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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  May 17, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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and then we got the phone call and i was shocked. >> shocked because the day brian, al and debbie all went into surgery, so did 74-year-old ed cranepool. the last stop on the short chain of remarkable kindness. he got debbie's kidney and who is he? >> i've had two good teams in life, the mets and my group today. >> ed was the first baseman for the miracle mets so long ago. a local hero, i'm a yankee fan and -- [ laughter ] >> nothing will change that. >> but then they were all heroes this day, hitting a grand slam of giving. >> with this transplant i'll be able to see my children -- i'll be able to see them graduate, i'll be able to go to their weddings, i'll be able to see my grandchildren and that is very special to me. [ applause ] >> tom foreman, cnn, new york.
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you're watching cnn, on this friday afternoon i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being here. potential obstruction of the russia investigation. that is what robert mueller said was a possible goal of people with ties to the trump administration and to congress when they reached out to former trump national security adviser michael flynn. this contact took place a couple of years ago he was deciding whether or not to cooperate with the special counsel. flynn not only helped mueller with his investigation but as we just learned today, he also turned over a voice mail from one of the people, a personal attorney of his for president trump in the process. cnn politics correspondent sarah murray is in washington. and sayre yu, these revelations came thanks to the judge who will be sentencing michael flynn, is that correct? and how do he with get here. >> michael flynn has not been sentenced and one of the earliest and most valuable
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cooperators in the mueller probe and the judge who will decide flynn's fate has pushed for more and more information about what exactly michael flynn was providing to the government that was so useful and that is how we learned more about the extent to which people around the president and apparently around congress were essentially trying to sway michael flynn's testimony. of course this raises questions about why mueller didn't find anyone else obstructed justice. perhaps one of the people we know, for instance a member of the president's legal team reaching out to michael flynn and say telling us what you are telling the special counsel, it is a matter of national security. so it is a little unclear why obstruction -- the obstruction lines didn't follow those people who may have tried to influence flynn. but this judge is still pushing for more information. he said he wants the transcripts of this voice mail between someone in the administration's orbit and someone in flynn's orbit trying to sway his testimony. he also wanted the transcripts of michael flynn's phone calls with russian officials.
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remember this is what got flynn in hot water in the first place, talking about sanctions with the then russian ambassador and lying about it to the vice president and to the american people. so we could still learn more about this case going forward. >> so will the transcripts be something if we hear the voice mail. sarah murray, thank you very much. let's analyze. i have ashar rengoppa and frank bruni is a "new york times" opinion columnist and a cnn contributor. so welcome to both you. asha, you first, does what we've just learned, this voice mail and communication, does that qualify as obstruction potentially? >> it can potentially qualify as obstruction. i think it is important to point out that this is actually in the mueller report. it is in volume two around pages 130, 131. >> you're good. >> not that i photographically memorized it. but i think it just goes to the volume of information in there. he does say that this could be an obstructive act.
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he didn't -- he said in the report that because of a attorney/client privilege they did not pursue with the lawyer who made this call and left this voice mail whether the president knew about it. >> that is the key piece. we don't know if the president know about it. >> the president is shielded because they didn't want to go down that road but i think the lawyer here could potentially have criminal liability and because mueller doesn't decide to include it and might decide that is beyond the scope of his mandate and if he decided that could be pursued as a separate criminal referral, that is still an open question. >> what about other people, frank bruni. flynn described multiple times, the quote is, he or his attorneys received information from persons connected to the administration or congress that could have affect the his willingness to cooperate and the completion of the cooperation. >> and you're great to point that out because we're talking
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about plural incidents and more than one person. and there is one voice mail from john dowd i believe and it is -- we hear this audio, that is different than hearing a summary of what happened. if it sounds a certain way, this is because the judges said he wanted the transcript but will listen to the audio and will make that public. so there is the flavor that could be meaningful for people and then as you said we've heard descriptions of multiple attempts to get in touch with them to find out what he would say to make sure he knew that he was in good esteem with the president and not to presumably not to change that. who are these people? what are the other attempts sounding like. if this isn't obstruction it is in the same time zone and probably in the same zip code. >> and some of the other people may be members of congress. >> that's the thing. >> so i think we start to get to why it is so important for congress to be able to get the unredacted material and also have hearings because of this issue that sometimes hearing it out loud, coming out from
