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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  May 23, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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whether or not to plant crops. this is an historic amount -- >> they don't want a bailout. they want a solution. >> they want to be able to be competitive in the marketplace and get their marking share back. that's consistently what we have heard. >> no sign of the trade war ending. you'll have to have bailouts like this for a long time if that's the only plan. thanks very much. all right. top of the hour. 10:00 a.m. eastern. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm jim sciutto. the story coming out of central missouri this morning is one of amazement, harrowing. breathtaking damage from a so-called wedge tornado that made a direct hit on jefferson city, yet amazingly, fewer than two dozen known injuries and no known deaths there, at least not in jefferson city. elsewhere in missouri, a twister did leave three people dead. this remarkably on the eighth anniversary of that epic tornado that claimed more than 160 lives
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in joplin. >> so what is a wedge tornado? here's what it is. it is wider than it is high. just picture that, and the power inside is apparent. our ryan young joins us from missouri capital. good morning to you. it's devastating to see what you're standing amidst. and the national weather service says debris from this storm flew more than two miles into the sky. that tells us a lot. what's it like on the ground there? >> absolutely. you see insulation all over this area, and of course, some of this has been turned into almost like weapons, like you see boards like this actually have pierced through the windows of cars that have been nearby. we're told that there's an apartment complex just over the hill that suffered some tremendous damage. when you look back this direction, you can see the path we believe the storm came through, guys. take a look at this because obviously all of us know what a sonic looks like. that's what's left of the sonic. it's tore down the power lines,
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and if you can see the convenience store in the distance, it rapped that apart as well. just down the street as we started doing our survey, we also noticed there's a church that's been pretty much leveled down this direction. and every single car we have seen has suffered some sort of damage that's been in the area. we have emergency crews on the scene. the good news, though, is we have been able to hear that mane 20 people have been injured, not a lot of people so far what what we have been able to hear. at one point, we thought people may have been trapped. now we know that's not the case so far. this u-haul took a lot of damage. there are people who are showing up to take surveys on their businesses because that's what they have to do. on top of that, there's the power outages affecting more than 10,000 people in this area. you can see why there have been power outages because the power lines have been knocked down throughout this entire area. you add all this together, i think the one thing that sticks out to us, because i'm going to take the walk right here. jake, if you can follow me so i can show them.
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look at the piece of wood that's sticking out of that windshield. we're seeing signs like that, you can tell this area took a beating. so you have those projectiles that were almost like missiles in this area. as we got closer and closer to this area, you could see the officers shutting down the streets and the blocks in the box here where they believe the tornado moved through. so obviously, the survey is going on right now to figure out where the extensive damage is. but people are starting to come out now that light is coming up to tell their stories about what they were hearing. one gentleman walked by a few minutes ago, the familiar noise everyone talks about, the freight train. he said he heard a freight train. he got low. the next thing you know, he said he looked over the hill and everything was gone. we're told there's a car dealership also nearby with cars flipped on their sides. >> ryan young, keep us posted. thank you for being there, and our heart is with everyone in jefferson city, missouri, this morning, of course. >> absolutely. >> thanks, ryan. joining us on the phone is
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michael connell, communications director for the missouri department of public safety. good morning to you, sir. i wiesh wish we had you on for better news but this is the circumstance that everyone is facing this morning. what can you tell us? >> yes, poppy, good morning to you. as you said, we have about 16 to 20 storm-related transports we can confirm. the good news is none of those injuries are considered serious. the other good news is no one is missing right now. so there's been a search already conducted. but now in a coordinated fashion, teams are going out, including a fema urban search and rescue team, and they're conducting a secondary search, marking buildings to make sure that everybody knows which buildings have been checked so nobody is missed. >> you have your own survivor's story here hiding in a closet. tell us how you got through the storm. >> well, i was fortunate.
