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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 4, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. several projectiles launched into the sea. north korea making a daring move. we'll have the latest in a live report from seoul, south korea. plus, a boeing 737 plane skids off the runway and lands in the river. one eyewitness describes those terrifying moments to cnn. also ahead this hour, as india works to recovery from cyclone fani, bangladesh is up, and worse. live here, cnn, welcome it our viewers here and around the world, i'm george howell. "cnn newsroom" starts right now.
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5:00 a.m. on the u.s. east coast and we follow the breaking news out of north korea where several short-range projectiles have been fired. all of this happening saturday morning on north korea's north coast near wonsan. anywhere from 70 to 200 kilometers, then crashed at sea. japan says the projectiles did not enter its waters. the u.s., south korea and japan are working together to get to the bottom of what happened here. and also trying to understand is our paula hancocks, live in seoul, south korea, what more do we know about the projectiles, if anything, paula? >> well, george, we're being told by the joint -- the jcs here and the intelligence services that south korea and u.s. intelligence and military are working together, trying to figure out exactly what was launched this saturday morning. they say that they're looking
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into what exactly it is. and, of course, that is significant, because that would potentially determine what kind of response we can expect from the united states. now, all we know at this point is they are short-range projectiles. earlier south korea's defense ministry had said they were missiles but that was clarified later to projectiles. so, potentially, we're looking at something like rockets or something that may not irate washington quite so much. we have had response from the blue house, the south korean presidential office, and they said they're very concerned that this actually goes against the spirit of the military agreement that kim jong-un and moon jae-in sought november of last year. where they effectively would halt all activities on the korean peninsula. the blue house saying they believe this goes against that. also saying, they want north
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korea to come back to the negotiating table as soon as possible. now, we haven't heard anything from north korea at this point. they haven't acknowledged that this has happened. there has been a flurry of phone calls of diplomatic chats around the region. we know that secretary of state mike pompeo spoke to the japanese and the foreign ministry. we know that steve beacon, he's coming here next week to seoul, clearly a lot more to talk about, george. >> paula, the question, of course, why would north korea do this now? is this the end of talks? is their frustration growing? >> well, i think the short answer, george, is that this could well be seen as a sign of north korea's frustration. a sign that they are -- we know that kim jong-un is not happy about the hanoi summit with president trump ending a couple months ago without any kind of an agreement. that was a surprise to north korea.
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it was a humiliation to north korea. and when kim jong-un went to see the russian president vladimir putin last month, he did say to him he believed the u.s. had acted in bad faith. he also has been quite open saying that he thinks the u.s. needs to change its attitude. it needs to change its ways, before the end of this year, otherwise he is going to choose another path. the negotiations simply won't be a possibility. so, this is widely been seen as a reminder to washington, that this is what you could go back to, if, in fact, you don't do what we want to do. and, of course, what north korea wants is for sanctions to be lifted. something that washington said it won't do until there is more of a equipment from north korea and actions from north korea. that they will push towards denuclearization. george. >> paula hancocks following the story live for us in seoul. paula, thank you. we also have breaking news to tell you about in the middle east.
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israel's military says gaza militants fired about 90 rockets towards israel saturday morning. israeli defense forces add that its iron dome aerial defense system intercepted many of the incoming rockets. its aircraft also targeted a pair of rocket launchers near the gaza strip. those strikes killed one person and injured others. in a u.s. state of florida, a plane slid off the runway friday night. this happened at the jacksonville air station. the boeing 737 coming from guantanamo bay, cuba, ended up in the st. johns river. 136 passengers and 7 crew members were rescued from the wing. passenger cheryl borman tells cnn she has nothing but praise for a flight crew that handled a very scary situation.
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listen. >> they're flying through a lightning and thunderstorm. and i was in an aisle seat. so, i didn't have a view of the outside. the gentleman next to me did. and as we went down, we had a really hard landing. and then the plane bounced and screeched and bounced some more. and it lifted to the right. then it lifted to the left. and then it sort of swerved. and then it came to a complete like a crash stop. and i had to move forward. and i hit my head on the plastic tray that is in the seat in front of you. i'm not injured, thankfully. just a little bump on the head. but at any rate, at that point, the flight attendants did a great job, as they got everybody into life vests. you really do learn -- i fly a lot for work.
