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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  June 4, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. president trump is in the uk tonight. on a state visit. that doesn't mean his investigation troubles are behind him. we're learning the full house of representatives will vote a week from tomorrow on whether to hold the attorney general william barr in contempt of congress. that's over their refusal to comply with subpoenas. from the house judiciary committee. barr who's refused to hand over the full mueller report and don mcgahn refused to appear under
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subpoena last month. as the oversight committee is vetting to hold wilbur ross in contempt for refusing to supply information about how a question about citizenship ended uppen the census. that's not all. the click is ticking for a deadline for hope hicks and form donaldson. to turn over documents. they're also under subpoena. so the president who has vowed to fight all the subpoenas had two big battles on his hands. joining me is -- hits on the democratic congressman. house oversight committee. thank you for coming on. >> thanks, don. for the full house to vote whether to hold them in contempt, that is a big deal. how do you expect the vote to go? >> i think it's going to goual along party lines and it will pass and it may not be just barr. there may be others as well.
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>> your commit is moving to hold bar and will ross in contempt. but they're vowing to hold them in contempt for adding a citizenship question. why do you think they're stone walled? >> i think this is being driven by the white house. clearly the marching ord oers orders all these guys are getting is don't comply with valid subpoenas. don't comply with valid document requests. we're used to administration and slow walking information and witnesses. but this is unprecedented. >> and speaking of complying, tomorrow is the deadline for former white house official any donaldson to comply with subpoenas for documents. you said if the trump administration doesn't comply, the house should start impeachment proceeds. does this mean you're now for an impeachment inquiry? >> that's what i've said is we
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need draw a line in the sand that says if these subpoenas and document requests are not honored within 30 days that we start impeachment proceedings. so i'm looking at the end of june. if that time frame is not honored by theed a ministration, i will be on board with taking action. i certainly didn't come to washington d.c. to do this but this is the course our president has left us with by dis regarding the constitution and his constitutional obligations. >> i want to put up a new cnn poll from our viewers. 41% of americans support impeachment right now. is the lack of public support making many in your party so hesitant to move forward? >> i think that is right but personally i disagree with it. i don't think this should be about which way the political winds are blowing oor the polling says. this is simple right and wrong. how we teach our kids. through that lens that
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we need to do what's right here and so is the president. and if he doesn't want to dawhat's right, he's force our hand. >> your sub committee will hold a hearing on confronting violent white supremacy. what are you specifically looking to accomplish? >> i think all of us need shine a bright light on the growing white supremacy movement in the united states. even in my area of the country in southern california, it has been of youed as a hot spot for these hate groups. and for us to be successful and combatting the growth of the hate groups, it draws all of ous to bring attention to it and i wish we had a stronger partner in the president in doing that because this is a slippery slope and we need stop it as soon as we can. >> you seem pretty optimistic about dreamers. what do you want to say? >>m i rr excited we're bringing a bull to the floor to address citizenship, a pathway to citizenship for dreamers.
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and other key groups. and i'm hopeful we will have bipartisan support. but this is is one part of comprehensive immigration reform we need. >> we'll see if there's progress. we hope so. we appreciate your time. let's bring in frank rooney and max, the author of "the corrosion of conservatism. why i left the right." good to see you. your reaction to the house announcement they're voting to hold the attorney general in contempt. do you think it will make a difference? >> i don't think it's going to make a big difference but i thunk it's a measure of their frustration. they're not getting anything they want. they're trueing to figure out a way to express their moral outrage. sadly that vote is talking place after the deadline tomorrow for hope hicks and donaldson. so as those two are figuring out what to do, they haven't sthoon seen the con kwensequences of n
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complying. or had to contemplate what that would mean to them. >> i want to talk to you about your new piece because you play out reasons he should be impeached. writing in part, he's kmuted more criminal and unconstitutional conduct than any previous president in u.s. history. they will violate oaths to support and defend the constitution of the united states. so why edo you think so many law makers are putting politics in front of principals? >> they are in politics. it shouldn't be shocking. i wish they weren't but. my problem is not so much with speaker pelosi the democrats who are trying to balance holding donald trump accountable with the reality that as long as their is republican support, they won't be able to impeach and remove. impeachment could backfire if it would allow trump it say he was exonerated by the senate. my beef is with the republicans who will not admit that trump has done anything wrong.