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people's mouths or listening to a recording could be very powerful. nobody will read this 448-page report. but also because congress needs to know who these people are to take action even if mueller decided not to. they have their internal ethics rules and other -- there is transparence and accountability issues if members of congress were involved in this. >> and we're talking about transcripts and audio, think about hearing flynn on the phone with the russian ambassador, right. how chummy did they sound and what exactly is flynn saying? that is worth a lot more than just knowing that he said don't worry about the sanctions, they'll be taken care of when trump is in office. >> and to add to this, president trump said he had no idea flynn was under investigation and couldn't make a staff change because no one warned him and i sit here and i want your reaction first, because no one? look at the faces on the screen. former fbi director james comey or sally yates and certainly not former president barack obama. you tell me who else failed to
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warn him? >> he has the best memories, brooke. >> of anyone you've ever met on the planet. >> he was warned repeatedly and i think what is happening now is as more evidence comes out, he does what he usually does katie hill is to distance himself and it is not long before michael flynn was just a coffee boy and running and getting lattes from starbucks and not the former national security adviser. >> so move over papadopoulos, he is the new coffee boy. >> yes, exactly. >> what do you think? >> michael flynn? i don't know michael flynn. who is that guy. >> and why didn't you warn me. >> he's always innocent. he reinvents history and everyone is -- he is blameless and everybody else should take the fall. >> and bill barr is speaking out about investigating the russian investigation and a rant we've heard from president trump repeatedly. listen to what he said. >> i've been trying to get answers to questions and i found that a lot of the answers have been inadequate and i've also
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found that some of the explanations i've gotten don't hang together. people have to find out what the government was doing during that period. if we're worried about foreign influence, for the very same reason, we should be worried about whether government officials abused think power and put their thumb on the scale. >> so the fact that you have the attorney fuelling these conspiry theories, furthering spy-gate on the president's favorite news channel -- >> from the release of that ridiculous four-page summary through this he's utterly consistent and seems determined to protect the president and to feed any narrative that the president wants fed. we know this investigation had basis and there were reasons the campaign and people associated with the campaign were being looked into and he keeps prom -- propping up that this was a witch hunt and donald trump is a martyr and he's not. he's the luckiest man alive. >> thank you both very much. and coming up next, ohio state university released a
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disturbing internal report that found one of the former team doctors sexual abused nearly 200 athletes. 200, for nearly two decades. hear the university response to accusations that they did nothing to stop this alleged abuse. plus a powerful moment on the floor of the missouri state house. one lawmaker reading a letter to her 2-year-old daughter after a bill passed that would severely restrict abortions in that state. and a vice president joe biden communications director joins me live. we'll ask her about his campaign strategy to take president trump head on. our members shop a little differently. so we reward every purchase . let's see what kate sent. for you. for all of us. that's for me. navy federal credit union
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we're back now. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. to a disturbing story out of ohio, ohio state university failed to act as a team -- failed to act as team doctor richard strauss abused 177 athletes and they found that coaches and administration did not speak up about this, for two decades. in 1996 doctor strauss was removed from his role following an investigation. he died by suicide in 2005. and when accusers started coming forward last year, i talked with michael desabatto a ohio state
12:15 pm
wrestler and one of the athlete as -- abused by strauss and this is what he told me one year ago. >> they were conversations with a group of athletes who were complaining on a regular basis. not only about dr. strauss, but the conditions within lock and tall which forced us to take showers with not only dr. strauss but other university faculty members and professor who had access to our shower facility and on a daily basis were involved in lewd acts that included public masturbation, excessive soaping of their groin area and dr. strauss was one of those that took a lot of showers and soaped himself a lot. >> cnn paula sandoval is reporting this for us and cnn legal analyst criminal defense attorney joey jacks is here with analysis. but i remember talking to mike a year ago and i know that there
12:16 pm
are so many complicating factors around this but what your learning? >> so before we get to what is in it, let me tell you about. this report is an independent one that details sexual abuse against at least 177 former student athletes and it is important to point out, brooke, it also gives credence to accusations made by dozens of former ohio state university students that were sexual abused by the team doctor and the university a -- according to the report failed to do anything about it and os uconn colluded that school personnel know about complaints that dr. strauss was sexual abusing students as early as 1979 and failed to investigate or act and he was retired in 1998 two years after the university fired him from the job at a student clinic and also the athletic department following students' allegations that surfaced back then. but we should point out he was
12:17 pm
never actually prosecuted. he also took his own life in 2005. along with today's report, current osu president michael drake sent out a letter of apology to the university community and said every person abused deserved that apology and the institution at the time failed to prevent years of abuse and called it, in his own word, unacceptable. so this report is really the end of a year-long investigation and it included hearing from various survivors, including one who spoke before school trustees in november. this is what he had to say. >> i cannot get the image of the predator's face out of my head. him standing over me while he sexually assaulted me in that clinic. >> you may also remember ohio congressman jim jordan and how he potentially ties into this. you remember that he repeatedly denied having any knowledge of any sort of inappropriate behavior during his time as an assistant wrestling coach at osu and despite several victims saying that he knew.
