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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 1, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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19 years old. the night she died i saw that the moon was exactly half full just as i am, half of what i have been my entire adult life. from her husband. that's it for me. thanks for being here. the lead with jake tapper starts now. you know, i think the best part of the president's week for him was that 20 hour overseas flight. the lead starts right now. from bad to worse democrats slamming president trump for his children over national security. did the president ignore concerns about his son-in-law and giving him a top secret security clearance. >> with us or against us the house speaker teams up with the young democratic socialist to lay down a threat to moderate democrats. plus, spawn of terror. osama bin laden's son takes the reign of al qaeda and the worldwide manhunt sides
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frighteningly familiar. >> we begin with politics lead an explosive report from the new york times. president trump ordered his then chief of staff, john kell a top secret security clearance over the concerns of senior intelligence officials and against the advice of the white house counsel's office. today the democratic chairman of the house oversight committee is demanding that the white house cooperate with his investigation into white house clearances warning he expects a response to his request for documents and sfw interviews by monday. a fitting end for president trump. he handed congressional democrats a map of alleged corruption and investigations that cohen suggests lead back to trump tower. he is also saying his committee wants interviews with family members such as donald trump jr.
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and ivanka trump. cohen will return to share more of what he knows. we haven't even mentioned the president's failed summit in north korea or the comments he made defending kim jong un on the torture. cnn reports for us now this has been the story of donald and the terrible horrible no good very bad week. democrats are furious and threatening to subpoena documents from the white house after reports that president donald trump overruled his intelligence community and demanded a top secret security clearance for his son-in-law. >> after many denials of the president himself and the white house we learned -- actually the president did order his chief of staff, general kelly, to provide a security clearance for a son-in-law. i would love to see mr. kelly come before our committee.
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>> both clehief of staff wrote memos outlining the demand in may of 2018 according to the new york times and the washington post. the president has the legal authority to grant clearance he and his family denied he was involved including this january exclang with t exchange with the times. >> i know there were issues back and forth about security for numerous people get involved i that stuff. >>. >> they are all career people that had anything to do with it. there was nobody that pressured it. it was just done the normal regular way. >> as the house oversight committee considers inviting
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more witnesses to testify on capitol hill the president blasted cohen on twitter following his former attorney's testimony earlier this week. all this as president trump deals with coming home empty handed from his north korea summit including fierce backlash who claimed he had nothing to do with the death of american college student otto warmbier. >> he tells me he didn't know about it. i will take him at his word. >> responding to trump's comments issuing a statement writing they are responsible for the son of odeath of our son, o. >> kellyanne conway agreed to the clean up. >> holds for warmbier's death. he said time and again this president is responsible for having warmbier return to this country and be reunited for his family and in final hours before
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he passed. the president is talking about that chairman kim did not know what happened to otto at the time when it happened. so of course he holds it responsible. >> and just as we are discussing the president tweeted about warmbier and the president writes he never likes being misinterpreted. he got otto out. he said the previous administration did nothing. they have become a symbol of passion and strength which will last for many years into the future. it does not address the future which they were cheerily not happy with the way the president praised kim jong un, someone they hold responsible for their son's death. >> there's no misinterpretation here. they say kim is responsible along with north korea and president trump says he takes kim at his word that he wasn't.
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thanks so much. let's start with the president's son-in-law. the big question is why. why the national security have concerns about giving him the security clearance? we got a tip from your newspaper which reported that officials in at least four countries have discussed ways to manipulate kushner by taking advantage of the financial difficulties and lack of foreign policy. that's not the definitive answer but it's a possible clue. >> it is a definite hit and why he has had struggled for so long under this administration to get the clearance. there is going to be a major issue for the house democrats to investigate clearly. i thought it was pretty notable it was one of the top things. they launched the investigation on january 23rd. i think what we heard from was that he is probably ready to issue a subpoena in the soming
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days. he said this is the final time i will ask you to voluntarily for these records. it is a high priority for democrats and not the end of their work on this. there is going to be desire to hire john kelly following the new york times reporting last night. >> it was john kelly has not denied there is such a memo. it has been accurately characterized. what strikes me is i was in the white house for four years. they have had complicated business dealings in the past. reagan's chief of staff.
