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tv   State of the Union With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 28, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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hate crime. deadly violence at a california synagogue on the last day of passover. a gunman opens fire on jewish worshippers, killing one and injuring three. president trump denounces hate. >> we forcefully condemn the evil of anti-semitism. >> where are people safe if not at prayer? plus, see you in court? president trump defies subpoenas from house democrats setting the stage for a clash over congressional authority. >> we can play the game just as well or better than they do. >> will the trump administration be compelled to cooperate? counselor to the president, kellyanne conway responds in
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moments. friendly fire. the 2020 race has a new front-runner and he's already facing democratic attacks. >> our disagreement is a matter of public record. >> are voters looking for the face of experience or someone new? democratic congressman and new 2020 candidate seth moulton is here. i'm jake tapper in washington where the state of our union is horrified again, horrified. this morning we're following yet another deadly shooting attack that officials are calling a hate crime. saturday a gunman opened fire at the chabad synagogue in poway, california, just outside san diego. the gunman shot four people, including the rabbi, injuring three and killing one. the suspect is identified as a 19-year-old white male. he's in police custody and has been charged with first degree
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murder. authorities are investigating an open letter allegedly written by the gunman referencing the attack on the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh and the mosque b shootings in new zealand t. violence in california shocking coming on the final night of passover and six months after the massacre at the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh. for a lot of american jews this was a hideous end to a holy week. along with this, white supremacists interrupted a talk by author jonathan metzl. "the new york times" published a cartoon in the international division that could have appeared in isis or neo nazi propaganda containing anti-semitic tropes. the newspaper has called it offensive and an error of judgment but has not apologized for the anti-semitic cartoon. today we should note begins
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holocaust remembrance week. the most horrific of the three events was the deadly shooting in california. i want to go to cnn correspondent nick watt in poway, california. what are you learning about what happened there? >> reporter: well, we are learning about the victims, jake. i want to talk about lori kaye, the 60-year-old woman shot dead in the synagogue. she was at the service for remembrance prays for her own mother who died this past november, and her husband was also in the synagogue. he is a physician. he saw somebody had been shot. he ran to help that person, was administering cpr not realizing it was his own wife. when he did realize, we are told that he fainted. she leaves behind a 22-year-old daughter. rabbi goldstein was also injured. he told nbc news he heard a noise, turned and was face-to-face with the gunman and
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his fingers were blown off. another two injured was a young girl and her uncle. the young girl had come to this country from israel to try to live a more peaceful life. they moved here looking for a better life, and now her father is telling us his kids don't want to be here anymore. jake? >> it's just heartbreaking. nick watt in poway, california. at a rally saturday night president trump spoke out about the tragedy condemning anti-semitism. >> our entire nation mourns the loss of life, prays for the wounded and stands in solidarity with the jewish community. we forcefully condemn the evil of anti-semitism and hate which must be defeated. >> joining me to talk about this and much more, the counselor to
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the president, kellyanne conway. thanks for being here. this shooting just outside san diego, it's the latest in a rising pool of horrific events across the country. a recent fbi report showed hate crimes against religious and racial minorities are climbing. 37% increase in anti jewish crimes according to the fbi, 16% rise in anti african-american crimes. what tangible steps is the administration doing to try to stop this? i'm sure you and i both agree it's horrific. >> it is horrific. of course, our hearts go out to those affected, particularly the family of the decedent here, jake. whether they're muslims in new zealand, worshippers in charleston, south carolina, southerland springs at a christian service, our friends at the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh and now in california. we won dem and i'm glad the president is condemning
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unequivocally hate crimes. he called it a hate crime before the officials have in california. we have to speak out about it and condemn hate in all its forms. people in this country should feel safe at all times. there's something particularly onerous about being gunned down in your place of worship, regardless of your faith. >> in addition to speaking out about it, and certainly president trump did so unequivocally last night, what more can be done? that's not the only solution, right, speaking out against it. obviously that's the easy part. >> what we've found out over time as a nation, jake, is many places of worship do not want to become barracks, if you will. they don't want to have the metal detectors outside. some have armed guards. some pay for themselves. some ask for federal support or state support in that regard. i think that local police are also very vigilant.