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249 out of 250 republicans in congress will not admit that donald trump has been guilty of any conduct that could be worth a of impeachment and that is ridiculous. that is absurd. in this article i lay it out. seven articles of impeachment. there are only three against richard nixon. but these seven are amply is justified and there's evidence in the public rebered to support all of them. beginning with obstruction of justice. and ending with violations of the amaluments clause. who's shown more contempt for the constitution than any previous president and the republicans pretend not to notice. that is a disgrace. that is a violation off their oath to uphold the constitution. but sadly it's a reality. >> and we're told they support leadership meeting tonight. and people pushing for impeachment are pusing for a
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role in the senate. >> she has a great point. i think she's right. and that's referred to the problem which is if there's no republican buy in. if you don't think of the conclusion of this. the house impeaches and goes to the senate, they do not -- convict him. trump will market that as exoneration. >> i was exonerated by mueller? by the senate. she's looking down the field. she's seeing that and realizing people kind of say public opinion polls change with nixon. yes, right now the public is for impeachment. a lot is different now. donald trump is not richard nixon. they've formed their opinions about donald trump. the most exhaustly chronicled, overly expozed president in the lifetime. the idea that opinions would change as much as they did against richard nixon i think is a flawed comparison.
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>> when a president was a president. you know what i mean. not a reality show. >> the republican part a was different because you had republican like bill cohen and howie baker and others who felt responsibility to the constitution, not just to the party and right now there is exactly one republican in both houses of congress who feels can any responsibility to the constitution and that is shocking and dus graceful and that is reality. >> and in the same way none of them are being moved by the substantive arguments max laud out in his op-ed piece, the same way republican voters are acting tribally. they're going to stick by their guy as long as -- >> yeah, but i'm telling you. i can't wait to see when it takes its turn. i'm going to sit there and watch. >> but what nancy pelosi is saying to us all and i want to listen carefully is there is no
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repudiation of donald trump that would give the equivalent of the repudiation at the ballot box. and she worries rightly about the way to have all the oxygen and political discussion being about impeachment and none of the being about what the democratic candidates want to talk about. she worries about the consequences of that many november 20. and she's 100% right to. >> speaking of what we said about what voters are doing. because i'm going to play this for you. this is -- jared kushner when he was asked about the now famous trump tower meeting with russians. take a lus. -- listen. >> does it not set off at least some alarm bell when you see an email saying the russian government wants to help -- >> the email i got in my iphone said show up at 4:00. i didn't scroll down. i never would have thought.
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>> it had russia in the subject. >> i would get about 250 emails a day. i saw show up at 4:00, i showed up at 4:00. we weren't given anything salacious. >> he's still not surer if he would call the fbi. what? >> the fact is that they are uterly unrepentant and signaling we will continue to do this again unless you stop this because we don't care about the consequences. with prince jared right there ehe could have easily said we were pretty naive untwept 16. we didn't know the law. we were new to this and we realize we screwed up. we were new to this. in the future we'll tell somebody. he's not saying that because he knows his father unlaw would be offended because they have never said that they will not rely on foreign assistance in the future. this is really brazen contempt
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for our constitution. >> and it doesn't send a good message to foreign governments. looking to interfere in 2020. >> of course. bring it on o, bring it on. if it's good enough we'll listen. absolutely. >> so he was also asked about the saudi prince. mohammed bin salman and his murder in the "washington post" journalist jamal khashoggi. >> you unanimously said it crown prince mohammed bin salman ordered it. i don't can know what the administration is waiting for in terms of accountability. >> i believe there's a reported they're working on. they have been doeng an investigation. and when they have the facts of the investigation. it will be up to the president to make a determination on what he wants to do. >> the cia has concluded that saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman was behind the khashoggi's death, so why won't they admit it? >> his son in law is embarrassed, mortified, because he spent months and months vouching for the character of
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the saudi crown prince, saying making a special friendship. say ing it was going to be key to everything in the middle east, putting all his chips on the saudi crown prince and here he is defending someone who was chopped to pieces. who's mortified, embarrassesed >> like father-in-law like son-in-law. and rather than say i made a mistake, he's going to dance around it and avoid the question. and move on. >> max? >> i mean that whole interview with prince jared is one unbelievable jaw dropping statement after another from refusing to say anything negtvl -- negative to the saudis to refusing to rule out taking foreign help in the future election to just -- to refusing to say there was anything racist about this crazy birtherism conspiracy that his father-in-law propagated. this is one of the most powerful people in the world.
