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tv   Cuomo Prime Time  CNN  May 22, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> various parts of europe. it is a vodka so complex it has to be made in various unnamed parts of europe and then all brought together. maybe it is made in paris, maybe germany or bottled in a hungarian aqueduct. but it is that good. you won't ask yourself where was it made because it is just that darn good. now to be fair to the president, he's not the only one who enjoys a prop at taxpayer expense. mike lee ofute -- utah made these props for the senate floor. >> this is a picture of former president ronald reagan. naturally firing a machine gun while riding on the back of a dinosaur. >> i don't remember what his point was. i'm not sure he does. i don't think it matters. as for president trump perhaps today was a prophecy come true and a perfect marriage years in the making of hysterics and slogan searing. >> when it comes to great stakes, i've just raised the stakes. and only time will tell whether
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this latest move has grade a. meat on the bone or bunch of ground chuck turning temperature in the rose garden and the ridiculist. and i turn it over to chris for "cuomo prime time." >> thank you very much anderson. another signature ridiculist. and i'm chris cuomo and welcome to prime time. senator durbin had a front-row seat to what nancy pelosi called an executive temper tantrum by the president. and the minority whip is here to tell what happened and why he gave an ultimatum to stop investigating him or give up working with him. but maybe it is this president who better make a choice to work with the congress on these investigations or else it looks like he'll be forced to do the same by the courts. a second federal judge upholds subpoenas for the president's finances. we're going to bring in a republican member of the financial services committee with what this means to him.
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and the president said he doesn't do cover-ups. one question. why does he keep covering things up then. the path forward now seems to go through one man and we'll argue who he is and why we must hear from him now. what do you say? let's get after it. we believe that the president of the united states is engaged in a cover-up. >> instead of walking in happily into a meeting, i walk into look at people that have just said that i was doing a cover-up. i don't do cover-ups. this whole thing was a takedown attempt at the president of the united states. >> the democrats, here is the back story, they were invited to come to the white house to work with the president on infrastructure. they also happen to come to that meeting fresh from a meeting about an uprising to impeach him.
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chuck schumer said what greets the democrats in the house would make your jaw drop. we heard what came after. but now let's find out more from someone who was actually in the room where it happened. the democratic whip of the senate, dick durbin. senator durbin thank you so much for being on "prime time" on an important night. >> good to be with you. >> so it came to a head. nancy pelosi said congress believes this president is engaged in a cover-up and then she and senator schumer went to in to talk infrastructure with the same man she was accusing and didn't like it and this is what he had to say about it. >> you probably can't go down two tracks. you can go down the investigation track, and you can go down the investment track, yet these phony investigations over with, we're going to go down one track at a time. >> what do you make of his proposal?
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>> i could tell you this, chris, i was in the cabinet room when the president walked in and i can assure you that what i saw there, i wish we had a camera, would have made the highlight film of the trump presidency. to invite all of us, the democratic leaders of the house and the senate on a follow-up meeting on infrastructure to put out the nameplates to get us all prepared for a carefully choreographs five minutes appearance by the president where he gave a statement and wheeled around and walked out of the room. i have never seen anything like that in politics. it was dramatic, that is for sure but it didn't get the job done in terms of serving the american people. >> where is the chicken and egg analyst? do you think he got hood-winked by that statement and by what pelosi said before the meeting or do you think he planned to do this all along. >> no, i could tell you, i think it was carefully choreographed. he's been under investigation for two years or more and secondly statements have been made by speaker pelosi and
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schumer and others that were at least reminiscent of what was said this morning. what it came down to i think was this, this president cannot come through with an infrastructure plan that he promised in the campaign. mick mulvaney not in the white house the last time we met three weeks ago, i think blew his top when he heard the president say $2 trillion in infrastructure. and made it clear today that the president was going to walk away from any effort to build america's infrastructure. >> and it was superhuman for bill clinton during monica lewinsky and it puts a hell of a lot of strain on the situation in working together when you are also considering whether or not to impeach. so let's put the president's noise and any theatrics to the side and talk about the best foot forward for the democrats to get the answer. the problem is the president is the one who is keeping it from ending by not going with the cooperative effort of disclosure. so what is the next step for you, senator?