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what our counterterrorism, fbi, our government are looking at is to find these folks where they can. i think there's some copycatting going on, as you see. people feel influenced by prior acts, and we probably don't always shine the light which is fine, too, on those who are intercepted and caught before they do the horrible bidding and their murderous acts. i very much respect the men and women, particularly career folks, who are in this type of activity and trying to intercept and stop people before it starts. but people can't feel impeded to go and worship in their places of worship, also. >> you talk about copycats. a letter allegedly written by this shooter mentioned the christ church mosque shooting in new zealand. after that president trump was asked if he thought white nationalism was a growing threat around the world. this is what he said six weeks ago. >> i don't really. i think it's a small group of
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people that have very, very serious problems. >> so this is the second deadly attack in a synagogue in six months in the united states and follows a major attack on two mosques in new zealand. obviously we've seen anti christian violence as well from terrorists who are islamists in nature. does president trump still think that white nationalism is not a growing threat around the world? is he reconsidering that? >> well, the irony is he condemned white nationalism and neo-nazis and the kkk during the charlottesville incident. and more responsible anchors like you and michael smerconish yesterday are starting to admit that he wasn't talking about them when he said fine people. he was talking about a monument discussion. anybody can pull up his exact statements and the transcript of those conversations almost two years ago. people have left that lie fly for almost two years.
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he condemned hatred and bigotry. >> he said there were very fine people on both sides. >> and if you continue the sentence, he says people were there not signed up with the neo-nazis and white supremacists were there about a park being renamed and a statue taken down. when the president of the united states condemns white supremacy and neo-nazis and kkk in the first couple months of his term and it's twisted around for almost two years -- >> i don't know who he was talking about. >> he made that very clear. >> i understand he wasn't talking about the neo-nazis and white supremacists. >> he condemned them. >> thank you. >> he also said there were fine people on both sides. my question about this incident since you brought it up is who are these very fine people? the rally was -- >> let me interject. we've said this so many times. >> it's called ignite the right rally formed by people like
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richard spencer who is a white supremacist. friday night was the tiki torch march. >> horrible people. >> saturday heather higher was killed. >> heather heyer was murdered. >> who were the fine people. >> he was talking about the debate over removing statues. >> he was not talking about the weekend at all. >> he condemned them in no uncertain terms. go and pull the full comments. he condemned them over time. racism, bigotry, evil. let me just say something. i'm very concerned, i truly am concerned that "the new york times" of all places allowed the distribution to i guess millions of people, you and i both took to twitter last night and condemned it, this anti-semitic cartoon which i'm not even going to describe the particulars because it is so odious and offensive. >> disgusting. >> they didn't even apologize for it. apologies usually include words
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like regret, sorry and apologize. they didn't do that. >> i agree. >> i see officials who get a lot of air time and ink like alexandria ocasio-cortez who tweets many times about the mosque -- >> you brought up charlottesville. >> i'm bringing up white supremacy and how this president has condemned it again and again and people are lying about that. jierd thinks he should raise that -- >> we can talk about that in a second. >> my question was does president trump think white nationalism is a growing threat around the world because he said six weeks ago "i don't really." a small group of people that have very, very serious problems. there are people in law enforcement and elsewhere who think white nationalism and white supremacy is a growing threat. now we've had the second fatal synagogue shooting in six months. i'm not saying it's president
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trump's fault. >> i think there's anti christianity. they're not eastern worshippers, obama and hillary clinton. she wouldn't call it -- >> who? >> i'm not talking about hillary. i'm talking about donald trump. >> he didn't think white nationalism is a growing threat around the world. i'm asking -- >> he does think it's a threat. >> of course he thinks it's a threat. that's why he condemned it in no uncertain terms. >> he said six weeks ago he doesn't think it's a threat. >> he said growing threat. >> it's horrible wherever it is and people should be driven out. for joe biden who has been in public life who was elected at 29 to come out and have no vision, no accountability for the obama-biden record, didn't
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even mention charlottesville. >> president trump said he thought his response to charlottesville was perfect. gary cohn, lindsey graham, cory gardner. >> you want to talk about that because you want to -- >> you keep bringing up charlottesville. >> i was happy on friday -- >> i did not. >> i was happy you finally came out and said -- >> not finally. i've been saying it the whole time. >> was president trump's response perfect? >> i think it was twisted for many years. >> he said his response was perfect. >> intent matters. >> was his response perfect? gary cohn doesn't think his response was perfect. >> it's a simple question. yes or no. >> it's not a simple question. >> when president trump condemned racism, bigotry, evil, violence and then took it many steps further and called out neo-nazis, white supremacists, kkk, that is darn near
