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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  June 7, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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our coverage on cnn continues right now. happening now, breaking news. deadline day. president trump just arriving home as a deadline is looming for him to sign an order authorizing tariffs on mexico. a source says negotiations did not end well last night, but they've continued all day and the president says there's a good chance for a deal. piling on pelosi. the president steps up his attacks on the house speaker nancy pelosi, calling her a disgrace and disgusting for reportedly suggesting he should go to prison instead of being impeached. reversing course. we're learning new details of what prompted joe biden's dramatic turnaround on federal funding of abortions. how key aides made a direct appeal to the former vice president. and dangerous encounter. for the third time in recent
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weeks, russia challenges u.s. military. this time with a brazen and harrowing near-collision between two naval vessels, caught on video, as russian sailors sunbathed on their deck. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." breaking news. president trump returns from overseas, facing a deadline to authorize his punitive tariffs on mexico. the president tweeted from air force one that there's a good chance of reaching a deal, but warned that otherwise, the tariffs will begin monday. marathon negotiations continue today with no sign of an agreement. the president is facing a revolt from republican lawmakers, who fear the impact on the u.s. economy. meantime, he's escalating his war with democrats, tweeting on the way home that house speaker nancy pelosi is a disgrace. earlier, he called her nasty, vindictive, and horrible for
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reportedly saying she would rather see him in prison than impeached. but impeachment push is growing among house democrats, with more hearings set for next week to highlight findings in the mueller investigation. i'll speak with congressman gerry connolly of the oversight committee and our correspondents and analysts will have full coverage of the day's top stories. president trump arriving back here in washington, just moments ago, to face a series of conflicts, most of his own making. let's begin with cnn white house correspondent, caitlkaitlan col. the kaitlan, the most pressing issue is the mexico tariffs and the clock is clearly ticking. >> yes, wolf, it certainly is. and the two sides have continued to negotiate throughout the day. and now you're seeing the president strike an optimistic tone, but what you're also seeing that's new, wolf, is the president is now tying this fight to trade issues, rather than mexico's ability to stop illegal immigration, something that aides have denied for a week, that the two are connected. >> reporter: tonight, the white house is facing a deadline and
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president trump is keeping the nation in suspense. >> they need us. we don't need them, we need them. >> reporter: trump hinting there's a good chance he'll make a deal with mexico and back off his threat to add a 5% tariff to all imported goods. but he added this important caveat, if we are unable to make the deal, mexico will begin paying the tariffs at the 5% level on monday. it's a decision trump must make soon. the vice president's chief of staff said the white house will likely take the next steps to move forward with tariffs, but he left the door open to reversing the move if the talks go well. >> if negotiations continue to go well, that the president can turn that off at some point over the weekend. >> reporter: in light of the threat, mexican officials have pledged to deploy 6,000 members of their national guard to the country's border with guatemala. but it's unclear if that will be enough for trump. >> i'm asking them for everything. and by the way, if they don't do it, i'm putting the tariffs on. >> reporter: the president is
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returning to a washington filled with angry republican senators, who say the move will backfire. >> now i have these people and i'm saying, there are some republicans, too. i think they should be ashamed of themselves. >> reporter: but even lawmakers who are on his side admit it's americans who will pay the price. >> well, obviously, if you're going to have increased tariffs, someone's going to have to pay for them. >> reporter: but the president may have bigger problems on his plate. while overseas, he lashed out at house speaker nancy pelosi after she said privately she would like to see him in prison. >> she's a nasty, vindictive, horrible person. >> reporter: until recently, trump has avoided criticizing pelosi, but this time, he didn't hold back. >> reporte >> she's a disaster. and she made a statement -- >> when you were overseas. >> it was a horrible, nasty, vicious statement. while i was overseas. now, if i made a statement about anybody, it would be a big -- why would i do that when i was overseas. she didn't -- she is a terrible person. and her name, it's nervous nancy, because she's a nervous wreck.