12:14 am
somebody that president trump trusts above most others. and that should tell you all you need to know about the moral and intellectual tenor of the administration and why they remain in office for so little time as possible. >> living proof of where nepotism is a problem. >> jared kushner has only one compass and it'ser not a moral one. it's stay in his father in law's good graces. >> thank you. i appreciate it. jared kushner seemed to have a tough time saying whether president trump's birther it lie is racist. why was that so hard to answer? these folks don't have time to go to the post office
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>> was birtherism racist? >> look, i wasn't really involved? >> i know you weren't. was it racist? >> i wasn't involved. >> i know you weren't. is that racist. >> i know the president and i have not seen anything in him that is racist. i was not involved in that. >> do you wish he wouldn't have done that? >> like i said i was not involved in that. that was a long time ago. >> charles blow is here. the "new york times." before that the good evening by the way. it was alexandria ocasio-cortez. saying whether that was racist, he -- and whether wh asked about birtherism was racist, he couldn't answer. >> first of all, you stop arguing about what things are
12:20 am
racist. when they ask you to do that, you have the racist philosophy r committed to it and there has -- to see if you have the fortitude to talk them out of it. that's waste of time. number two, it means the person agrees with or defends or deflects from what is happening and that is a problem in another way. have you ever thought about how did this happen? in the slave states that left the union. two out of three families were not slave own oing families but they went along with it. not everybody has jim crowe. how did that hp happen? not everybody was putting hounds on people and turning people away from stores and lunch counters. but the rest of the people went along with it. and the people who make the
12:21 am
excuses, pretend they don't see, pretent is doesn't exist. that it doesn't excuse, say that was a long time ago, which is a lie. jared kushner is a prime example of how those things happen. of how -- it is the people who pretend, who also agree ewith the racism and therefore pretend they don't see it or they defend it or thaw deflect. >> i want to ask you this because i had scott james on who is a trump supporter and contributor. this is not against scott. he says we shouldn't expect anyone if it was a democratic administration or anyone. especially the father-in-law. to say something derogatory about the president. >> you should come down on the pseudoof humanity. if you fall oo that logic, that
12:22 am
says you should not have expected the wife of the slave to go along when he was outside beating the slaves and she was inside drinking tea. if you follow that logic, you say you should not have expected to be on the restaurant while they were on the next street spraying people down because that's what their uncle, cousin, brother, whatever. you should always expect a person to do the right thing. you should always expect a good human to can exhibit some level of humanity. and if you followed that logic it is saying that it is okay to get a pass, allow someone close to you to be cruel to another human being. so you can salvage that relationship. that is wrong.
12:23 am
morally wrong, that is wrong. every part of that -- >> and if you're a religious person -- that is especially wrong. >> i think they've compartmentalized religion. all of them that have follow oed this man who says nothing that they believe in, they've just given up. the devil is making up the rules. that's what they say. >> this is the president once again calling a woman who challenges him nasty. when asked about his interview where meghan markle who is the duchess of sussex. meghan who is now the duchess of sussex >> royalty . she wasn't so nice about you in the campaign. >> i didn't know that.
