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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  February 25, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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mountain lion, who? >> don't answer that. >> my favorite joke ever. a critical week for the trump presidency. "new day" continues right now. we see eye to eye as long as there's no testing. we're happy. onge >> on the same day president trump is meeting with kim jong-un, michael cohen will be testifying on capitol hill. >> what other light can he shed now that these cooperating. >> he has to be very careful. the president should first return with a codification of the freezing of the missile program. >> we've made it very plain to chairman kim. the alternative to giving up his weapons is remaining a pariah state. ♪ we will we will rock you ♪ >> and the oscar goes to -- "green book." >> green book is a very divisive film. >> i thought i was court side at the garden. the ref made a bad call.
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>> good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." it's monday, february 25th. to say this is a blockbuster week in politics that could have major implications on the president would be a gross understatement. mr., michael cohen begins three days of testimony on capitol hill. cohen is the president's former lawyer, former fixer, now a convicted felon who has implicated the president in a crime. that's hard to fit on a business card. his testimony on wednesday is open to the public and will be broadcast on television around the world, including to vietnam where that same day, wednesday, the president will sit down for a critical meeting with the north korean dictator kim jong-un. >> also new this morning, a bipartisan group of 58 former national security officials plan to issue a statement saying, quote, there is no factual basis for the president's national emergency to build a wall on the border with mexico. the house will vote tomorrow to block the president's emergency declaration. it's expected to pass there and then put pressure on senate
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republicans. also happening now -- the lawyers for president trump's former campaign chair paul manafort must respond to robert mueller's sentencing memo. in that memo, mueller's team slammed manafort as a bold criminal who repeatedly and brazenly broke the law. joining us now is dana bash, cnn chief political correspondent jeffrey toobin, former federal prosecutor and david gregory, a cnn political analyst. david gregory, give us the big picture on just all of the news that's going to be happening on this pretty dramatic week. >> look, on the one hand, the president on the world stage. he's not going to be in crime time because he's on the other side of the world with the time change, but with an historic summit, leading america on the world stage and perhaps achieve something big. he's negotiating with china. could be important for the economy. but back home, this drama with michael cohen is going to be big because he is going to be in person, very dramatically on capitol hill. a preview of how democrats want
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to use this oversight authority to challenge the president. and cohen is in a position now to really back up his story of how the president pushed him to lie, to be a fixer, kind of the inside world of a fixer. everything from directly ordering him to make payments to women with whom he had affairs, directing him to keep records with regard to bone spurs from serving in the vietnam war. all of these issues that have been out there over the months now and even years of the trump presidency. we're going to get that inside look. he'll get some heat from republicans. but he's going to be very dramatic witness here for democrats against his boss. the guy he said he'd take a bullet for. >> we know the president is watching our show today because he is hate tweeting some of the things we had on tv in the last hour, including dana's segment. he's going to be upset with what you said. he's not primetime. if that comes as news to him,
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that's really going to upset him today. jeffrey toobin, i want to know what the biggest threat is to the president with michael cohen testifying on wednesday. >> well, the way the committees have divided up responsibility here is that the two intelligence committees will be talking about his relationship to the russia investigation. specifically, matters relating to russia in secret sessions. so we will not hear that from michael cohen. we'll not hear about the discussions relating to the trump tower moscow which is very important. what we're going to hear on wednesday in public is about the -- what cohen did for trump when he was -- trump was a private citizen in terms of the negotiating with the women. and i think what will be most significant, at least in my opinion, is if there is any corroboration of statements he's made before. if there are documents, e-mails, texts, tape recordings which show donald trump was a
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co-conspirator in the crimes for which cohen has already pleaded guilty. that to me is going to be the most interesting part of the testimony. >> and i think because we are so used to getting inundated by so many crazy who would have thunk it bits of information, as i'm listening to david and jeffrey and thinking about this coming week, think about if you had a time machine and went back and someone said michael cohen is going to be on capitol hill testifying against donald trump, we would have all said, you are out of your mind because he was so loyal and so -- from his perspective, integral in protecting donald trump along the way. we've all had dealings with him realtime during the trump campaign. even before that when he considered himself the attack dog on behalf of the president. and we know that the mea culpa for doing all of that is a big part of what he's trying to tell
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federal prosecutors and what he'll tell congress. but it is really incredible that you now have a president trump and a michael cohen going to testify under oath in public against the president. >> does he have a choice? does he have a choice? >> he could have -- >> if he said no, they would have subpoenaed him. >> he could have taken the fifth. >> if he tweeted #truth, he wants to embrace it. >> he probably could have fought it, but he wants to testify. the other thing that's worth remembering about this whole russia scandal is that there have been very few moments where the participants have spoken in public, other than the president. remember, james comey's very dramatic testimony. shortly after he was fired. but other than that, we have not really heard directly from the principals. we heard from andy mccabe last week. that was pretty interesting. but he's not certainly as major a figure as michael cohen.