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>> reporter: flying home, she tweeted that the house speaker is a disgrace to herself and her family. calls for impeachment are growing on capitol hill, as a disappointing new jobs report revealed that only 75,000 jobs were added in may. and hiring slowed while the unemployment rate stayed at 3.6%. the federal reserve has signaled it would consider a rate cut if it sees weakness in the economy. >> i've built an economy that's incredible. >> reporter: but as he made his way back to the u.s., the president had other things on his mind, and came out against an effort by nasa to return to the moon, tweeting, we did that 50 years ago. they should be focused on the much bigger things we are doing, including mars, of which the moon is a part, defense, and science, even though he tweeted just weeks ago touting the efforts to do so. and his vice president recently announced the administration's big plans to return to the moon. >> at the direction of the president of the united states, it is the stated policy of this
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administration and the united states of america to return american astronauts to the moon within the next five years. >> now, wolf, as these mexican officials are trying to stave off the president's tariff threat, a sign of just how these talks are going, the mexican delegation has been at the state department for eight hours now. we saw them entering around 8:55 a.m. this morning, and now we are still being told that they are there, though we're not being updated on what exactly the state of those talks is right now. of course, you can see the president. he just landed back in washington. he'll be on his way to the white house soon. and this whole deal is going to be up to the president and the decision he makes, and there's a chance we could hear from him when he gets back to the white house, wolf. >> we'll see if he does stop and speaks with reporters on the south lawn of the white house, once marine one lands. that should be fairly soon. kaitlan collins at the white house for us, thank you. let's go to capitol hill right now. cnn congressional correspondent phil mattingly on the scene for us.
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phil, how will the feud between the president and the house speaker, nancy pelosi, impact all the growing calls for impeachment proceedings? >> wolf, one thing democratic officials have told me as i've talked to them throughout the day is there's nothing that unifies the democratic caucus like a fight between their speaker, their leader, nancy pelosi, and the president of the united states, many of whom would like to see out of office yesterday at this point. and that's essentially what you've seen right now. this battle back and forth between the speaker and the president. but part of this is a rhetorical spoke skroo smoke screen. the speaker making very clear she does not believe that impeachment the proper path. she believes they should continue their ongoing investigations and if the public support becomes clear, if republican support starts to come to fruition, then perhaps they will go down that route. anything that might unify the democratic caucus is something they might welcome. but the rhetorical battle is
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certainly escalating. >> all of this comes, phil, as house democrats are adding yet more hearings on the mueller report and the attorney general, william barr, faces two separate actions from the hill next week. what's the strategy? >> wolf, next week is going to provide a crystal-clear window into speaker pelosi and her top deputy's strategy in terms of their non-impeachment investigation proceedings. on monday, the house judiciary committee will hold their first hearings on the mueller report. the house intelligence committee is planning to hold a hearing on the intelligence -- the underlying intelligence section and counterintelligence piece of the mueller report they announced today with two former fbi officials coming into testify. you have the full house contempt voice for attorney general william barr on tuesday, where they will officially find him in contempt of the whole house. don mcgahn, the former white house counsel will also be voted on, on tuesday. and at some point next week, the house oversight committee will vote on their contempt charges for william barr, related to him not responding or complying with the subpoena, related to an
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immigration question that was added to the census. and what this all underscores here is democrats trying to make the point that her doing things to evaluate the mueller report. they are doing things to evaluate their investigations into president trump, even if they are not, at this point in time, pursuing impeachment. the biggest question, though, wolf, will that be enough, given where so many of their members, right now we have the number at about 59, not in a majority in the caucus, just about 25%, but it has grown over the course of the last couple of weeks, calling for that impeachment inquiry. will what they do next week start to cut off that flow, or will it only grow, given the tensions that are really escalating between the house and the white house to this day. >> phil mattingly up on capitol hill, thank you. joining us now, democratic congressman jared connelly of virginia. congressman, thanks so much for joining us. and let me get your quick reaction. >> good to be with you. >> the president, as you know, is lashing out at nancy pelosi for saying she wants to see him going to prison rather than see
