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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  April 24, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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the progressive movement is going. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> goatee, we engagement. >> dave will be so disappointed and so will the fans -- >> tens of fans will be disappointed this morning. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> it's a hairless welcome. >> gross. >> yes. >> it's tuesday, april 24, at 6:00 in new york. feel free to weigh in on john's facial hair on twitter >> maybe my goatee will get its own twitter account. >> we have missed an opportunity. president trump opposes white house aides testifying to congress and already the white house is stonele with walling r related to the mueller report. they are fighting a subpoena for
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former white house counsel don mcgahn. president trump says there is no reason to go any further, especially in congress where it is very partisan, obviously very partisan >> no don mcgahn. no officials to testify on security clearances and no tax returns either, at least not yet. the treasury department missed a deadline to turn them over the oh the house ways and means committee. steve mnuchin will make his final decision by may 6. you have to believe it's almost certainly a no. that will make this a serious legal issue. it could be up to the courts to decide. all of this is taking place on what we might call biden eve. former vice president joe biden is expected to finally formally enter the democratic race for president tomorrow. what impact will it have on the contest? more on that ahead. ab lby philip is live at the whe
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house. >> the president and his team are seeking to give no ground to congress on this and other inquiries led by the house congressional committees. the president and his aides view it as harassment and are seeking to prevent mcgahn and other aides going before congress and testifying under oath. president trump warning he'll stonewall house democrats saying he doesn't want current or former aides testifying before a congressional committee, telling "the washington post" there is no reason to go any further and especially in this congress where it's very partisan, obviously very partisan. the president's comments highlighting the white house's plan to limit democratic investigations into the administration. a source familiar with the discussions telling cnn, the white house may fight a subpoena for former white house counsel don mcgahn to testify before the house judiciary committee. president trump says aides like
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mcgahn testified enough during special counsel mueller's nearly two-year-long probe saying, i allowed my lawyers and the people to go testify to mueller. i was so transparent. they testified for so many hours. they have all that information that's been given. top democrats firing back. house speaker nancy pelosi slamming the white house for conduct in the days since the redacted mueller report was released >> we now see the administration engaged in stonewalling. it's an existential threat to the democracy in terms of the constitution. >> reporter: the trump administration instructing former security director carl cline not to appear at a scheduled deposition. elijah cummings saying he'll work to schedule a vote on contempt >> the american people said in the last election we want to
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hold president trump accountable. it is impossible if we don't get information. >> reporter: house democrats want to question klein about why the white house. kushner insisting he's been thoroughly vetted >> i have been vetted after 19 hours of testimony in different places. >> reporter: kushner downplaying russian interference in the 2016 election. despite the mueller report calling it sweeping and systematic. >> you look at what russia did, buying facebook ads to sew dissent. it's a terrible thing, but the investigations and all of the speculation that's happened for the last two years has had a harsher impact on the democracy than a couple of facebook ads. >> reporter: on the idea that mcgahn might have testify, jerry nadler pointed out and several
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legal experts said the president's time to exert privilege over mcgahn's testimony has passed considering they allowed him to testify to the mueller investigation as part of the probe. all the information is already out there. so there is no reason, in his view for president trump to stop mcgahn now. >> good thing we have smart lawyers coming up we can ask about this. abby, thank you very much. the standoff over president trump's tax returns escalating. steve mnuchin defying the deadline to turn over the president's tax returns but promising a final action by may 6. lauren fox is live on capitol hill with more. why slide the deadline? >> you know, democratic aide s believe this is a stalling tactic. the treasury department believing they'll have a final determination about whether or not to turn over six years of the president's personal and
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business tax returns. now yesterday richard kneel said he planned to consult with lawyers before announcing his next step steps. he could essentially send another follow up letter requesting the tax returns once again. he could also issue a subpoena. that's basically seen as just a security blanket the move forward with the court process. it is not necessarily important to do that. it is very important that they build their case moving forward. this is likely going to court. that's something richard neil has been expecting for a long time. back in november when i talked to him he said he expected that this would be a lengthy court battle. this is part of a broader story on capitol hill. like we heard from abby earlier. there is stonewalling happening and as democrats move forward with investigations they aren't getting answers. you can expect the tax fight will go to court and perhaps other fights over subpoenas could be moving there as well.