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i'm thankful that i remembered the instructions. you put on your life vest, and you don't inflate until you get outside the plane. we climbed on the wing. we're in water, we couldn't tell where we were, whether it was a river or ocean. there was rain coming down. there was lightning and thunder. and we stood on that wing for a significant period of time. the rescue folks came. eventually, somebody inflated a life raft that had been on the plane, and we began climbing into it. everybody was helping everybody. the passengers were terrific. i didn't see -- there were some injuries, but it didn't look like too many serious injuries. the children were the first ones on. and then everybody else helped everybody else. eventually, the fire rescue folks figured out that they could help us by getting a rope, it was actually a cable, from a pier that was the closest thing
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to us. and then pulling us in, with some help from people on the raft. and then we held on to the pier and helped other people on. i spoke with some folks that were on the other wing. they tell me there was a large hole in the other wing, and i didn't see that because i was on -- as you face the front of the airplane, i was on the left side of airplane. i was on that wing. i guess on the right side of the plane, as you're facing the front of the plane there was a large hole in the wing. and ntsb hasn't spoken to us. we were in a hangar in jacksonville and border patrol is processing us. but they're asking us for i.d. most of us don't have any because we left it on the plane in our bags.
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so, it's a bit of a mess. >> again, thankfully, everyone got off that plane safely. america's national transportation safety board tweeted it is sending a team to jacksonville to investigate exactly what happened here. now to thailand, that nation has a new king. the king has ascended to the throne once occupied by his late father. the entire coronation ceremony lasted for several hours. right now, he's due at a temple, the temple of the emerald buddha. there, the king will proclaim himself the royal patron of buddhism. earlier take a look here. the moment the 64-year-old monarch was formally crowned. it's the presentation of ornate silk. the skin presented with royal objects of his high office including a heavy gold crown endorned with diamonds.
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we get more from cnn's will ripley following the story here in bangkok. >> reporter: george, here in bangkok and across the land, the people are witnessing something most of them haven't seen. the coronation of the king. that was the coronation of the beloved king who passed away in 2016. now his son and successor was official lly correspond koren natured today. it spans back centuries. a lot of these things you could not even see because it all happened inside of the old palace which is what i'm standing in front of right now. you saw the king receive an umbrella, white of silk and gold. this umbrella will now basically be above the king wherever he is
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in the palace. and the reason for this umbrella is a symbol, a physical symbol, of the king's protection of the people, the spiritual protection as the significance of the nine-tier umbrella. he also puts on a crown, the great crown of victory. 7.3 kilos. 66 pounds. more than two feet tall. dwight a heavy crown for the king to wear. in some way, the weight is the symbol of the royal burden. and added to that is the gold he wears woven of gold thread. and the crown that he wears and sits with his subjects now that he's officially ascended into the throne. he receives the royal victory,
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the royal scepter. and they mark the legitimacy of the reign. what we've seen with the king using a lot to solidify that la la gif legitimacy. he lived most of the time, he just got married this week. it's his fourth marriage to his wife who is the queen of thailand. for the thai people who knew so much about his father and so little of him, these ceremonies do offer a peek behind the palace. >> will ripley, thank you. still ahead, president trump discusses the mueller report with the president of russia. we'll tell you what else they discussed during the lengthy phone call. plus, the venezuela leader is trying something different. his latest effort to win military support to push president maduro out of office.
