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tv   CNN Right Now With Brianna Keilar  CNN  April 24, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> ny from the granite state. live from cnn's washington headquarters. underway right now, don't tell the man in charge of preserving, protecting and defending america that the russians will attack the 2020 elections. he apparently doesn't want to hear it. the assault on accountability intensifies. why the president thinks the subpoena storm against him is a good thing. the fed pick made sexist remarks over and over. and now steven moore says he is
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being kavanaughed. we start with a defiant president throwing down the gauntlet declaring the white house will fight all subpoenas issued by house democrats looking into him and his administration. >> well, the subpoena is ridic unless ueilous. we have been the most transparent. we just went through the mueller witch hunt where you had really 18 angry democrats that hate president trump. i thought after two years we would be finished with it. no, now the house goes and starts subpoenaing. they want to know every deal i have ever done. mueller i assume for $35 million checked my taxes, checked my financials which are great, by the way. you know they are great. we are fighting all the subpoenas. these aren't like impartial people. the democrats are trying to win
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2020. they're not going to win with the people that i see. and they're not going to win against me. the only way they can maybe luck out and i don't think that's going to happen, it might make it even the opposite, the only way they can luck out is by constantly going after me on nonsense. >> this comes on the heels of a "washington post" interview where the president said he is opposed to any current or form white house aides providing testimony. that would likely include don mcgan. trump is blaming partisanship. thank you for being with us and talking about this scoop that you and your colleagues have out where you are explaining how trump is opposing.
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how unusual is this? >> we have seen instances in the past of similar confrontation business tween congress and white houses. there was an instance a few years ago where the house wanted to hear from former white house council to president bush and the white house objected. it went into court and ultimately settled. there was at least one judge's ruling. it never fully settled out with higher court rulings. i would expect this will land in court and be a really protracted court battle. >> what about don mcgan? he is stuck between a rock and a hard place, this demand from congress and opposing demand from the white house. >> so it seems like he and his team are letting the process
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ride out. he has the subpoena. >> the president said in this post interview that he allowed his lawyers and all the people to go and testify to mueller and also they have all of that information that has been given. does he understand that traditionally -- you bring up the issue of harriet myers. does the president understand traditionally courts tend to rule that it's not a president's determination to make? >> i'm not sure how he is on the legal argument. it is fairly untested in the court so we don't quite know where this is going to go. he talked about allowing his people to talk to mueller. a lot of lawyers would tell you that the white house has weakened its position because they are waved the executive
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privilege twice now, once when they let their people go and be interviewed and again within recent weeks when there was the conversation about whether to allow the report to be published. and the white house patrapparen said they would allow the piece of the report to be let out to the public. >> it's a really interesting point that you make in the story. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. now to the trump administration seemingly sticking their collective heads in the sand when it comes to russia's ongoing efforts. the "new york times" is reporting that before resigning, homeland security secretary tried to get the white house on board with the strategy to protect the 2020 elections, but she was waved off by acting white house chief of staff buzz he said the president didn't want to hear it, that it wasn't a good subject. the russian interference was a sore spot and brought back insecurities over the 2016 election win. we know that the entire
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intelligence community is in full agreement that russia interfered in 2016 and that they wanted to help trump. the mueller report also said it, the russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systemic fashion. we also know the justice department and the pentagon found russia tried to influence the 2018 mid terms. a government official telling cnn that officials have been trying to sound the alarm on russia for months and months but it has been like pulling teeth to get the white house to focus on the issue. here is the new worldwide threat assessment which says moscow may employ additional influence tool kits such as spreading disinformation, conducting hack and leak operations or manipulating data in a more targeted fashion to influence u.s. policy, actions and elections. our kaitlan collins is at the white house.