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to hear michael cohen tell the story of stormy daniels, of karen mcdougal, that's going to be very different from listening to dweebs like me talk about it. i just think that's going to be important. >> or even the reporting we get out of pleadings made in court or actual court proceedings where we're not seeing them. we talk about all of these revelations and whether they impact public opinion. it's different when you have a witness testifying before congress that has the ability to make this a dramatic moment. and some of the details he is likely to talk about speak to how donald trump protects himself. protects secrets and his image. no reason to think there's much difference in how he's handled himself as a private citizen and president. and that's what's being investigated is whether he's treated the oval office as he has his personal empire and no different with a kind of disrespect for the trappings of the presidency. that's what will be so revealing
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potentially about this testimony and to jeffrey's other point. the documentation will matter so much because of cohen's own credibility problems, which the president will try to bring up at every turn and his lawyer rudy giuliani has. that's where corroboration will mean something in the eyes of the public. >> these republicans on this committee are going to come after michael cohen in a big, big way. what do you expect to see? >> one of the reasons michael cohen is going to jail is because he lied to congress the first time around. and that's no small thing. and it would be political malpractice for republicans not to bring that up. democrats are going to be on more of a fact-finding mission to set the table for michael cohen to be more as up front and as detailed and explicit as he can about the inner workings of trump world and of the president himself. but that's going to be a very big contrast. there's no question we're going to see. democrats trying to get
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information and republicans trying to say, wait, wait, wait. you have no credibility and here's why. >> jeffrey, next big legal question. adam schiff this weekend and before that, intel has said he plans to subpoena the mueller report and subpoena robert mueller to come forward if the mueller report isn't made public. can he do that? >> he can do that. >> but then does the doj -- does -- could bob barr block that subpoena? >> very interesting, hard question. not -- i don't think a clear answer to either one of them but remember, also, what is the mueller report? we don't know how detailed a report he's going to file. >> if he doesn't get satisfaction from the details, he plans to subpoena it? >> i'm saying even mueller himself, the report, you know, is it 20 pages? is it 1,000 pages? that's going to be very significant. and mueller has a lot of discretion here in terms of what he files. the regulation is very vague and, frankly, mysteriously
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written so he could do a lot of different things. so there certainly could be a subpoena filed. no question that the intelligence committee could ask for mueller's testimony. but whether mueller would agree to testify beyond what's in the report, beyond what the justice department has said, remember, mueller is an employee of the justice department. he is a subordinate of bill barr. presumably he will step down at some point. then there will be less supervision over him. a lot of moving parts here. i don't know exactly how it's going to all play out. >> we'll know more when we know what mueller gives him. and what would be subpoenaed. >> just how many pages it is. that in and of itself we don't know. >> david gregory, we need you to weigh in on something we've been discussing. has to do with the oscars last night and the moment bradley cooper and lady gaga. >> it has to do with love.