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>> well let me -- your starting point, politics apt bean bag and being president isn't another round of golf at mar-a-lago. it is a tough job for any president and this president has had share of problems that he created for himself. and the question now is whether he wants to govern in the closing two years. he has the power and the opportunity and if he's willing to use it. >> senator schumer, senator anders now, big names in your side of the party or at least bernie when he will run for president, they both say they're open to impeachment. where are you? >> i could tell you that the case is obviously strong when it comes to obstruction of justice. read the mueller report. mueller did not go forward calling for an obstruction of justice prosecution and use the office of legal counsel opinion as his reason. of course then bill barr ran to the rescue of the president. but if you read that report, the mueller inquiry and report, it is pretty clear this president time and time and time again was involved in conduct that was
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carefully choreographed but still crossed the line to obstruction. >> so you should call for the house to start impeachment proceedings and you should be ready to make the case for removal. >> let me just be honest about this, a whip's job is to count and i can count and i don't believe there are 67 republicans -- pardon, 67 senators including 20 republicans who would join us in that effort. does that mean the investigation should stop at the house? no. they need to pursue with witnesses and testimony and documents, a completion of the investigation by mueller and it is their right. maybe their constitutional responsibility. and the president had better accept it. >> so then the party would have to be very straight with its members and americans in general and saying we're going down this road of impeachment because it is the only way we believe we can get the president's cooperation. but we are not doing it to remove. it is a tough sell, isn't it. >> it is a tough sell. but i also think that the
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situation is such that asking for witnesses and documents, if the house judiciary committee is going to be turned down and not give this information, that is a dramatic assault on our constitution. we have three branches of government. there is interdependence and checks and balances. at this point i think mr. nadler and the house judiciary committee is doing exactly what he has the authority and responsibility to do. >> he has gotten a couple of wins. he got a win on the text prep and people from one court and wins on deutsche bank and capital one and another subpoena thing. so it has bought some time before the ultimate decision is made. but one would guess it will be made soon. let me ask you about something else that could be done now. so dhs through the white house came to you with a $4 billion plus proposal to get them what they need to get through the emergency situation having kids die on our watch. they say congress, especially the democrats side, is slow walking it. fair appraisal? >> i could tell you, we gave them over $400 million in the omnibus bill.
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>> they spent it. >> well they said they spent it. i would like to see it. i was there three weeks ago in el paso and what i saw is no evidence of an investment in this clearly humanitarian challenge that we face at the border. now we're working on the bill and i think we're making some progress as i videotaped this statement with you, i was told just a few minutes ago by senator schumer that there is glimmers of hope here. we're not at the end of the day and we haven't got an agreement yet but moving in the right direction. perhaps, just perhaps, we could reach an agreement on this. >> senator, my concern, if you tie it to the disaster bill you get caught up in disaster relief politics and the animus toward puerto rico doesn't make sense but exists and the politicking of who gets what in what cup. this is something that exists independent and urgent on its own. you could quibble with how they spend the money but the emergency is clear and this is measured in deaths, not in debt. >> but chris, let me tell you, take a look at how few things we enact as legislation in the
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united states congress particularly in the senate. virtually nothing. the disaster aid is a vehicle we can use and should use immediately to deal with this humanitarian challenge. >> so you don't think that there is enough good will in the senate right now for mitch mcconnell to put something on the floor to help dhs deal with what everybody knows is a crisis? >> i'll tell you, if it is money for a crisis, that is one thing. but what we're hearing from the president administration is they want to change policy in every direction. that is problematic and i think they'll have extreme difficulty in the light of the way they're treating children and parents presenting children at the border in convincing us they have the best of intentions. >> senator dush -- durbin, thank you, sir, thanks, chris. if congress doesn't move on the funding that dhs is asking for soon, the money is going to run out to keep unaccompanied
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minors safe f. that happens and you have nowhere to put these kids, what do you think will happen? time is of the essence. we'll keep asking the questions. now two months ago today mr. mueller handed in his long-awaited report. he would know better than anyone if this president is engaged in a cover-up. coming next, why there is no need to mull over the next step for democrats. it's clear. and another cover-up, you hear what the treasury secretary mr. mnuchin about the promise to put harriet tubman on the $20 bill. you must. coming up. calling all sunscreen haters.