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mick mulvaney is responding. >> reporter: he is not denying it. he is saying that he doesn't recall anything along those lines happening. he says the trump administration will not tolerate foreign interference in our elections. he says he we have taken many steps to prevent it. they say they go out of their way to not bring up russia to president trump because they say he cannot distance and separate the two from themselves. any talk about russian interference makes the president think that this is an attempt to have an attack on his legitim y legitimacy. that's what the president talks about. he grows incredibly frustrated with it. this story is coming as we have seen not only the president's outside attorney but his son-in-law jared kushner down play the effects of russian interference with kushner saying that what the russians did was just a couple of facebook ads
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even though robert mueller addressed this and said it happened in a sweeping fashion. the other thing the president has tried to do is shift the blame to democrats saying the democrats are the ones who are guilty even though of course if you read the mueller report it says pretty clearly that the russians were hacking into democratic e-mails ask publishing those in an attempt to hurt hillary clinton. the white house is pushing back on the idea that they are not doing anything to push back on russian interference in the election or any kind of foreign interference in the election saying they are taking the matter very seriously. the last publically disclosed meeting of cabinet level officials on election interference was july 24, almost a year ago last summer. >> kaitlan collins on the north lawn. thank you so much. as you just heard explained,
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that is not true. you are a former cia officer. there has been one -- you heard that the last meeting was july almost a year ago. one white house press briefing where you had top national security officials who highlighted the topic. what should the trump administration be doing to combat this? >> the trump administration should be organizing a whole of government response that should include not only defensive measures but also offense oive measures. we learned from the "new york times" piece that fwael the administration, the federal government did conduct some offensive action against the internet research agency which is of course the russian entity that attacked our elections in 2016. that's good news. but the biggest thing that needs to happen, the two biggest things are we need to deter future attacks. and the way we do that is through threatening harsh i
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think sanctions are appropriate against the putin regime if they continue to attack or against other regimes. there are others we know. >> the president not only has he been easy on vladimir putin, he sided with him over the intel agencies. what he likes to do is they look back at the obama administration and they say this happened on their watch and they didn't elevate this appropriately. now, that may be fair criticism but it doesn't absolve him of the ongoing problem. as you look at that, do you think he is jerking his constitutional duty? >> we are in a new era of information war fare. when 9/11 happened, that marked a new era of terrorist war fare. we are moving on. although that continues to
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something else which is this systemic, vast, broad information war fare in which countries can be defeated without a shot being fired. we learned from the mueller report that the president was aware that we were undergoing as a country information war fare. he sought to benefit from it. he and his campaign had a plan to capitalize on it for their political benefit and for trump personally for his financial benefit. we know he was pursuing a business deal in moscow. so that's what we have here. and i don't think -- a lot of times we say the president's ego is wounded when we talk about how the russians attacked us and may have helped him get elected. but i actually think that we are a little naive to buy into that narrative. i think that is a fig leaf for the president. how can we ignore that this
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president barely won the electoral college. it was 70,000 votes. he is now deeply unpopular in the country. his popularity ratings are going down further than they were. so we can't ignore that this is a president who benefitted from the russians' information war fare. it's not just about his ego. it's deeper than that. >> you think he is doing it to try to gain an advantage? >> i think we are incredibly naive to ignore that likely reality. yes, the russians conducted a sweeping and systematic attack on our country according to the mueller report and our intelligence agencies. >> and you are -- he is using that as a tool in your estimation? >> i think so. in a race that's that close, everything matters. and he knew it was happening
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according to the mueller report and sought to capitalize on it. so even by that fact p, it tells us he was aware that was happening and that he was aware that it could help him and hoped it would help him. how can we divorce that from what is happening now which is his dereliction of duty. what is happening here is we have a president who came to power with the help of a foreign adversary. he is going to potentially need that help again if his numbers stay the way they are. he continues to do very little himself or nothing personally to defend us. he is leaving our back door wide open in the middle of the night for intruders to come in and attack us. that's why we have to hold him accountable for what happened in 2016 and send a message to all our leaders that accepting foreign interference, accepting foreign help to usurp the sovereign power of the american people to determine who will lead us, who will be accountable
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to us in leadership roles, we have to hold people accountable for that. >> thank you so much for coming in. we really appreciate it. i will speak live with a water gate prosecutor who says too late. the president cannot exert executive privilege on the subpoenas. the president's fed pick says he is being kavanaghed. and a driver rams into a crowd of pedestrians and police say it was intentional. what we know about the motive. n grease on more than dishes? try dawn ultra. dawn is for more than just dishes. with 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, it tackles tough grease on a variety of surfaces. try dawn ultra.