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perfection. >> so yes? >> when you're culling out kkk, neo-nazis and saying there are people who hadn't signed up for that. >> you know president trump left an ambiguity -- >> all neo-nazis, all anti christianity, all anti-semitism, anti muslim activity should be condemned, dead stop full. that's the perfect response. >> yothe president called for a full ban on muslims entering the united states. >> it looks like you guys are afraid that he can't be beaten fairly and squarely. >> that comment is beneath you. >> why using charlottesville to launch a candidacy, 0 for 2 when running for president. i've talked a lot about white supremacy -- >> a yes or no question. >> how is this helping to stop the next shooter, where i'm
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saying the president of the united states, the most powerful man in the world. >> his response last night was unam by oambiguous. according to lipid see graham, tim scott, cory gardner, larry kohn was not unequivocal. you brought it up. these loyal supporters of the president did not think his answer on charlottesville was perfect. >> any time the president is willing to condemn people who hate other people based on race and religion, it's a great day for america. >> he called for a ban for all muslims entering the united states. >> you want to revisit that. you don't want to talk about the strong economy -- >> let's talk about the economy. >> people on your own network saying it's going to be 1% or less. >> u.s. economy grew 3.2% in the
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first quarter. some economists do believe there are some less-than-stellar indicators. president trump keeps railing against the federal reserve. the economy is strong. >> strongest in modern times. >> is the president concerned at all? is that why he keeps telling the fed not to raise interest rates? >> the president is concerned if the radical democrats in the house get their way or if somebody else is president in 2020, all these economic gains -- we've had a boom, not gloom and doom economics. he's worried -- >> i'm talking about his railing against the fed. >> there's not just one top number, 3.2 gdp numbers. >> i said the economy is very strong. >> there's record unemployment among african-americans and asian-americans and veterans. >> you know there are issues with productivity -- >> we have about a half a
6:17 am
million new manufacturing jobs under this president. there were industries flat on their back like warehousing, construction, mining, manufacturing, where those folks. >> reporter: told, gee, these industries are dead, you can't come back to them. we're going to outsource them. those are roaring back. >> he's not concerned at all? >> he's always concerned about the economy, that's why he's done a fantastic job. when joe biden comes out he thinks he's got to fight donald trump? he's got to fight the trump legacy. joe biden had a hard week vis-a-vis the democratic primary. they don't realize he voted for bill barr and neil gorsuch. >> barr was confirmed like 97-0. >> joe biden was one of them. >> don mcgahn has been subpoenaed to testify in the obstruction of justice investigation. the president did not claim executive privilege when mcgahn spoke to the special counsel. is the president going to try to
6:18 am
block mcgahn from testifying? is he going to try to exert executive privilege. >> it's always an option, always on the table. don mcgahn hag already talked under oath for 30 hours. >> is he going to testify? >> it's his right. those subpoenas different individuals are trying to push aside that we have an entire mueller investigation, lasted 22 months, cost $30 million, expansive, expensive definitive inclusive investigation. no crime was charged. no indictment was -- >> there are lots of crimes charged, not against president trump. >> that's the big fish here. >> his national security adviser, campaign chairman, deputy campaign chairman, former fixer and campaign adviser george papadopoulos. >> not the president. >> i've never met george papadopoulos. >> you said no crimes were
6:19 am
charged. 33 people -- >> that had already happened before the mueller report. >> the mueller report was excruciatingly disappointing for many people who were hoping mueller would finish the job -- >> you said there were no criminal charges. >> i like volume two, page one, the russia investigation unsuccessful in influencing the election result. >> they also said the campaign -- >> i would never have talked to a russian knowingly and i was talking to people -- >> but people in the campaign talked to russians knowingly. >> i think that's important. not donald trump and not a lot of folks who are close to him. >> jared kushner, donald trump jr. >> that's all in the mueller report. what is the result of that? no crime, no criminal conspiracy, no collusion, no help from the russians that amounted to anything. i think people are upset with mueller and his investigators, people banking on them to do
6:20 am
their partisan bidding. mr. mueller, as you've all held him up, non-partisan, conclusive, and the mueller report makes very clear including with don mcgahn's testimony, that this president and his administration never obstructed, impeded or interfered. >> that's not at all what it says. that's not true. >> that's what the barr memo says. >> they wouldn't charge a sitting president because they're going by the olc -- >> i think you're upset with mueller that he didn't interview the president. >> mueller, even according to republican lawyers, conservative republican lawyers kicked this to congress. there was no criminal conspiracy proven. >> that's more than a footnote. >> he didn't kick it to congress. they commented about separation of powers. congress doesn't have to take this up. >> why do you think he commented? >> he brought up congress to -- because he knows this congress
6:21 am
would be hungry any way to try to relate gate and reinvestigate. they have a decision to make. where is the public appetite. >> the public according to the latest poll i saw, and we have to go, they don't want the president to be impeached and they also think the president lied. >> and he didn't. he submitted to answering questions and i think people are upset with mueller that he ended the investigation -- >> didn't interview the president. didn't charge a crime. people promised, including on your network days before that there would be criminal conspiracy, collusion. kellyanne conway, thank you. we always appreciate it. >> thank you. my next guest says some of his democratic opponents are making it more likely president trump will win another term. who is he talking about? we'll talk to him next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we know sooner or later...
