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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  February 2, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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is not a picture of him. democratic governor ralph northam under intense pressure to resign even from his own party. the virginia state democratic party and nearly every prominent democrat in the country right now are urging northam to quit. the governor dug his heels in today, admitting racially insensitive things in his past. he insists, he is neither one of the people seen in that near book photo from 35 years ago. >> when i was confront with the images yesterday, i was appalled that they appeared on my page. but i believe then and now that i am not either of the people in that photo. i stand by my statement of apology to the many virginia ans who were hurt by seeing this content on a yearbook page that belongs to me. it is disgusting. it is offensive. it is racist and it was my
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responsibility to recognize and prevent it from being published in the first place. my belief that i did not wear that costume or attend that party stems in part from my clear memory of other mistakes i made in this same period of my life. that same year, i did participate in a dance contest in san antonio. in which i darkened my face as part of a michael jackson costume. i look back now and regret that i did not understand the harmful legacy of an action like that. >> as for whether he intends to resign or stay, bare the pressure, quitting would be the easy way out. and he's not doing it. >> i cannot choose the path that would be easier for me in an effort to duck my responsibility to reconcile. >> cnn's jessica dean joins us
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in richmond. two big points that northam is 100% adamant about, he's not in that picture. but two, he's not quitting. some key people in his party are taking issue with that position. >> that's exactly right, anna, we're hearing from a lot of people we were hearing from a lot of national democrats and also local democrats before today's press conference. we heard from more following today's press conference. we heard from tom perez, the chair of the dnc, who called for northam's resignation, asked him to step aside and let lieutenant governor justin fairfax become the governor and move forward here in virginia. have you the head of the democratic party asking him to resign, addition ali, we heard from lieutenant governor justin fairfax today, a lot of people waiting to hear what he had to say about all of this, i want to read you a part of what he wrote today. i cannot condone the actions from his past.
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that at the very least suggests a comfort with virginia's darker history of white supremacy, racial stereotyping and intimidation at this critical and defining moment in the history of virginia and this nation. we need leaders with the ability to unite and help us rise to the better angels of our nature. that was from the lieutenant governor today who said, the governor had personally reached out and apologized to him. the lieutenant governor also saying because he had ancestors who were enslaved here in virginia, this episode hits close to home for him. we did not hear for the lieutenant governor call for the resignation of ralph northam today. >> thank you for that update. with us now, s.e. cupp host of s.e. cupp unfiltered at the top of the hour. and angela davis. northam, he denies now being anybody in that picture, the kkk costume or attire, as well as the black face, he did say he
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has put on black face before, to perform as michael jackson in 1984, the same year as that photo. here's more in how he's explaining himself. >> do you think we'll see a meaningful difference between you in the michael jackson black face and the photo from the yearbook? >> that's up to them. everything is in sound bytes these days, but i do believe that both of them are wrong. but there's a contrast between the black face and someone standing there in a ku klux klan outfit and me dressed up in a michael jackson costume for a dance contest. and again, they're both wrong but i would hope people would see the contrast. >> is there a contrast? >> well, first, happy black history month, we're two days in if and we have black face and kkk. but actually, you know, i
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just -- i just want to acknowledge our elders who may be traumatized and triggered by this image we keep showing. we keep showing images of the kkk, there are americans who have been murdered by this terrorist group. there are americans who have been dehumanized by black face. and we've been looking at this in a constant loop. i want to level set the people who may be hurting around this. the fact that we're comparing black face today is incredible to me. the fact that he had a nickname of koonman is incredible to me. and the humerus of him to come to the press conference without the institution there. what we're learning is that racism, white supremacy is taught and nurtured and protected. no one from that institution came to talk about that image.
