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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  March 8, 2019 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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governor will be there. you can follow me on facebook and twitter. you can tweet the show at the lead. our coverage continues right now. thanks for watching. we'll see you sunday morning. happening now, breaking news, i beg your pardon. the president claiming his former fixer is a fraudster did he set himself up to be subpoenaed? another exit through the revolving door at the white house. bill shine calls it quits. we are learning more why the president has been souring on shine. trump says he feels bad even after he got a lenient sentence.
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we are looking at what's ahead with another sentencing date just around the corner. and kim blames trump. the north koreans aren't putting a positive spin. they shifting blame to the united states and president trump. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in the situation room. mr. trump claims his former fixer directly asked him for a pardon and he said no. in public testimony he said he never asked his former boss for a pardon. tonight he says it's the president who is lying. also breaking former fox news executive has stepped down from his job at the white house. he is the fifth person to leave
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the kplcommunications operation. the president questioned his judgment on multiple issues. i'll talk with him, a member of both the intelligence and oversight committees that heard testimony from michael cohen. our correspondents are also standing by. let's go to jim. a very busy day for the president that included his bomb shell tweet about michael cohen. >> that's right. president trump is down in florida for the weekend. he toured storm damage today. before he left the white house he started a new war of words with michael cohen which has potential to drag into a possible perjury case.
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>> it's a stone cold lie. he lied about a pardon that was really a lie. he knew all about pardons. he said they went to my lawyers and asked for pardons. >> he is is referring when he testified he had not sought a pardon from mr. trump even though his attorneys had done just that. >> i have never asked for for would i accept a pardon from president trump. >> he went one step further alleging he had sought a pardon personally tweeting he said under sworn testimony he never asked for a pardon. his lawyers totally contradicted him. he lied. he directly asked me for a pardon. i said no. cohen fired back tweeting just another set of lies by the president. mr. president let me remind you today is international womens day. you may want to apologize for your own lies and dirty deeds to women like mcdougal.
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the president's attack could pull him into a perjury investigation into his former personal attorney's remarks. it is with the former campaign chairman but may receive a pardon of his own as he stayed loyal to the president. >> i feel very badly to paul manafort. it has been a very very tough time for him. if you notice both his lawyer a highly respected man and highly respected judge. the judge said there was no collusion with russia. it had nothing to do with collusion. there was no collusion. it's a collusion hoax. it's a collusion hoax. >> the white house announced the kpl communications director is resigning. they say he had soured
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questioning his judgment on a number of issues. >> shine a former fox news executive is the sixth person to take on the job raising questions about the president's commitment to hire the best people. >> we'll get the best people in the world. >> we'll get the smartest and best. we are not using political hacks anymore. >> the president may use it to help spin the latest unemployment numbers showing it only added 20,000 jobs last month. the president said there's nothing to worry about. >> the economy is very very strong. if you look at the stock market overt overthe last few months it's been great. >> accusing them of going soft. after the house passed a measure condemning hate speech removed fwi freshman democrats. >> the democrats have become
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an anti-israel party. they have become an anti-jewish party. >> he overlooked his own record. >> you also had people that were very fine people on both sides. >> as for the communications director at the white house a source close to the white house said there were growing concerns, cozy rip with fox news. shine was partly responsible for the reduction in press briefings. top officials are routinely on fox news instead of on other news out dplets. the source told me earlier today it is dangerous to have shine so close to the decision making in the west wing but shine is not going far as he is take ago position advising the trump campaign, wolf. >> thanks very much. let's talk more about michael cohen and manafort.
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since the president claims cohen personally and directly asked him about a pardon is mr. trump now potentially a witness if this becomes a major legal case? >> he could be. they both kind of have issues of telling the truth. one prosecutor would use them in any kind of a case without any kind of cooberation without thinking about bringing any kind of perjury clarharges. it is whether or not he lied when he testified. if there is cooberation out there but without that you can't really trust either one of these guys. >> in addition to congress will they look into this allegation that michael cohen may have lied under oath before congress the other day? >> what would happen in this case it would have to be members
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of congress. they would have to make a referral to the department of justice and then the department of justice would then most likely if they close to take it on would send it to the washington u.s. attorney who would then investigate any potential perjury. it would not be the special counsel in this case. it could also we fkt his case in the southern district of new york. michael cohen is fistill going try to seek some kind of leniency. >> speaking of pardons in a different tone from the president he said he felt badly for manafort for the former trump campaign manager.