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unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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i think we had a break through moment today. here is where the democrats are. >> i have nancy pelosi go out and say that the president of the united states engaged in a cover-up. >> cover-up. loaded term. pelosi knows what it communicates and so does this president. here is the break-through. this will only stop one way. there is no reason for the democrats to be in all of this investigative declaration and impeachment inquiry, forget it. forget about the how. focus on the who. you have to hear from bob mueller. he is the only person who can say whether there is enough in his report to warrant congressional follow-up or not. if he sells the findings short, if he's ho hum about the need for political accountability, the only real move for democrats is to use what is in that report in the election. but if he puts meat on the bones
10:16 pm
of the five different basis of potential obstruction in the report that most of you have not read so they are trying to fire mueller, trying to get don mcgahn to lie about wanting to fire mueller and trying to limit mueller scope and trying to mess with cohen's testimony and manafort's cooperation deal. if he puts meat on the bones and said those are legitimate questions that he can't pursue and congress can and then it is time to put up or shut up for this president, not the democrats. they'll have to get to the bottom of it and this president will have to change course from this. >> i don't do cover-ups. you people know that probably better than anybody. >> no, because you are all about covering up to this point. fact, potus directed michael cohen to pay off the women and tried to cover it up. the payments were a crime. cohen is doing time for them right now. he tried to cover up his son's bone headed attempt to get dirt from the russians, dictating a bogus cover story. and i've shown you the proof that the president just flat out lied when he said this.
10:17 pm
>> i know nothing about russia. i don't deal there. >> so, it is time to shift from hiding key witnesses and hiding from the -- to the truth to acknowledging what even this president admitted. >> if you've done nothing wrong, being transparent is better. >> true. so even the president knows if mueller speaks and said there is a need to look, the president has to stop hiding and selling you poppycock like this. >> well it turned out i'm the most -- and i think most of you would agree to this, i'm the most transparent president probably in the history of this country. >> key facts, this president didn't testify like he promised. that is what he needed to do. and i doubt history will treat kindly his 19 versions of don't remember or don't recall in just the written responses from his lawyers that didn't even touch obstruction. now he won't let people who
10:18 pm
already did testify come forward to stand behind their words. but here is the problem. what if there is no mueller. he's still at the department of justice. that is troubling and we don't know why and the blocking participation by the a.g. and the white house does not bode well. if the president blocks mueller, if he does that, the only thing that is transparent here is this president's fear of being exposed and he deserves whatever the democrats bring his way next. this president said the mueller report is the bible. he should let its authors speak to the american people now. so back to the politics. is pelosi right? is the president engaged actively in a cover-up? she said that alone is an impeachable offense. let's start off there with a great debate next. i didn't have to run for help.
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not finding a signal. make the best wifi even better,with xfi advantage. simple, easy, awesome. question, was what nancy pelosi speaker of the house called a temper tantrum actually a setup? how much of this spontaneous reaction by the president today did the speaker and to the democrats, how much of that was strategy, to avoid having to talk about how to pay for $2 trillion in infrastructure, after all, what is the proof here. takes a minute to print up signs like this on the podium. that doesn't have anything to do with infrastructure. let's use that as the start of tonight's great debate with amy kramer and david irvin. what do you think, david? do you think the president had one in his back pocket today. >> look, chris, i think he had every intention of talking about infrastructure.