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for us. >> i had a very good talk with president putin. probably over an hour. >> reporter: president trump was in high spirits after his first phone call with russian president vladimir putin since the release of the mueller report. >> we discussed it. he actually sort of smiled when he said something to the effect that it started off as a mountain, and it ended up being a mouse. but he knew that, because he knew there was no collusion whatsoever. >> reporter: but his good mood was quickly dashed after a reporter asked if he had told putin to stay out of american elections which the special counsel said happened in sweeping and systematic fashion in 2016. >> excuse me, i'm talking. i'm answering this question. you are very rude. >> reporter: asked again if he warned putin not to attack or interfere in the next election, the president said it didn't come up. >> we didn't discuss that. really, we didn't discuss it. we discussed five or six things. >> reporter: it's a question his press secretary also refuseded
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to directly answer earlier in the day. >> the conversation on that part was very quick. but what i can tell you is that this administration, unlike the previous one takes election meddling seriously. >> reporter: the phone call amid growing tensions between the united states and russia over venezuela. several officials have accused the kremlin of intervening to prop up nicolas maduro who the trump administration is working to remove from power. but the president downplayed putin's involvement. >> he is not looking at all to get involved in venezuela. other than he'd like to see something positive happen for venezuela. >> reporter: that statement directly contradicting what his secretary of state told wolf three days ago. >> he had an airplane on the tarmac, he was ready to leave this morning, as we understand it. and the russians indicated he should stay. >> reporter: russia also acknowledged it has military personnel on the ground in
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venezuela. new reports indicate in recent days trump has been at odds with his senior advisers who have been teasing military action there. >> president has been crystal clear. and incredibly consistent. military action is possible, if that's what's required. that's what the united states will do. >> reporter: sources say trump has, instead, cautioned his advisers to stick to the line that all options are on the table. >> we have lots of options and some of them are very tough options. >> reporter: the president's skepticism coming after kwjuan guaido's uprising. the botched operations raising questions about the reliability of intelligence that members of maduro's inner circle were ready to defect. one thing the president is feeling confident about, the economy? >> the economy -- >> thank you -- >> thank you. >> reporter: a strong new jobs report revealing the u.s.
2:19 am
economy added 263,000 jobs in april. and the unemployment rate fell to 3.6%, the lowest in 50 years. now, in response to our reporting, the president has advised people like john bolton to back off teasing the military option in venezuela, as much as they have been this week. a national security council spokesman told cnn in a statement, quote, boston is executing the president's strategy of maximum pressure to achieve a peaceful transition to democracy in venezuela. president trump himself has made clear, all options are on the table. kaitlan collins, cnn, the white house. >> let's talk about this now with natasha lindstedt. good to have you with us. >> thanks for having me. >> mr. trump clearly feeling good about the economy right now. he's also putting the mueller probe behind him.
2:20 am
and engaging the russian president really for the first time with a sense of victory and self-declared validation. though critics are calling this another helsinki moment with president trump siding with putin on a range of issues. what are your thoughts? >> i would agree with critics saying it's another helsinki moment. because this is a really good opportunity for the president to question putin about the events that took place in the 2016 election. not the one thing about the mueller report that hopefully all americans can agree upon, that russia meddled in these elections. and there's no telling that they're going to meddle in the 2020 elections. this is something that the russians have been doing for some time now. underlying democratic elections by using social media to shape individuals' opinions and hacking into the democratic party's elections. so it would be a good moment for trump to really question him on this. instead, he actually dismissed the reporter who asked the
2:21 am
question, basically indicating this was completely rude of her to even ask this. but he should have much greater suspicion about putin and to act like putin wasn't involved in this is to completely misunderstand the nature of the russian regime. it's highly personalized. which means that putin is in charge of every decision. there's nothing that happens behind his back and he really missed the opportunity to press putin on this particular matter. >> in this wide-ranging conversation, venezuela was the discussion. mr. trump backing juan guaido. again, the president's comments seem to be at odds with his own staff, and in line with president putin, especially when it comes to the possibility of military intervention, president trump taking a softer approach there. >> well, i think that's because trump is really keen on maintaining a good personal relationship with putin. this is someone he really respects. and he feels that it's important
2:22 am