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>> let's play it here. ♪ >> we're not asking about harmony because we know you know a lot about that. we're asking you about chemistry here. the electricity between these two. dana bash was with a party of people last night who said, and i'm paraphrase, this was the sexiest moment in the history of history. >> this is hollywood love is what this is. >> no, this is hollywood love. >> come on. >> this is love for the camera. deep abiding professional respect. i think that's what this is. >> look at the jaundiced david gregory who thinks that it just expired as of 8:00 this morning, that chemistry expired. >> i think they have wonderful professional and personal chemistry, and they are great friends, but i think they're myth building. that's what it's about. >> they're no mr. and mrs. gregory. i've seen you guys together. >> that's a very practical relationship. david gregory here sucking all
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the romance out of life. >> here we are, a bunch of people on basic cable and like we're supposed to know the answer to that question? i am like, what do we know? >> jeffrey toobin, you just pipe down over there, okay? we're not asking for your legal -- we're not asking for your legal interpretation. we're asking for your human reaction. >> oh, human. i don't have any human reaction. >> david, i just think you're wrong. i think there's a lot more there. there's acting and there's acting. >> i think this is a case, and this is the beauty of hollywood, that people are projecting on to this couple things that may or may not be there. no question they're great together. >> there's no difference in david gregory. the tone of his answer there, than the entire discussion about michael cohen's testimony. that was like deadly earnest. that was shocking. >> i waited for the house intel committee to figure this out. >> lady gaga. >> thank you all very much. we have a programming note. cnn will hold a presidential
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town hall tonight with senator bernie sanders. >> hi. >> moderated by wolf blitzer. >> gets me every time. >> 8:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. >> bernie sanders video he released, his announcement, the first thing he says is, hi. i'm bernie sanders. >> he pauses after hi. best campaign announcement ever. a stunning rebuke of the emergency border declaration. we'll speak to one of dozens of former security officials who are now taking a stand. that's next. ♪ t-mobile is always happy to see you. when you join t-mobile you get two lines of unlimited with two of the latest phones included for just one hundred bucks a month.
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the house will vote on a resolution tomorrow to block president trump's national emergency declaration to fund his proposed border wall. new this morning, 58 former national security officials have signed a letter condemning the president's declaration. joining me is one of the people who signed the letter, tony blanken, former deputy secretary of state under president obama. now a cnn global affairs analyst. this is a bipartisan group of 58 former national security officials. let me read one part of this letter. under no plausible assessment of the evidence is there an emergency today that entitles the president to tap into funds appropriated for other purposes to build a wall at the southern border. you are all national security officials. why is this a national security matter to you? >> well, the president is declaring it a national emergency. and you have hundreds of years of experience here behind this letter. republicans, democrats from the
5:18 am
two bush administrations, clinton administration, the obama administration, all saying based on their experience and their expertise that it is not. there is no factual basis for declaring a national emergency. the facts are pretty clear. illegal border crossings are at a 40-year low. they've gone from about 850,000 a decade ago to 60,000 today. terrorism, crime, there hasn't been to my knowledge a single american killed in a terrorist attack by an illegal immigrant. crime, immigrants as a whole commit far fewer crimes than those native born. drugs come in through legal ports of entry not across the porous border. so across the board on every sort of factual basis you can look at there is no basis for declaring a national emergency. >> we have talked about the numbers you were citing. i will say the arrests at the border have ticked up a bit from last year but still at or near an historic low. alisyn had a chance to talk with
5:19 am
republican sean duffy. she put these facts to him and this is how he responded. let's listen. >> you respect chuck hagel? thomas pickering? these are national security officials. do you give them any more credence than just their opinion? >> do they come to my community and see what illegal immigration does to our country, alisyn? the fact that my counties in rural wisconsin, they run out of money because of all of the out of home placements for kifds that don't have parents now. >> so are you saying that illegal immigration is not a threat? >> illegal immigration is an issue. and it is a problem. but the question is what to do about it. most of the folks who come here and are here illegally come on legal visas that they overstay. not crossing the border illegally. so we have to be smart about how we do this, and we obviously need comprehensive immigration reform. something congress has struggled with for decades. i'm also listening to people like congressman will herd who have districts on the border who
5:20 am
say this is not the way to deal with the problem. those who support this plan by the president right now, they are going to regret it because there will be a future president. he'll declare or she'll declare a national emergency where it really matters, say on everything from health care to gun violence to climate change. so this has a way of what goes around comes around. >> do you think if a democrat is elected should declare a national emergency on climate change based on this? >> i think we shouldn't be fooling around with a national emergency declaration. there have been national emergencies declared in the past by republican presidents, democratic presidents but never in defiance of congress. all of these issues should be worked closely and clearly with congress, not around and over congress. >> a big week in diplomacy. the president headed to hanoi in vietnam to speak to kim jong-un. this is the second meeting the two men will have. last night, to governors, the president seemed to redefine what he considers success here.