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john? >> lauren, thank you very much. joining me now, cnn political analyst jackie kuninich, tand this strikes me as the judge smails defense. you'll get nothing and like it. fight on every front on every request. what do democrats do? >> what they are doing now is trying to take them to court. the problem for democrats is this will take a while. let's look at the obama administration when republicans wanted information about operation fast and furious, the gun-running investigation. my brain froze on me. sorry. but that process included eric holder being held in contempt and didn't resolve for years.
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we are at the beginning of a process that the administration holds a lot of the cards here. especially if you're a government employee and the government is paying your lawyers. you don't have a lot of incentive to testify in front of congress if the white house tells you not to >> you can delay it and absolutely it will go to the courts. some of the questions could go to the supreme court. we're not lawyers but we know politics and lately the court has seemed to be supportive of the president on some issues. it does lean conservative now >> it certainly does. i think the white house is banking on that. look at steve mnuchin's letter and how similarly the issues we raised were to what trump's lawyers raised in their process against cummings trying to block their subpoena of trump's accounting firm. they are really trying to talk about the separation of powers
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and whether congress is really trying to go beyond their authority here. it's very clear the track that we are headed on. frankly, it ends in the courts >> you brought up fast and furious where the obama delayed sending information to congress. however, there is rich irony when the president complains about overly partisan congressional hearings. we lived through hearings where republicans tried to bring as many democrats to testify as possible for hours and hours. all of the sudden crying foul on partisan hearings seems disingenuous from the white house >> it depends on who's the target. especially when you have a divided congress, particularly talking about the oversight committee. when there is an adversarial relationship between the oversight committee and the white house, you hear a lot of cries of partisanship.
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especially when you are talking about the tax returns issue, this is something that hasn't been broached before. this is something that's never gone -- this particular piece of irs law has never been tested before in the courts because presidents released their tax returns. part of this is a problem of the president's own making from the get-go >> jackie, thank you very much. >> thanks, john. more 2020 news. cnn learned former vice president joe biden will formally enter the 2020 presidential race tomorrow, becoming the 20th democrat to join the crowded field. cnn is life in washington with the details. the worst kept secret in washington. >> reporter: it sure was. now after months of suspense, joe biden's day is almost here. sources i have talked to who are part of the planning process tell me he'll make his formal announcement tomorrow in an online video. then shortly after next week on
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monday, we are going to see him at his first campaign event which will be in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, a rust belt state democrats want to bring back over to the blue column in 2020. shortly after that in the coming weeks he'll hit iowa, south carolina, new hampshire, all of those early states. we are seeing the rollout starting to take place over the course of the next few weeks. this isn't biden's first run for the white house. he ran in 1987. also in 2008. both of those campaigns went poorly for him. he knows what it is like to run at this high level of campaign. his team has been working over the past few months trying to make sure they have dotted their is and crossed their ts before he jumps into the race. one of the things on joe biden is he'll be among the oldest candidates running for
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president. the only other democratic contender older than him is bernie sanders. right now joe biden is 76. on inauguration day if elected he would be 78, making him the oldest person to serve as president if elected >> quite active though. so we'll see what the rollout looks like tomorrow. thank you very much for proving it for us. john? >> i'm curious what the other candidates do and how quickly they do it with joe biden in the race. will it be several weeks of responding to joe biden? we'll finally see. one of the president's top advisers is trying to dismiss the extent of russian interference in the 2016 election. he's also the president's son-in-law. the stunning comments jared kushner made that has washington buzzing. that's next. biopharmaceutical researchers. pursuing life-changing cures in a country that fosters innovation
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3:17 am
times" and mj lee, cnn political correspondent. jared kushner is omitting things about russian interference. it was more than just buying a few facebook ads. there were all sorts of secret meetings between russians and trump campaign people. he didn't mention that. the idea that he's reframing this as that's how they try to dance around the edges of the election. this is what robert mueller said. the russian government interferes in the 2016 election in sweeping and systematic fashion >> that's the second paragraph. i know it's 448 pages >> i'll read the whole thing right now. >> jared didn't have to get far to get to that statement. >> what is it that he just said? >> look, it's not just facebook ads or meetings with trump officials. this was aggressive hacking of democratic campaigns, party committees, leaders in the party