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how many people said yes? how many people saw it? who published it? who are his classmates? who were his classmates family that have looked at that photo. that's the work. you know, people of whiteness, that's your work. if you see something, say something. how many people saw that image and said nothing until today? >> that's a good point. >> the family members that's what we can do today. go home, talk to your grandparents, talk to people who lived through that, and that imagery, it's not just this one man or those two men or three men or the fact that, jussie smollett had a noose on his neck just this week. this is american history, and we have to reckon with it and not just look at one person and ask him to resign. we have to look at all of us, and our history, and black history month is a really good time to look at the history of racism. and the fact that he didn't even
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acknowledge the pain of what those people represent and who may be hurting today as a result of consuming these images in a constant loop for 24 hours. >> i see a lot of people still don't get it. >> well, it defies logic to believe that he submitted those personal photos, but not this one. he has no recollection of that picture or the party. and did not know how he got the nickname that i won't repeat. had no explanation for that. and i wonder what i -- >> people don't get it. >> taking responsibility -- what makela was saying about the history of this country and grasping the gravity of those images, i think it's safe to say there are people in this country who don't fully comprehend how
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offensive, how painful those images are. >> we don't have to go very far back to think that -- to know that that is true. a very well known prominent newswoman lost her job for suggesting that it's not that bad, it's not that big a deal. i think you're absolutely right. >> steve king. look at the republican party too. prominent examples that we can point to recently. >> it's not a stretch to say racism is alive and well. the awareness of how bad this is, and you know he doesn't get, because his defenses that other time, i dressed in black face. well, i remember that one. he said they're both bad. they're worse than bad. i mean, they're awful, deplorable, appalling, inexcusable, indindefensible, firable, resignable.
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to not have the humility to say, this is not what virginia needs right now, i need to go home and do some soul searching and talk to my family. i need to make amendeds for this, personally, privately in my own time. he is defiant and it's a really bad look. this could have been an important teachable moment. >> but it's a familiar look, right? what did we learn about trump? what did we learn about kavanaugh? politically, why not try to keep that seat? we haven't seen -- particularly if you're a white heterosexual christian male, you're able to get away with -- as amanda seals would say, the huberous, the audacity that he could stand there and say how he felt. i felt disgusted. i felt appalled. yesterday you didn't know that that wasn't you when you made that video? only that kind of person -- the
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next day, say i'm going to keep my job. how is that the easy route. i'm going to keep my power, so that's the easy route. and stand in line for another black man to be the governor. so there's that part too, that's really in the room. like what -- if he really wanted to make amends, that's a great word. why not let that black man take that seat. who is very popular, very qualified. and doesn't have this baggage? >> no, this is a man in fact, just two weeks ago who for the second time now, left the dias in the virginia senate when they got up to celebrate robert e. lee's birthday. he got up, he is very prominent, important voice. i think not just in virginia, but in american politics. and he's only 39.
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he's only going to be an even bigger deal, to stand in his way, i think is in particular a very -- it's a bad look. >> let's not forget charlottesville happened just recently in virginia. and those wounds are still fresh for so many people in this country. ladies, i want to continue the conversation, got to squeeze? a quick break. please stay with me. we have much more on this breaking news, you'll hear how the head of the naacp is responding to governor northam's explanation of his photos in his medical school yearbook. that's next. -ah, the old crew!
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>> i want to play both of you something that northam said during his press conference this afternoon, watch. >> while i did not appear in this photo, i am not surprised by its appearance in the yearbook. in the place and time where i grew up, many actions that we rightfully recognize as ab hhor end today were commonplace. >> black face in 1984 was a problem as it is today. being an individual from the south, it is unfortunately a cultural norm for too many people to accept racism. for him not to acknowledge this on the front end, to identify this as a problem for him to object to the yearbook having black face in the yearbook on his page, that speaks to the
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character of the individual, and his ability to understand that racism is not only a problem in virginia, not only the south, but across the country. >> 1984 wasn't that long ago, do you agree with what we just heard? >> of course. every halloween, we brace for black face to show up on someone's college campus. it happened at my daughter's scho school. this is american history, the kkk is a terrorist group. black face is dehumanizing to black people. that should appall you, and the fact that he's standing there when all these black leaders and leaders in his party are asking him to resign, the fact that he's still standing there is proof of his participating in white privilege.