for the u.s. to have a good relationship with russia. he keeps talking about this isn't a bad thing. it's a good thing to have a good relationship with them. the policies that the russian advocate, in particular, with the case with venezuela, is completely at odds with what the u.s. wants. russia wants to maintain maduro until power. and there were rumors which have not been substantiated that he even convinced maduro to keep the country and stay strong. this is something that the russians have done with other authoritarian regimes. this is against what they want evolving in venezuela, it has been a country that's long been democratic. and with the rise of chavez, they've had a difficult relationship with venezuela. so it's an opportunity to challenge russia on its actions with venezuela and push important nicolas maduro who has
2:23 am
been in charge in venezuela's history is really the right leader for the country. >> all right. at the top of the show, i'm sure you might have heard. we reported on these projectiles that were launched from north korea. that issue again, front and center. before all of this, president trump in that call indicated his appreciation for russia's engagement with north korea. do you see russia as a growing player in these negotiations? because keep in mind, the last summit between kim jong-un and president trump did not end very well. the summit between kim and putin was described as a success. >> and that's something that russia is hoping to achieve. they want to be a bigger player and be more involved in the denuclearization of north korea. that is actually something that is in its interest, because they do want establishment on the korean peninsula. what they don't want is regime change. they want to ensure that north korea remains authoritarian. and this is something that the chinese also want as well. and they feel that in order to
2:24 am
do so, they need to become more and more involved. and prove their relationship with north korea. this has been something that has been improving over time. but that recent summit which is really more about the optics and showing to the world that these two leaders are forging a strong relationship, and that there's more opportunity for cooperation in the future. the recent summit showed that russia wants to become more involved in this process and they undoubtedly will be more involved because they have a little bit more leverage with north korea compared to the u.s. does at this moment. >> natasha lindstedt with perspective. thank you. >> thanks for having me. a grieving mother is talking tough on north korea. why cindy warmbier is speaking out now about what happened to her son, before he died. plus, the economic crisis in venezuela rages on. it's hurting the country's most vulnerable. ahead, the trouble with living
2:25 am
conditions of venezuela's elderly. (paul) great.
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it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world, you're watching "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell with the headlines we're following for you at this hour. a plane skidded off the runway in jacksonville, florida, on friday night, this happening in jacksonville naval air station. all 143 people on board escaped with their lives. it slid into the st. johns river. at the end of the runway. they were arriving from guantanamo bay, cuba. one of the passengers telling cnn, the plane made a really hard landing surrounded by thunder and lightning. the u.s. president says he
2:29 am
discussed the mueller report on the russian election meddling with this russian counterpart russian president vladimir putin. but he didn't order the russian president to stay out of the next election. he said they also discussed venezuela. he told reporters putin doesn't want to get involved. the white house press secretary said they are aware of north korea's launch of several projectiles and they will continue to monitor the situation. according to south korea's ministry, whatever was launched flew a few hundred kilometers, 50 to 125 miles and then crashed at sea. >> the mother of american otto warmbier is slamming north korea as a, quote, cancer on the earth and has launched an emotional appeal for more pressure to be cut on kim jong-un and his regime. otto warmbier died after being
2:30 am
brought from that country in a country. >> reporter: when otto warmbier was brought home from a north korean labor camp in a coma, his moral said he looked like a monster. >> the look in his eyes which i didn't know he was blind at the time was absolute horror. horror, like he'd seen the devil and he had. he was with the devil. >> reporter: cindy warmbier said if she had known north korea demand the u.s. agree to pay $2 million for the release of her son she would have sprung into action. >> if i had to, i would have raised the money. and i wish they would have asked for the money from day one because it was all about hostage taking. but instead, they had a much bigger use for otto. >> reporter: president trump says that money was never paid. although u.s. officials did sign a bill in order to have warmbier released. he died six days after his return in 2017. cindy warmbier spoke during a panel in washington about north korean kidnappings.
2:31 am
just a mile away, former north korea soldiers were on capitol hill detail wag thing what they the brutality of kim's regime. said behind the scenes those choreographed routines were a facade, hiding rampant abuse and starvation. >> translator: i was really hungry all the time. i was starving. my height is short because of the mall mall mall new transition i experienced. >> reporter: one told us of a young soldier in his unit during a training exercise, he said, the soldier was so hungry, he ate a frog alive. >> translator: he didn't know the frog was poisonous. he became unconscious and died a couple hours later. >> reporter: this staff sergeant made this dramatic dash.