10:24 pm
i've heard him speak about it in the past few days talking about a serious effort and just as to your point exactly, if -- how it will be paid for and what will be done and i think you heard the speaker today come out and basically throw the gauntlet down and say, if she believes that he's engaged in a cover-up as you earlier stated, she should move forward with impeachment. if she doesn't, then she should move forward with the people's business and get -- get an infrastructure bill. >> like under nixon and clinton. >> because chris i heard you say like you said earlier, it is difficult to compartmentalize and keep that animus under wraps and difficult to work through those things. i think bill clinton was extraordinary in his ability to compartmentalize during this incredibly difficult time but realistically this is a much more partisan congress than back then and i think -- >> you think so? >> listen, i heard some of the clinton administration staffers even say -- admit so today.
10:25 pm
>> let me ask you this, amy, let's get amy in here. the sign, that sign has nothing to do with infrastructure. what was that sign doing there on the podium, amy? >> well, i'm not sure, i'm not part of the administration, chris. but i would imagine that he had planned on doing a press conference at some point and they had that sign made up. and so he was obviously angry today and he has every right to be. i'm glad he's fighting back. at some point it is human nature when you're attacked, repeatedly and accused of crimes that did not commit, you eventually fight back. he allowed the mueller investigation to go on and play out, how many millions of dollars subpoenas, questioning -- >> nothing compared to benghazi. >> and nothing, chris -- >> not a drop in the bucket compared to benghazi and never complained about that. >> chris, it -- i mean, why are you pushing back with benghazi. we're talking about -- >> because it was a sham and took years and seven different
10:26 pm
hearings and it was a political charade that -- >> in american lives were lost. >> that is right. and you guys took advantage of that and play d on those lives -- >> so chris -- >> and that is your intention when your intention was to smear and that is why you do it. >> no. >> and now you want your high ground when you were playing low ball. >> let's talk about this president. let's talk about this and kind of focus back here on the issue. >> probably a good move for you. >> unprecedented cooperation, this president is -- was -- as the networks noted when the mueller report came out, unprecedented cooperation. the president didn't exercise or exert executive privilege once during the entire mueller investigation. there were 2800 subpoenas issued, 500 people went before the grand jury and testified. 47 -- listen, 47 white house and campaign staffers, about 1.5 million pages of documents were turned over. really unprecedented cooperation.
10:27 pm
when he didn't -- listen, chris, when it mattered. >> he didn't testify. read the report. mueller said we had a lot of other evidence to work with but we needed that. >> because you're a very smart lawyer, chris, and you would never in a million years let your client testify if he didn't need to. >> i have a different analysis. and i'll offer when you are done. >> chris -- >> no, finish your point, dave. >> go ahead. >> my analysis is this. i agree with you 100%, the raskins, sekulow, guiliani, and, amy, he's the president of the united states and he said he wanted to go there under oath and he said he owed that as being president and he had nothing to hide. he owes the people of this country a debt of service. he served them. and he should have sat down if he had nothing to hide and answered the man's questions. even the written questions, amy. her turn. even the written questions didn't handle obstruction.
10:28 pm
how is that transparent? >> chris, so you would advise the president of the united states to go against the legal advice from his team? i find that hard to believe. he did what his team wanted him to do. and he didn't go under oath. he answered the questions, the mueller report played out and there was no collusion and there was no obstruction. end of story. >> there was no finding of criminal conspiracy. there was collusion and attempts to collude and they couldn't make a determination of obstruction because he didn't testify. >> can i tell you something -- >> and mueller's hands were tied by the olc. >> this is the thing, is that this is sour grapes. democrats have been having a temper tantrum since hillary clinton lost. they can not get over it. they cannot move on. every time they look at donald trump, they see what could have been. when they had the women's march, they weren't there because donald trump had done something to them. they were there -- >> he's trying to take away their right of self determination of their own bodies. what do you mean he hasn't done something -- >> no, that is absolute b.s. >> he wants to get rid of roe v.