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a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! welcome back to "state of the union." i'm jake tapper. congressman seth moulton has made a habit of challenging his party's establishment including last year when he tried to block nancy pelosi from becoming house speaker. now he's taking on opponents in the presidential race warning
6:26 am
brrns a. you told reuters some of your fellow 2020 candidates such as senator elizabeth warren and senator bernie sanders of vermont are divisive in the same way trump has been so divisive because they're pitting different parts of america against each other. do you really think warren and sanders are as divisive atsz president trump. >> no, i don't. i don't think i even used their names in that kboet. the point is we as a party can't got to the extremes. >> you see warren and sanders as the extreme? >> no. >> who are you talking about. if not them, who are you talking about? >> i'm the only candidate in this race who actually gets single payer health care because i made a commitment to continue getting my own health care at the va when i got elected to congress. i can tell you plenty of stories about how my health care at the va with this socialized government system is not great. the first time i got surgery at the va, they sent me home with the wrong medications. i lost two marines from my second platoon since they've
6:27 am
been back, one of whom died at a heart attack at the age of 30 from the drugs prescribed by the va because he didn't get the care he asked for. a lot of people want to keep their private health care system. if we have a system rather than forcing everybody on to medicare, we have a system where medicare for all or maybe a more modern version of medicare competes with private options, that people are allowed to keep if they want, that competition will lower premiums, lower costs, it will improve outcomes for everybody. that's a good thing to have in our system. >> let's talk about the va. president trump said he found common ground with democratic congressman ocasio-cortez saying the va is not broken. she was talking about opposition to privatizing va and said, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. you disagree with president trump and ocasio-cortez and says it is broken. >> the va is broken.
6:28 am
some parts of it work well. if i have a prescription at the va and need it refilled, i can go online, log in, check a box. it shows up two days later in the mail and it doesn't cost much because the va negotiates drug prices with pharmaceutical companies, which is what medicare should do but doesn't. that's an example of houp it works better than some of the other alternatives we have. when people show up at the va and they can't get seen for months. when i get sent home with the wrong medications after having a minor surgery, that is not -- >> should it be privatized more? >> what should happen is there should be more competition in the system. >> i'm saying with private insurance, for veterans i mean. if you think va isn't working when it comes to seeing new patients, should veterans have the option of seeing private doctors and charging it to the u.s. government. >> my bottom line is veterans
6:29 am
deserve the best health care in the world, period. if we can't do it through the va, that should be an option. >> it also forms your view of health care. >> it doesn't mean we should dismantle the va. if you ask veterans, they want to fix the va. we don't want the va to go away, we want it to work better. >> this also informs your skepticism of medicare for all. >> it does. >> bernie and elizabeth warren, they're all wrong about medicare for all because we're doing it at the va and it's not working. >> i believe is what president obama advocated for, what he wanted was to have a public option, a medicare-like option but it competes with private options as well. what some people in our party want to do is force everybody onto a health care plan designed in 1963. i think we can do better than that in america. a lot of americans i hear out there, they know that, too. they don't want to be forced on to medicare.