5:21 am
he's always talked about denuclearization. now he says there's no timetable on denuclearization as long as north korea doesn't conduct any more tests, the president says that will be success. is that the right measurement? >> well, look, this is moving the goal post closer. it's good the north koreans are not testing. that helps them perfect their weapons. the fact they've declared a pause is a good thing. but that is not denuclearization. that doesn't get rid of the nuclear weapons they already have. that doesn't get rid of the infrastructure they have to create fissile material for weapons and build more weapons in the future. that's what we need to start to get at. it's going to be a long process. it won't happen overnight. the president has already declared victory. now he's acknowledging he's nowhere near that and at best this is the beginning of the story, not the end of it. >> we keep hearing that there are fears the president will give away too much in these meetings. what are you worried that he might give away there? >> well, there are a lot of things the north koreans want he
5:22 am
could give away starting with an actual declaration of peace on the korean peninsula. he's already given away a lot. he's given kim jong-un the status of sitting next to on the international stage the president of the united states. he's already suspended military exercises. he's mused about pulling american forces out of the korean peninsula. so there's concern that he'll continue to go down that road. our allies are concerned, too. the japanese, for example, are afraid he may trade the north koreans pulling back on missiles that can reach the united states but can still hit japan or korea. so there are all sorts of things. >> what would the problem be with declaring an end to the korean war? >> the problem is it puts a lot of pressure then on the united states to pull back its forces and its troops from the korean peninsula. the basis for them being there is the armistice. and if that changes into a durable peace, which is a good goal. we'd like to get there. if that's a way for the north koreans and china to get americans off the korean
5:23 am
peninsula, whouithout denuclearizing, that's not the art of the deal. that's the art of the steal. this meeting seems to be better prepared than the first one. the special envoy steve biegun is a talented diplomat. my hope is he's prepared this well and the president listens to the brief that hopefully he gets. >> tony blinken, great to have you on. really appreciate it. we have an update on jussie smollett. he's digging in. still denying he staged a hate crime. but wait until you hear what the chicago police superintendent just said about the evidence against him. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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we have new information on "empire" actor jussie smollett from the chicago police superintendent. here's what he just told abc news moments ago. >> there's a lot more evidence that hasn't been presented yet that does not support the version that he gave us. >> there's more because you presented quite a bit. legal experts said that's the most that they've seen being presented -- >> up front. >> up front like that. but there's still a lot of physical evidence, video evidence and testimony that just
5:28 am
simply doesn't support his version of what happened. >> joining us now to talk about this, joey jackson, a criminal defense attorney, and a cnn legal analyst and riva martin. great to have both of you. we have a crime round-up to talk to you all about. let's start there, joey. you and i talked about, what compelled the police chief to present so much evidence at that press conference publicly and so did that explain why he took that tact? >> i think he felt that his police department was under attack. i think he felt his city was under attack. i think he felt there were people who made presumptions and chicago pd doesn't have the best reputation about all of the things they've done of the negative variety in the black community. i am concerned, though, about jussie smo lellettsmollett. i get people are dug in. i think there's a lot to be said for mea culpa. by all indications in the event
5:29 am
he is guilty and there is that evidence against him and it's overwhelming, people love him and will forgive him and understand that people make mistakes. and i think that not only goes to his public perception and image but also goes to the system that values remorse and contrition. >> you aren't saying he pleads guilty right now. he gets a trial. >> the chief said not only is there evidence that all of you know about, but i've got evidence that i know about and it's overwhelming. if there is that evidence, there's a lot to be said if he's guilty to just come out and do what he needs to do. the longer it goes by, the worse it gets for him. >> areva, interesting to hear the chief say he has video evidence. there was so much discussion about where's all the video evidence? what did all the video cameras capture that night? and to hear him say that he has some but doesn't know what it is. >> i'm a little concerned about this police chief. i hope he's not on some big media tour. he gave that extensive press
5:30 am
conference and answered one of the big questions we all had which was why would he put all of that at risk? and he answered that question. he said based on the evidence, it was for financial gain. at this point now, i think this needs to play out in a court of law. jussie is entitled to a presumption of innocence and it doesn't help to have the police chief out giving more interviews like he just did to "gma" talking about the evidence. we have a clear understanding as the public about what the case is that the prosecutors are going to present. jussie's lawyer said they're going to mount an aggressive defense. he continues to deny the charges. he's entitled to pursue this matter in court and if he tends to go to trial and defend his actions, then let him do that. i don't think tainting the jury pool is helping. >> r. kelly, one of the most