2:32 am
surveillance video showing him being pursued and shot several time. he was rescued and almost died of his wounds. in the hospital, he, too, was treated for severe malnutritiom. >> she said a female colleague of hers was forced to have an affair with a superior officer. the woman became pregnant and almost died when she suffered a mischarge. >> translator: she said when they asked her to have an affair with him, there was no way she could refuse. she had to do it in order to get party membership so she could have a better life. the only thing she could sacrifice was her body. >> reporter: these horrific stories come as president trump remains determined to pursue his personal diplomacy with kim jong-un, diplomacy which otto warmbier's mother calls aisha raid. >> how can you have diplomacy
2:33 am
with someone who never tells the truth? he lies. he lies, he lies, all for himself. >> reporter: president trump said kim jong-un told him he never knew about otto warmbier's condition while warmbier was in his custody and trump said he believes kim. we received out to the accounts of the soldiers of starvation and abuse. they didn't get back to us but kim jong-un has previously said that his soldiers should spare no amount of nutrition, so they could feel, quote, the loving care of his regime. brian todd, washington. >> the u.s. president is urging his top advisers to approach the crisis in venezuela with caution. this comes after the u.s.-backed national assembly leader failed to topple the country's embattled president this week. but juan guaido remains determined. he's called for more protests to win military support, telling
2:34 am
supporters they are close to victory. listen. >> translator: we're willing to talk to all of the civil and military officials. with all, no matter where they come from, who are willing to cooperate with the participation of usurpation. that is the mandate that i have by the constitution. >> in the meantime, members of the lima group, of mainly latin american countries again showed their support for guaido. they revised a revolution calling for a return to democracy in venezuela. the economic crisis in venezuela is hitting almost everyone, but especially hitting the elderly hard. it's forced many of them to take refuge in senior citizen homes because many of their families can't afford to keep them to help them. our michael holmes has this story. >> reporter: dominos in the courtyard of mother teresa senior home in caracas.
2:35 am
there's not much to do here. it's even worse for the elderly. this is not a good country in which to grow old. >> translator: if we didn't have this place, how many of these people would be on the streets? thank god here they're alive. it's not great but at least they're alive. >> reporter: this man and his staff do the best to house and feed more than 80 people here. the oldest, the 84-year-old cecilia. many of the elderly are given up by their families, not unwanted, far from it. but victims of the brutal abuse do you feed the children or the grandparents? >> translator: there are many people here who are sad. their hearts are sad because they've given everything in their life and their families for one reason or another send them here. >> reporter: everything here is donations. and donations are drying up.
2:36 am
it's $7 a month. there's no backisking in retiret years in venezuela. >> translator: i have a lot of expectations of a nice retirement because i had a nice job and income, omar tells me. but what do you think of the government and what it does, i ask him. nothing, nothing, nothing, he says. life here is sparse, but it is life. the stories here are so similar. the pain and disappointment so individual. we meet victoria. 74 years old. she has family in caracas, but there was simply no room or money to support her. >> translator: there were a lot of people in the house. my brother's children and their children. it was too much. >> reporter: a familiar refrain, families who couldn't cope or who simply left. an estimated 3 million venezuelans have fled their country and its wretched economy in recent years. many didn't take their parents
2:37 am
or grandparents, they couldn't afford to. he says he won't let his people down even though his government has. what he wants is change, help. >> translator: i urged venezuela let the money come in. we need the food, the medicine. instead of buying weapons, we need medicines and food. >> reporter: the residents of the mother teresa home say in the meantime, they'll survive. michael holmes, cnn, caracas, venezuela. >> let's bring in kevin middlebrook, kevin is a professor of latin american politics at university of college london joining us this hour in london. good to have you with us. >> good morning. >> i just wanted to get your thoughts on that piece we just played from michael holmes, discussing, explaining the situation for those who are more vulnerable in that country, given the economic situation. >> look, it's a terribly