12:18 pm
the report does not name him specific by but said investigators could not conclusively determine each and every allegation made about a particular coach's knowledge, specific portion of that statement reads, quote, the investigators concluded what we have said from the beginning, that congressman jordan never knew of any abuse and if he had he would have dealt with it. we should point out this report found that strauss's behavior as an open secret is how this report refers to this kind of behavior, especially as it looks at it now. again, decades after the allegations began to surface, many victims now hearing what they were hoping to hear from the university. >> just to think that this all apparently goes back to you mentioned 1979. decades of inaction, joey jackson. what does accountability begin to look like? >> it is difficult based on the timing anding that decades long
12:19 pm
and how do you hold people accountable and have they moved on or passed away as this -- has and there are teachable moments in life and this is a hard lesson to learn. you remember the larry nassar case? >> i was just thinking -- >> because there are so many parallels. he was alive and able to be prosecuted and gone away for a long time both federally and state and he's serving consecutive sentences. it is like 140 years or something. and so the reality is that what do we do? we know that we have this title nine that protects -- supposed to protect students and certainly university officials or mandatory reporters when it comes toing ha -- to having kno of this and to the point of teachable moments, what do we do to prevent this. there is a couple of things. the first is the independent report that polo talked about and walked us through in terms of the findings, compelling, shocking, very disturbing. but think it is a wake-up call to schools, universities throughout the country that you need to be in line. now we also know, secondly,
12:20 pm
brooke, that we have the civil lawsuits, the many civil lawsuits that are pending against osu. and i think this report corroborates what is in those civil allegations. and so, look, the only mechanism the legal system has to compensate people is money. and that's -- it is a short coming and most unfortunate and that is all that is there. and to the interview that you did and we just watched, how do you begin to repair? >> how do you begin to pay someone to just -- >> it is an awful thing. 177 victims. but let's just hope moving forward, right, that we address and effect the people who have been affected but that universities are in compliance and they address the issues and that this doesn't happen. >> it is just stunning. like all of the different stories. i watched the heart of gold document on larry nassar last week and the pattern is that people are speaking up and people are aware. >> thank goodness. >> and nothing is done until the very end. we've got to go.
12:21 pm
we'll read more about your reporting, polo sandoval. appreciate you putting this in the spotlight for these men. in the 2020 race, recent polls show joe biden with a huge lead. but behind him senator bernie sanders seems to be dropping while senator elizabeth warren gets a bump. plus it is an alarming revelation, two florida counties hacked during the 2016 election and we don't even know which counties they were -- until now. we'll be right back. when you rent from national... it's kind of like playing your own version of best ball. because here, you can choose any car in the aisle, even if it's a better car class than the one you reserved. so no matter what, you're guaranteed to have a perfect drive. [laughter] (vo) go national. go like a pro. see what i did there?