5:31 am
successful r&b recording acts of all time doesn't have $100,000 to make bail to get out of jail on the ten counts of sexual assault at this point. what's next? >> sadly, i'm not surprised he doesn't have $100,000 if you look at his lifestyle. we've heard so much about the lifestyles of different pop singers like r. kelly and sadly many of them don't end up with a lot of money. what's next is today he's going to appear again in a chicago courthouse. chief judge is going to assign a trial judge to his case, and the prosecutors are going to start turning over what they have already indicated to be really damaging and damning evidence against him. i was pleased to see on saturday his attorney at a press conference step away from his inflammatory statement that all of these victims are liars. he at least said that, so far, based on the evidence that he does have that he's going to mount some defense based on consensual acts. we don't know where that goes,
5:32 am
but it's really offensive to me and to victims to hear an attorney who hasn't even seen the evidence go on the attack and call these victims liars. we've seen that shaming happen before. it doesn't work in this era of me too and time's up and he's entitled to his presumption of innocence, but he doesn't have to attack the victims in a way that we saw at the friday night press conference. >> joey, how do you make the argument for consensual acts with underage girls? >> you can't because the law presumes it's not consensual if they're under age. if it happened, then it's over. the attorneys have to walk a fine line. you want to challenge the veracity of the statements they make. on the other hand you cannot revictimize victims and demonize young girls suffering for all too much time. and the other issue is the sheer volume of women coming forward as it relates to the indictment and prior bad act evidence that may be admitted against him. it's damning and it's a you era. a new day.
5:33 am
wheels of justice move, but they move slowly, but they do move. in the event this is true, we have a different tone in america right now. and that relates and is very important to a jury that's empaneled that will consider the evidence. next topic, robert kraft. the billionaire owner of the patriots arrested for soliciting prostitution. separate and apart from the human trafficking claims against the massage parlor, what's bob kraft looking at? >> well, not very much, alisyn. these are low level misdemeanors. i read there's going to be a warrant issued for his arrest but in the state of florida, his attorney can show up in court. he doesn't have to personally show up. the charges only carry 60 days in a county jail. he's maybe looking at 120 days. i don't think the real issue here is the legal jeopardy that he faces. i think this gives us an opportunity to talk about a bigger issue, and that's prosecutors going after the buyers of commercial sex and cutting off the demand.
5:34 am
i applaud these prosecutors and those around the country who are stop -- who are looking at these johns who are purchasing commercial sex and not victimizing or revictimizing women involved in sex trafficking. there's this notion that somehow they want to be there. that they are somehow profiting from this kind of activity. in many cases, that's far from the truth. these are victims. they are subjected to all kinds of criminal and horrific violence. and i think this case stands as an opportunity for us to talk about how we go after and really look at the demand and start to criminalize these men oftentimes who are purchasing sex and who, as we see in this case, it wasn't just robert crakraft. there were 50 others caught up in this sting. >> but there's a larger issue. in my view, the larger issue is human trafficking. there's going to be a demand out there because, you know, men are engaging in this activity. you have to look at the larger, broader context of what human trafficking means, where it's evolving and how we can stop it. and if you get to that, but i do
5:35 am
agree with areva in that it needs to be a dual approach. not only the johns but if you get to the core of the issue. and robert kraft really highlights the issue of human trafficking. >> supply and demand. thank you both for the conversation. president trump's name removed from the side of a building. why trump place has no place in the city where he made his name. that's next.
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the final residential building in new york city with the trump name on it will soon be taking it down. cnn's vanessa arcaveige is live outside trump place. what is currently trump place but maybe not much longer. vanessa? >> good morning, john. this started about two years ago right when president trump was elected into office. one by one, residents in these six buildings here on riverside boulevard started voting whether or not to take down this trump place sign. and four of them have already voted to do so. the remaining two buildings, the
5:40 am
residents here voted to have them taken down just last week. we spoke to residents on both sides of this debate. trump has been voted out. by the residents of the final two condo buildings bearing his name on manhattan's west side. >> we voted to take it off the building. we just feel that the trump brand has come to mean exclusion, and it didn't -- doesn't represent the people that live in the building, the people that work in the building, the people that live in the neighborhood. it just doesn't feel -- didn't feel right to us. >> reporter: the letters spelling trump place on 120 and 220 will be the last to come down from the six buildings on riverside boulevard. the condo owners at each address voted to remove the president's name. jane alsten and her husband bought their apartment at 120 riverside in twn2014.
