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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 4, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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to save 30% on all the medications we carry. so go directly to now. north korea launches projectiles. a boeing 737 plane goes off of a runway and into a river. and thailand crowning their new king. we'll have all of the best pictures for you. live from the cnn center in atlanta. it's great to have you with us. we want to start with the breaking news we've been following. north korea launching multiple
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projectiles from its east coast just a few hours ago. that's according to the south korean defense ministry. there's no word if the launch included a missile or something else. whatever it was, they flew for 70 to 200 kilometers before crashing into the sea. the japanese say it did not reach their waters. paula hancocks is tracking the details. >> nothing has been confirmed at this point. there's been a flurry of meetings and phone calls. japan and south korea saying they're going to work together to determine what was launched this morning. there was several projectiles,
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several short-range projectiles launched. no indication at this point of what it is. it will make a difference. it makes a difference as to what the response from washington is. we've heard from the north korean leader, kim jong-il, that he put a self-imposed moratorium on the intercontinental ballistic missiles. he wasn't going to test those anymore. it was said by president trump, that was enough. he was happy with the missile and testing moratorium. the fact is, these are short-range. whatever it was is short-range. that is not something that kim jong-un did not restrict himself to test. it shows the displeasure, the frustration, from north korea.
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he was disappointed and annoyed by the hanoi summit. there was no agreement when he met with president trump. when he met with vladimir putin, he said he believed the u.s. acted in bad faith at the hanoi summit. and we've heard kim jong-un, that he gave the u.s. until the end of the year to change its attitudes. there are no talks at this point, between the u.s. and north korea. this could well be, is being seen as a message to washington, to remind them what they could go back to if they don't go back to talks. >> north korea, as you pointed out, warned america that they needed to change the attitude. what is it that north korea wants from the united states?
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>> north korea want sanctions to be lifted. they believe they have done enough to warrant sanctions to be lifted. according to the president president trump, north korea wants all sanctions to be lifted. we heard later from north korean officials that they only asked for some of the sanctions to be lifted. we believe they were the most recent and the most hea heavy-hitting, when it comes to affecting north korea's economy. kim jong-un said he felt that he had done enough nuclear and missile testing. he said he was going to focus on the economy. what north korea wants is an easing in the financial sanctions. something that china and russia have called for. something that south korea would sign on to. although, they are still supporting the u.s., that they want to have full
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denuclearization and look at whether the sanctions can be lifted. the u.s. has given some wiggle room in that recently, if things are going well, sanctions can be lifted. but clearly, at this point, washington is not willing to lift sanctions unless they get more from north korea. >> good to talk to you. it's 4:00 in the afternoon, where you are. the u.s. and south korea are working to determine what it was that north korea launched. we'll see if we get details in the coming hours. thanks. rescue crews say all 163 passengers and 7 crew members onboard a flight landing in florida made it off the plane in one piece, after it slid off a runway friday night, at the jacksonville naval air station. the boeing 737, which was coming from guantanamo bay, cuba, ended up in the river. she has nothing but praise for the flight crew that handled a
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very scary situation. >> as we went down, we had a hard landing. and the lane bounced and bounced some more. it listed to the right and then it listed to the left. then, it swerved and it came completely to a crash stop. my head moved forward. and i hit my head on the plastic tray in front of you. i'm not injured, thankfully. just a little bump on the head. at any rate, the flight attendants did a great job. they got everybody on to the wing. we were in water. we couldn't tell if it was a river or an ocean. >> it turned out to be the st. john's river, luckry, and it was shallow water.
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21 people were taken to the hospital in good condition. a team from america's national transportation safety board will investigate what happened. i want to go to jeffrey thomas, from perth, australia. what might explain this accident, based on the information that we have at the moment. >> based on the information we have for the moment, there was a thunderstorm that just moved through the area. very heavy rain. we believe there was a downburst from the thunderstorm from impacted the airplane. and it had a tailwind component. >> what impacted the airplane? >> the tailwind. it had a headwind and then it had a tailwind. it's called a microburst, from a firestorm. >> what is that, exactly?