3:18 am
and humiliation by having that released publicly. this is one more episode in the multi year effort by the president and his closest associates to treat as trivial what was far from trivial in the 2016 campaign. i think it's something that happens on a visceral level with the president and members of his family and the closest people in on the campaign where they try to treat any discussion of what actually happened with russia in that election as an attack on president trump's legitlegitima. you don't have to see it that way. lots of republicans talk about russia as an important issue while supporting the president 1,000%. that's not what jared kushner is saying >> they still don't get it. the cozy bubble where everything
3:19 am
is about donald trump can't see the primary issue is that america was attacked by a foreign adversary. the elections were undercut. it is not about facebook ads and it is the first statement, the extent they tried to meddle on trump's behalf. it shows contempt for the facts and a willful unwillingness to get it. they put their own sprinterests ahead of the national interest >> that was none of this matters. even if russia did what robert mueller says they don't, i don't care >> yep. because we are in the west wing and you're not. >> mj, i'm reminded what one of the climate scientists said about donald trump and people around him not believing in climate change. it doesn't matter if they don't
3:20 am
believe. it doesn't matter if they don't believe in russian interference or call it a hoax, it is still happening >> it does a huge disservice to the country. anyone who's tuning in and may not be paying close attention. not everyone across the country has read the full report. they are not going to take the time to do it. when you have someone in jared kushner's position who is a senior member of the administration going out there saying things that are simply not true about the scope of russian meddling and interference especially when it comes to something everyone understands like facebook, right? when they hear it was just a couple of ads there will be a segment of the population that believes that's what happened. we have breaking 2020 news. >> lay it on us. >> in the sense that we now know joe biden will enter the democratic race tomorrow. >> what? >> who? >> no one knew it would happen. the latest poll from monmouth -- and joe biden has been leading
3:21 am
in every poll. now the guy leading in national polls will be in the race >> he's actually in. >> he's actually getting in. alex, you have a lovely beard. >> this is my joe biden decision playoff beard. >> so you keep it if he gets in and you would shave it if he didn't? >> i thought it would be gone by the end of january. >> does it become mutton chops if a certain decision -- >> one of us gets to have a beard. nice for you. talk about the rollout. it's the video and not a lot else >> there is a video tomorrow, a fundraiser expected in philadelphia tomorrow. a couple of quieter days. it's an unusual way to roll out the campaign. it makes you wonder if there will be nothing between friday and monday or will it be something as casual as the vice president, former second lady walk down the driveway and talk to the cameras. i'm purely speculating.
3:22 am
>> beto o'rourke didn't have anything on his schedule and he ended up on a countertop in iowa. >> we look at the polling numbers we put on the screen. this is the moment where the idea of joe biden collides with the reality of joe biden. a lot of in cluded. the question now is can joe biden's numbers survive the reality of how he'll perform as a candidate >> this will be so interesting, john. so interesting to see how the dynamic changes when joe biden is in >> sure. there is always a danger that your first day is your best day. putting out the video announcement and kicking a rally until two, three, four days later isn't a sign of confidence. in politics, history shows clearly your best defense is a good offense. if you are trying not to lose,
3:23 am
that's when you usually lose. it seems you have a video announcement, follow it with a big rally. that makes more sense than going to a fundraiser and then laying low >> people want to generate buzz, make the announcement and maybe you get separate coverage when you make the announcement. mj, you were up for the marathon town halls and it was fascinating. one of the things to come of it was kamala harris who in the case of several questions said, well, we need to study this. one of them was bernie sanders saying felons in prison including murderers should have the right to vote. senator harris said this is something we should study. i'm open to it. within 24 hours she had a new, different answer. listen. >> right now we have a lot of work to do with the people in
3:24 am
our country who have served their time and have been prohibited from voting. but, you know, do i think people who commit murder, people who are terrorists should be deprived of their rights? yeah, i do. i'm a prosecutor. i believe that there has to be serious consequences for the most extreme types of crimes >> that's a different answer. >> it is. calling this a clarification would be too generous. she's somehow managed to say two different things in 24 hours. initially saying on the town hall stage she's open to the idea that bernie sanders said yes to -- the idea that felons and the worst criminals being able to vote while in prison. she's open to having a conversation about it. now the clarification or whatever you call it is because she's a prosecutor, the value she brings to the conversation is, yes, i absolutely do believe certain rights should be taken away for people like this.