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it's proof of his participating in this history, thinking that he even had a chance. that you could stand in that history and not acknowledge it, and again, where's the institution. he should have showed up at that press conference, with the president of that institution, to talk about the allowance of that photo and others in that yearbook, in that year. this is institutional and participated in by hundreds of people. that one photo, how many people saw it? how many people let it happen? how many people didn't call it out. >> this is a new history. >> he could have figured out who those people are by. he's the governor of the state. he could have brought the institution there to apologize no one has apologized from the institution for printing that. >> i hear what you're talking about.
2:19 pm
i want to get your thoughts as well. listen to something else that stood out to this press conference to me. >> you're still able to move along? >> inappropriate circumstances. >> my wife says in appropriate circumstances. >> he considered it? >> in appropriate circumstances coming at this press conference. >> he's sort of looking around, do i have room to do it. >> like he's making -- is that making light of something that should be totally inappropriate? >> yes, but the whole press conference was. he wants you to think this is not that big a deal. he thinks it's not resignable. not that big a deal. he's going to stick. he's going to dig his heels in. he looked around and considered this an opportunity to do that and sheepishly grins while he
2:20 pm
gets schooled by his wife, she says i can't was grotesque. he clearly does not have the self-awareness of the moment, of the gravity of the situation, i thought the press conference was wildly inappropriate. we talked about charleston. >> it sounds like you're saying it did him -- >> yes, it did. the fact that he referenced charlottesville, he used it, he exploited it to somehow defend himself i thought was adding insult to injury. >> ladies, have to leave it there. thank you both for the discussion. don't forget s.e.'s show. we have this just in, by the way, virginia's attorney general calling for ralph northam to resign. the first elected leader in virginia to call for his resignation in the wake of the yearbook photo. tein... to give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't.
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virginia's attorney general now calling for the resignation of ralph northam, he's the first statewide elected official to call him to step down. jessica, what is he saying? >> we're just hearing about this now, anna, he's saying, it's no longer possible for governor northam to leave our commonwealth. and it's time for him to step down. the first statewide official to say so, also said that he reached out to justin fairfax the lieutenant governor and offered his full support. ana, another person calling for
2:26 pm
ralph northam's resignation. >> we know you'll continue to follow the latest developments as will we. here in new york, that does it for me at the moment, i'm back at 7:00 eastern with more of this breaking news, first, the cnn special kickoff in atlanta. hosted by hines ward, cory wire and dave briggs is next. [cell phone rings] where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time.. if you're a mom, you call at the worst possible time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? shouldn't mean going back to the doctoro just for a shot. with neulasta onpro patients get their day back... to be with family, or just to sleep in.
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welcome to our special coverage of super bowl liii where in the center of the action in downtown atlanta. former bills and falcons captain, boys we have a star stud studded show. the greatest of all time back on the biggest stage. >> 41. i mean, no one ever imagines these things. i try to go out there and try to
2:31 pm
win a championship. >> tom brady facing the rams. >> at this point i'm comfortable with who i am. if we keep winning games, call me whatever you want. j.j. watts and patrick mahomes. the favorite to win this year's mvp award. this game could come down to a field goal. how hard could it be? we put our nflers to the test. >> looks easy. >> kickoff in atlanta. a cnn bleacher report special. welcome inside our cnn super bowl studio. the atl not just cnn's backyard, but your town, hines. what's your experience been like? >> it's been amazing. it's been 19 years since the last time atlanta has hosted a
2:32 pm
super bowl. we're giving them that southern hospitality, there's nothing like it. what a great matchup on the field. we get to witness history in the making. tom brady going for a record sixth super bowl title. february 3rd, 2002 against the rams when he won his first, the young quarterback he'll face this time around, jared goff was seven years old at the time. an incredible dichotomy. >> hard to believe brady's still doing it at 41. the most intriguing matchup on sunday is on the sideline, as andy scholes tells us, the chess match between sean mcvay and bill belichick perfectlily encapsulates youth. >> super bowl 53 is going to make history for the largest age gap. the youngest coach to ever lead a team to the super bowl.