6:30 am
>> i want to ask you about your 2020 opponent joe biden. he's been coming under a lot of scrutiny for his handling of the anita hill hearing. i know you were 12 or something like that during the hearing. anita hill told "the new york times" biden needs to apologize to the american people. biden the next day said he was sorry she was treated badly but declined to apologize for anything he did. do you think joe biden owes anita hill an apology? >> i do. joe biden is a mentor and friend of mine, a great american. everyone makes mistakes. i think he should apologize. >> you said, quote, just vus t haven't had much of a role in this campaign so far. what's different about you and foreign policy that i can't find among any of the other 19 democrats? >> i'm not sure whatev everyones talking about. i think we need to take on donald trump, not just in his job as president, but his job as
6:31 am
commander-in-chief. that's where he's weaker. in "the washington post" it was written that we need to question trump's patriotism. he's not a patriot. >> you don't think he loves this country? >> i don't think that someone who encourages our greatest adversary of the last 70 years, russia, the only country on earth that could wipe out every american life in about 20 minutes, i don't think a president who encourages russia to attack us as he did during the campaign, i don't think a president who disparages american heroes like john mccain and captain kahn, i don't think a president who cozies up to kim jong-un and sells out south korea, i don't think that's a president who embodies patriotism. patriotism is being willing to stand up and serve your country. jfk used his father's connections to get medically cleared to deploy.
6:32 am
>> because he wanted to serve. >> trump used his father's connections to get a doctor to lie about bone spurs so he could stay home. i would like to meet the american hero that went to vietnam in his place. >> congressman moulton, congratulations on the new baby. >> thank you, doing great 6 everyone's got to listen to mom.
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title x for affordable natbirth control and reproductive health care. the trump administration just issued a nationwide gag rule. this would dismantle the title x ("ten") program. it means that physicians cannot tell a patient about their reproductive health choices. we have to be able to use our medical knowledge to give our patients the information that they need. the number one rule is do no harm, and this is harm. we must act now. learn more. text titlex to 22422
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6:37 am
terms of energy. >> if he looks young and vibrant compared to me, i should probably go home. >> the 72-year-old president and the 76-year-old former vice president sparring over who is younger and more vibrant. this is a preview of what to expect in the general election. let's discuss. kerstin powers, let me start with you. you're the youngest person at the table. wait. is it the mayor? one of you two. we're seeing an example of what this biden-trump showdown is going to look like. very personal and very focused. >> the biggest question for democrats is who can deal with trump, right? it's probably good right out of the gate to have to start dealing with him and showing people how you're going to combat him taunting you or whatever it is. i guess we have to decide whether this is the way to respond. i might say maybe ignore it. that would be my position, but it could be wrong.
6:38 am
biden could be on to something getting in a back and forth with the president might be good for him. >> in fact, there are democrats who said the president took biden's bait in the fact that we're talking about his response to charlottesville which is not a topic that you think is a strong subject for the president. >> i think he should stay away from it. it was a bad moment for the president when it came to charlottesville. i must say that his response yesterday in response to the shooting was actually timely and very good. it's something that's meaningful to me because the jewish people mean a lot to me and my family. we spend passover dinner every year with the green family out in utah. i actually appreciated that timely response and those are the things we expect and hope from a president. >> what about you? do you think president trump took joe biden's bait by talking
6:39 am
about charlottesville? >> i repeatedly say that we should be talking about the economy, the president's accomplishments. the debate has turned to charlottesville. a week ago it was on green new deal, letting felons still in prison vote, socialized medicine. lots of things that are very favorable for republicans. >> mr. mayor? >> the fact that we have to compliment on doing what a president should do -- >> condemning hatred. >> not just condemning hatred but i think also speaking to the american consciousness that we are a better country than this, to call us all to our better angels when this president does manage to get halfway close to it, we give him a round of applause. what we saw yesterday was indeed horrific. we've seen these incidences on the rise, and much of that has to do with what is being sewn at the top. a lot of division, derision, a
6:40 am
lot of them versus us. and i think in my opinion that's un-american and i think we can do a better job and i think we will in 2020. >> i just wanted to say this because this is something that really gets under my skin, is that, you know, i can't stand when these things happen because the president did this. at some point we have to take responsibility for the things that we do. i am not going to allow anybody, no matter what position they're in, to dictate my behavior or to dictate what my children see come out of me. we are all americans. we all have an individual responsibility to rise to the occasion, to show the world who we are. if we allow what happens in our country to be dictated by one person, we might as well just sit back and give up. >> but it is true, though, the president's behavior and what he gives permission to does infect the american people. i have to watch what my television is on when the president is coming on. my children repeat, just as they
6:41 am
repeat me as well. we recognize our folks, our leadership, whether they're parents or presidents, set an example. to act as if that's not true i think would be disingenerous. >> mr. mayor, to somehow ascribe noeks new zealand, sri lanka, terrorism is on the rise. we should condemn hatred and bigotry, whether the killing of catholics at a mass, muslims in a synagogue -- >> i agree. >> in united states the problem is white supremacists, terrorists. so let's stay focused on this. the idea that -- to lump it in with this global problem -- >> there is a global problem. >> there's a specific problem in the united states with white supremacists and terrorists. >> hold that thought. we'll take a quick break and pick up the conversation on the other side of this. stay with us.