3:25 am
this is going to be a very long campaign for kamala harris if after every major stance that appears to be new, the next day she has to hedge it, take it back or make a clarification >> she is a former prosecutor. generally they are more hard-lined. why is that tough? >> she's felt a lot of pressure in the race to not fully embrace her identity as a prosecutor. we have seen over and over in presidential campaigns, certainly not just this one or certainly not just kamala harris, when you start trying to revise the way you have presented yourself your entire career your instincts can be off and it can be personally uncomfortable >> and there are other candidates she may feel are taking positions more to the left of her. especially when you are in a situation where there are back-to-back town halls and the
3:26 am
candidate before you, bernie sanders, took this position. it could get in her head >> still, the numbers, the ratings for her portion of that town hall were, again, very high. people are interested in what she has to say and learning about her >> in her first town hall on cnn, blockbuster numbers. people are watching and listening to her carefully >> thank you very much. we have breaking news in the terror attacks in sri lanka. new details fuelling fears of more bombings, next. slang. ri lanka.
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3:31 am
now 359 people killed in catholic churches and hotels. cnn's ivan watson is live for us in sri lanka with the breaking details. what have they learned? >> reporter: good morning. first of all i'm in a fresh cemetery here where you have at least 40 freshly dug graves. these are people buried, victims, just a fraction of the 359 innocent people killed and more than 500 wounded by the terrorist atrocities carried out on easter sunday across three different cities here in sri lanka. now, these funerals, this mourning process which is so hard to just wrap your head around. i spoke with one husband who lost his wife and 10-year-old daughter. i spoke with the head mistress of a catholic school who said eight of her students were killed in one of the easter
3:32 am
blasts. the people can't mourn properly. there is a massive security presence. you can't see it here. but it is all around us. police and soldiers carrying rifles. they are working very diligently. we have heard them conducting controlled detonations, several in this town of suspicious objects because the government believes that the perpetrators of this were planning a second wave of attacks. in other words, that funerals like this could have been targeted, planned targets to hit the mourners as they gather here. they say there were nine suicide bombers. what's chilling and disturbing, they were sri lankans and they were financially independent, upper middle class, well educ e educat educated. a senior defense official saying that fact is very worrying. john? >> all right. ivan watson for us in sri lanka. much more on this ahead and new
3:33 am
developments and connections with isis as well. kim jong-un arrived in russia for a summit with vladimir putin. kim said he's happy to be on russian soil and that it will not be his last visit. kim's meeting with putin takes place tomorrow. russia's state-run news agency said there is no plan for the leaders to sign agreements. this meeting comes on the heels of the failed summit in hanoi between kim and trump which happened in february. the u.s. customs and border protection is asking for public help to find the family of a 3-year-old boy who they found crying in a cornfield near the u.s./mexico border in texas. agents say the boy had his name and a phone number written on his shoes. authorities believe he was traveling with a larger group that ran away when border agents approached them. john, just another story about the human toll that obviously affects the most vulnerable. a 3-year-old there. we have heard the audio of little kids taken from their
3:34 am
parents crying. this is important to remember as lawmakers continue to debate what to do there >> or do nothing about what to do there. a 3-year-old with his name on his shoes. sri lanka is on edge after a second wave of attacks was planned. we were learning about new possible connections to isis. so what is the impact there? the global implications of a possible isis connection? that's next. doug, doug!
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a high level official in sri lanka says the jihad group that carried out deadly easter sunday bombings planned a second wave of attacks. the editor and chief of cdc sentinel and co-author of "my time in al qaeda" in the last 24 hours, the video isis released of eight killers pledging allegiance to the leader of isis. we are showing a still picture.
3:39 am
you say this is crucial >> strong evidence of a direct isis link to a attack. it features the suspected ring leader, one of the suspected suicide bombers. you see him there, the unmasked figure in the screen grab. that suggests a direct isis link to the attack. it is possible they established contact with isis after the attack, sent them video after. that would be a weak direct link, but there could be the possibility of a stronger direct link where you can see planning, coordination, the comments by the sri lankan prime minister yesterday of overseas involvement, coordination, foreign links, training, travel overseas. all of it was suggestive of an international terror conspiracy.