10:29 pm
wade. he made a position to get people like you to like him. >> chris, again -- >> i'm sorry if you think i base my opinions on roe v. wade, or one thing like that, you're wrong. >> so if he were pro-choice you would be for him? >> that is not my issue that i vote on. >> chris -- >> go ahead, dave. >> that is not my issue. >> and back to the cooperation aspect of this, right. i look at this and say, there is a fundamental question that underlies this, do you at your core trust bob mueller. my statement has been bob mueller is a patriot and served this nation in uniform and other capacities and from the very get-go from his appointment i said i will accept what bob mueller says, good bad or otherwise because i believe that he's an honest man and a patriot. >> agreed. >> after undertaking this analysis and his report said what it says and it is in black and white for every american to read. and listen, i urge the members of the house judiciary committee
10:30 pm
to put away their silliness and go read as much as they can -- >> no, no, no. it is not -- you have to have bob mueller on the stand. >> you know what to start -- >> chris, it could be a good start to read the document to gib -- begin with. >> we don't know who is reading -- >> the chairman said he hasn't read it. >> bob mueller should be on the stand to answer to the american people about what he found and what he didn't -- >> can i -- >> and if bob mueller wants to, he will go and testify. >> can i get in here. >> you don't think he should be blocked? >> i don't think he should be blocked. >> go ahead, amy. >> i want to say i just came from pennsylvania spending several ---dales there. i was outside of that rally on monday night in -- pennsylvania, those people aren't waking up worried about collusion and obstruction and impeachment. they are waking up across america worried about how they're going to feed families and clothe families. do they have jobs, can they put a roof over their children's head, those are the things and i
10:31 pm
saw a woman walk several miles on crutches, i have a picture to see this president. women with a walkers going into this see this president. i predict this goes on, this is a landslide for this president. because the democrats -- i mean, what does that say if those who forget -- >> it is saying they were going to a trump rally and he is one that will not benefit from any further investigations here. >> chris, can i -- >> did any say to you i'm happy from the president doesn't do infrastructure and i would rather him fight his fight of political self interest and deal with the investigation and not infrastructure. did anybody say that to you, amy? >> yeah -- actually, you know what, at a luncheon yesterday they said they were tired of the attacks on this president. they were tired of the witch hunt and they wanted it to end. >> so they didn't want him to do infrastructure? final word, dave. >> this political. impeachment is a political undertaking. >> it is. inherently. >> and i think the american people -- and speaker pelosi is very intelligent. she knows if she goes down that path it will cost them at the
10:32 pm
ballot box and by a thousand cuts. >> he blocked the investigation. if he just puts up the people who already testified and puts up bob mueller, this is over. >> if the speaker believes that the president is currently engaged in obstruction of justice and all of the things that she articulated today, she should file articles of impeachment and -- >> if he would cooperate there is no need for that. >> he did cooperate when it mattered not in a political spectrum. >> he wouldn't testify. he didn't do the one thing that would have shown he was different. >> chris, he did. he didn't exert executive privilege over any of the people. they were asked to testify before -- >> until it became -- politically significant and now he won't let don mcgahn come on. >> they cooperated when it is important and it wasn't a political circus. >> chris -- >> this is a political circus. >> i have to leave it there. i appreciate the argument, both you. >> let them impeach the president. it is not going to bring -- make -- >> i don't know why it has to be brinksmanship. just work with the investigation
10:33 pm
there is no reason for everything to be taken like the shutdown. we don't have to shutdown, just cooperate if you have nothing to hide. appreciate the arguments, love having you on, be well. >> thank you. other showdown today between the treasury secretary, mr. mnuchin and democrats. now, look, they are still waiting for the trump tax returns and there is a problem with this situation and we need some help so we have congressman sean duffy at the hearing and he knows the law. what is going on here. what matters to you. republican from wisconsin next. good to see you. with so many nourishing shades, a color change is easy. nutrisse has 77. from our darkest blacks, to our lightest blondes. it nourishes while it colors. plus avocado, olive and shea. change a little, or a lot. nutrisse. nourished hair. better color. by garnier, naturally!
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the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. so in the face of legal advice from irs lawyers and the irs own manual, despite a ruling this week by a federal judge just hours before today's second ruling, the treasury sect still insists he's on solid legal footing when it comes to the president's finances. >> are you aware then that by denying this that you are in direct violation of the law?