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you were there last flight. he is the one that said no collusion. his attorneys said no collusion which seemed to be suggesting maybe he is signaling he would like a pardon and a president by aligning himself said he felt very badly signaling there could be a pardon. >> and his attorneys and remember, he has been with manafort for the most part of this case now. he is the same attorney that was sharing information with giuliani. it does seem that he said no collusion that he was speaking towards the president and it's very clear that the president, this is on the president's mind. we keep hearing about how he feels bad for manafort. i think what's going to happen sheer once the mueller team is done the chances of manafort is getting a pardon is very high. i think they want it for mueller
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to go away so he doesn't decide to reopen the investigation in some way. once he is gone we are more likely to see a pardon. >> a sentence last night in this one case in northern virginia but there's another case here the judge there has to reach a decision wednesday. he will be sentenced for separate crimes that he committed. we'll see where she goes obviously. her view of manafort is much different. she has more eyes into this case. she has seen more information. she has seen more of the intelligence that the judge has not necessarily seen. so it's going to be interesting to see what she ultimately does.
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she also, the most she can give him would be ten years. that would be on the high side. sit public and private system. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. >> so the president tweeted that michael cohen directly asked him for a pardon and he said no.
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he also testified for two days in the intel committee about various matters. i can't get into the specific testimony however i would strongly urge people to review that testimony once it comes out, once he publishes it before they jump to any conclusions about this controversy. >> can you tell us that may have been released and confidential at this point, can you tells who is more credible on this issue of whether michael cohen asked personally f personally for a pardon? >> i think your previous guess would be correct. there needing to be cooberation. michael cohen brought a lot of documents to the hearings and in
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the intel committee. i think people should look at documents and the interview transcript. i think schiff is trying to weigh two things. one trying to publish the interview transcript so that the public can see it but ton the other hand making sure he doesn't inadvertently shape, alter or taint the testimony of future witnesses that are coming before the intel committee. >> did michael cohen have documents that cooberate his testimony that he never asked for a pardon? >> i can't get into the specificsov specifics of it. i really think people should wait to review this before they jump to conclusions. the one thing i can say, which is widely known is that the president has been using the pardon power there a very unkron
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vengs ven unconventional ways. the white house said we are not taking off the table with regard to manafort. his lawyer comes back and says there was no collusion with russian officials as in this particular case. i think there's this strange use of the power. it could potentially be obstruction of justice. again, we have to let the evidence play out. >> the other day in open session when you asked michael cohen about his last kplun case with president trump he told you he couldn't reveal what they discussed because it is under investigation by the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. do you believe that investigation is related to pardons or obstruction or both? >> it could be. again, i don't have all of the answers on that particular point and that question was asked and
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it was partly addressed but not fully addressed because i think the southern district of new york is also very cornncerned about him talking about their ongoing investigation. that being said i will reiterate one thing which is i believe we in congress have a duty to get to the bottom of those particular allegationsover wr o doing. barr has made it clear he may not release the results of any investigation that's currently underway by special counsel mueller or by the various u.s. attorneys including southern district of new york. >> he will release as much as he can without violating existing rules and guidelines by the justice department. that's not good enough for you is it? >> remember, one of the guidelines is that they won't release information in a case where they don't indict the
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suspect. in this particular instance one of the suspects is the president. they have competing guidance that says you can't indict a sitting president. so it's one of those situations where almost certainly he will be able to refer to that guidance where the special counsel can't indict the sitting president and potentially use it as a means of shrouding not only the report that mueller issues ultimately but also the underlying evidence supporting that support. it can be said about the southern district of new york and elsewhere. >> i want to ask about the investigation into the white house security clearances issue.