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>> when the plane comes into to land, they land into the wind, they take off into the wind. all of a sudden, instead of having, say, a 20-mile-per-hour headwind, you have a 20-mile-per-hour tailwind. and that impacts the performance of the plane when it comes to landing. and it landed on the runway. there's a 1,000-foot overrun, before you get to the st. john's river. this tail winwind had an impact the plane and the ability to land the aircraft. that's what caused the overrun. >> 1,000-foot overrun. i'm not familiar with the numbers. is that a lot? >> that's a comfortable distance
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for the 737, absolutery. it gives you the wet runway and a tailwind on landing. this would have had a major impact on the performance of the airplane. >> you're always going to have many instances of winds, whether they're tailwinds or headwinds, that hit you at just the wrong moment at just the wrong place. still, the plane should not skid off the runway. >> well, typically not. but if the tailwind is as reported, about 16 knots, 20, 25 miles per hour, a tailwind of
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that miles per hour can have an impact on the airplane. >> that's really interesting to know. what do you make of how the pilots handled the moment of the landing, once they were in trouble? >> i think they did a fantastic job. as the passenger was saying in the intro package, the crew handled it beautifully. the airplane is basically intact, which is testament to the strength of the 737, that it can suffer that sort of impact and damage and still be intact. it's a good news story all around, but a very sorry airplane. a very sorry 136 passengers. >> what's the protocol when
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you're rescuing people from a plane in the water? >> there's no real protocol, as such. it's a matter of ingenuity and assessing the situation. i know the fire crews were concerned about leaking fuel from the wing, that that didn't ignite. you had a situation there. and the whole thing is to get those passengers into the life jackets, off the wing, into lifeboats, as quickly as possible, using whatever resources are available at the time. really, it's a lot of common sense and a lot of ingenuity. >> jeffrey thomas, thank you for joining us. it's really scary and impressive that you see the pictures of what we have on screen, of the planes sitting in the water. jeffrey, thanks. >> pleasure. u.s. president president trump says they have dismissed
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the investigation. earlier in a tweet, the president referred to it as the russian hoax. and according to cnn, he didn't tell his counterpart not to meddle in the u.s. election. >> i had a very good talk with president putin. probably over an hour. >> reporter: president trump was in high spirits after his first phone call with vladimir putin since the release of the mueller report. >> we discussed it. he sort of smiled when he said something to the effect of, it started off as being a mountain and ended up as a mouse. he knew that. he knew there was no collusion. >> reporter: but his good mood was dashed after a reporter asked if he told putin to stay out of american elections. >> excuse me. i'm talking. i'm answering this question.
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you are very rude. >> reporter: asked again if he warned putin not to attack or interfere in the next election, the president said it didn't come up. >> we didn't discuss it. we discussed five or six things. >> reporter: it's a question his press secretary refused to answer earlier in the day. >> the conversation on that part was really quick. what i can tell you, this administration, unlike the previous one, takes election meddling seriously. >> the phone call, the growing tensions between the united states and venezuela. it is believed that russia is propping up nicolas maduro. but the president downplayed putin's involvement. >> he's not looking at all to get involved in venezuela. he wants to see something
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positive to happen for venezuela. >> reporter: that statement contradicting what he told wolf. >> the russians indicated he should stay. >> reporter: russia has military personnel on the ground in venezuela. cnn reporting reveals that at recent days, trump has been at odds with his senior advisers, who have been teasing military action there. >> the president has been crystal clear and incredibly consistent. military action is possible if that's what is required. >> reporter: sources say trump has cautioned his advisers to stick to the line that all options are on the table. >> we have lots of options. some of them are tough options. >> reporter: the president's skepticism coming after juan guaido's uprising failed to get
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traction this week. one thing the president is feeling confident about, the economy. >> thank you. yeah. i'll be running on the economy, yeah. >> reporter: the u.s. economy added 26,000 jobs in april. and the unemployment rate fell to 3.6%, the lowest in 50 years. the president has advised john bolton to back off the military going to venezuela. bolten is executing the strategy of a peaceful transition to democracy in venezuela. as president trump has made clear, all options are on the table. kaitlan collins, cnn, the white
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thailand's king has officially ascended to the throne once occupied by his father. the 66th heir to the throne became the constitutional monarch. this is thailand's first coronation since 1950. will ripley joins us from bangkok. i want to put up for you and your guests to analyze the highlights of this ceremony and just walk us through them. >> yes. it's obviously something that we're seeing, in many ways, goes back centuries. i will bring in dominick to talk us through the pictures. you see the umbrella. it's the nine-tiered umbrella,
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once he receives that, that's when he had ascended. >> he received this umbrella, and a backless throne in the same room. it's rather different than a coronation. the coronation is actually the crown going on the head. when he received the tiered umbrella, he was confirmed, which implies divinity. >> a living god. semidivine. >> we saw a purification ritual, with water that was blessed by monks and poured over. >> cleansing himself in advance of the ceremony.