10:38 pm
>> no, that is absolutely not. i've been advised i am not violating the law. i never would have done anything that violated the law and quite the contrary, i've been advised had i turned them over i would violate the law. >> all right. >> i don't know that he's taken the right person's advice. our next guest is on the financial services committee in the room and republican from wisconsin congressman sean duffy. it is good to have you on "prime time". >> thanks for having me on. >> why not just give over the taxes. the law is clear. they stated the purpose. that is all in the irs manual. just give them over. >> but the law is clear that presidential candidates and members of congress, we have to do financial disclosures, chris. we're not required under law to turn over our taxes. now as a matter of practice. >> that is true. >> senator -- people running for president, they -- as a matter of fact, turn over their tax documents. >> by tradition. >> but not by law. so donald trump didn't turn over his tax records but did do have a financial disclosure and there has to be a legitimate financial
10:39 pm
purpose and to harass the president is not a purpose that falls under that category. >> that is a opinion, it is not in the law and in the irs manual it lays out how you're supposed to deal with requests from congress and there is nothing aboutance illary analysis about whether you like their reason. they gave you a reason, they have the power, you've got to give it over. this is dangerous stuff for you sean. >> that is an opinion for you, too, chris. >> how? >> it is the opinion of the treasury secretary it doesn't mean the standard so it will go to the courts. we'll let the third branch decide whether those records have to be dois closed or not. >> why did the irs have a draft memo from their lawyer say the opposite. >> we don't know where that came from. >> it didn't come from meer ow. >> it wasn't an official memo of the irs. we don't know who wrote it. >> but it was an exact echo of in their manual. >> it could have been an intern within the irs. >> really think it was an intern? >> who was it? >> probably one of their counsellors about what to do.
10:40 pm
>> and now you're speculating. >> hold on a second, sean, it is not on me to tell you who wrote it. the document is legitimate, it comes from the irs. it echoed what is in their manual and the onus is on you to protect the president to say it is bogus, not on me. >> the onus on you is to report the official stance of the irs. which is not contained in that memo. >> but in the manual and the same as the memo. >> and what we're told is you have to have a legitimate legislative purpose and to harass the president of the united states because you want to continue the russia farce investigation, have at it. but here is my point, chris. let's stop moving the goalpost. let's abide by the law. the president is not required to disclose his taxes and he did a summary and on the last show you said bob mueller is the gold standard, whatever he said we have to abide by. >> yes. >> well bob mueller did his report and then i can't believe it because -- >> he didn't find anything on obstruction because the president didn't testify and his hands were tied and he left it to congress.
10:41 pm
>> as we talked over two years you didn't say i'll only abide by bob mueller report if donald trump testifies. no, you said i would -- >> because i was -- told by the united states of the president that he would testify. >> and if i don't like the finding i'm going to go to jerry nadler. >> they didn't find a crime. >> they did not find a crime either. he left it to congress. >> so i was a former prosecutor. you're a lawyer. we don't exonerate. we -- >> no, you don't. and that is weird language and i need to hear him explain why he used it. >> is there enough evidence to prosecute this case? that is my decision that i make. he didn't find it. he didn't make a referral for a criminal prosecution. >> he said he couldn't. >> he's not in the business of exonerating and by the way this is an investigation that was total bogus. there was no russia collusion and now democrats are trying to say there was no russia collusion but we think he attempted to obstruct. he didn't obstruct the investigation.