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many of them, you know, you tell them everything you have done and they look at it and there's no reason to stop. they will defer to a president's choice. it is kind of remarkable. i think people were so reluctant to issue the security clearance. a lot of it had to do with they didn't disclose so much. >> the second or third time. >> they are a pain and it takes a long time. it is the ability to get some help to fill out those things. i think it's reluctant, after all, how many people get apointed to the white house? a lot of them have complicated lives and foreign travel and business operations and stuff. it is striking they were so reluck substantiat reluctant. >> he gets to decide if he wants
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to. one of the things that is striking is what really happened, that enough were discouraged that they talked to reporters. >> he has denied and said he was not involved in the security process at all. we know back during 2017 the amending of the reports that happened again and again and again he started filling the reports out after the election and sort of going into the transition here. they have been delaying far long time. i think at the time i'm thinking about this now. it was also a sins sense he did not have experience and they were worried about him talking to foreign officials and foreign leaders. it is the interviews as well. this is certainly john kelly if not revenge. he is not correcting that at all today. >> house oversight committee is not supposed to be done for
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political reasons. i don't doubt it is an important oversight responsibility what he is talking about doing. do you think voters care about it? >> i like to remind people that back when watergate was going down, if you look at it they didn't care. there was not widespread -- it wasn't popping up in polls. people were not siting what did and did not happen. it wasn't until after a resignation happened and so this question of do the voters care i don't think should lead to whether chairman cummings or whoever else is in charge with exercising oversight and doing their jobs as committee chair people. i don't think it should leave the chair people and what they decide to take up. what is right? is there something fishy going
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on? if the answer to any of the question is yes then you have to. >> and chris christie told cnn he thinks president trump should be worried about the southern district of new york. take a listen. >> it is a pretty stunning thing for him to say. >> absolutely. he did not at all. she a republican. he did something no one on that committee did and is raising the possibility it will be a deeper
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investigation. >> we have breaking news. cnn learned that the u.s. and south korea are expected the announce large scale military exercises. the large exercises have long been an irritant to north korea. president trump questioned their youthfulness. they suspended some to ease tensions following the first north korea summit. coming up he has a resume that reads like tony soprano. he claims he lead the effort. how could the testimony be to president trump? and al qaeda, the next generation. could his son lead the terror organization to terrifying new lows? stay with us. identity is everything,
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a russian born businessman claims he lead trump tower moscow negotiations he has quite the cb. he got into a bar fight and slashed a guy with a margarita glass. he pleaded guilty to a stock fraud scheme. he says he began working and he e-mailed michael cohen and the lawyer talked about how the potential trump tower moscow project would help mr. trump convince the nation of his negotiating scales and help mr. trump win the white house. according to the new york times our boy can become president of the u.s.a. i will get all of putin's team to buy in on this. i will manage the process. now the democrats control the house intelligence committee
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they have questions for him. >> he is the man at the center of donald trump's moscow tower project and now he'll testify publicly before congress sharing with the world what he knows about the president's business dealings. >> i was trying to use this opportunity because i had tried to build trump tower in moscow as well as london and paris. >> they will likely grill him on what trump knew ability the deal and when. on possible financing sources. he said if the trump moscow project moved forward he would have made sure trump was hands on. >> i would have turned over every rock to make sure that everyone was involved. >> he was e-mailing michael cohen in 2015 and 2016 about the moscow deal. that deal would have netted trump's business of $4 million up front fee. special counsel said if the deal had been successful it would
1:19 pm
have earned hundreds of millions of dollars for the trump organization. he is best known for his role in the proposed moscow deal. his connection with the president goes well beyond that. >> he did licensing agreements. >> absolutely. i did it in new york, ft. lauder dale and tried to do it in phoenix, arizona. i worked on numerous trump deals. >> he down played it during a exception in 2018. at the trump tower in new york. i cording to a person familiar to the office lay outat the time. >> that he had an office in the trump tower. >> and on the 26th floor. >> and the 26th floor is important why? >> because it is mr. trump's floor. >> moved to the u.s. in the 1970s. he is a former felon who says he shared a wealth of information with u.s. authorities on a
1:20 pm
variety of issues for the last 20 years and soon could share some of that with the american people. >> lawmakers will likely want to follow the money and ask about the financing of the project. it will happen in two weeks. president trump denied any wrong doing with regard to the deal which continued into his presidential campaign. >> thanks so much. here is donald trump in 2013 in a sworn deposition. >> i wouldn't know what he looked like. >> here is michael cohen on wednesday asked about that deposition. >> i like to characterize.
1:21 pm
he doesn't know someone when it suits him. >> he got the coffee. >> look, i think he was very very what he was putting down. he put down a lot. i look forward to hearing from him. >> he had an office a few doors down. he sent photographs with president trump. here is september 2005. it is a hotel.
1:22 pm
he is on and it seems like why even lie about this? he became chief of staff and so you have close friends and associate. it is intelligence questions. it is circled and it wasn't just kushner up to the level.