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florida counties hacked, washington county in the panhandle saw the voter registration data base breached according to two u.s. officials who spoke with "the washington post." the fbi briefed the florida governor and the delegation this week but they are restricted from telling the public which two countries were targtded. the fbi said that information will remain classified. governor ron desantis said the breach had no effect on the florida vote totals but access to rollers could change voter eligibility. a new poll solidifies joe biden front-runner status. so far in the democratic race for 2020 he leads the pack with 35% support. plus the former vice president does the best when it comes to a head to head with president trump. but biden is also finding when
12:27 pm
you are the front-runner, it means your rivals can see exactly where to aim. and they are. with slams on his backing of the '94 crime big, the iraq war, nafta, credit card companies and his take on health care and climate change. after entering the race three weeks ago with a stronger than expected lead, biden is set to deliver a speech at his first major 2020 rally tomorrow in philadelphia. and we also just learned he's headed to texas later this month. so kate beddingfield is joe biden deputy campaign and communications manager. so a pleasure. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> so since jumping in the race, biden has gone straight after trump with that video and beyond as though the general election has already begun. but we know and you know, kate, that he still has to beat 22 people in order to get there. and my question to you, is he at risk at aly -- alienating
12:28 pm
certain parts of the party if you focus on trump. >> no, if there is one thing democrats we are unified behind it is the notion that we have to get president trump out of office and joe biden has laid out the case for his candidacy and explaining why he is running, to restore the soul of the nation and to rebuild the backbone of this country and the middle class and what he will turn to, his speech in philly tomorrow which is a belief that we have to unify the country and that we are standing in our own way until we get past this place of division. and that as a country there is nothing that we can't do if we're able to come together and to find consensus. so you'll hear him in the birthplace of america tomorrow and also the home of the biden campaign, philly, talking about the need to unify the country and his belief that that is fundamental and that everything else flows from a sense that when we work together, we can find solutions and people can feel again like government has
12:29 pm
their backs. and like they have a president who understanding their concerns, who is a leader with empathy and dignity. and so those are the kind of things you'll hear from him in philly tomorrow. >> sure. and hear you on democrats unified about beating donald trump. but again back to those 22 others, speaking of one of them, kamala harris on the chatter about her maybe becoming biden's running mate and she responded to that this week. here she was. >> think that joe biden would be a great running mate as vice president he's proven that he knows how to do the job. >> kate, your response to that? well, i think the most important thing here is you haven't heard any of that running mate talk from joe biden or anybody on our campaign. so he has nothing but the utmost respect for senator harris. but what you hear from him is his case for why he's running. and again, that is about -- it is about unity and it is about rebuilding the backbone of the country and it is about making a real change from the kind of
12:30 pm
leadership that we currently have in the white house. >> and i know you mentioned philly and i know he's just jumped in a couple of weeks ago and about to unveil policies but senator warren, for example, her whole line is i have a plan for that. and she's already rolled out policy plan after policy plan and so can you just tell me which specific plans you guys will roll out and when? >> you will hear from the vice president on a host of policy specifics. i think you've heard him as he started to lay out his case for being president, talking about the need for inclusive middle class, a middle class that works for everybody. he's talked about the need for people to have the peace of mind that comes with health insurance and his talk about the existential crisis we're facing with the climate. so you're going to hear from him all sorts of aggressive and progressive policy specifics as we -- >> like starting tomorrow? >> -- in the next phase of the campaign. tomorrow you'll hear about the importance of uniting america and then start to hear policy
12:31 pm
specifics into the next phase of the campaign. >> alabama governor, speaking of policy, alabama governor just signed into law the bill banning nearly all abortion in the state with no exceptions for rape or incest. senator warren is calling on congress to pass pieces of legislation to repeal the hyde amendment which bans funding for most abortions and propose a reversal of the trump administration domestic gag rule. this is all aimed at guaranteeing abortion and other reproductive rights around the country even if roe v. wade falls. so does joe biden agree with senator warren's proposal? >> he believes that roe is settling law and we should fight at any turn to any appeal rov or a woman's right to choose under roe v. wade and he reaffirmed that today and believes that is a critical right and that -- and it is one that we have to fight to protect. >> but specifically, what -- i mentioned the hyde amendment
12:32 pm
with senator warren. what concrete positions is joe biden willing to take on how he would defend abortion access. >> he has said unequivocally that he believes roe v. wade is the law of the land and we have to fight to make sure those fights aren't erode and we see republicans trying to encroach and making end roads with the bills in the states and he believes we have to be committed to protecting a woman's right to choose and making sure that decision remains between a woman and her doctor. >> kate beddingfield, we'll look for you in philadelphia. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. i appreciate it. moments ago, missouri became the ninth state in the country to pass a highly restrictive abortion bill and it sent one democratic lawmaker to the floor to read an emotional letter to her 2-year-old. we will play that for you. plus cnn investigates how the president makes his money and loses it. what we learned about four failed projects under the trump family name.
12:33 pm
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we learned this week that president trump made at least $479 million in 2018. and the financial disclosure once again puts the focus on just how the president earns his money. cnn erin burnett took a deep dive into several of the president's past projects for her documentary called "the trump family business" including trump ocean resort baja mexico. take a look. >> the failure of trump ocean
12:38 pm
resort baja mexico was among several trump buildings that failed in the early 2000s. two projects planned for florida also failed. the trump so ho hotel went bankrupt. so did buildings in panama and toronto. >> most people in the city, when that tower went bankrupt, just chalked it up to the global financial crisis but a lot of people were building condos during the global financial crisis and none of them went bankrupt. >> marco and robert crib of the toronto star partnered with columbia journalism school to investigate what happened at the trump building in toronto. >> everyone lost money except for trump. >> it's the bottom line again and again. he gained, others lost. take panama. >> how much did he make? >> he made probably between $30 million and $55 million. even though it is a project that went bankrupt, remember?