2:33 pm
bill belichick is twice his age. don't let the age gap fool you, these two coaches are much more alike than they are different. both grew up around the game of football. belichick spending much time with his dad. mcveigh got to be around the san francisco 49ers, his grandfather was a front office executive for the team. and both saying, those childhood experiences taught them a lot about being a leader. >> through those experiences, i think i learned things and again i was very fortunate to be around a great navy program at a time when it was one of the top programs in the country. in the end, my dad taught me it's about being unselfish. that's why you play the game. i'm fortunate i had those. >> what you appreciate is, it's such a small network, i'm not naive to think you wouldn't get these opportunities if it wrn
2:34 pm
wasn't for the legacy my grandfather was able to establish by working hard, treating people the right way and always considering people first. >> these two coaches, despite the age difference have a clear mutual admiration for each other. they met at the scouting combine a year ago. and exchanged texts after almost every game. they're going to be shaking hands after super bowl 53. >> thanks, joining us now, on behalf of gatorade, the three-time defensive player of the year, j.j. watt of the houston texans. good to have you back, j.j. all the conversation all week, like it is seemingly all year, like tom brady and the patriots, what's being over looked about this l.a. rams team? >> that's a good question. i mean, i think goff a little bit. and the offensive line of the rams does a good job. andrew weber does a great job up front. and obviously they have todd gurley and c.j. anderson behind
2:35 pm
them. >> they can do a lot of pressure on the ground. >> your whole defensive coordinator, wade phillips has a huge task to get after tom brady. what does wade phillips need to do to be successful in this game? >> wade's the man. he's obviously had success before against the patriot notice super bowl. he plays really good man coverage behind. and then he has pass rushers up front. which he obviously has with this team. he's going to do what he does. he may mix up a few things here and there. the reason he's been successful for so long, is because he stuck to what works. have you to trust your players. >> we're going to get into that, forgive me first for pointing out, you are 0-6 against tom brady, don't hurt me. and of your 92 career sacks, only one half of one comes against the goat. he's 41. he's slow. why is he hard to sack. he's 41 and slow. why is he hard to sack? >> he's smart, very smart. he knows what can beat him.
2:36 pm
and that's getting hit, and getting pressure up in his face. what is he going to do? he's getting the ball out quick. he knows where his guys are going to be. he knows who's going to be open, he knows the coverage, and he figures it all out. he doesn't want to take a hit, like he said, he's 41 years old. he didn't make it there by not being smart. >> it's lightening-fast. 2 1/2 seconds, that ball is gone. >> 90 attempts, zero sacks in the playoffs. >> it's crazy. >> there's one man, though, in the nfl, who had more sacks than you this year. aaron donald, he plays for the rams, what does he need to do to try to get pressure on brady? >> he's great. an unbelievable player. i think what aaron needs to do. we can show him. >> i'm going to be tom. >> you're going to be tom? >> we're the edge, biggest thing with tom is that he knows. edge rushers are coming hot around the edge. he knows where he's safe. the thing that aaron can do on
2:37 pm
the inside. push that pocket, make him feel unsafe. come out the backside for the edge rushers or get the ball on his hands. >> let's hear it for aaron donald, baby. >> you come up the middle. >> tom's in the back. that's what we did right there. >> do you have to sack tom brady? >> no. >> or do you have to pressure him? move him off of a spot. >> sacks are the best. that's where the rams have a good advantage. they have donald and suh coming up the middle. you can get pressure on the middle of the pocket, he knows how to handle the edge rushers. if you're going to have success, your best bet is hard pressure up the gut. >> can they do it, will they do it? who wins this game and why? >> i have no idea. tom is the best of all time. with his success and these games, and their experience in this game, it's tough to go against them. the way phillips has done it
2:38 pm
before, the defense is very good. they have a smart offensive coach. i don't know. that was my answer. >> i'm not going to pick one. i appreciate -- you guys, you personally, have done it all. the face of the league, defensive player of the year, you do great community work. >> next year, we want to see j.j. watt and the super bowl. giving us great insight. who else will see j.j. watt in the super bowl next year. >> we have to get them one of those rings. >> we need that. appreciate that. thank you very much. he's the league's breakout star of the year, and came so close to playing in this super bowl. kansas city chiefs qb and the likely mvp patrick mahomes here. he'll join us next.