3:40 am
one of the question will be did some come back to carry out the attack or did some coordinate this? >> there will be a question of if it was inspired by or coordinated by isis. there seems to be no question there is a link. paul, you note that the type of person who was involved in the bombing, that these bombers come from a certain class that should be of concern >> this is striking. educated background, elite background. people who were university educated including at least one of the attackers who traveled to attend university in australia. that reminds me of the al qaeda generation of terrorists. the al qaeda terrorist network that carried out the 9/11 attacks. they were middle class, university educated. that gave them a lot of skills at the organizational capacity to put together the biggest terrorist attack in history.
3:41 am
there is an isis link here. this would be isis's biggest ever international terror attack in terms of fatalities. so very, very worrying development indeed. they can attract this skill set now potentially >> this is happening as isis lost territory in syria. what do you see as the future for isis and what they can do >> isis's international attack capacity has been degraded. they lost territory in syria and iraq. more difficult to train, recruit and send foreign fighters to launch international terror attacks. they could be now sustaining this international terror attack capability. moving it to new theaters around the world. there are around 40,000 plus foreign fighters that went to join isis in syria and iraq. officials believe 10,000, maybe as many as 30,000 of them still
3:42 am
survive. the worry is these will be the class of potential attackers >> recruits. she spent years working as a professor. will senator elizabeth warren make the grade in professor chris cillizza's class. his midweek grades are next. don't miss this. even our pets know to go directly to
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to save 30% on all the medications we carry. so go directly to now. it's a big week in the 2020 race. cnn hosted five town halls. the leading democratic candidates on monday night and then tomorrow, the frontrunner at the moment of the race, former vice president joe biden will jump into the race. let's get the midweek grades with chris cillizza, cnn politics reporter and editor at large. i have looked at your grades. you are a tough grader this week >> yeah, man. no grade inflation here >> no, no. this isn't even on a curve. let's start at the top of the class. you give bernie sanders an a minus. >> i think bernie sanders -- first of all, i watched all five town halls.
3:47 am
i like, slash, love politics >> it's your job. >> i'm a loyal cnn employee. i did my job. whatever, berman. point being, i thought bernie was the best out of the group. he was candid. he sownunded smart and reasonab. the only reason he got an a minus rather than a is his answer on felons currently voting, including the boston bomber, should he be the nominee, that will be a tv ad >> i'm not sure it's already not an issue. every other candidate took a position in opposition to that. i'm not sure your minus may not be enough to take that into consideration >> the issue with bernie is you have to balance. the genuineness is what appeals to people. willingness to say things that were once outlandish, medicare for all, free public college. he would argue things i said people said were extreme are now
3:48 am
part of the main stream dialogue. i don't think felons incarcer e incarcerated voting is that. i probably wouldn't have said medicare for all would be a position that a majority of the serious candidates adopted in this election four years ago. >> listen, the person i have heard viewers say as well as political analysts deserved an a from the town hall was elizabeth warren. you gave her a b >> yeah. i think this was a very good, has been and is a good week for her. one of her better weeks of the campaign. she was quite solid. >> why not a? >> i still think there is a start of something here very policy focused. got a lot of attention on impeachment and when it related to debt-free college. in terms of polling, she's now been passed by pete buttigieg. she's right around with beto o'rourke. she's still far behind biden and
3:49 am
sanders. i get to do this every week, so we have a lot of weeks between now and even the first votes. she's moving in the right direction >> chris didn't know he was a hostile witness today. >> i'm ready. i like it >> he's getting tougher. >> tomorrow, joe biden will actually be a candidate. >> oh, my gosh. >> you have had a grade for him already. >> i just think, look, he gets very little buzz out of the he'll be a candidate thing because he's going to have going to have been a candidate for a long time. he'll get positive attention for the announcement and then the early part of the tour. i think what you have seen, i was thinking this morning. it's like the nfl draft which is coming up. if you were seen as the number one guy like kyler murray out of oklahoma, everybody spends that time nitpicking you. is he too short, can he throw from the pocket. they spend time nitpicking you. that's joe biden.