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we are getting news just in about president trump's former fixer and lawyer, michael cohen. during a phone call secret lly
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recorded by tom arnold, cohen revealing that he believes parts of his guilty plea are a lie according to a new report by the wall street journal. let's check in. what deyou tell us about this call? >> reporter: these are strong bed fellows. according to the journal this call took place on march 25 between michael cohen and tom arnold. in the call michael cohen is disavowing the crimes he pleaded guilty to. he pleaded guilty to two hush money payments on behalf of the president and pleaded guilty to five tax fraud counts, one count of lying to a bank and another count of lying to congress. as you will hear in this sound byte, michael cohen is now saying he didn't commit any of those crimes. let's listen. >> i lost my business. i lost everything, my insurance,
10:20 am
my bank accounts all for what? all for what? because trump had an affair with a porn star? that is really what this is about. there is no tax evasion. i have 18% loan to value on my home. >> that's right. >> it's a lie. >> michael cohen here goes on during the conversation which seemed to last for quite some time where he talks about the president and saying that this was really just the acts of the president and he is critical of him here. let's listen. >> you take it, but i had a mission that i needed to fulfill. and i needed to get the truth out there. and very hard when you know you spent ten years taking care of somebody and their family.
10:21 am
i always knew who he was and what he was. but it didn't really matter because it is a microcosm of new york real estate. it's different when you start looking into what's happening now in the country and the world. >> so michael cohen here also seems to be lamenting that he is the only person going to jail. during the course of the interview he says he had a man all alone and no one is stepping up to defend him and to point out that he is the only one paying for the crimes. this has a real sense of urgency. he is reporting to prison on may 6, that's less than two weeks from now and his life will change very dramatically. >> he clearly needs a friend. i want to bring in former watergate special prosecutor to talk about this. aside from this being such a
10:22 am
bizarre twist talking to tom arnold and he is sort of walking back what he pled guilty to, what is your take away? >> what's next? >> who knows? anything, right? >> he is going to jail. not happy. and he is the only one he thinks. but there are others who are in trouble because of their devotion previously to mr. trump and their willingness to violate the law. so he pleaded guilty and he's got to face the consequences. >> we wanted to talk to you today because we were reading your quote in the "washington post" scoop where it says president trump opposes former aides testifying to congress. you made a point that he has waived executive privilege before letting these aides, giving them the go ahead to talk to the special counsel. so the cat is already out of the
10:23 am
bag basically. >> or the toothpaste out of the tube. so the courts in the district of columbia are very well tuned in on waiver. and once you give up a privilege, let's assume executive privilege would obtain in this case and we are talking about mr. mcgan here, the fact that the president gave him the okay to go and talk to mueller, spent a lot of time with mueller, testified no doubt on the grand jury, maybe repeatedly, that's waiving a privilege. you cannot unwaive the privilege. once you do so, you get the benefit such as it was of saying i'm cooperating by waiving the privilege and allowing my white house council to go in and give
10:24 am
testimony. you can't say later. there is executive privilege and i'm going to assert it. >> and to that point it is interesting we learn in the "washington post" article that he is preparing to testify even as he is considering what are ethical obligations he is preparing. i wonder when you look at former white house counsel and you expect that he is going to testify before congress, do you think that is akin to john dean testifying in 1973 over watergate? or having had this report come out and all of the details come out, do you think there is not much that he will add that will surprise us? >> i don't know what he can add. what he said was extraordinarily surprising and disturbing. >> in your report. >> yeah. he said that the president had told him to lie and told him
10:25 am
that he ought to first help get mr. mueller fired. and then he told him to lie about that order. >> hearing him say -- if he testifies and we hear him say that as opposed to just read it, is that a game changer to you? >> i think it's a very significant episode as part of a litany of different things that have been laid out in the mueller report that suggest the president's intent was to obstruct the investigation. >> thank you so much for coming in and giving us your insight. we appreciate it. she spells out her policies like a professor. will that help senator elizabeth warren as she takes on the democratic field? if she is the professor, who is the student without his or her
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>> it is here that i have been professionally prepared for the journey that i begin today. it is fitting to hear that i declare that i am a candidate for president of the united states of america. i concluded that i will stop being a candidate for president of the united states. >> friends, today i filed the necessary papers to become candidate for president of the united states. as i got up and jill told me the results, i didn't feel -- i feel no regret, not one single solitary ounce of regret. unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. but while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. >> with his announcement tomorrow, biden will be the 20th candidate to join the race for the democratic nomination.
