we are seeing stocks off the lows of the session. we did see the dow down more than 350 points. we are see ag bit of a comeback for stocks. we did see oil move higher. that is helping to take some of the pressure off stocks. the big catalyst is a down beat report out of china showing the manufacturing sector contracted. this is the second report showing the huge manufacturing sector is contracting. the slow down is spooking u.s. markets. you look at the u.s. economy. it is strong. many economists agree we will see the u.s. economy slow down. the question is will it turn into an all-out recession or could fed policy somehow allow for a slowing of the economy, kind of a soft landing with that slowing for the u.s. economy? also sort of aggravating the volatility that you have been
7:48 am
seeing in the markets lately is politics. it really is part of the play book here on wall street now. specifically today, cabinet meeting at the white house, you are seeing investors wait to see what comes out of that meeting. this is unusual because it is not usual that you see wall street pay attention to pennsylvania avenue so closely. there is so much uncertainty as to what comes out of the meetings involving president trump. what will happen with the mueller investigation. these things are hard to trade on. you are not seeing investors really go all in and looking to buy the dips that we used to see in the markets. >> allison, thank you. keep us posted. meantime, acting defense secretary patrick shanahan is getting straight to work. it is his first day on the job there at the pentagon in this capacity. according to a defense official, he told leaders in a closed door meeting this morning remember china, china, china.
7:49 am
st barbara starr is with me with the latest. >> how interesting is it that patrick shanahan arrived at the pentagon. patrick shanahan reminding his top team remember china, china, china. shanahan is a guy who comes from corporate america. he looks at china holistically, not just their military program, their economic efforts, trade efforts, their position in the world both military and economically and financially. it's not that he isn't concerned about russia, as well, as a potential adversary but shanahan sees the situation in china that he thinks needs to be looked at. he will go to the white house at mid day for the cabinet meeting. typically the defense secretary sits next to the president. we will have to wait and see what they both have to say. mr. shanahan also making a number of phone calls throughout
7:50 am
the day to congressional leaders and to his counter parts around the world, touching base, saying that he is here, hearing what they have to say, offering his views, as well. >> absolutely. before you go, there is significant growing backlish over president trump's tweet about retired general stanley mccrystal notably from william mcraven. >> now we have the president who has through twitter lashed out at david mattingly as a general and admiral mcraven, the man who led the raid and organized it that got osama bin laden coming to the defense of his long time colleague after mccrystal suggested he could never work for mr. trump because of his
7:51 am
character. admiral saying in part, stan mccrystal is one of the great generals of this generation and the finest officer i ever served with. make no mistake. underneath all of these tweets and statements, there is dismay in the ranks that president trump is politicizing and bringing too much of his own personal political influence into the ranks. the u.s. military, not a political organization in this country. they serve the people, not the politicians. >> absolutely. a very important point especially this morning. thank you for the reporting from the pentagon. times up. it has been one year since women across the world began a massive campaign to change things and put an end to work place harassment and assault. what is next for the times up movement. >> times up has a big platform and we're going to use that
7:52 am
platform but we are also working in alliance with so many other advocates for change my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum.
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. one year ago, more than 1,000 brave women rallied together to bring an end to sexual misconduct at work. one by one these women delivered a single, powerful and unified message that time is up. each of them sharing stories of assault, inappropriate advances and the fear of what may happen if they spoke up. now their mission is not just awareness but real change. our entertainment reporter has
7:57 am
been working on this for a year. she spoke with a number of women and she joins me now. good morning and great reporting. >> thank you so much. i felt like this was really an important thing to do. the one year anniversary only comes once. >> it is now. it is this week. you spoke to everyone from emma watson and they tell you about this sense of community that they built through this and unity and the power of unity in this movement. >> i was really surprised to hear that because you think of hollywood as this close knit circle of friends so many people want to be a part of. i had emma watson all echoing the same thing that hollywood always felt so isolating. now times up brought so many women together all for the same cause. here is a little bit about what eva longoria said. >> there is an amazing sisterhood that has formed for
7:58 am
me and making sure women aren't alone no matter what industry has been really i didn't opening and really unifying and inspiring. >> i think people have awareness of the problem, have scratched the surface on that. what we really need to do next is make sure that the sorts of changes that will be necessary to make sure that this sort of change is lasting, but the changes really start to happen. >> so it's the question of what happens now in year two. the accountability for all of this, that's something that you spoke about. >> yes. that is something that i spoke to many of these women about. you know her because she created grey's anatomy. she had strong thoughts on this. she said accountability looks like men taking responsibility for the damaging culture that
7:59 am
they benefitted from. accountability looks like a day when women of all kinds are treated equally and believed equally no matter what the circumstance of the assault or harassment or maybe it is just what i hope the future looks like for my daughters. i thought that was powerful. >> what about action? if last year was the year of the accusations and women speaking up, year two seems to be the year of action, accountability, the law playing a role here. >> so many men were accused of abusing power over the last year. now we're going to see harvey weinstein face trial in march after he tried to get all of the counts of rape and assault dismissed against him just recently in criminal court here in new york. kevin spacey after being m.i.a. for an entire year was one of the first to be accused in this me too movement. he is going to be arraigned on january 7th.
8:00 am
he is being forced to show up in court even though he didn't want to. i think we will see maybe some justice for a lot of the men and women that spoke out about this misconduct. >> thank you. it's a great project. you can go to under entertainment section. >> thank you for being with me today. i will see you back here tomorrow morning. "at this hour" starts now. hello. happy new year to you. a big day at the white house kicking off just moments from now president trump will hold his first cabinet meeting of the new year amid a government shutdown with no end in sight. we expect that the president will speak to reporters on camera for the first time in six days. soon after that president trump will have the congressional leadership including democrats nancy pe


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