3:50 am
he's been in the spotlight in negative ways this entire last few months. i just don't think it helped him. they want to make him look inevitable >> joe biden is taller than murray. >> way taller. >> what do you have, professor, against beto o'rourke? you give him a d this week. >> i don't have much against him. i feel like just to carry on the class metaphor, beto o'rourke is the kid slouching in the back of the class. you're like, is he asleep, awake? when he talks or hands in papers, they're good. he obviously has potential. we haven't heard much from him. mayor pete has stolen his buzzy candidate thunder. i guarantee the beto people are saying, it's a long campaign. we don't have to be there in the
3:51 am
middle of april. we'll be there when it matters. maybe they will. for this week, he's not around much. if you don't come to class three-quarters of the time, i can't give you an a >> we know your class rules now. it will be a tough semester >> maybe beto o'rourke thinks it's a pass/fail. >> always. >> which you have the option is the right way to go. chris cillizza, thanks for being with us. to basketball now. the buzzer-beater. that wasn't even the best shot of the night. the picture during portland's celebration that's still trending this morning. i love it. i was so spo spointo sports for moment. see what happens when victims and offenders of violent crimes meet face to face on cnn's new original series "the redemption project" with van jones.
3:52 am
here's a preview. >> we like to imagine that after there's been a verdict that the story is over. the reality is whether they are the offender or the victim, the journey is just beginning >> there was a sheriff's deputy at the store. >> he said she was dead. >> i remember shouting don't do it. >> i pulled the trigger. >> what is it you want to know? >> i want him to look me in the face and tell me why he killed my mother. ♪ >> i don't know where we are going to land. we are all in, man.
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severe thunderstorms are rolling through texas and the southern plains this morning. cnn meteorologist chad myers has the forecast. that sounds scary, chad. >> really. some flooding today. there was even flooding overnight in dallas-ft. worth with 20 high water rescues and more rain to come today. a lot more rain in spots. could be four to five inches of rain in the hill country of texas. the hills funnel the water into the valleys where we see flash flooding. the weather brought to you by shark, self-cleaning brush roll. now the vacuum that deep cleans, cleans itself. back out to the south and southwest. could be tornadoes on the ground today. typical of texas in the springtime.
3:58 am
this isn't breaking weather. you have to pay attention if you are there today. to new orleans for tomorrow, there could be five or six inches of rainfall as the storm moves to the east. in the east, john, temperatures are very close to normal. nice days stacked in a row. back to you >> all right, chad myers for us. thank you very much. the portland trail blazers moving on in the nba playoffs. they beat oklahoma city in dramatic fashion. >> lillard, long-range three. and it's good! at the buzzer! >> the remarkable 37-foot three-pointer by damian lillard gave him 50 points to clinch the win. >> even i appreciate this one. >> waving good-bye to the thunder as the blazers took the series in five games. then in the celebratory scrum, lillard struck a pose. look at that. the picture is trending >> he's like, yeah, that's right. >> he scored 50. >> that's really cool.
3:59 am
it was good. even i recognize that was a good sports moment. meanwhile, the comics taking on cnn's town halls with the leading democratic candidates. here are your late night laughs. >> town halls were interesting. take a look at the beginning of bernie's event >> all right. how about our first question? >> why not? >> what else do we have to do? >> that's his campaign. bernie 2020, why not? what else do we have to do? >> i will give the united states congress 100 days to get their act together and have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws. if they fail to do it, i will take executive action >> that's a powerful threat. although i don't know if it's going to work. it's like a boss tell his laziest employee i need this report by the end of the day or god help me, i will stay here and write it myself. don't [ bleep ] with me. i will do it myself, brian.
4:00 am
>> there you have it. thank you to our international viewers for watching. for you, cnn talk is next. for the u.s. viewers, the trump white house stonewalling congress, giving them nothing. this is a new strategy. "new day" continues now. >> the white house is testing the power of congress. >> the administration is engaged in stonewalling. >> the president has undergone a two-year investigation. easy to see why he may not be eager to hand over more information >> former vice president joe biden set to join the 2020 presidential race tomorrow. >> he's a candidate who has to figure out how to handle him as a competitor. >> we'll see him fade. his best day will be his first. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day." in the immor fa momortal words l


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