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welcome back to kick off in atlanta. it's brady v goff on sunday. it will focus on the video game exploits of patrick mahomes the
2:44 pm
first year starter, the second player ever to throw for 5,000 yards and 50 plus touchdowns. he joins us now on set. what do you think of patrick mahomes here? >> he's hot. >> is it mvp or bust for you? and what would that honor mean? >> not necessarily. it would be an amazing honor, when you look at the people that have won it, it would be an amazing group to be in. at the same time, that's not what you're looking at at the beginning of the season. it could be something you could look back on in your career. >> you're the future of the position in the sport. you have every sportswriter in the country saying, this was one of the greatest seasons in the history of the position. how do you block that out and improve on that. >> you have to focus on getting better. i mean, you watch the great ones. you see tom brady every year. he's getting better. you focus on the fundamentals, the stuff you are good at, you
2:45 pm
want to emphasize that stuff, so -- i want to make sure i get my body in the best shape possible and go in the film room again and figure out how to get better. >> something that stood out to me and heinz. your creativity on the field. in a game, you've thrown a ball with your left hand for a completion. you're right handed. where does that come from, do you practice these things? >> that's backyard ball. >> i think that's growing up playing all the sports. i was a big baseball player, basketball player. football was the last sport i got into. so when you're playing baseball at shortstop, you don't get to set your feet and be the perfect throwing motion. i think just having that, going to the backyard football. i can throw from a lot of different platforms, and not a lot of guys have thrown before me. >> how does it feel to be the hottest thing in the nfl, the kids want to be like you. i wish i had hair like that. how does that feel? is it more added pressure, is it
2:46 pm
fun being you're so young, and you're the newest thing in football? >> i think it's a lot of fun. we have a great team that has a lot of fun that we go out there and we enjoy playing this game. we really do love it, we love playing with each other and going out there and just wing football together. >> not only have you played the patriots, you've played the rams as well. against the rams, one of the great games in the history of the nfl, almost 500 yards passing and six touchdowns, does that suggest this game goes the patriots way and that's an easier defense to pick apart? >> no, not at all. the rams are hitting their stride rite now, so are the patriots. i think it's going to be a great game. whoever gets it at the end is going to be the team that wins it, if i had to pick one, i would pick the patriots. i think it's going to be a great game either way. >> one of the greatest tokens you can receive. tom brady came to your locker
2:47 pm
room. has it sunk in yet, that the goat took the time and pay his respects to you? >> it has a little bit now. it's cool for him to do that. he's in the middle of getting ready to go to the super bowl, excitement, trying to enjoy with his teammates, it was something that's cool, and we looked back on it. i was still upset, coming off that loss. it was a great game where we're really close. you look back at it, it's cool to have that respect for him especially with everything he's accomplished. >> patrick mahomes, the likely nfl mvp tonight. congratulations on an outstanding season and thanks for being here. >> get those headphones on, everybody's talking about it. >> qc 35. >> give me a no look pass for the touchdown. and the crowd goes wild. bring it. >> the kickers in this super bowl have one job to do. how hard can it be to hit a
2:48 pm
field goal? atlanta falcons kicker matt bryant puts these two guys to the test. >> i look over there, and i see kickers playing around on the sidelines. i don't know, y'all play a little kicking game. okay, max...time to help mrs. tyler reach her health goals! i'm in! but first... shelfie! the great-tasting nutrition of ensure. with up to 30 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals! ensure. for strength and energy.
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three of the patriots' eight prior super bowls were decided by three points and 5 of the last 17 overall. sunday could come down to the kickers. our nflers found out how hard a seemingly simple job can be. two-time super bowl champion, and i kick zero field goals.