12:24 am
i hope she's okay. i didn't know that. >> she would move to canada if you got elected. she moved to britain. >> a lot of people are moving here. i didn't know she was nasty. it might have blown over except it was on tape. is this gaslighting? >> well, this is everybody unthat room is wrong. soi have my problem with the son too. a better reporter would have said this is what megan marble said. how do you feel about it? what they did is to characterize a statement without telling him what the statement was. she wasn't nice to you. that's an opinion you're guving -- goufing -- you're giving
12:25 am
already. what she said was the truth. he's divisive and misogynistic and that's not what we want. where's the lie? tell me where's the lie? what did she lie about? the second part of that is that trump defaults where he always defaults to with women he's either attracted to or -- the opposed to him. ones attracted to, he treats like property and that's how he talks about them and according to him, he grabs them and he see a pretty woman and kisses her. he can't help himself. her and if you're famous, they let you can do it. he likes to walk in to dressing rooms of the miss u.s.a. or universe were getting dressed and and no one else could go in but he could. isn't that a wonderful thing. howard stern called his own daughter a piece of -- he on that same interview says she's always been voluptuous. this is the kind of guy.
12:26 am
that is your guy. that's your guy. >> if you can read more o, it's a fascinating column. there is right there. thank you. the princes verses the demagogue. montana's governor thinks he has what it takes to be president. and he's going to tell us why. that's next.
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california's democratic convention was the place to be this weekend for many presidential hopefuls. so but the audience wasn't always friendly to those with more moderate ideas. and here's what happened when the former governor said said -- socialism is not the answer. >> if we want to beat donald trump and achieve big progressive goals, socialism is not the answer. i was reelected -- i was reelected in a purple state in
12:31 am
2014, one of the worst years for democrats in a quarter century. i was -- you know, if we're not careful, year going to end up helping to reelect the worst president in american history. >> joining me now is montana governor and democratic candidate. steve bullic. thank you for coming on. >> thank you for having me for sure. >> the reason i played that is because you saw the california democratic convention people booing a centerist former governor for saying socialism is not the answer. california is a liberal state. what does it say about the appetite for a moderate like yourself in 2020 in the democratic field? >> and i view myself at the core of the word progressive is progress. and eve unin the state that my legislature is 60% republican, we've got progressive things
12:32 am
done. we've done more to get dark money out of our system than probably any state in the country. record investments in education. expanding health care, medicaid expansion for 10% of our population. we have great energy throughout this primary. we should focus i think less on the labels and he we beat donald trump, but how do we get this democracy and conomy working for all americans. >> let's dig more and talk about your path to victory. what do you see as your path in this very crowded field? almost two dozen democratic candidates. >> look, i think we have to definitely beat donald trump. but we've got to get the economy and our democracy working again. the only one who won in the state with trump on the ballot, i was up for reelection in 2016. he took montana by 20 points. i won by four.
12:33 am
25 to 30% of voters voted for donald trump. so in addition to bringing out democrats, we've got to make sure to win back some of the places that we lost. i'm somebody that can do that. and in a time of great division have been able to work with a republican legislature to actually get meaningful things done. freezing college tuition six out of the eight years. record investments in education. while not compromising the values that i hold and i think the values most democrats hold. if we're ever going to address the inequieties and problems in washington d.c. the climate crisis barely discussed by republicans anymore, given outside dollars. when you have tax cuts that lindsey graham says we veto do this to make donors happy when they wouldn't have 400 bucks in case of an emergency. when you have generation oz of work withers that have been
12:34 am
replaced by independent contractors. while union membership declined since the 1980s. that's another thing i add. it's been basically bite of my career goal as attorney general and governor. something we have to do if we're going to make washington work again. >> some of the other democratic contenders are advocating for free college tuition but not you. do you see it as an unrealistic position? >> i think we've got to make sure college is affordable and accessible for everyone. that's why montana has the fourth lowest tuition and fees in the country and that didn't happen by accident. it happened by us investing state dollars along the way. we know if you're in the bottom 20% of sort of economic wealth
12:35 am
that only 9% -- well, first of all you only have 29% of folks in that bottom 20% to even go to college, only 9% graduate. we've got to make sure that we're removing barriers so somebody doesn't say i'm not going to think about college because of the cost. sure we've had college debt double in the last decade. we can do more for affordability and accessibility we can do more without necessarily paying for it all. >> governor, i appreciate your time. come back. good luck on the trail. >> i sure appreciate you having me on. so kamala harris rushed by a protester add an event and how did he get so close to a presidential candidate. and do they need more and better security? we'll talk about that. on your f. what do you do with that? like, who's going to eat that?