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him impeached. first of all, do you think it was appropriate for the speaker to say she wants to see the president in prison? >> one would have to ask her request that question. i think she was responding to a demand for an impeachment inquiry and she was saying, i don't want to do that, i want to have him in court of law after he leaves the white house and hopefully that's next year. i will say this, wolf. it's ironic that this got under trump's skin so rapidly and so vehemently, when he he's the guy at rally after rally who called for hillary clinton to be locked up. >> and he's also called for other senior obama administration officials to be locked up and accusing some of them of committing treason. here's the question. would you like to see president trump in prison? >> we have to see what plays out. we will see this. robert mueller in his report all but invited a prosecutor to
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pursue criminal charges against the weekend once he leaves the white house. he actually all but says that in the report, and he lays out ten instances of a crime of the obstruction of justice that the president may very well have committed. so i don't think it's something that's farfetched with respect to trump's future, but right now, we need to be focused on the investigations that are underway and dealing with an administration that at times is almost unhinged, at least coming out of the white house. >> well, i want to move on, but i want to be precise on this. you don't think it's farfetched to see the president of the united states eventually wind up in jail? >> i don't think it's farfetched that he would face charges, criminal charges, in a court of law. whether he goes to jail or not, that's another question. i'm not going to pre-judge that in advance. >> the judiciary committee chairman, jerry nadler, a man you know well, he's been
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privately pushing for a formal impeachment process, an inquiry in part because he believes it would allow lawmakers to combine all the various house probes into one big investigation. does the chairman have the wrong idea or the right idea? >> i understand why jerry nadler is coming at the question the way hose. and a case can be made, a solid case can be made for his argument. i think we are still, though, as your reporting just before this interview pointed out, we're still sort of in the mid-level here in investigations. we've got hearings this week by three major committees. we've got two contempt citations, one by the full house, one by our committee, that have yet to occur. so i think we need to let the process play out before we decide that impeachment is the remedy. >> because here's what's a little confusing to me. and you'll explain your position. if there's actual evidence, as
2:13 pm
you believe there is, that the president may have committed a crime, wouldn't the appropriate venue at least right now be for examining that evidence as part of a formal impeachment inquiry? >> i think, certainly, examining the evidence is what we're doing and that's appropriate. it doesn't have to be in the context of an impeachment inquiry yet. there are those who have argued that we should have an impeachment inquiry because it evaluate ours status in various district courts. i oppose that logic, because i think it significantly dilutes the value of the subpoena in its own right. courts ought to be upholding legally issued subpoenas and not require that we meet the highest threshold, which is impeachment. otherwise, in the future, the only subpoenas that are going to be enforced, apparently, will be those that touch upon impeachment. i think that's a very, very difficult standard to meet and that's a precedent i don't want to set. >> should the speaker have the
2:14 pm
final say, congressman, on whether or not democrats open an impeachment process? >> no. i believe the speaker's voice carries great weight and right now, it certainly does with our caucus, as phil mentioned in the reporting earlier, about 25% of the caucus favors moving immediately to impeachment, but 75% don't. and i think there's a level of patience and caution in heeding the words of the speaker. but this seems to have an almost an inexorable direction. and if we get to a tilting point where a majority of the caucus favors an impeachment inquiry, that's what we're going to do. >> you also sit on the house oversight committee, congressman. the chairman of that committee, elijah cummings, is threatening to hold the attorney general william barr and the commerce secretary, wilbur ross, in contempt for failing to turn over documents related to a controversial citizenship
2:15 pm
question on the 2020 census. what specific information are you looking for and do you believe that the threat of a contempt citation will force these officials to comply? >> well, i certainly hope so. there are several pieces here that have been to be clarified. wilbur ross basically made an assertion before congress in previous testimony that he added the citizenship question for the first time since 1950 to the census, at the urging and the direction of the department of justice. there are now documents that contradict that that in fact show that he himself was the one urging the department of justice to support the addition of that question. we also have now some evidence that some of this pushing came directly from political operatives in the white house itself and attorney general barr is basically protecting them. and so this subpoena is designed
2:16 pm
to compel cooperation in the production of documents that shed light on those concerns, those issues. and help clarify what did happen, why did it happen, and ultimately how did this question get added to the census, when we know that by doing that, you're going to significantly impair compliance with the census survey, which is so critical for states in terms of federal resources and indeed representation in the congress. >> congressman connelly, as usual, thanks so much for joining us. >> my pleasure, wolf. up next, so what's behind joe biden's dramatic reversal on federal funding of abortions? new information on the reason for his turnaround. we have that, also. once again, russia challenges the u.s., this time a very brazen intercept at sea, causing a near-collision between two naval vessels. geico makes it easy to get help when you need it.