5:41 am
>> it was a bit of a thing between my husband and myself. i already wasn't crazy about donald trump. i was not happy about it. but i could live with -- that was 2014. i could live with it. now it just came to mean something i really wasn't comfortable being associated with. >> reporter: they joined their neighbors at the four other buildings on riverside boulevard who already elected to remove the name. the signage was taken down by construction crews when a resident circulated an online petition urging other condo owners to dump the trump name after donald trump took office in 2016. but not everyone is happy about the name being erased from the luxury buildings. >> this name was associated with prestige. so the people actually bought into the building, probably because of the name, and now they are selling or removing sign for exactly the same reason. so what's going to happen to this building in 20 years when the political climate changed,
5:42 am
possibly changed? >> reporter: trump built the sprawling developme menment sta in the 1990s, eventually selling off the complex. but he licensed his name to keep it on the buildings. even without the brand, the trump organization will continue to manage three of the properties. the loss of these ten letters has one resident considering a difference neighborhood. >> i'd like to sell the apartment. i don't like to be associated with people who -- >> reporter: we reached out to the trump organization for comment on the last two building signs being taken down. we've not heard back, john, but when this is happening, a letter from the management company to the residents here at 120 riverside boulevard said they should be looking for a company to get these signs taken down in the next couple weeks. >> who is paying for them to
5:43 am
come down, vanessa? >> reporter: yeah, exactly. it's going to be the residents. i spoke to one board member here at 120 riverside boulevard who said that the starting price to get this trump place sign taken down behind me is going to be starting at about $15,000. if you break that down, that's about $1500 per letter, and as i said, john, the residents are going to be paying for this, whether or not they voted for or against this sign being removed. >> vanessa yurkovich, thank you. there was some sports news that was so big last night that samuel l. jackson had to interrupt the oscars to deliver it. an andy scholes tells us more. >> winning their first game at madison square garden since december 1st. snapped an 18-game home losing
5:44 am
streak. samuel l. jackson delivered the news before announcing he won his best oscar for "blac "blackkklansman." >> so glad you're sitting down. after 18 consecutive losses, the knicks won tonight defeating san antonio 130-118. >> love how spike was sitting there yelling back at samuel l. jackson. we're trying to tank. he wants zion williamson in new york. good news for spike. knicks still have the second worst record in the nba. this is the best sports highlight. happened at the alliance american football became. yuri the dog setting a world record catching a frisbee toss that traveled 83 yards. and yuri was there early. could have caught it if it would have flown 100. i'm surprised the handler can
5:45 am
throw a frisbee 83 yards. >> i'm not sure who i'm more impressed by. >> sign him up. that's an 80-yard hail mary. that's an insane highlight, andy. >> playing frisbee with my dog, one of the most fun things i do every day. i'm just surprised dogs automatically know what to do. like they're born that way. >> maybe it was years of practice. yuri has worked very hard to get where he's gotten. thank you very much. backlash for the best picture winner at the oscars. spike lee, you just saw him before, speaking out after "green book's" big win. that's next. ♪ when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪tum tum tum tum smoothies. also available tums sugar-free.
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and the oscar goes to -- "green book." >> some surprising twists at the oscars. hollywood's biggest night. none bigger than "green book" winning best picture. joining us now, brian stelter, the chief media correspondent, anchor of "reliable sources" and nishelle turner. i think "green book" was on some people's list as a possible winner. >> definitely. >> but it still is controversial. why? >> well, it's controversial in a lot of ways. you're right. it had momentum going into awards season. it won the golden globe for best picture comedy or musical. just won the producers guild award as well. it didn't come completely out of left field. i think what was controversial about it is the film, there had been a simmering undertone
5:51 am
throughout awards season that people felt it was a homogenized version of what was going on. no mention of victor hugo green who ultimately developed and wrote what was then the green back for african motorists. so that's what the issue was. they felt this was very one-sided and from, you know, the viewpoint of -- i'm sorry, the last name, the -- tony. the gentleman who was driving don shirley. >> it was from the white perspective. the film was from the white perspective. and that was a big critique. >> and that a lot of times african-american viewers have an issue with the white hero coming in at the end of the day in these type of movies. you think about "the help" and certain things like that when you have the white hero. that was the issue and forgive me because i haven't had a lot of sleep. >> we'll get to you at the oscars in a moment.