10:32 am
senator elizabeth warren hoping to make her mark by laying out sweeping and specific plans and programs. and our cnn town hall warren spelled out her positions to eliminating student loan debt. she is lagging in the polls as well as in fundraising. what do you make of elizabeth warren struggling to take off? >> well, first of all, i commend her for her white paper pile. voters don't pay a lot of attention to this but maybe in the early running of the primary campaign among progressives this is going to help her distinguish herself. the polls say it all. none of the women in this race are doing all that well. elizabeth warren i didn't think was ever going to do well. she has a likability problem and it is not sexist. it is part of the quest for the presidency. the winner usually is the one
10:33 am
people want to have a beer with. trump was actually more interesting than hillary clinton on the beer question it still actually stands. so elizabeth warren really had a great night the other night. she put out a big buzz producing proposal on student debt. i don't think she is going to make it in the long run. >> you have a great characterization. you say that warren is the professor and mayor pete buttigieg is the student. on almost every issue she makes pete buttigieg look like the kid who showed up to class without the homework. what does that say about what voters actually want ini think they want a fresh face and someone they think can win in the midwest in particular. look at the way that president trump was able to win. he won the midwestern states. buttigieg from indiana although
10:34 am
i don't think he could win a statewide race in indiana. he is the mayor of a very democratic pretty liberal tound, south bend. i think that is one of the reasons he is doing well and one of the reasons biden is doing well and one reason bernie sanders is doing well is people, democrats were traumatized in 2016 by the loss of hillary clinton losing to donald trump this massive upset. i think there is a belief among some democrats that it is harder for a woman to win given what happened to hillary clinton. so a sure bet for some democrats is a man. >> let's talk about steven moore, the president's pick for the federal reserve board. it turns out that he made just a ton of sexist and derogatory comments about women in the past. according to the "new york times," he wrote this about college women, if they were so oppressed and offended by drunken lustful frat boys, why did they show up in droves in tight skirts to the keg parties?
10:35 am
phere is the rule change i propose. no more women refs, no women announcers, no women beer vendors, no women anything. and then this. is there no area in life where men can take a vacation from women? he wrote that women tennis pros want equal pay for inferior work. what do you think this is going to do to him if anything? >> well, i think that his nomination was already face ag few problems. the truth is that the trump administration even if they think you are a wonderful person, they don't vet you. so if you have not pre-vetted yourself, this is what you are going to face. this is what herman cain faced until he pulled himself from consideration 36 hours ago. can you pass muster with senate republicans? that is the ultimate question.
10:36 am
>> what do you make of him saying he is getting kavanaughed? >> he is also saying he was just kidding and using the language of conservatives. he has more of a track with conservatives. he was obviously on cable news working for us for a time there. but i think it is him basically saying calling folks to rally around him. don't let what happened to kavanaugh happen to me he is essentially saying. we'll see if it works, if republicans are going to signal that they are not going to back him in the way that they did with cane tanking his nomination in his case for the fed board. >> let's talk about beto o'rourke. he is someone who the expectations were so high. he comes out of the gate with huge fundraising numbers. he was on the cover of "vanity fair." do you see a comeback for him?