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spending the week overseas. spent most of his trip home tweeting, including a new round of name calling aimed directly at the house speaker, nancy pelosi. lets bring in our political analysis and discuss where this fight is heading. listen to the president lashing out at the speaker nancy pelosi after news emerged that she had reportedly said she really doesn't want to see him impeached, she wants to see him imprison imprisoned. listen to this. >> i think she's a disgrace. i actually don't think she's a talented person. i've tried to be nice to her, because i would have liked to have gotten some deals done. she's incapable of doing deals. she's a nasty, vindictive, horrible person and she made a statement -- >> when you were overseas. >> -- it was a horrible, nasty, vicious statement. and if i made a statement about anything, it would be a big deal. why would he -- she is a terrible person. and her name is nervous nancy because she's a nervous wreck. what's your analysis? >> well, it's hard to know where to begin. but let's start with him saying,
2:23 pm
well, if i made any statement like that while i was overseas, and then hep went on to make a statement like that. he went on to call her a name and say she's a nervous wreck, naemp nervous nancy, on and on, in a completely inappropriate spot, i might add. and how can you even react to this anymore? it's clear to me -- and first of all, i'm not one who believes that nancy pelosi should have said the equivalent of "lock him up," that he should be in handcuffs and all the rest, i'm not for that. but i think it takes a lot of chutzpa chutzpah, as we say, for the president of the united states whose bumper sticker used to be "lock her up" to complain about nancy pelosi effectively saying the same thing. and look, i don't know where this goes. she's clearly getting under his skin, but this kind of rhetoric is only going to get worse, i fear. as the moves for impeachment continue.
2:24 pm
>> and it wasn't that long ago, jacque, when they seemed to have, nancy pelosi and president trump, a relatively cordial relationship, as if they could work together. he would say nice thing, she would go over to the white house, but that deteriorated pretty quickly. and what happened? >> you know, it remains to be seen what happened. the president is often pretty reactionary to these kinds of comments, but at the end of the day, i think this is exactly what the president wants. you know, i talked to a bunch of staffers who have been involved with a lot of the conversations with house leadership about impeachment, and they were quite frankly pretty confused about pelosi's prison comments. some of them were happy, because it obviously reinvigorates the conversation, keeps it going, keeps people moving potentially towards impeachment. but a lot of them believe that at this point, if speaker pelosi is interested in pushing the conversation towards the issues, talking about, you know, roe v. wade potentially being overturned and really consequential things playing out in the democratic party right now, a comment like that just allows president trump to
2:25 pm
distract, control the media, and change the topic. >> i want to get your reaction, april ryan. because it wasn't that long ago, november 190, i looked it up, 2018, when you asked the president of the united states a question and he didn't like the question, he called you "nasty" and a "loser," despite the fact that you've been reporting for the white house for more than 20 years. so when you hear all of these insults of the speaker, what goes through your mind? >> you know, i'm not a loser, number one, and i'm not nasty. this president uses nasty like it's a four-letter word, but it's five letters. there are a litany of people who he has called nasty. to include nancy pelosi, hillary clinton, and his new best friend, lindsey graham. so the day that he called me nasty was a couple of days after ied a asked him the question about voter suppression, the day after the midterm election. it was a legitimate and real question. he didn't want to answer. nancy pelosi, he's calling
2:26 pm