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where the storm hit about a mile from me, but of course, there was numerous warnings, including what they call a tornado emergency. and so when you hear that, you want to get, put as many walls between you and the possible tornado. that meant getting into a closet, a tight small closet which is even better. leave the coats in there so that's extra protection for you and you sit and wait until you get the all clear. i was able do do that and then go down about a mile from where i live and see all of the damage that ryan was just talking about. >> oh, my goodness. so when you talk about the warnings that people had for a storm like this, what they're calling a wedge tornado, wider than it is high, what kind of advance warning do people have? because it is remarkable that there, so far, no deaths reported. >> yes, it's very fortunate. so as you know, the technology
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has gotten much better. and what we should all do is try to take advantage of that. you want to have multiple ways of getting an alert or a message about a tornado warning. don't rely on sirens. sirens are meant to alert people who are outdoors. it's called an outdoor warning system. you want to have apps on your phone. you might want to sign up for the national weather service's twitter alerts and get a tone when they go off. so that if one fails, you have another means of getting them. you also always want to know when the weather is like this, you want to be following it closely for updates. the national weather service did that yesterday, late morning they raised the risk, the threat of severe storms. and then you always want to know where will you take shelter during storm season in the midwest. if something happens and you have to take shelter, where are you going to do it in the middling that you're in? and of course, you never want to try to take shelter in a mobile home. if you're in a mobile home, you
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should know where am i going to go if there's a tornado warning because you do not want to be there. it's not a safe structure. >> folks need a plan. listen, michael, we appreciate the work you're doing at the missouri department of public safety. you have a big recovery coming and we wish you and the community the best of luck. in just minutes, house speaker nancy pelosi is expected to speak as her very public feud with president trump escalates here. the president vowing yesterday not to work with house democrats, who by the way, have a majority in the house of representatives, until they end all their investigations. >> let's go straight to manu raju live on capitol hill with more reaction from lawmakers. it was about this time yesterday that she made a lot of news by saying publicly for the first time that the president is engaged in a cover-up. what do you expect today? >> well, we expect the democrats to insist that they're moving forward with their investigations and they're not going to back down. they can do both things at the same time. in fact, we're hearing that democrats are prepared to move
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forward, to hold individuals in contempt on the floor of the house. we have not seen the floor vote happen yet, but in a meeting that just happened just right now, democratic leaders said they plan to move forward on a floor vote to hold individuals in contempt, in the first week of june. jim clyburn, the house majority whip, just told reporters that's what he expects. the first week of june, now recall that bill barr, the attorney general, has already been -- the house judiciary committee has voted to hold him in contempt. don mcgahn did not appear at a hearing. despite facing a subpoena, he has not yet been held in contempt, but that could happen soon. they're discussing allowing committee chairmen in the future to simply allow votes to happen in their committee to hold individuals in contempt without having to get back to the full house to have the vote as well. those efforts still moving
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forward. at the same time, there are a lot of questions about what legislatively can happen. there's a major disaster relief package that is pending in congress right now, and that there's squabbling is raising questions about whether they can actually get this through before lawmakers leave town for the memorial day recess. i caught up with some republicans yesterday who are concerned about the stalemate and say both sides need to rise above this tension. >> what's the reaction to the president today telling the speaker that he they should drop all the investigations before even agreein to legislate? >> i think that's irresponsible, but you know, it's what you would expect. >> i certainly understand why he says it, because these investigations are phony. number two, i think he should find a way to work with democrats. but they have to tone down the rhetoric. you can't have the speaker calling him a criminal. >> pelosi hasn't gone as far as calling him a criminal. last night, she put out a
7:10 am