1:23 pm
>> i'm very intrigued by who he has been hanging around with. they thought i can't restrekt the president's curt clearance. take a listen telling cnn he personally asked him to look after his adult children during the negotiations during the trump tower in moscow. >> the president asked me to be in russia at the same time as them, to welcome after them. >> the president asked you? >> directly. >> directly. >> this is relevant to those who are intrigued and want to know more about why the president then candidate wasn't honest about the moscow negotiations. >> and that project has been such a focal point of all of
1:24 pm
these investigations. remember, this the whole reason he is going to prison in the first place buy he lied to congress about how much these discussions about how it extended and that's why when he is under oath in two weeks what he says about that will be critical of what he says about that relationship and what the president knew about it at the
1:25 pm
time. it is all of the documents. take a listen to the ranking republican on house intelligence today at cpac. zb >> i have been saying it for a while. put it all out there. >> i want everything that mueller did made public. i want every e-mail. i want everything that, everybody they wiretapped, every warrant they got. >> what's going on here in. >> it certainly does not sound like what the president has been talking about being a witch hunt. they are getting to the edge. it appears it seems like you get a sense it could be a big week here in terms of it comes out. they are, you know, trying to -- i'm not sure what he is saying. nunez is trying to perhaps change his role in some of this history but i'm not sure what the end game is here.
1:26 pm
i don't think it is endorsed by the president. we'll see. >> i think what they are trying to do is it is muddying the water. obviously no investigation can release random conversations where people speculate about third parties and there's nothing there. it would be nothing inappropriate from the fbi to release this stuff. >> it is classified. >> we are for openness. we have more coming up next. ♪(oh oh oh oh) it's taking over.♪ ♪there's no escape... ♪ better get moving. ready or not♪
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cortez is now issuing threats to members of her own party saying stay in line or face a primary challenge. unleashing the warning of moderate democrats to vote with republicans on a change to a high profile bill that would we are live on capitol hill. it is disputing how this went down and how it is being
1:32 pm
characterized. >>. >> i didn't say they were putting thmss on a list. i said by distinguishing themselves by breaking off on motion to recommit votes. >> it is on closed doors. sources tell me that they did stand up and argue to the moderates that broke ranks and voted with republicans yesterday. look, we can't do this and there would be some sort of track keeping there will be known. this is the second point in time notably democrats have been in control where they have seen democratic defectors. it is a growing thing for democratic leadership.
1:33 pm
we saw it reflected. we have to make that decision. pelosi unhappy and this kind of division and riff between the democrats is one that will keep coming up time and time again. >> all right. take a look at the democrats on the receiving end of the threat. some of them, she represents a direct that has been controlled by republicans for decades. the argument for congresswoman is she has to break from the party on some of these votes. >> absolutely. i think, look, speaker pelosi definitely understands. some times people will have to break from the party. she also knows folks have to be willing to take hard votes. i think with these freshmen members that come from a very
1:34 pm
diverse class in terms of districts but also in terms of the people they represent they have to be willing to take votes. there has been a big discussion where there are some memberover congress that don't believe they should have to put some of these new members in traditionally held districts in that position. i don't think a lot of folks realize that. they were blind sided on this vote. >> it is a best outcome possible. they got to vote what they believe or what their district would like to a gun control bill. they made the policy and they let them have their own vote to show some difference from the rest of the democratic party which comes from coastal areas.
1:35 pm
sit a good outcome. the idea they are getting upset about this, this is how a majority party behaves. >> and republicans introduced this measure for reasons, right? >> exactly. they are basically a messaging tool by the minority. it is not policymaking you would see in a committee or in a gang. they are meant to put the majority party in a difficult position which is why it has been a problem for pelosi and another problem for pelosi is that her leadership is not in agreement about tactics. we had heard what the speaker had said that there needs to be party unity on this. you can't let the minority control the house. deputies are of the crew that, you know, you vote your district abdomen your conscience on these votes. i'm not saying which one is right or the other. >> there is a similar push and pull between moderates and liberals playing out with joe biden today.
1:36 pm
he is responding to criticism after he called mike pence a decent guy. you have been reporting on this. biden's very very quick walkback seemed a sure sign that he is worried about the progressives and that he will run for president. >> no doubt at all. 24 minutes by the time that he responded was the exact time on my watch when he was responding. it came after a speech when he was offering praise for the current vice president as he went on by saying he is not respected around the world. the former vice president is possibly spooked by the left and almost certainly running. >> apologies come often in politics but seldom for calling someone a decent guy. zb a guy is a decent guy. our vice president. >> hardly an ugly slur but biden's words on thursday
1:37 pm
ability a successor mike pence sparked a telling reaction. >> our vice president who stood before this group of allies and leaders and said i'm here on behalf of president trump. it was dead silence. >> there was not silence from liberals who quickly waited writing joe biden you just called the elected leader a decent guy. consider how it falls on the ears of our community. only mislatnutes later he apologized. there is flnothing decent and tt includes the vice president. the speed of his response is the latest sign he is inching closer jumping into the 2020 fight. testing calls are seen as an asset in a democratic primary.