nasty, he needs to qualify why. she's nasty, why? because she says he needs to go to prison. she may have information that we don't have. and there are investigations that are getting ready to happen. so the bottom line, this president uses the word "nasty" more than janet jackson sings that song "nasty." >> you know, he's never called me nasty or a loser and i am nasty and a loser. >> you're also a man. >> my favorite part -- i mean, like the surreal aspect, gloria sort of alluded to it, did you see where he was sitting?! he's in front of the graves of the american soldier who's died at d-day! i mean, is there any place that is less appropriate for a conversation like that? >> that's sacred ground. >> oh, and laura ingraham is like, oh, my goodness, it was on foreign soil! isn't that just so terrible! the whole thing is like, this is like a movie. i mean, look at this. this is like -- i mean, it's
2:27 pm
just grotesque. >> it is. >> why would you set up a political interview there? i mean, it's just -- >> that's holy ground. that is sacred ground. you shouldn't do that. >> it's just stunning. and then have this discussion using names and about domestic politics and -- wrong time. wrong time. >> everybody, stick around. a lot more on all the breaking news right after this. ♪
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we're back with our political and legal experts. and glory, after several days of pretty sharp criticism from other democratic presidential candidates for still supporting a ban on federal funding for abortions, the former joe biden all of a sudden last night had a reversal. let's listen. >> i have supported the hyde amendment like many, many others have because there was sufficient moneys and circumstances where women were able to exercise that right, women of color, poor women, women who are not able to have access and it was not under attack, as it was then. as it is now. but circumstances have changed. >> what do you make of his explanation? >> his explanation is that the world is different and because women are being denied in state after state after state, the right to have an abortion because of state legislatures, that he's flipped.
2:33 pm
houfrl, he could have understood this a while ago, his campaign should have seen that there were red flags all around on this issue. among democratic voters in particular, and it tells you an awful lot about the state of the campaign. this was very awkward for him. this wasn't an evolution in any way, shape, or form. i think this was an overnight conversation when it should have been something that they thought about and then announced at some point. and not animal after he had been attacked by fellow democrats. >> because hi campaign insists this was an evolution, a very principled change of heart. do you believe that? >> you know, it's impossible for me to judge joe biden's motivations here. but as david axelrod pointed out, it really was a very clear flip-flop flip. he told an aclu member earlier that they were in favor of the hyde amendment, and then they
2:34 pm
said they supported it, and all of a sudden last night under extreme pressure, sharp criticism, and, you know, in the wake of a lot of political movement in state legislatures, with regards to implementing some of the strictest laws in abortion, he changes his mind. so it looks pretty politically expedient in the mind of voters that all of a suddenly, just under an increased amount of pressure, you know, there's a complete u-turn. but i think that the campaign ultimately decided it was an untenable decision, especially with female voters going to be a crucial key to winning the primary. >> that's an important point, because arlette saenz, our correspondent, she covers the biden campaign. she's learned that women on the biden campaign, especially women of color played a very significant role in convincing the former vice president to go out and oppose what's called the hyde amendment? >> wolf, the late great shirley
2:35 pm
chisholm, the first black candidate to run for president in 1972 said, if you don't have a seat at the table, bring a folding chair. those women of color had their folding chair. it's good there's diversity to be able to talk to the candidate and say, look, this is what's happening and this is what's needed or this is not what's needed. especially when it comes to the black community that has the highest numbers of negatives in almost every category. and when you look at those who are on medicaid, look at the numbers, women, primarily minority women, women of color, so they brought this issue to the table at a time when there are challenges to roe v. wade. and it needed to be done. so he could really see what was on the table to see all parts, all parts of the spectrum on this very sensitive and controversial topic. >> you think -- >> you know, wolf -- >> go ahead, jeffrey. >> you know, what's so interesting about what's going on now is we're seeing the stakes of the 2020 election.