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>> having access and he has numerous unreported foreign contacts and tremendous financial vulnerabilities which make him susceptible to financial manipulation. third and most important almost every law enforcement official who looked at his case and in fact ivanka's case said they should not have access to top secret clearance. the president overroad that judgment and then concealed that he overroad that judgment saying he had nothing to do with security clearance process. i think they should voluntarily comply with the request regarding the security process. if they don't i think cummings will look at the subpoena power. i think he'll have a lot of support including people like me. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> we'll tell you what we are learning about his thinking and
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with cinemastream for less buffering, cinemasound for brilliant clarity, and cinemacolor for ultra vivid color. get $200 off select xps13 laptops at ♪ this is what the president tweeted earlier today about his former lawyer. michael cohen said under sworn testimony he never asked for a
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pardon. his lawyers totally contradicted him. he lied. he directly asked me for a pardon. i said no. he lied again. he badly wanted to work at the white house. he lied again. what does it say to you? >> the president is obsessed with cohen and his testimony to congress and that the chairman of the oversight committee said if the president is saying this i'm happy he can pick up the phone and call me any time. we can talk about this. i always said trump tweeting is the true trump. you understand this is getting under his skin and you have to ask yourself why. >> yeah. >> and the president's comments, a direct contradiction to what he testified to under oath before congress last week when he said i never asked for for would i accept a pardon from
2:24 pm
president trump. who should you believe? >> we plight might be able to a that if the president's allies get what it looks like they with asking for. the issue for the president and his team is that in order to really answer the question you'll get somebody under oath that would know. in that tweet it is the president. so if they really want to nail michael cohen to the wall nay will have him do what they haven't wanted him do in the past. maybe they can do it in a written form but that's what they will need the president to do. it is the two of them that know the answer. >> does the statement see himself said that. does that open them up to poe
2:25 pm
t potentially be a witness? >> he thrust himself right in the middle of this as the person with central knowledge. sit something i don't think we have heard before. they were saying there were discussions between lawyers and which depended on whether they were in a joint defense agreement or whether they weren't after he had flipped. this is real lay very firm denial from the president. does he really want to be in the position of telling investigators that this happened in this firm of a way? that's a pretty big risk. >> he already admitted to perjury himself. >> yes. >> that is michael cohen? >> yes. >> does it compromise the
2:26 pm
president's ability to attorney/client privilege? >> i don't think it makes a difference. there aren't a bunch of people that say it happened ns you can give me everyday that says one of the other sides is accurate i would say i don't believefully of them. you want to investigate this one from two liars when there's nobody else in the room? let me look at this. this is going nowhere. >> or if you have and i'm not a lawyer, but if you have somebody that can one of the people told and said i just had lunch with
2:27 pm
so and so and this is what he said to me. you have somebody that can verify it, then that would be -- >> and why are we hearing about this now? he testified last week. why are we just hearing today that he directly asked him for a pardon and he said no. >> they said there was a discussion. >> and i think that's the answer to your question is that it's out there. it's being discussed. it's being discussed on the cable news channels that the president himself watches. so he is chomping at the bit to get added. that's one of the reasons now. one thing i asked, one of the arguments that giuliani has made to me and to others is they want to talk more about it but it's michael cohen who is not releasing the attorney/client pri privilege. >> it's a fair point.