10:42 pm
he fully cooperated with the investigation. >> he didn't testify. >> don mcgahn -- bob mueller did not say i didn't find russia collusion but for the fact i could have in donald trump had testified. that was not his finding. >> no he said that i had enough evidence to look at this. and then he said my hands were tied on the first page. i can't prosecute a sitting president and i leave this to congress. >> did not establish the members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russia government in the election interference. >> and the same sentence, boy did they try to get benefit from it. and they just didn't succeed. they certainly did things that were wrong and lied about it. you know that, sean. >> here is what is frustrating to me, chris. i look at don mcgahn, works as a counselor to the president and as his lawyer in the white house. he testified for 30 plus hours with bob mueller. >> yes. >> so now jerry nadler doesn't like the findings and said come and testify for three hours in front of our committee and we'll get more evidence then bob mueller and his professional investigators and prosecutors would have gotten from 30 hours
10:43 pm
of testimony. this is all political charade. let's get beyond the business of politics and work for the american people. >> if that is what you want to do, then you must not like what the president said today. him saying let's do infrastructure or investigations. nixon didn't say that. clinton didn't say that. >> listen, let's stop take our hands off the handle bars and look at what nancy pelosi said. you know this, when you cut a deal whether in congress or business, it is about trust and relationships. and so here nancy pelosi is going to come over and cut a $2 trillion deal on infrastructure with donald trump. >> that was never going to happen. you know they don't have the money. you know that -- >> listen. but you're going to talk about it and say there is a cover-up going on and think that donald trump is going to love you for. >> that it was nancy pelosi who blew this meeting up. and i wish you would have asked your previous guests, hey listen, what is the cover-up. why leave the cover-up -- >> i'll saying being president is tough and having people after you is tough and you have to be tough to have the job and someone who represents where you do in wisconsin this
10:44 pm
infrastructure matters and it shouldn't be an either/or but it should be a both and work together. >> you know donald trump is a builder. >> no, i don't. >> the first thing he did -- in new york -- >> he's a marketer. >> he has build buildings in new york city. >> he's had other people build some things and develop some things. >> ooze a builder. >> i would not call him a builder. >> when he got to wash he wanted to do infrastructure. but he did tax and health care. but he wanted to do infrastructure. that is what his heart is at and i think the american people look at nancy pelosi and say, you don't want to work with donald trump. you won't work with him on the border or u.s. m.c. and infrastructure and your obstructing because you can't give donald trump a win even if it is a win for the american people. >> that will be the question for the next election and i appreciate you being here to litigate it all i way through. you're always welcome. pleasure, come back soon. >> thanks. so why is the treasury secretary backing away from this
10:45 pm
plan to put harriet tubman on the $20 bill? it is one the few things we got national buy-in about it and did this national survey and this is what people wanted. what is it going on? supposed to be the first african-american woman to appear on currency. what is going on? d. lemon and i will take it on. through the at&t network, edge-to-edge intelligence gives you the power to see every corner of your growing business. from finding out what's selling best... to managing your fleet... to collaborating remotely with your teams. giving you a nice big edge over your competition. that's the power of edge-to-edge intelligence.
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10:49 pm
this is a story that deserves more attention. harriet tubman, we know who she was and how important she was, putting her on $20 bill. but don't plan on seeing it during the trump administration. treasury secretary steve mnuchin confirmed that today in his exchange with democrat congresswoman presley. listen to this. >> do you support harriet tubman being on the $20 bill? >> i've made no decision. right now my decision is focused on security features. >> and what about imagery, what about the representation? >> again, it is not a decision that is likely to come until way past my term even if i serve the second term for the president. so i'm not focused on that. >> he's focused on security features. d. lemon, like protecting the president's taxes to getting into the hands of congress. why do you think he was doing the duck and cover about harriet tubman?
10:50 pm
>> because he was speaking to an audience of one and it doesn't appeal to his base. he said he thought it was political correctness. i don't understand what is politically correct about putting someone who is a hero to the country, not just for people of color, of course she's a hero for people of color, but putting a hero to the american people on currency. >> there was a big buy-in on this all across the country. >> people are calling it tubmans, right. at some point someone had to decide who goes on all of our currency. and i think making a decision about that is not necessarily political correctness, it is who you think the best person is and harriet tubman is certainly worthy of being put on -- >> this took years -- >> american currency. >> and you say he called it political correctness, that is not the treasury secretary but the president said that back during the election where he's known of having a picture of
10:51 pm
andrew jackson on the $20 bill and he is -- it is interesting why he likes andrew jackson. seventh president from south carolina. a man who was known for being self-directed. had the kitchen cabinet and he only picked his friends who agreed with him to be around him. he was very controversial in ways that is similar to this president, whether he knows it or not. >> a lot of -- listen, a lot of our forefather were controversial and you can't take that back but you can do what you can to mitigate it and try to correct it. as much as good as andrew jackson did, there were some things that he was not perfect at. he did own slaves. and i think that taking him off of the $20 bill which would be in circulation for a while, he will have had his place on the $20 bill and still have his place in history and putting someone on who was a hero to those fighting against slavery, you can't get any more american than that. we should take steps to mitigate the terrible part of our history.