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here's a question. do presidential candidates need better security? that is a question raised by this moment happened over the weekend when a protester rushed kamala harris and grabbed her microphone. >> hey, hey, hey, hey. hey, hey, hey. oh, hi. >> thank you so much, sir, for your big idea. >> i want to bring in now joan walsh and -- i'm hiring her. she was not having it. good evening. so give me your reaction to seeing the protester getting so close to the u.s. senator? and presidential candidate.
12:41 am
>> it was terrifying. it was crazy. and he was was wearing a press badge. so somehow he must have lied and said he was press, which is a terrible thing to see. but they obviously need better security. i mean i do want herren my squad, clearly, but that isn't her job. >> it did take a while for the security. >> i wasn't even positive who was security. >> should we be more worried about the dangers candidates face? while campaigning? especially candidate of color. especially with the craziness going on? >> i admire kamala harris for her composure. but this is a very dangerous situation for any candidates. i remember when barack obama was running for president, he receive secret service because something might happen. back in history, look at bobby kennedy and he was assassinated.
12:42 am
before he was nominated. i don't want that to happen to anybody in our country. i think we need good security for every candidate, especially people of color because there's semany threats against people of color and women of color as well. >> you're right on. tara, i want to bring you in. kareen, she was a moderator. we know her. she's been on cnn. she was the first to put heirself between the protester and the senator. this is what she said. >> it was a scary moment. at the time i wasn't thinking that. at the time i was thinking gosh, the virginia beach massacre just happened the day before. we lost 12 souls. i was thinking white spremacy, hate crimes have increased in the last couple years. >> i think she real ea was heroic. what you think? >> oh, yeah. kudos to her. it takes a lot of courage. interesting to see it was three women that were there protecting her bebefore anybody else was able to get between the senator
12:43 am
and this protser. protester. good for them. the idea of having more security i think is something that we haven't really addressed or had to until more recently. more recent election cycles where so many candidates are involved. who qualifies and who doesn't. he brought up the president obama. when he declared in 2007 he received secret service protection in april of the year because of the threat level. the first time ever a candidate had ever received secret service protection that earl le. it was after the assassination the law was changed to make candidates eligible. and supposed to be not until 120 days until the election. that changed. right no, there's a other thresholds that have to be met for the protection to kick in. it's too early at this point unless there's a significant
12:44 am
threat. but i think that something that will be looked at. it has to get approved by the homeland security secretary. and they get together to decide. and then approach the candidate. it's not so easy o to say this incident happened we need protection. but the candidates need to before that level need to have situational awareness. because -- >> and their own security. use the campaign money. >> her husband was also rushed to wrestle the protestors. he shouldn't have been put in the position. to go up there and do that. >> you're right. he shouldn't be in the position. nor should any of the other people. this is why you should have trained security trained staff. it's the second incident which happened to her. when a few weeks ago there was an incident someone approached
12:45 am
her in the airport. and she had to have someone push that person away. when you are a presidential candidate you are a public figure. especially if you're a black woman. you are subject in this climate subject to attack or whatever it might happen. it's important that we take the issues seriously. >> i'll get you on the other side of the break. we have more to talk about. president trump's predecessor traveling this weekend. he got an enthusiastic reaction. we'll talk about that. ♪
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president trump was reveling in his state visit in the uk with protesters, kept largely out of sight. the former president barack obama got a standing ovation before game two of the nba finals in toronto last night. >> it's mr. barack obama! >> mvp, mvp, mvp, mvp. >> well, but i want you to take a look at what was going on in london. there you go, it's not clear if president trump laid eyes on this. british approval ratings for obama and trump back now with joan walsh, keith boykin and tara sutmire. what do you think of the former president getting a reaction like that, joan?