2:38 am
difficult economic and social situation. the economy is in complete meltdown. the annual rate of inflation will be in the low millions now. they're talking about a further drop of about 25% in gross domestic product this year which is a 50% drop over about three years. 3 million people are immigrated especially for economic hardship reasons. so it is a terrible situation for millions of people. there's a great demand for humanitarian assistance which the red cross and other countries are trying to meet but it's an extremely dire situation. >> for those people, you describe a dire situation. juan guaido is counting on seeing many people, many of his supporters to fill the streets to protest. but that didn't materialize as he wanted. instead, we saw many images of nicolas maduro surrounded by hundreds in the military. where does that leave the
2:39 am
opposition leader on what is clearly a tug-of-war for leverage? >> well, this is a very fluid and highly-divided situation. one of the problems that guaido faces is precisely because the economic is so terrible. his calls for a general strike in which businesses shut down, et cetera, is really a very difficult decision for people to make. they're afraid if they close their business, the government will take them over, as a political act, and that they will wind up all the worse for it. and, of course, the other dimension to this is the military calculus made by the armed forces, whether they continue to back maduro or defect toward guaido. this past week have seen some very dramatic developments in that regard. as for now, as for the last three months, the senior military command seems to be behind maduro. i must say in part, one of the reasons they seem to back maduro is precisely that the trump
2:40 am
administration continues to talk about the use of military force which would unify the venezuela the nonforces. >> it is quick to point out mr. trump's position on the possibility of military intervention. mr. trump saying that options are on the table. where does that put the united states, given that russia is also active, involved in what's happening in venezuela? >> well, russia is no position logistically to block some form of u.s. military action. it might be able to take some anti-u.s. response elsewhere in the world. i suppose putin could even tell trump there will never be a trump tower hotel in moscow if the u.s. uses military force in venezuela, or something like that. but clearly, i think the problem for the u.s. would be mainly on the latin american and venezuela
2:41 am
sides. many latin american countries, not all, but many latin american countries have backed this effort, originally in the name of defending democracy in latin america. when the trump administration talks about the monroe doctrine, the use of military force, undercutting the trek of tyranny and socialist countries in venezuela, cuba and nicaragua, it makes latin american countries much more uneasy about this. and i think it would be almost impossible for any of them to endorse some form of military action. >> kevin middlebrook giving us some perspective on what's happening in venezuela. kevin, thank you. >> my pleasure. tropical depression fani is weakening but could bring heavy rains and mudslides. we're tracking the story, ahead. so skin looks like this. and you feel like this.
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the remnants of tropical depression fani are moving over bangladesh right now. on friday, that storm made landfall on india's east coast as a cyclone. the strongest cyclone to hit the country in seven years. police say that seven people were killed from falling trees and collapsed buildings. even though the storm has weakened it has potential to cause a lot of damage in bangladesh. officials have warned people to get out the storm's path. with me now, derek van dam. >> it's weakened but has potential for flooding in banglade bangladesh. but for the most bart part in i the threat of flooding has gone
2:46 am
but it's landslides and heavy rainfall. here's the graphic to give you the latest information. you can see the wind impact. as we mentioned the wind threat kind of passing quickly as time goes on here. it is has moved out from the west bangle states. but into the northwestern sections of bangladesh, it continues and gives high flood threat. here's the satellite, you can see what i'm talking about. it has had intense rainfall within the past few others but you can see that's moving to the north and east. as it moves away from bangladesh. when the storm made landfall it packed quite a punch along the coast. it was yesterday, roughly 24 to 36 hours ago when we saw landfall, 240 miles per hour sustained winds. this is what it looks like on the ground. this is incredible imagery coming out of the region.