10:52 pm
and some of it should be in a museum. but doesn't mean you have to walk around with a slave owner's picture in our wallet or in your currency. >> what do you got, d. lemon? >> that meeting today at the white house. >> the room where it happened. >> you know who was there? >> who? >> chuck schumer. he's up in a few minutes, and he'll explain what happened in the room where it happened, telling us all. >> strong get. all right, d. lemon, i'll check with you in a second. quite a show today outside the white house. we've seen it before, the trump show, episode me, myself and i. here's the problem. asking congress to make a decision what to do is really making a decision for himself. what about putting the country first? it would actually benefit him to do so, some advice and an argument next. borhood with a lot of other young couples. then we noticed something...strange. oh, could you, uh, make me a burger? -poof -- you're a burger. [ laughter ]
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10:57 pm
this president is getting criticism for telling the democrats to pick one, infrastructure or investigating him. >> you probably can't go down two tracks. you can go down the investigation track and you can go down the investment track or the track of let's get things done for the american people. i love the american people. get these phony investigations over with. >> first, he's not telling the truth about what circumstances are keeping him from doing infrastructure. the reporting reflects what senator durbin told you here tonight. the president's budget folks don't think they can swing it because of how costly the tax cuts were. they don't think they have the $2 trillion they need. second, it's a tough job being president and in that position you have to be able to take a beating and keep fighting. you have to be able to surrender the me to the we.
10:58 pm
like who? richard nixon, he was up against it, first of his kind that we saw with all this, kept working with congress. bill clinton, all right, he dealt with a lot more intense scrutiny than what's going on with this president right now over something far less important than what mueller cites in his report and he was able to compartmentalize. >> i ask you to turn away from what's gone on the seven months, to repair the fabric of our national discourse and to return our attention to all the challenges and all the promise to the next american century. >> when he was in the deepest of the doo-doo, he balanced the
10:59 pm
budget, c, chip, welfare reform, adoption legislation, and several months after he was almost removed from office for lying about an affair, his popularity was higher than ever. so that takes us to number three. this president holds the key to getting the investigations to finish. because he's the one holding up the process. the argument has not changed since this all began. if he and his folks did nothing wrong, why did they lie about what they did? now, same concept, new context, if you have nothing to hide from the american people why won't you let the faces and facts come out for all to see? potus isn't even following the script he started reading from two months ago when he was all about exposing mueller's findings. >> the mueller report came out. that's the bible. >> it was a complete and total exoneration. >> then why hide? why not let the american people see the bible? let's extend the metaphor. why not be the moses confronting the mueller morass and set your people free to testify. now, of course, this president would be more like the pharoah in that metaphor. i guess we could dupe in the
11:00 pm
attorney general for being the farrow. i'm nothing, if not an optimist, even if it does reduce my biblical reference, i'll let the president be doing the good thing in this. more reasons here. you have now had separate courts and judges say you can't block subpoenas for taxes and for lending documents. the decisions came pretty quickly. so this president may want to get ahead of where he may wind up by force. second, disclosure is the best way to get the closure this president says he wants. if you diss disclosure there is no closure. people will never clear you of what must be answered for. and third, manning up, giving the investigators what they need is also the best way to show that this president is in office to do something for other people, not just himself. and at the end of the day that has to be what it is about for a president of the united states. he holds the key.


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