12:39 pm
>> everybody else lost. and trump earned $30 million to $50 million. how? a big part of the answer, licensing. >> the way it works is somebody else decides to build a building and trump will pay you a fee to put your name on it. >> the trump buildings in panama, toronto, soho and baja mexico all licensed properties. >> donald trump started licensing his name because it was easy money. here was an opportunity to sign your name and get paid up front. >> erin burnett is with me now. and so you mentioned a couple of properties there. one i'd never heard of, trump ocean resort baja mexico. why isn't that well-known? >> well you've never heard of it because it doesn't exist. it was literally never built. it is still a hole in the ground. hole in the ground but yet people are still recovering from it. sandra staple is one of them. she actually talks about her dream, picket fence and take her
12:40 pm
kids to have a second home and that is her dream. she and her husband saved up money, $125,000 to buy a suite at the trump ocean resort baja mexico and they lost every single dollar. and what is amazing. they weren't really aware that this was just a licensed project and trump didn't have any skin in the game. they went to a marketing event, ivanka trump showed up and said maybe i'll have to borrow sugar from you down the hall and they had a p-- brochure that said trump is developing and you could see the letter and it was signed out by trump. and he wasn't the developer, it was just a licensed property and trump lost nothing and sandra staple and her family is still recovering and that is part of the story again and again we explore. >> good to see you. her investigation of cnn special report, the trump family business airs tonight at 9:00. missouri is about to join the growing list of states
12:41 pm
restricting abortion and just moments ago the state house passed a bill that prohibits abortions after eight weeks and heads to the governor's desk who said he supports it. we heard an emotional debate though on the house floor. >> every single ride we have is only possible for each one of us if we have the right to life. for without the right to life, we could not enjoy any other right. we must and we shall protect human life at all ages and stages of development. i stand wholeheartedly in support of this bill and its courageous sponsors. >> and democrat kerry angle decided to read the letter she wrote to her 2 and a half-year-old daughter patty. listen. >> i came here to fight for your rights, hattie. rights your brother will never have threatened. rights to make the most intimate, intricate decisions anyone could make and no one should be making on your behalf.
12:42 pm
i have sat with little girls not much older than you and i have listened to them talk about people they trusted hurting them, stealing their innocence and trust in the world. i've held their hands as they cried and blamed themselves. i have worked with them to heal from pain that so many women are forced to endure and i will teach you how to defend yourself physically, how to hold keys between your knuckles and spotting someone following you and how to watch your drink and lock your door second youent you are your car and things i'll never have to teach your brother. i dread teaching you the other part. how not to blame yourself. how to see value in yourself after your clothes and body have been ripped apart and how not ho hate your body and see your trauma and your body is not you
12:43 pm
and not caring shame into every relationship you have, a shame that is not yours to hold. but i know that the odds are stacked against you, that there are more women sitting in this chamber who have been assaulted than those that have not. hattie, i'll teach your brother other things. i'll teach him to listen when people say no. to respect that he doesn't have the right to anyone else's body ever. i will teach him that girls get to make their own decision. i will teach him to believe in women's inherent dignity and that girls know what is best for their lives and their bodies. >> that eight-week abortion ban bill is now headed to the governor's desk. it has been a week of west wing in hi -- in fighting and talks of war with iran and the president just weighed in calling reports that he's angry with his aids, quote/unquote, bullshit. t, powered by t-mobile,
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men and women who serve can speak to their doctors from virtually anywhere, and get the care they deserve, so they can return to their most important post. best friend, quarterback, or just dad. the va provides the care, t-mobile provides the coverage.