10:37 am
>> we don't know. we have to see what happens with the debates. i saw beto o'rourke at his sort of official launch down in texas. talking to voters there, they wanted to seep what was more to beto o'rourke. what were his policy announcements? i think that has hurt him as well as pete buttigieg. a lot of the energy and desire for a fresh new face has moved on to buttigieg. >> he is being compared a lot to mayor pete buttigieg. beto o'rourke seems more meandering whereas buttigieg seems more focussed. >> it is hard to come up against pete buttigieg because of his measured, articulate expression of ideas and values. he is trying to get people to focus on his intention and his values before he thinks he doesn't watt to pick on hillary clinton again. he thinks democrats have barfed out a bunch of policy positions without connecting first and
10:38 am
people aren't listening. beto was very exciting. this is the embryonic stages. we don't know who is going to pull out and consolidate support. beto can have a great set of debates and can be on again well before the voting starts. we know who will be left standing. we have an idea who is probably leaving the race. i think beto looks like he will be in the top six or seven for a while. but he does have to sort of focus his comments more if he's going to be on stage with buttigieg because buttigieg is naturally articulate and able to message in a way that keeps people listening. beto flails a lot, gets on tables. he doesn't really end up keeping people focussed on him. and that's -- he would still be more exciting if buttigieg wasn't in the race. >> that may be the best
10:39 am
explanation of the policies. thank you so much for the translati translation. >> it is hard to understand. >> now it makes more sense. >> you explain why that might be a good idea. thank you. great column. thank you for being with us. the 2020 democratic hopefuls are vowing to take on wealth inequality. you might be surprised to hear who came up with a tax plan on the rich back in 1999. soon, we are waiting on an update from police. live pictures here as we wait to hear about the search for the 5-year-old boy who disappeared in illinois. we're going to bring that to you. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
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the 2020 democratic hopefuls are vowing to take on wealth inequality. senator elizabeth warren is proposing an ultramillionaire tax. and bernie sanders wants to raise the estate tax for the rich. donald trump proposed his own version of a wealth tax in 1999 when he was exploring a possible bid for the reform party. he said it would pay off the national debt, grant a middle class tax cut and keep social security afloat. >> my plan is a 14.25% tax on people with basically very
10:45 am
wealthy people, people with a net worth over $10 million. taxes for the working man and taxes generally would go down to a very low level. in terms of the rich, the inheritance tax would go away. the social security programs would be totally solvent and the problem would be solved. >> when trump was rolling out the plan, he said, quote, personally this plan would cost me hundreds of millions of dollars but it is worth it. the president of the committee for a responsible federal budget is here with me to discuss. was it pretty startling to you? how does it compare to what democrats are talking about? >> it was startling that president trump was talking about a wealth tax. this plan blows the warren
10:46 am
wealth plan out of the water in terms of how big it is. so it was a one time tax for one year. what senator warren is ongoing every year. she has estimated that that plan, her plan would raise about 2.5 to $3 trillion. president trump's plan would have raised 25 to $30 trillion in one year. the magnitude of this is kind of inconceivable. we are talking about a huge wealth tax introduced when he was talking about the idea. >> there would be a lot of political obstacles to that. >> a lot of plans that he put forth have put the details haven't been worked out. my guess is that this would not have ended up like that in practice. >> it's gigantic as you point out. as democrats are talking about this, you are hearing from bill gates, warren buffett, some of the richest people in the world who are saying that they like this idea of taxing the rich.
10:47 am
do you think it's a winning argument for democrats? >> i think it will be a really important discussion during this political cycle. there is no question that income inequality and wealth inequality are at really high levels. they are having questions about is capitalism working? there will be a big discussion and disagreements about whether taxing wealth is the right way to talk about that. i think everybody talking about raising revenues deserves credit because the fiscal situation is in bad shape. the debt is the highest it has been since world war ii. i think that these kinds of taxes looking at the wealthy to pay more is going to probably prove to be quite popular. a wealth tax itself is easy to shield your wealth. we see high earners and people who are very wealthy are most effective at keeping money from being taxed. i'm not sure how much you will
10:48 am
be able to tax when you put it in practice. i think it is a central discussion of the upcoming election. we are talking about how to pay for things and the need for new revenues. if you look at our debt it clearly needs to be on the table. >> we look forward to your scores of some of the candidates. >> they are all coming out. police in illinois are shifting the focus of their investigation into the disappearance of a 5-year-old boy. moments from now, police are going to update us on the search for a.j. friend. and a mother faces her son's killer on tv. more on the new cnn series "redemption." . with my annuity, i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org. ♪ when you have nausea, ♪ heartburn, ♪ indigestion, ♪ upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... girl, pepto ultra coating will treat your stomach right.
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