2:28 pm
>> michael cohen fired back at the president on this international womens day. he wrote this. this is michael cohen's tweet. just another set of lies. let me we hind yremind you toda international womens day. >> right. these two men don't play a lot. they are back and forth on this. cohen was fighting back at the president that called him a liar. he called him a liar back. i don't know that publicly it will ever get resolved. we know about conversations which pardons were discussed between attorneys when there was a joint defense agreement. we fle aboknow about that. there is more that we don't know
2:29 pm
because it was in a classified set. >> and you heard him say he is on both committees intelligence and oversight. just wait until you see the transskipt transcript of what he said. you will understand a lot more. he seemed to be positive there were major developments. the former fox news executive, bill shine is up. donald trump has just been implicated in multiple crimes,
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the white house communications chief, you have been reporting on there. what does this indicate? zb measure turmoil. this is not a new story. it is almost it seems like the notion of turnover but the fact that there have been six communications directors to come and go in barely over two years is fairly remarkable. there are lots of reasons for it. the president of the united states is a kplun cases director. he is interested in his press
2:35 pm
being his own strategist when it comes to what he is going to say. i thought what was interesting is despite the fact that press release that came from the white house is bill shine is going to campaign to be an adviser. >> they have a kplcommunication director. they already know how to president operates but i think it's very difficult to get a kpl communications director knowing that the president is. that's been a problem and i think it may have been part of bill shine's problem because what he was doing was really booking and the president and kind of setting the atmosphere.
2:36 pm
in terms of strategic communication i think it's done by the president. >> the president was very sympatheticic sympathetic manafort. i think it has been a very tough time for him. do you feel very badly for manafort that got a nearly four year sentence? he could have gotten 25 years. >> i don't feel badly at all. he goes through probation. what does he say? he comes up with an agreement. he says i will violate it. he goes before courts in the district of columbia. both say you're guilt dptsy. he could have said i know what happened during the campaign including why i provided polling information and he could have said forget about the legal issue this is the moegs significant political corruption in two generations. he could have said i will speak. he said i'm humiliated as he
2:37 pm
should be. he should get the boy scout badge for lying. he lied every day until the final day and he said maybe you could have leniency on me because my feet hurlt. he needs to spend more time in jail. >> he didn't apologize. the judge noted that. >> he said it is an awful time. >> it is an awful time. it will get worse. >> next wednesday he will get sentenced on a separate set of issues. >> she has been privy to quite a bit of information. she had a way to now tack on up to ten years of additional prison time. she can decide whether she wants to stack that so we get a full 14. it will be totally up to her. these are very different charges. she may very well decide to
2:38 pm
stack them instead of having them run there parallel. >> his lawyer immerged from the federal courthouse and used the words no collusion. immediately said no collusion. the president today reported to that. the federal judge said there was no collusion as far as manafort in this particular trial was concerned as well. all of this is seemingly setting the stage for a possible pardon. >> they have a specific degree in trump language. not so much talking about the judge but manafort's attorney. that's 100% what it was. everybody else can hear you too. it is kind of obvious what you're doing. >> and by the way, for every american under an irs investigation i hope you say sorry, no collusion. the investigation was about whether you paid your taxes, no collusion. >> all right.
2:39 pm
now everybody stick around. an important programming note. this sunday night cnn hosting not one, not two but three presidential town halls back to back live from south by southwest conference in austin, texas. the former congressman at 7:00 p.m. eastern. they will moderate this sunday night starting at 7:00 eastern right here on cnn. we have breaking news coming into the situation room. smollett has just been indicted. we'll take a break so we can get more on the breaking story. we'll be right back. and we'd like to put a fire pit out there, and a dock with a boat, maybe. why haven't you started building? well, tyler's off to college... and mom's getting older... and eventually we would like to retire. yeah, it's a lot. but td ameritrade can help you build a plan for today and tomorrow. great. can you help us pour the foundation too? i think you want a house near the lake, not in it.
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he had been the victim of a hate crime. smollett has been indicted on 16 felony charges. nick, the charges are very extensive. update our viewers on the latest. >> that's right. 16 counts, all of them for false report of an offense. now every single one of these charges is in relation to statements jessie knew that at the time of this transmission there was no reasonable ground.