2:36 pm
the republican party is moving right abortion. no more exceptions for rape, no more exceptions for incest. prosecution in georgia possible of the women who seek abortions, not just the doctors. the democratic party is moving left. it's not just like hillary clinton said, you know, abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. they're saying, this is a key part of health care and the government should pay for it. the parties have never been farther apart on the issue of abortion and that's what's at stake in the 2020 election. >> do you believe, jeffrey, all of this state-level anti-abortion legislation that's moving through these various states, the new conservative majority on the u.s. supreme court, in effect, forced joe biden to change his mind? >> no, i think politics forced joe biden to change his mind, but i think the new supreme court majority is what persuaded these states to change their laws. because they know that when
2:37 pm
donald trump ran for president, he said, i am going to appoint justices to the supreme court who will vote to overturn roe v. wade. and what he meant by that was, he was going to appoint justices to the supreme court who were going to vote to overturn roe v. wade, and that's what they're going to do, soon rather than later. >> everybody, stick around. there's more news we're following, including some very harrowing video that shows u.s. and russian warships nearly colliding. tonight, both sides are blaming each other. do the pictures, though, reveal which ship is at fault? and later, another blast after angry anytime calling from kim jong-un's regime after a pentagon report labels north korea a rogue state. (paul) great. another wireless ad. so many of them are full of this complicated, tricky language about their network and offers and blah blah blah. look. sprint's going to do things differently. and let you decide for yourself. they're offering a new 100% total satisfaction guarantee. try it out and see the savings. if you don't love it, get your money back. see? simple. now sprint's unlimited plan comes with one of the newest phones included for just $35 a month.
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yeah, i could see that. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. tonight, the united states and russia are blaming each other after two warships nearly collided in the pacific. the incident was caught on video. let's bring in cnn's alex marquar marquardt. alex, show us more of what happened. >> that's right, wolf. tonight the russians are claiming that the u.s. ship suddenly changed its direction, but the u.s. navy has put out photographic evidence that says it shows that it was the russian vessel that made a deliberate maneuver in the philippine sea. this incident that is in china's backyard comes not just as tensions are high between moscow and washington, but also as china and russia go closer against american interests. a brazen challenge, this russian destroyer, according to the u.s. navy, coming within 100 feet of the "uss chancellorsville," the
2:43 pm
american sailors recording the latest potentially deadly provocation by the russian military. the incident taking place in international waters in the philippine sea, just south of the japanese island of okinawa. the russian action came as the u.s. cruiser was trying to land a helicopter on its deck, giving it even less maneuverability than usual. >> you have to be on a set course and a set speed to the winds across the deck are safe for the helicopter to land. >> reporter: boxed in, the captain performs an emergency maneuver called an all engines back full. >> you're basically throwing that ship into reverse while it's moving forward at 15 to 18 miles an hour, would be my guess. it's 10,000 tons of metal moving through the water. it's not going to stop quickly. and as the ship reacts to that order, as the propellers shift direction, the whole ship is going to shudder. >> while the russians blame the u.s. for the incident, this photo from above contradicts that, according to navy officials, who say that the wake curving behind the russian ship
2:44 pm
on the left could only be created from a steep turn at high speed. today, acting defense secretary patrick shanahan saying he will protest the incident to moscow. >> the unsafe, unprofessional acts have certainly put our men and women at risk. >> the ships so close together that russian sailors could even be seen onboard appearing to be sunbathing on the back of their ship despite the severity of their encounter. the incident happening as russian president vladimir putin hosts the chinese president, xi jinping. the two enjoying a more leisurely boat ride in st. petersburg yesterday. as the two countries grow friendlier, analysts say that latest incident could signal a new dimension to the russian threat. >> you're looking at the kinds of things that they can do in concert with the chinese to challenge the u.s. and if it means helping the chinese out in the pacific, they will do so. >> reporter: the near collision coming after two other tense interactions with the russian
2:45 pm
military. three days ago, the u.s. accused russia of intercepting a u.s. aircraft three times in international air space over the mediterranean sea. and last month, the u.s. intercepted russian bombers and fighter jets in international air space off the coast of alaska. the u.s. ship had spotted the russian destroyer in the area, keeping its distance until this incident. now, under international maritime law, ships are supposed to give each other much wider berth, around 1,000 yards and not interfere when a naval vessel is conducting flight operations as this american cruiser was. wolf? >> that's a pretty dangerous situation. alex marquardt reporting for us. thanks very much. coming up, there's a new pentagon report out that labels north korea a rogue state and that has provoked a new blast of name calling from kim jong-un's regime.