5:52 am
>> and spike lee personified it when he was visibly upset. >> spike lee was upset and he had his reasons. obviously, he wanted "blackkklansman" to win. here's what he said after some champagne. >> i'm snake bit. every time somebody is driving somebody, i lose. >> you heard the crowd. that was provocative. every time somebody drives somebody because he lost to "driving miss daisy." >> i'm glad he spoke out and expressed himself in the moment and again later. this is a very important subject. the way that hollywood depicts race. the way that hollywood sometimes side steps these issues. a few years ago, all about oscars so white, that hashtag on twitter. many of the winners last night, an incredibly diverse array of winners but it's this teddy bear hug of a movie "green book" that's supposed to make you feel good but it's polarizing for the
5:53 am
reasons nischelle was saying that takes home best picture. >> when people filled out their oscar ballots, the first one they often checked off was best actress. glenn close was a near sure thing for the wife. that's what all my best sources told me. so how is it that olivia coleman won for the favorite? >> well, first of all, she was brilliant. that's one reason. but the second reason was the academy loves a film like "the favorite" and olive va coleman and the performance was worthy. i'm not going to take anything away from her because the favorite was my favorite movie besides "black panther" and "blackkklansman." >> third or fourth favorite. >> all of them were -- she was so great and quirky as queen anne. she was deserving. because glenn close had won everything, people thought she was a sure thing. her dress weighed 42 pounds last night. that alone, she could --
5:54 am
>> there should be an award. >> she's been nominated everyone is times for this. it can happen. maybe her and gaga's votes were canceled out and olivia coleman came in there and split those votes. so it does happen to eddie murphy a few years ago. >> everybody is wondering what happened after the romantic duet where bradley cooper, lady gaga sang so close to each other. some thought they were going to kiss. what happens next? what happens today? that's his serious girlfriend with whom he has a child, and there are pictures of lady gaga and his girlfriend hugging. >> very good. >> so maybe everything is fine. and then there's this picture of bradley cooper kissing his girlfriend right next to gaga. that's got to hurt. >> come on. >> these are professionals. >> look at them doing their jobs. >> i went right back to thinking
5:55 am
they are in love and that that hurts. come on. give us the inside scoop. are they in love? >> i wish -- i mean, i've never seen chemistry like this in my life on screen. i mean, really -- i think they are both in love with the art. i think they're both in love with the movie. i think that gaga has such a deep affection for him because he brought something out of her in this film that i don't think she knew she had in her. >> oh. >> so, you know, it can happen. i think they do love each other in a certain way. i don't necessarily think they are -- want to be a couple, but it does give us something to talk about. >> and now i really want to go watch "a star is born" again. >> there was one hotter moment than even the potential kiss that didn't happen. it was nischelle in her dress. look at this. oh, my god, girl! call the fire department. what's happening here? >> child, listen, yoga does good
5:56 am
to me, so -- no, mark zunino is such a great designer. we've collaborated on three different gowns now. and i, you know, he fits my body so well, and i just give it all to him. i give it all to him. >> that was the highlight of the night for me. >> he's your bradley cooper. i get it now. i get it. it all is coming together. >> in the shallow. >> thank you, nischelle and brian. >> thank you. the president departs for the kim jong-un summit very shortly. cnn will have it for you. stay tuned. now, full coverage that doesn't quit. super stay foundation... from maybelline new york. with full coverage pigments... stays on. stays flawless. up to 24-hour wear. super stay foundation only from maybelline new york.
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clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. all right. good monday morning. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm jim sciutto. it's a big week. president trump facing a week that could be defining for his presidency with deep challenges both here at home and abroad. soon he'll set out for vietnam for his second face-to-face meeting in less than a year with the north korean dictator kim jong-un. the goal is pushing kim closer to what the president claimed had already been accomplished after their first summit last june. that is an end to the north korean nuclear threat against the u.s. however, since


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