12:51 am
he has a connection to the game. he loves basketball. >> right, this is in toronto, not in oakland. for our allies, barack obama is still the president. and they are just waiting for us -- they want to wake up from this nightmare, they're waiting for us to wake up from this nightmare and they don't want to acknowledge the real president. he is the president permanently until we have another normal person. that's just going to be true. >> wow, tara, what do you -- >> i mean, i feel them. i have been a critic of barack obama's for eight years. and i want him to be president again. >> you want him back. >> i'll take him back in a heartbeat because then at least we can debate politics the normal way and have some decency back in the white house despite how -- whatever disagreements i had with him on policy, nothing compares to what we are going through now. >> nothing. >> i mean, nothing -- i can remember when, you know, republicans were upset about
12:52 am
barack obama when he saluted his marine with a cup of coffee in his hand and people are like he's unpatriotic, doesn't respect the military. >> how dare he? the tan suit. >> it was valid criticism in the context at the time, compared to what we're dealing with now every day, oh, my gosh, bring that guy back, please. >> wow, tara, i remember having tara on during the obama days. you didn't sound like that when i had you on during the obama days. >> that's how you know it's that bad. >> that's how you know -- it just got real. >> go ahead, keith. one is a basketball game and one is a state visit but it's clearly not -- >> he had dinner with justin trudeau and they looked like they were having a lovely time. >> i wish i had something funny to say. i think it's ridiculous that we have a president who's so despited across the planet.
12:53 am
and we should be better than this but we're not and it's unfortunate. >> yeah. that same group, who put up the poll numbers, also projected the uss john mccain on another london building. they are -- >> they're good. >> they're vicious. >> they're really following our politics. >> you've got to love british humor. one of my favorite british shows is called "in the thick of it," you should google it. it's hysterical, it's by the same writer that created "veep." >> love "veep." >> their humor is so biting and witty. >> text me. i love "veep." is this a show that "veep" was made off of? >> yes, right. >> i think they should make an episode of "the crown" off of donald trump's visit to the uk. because, i mean, they're covering the whole, the reign of the queen. at some point they have to cover trump.
12:54 am
>> also the pictures of the queen with barack obama and the queen with trump today. >> oh, my gosh. >> all over social media, everyone's suffering. >> i got a couple. >> we're laughing about this but it really is shameful. we are the united states of america. this is the guy representing us. >> it's a shame. i was watching this morning and my stomach was in knots. he's such an embarrassment. he doesn't understand anything about protocol or what it is to even just present well. >> what do you mean? >> he didn't show up in church in golf shoes to meet the queen like he did at a church yesterday in virginia. it's just disgraceful every time this guy tries to act presidential. i thought it was supposed to be so easy. apparently it's not for him. >> do you think it bothers him that he's not as popular as the former president? >> you know it kills him. you know it does. barack obama is right now the most popular president in people's entire lifetimes and
12:55 am
you know he thinks about that. >> someone said, my gosh, did you guys talk about barack obama this much? we did a lot. in the beginning because he was the first black president. but there was no -- there were no scandals to -- >> he knew how to stay out of the news too. this guy, he's such an attention whore he can't stay away from the press. thank you all. i appreciate it. >> tara, i think the obamas are going to hire you as a spokesperson now. >> i would respectfully decline. but -- >> thanks, everyone. have a good night. thanks for watching. our coverage continues. when i showed my mom the dna results,
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-- captions by vitac -- president trump moments away from sitting down with the british prime minister, just hours after trading toasts with the queen. "the washington post" says republicans in congress could revolt against the president's new tariffs on mexico. google, apple, facebook, and amazon all targeted as house


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