statement about what she suggested about a cover-up, it was a cover-up campaign of facts, essentially trying to cover up the facts. the democrats have issued subpoenas. they have defied the speen as, not turned over documents, but pelosi will not back down from the remarks when she briefs reporters in a matter of minutes. >> manu, thank you very much. of course, you have justin amash. no one else can get him to talk, and manu got him. thank you. meantime, the white house is weighing in this morning on the impasse between president trump and the democratic party. >> cnn white house reporter sarah westwood joins us now. is this -- was this political posturing for a day or is the president digging in and saying he's not going to talk to democrats for the next several months, through 2020? >> well, jim and poppy, president trump is clearly still frustrated today about speaker pelosi's comments yesterday and about the ongoing investigations. he's been continuing to vent about the situation on twitter. accusing the democrats of being the do-nothing party. just re-enforcing this idea that
7:11 am
the white house, president trump, cannot work with democrats while they conduct investigations. and white house officials and trump, they're doubling down on that idea today. earlier this morning, white house press secretary sarah sanders reiterated that president trump simply could not go into that meeting with congressional leaders here at the white house yesterday and look at speaker pelosi after she had accused him of a crime. take a listen. >> you can't literally have a meeting like nancy pelosi did yesterday just an hour before she got to the white house, where she accused the president of a crime, said he had engaged in a cover-up, and then show up and pretend like nothing has happened and let's just sit down and talk about roads and bridges. it doesn't work that way. she knows that. nancy pelosi's problem is she's totally lost control of her party. >> now, sanders made clear that the president is done negotiating not just on infrastructure but on all kinds of legislative issues including the white house's own stated legislative priorities like
7:12 am
usmca, the president's new trade deal, once a priority. looking ahead, the white house is saying they're reviewing ways president trump could try to pursue some of his priorities through executive action, making clear that this gridlock, jim and poppy, there's no end in sight for it. >> well, the president has thrown a few bombs as well. it's a little rich to talk about how, you know, outrageous it is to accuse the president, you know. >> and by the way, what you can't do through executive order, as you well know, is get usmca or nafta 2.0 through congress. he needs that. this cuts both ways. >> or spend money, at least according to the constitution, but anyway. >> thanks, sarah. >> to the point we're paying attention to that anymore. >> still to come, under pressure, democrats tightening the screws on the president, this after a judge giving democrats another legal victory in their battle to see president trump's financial records so you can see them. >> also, the president taking shots at the man he hired to be secretary of state, rex tillerson, calling him dumb as a
7:13 am
rock and ill equipped for the job. this after tillerson told lawmakers vladimir putin was more prepared than the president for mare meeting in hamburg. >> and nancy pelosi will speak with reporters. what will she say today? we're on it. heading into retirement you want to follow your passions rather than worry about how to pay for long-term care. brighthouse smartcare℠ is a hybrid life insurance and long-term care product. it protects your family while providing long-term care coverage,
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a second federal judge has now rebuffed president trump's sweeping attempt to block house lawmakers from accessing his financial records. this hands him another defeat in a fight that has infuriated the president and emboldened democrats. the pressure is on the president, and the pressure he's feeling is growing two-fold. in just a week, here's what's happened. two federal judges have upheld congressional subpoenas for the president's financial records, not to mention hope hicks was subpoenaed. >> on top of that, some additional documents related to the mueller investigation have also been handed over, unsealed or released, that inclundz search warrants into the investigation of michael cohen. we know why the special counsel was interested in him, as well as transcripts of his congressional testimony. let's discuss with anne milgram, the former new jersey attorney general as well as cnn legal analyst, and phil mattingly, knower of all things
7:19 am
congressional. anne, what folks at home, why this matters to them, is will they see president trump's financial records so they know where he gets his money from, who he borrows it from, and if there are questions. based on the rulings, is that imminent? >> the second ruling is so important. we have two courts that have struck down what thestration has tried to do, which is say to congress, you don't get any information, you don't get access to people or this important financial data. that is inconsistent with the constitution and the law. so you have two judges coming out and saying it. whether or not the american public sees it i think is still an interesting question. if we talk about the taxes, the taxes would go over to the committee. they would be held privately by the committee. those would not be made public. a lot of the other financial information i believe would be made public. >> so phil, nancy pelosi is going into this meeting this morning that she's in even more
7:20 am