1:38 pm
>> i don't know how you get anything done. we start talking to one another again. >> we have one chance and it's my belief you have one chance in life you take it. >> showing some of the on obstacles. >> i was out front. >> it shows that biden is
1:39 pm
worried. >> i don't think he meant to. he meant it adds praise. he endorsed this idea. it is these folks out there in the party. they will be he has to balance a lot of personalities. >> we are in an era where it is held against people even a c congratulations. >> it is the spokeswoman for anything major in the democratic
1:40 pm
party. i guess i missed her landslide election. >> it is at least -- it won. >> so her voice matters. >> look, it's one thing if a spokeswoman has identified. sanders was asked today if he plans to get campaign advice from the previous nominee hillary clinton. take a listen. >> i suspect not. >> we have differences. hillary has played an important role. >> yeah. >> you're not interested in any advice from her. >> i think not.
1:41 pm
>> oh. >> but not that surprising. i think that -- >> he just said -- >> okay. >> that's kind of who bernie sanders is. he is honest. i think there was a story on earlier this week of where the two campaigns were snapping at each other during hillary's campaign. that is, you know, that is who sanders is. >> very honest answer there. >> she got 65 million votes. maybe you should have the graciousness to say of course i look forward to getting advice from her and so many wonderful democrats. >> why are they incapable of saying something like that? >> hillary clinton is joining some other democrats that are running for bloody sunday. >> maybe youm have a chance to
1:42 pm
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for more information on how to be prepared and keep your family safe, visit there say fnew leader. it is an offering. and for killing his father.
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>> it is one of the most wanted. the u.s. offering $1 million for information on the where abouts of bin laden. he is said to be immerging as a new leader in al qaeda. >> it is aheads up we are looking for you. >> showing his wedding in 2009. it is a propaganda video since he was a child. it is a raid that kills osama bin laden indicated he was grooping him far leadership
1:48 pm
role. it may be driving. >> they may have threatened to attack from the united states in revenge for the killing of his father. he designated him in 2017. it is rebuilding a tax that lead to the u.s. war in afghanistan. rebuilding. a global extremist movement. >> showing signs of confidence as they encourage tax against western interest. >> al qaeda retains the intents to hit us.
1:49 pm
>> one of the last major attacks on the west was the london bus and subway bombings however they have been carrying out attacks more recently. in response to the state department's action today his home country revoked his citizenship. they say they believe he is somewhere on the afghanistan border and could possibly cross over into iran. >> a younger guy since he was a child is i think a significant threat. >> joining me now to talk about this is former cia counter terrorism official. what does it mean it is rising? >> i think it is pretty basic. go back to 2001 and 2002 we were worried. you fast forward ten years it's all about isis.
1:50 pm
wall d you want money. you want people and you want a message. isis stole that from al qaeda. the al qaeda guys don't like them. how can you sort of recreate the image you had 17, 18, 19 years ago. that's bin laden. he is not an operation flal demander necessary. it is how to reclaim the message from people like the isis guys. >> you heard them talking about him. talking about how they are trying to rebuild. how extensive do you think u.s. efforts are right now to try to find him given the fact that there is a greater threat currently from groups like isis? >> you can walk and chew gum at the same time. if you saw an organization and son of the leader of the organization. osama bin laden takes over the organization they have to have a bunch of people called. it is forget about strategic
1:51 pm
intelligence. they want a pattern of life on a human being. how does he communicate? there are a bunch of people. i will tell you something, i wouldn't buy life insurance on them. they will find him. >> you can walk and chew gum at the same time but in terms of priorities, there is an amount of time and manpower and woman power to fight terrorist groups. how much emphasis do you think the military community are giving osama bin laden? a great recruiting, they have great recruiting hopes for him. it is versus isis. >> really? >> that close? >> i would. if he poses a threat to flonew k city i was diverted.
1:52 pm
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they are fighting for his
1:57 pm
elections weeks away. sit a play book and the investigation against him as an unprecedented witch hunt by the media. that's not where the resemilance. of. >> both leaders love to brag about. >> it is close now and may be before. it is strong. >> it is 99.9% it could become
1:58 pm
the first. >> sit is just over a month awa. >> it is the polls trailing his former chiefs of staff. >> it is american jewish it a
1:59 pm
campai campaign message. in a prime time broadcast he blasted as a political witch hunt fuelled by the media and the left. the pressure he turned to trump for support. >> he praised the strong, wise and tough leadership with which i lead the state of israel. i thanked my friend for what he said. >> we just got the latest polls. the first polls since the attorney general announced he intends to indict him. they are not good news. he has fallen by he has five weeks. >> thank you so much.
2:00 pm
be sure to tune in for state of the union. it includes demanding that the white house provide documents on how it issues security clearance new signs of foot dragging that he personally ordered a top secret clearance over the on juks of intelligence officials. cohen again former trump lawyer will return to capitol hill for another closed door hearing. this week's testimony has him firing back with a bizarre twitter ramp. make it public in a strange