12:22 am
>> a fantastic crown, seven kilos, quite a headful. >> it's a classical buddhist shape. >> 26 inches high, two feet tall. you have a very heavy gold crown. and now, the canons are marking his ascension. >> the gown is gold. >> he had a royal scepter. he had the sword of victory. all of these accoutrements. >> and lots of utensils, as they call them. >> the royal fan and fly whisk,
12:23 am
as well. yu see all of this. and you see the new queen standing there. and the thai people have to be behind this king. these strategies are to get them to know a king that has been unknown for years. >> they're very arcane. they're placing him in a historical context. the monarchy is entrenched in the culture. if you look at thai society, the monarchy is on top and it's normally a constitutional democracy. we have a military government. the military plays a game with the monarchy. they have to defend it. there's a self-serving element to this. >> we have to cut it there for
12:24 am
now. we'll be back with dominick. a lot of people asking, why an umbrella. the reason for that is that the umbrella will similar poymboliz king's protection. with a nine-tier umbrella, he is putting himself in position to care for the thai people. >> before i let you go. it's fascinating. this is going to last three days. it's by no means over. what are you expecting for the rest of the day and moving forward? >> he will be wearing the great crown of victory. there's a point of a day when he's revealed from a gold curtain. it's very dramatic. he will spend hours meeting with senior officials and other
12:25 am
people. he will be meeting with the royal family, who are there to support him. and tomorrow, we expect to see him out on the streets here in bangkok. you look at the king being carried through the streets by his royal guard in this ornate golden throne. he will be going through the streets of bangkok. you saw that scene carried out in 1929. you will see in 2019. >> something that most thai people have never seen in their lifetime. it can be up to 200,000 people witnessing that event. the crowds that we have observed here today, have been carely sparse. also, the fact is, there isn't a lot to see outside of the palace today. the real show is inside.
12:26 am
you can see that from an air-conditioned home, unlike in the swelters heat. >> we are watching those pictures. they are unique. will ripley, you will pace us on that, thank you. the u.s. and north korea relationship was on the mend. but now, it looks like it's launches and reactions. and a grieving mother is talking tough. i landed. i saw my leg did not look right. ♪ i was just finishing a ride. i felt this awful pain in my chest. i had a pe blood clot in my lung.
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welcome back to the cnn newsroom. north korea has launched multiple projectiles from its east coast. that's according to south korea's defense ministry. we have no word yet on what the projectiles were. but south korea, japan and the u.s. are working together to find out. 143 people escaped with their lives friday night as their plane skidded off of the runway and slid into the st. john's river at the end of the runway. one of the passengers told cnn, the plane made a hard landing. thailand's ruling monarch has officially ascended to the throne, once occupied by his late father. it is a three-day celebration, full of ritual and symbolism.
12:31 am
we're starting to get reaction from washington to the north korean projectiles. they are aware of the actions and will monitor as jess. intelligence analysts are sifting through the data to see if projectiles or missiles or both were fired. michael, there has been a launch by the north koreans of one or more projectiles. that is being analyzed. what is the strategy on north korea? >> the white house issued a statement saying we're monitoring the situation. what everyone is waiting to see
12:32 am
is if we go back to plan "a." in this era of detente when president trump said he loved the north korean leader and there was all-smiles, there was a really aggressive period where both leaders were denouncing each other. and bringing the world to the precipice of some kind of a conflict. what the launch of the missiles suggest, depending what president trump wants to do, we could be headed back to a more dangerous time. we don't know the answer to that. the president hasn't tweeted yet. when everybody wakes up in the morning, that might change. >> there was a launch last month. and the u.s. was pains not to make too much of it. >> yeah. there's people inside the trump presidency, and inside the gott,
12:33 am
whether or not mr. trump believes this, who are hopeful not to return to a time before there was negotiation going on. the current talks aren't working. there's people that don't want to return to a period where all talk has been cut off. and the leaders are hurling insults at each other. if that strategy holds, the united states may be playing down what north korea has done. you might see a return to president trump's tough language because, ultimately, it's his decision to make. >> so far, the president has
12:34 am
kept open the door to having a good personal relationship with kim jong-un. he seems to value that. >> in that way, many presidents in the past have, you know, put a lot of weight on personal relationships. presidents come into office, thinking if they can form good relationships with these leaders, that can take them a long way. what they conclude, is there's deep fundmental interests that countries share or don't share. and personal relationships only take you so far. and that's what president trump is learning with chairman kim, is that, there may be all of the hugs and the handshakes and the grinning for the cameras that