emboldened, right? if she felt strong enough yesterday before the second judge's ruling in democrats' favor to say, you know, the president is engaging in a cover-up, she's got to feel even more powerful in her stance today. what's your reporting? >> look, there's no question about it, if you flash back to 48 hours ago where it seemed momentum was moving, the caucus itself was moving toward impeachment or willing to back impeachment, these two court victories are huge. they're ammunition for her position that playing the long game is effective, and that's what i'm told behind the scenes just occurred. a meeting of speaker pelosi's top deputies and the speaker, she walked through the two court victories showing how this shows the strategy has been effective. she also made something else clear, which was the president, quote, wants to be impeached. make no mistake about that. saying we don't need to go down that pathway when you see what happened in the court side of things because that's what he
7:21 am
wants. she also said the president's acs over the kous of the last couple weeks, the president's posture is villainous to the constitution. she makes clear she doesn't want to go down the pathway of impeachment, but is willing to attack the president. >> this is interesting because it's counterintuitive. you're saying this blow-up yesterday, accusing the president of a cover-up, makes impeachment less likely? >> i don't think it's necessarily the blow-up that makes it less likely. it's the court victories that make it less likely. one thing to take a 30,000 foot view of, if you can flash back to the shutdown and all of the issues where speaker pelosi kept her caucus in line, the one thing that unified the house caucus is their general opposition and dislike of president trump. when president trump is taking on the speaker directly, that will unify members. i think that combined with the court cases is why you see the caucus in a different place now than maybe they were two days ago dwrrb. >> anne, on top of the two
7:22 am
rulings from the federal judges this week that are a double whammy blow to the president, you have the new york assembly passing a law to allow for the state, the president's state tax returns, essentially state financial documents, to be made public. >> that's right. >> i mean, is there any chance that will get overturned? where does that go? how big of a blow could that be? >> i expect the president's lawyers may file or oppose it. >> on what grounds? >> the state has the right to turn over the taxes if they pass a law saying so. in your state taxes. you also declare all of your income, all of your liabilities, so we could see a huge amount of the picture if that bill becomes law. >> and then it could point to why the president and his allies have fought so viciously, you might say, to block this from going public, right? >> some of the recent reporting raises a lot of questions. if the president truly has $300 million in loans and debts, that's a real question as to whether there are foreign countries involved, who is
7:23 am
involved, conflicts of interest and potential self-dealing. it becomes an important question for the public. >> there's a reason public servants file these financial disclosures. listen, i had a security clearance. for security clearances, they want to know about your debts because debts conceivably, doesn't always, conceivably could make you vulnerable. it's things the american people have a right to know. >> phil, i wonder, even though the dems are getting these favorable court rulings, et cetera, and they have this momentum, you know, the most recent cnn polling shows that about 70% of americans don't want to see impeachment. most democrats do, but when you look at the overall landscape in america, most don't want impeachment, and a new monmouth poll came out yesterday showing the same thing. so you know, they still have to contend with that politically. >> yeah, look, they see the numbers, and they also see the math across the capital. the united states senate is controlled by republicans. 53 republics, 47 democrats. they know if they were to pursue an impeachment inquiry and make
7:24 am
it to a vote, it would die in the senate. that's part of the calculation as well. it's not just poll numbers. it's how far with we push this. if we can do it without impeachment, perhaps the best track. >> anne and phil, great to have you on. >> both knowers of all things. >> house speaker nancy pelosi is still not ready to move forward on impeachment. up next, the lawmaker who no joke, recently brought that bucket of chicken on may 2nd to that judiciary committee hearing when barr didn't show up. why he says it's time to begin an impeachment inquiry now.
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so you can focus on streaming your favorites. not finding a signal. make the best wifi even better,with xfi advantage. simple, easy, awesome. all right. welcome back. there's the podium. minutes from now, you'll hear from house speaker nancy pelosi there. she's holding a press conference. this as she faces what she has dubbed another tantrum from the president. and frankly, friction and division within her own party over the issue of impeachment. with me, steve cohen. he serves on the house judiciary committee. thank you for being here. the president has said that's it, nothing is going to get done. nothing will get through congress, while you're still investigating me and talking about impeachment. never mind the fact that the nixon administration got a whole bunch of stuff through congress during that time.