2:52 pm
nine years in the nfl. zero field goals attempted. hi, matt bryant i can kicker of the atlanta falcons, 388 field goals in the nfl. >> here comes the super bowl champ! here comes the mvp. here comes the "dancing with the stars" camp. it's serious business now. oh, oh, ooh! what did i do wrong? >> okay. you missed it. that's the one thing you did wrong. number two. >> oh, oh. woo! all right. we are losing daylight, my brother. you've got to make one of these things. >> this is going in. >> ooh! >> the toe. look, you are hitting everything here. you want to hit it right there. >> oh, man! >> you are 0 for 5 right now. >> there it is! ooh! >> you ain't got the elvis hip. you got it get it through.
2:53 pm
>> feeling humble. talking trash about me. >> boo! >> boom! >> yeah, baby? >> did you see what i did those first six kicks? don't do that. come on. find your target. >> right at this finger. >> no, your target is still there. you don't want to kick his finger. you are going to kick the ball. >> ooh! >> yes, baby! woo! woo! yeah! yeah! >> he is tired out. >> how did that feel? >> that felt darn good. >> basically, it was a 20-yard field goal. now, the extra is your extra po. give it a try. this is a real nfl distance right here. >> get it!
2:54 pm
>> woo! >> it's okay. >> that's it, kickers. no more excuses. you have one job, and that is to make the field goal on the extra points. you've got to do it. >> clearly, it's an easy job. thanks to matt bryant for coaching us up and our friends at georgia state for allowing us to use their beautiful facility. >> the rams are here courtesy a no-call and a 57-yard line field goal from greg zir line. tray aikman, the cowboys hall of famer has won three and broadcasted five. the qb wasn't all calm and cool. his super nerves coming up. >> announcer: kickoff in atlanta brought to you by verizon, chosen by experts, chosen by
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the way that i approach the super bowls that i played in, i would get locked in during the week and study like i had during the week. it is different. you are on the road . so you have to get accustomed to that. on game day i was as relaxed as i had ever been. in the locker room prior to the game i remember sitting there thinking, man, in just a few hours this is either going to be the greatest day of my life or it's going to be the most disappointing day of my life, yet i was very calm about it and very much at ease about it.
2:58 pm
pregame warmups the same way. it wasn't until they introduced my name and i came running out of the tunnel, and then you experience the pageantry and the electricity in the air and all that comes with that. the moment really hit me. when we started the game i was hyperventilating a little bit and just trying to get the plays called. we had a third down call and it was a simple corner route by michael irvin, and i have thrown that paula thousand times during the season, and i threw it over his head by ten yards. once you get through that initial wave of emotion, i think you settle in, and then you're not focused on what's at stake as much as you are just playing the game the way that you always have. and that's how it turned out for me. >> so given that, keep an eye n jared goff's first quarter nerves. how nervous were you? >> i wore myself out in the
2:59 pm
pregame. i came in the locker room. it was the only time i have ever thrown up before a game. >> and because the patriots are not going to be all that nervous, we are all picking the pats to win this game. but what will you be watching for? >> i will be watching the rams' run game. c.j. anderson was a late addition. he has been a spark. three straight 100--year-old games. todd gurley from the university of georgia has been resting and healing. he will want to show out. >> i'm looking for the playmakers, the wide receivers. for the rams contain julian edelman. he has proven himself time and time again to rise to the occasion in the super bowl. >> you mentioned the georgia bulldogs. another bulldog, sony michel a year ago lost the national title gehman the same field. even the fullback, james develin. so we all say patriots win, huh? >> yeah. >> that does it for us,
3:00 pm
everybody. it's almost game time. for heinz, cory, and andy, thanks for watching. enjoy the super bowl. welcome to unfiltered. here is tonight's headlines. about face. democratic virginia governor ralph northam refuses to resign while more and more democrats across the country call for him to step down after this photo surfaced from his 1984 yearbook page showing a student in blackface and a student in kkk garb. yesterday nor up apologized for the, quote, photograph of me in a racist costume. this afternoon he unequiffically stated he is not in the photo. >> when i was confronted with


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