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three suspects charged in the grizzly murder of a pregnant chicago woman just made the court appearance, a mother/daughter duo face assault
12:49 pm
charged and they were all denied bond. the mother strangles marlen ochoa lopez who was nine months pregnant with her second child and the mother allegedly cut the infant out of the victim's womb. >> clarissa called the 911 standing on the street with a newborn baby stating i just had a baby. >> they should be celebrating the birth of a young baby instead their mourning the loss of the mother and possible lip the young child. >> cnn jean casarez is here to explain just how -- and i know this started with a facebook request for a stroller and some baby clothes? >> it was so innocent on the part of the victim. it was april 23rd and that is the last time that mrs. lopez was ever seen alive. her husband went to police after that saying my wife is gone and my wife is nine months pregnant. she's about ready to give birth. so from april 23rd on chicago
12:50 pm
police say they tried everything that technology would allow to try to find her car, try to find her. they went to hospitals to see if she had gone to a hospital to give birth. absolutely nothing. on may 7th, they were talking with a friend of hers that happened to mention, you know, she was a part of a chat group. and so that friend got enough information to detectives that they were able to get into that chat room and they found the conversation between the victim and clarissa figueroa, now defendant, where the victim is saying, i'm going to school, i can't work, i don't have the money for baby clothes, but i'm just about to give birth, and figaro said, come on over to the house, we can give you clothes. so she went over to the home on april 23rd and prosecutors and police are alleging it was on that day, after she got into the home that figueroa, with the assistance of her daughter, suffocated her to death with a cord and then after that,
12:51 pm
removed that baby from her womb. the family of mrs. lopez spoke right before the court proceeding today. listen to their pain. >> today is a sad day. today is a day of anguish that this family is living through, a nightmare, a horror film. today, there is only one message that the family has. and that is justice for marlen. >> and that baby, brooke, is on life support in a hospital. >> how awful. there are no words. no words. jean casarez, thank you. coming up next, the president questions why he wasn't warned about his former national security adviser michael flynn. but the problem is, he was. many times. by many people.
12:52 pm
including by the sitting president of the united states. but first, we want to honor two cnn heros who joined forces to help a young girl. amanda buckstel assists people with mobility impairments and ricardo punchang provides support for sick children and their families and together they gift of mobility to a child at ricardo's shelter in peru. >> he sent me a little video of a little girl whose 8 years old name delesca. she has cerebral palsy. she's been in a stroller for her whole life. it's time, don't you think, for her to have a wheelchair to call her own? look what we have for delesca! we had to think of everything, because, you know, she's going to grow with this wheelchair. >> this chair is fantastic. she is going to be so happy. she's going to have a better life. >> and to nominate your own cnn
12:53 pm
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listen to your mom, knuckleheads. hand em over. hand what over? video games, whatever you got. let's go. you can watch videos of people playing video games in the morning. is that everything? i can see who's online. i'm gonna sweep the sofa fort. well, look what i found. take control of your wifi with xfinity xfi. let's roll! now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. . the stars who have played batman, goodwill hunting's best bud, "mr. newsy, actor robert pattinson is said to be close to be inking a deal to take over the role in the legendary franchise. and if he gets it, he would join the a-list of leading men
12:58 pm
mentioned at the top. we should note, warner brothers says there is no deal. my friend, lisa frank, is our cnn entertainment reporter who has the scoop. lisa, i loved your lead line in your report. gotham is shook. tell me why. >> so shook. because people are still raw from ben affleck as batman, which people hated! so a lot of people are saying, they do not want to see robert pattinson become robert battinson. but he also, he does have some fans. some people have saying, wait and see. keep in mind, people were really upset about heath leverage bedg cast as the joker and that turned out phenomenally well. he won a posthumous academy award for it. don't assume he's going to sparkle just because he was in twilight. >> why do you think the movie-going public is so concerned about who goes to goth
12:59 pm
that man gotham? >> because the caped crusader, he's such a huge superhero. we're wedded to this character. we have been for many years. and people have arguments, ranking, what was the best batman versus what was the worst batman. i say, if we can't have christian bale back, let's just have an open mind. >> i wanted to ask you, because i know you've been marinating on this a little bit today. >> just a bit. >> of all of the batmen, who could be batman? who is your dream batman, lisa france? >> you know, my dream anything is always idris elba. just put me down as idris elba. >> but might he go bond? >> i want to be bond, i want him to be batman, i want him to be superman. i want y'all to keep idris elba watching for him. >> idris, if you're watching. i also think jon hamm may be -- >> i think jon hamm would be perfect! i don't know. is he dark enough? do we think he's dark enough? >> i've got nothing wrong with
1:00 pm
idris elba. i'm with you on that. >> i think they should audition for you and i. they should all come audition for us. >> lisa, thank you so much. happy friday. and with that, we end the show. thanks for being with me. "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. if only someone had raised a red flag to president trump about michael flynn, besides, you know, everyone who had raised a red flag. "the lead" starts right now. the president today reacting after the mueller team disclosed that his former national security adviser, michael flynn, laid out a potential case for obstruction of justice for people around the president, including a voice mail message as evident. so why wasn't anybody charged? kickoff. joe biden claiming a big splash in his home state as another campaign wonders how to burn as bright as it once did. plus, using rape as a weapon of war. the shocking story of how some