2:47 am
doors being completely blown open. we saw trees snapping over. we saw electrical lines coming down. this sin kreb imagery-- incredi. you can see a bus being blown over. getting back to the graphics, talking about where the storm is headed next. by the way, the last time an equivalent storm of this size, magnitude and strength, back in 1989. as george mentioned this has been 20 years since the area was impacted by such a storm. rainfall totals, 8 1/2 inches over a day and a half. that's a lot across the world, let alone over a very vulnerable part of this country. we have low-lying areas, we have a coastline susceptible to storm surge and susceptible to flooding in the bay of bengal. for the most part, the rain has
2:48 am
come to an end in the northeastern states. but bangladesh, a few inches of rainfall possible and northeast of india, maybe a couple hundred millimeters of rainfall. the threats going forward, not a wind concern. but the flood threat and the potential for landslides and mudslides. remember, there's a lot of mountains in these areas. so water seeks its own level. if it rains in high elevations, it's going to flow down to the valleys and communities. now to tell you about what is happening in the u.s. state of iowa. devastating flooding has hit parts of that state. large parts of its third biggest city are under water. as you see here in davenport, iowa, this after the mississippi river reached record levels in that city. our ryan young is there and has this report. >> reporter: we're here in davenport, iowa, where the impact has been quite tremendous. as you look around, that's the
2:49 am
river there and you can see the cars that have submerged. this has had impact on the businesses around the area. they've been under water for more than 30 days in some parts of the area. this is going to have impact on trying to get businesses open, streets open. and they're worried about what could happen next because on thursday there could be more rain. they're thinking between sunday and thursday of next week, anywhere from 2 to 3 more inches of rain. steven, as you guide this bolt, have you ever seen anything like this in the area? >> '93, that's when me and my family moved here from florida. and it was this bad. we actually lived on the river out of muscatine. >> reporter: the business he works has had the generator on for over 24 hours. you can understand the impact. people using kayaks to get around. it will be a tough way in the area. they say right now they have enough sandbags. ryan young, cnn, davenport,
2:50 am
iowa. after spending days in quarantine, a ship with confirmed cases of measles will be allowed to return home. up next, the challenges that still await the rest of the passengers and crew. guy a promotion. you should be mad at forced camaraderie. and you should be mad at tech that makes things worse. but you're not mad, because you have e*trade, who's tech makes life easier by automatically adding technical patterns on charts and helping you understand what they mean. don't get mad. get e*trade's simplified technical analysis.
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a cruise ship carrying a person with a confirmed case of measles is on its way back to its home port. but it's not all smooth sailing yet. natasha chan looks into what happened to the next 300 people on board. >> reporter: the free wind cruise ship owned with the church of scientology is returning to its home wort at curacao. a female crew member tested positive for measles. and now the curacao government will not let any of the 300 people off the ship until they determine who is susceptible to the disease. that's not going to be easy, who carries around immunization documents, right? >> reporter: a doctor requested 300 certificates of immunization. this scientologist said she was on the free wind the week before the particular trip.
2:55 am
>> free wind does not play around with the people who board the ship. they are very serious about security. very serious about health. very serious about high integrity. so, for me, it's the safest ship on the ocean. >> reporter: the church of scientology didn't responsibility to cnn's request for comment. it says the church is a religious retreat at the pinnacle of the scientology journey. but professor kent said there is a philosophy that high-ranking scientologists can fend off illness. >> issue about it is filled with high-ranking scientologists. consequently, high-ranking scien scientologists could say this is the least place on earth for people to get sick. it's being called one of the
2:56 am
most epic postseason victories in the nba playoffs and it hasn't even been done since 1953. going into four overtimes, game three of the nba western conference semifinals became a daring escape for many of the players who clocked in 45-plus minutes of playing time. but rodney hood's last three-minute -- three-pointer, i should say, gave the portland trail blazers just the breather that they needed in a gutsy 150-147 win over the nuggets. they face on sunday when the denver nuggets gain home course advantage. that wraps this hour of "newsroom." i'm george howell. news continues right after the break.
2:57 am
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customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. and now get $100 back when you buy a new lg. click, call, or visit a store today. good morning. so glad to have you with us on this saturday. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. an investigative team is on the way to florida after a plane ended up on the st. john's river. everyone is safe. the more than 100 passengers and crew had to be rescued from the wing of the plane after it came to a stop on the shallow water. south korea is urging north korea to stop raising tensions after they detecte


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