2:45 pm
remember, smollett claims he was attacked in the early hours by two men that he says put a noose around his neck, threw an unknown on him. he detailed those attacks as well. now, he was arrested a coupleovcouple of weeks ago. he appeared before a judge that released him on a $10,000 bond. these now 16 charges alleging that he made up the entire attack and knew that she was lying when he was relating those details to police. they said they told police that jessie smollett paid them to do
2:46 pm
this, paid them $3,500 to do it, that he ork straited the entire attack. they said he believes smollett was dissatisfied with the ways he was paid to appear on the tv show. he has been suspended from the show and now 16 counts of giving false information to police of making up this entire attack. >> all right. thank you. >> the president tweets he asked him for a pardon. did he a witness in a perjury investigation. north korea breaking for its failure. said no one would subscribe to a car the way they subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪
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or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. breaking news on north korea and its weapons program. let's go live to cnn's will ripley who is joining us from beijing. what are you learning? >> reporter: i have spoken with two sources who will analysts looking at commercial satellite imagery. they say the indications are clear that north korea is in the final stages of preparing for some kind of launch, possibly in the very near future. it could be a rocket such as the satellite they launched back in 2012. it could be a missile.
2:52 pm
they don't know. based on the imagery, what they are telling me is it looks like north korea has assembled the parts, possibly put whatever they are going to launch on the railcar. it could be on the way to the satellite launch station, which we have been reporting since yesterday, is now at fully operational status. this is obviously a very discouraging sign as tenses continue to escalate between the u.s. and north korea after last week's failed summit in hanoi. just one day after north korean state tv showed an hour-long documentary touting what it called kim jong-un's triumphant and successful hanoi summit, one full of red carpets and motorcades, handshakes and smiles, tonight state media is changing course. admitting for the first time that no deal was reached. unloading on the u.s. over the failure. saying in a news story, quote, the public at home and abroad are feeling regretful, blaming the u.s. for the summit that
2:53 pm
ended without an agreement. >> they are trying to make it seem as though they were ready to cut a deal, that they had a tremendous offer on the table for president trump and that it was president trump who decided to walk away from what they saw as a very good deal. >> reporter: initially, both sides kept up a good face during the summit, with kim telling reporters he would discuss getting rid of his nuclear weapons. >> translator: if i'm not willing do that,will willing do to do that, i wouldn't be here. >> reporter: things went south. >> smiechl sometimes you have t. >> reporter: a plan signinger is mro ceremony was canceled. kim was left feeling bewildered. today, president trump held out
2:54 pm
hope the relationship he once described as falling in love won't now fall apart. >> i would be surprised in a negative way if he did anything that was not per our understanding. >> reporter: at this north korean facility where rockets are tested, sal light photos show new activity. kim had been dismantling it last year after tensions began to thaw. by saturday, the walls had been rebuild. by wednesday, the roof was restored. a state department official says the u.s. has not yet determined whether the site is now operational again but is watching it closely and will ask north korea for an explanation. analysts say the big question now is whether the two leaders' relationship is broken or if they will try to patch things up and reach a deal again. >> what comes next? was the hanoi summit end of
2:55 pm
chapter one of diplomacy between the two country? or was it the end of diplomacy between these two countriy ies does something worse come next? >> reporter: it's impossible to know whether the north koreans are preparing for a launch or putting on some sort of a show for the benefit of spy satellites. wolf, all the indications, according to the two analysts i have spoken with, it does seem north korea may be preparing to launch something. possibly in the very near future. >> deeply irritate the president of the united states. we will have more in the next hour. don't go too far away, will. we will stay on top of this story. there's more breaking news we're following as well. president trump accuses his former fixer and lawyer of lying to congress, claiming michael cohen asked him directly for a pardon. it's easy to move forwad when you're ready for what comes next. at fidelity, we make sure you have a clear plan to cover the essentials in retirement, as well as all the things you want to do. and on the way, you'll get timely investment help
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happening now, pardon bombshell. president trump claims ex-lawyer michael cohen asked him for a pardon and lied under oath about it. could the president have set himself up for going under oath as a witness? shine down. like five others before him in the trump administration, former fox news executive bill shine is out as white house communications chief. the president had been down on shine for months. a source says he questioned shine's judgment on a number of issues. witch hoax. president trump says he feels badly for paul manafort after his ex-campaign chairman was sentenced to less than four years in prison. the president taking the opportunity to once again slam the mueller investigation. he coined a new phrase calling
3:01 pm
it a witch


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