2:46 pm
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we have liftoff. >> kim jong-un's regime is lashing out after a pentagon study described north korea as a, quote, rogue state. ryan todd has been looking into this for us. i understand that triggered pretty angry warning from the north koreans. >> it does not take much to trigger north korea's fury, but that's a new pentagon report and its language have brought a serious backlash. the key question, did the pentagon have to use that specific language given the delicate state of the nuclear talks right now?
2:51 pm
from kim jong-un's regime, an angry brushback at america's military, the dictator's news agency accusing the pentagon of a provocation of, quote, an aggressive attempt to bring us to our knees by force. their fury directed at a new pentagon strategy report for the pacific region, which in its north korea section calls the regime a rogue state. >> the north koreans will look for any reason to say they're not happy. >> the new pentagon report lays out the threat from north korea's missile tests and the claims that pyongyang sends nuclear technology to other rogue regimes. north korea's news agency says what the report means is that the americans are using nuclear talks as a feint to overthrow kim. >> the rhetoric has been upped and that's typical for north korea to do, to use various tools that they have at their -- within their kit to pressure the united states. >> next week is the one-year anniversary of president trump's summit in singapore with kim jong-un when kim pledged to work
2:52 pm
toward denuclearization. but tonight much of the optimism from that historic diplomatic breakthrough as unraveled. a second summit in hanoi ended with a trump walkout and no new deal, which analysts say angered the dictator. kim's regime has issued several aggressive hostile statements aimed at the trump administration. should the pentagon have not used the phrase rogue state to describe north korea given the delicacy of where we stand? >> the diplomats will say, look, we're in sensitive negotiations, maybe tone the language down, at least when you're describing north korea. that's a good give-and-take. >> the white house isn't commenting on the language of the pentagon report and whether the trump team thinks it undermines trump's relationship with kim. a pentagon spokesman tells cnn the report and the title speak for themselves. a former envoy says it's certainly fair for the pentagon to call out north korea's recent bad behavior. >> as we speak, north korea is
2:53 pm
producing more fissile material. they're weaponizing their fissile material. they launched some short ranger ballistic missiles. they're not stopping. >> a personal letter or call between trump and kim could reenergize the relationship. >> i think chairman kim would like to make a deal and i'd like to make a deal with him. i look forward to seeing him at the appropriate time. >> analysts are worried all of this tension and the rhetoric from north korea that seems to get more harsh with each new message from pyongyang, that it all comes with ominous timing. north korea has given the trump team an ultimatum to change its calculations by the end of this year. trump is facing re-election campaigns and can't be seen as backing down. if they don't figure out how to get pack to the table, that could play against the backdrop of serious military attention. >> but kim jong-un has to be worried, i suppose, has to be
2:54 pm
worried himself about the possibility of president trump's re-election and the typing of all of this. >> one diplomat says that kim, he believes, is desperate to make a deal with the trump team soon, within months. he says kim has to be worried about trump's re-election bid, that he may feel after next year's presidential election, kim's window for getting a deal will slam shut whether trump is in office or not. >> coming up, president trump is now back at the white house after his european trip facing a looming deadline to sign an order authorizing tariffs on mexico. negotiations they have continued all day here in washington. the president says there's still a good chance for a deal. plus, the suspect in an alleged terror plot targeting times square goes to court as authorities reveal frightening details of what he allegedly wanted to do. powered by 60% oils olia propels color deep into hair,
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3:00 pm
republicans? nasty battle. mr. trump is escalating his war of words with nancy pelosi calling her nasty and a reported desire to see him in prison disgusting. this as democrats launch more hearings on the mueller report and clash over the prospect of impeachment. inside biden's reversal. we're learning more about why the former vice president just changed his long-held stance on abortion funding. top advisers and a celebrity supporter pushing him to get more in line with the democratic presidential path. and putin's show of force. a russian warship nearly collides with a u.s. navy cruiser. the stunning close call caught on video as the pentagon warns russia's military is dangerously provocative and increasingly reckless. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."


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