12:35 am
you want. at the end of the day, north korea and the united states have interests that diverged dramatically. and a handshake and a smile isn't going to cover that. that's where we are now. we'll see if the strength of a relationship can repair this for a moment. >> michael, always a pleasure to have you on the show. >> happy to do it. the mother of otto warmbier, cindy warmbier is demanding pressure be put on the kim regime. she is skeptical of diplomacy with pyongyang. brian todd brings us this story from washington. >> reporter: when otto warmbier was brought home in a coma, his mother said, he looked like a
12:36 am
monster. >> the look in his eyes, which i didn't know he was blind at the time, was horror. horror, like he had seen the devil and he had. he was with the devil. >> reporter: cindy warmbier said if she would have known that the u.s. could have paid min for their son, she would have sprang into action. >> they have a much-bigger use for otto. >> reporter: president trump says that money was never paid. u.s. officials did sign a bill to have warmbier released. he died six days after his return in 2017. cindy warmbier talked about kidnappings. just a mile away, soldiers were on capitol hill, detailing the
12:37 am
brutality of kim's army. those choreographed routines were a facade, hiding abuse and starvation. >> translator: i was hungry all of the time. my height is short because of what i experienced in the military. >> reporter: some were more pre desperate. one told us of a soldier in his unit. the soldier was so rung hungry, hate a frog alive. >> translator: he didn't know that the frog was poisonous. he died within an hour. >> reporter: this comes as a staff sergeant made this dash. he was shot several times by his
12:38 am
north korean comrades. he was rescued and almost died of his pouwounds. choi is a former nurse. she says a female colleague was forced to have an affair with a interior officer. >> when they asked her to have an affair with them, there was no way she would refuse. she had to do it for a better life. the only thing she could sacrifice is her body. >> reporter: these stories come as president trump remains determined to have diplomacy. >> how can you have diplomacy with someone that never tells the truth? he lies. he lies. he lies. all for himself.
12:39 am
>> reporter: president trump has said that kim jong-un never told him of what otto warmbier's condition was. we reached out to the soldiers about abuse. they didn't get back to us. but kim jong-un said his soldiers should be sfared no nutrition to feel the loving care of the regime. and the economic crisis in venezuela. ahead, the troubling conditions of svenezuela's elderly. studies showed relief and remission, with dosing every 8 weeks. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection or flu-like symptoms or sores, have had cancer, or develop new skin growths, or if anyone in your house needs or recently had a vaccine.
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12:43 am
to march on military bases on saturday. he says he wants the armed forces to listen to their demands. so far, most of the military has continued to back president maduro. hyperinflati hyperinflation, the shortage of food and fuel in venezuela is taking a toll on people, especially the elderly. cnn's michael holmes. >> reporter: domino's in the courtyard of the mother teresa senior home in caracas. there's not much else to do here. this is not a good country in which to grow old. >> translator: if we didn't have this place, how many people would be on the streets or that? thank goodness they are arriliv.
12:44 am
>> reporter: they do their best to house 80 people here. it's a heartbreaking fact that here in venezuela are given up by the family. do you feed the children or do you feed the grandparents? there are many people here that are sad. their hearts are sad because they've given everything in their life. and their families, for one reason or another, are sent here. >> reporter: mentioning if you get one, almost worthless in this economy. there's no basking retirement in the golden years in venezuela. frr i had expectations of a nice retirement because i had a good job and income. what do you think of the government and what it does?
12:45 am
nothing, he says. life is spartan, but it is life. the stories here are so similar, the pain and disappointment are so individual. we meet victoria. 74 years old. she has family in caracas. but there was no room or money to support her. >>. >> translator: there were a lot of people in the house. it was too much. >> reporter: families what couldn't cope for simply left. many didn't take their parents or grandparents. they couldn't afford to. he says he won't let these people down even if he says his government has. what he wants is change. >> i urge venezuela, we need the food and the medicine.
12:46 am
stead of buying weapons, they should buy food. michael holmes, cnn, venezuela. fani, we will track where it's headed next. justs on each side to keep you both comfortable. and snoring? how smart is that? smarter sleep. so you can come out swinging, maintain your inner focus, and wake up rested and ready for anything. sleep number is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j. d. power. save $400 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. only for a limited time.