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our disagreement is matter of public record. i got in that fight because they just didn't have any and joe biden was on the side of the credit card companies. >> joe biden is a friend of mine. joe and i disagree on many, many major issues. i look forward to an issue oriented campaign. >> it's on. we haven't seen a lot of friendly fire in the 2020 democratic primary campaign so far. now that biden is in the race, it looks like the cease-fire is ending. these are about issues, not about personal attacks. but there are very strong disagreements between elizabeth warren and joe biden and bernie sanders. >> this is a primary. this is exactly the moment where these disagreements are supposed to come to light. i fully believe we'll have a
6:47 am
vigorous debate over the course of this democratic primary. joe biden clearly becomes the person to look at and the person to beat for these candidates. i hope vice president biden runs as uncle joe, he gets out there and works as hard as he can and casts a bigger, broader vision for the future of this country. if he does that, he can be successful. i don't think we need to spend our time in futile fights. >> i will just say -- >> you've been bullish on biden. >> i watched his performance on "the view" which was pretty anemic. didn't seem to have any passion. he was talking about in the future we're going to be traveling in flying cars, kids. it was no like, why i'm going to be president. i watched mayor pete, the other candidates up there, they're inspirational, they connect better with folks. i think the time may have passed biden by. >> kirsten, you heard
6:48 am
congressman molten saying he thinks joe biden owes anita hill an apology. >> i think that's obvious. >> not to biden. >> that's to my next point. i think to most people it's obvious. the fact that he isn't willing to do it because he knew it was coming. he made a decision, this is how he was going to handle it. apparently only spoke to professor hill because barbara boxer basically said you need to do something about this. it's a problem for me. i'll say that much. i've said that before. somebody who is really affected by that as a lot of women in the country were, and he should have a long time ago, frankly, gone to her and apologized and said, look, i mishandled it. instead he's putting himself in this very passive position, like he's an innocent bystander watch
6:49 am
it happen. >> it comes off very arrogant. i'm going to hold everybody accountable for everything they've done in the past except for me. i need to gloss over this. look, you've got -- they're all going to have some issues. you've got bernie sanders talking about giving felons the right to vote. you've got so many people talking about different things. if anybody is going to win this against donald trump, they've got to be able to appeal to voters like me, republican voters. so the only person that's actually talking about something that is some substance is listening to people talk about student loan debt and how they're going to fix that. if you're going to try to fix it by 70% tax, that's not going to work. >> who? >> i think elizabeth warren was talking about that. i'm not a fan of hers. >> no endorsement? >> let's be very clear. no endorsement there. >> interesting. >> i like our chances. an old-timer making a
6:50 am
comeback, joe biden or captain america. that's the subject of this week's "state of the cartoonian." ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion. humira can help stop the clock. prescribed for 15 years, humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation that contributes to joint pain and irreversible damage. vo: humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. woman: help stop the clock on further irreversible joint damage. talk to your rheumatologist.
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now the #1 dermatologist recommended skincare brand. it's a blockbuster weekend. that's the subject of this week's state of the cartoon-ion. joe biden said on a call quote world leaders are almost begging me to save the world. he seems to see himself as anned a avenger sweeping in. >> we're in the battle for the soul of this nation. >> is he the man for this time? he ran 32 years ago, the number one song in america was kim
6:55 am
wild's "you keep me hanging on ". ♪ >> the number one song when he was elected to the senate in 1982, like captain america biden may have catching up to do on where the culture is today. >> it's all about taking selfies together. >> if he sees himself as captain america, the ever growing field of democratic avengers like the avenger that can never really decide if he's part of the group or not. >> stop when democrats don't generate excitement. >> along with other avengers like the studious type. >> i'm mad as hell and fed up. >> or the book is surprisingly spry one over there or most recently has been shrinking or that tough one. and on and on there are so many and before these avengers can
6:56 am
take on trump, they will find their own civil war. fareed zakaria picks up next. thanks for watching. it's all here.
6:57 am
ten detailed acts of obstruction of justice. robert mueller's report lays out a roadmap for impeachment proceedings against this president and challenges congress to do its job. i'm tom steyer and we can't let this president destroy the public trust, break his oath of office and get away with it. congress has to do its job and hold him accountable. please call them at this number. tell them to get going.
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