7:30 am
but apparently, that doesn't matter here to this president. i just wonder, because you're supportive of impeachment proceedings now, if you think it's worth it to do that, push forward ahead on that, if that means zippo gets done in congress for the american people. >> well, we're probably not going to get anything done anyway because mitch mcconnell has already announced the senate is the graveyard for house legislation. trump has no policy issues. he's not a person of ideas. it's about trump and his ego. he wasn't going to get much done anyway. and i think mick mulvaney told him there was no money so find an excuse not to get the infrastructure plan done. >> he made a proposal for infrastructure. >> mick mulvaney said it wasn't going to happen, said there was no money. trump doesn't care. it's all reality television. his job is to get things done. he basically said if you investigate me, i'm not going to do my job. if you investigate him, it shows he feels guilty, and there's something to be found. >> he got tax reform done, which
7:31 am
i know you're not spoetive of it, but it was a major piece of legislation through. i take your point and your view. here's the thing. i know that you are calling for impeachment proceedings and inquiry to start now. you said something that really struck me a few days ago on another network, congressman. you said 90% of democrats on the house judiciary committee are for opening an impeachment inquiry right now. if that number is accurate, is nancy pelosi going too soft on the president right now? is she not listening to the majority of members of her caucus? >> it's the majority of members of the judiciary committee. the members of the judiciary committee are much more attuned to this issue and it's our responsibility to protect the constitution. the majority of the caucus is not there yet. nancy has a good perspective on our caucus and she's a good mother hen. i think she's wrong in her strategy. i think by exposing the corruption of this
7:32 am
administration, the emoluments clause violations, the obstruction of justice, all the things he's done, the obstruction of congress, and having it in the form of an impeachment inkquiry or hearing that the public will watch as they did the watergate hearings, they'll come around to see this man is not capable to be president. >> but you just told me 90% of the democrats on how judiciary are supportive of an impeachment inquiry now, but not a majority of democrats in the entire caucus, but yet you still don't think nancy pelosi is making the right choice by listening to the majority of the caucus? >> she needs to do what is right. she said she's doing this because of patriotism, not politics. it's hard to see that. patriotism would say jump into hell for a heavenly cause. the fact is when you have a constitution and you have a rule of law, and it's being destroyed in a reckless gangster manner, you need to act. i think the only reason not to act is because of politics. patriotism says act.
7:33 am
>> wait, you're saying, it sounds like you're saying house speaker nancy pelosi is not being patriotic. is that right? >> not necessarily. you can be patriotic in different ways. whether going for impeachment is patriotic or not, i think going for impeachment is, when you see it laid out before you. i see that. >> you're saying she's putting politics above patriotism in this instance? >> i hate to get into it with nancy. nancy and i have a great relationship and i'm not going to spoil that. >> i get that, but you also need to be straight, right? you're being straight with the american people. is that how you see it? >> i'm straight with the american people. donald trump needs to be impeached. i think it will be the best thing for the country and the democrats both. >> listen to your republican colleague in the senate, john kennedy. here's what he said. >> the house leadership needs to urinate or get off the pot. >> is he right? >> you know, he always has these
7:34 am
cute little colloquialisms. this one he changed around. john kennedy is not on the house judiciary committee. it's not his responsibility to act. he's from a state that's very heavily pro trump, and he has ambitions of running for governor. >> but is he right that house leadership should act on this? make a decision? >> it's not for him to tell us. i think the house leadership should and eventually will be for impeachment because this man is the most impeachable president ever. he's going to continue to do things that are abhorrent behavior for a president. what he said about rex tillerson today was crazy. dumb as a rock. he hired him. he doesn't know what a rock is. >> rex tillerson is not dumb. he ran one of the most valuable american companies ever or on the planet ever. let me get you on this finally. look, let's talk about the third and final article of impeachment
7:35 am
against president nixon, it was that he withheld documents and didn't turn over documents and records to lawmakers and that's what's happening here. i'm interested if your game plan, if democrats' game plan is basically defy even these court rulings that we're seeing, refuse to hand over documents, et cetera, and then use that as an article of impeachment against the president. >> i don't think that's a game plan. that's a fact. if there is an article of impeachment, and i have one i have drawn and have not decided the right time to act on it, it includes obstructing congress, just as nixon did. these are acts to try to obstruct the investigation. he knows there was obstruction of justice. and mueller basically said there was obstruction of justice. but because he was president, he couldn't bring the charges. he needed a form where he had an opportunity to defend himself, because mueller is a man of rectitude, which is a word trump doesn't not only appear to be, but he doesn't even know. >> the mueller report spent
7:36 am
about 150 pages laying out ten areas of potential obstruction and left that decision, it seems, in the hands of you guys. very nice to have you today. an important conversation. i appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> great to have you on. >> president trump calling his former skaitd, this is quoting the president of the united states, dumb as a rock this morning. why is he lashing out at the man that he chose as the nation's senior most diplomat, rex tillerson? that's coming up. [kno♪king]
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president trump is lashing out at his former secretary of state this morning in a huge way. he tweeted that rex tillerson is, quote, dumb as a rock. and called him ill prepared and ill equipped to be the secretary of state. >> why did the president choose him as secretary of state? it was the president's choice. regardless, this is a response, apparently, to tillerson's secret meeting with the house foreign affairs committee. an aide saying tillerson says vladimir putin was far more prepared than president trump for their first meeting in hamburg, germany, and that put the u.s. at a diplomatic disadvantage. c n cnn's senior diplomatic correspondent michelle kosinski is following the latest. quite remarkable for the president's choice and former sitting secretary of state to go to the hill to brief members, to say that the president of the united states was not prepared to meet with the leader of a foreign country. >> and trump praised his choice as secretary of state, of course, at the time. but people do have fallings out.