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the rim nants of tropical depression fani are going into bangladesh. on friday, the storm made landfall as a cyclone, the strongest to hit the country in 20 years. seven people were killed by falling trees or collapsed walls. let's get the latest on what's left of this storm. meteorologist derek van dam tells us that it's not a cyclone but it's still dangerous. >> the storm has moved away from the country of india.
12:51 am
it's impacting bangladesh and bhutan and parts of nepal. but the rainfall is the concern. look at the images coming from northeast india. when we saw the peak of the storm reaching the coastline. incredible imagery of the winds blowing off roofs. you're seeing that on your tv screens here and overturning vehicles, including buses. wow. right? when i saw that video, i was taken back. the latest information we have to pass on to you, this is no longer a cyclone. according to the india me meteorological department, it's a tropical depression. you can see it moving away from northeastern portions of india. we have bangladesh, and bhutan and north of that, where we'll be impacted by rainfall but the
12:52 am
wind has diminished. wind gusts of 40 to 50 kilometer per hour as we speak. we're talking about high-elevation terrain. you see rainfall, we're talking about po the edge for localized flash flooding. 24 hours ago, or 30 hours ago, local time, when this storm made landfall, it was a equivalent of a category 4 hurricane. that's why you saw the video that you saw on your screens, knocking over vehicles and buses. with the rainfall totals here exceeding 216 millimeters, over 8 1/2 inches of rainfall. no wonder we're expecting a chance of flooding, right? you can see how that's o moving away from calcutta. as we head into northern
12:53 am
bangladesh and the northeastern areas, we have potential for more rain and it pulls away. the only silver lining is that it's a quick mover. that's limited the rainfall totals. nonetheless, this is a vulnerable part of the world. any kind of heavy rainfall or torrential rain can lead to some catastrophic flooding, as well. >> we'll be looking out for those, keeping an eye on that. eric van damme you're tracking the stories for us. devastating flooding in the u.s. state of iowa. large parts of its third-biggest city are under water after the mississippi river reached record levels near the city of davenport. cnn's ryan young is there and sends us this report. >> reporter: we're here in davenport, iowa, where the impact has been tremendous. that's river drive and the water has crushed the banks. this has had a lot of impact on
12:54 am
the businesses throughout the area. they've been under water for more than 30 days at this point. this is having an impact on them trying to get businesses back hope and streets hope. they're worried about what can happen next. on thursday, there could be more ra rain. they're thinking sunday and thursday, 2 to 3 more inches of rain. as you guide this boat, have you seen anything like this in the area? >> '93, we moved here from florida and it was this bad. we lived on the river and we were out of our house for almost a month. >> he is telling me, the business he works at, had the generator on for 24 hours. people are using kayaks to get around. it will be a tough few hours. they say they have enough sandbags. ryan young, cnn, davenport, iowa. former u.s. vice president joe biden entered the race for
12:55 am
the white house one week ago. he has a reputation for using an "f" word. jeanne moos explains. >> reporter: joe biden is known for his folksy image. boy, did he live up to it. >> hey, folks. >> reporter: from the first words out of his mouth. >> folks. folks. >> reporter: get used to it, folks. >> look, folks. look, folks. folks, look. >> reporter: donald trump may be known for saying -- >> i know words. i know the best words. >> reporter: but even trump doesn't spew the same word in the same speech. his first speech as a 2020 presidential candidate in iowa. >> folks, look. folks -- >> people don't just love joe biden because he's down to earth. no. he's an adorable goof ball. >> to wage a war on twitter.
12:56 am
>> reporter: the day before, he created his own words. >> the uaw took instredible. >> reporter: biden makes b.s. sound quaint. >> that's so much malarkey. >> reporter: he gets folksy about foreigners. in a single half-hour speech, we didn't look, we counted. >> folks. folks. folks. and folks, we have to stop it. >> reporter: we thought he stopped at 32. but later, he stopped for an ice cream cone and folksy joe had one more to go. >> any of these folks want one, it's on me. >> reporter: you're welcome, folks.
12:57 am
jeanne moos, cnn. >> that is all for this hour. the news continues next with george howell right after the break. have a great day.
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1:00 am
multiple projectiles launched by north korea, a move sure to raise tensions while talks of denuclearization with the u.s. remain stalled. plus this -- >> you couldn't tell where we were, whether it was a river or an ocean. >> a boeing 737 plane skids off the runway and into a river upon landing in florida, everyone makes it off safely. also made this hoahead, he'g for more t


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