7:42 am
and boy, have these two ever. tillerson has been subtle. we don't see very much of him since he left office, but virtually every time he's asked questions about his relationship with trump or what went on behind the scenes, he is none too complimentary. this is a serious situation in which lawmakers on capitol hill have been trying to get to the bottom of what went on in these either private or semi-private meetings in particular with vladimir putin. why do they want to know this? because nobody -- there are very few people on this planet who know the details of those meetings. rex tillerson is one of them. and lawmakers are worried about what trump may have said to putin, what he may have promised him, was he played by vladimir putin, as so many had concerns he might be? and at least in part, tillerson was saying that that seems to have happened. that trump was outflanked by putin, that putin took every
7:43 am
opportunity to press his points and state what he wanted. and that he outflanked trump. and at the time, before this hamburg meeting, cnn reported that in the briefing book that trump had before this meeting, that the pages on putin wer very, very few. and the reason for that, the white house gave, was they wanted to keep the points short and focused so that trump could be focused in this meeting. but tillerson said that he was unprepared, especially compared to putin in this point in time. >> yeah. i'm sure putin was prepared. the former kgb agent. michelle kosinski. thank you. >> pentagon members could brief senior members of president trump's security team as early as today on a plan that could send thousands more u.s. troops to the middle east, this as tensions grow with iran. >> the story was first reported by our pentagon correspondent
7:44 am
barbara starr. she joins us now. good morning, barbara. it's important to clarify for people what could happen and what will happen. >> all of this really very much under discussion at the white house later today, is our understanding. president trump may even be part of the team that gets briefed later today by defense, acting defense secretary patrick shanahan and the chairman of the joint chiefs, general joseph dunford. what is on the table is the u.s. central command is talking about a need for additional troops in the middle east to deter iran. they're formulating this very much as a potential deployment of u.s. troops for deterrence. they say they do not want to get into a were with iran. they're not going to attack iran unless the u.s. is attacked. it's all about deterrence, about putting a big u.s. military footprint once again in the middle east region to counter iran, to show them the u.s. is there and ready if they were to attack.
7:45 am
now, all of this, of course, because the u.s. says it has intelligence that iran has been planning for a possible attack against u.s. forces. that intelligence was briefed to congress. it got a lot of skepticism from democrats who said some democrats who said they didn't see very much new or different there. but the intelligence has not yet been shown to the american public. so a lot of skepticism and if this decision comes, that could send ships, aircraft, missiles, weaponry to the region, it will be a very significant step for the u.s. military. poppy, jim. >> okay, it will indeed. barbara starr, great reporting, breaking the story. thank you very much. to washington, where we are waiting. there's the podium for house speaker nancy pelosi. what will she say today after the big headlines yesterday? this as president trump refuses to broker deals with democrats until they stop all their investigations. we'll bring you her comments live. (paul) great.
7:46 am
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president trump's refusal to work with democrats, that's
7:51 am
happening as we wait here for nancy pelosi to come speak, perhaps responding to president trump's refusal. we're going to keep on top of that. we'll bring you her comments the moment she walks up. >> in the meantime, how about levity. comedian colin quinn tackling the disunity in a special present called colin quinn red state blue state. he looks at the political rhetoric tearing apart much of the country watch this. >> john adams said the two-party system is the greatest political evil under our constitution. george washington cautioned in his farewell address against excessive political party spirits. and geographical distinction. wise words. they tell us what to do about it? they did not. they just said it. and then they died. now they left us to figure it out. real geniuses. america, two parties still all these years later. two parties.
7:52 am
there's 350 million people. and there's two parties. there's 15 genders and there's two parties. there's four bathrooms and there's two parties. >> that's great. colin quinn joins us now live. congratulations. >> thanks, guys. i'm excited to be here on pelosi watch. i could be cut off any second, i know. >> let's pull up the empty podium on the bottom of the screen. >> the minute we see them looking to the side. >> yes, we will give nancy pelosi the mic, but she's not there yet. i love this. i love that you brought it to cnn. what inspired it? >> because this country, i feel like this country should break up. it's like a couple that at a certain point, this kind of fighting, no one is changing their opinion. you know what i mean? nobody is going to change how they feel about abortion, guns. nobody is changing, religion, nobody is changing their opinion. what do you want to do? keep the way we're going? it's unhealthy. >> take some time apart.
7:53 am
you say social media has been sort of a cancerous influence in this division. >> sure, i mean, no way around it. even the candidates, every candidates is going to speak, there's a climate of fear of social media jumping in. even what i'm saying right now to you, there will be plenty of -- a few comments. >> i'm tweeting about what you're saying right now. >> if there's no comments, you're like, what's the matter? what am i, chopped liver? i do feel like it influence people's behavior, everybody's behavior. >> infounding daughters bit is pretty hysterical. you do blame the founding fathers for a lot of this. >> if you're going to be a father, be a father. don't stumble home drunk. also, remember, speaking of social media, they locked out the press for the whole constitutional convention. i feel like that's what we should be having these conventions once a year at least about this country, if we're really serious about trying to keep together. >> but not sans locking out the
7:54 am
press. >> not the press. the point is everybody weighs in. if anyone says anything that doesn't toe whatever party line or narrative you want, everyone attacks them. so no one is going to say that. >> the country is desperate to just find -- you talked, your family friends, they want a break from it. they want to laugh about it. how do you help people laugh about it? >> i mean, they're laughing, the live audience. hopefully the audience will laugh, too, because i have always been a real centrist type. a real joe biden, the new name for centrism. so a real head kisser. no, but i mean, i do feel like what are we going to do? are we going to keep going this way? it's going to lead to a civil war. >> you're never short of fodder. every day gives you new material. >> yes, of course. >> and it's real, but it seems comic, but it's all too real. >> it is. it's sad this is how it goes for
7:55 am
us. >> the saying, you have to laugh or you just cry. >> yeah, but i mean -- >> or drink, right? >> yeah. >> people could have a drink at home, over 21, and watch your special on monday night at 9:00 p.m. >> hopefully they'll be done drinking by 9:00 monday night. >> we're going to be watching. we all need a reason to laugh. >> thanks, guys. >> a funny man, a smart man. he knows his politics. >> we appreciate it very much. >> this special colin quinn red state blue state on memorial day, 9:00 eastern time, only here on cnn. we're waiting now for house speaker nancy pelosi. she did not interrupt colin quinn, thankfully, but she's about to address reporters on capitol hill. we'll bring you those comments live. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
7:56 am
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8:00 am
♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ ask your healthcare provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. thank you for joining me. at any moment, we'll be hearing from house speaker nancy pelosi. she's fighting fights on two fronts. facing down the president who declared yesterday during this show that he won't work with congress on anything. until the house ends its investigations into him. he was lashing out after nancy pelosi declared publicly that the president is engaging in a cover-up. remember these words, to quote the president, i don't do cover-ups. the other front for nancy pelosi right now is with her own party. house democrats remain divided on whether or not to move toward impeachment of president trump. are they now after meeting this morning, are nay now closer together, are they now further apart? where do things stand? and will any legislation be getting done any time soon in the midst of all th


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