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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 18, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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campaign kickoff rally and may answer questions from reporters on the way out of washington as he so often does and if so we'll bring that to you live. and that will do it for me. i'm alex marquardt, "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. iran, north korea, afghanistan, syria, not a good time to not have a secretary of defense. "the lead" starts right now. breaking news, a shocking shake-up at the pentagon as president trump heads to orlando to kick off his 2020 re-election campaign and a story why patrick shanahan is no longer in the running for the job. not trump. the home town paper in orlando said president trump would have to cure cancer for them to even consider backing him. the author of the editorial will join us. and plus images of guns, threats that a storm is coming, the social media posts of the man who tried to shoort up a federal
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building in dallas and how he may fit a new frightening pattern. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. welcome to "the lead," i'm jake tapper. we begin with breaking news. any moment president trump is going to be departing the white house and heading to his official re-election campaign launch in orlando, florida. but he will be leaving behind some upheaval here in washington. he announced his acting secretary of defense is pulling out of the senate confirmation of congress process and his final day at the pentagon will be friday. yet another example of the quite turbulent trump administration eclipsing what campaign advisers hoped to be a blemish-free day for trump. his combative divorce and his ex-wife kimberly was arrested and charged for assault that left shanahan with a black eye and bloody nose and the charges were dropped and shanahan was
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accused of hitting her in the stoma stomach and he vehemently denies. it is unfortunate that a painful and deeply personal family situation from long ago is being drugged up and painted in an incomplete and therefore misleading way. shanahan's son called his father a source of stab ibt and his daughter said she never saw him raise a hand to his mother and you talked about the incident and another act of family violence in 2007 when his 17-year-old son beat his own mother. his now ex-wife. he wrote a defense of his son, quote, use of a baseball bat in self-defense will be used as imbalance of force but his mother harassed him for three hours before the incident. it is a statement that shanahan today disavows. needless to say this news is sending shock waves throughout the trump administration on capitol hill and beyond. cnn barbara starr is at the
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pentagon. but let's start with kaitlan collins who is in orlando ahead of the president's rally. orlando a crucial swing part of a vital battleground state where supporters have been lined up for hours and even overnight for this evening's festivities. >> our friend shanahan is a good pan and he's done a great job. >> reporter: president trump announcing his pick to lead the pentagon will withdraw before even being formally nominated writing that patrick shanahan who has done a wonderful job, has decided not to go forward with his confirmation process to devote more time to his family. trump said he'll name army secretary mark esper as the new acting defense secretary. but declined to say whether that would become permanent. shanahan is the former boeing executive who had been running the defense department since james mattis resigned in protest in december but only in an acting capacity until trump announced last month he would
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make things official. but the paperwork was never filed. raising eyebrows inside of the white house about why. >> i can't tell you how long the process is supposed to work. >> reporter: and now cnn learned the resignation came amid details of a contentious divorce including an allegation that he hit her during a dispute nine years ago, an allegation that shanahan has denied. his ex-wife was arrested and charged with assault and the charges were later dropped. in a statement today shanahan said he was resigned to protect his children. writing, i would welcome the opportunity to be secretary of defense but not at the expense of being a good father. the sudden withdrawal leaves the pentagon without a permanent leader amid escalating tensions with iran. >> president trump has said very clearly he doesn't want to go to war. >> reporter: the drama also coming as the president heads to orlando, florida, to launch his re-election bid in front of 20,000 people. >> we will make america great
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again. >> reporter: he's held more than 50 rallies while in office and filed his re-election paperwork the day he was inaugurated but the campaign said tonight's rally will make things official. it comes amid rising tensions in the president's campaign after leaked internal polls shows trump trailing joe biden in critical states like florida. polls the president has denied even exist. >> nobody showed you though polls because they don't exist. >> reporter: now, jake, the president is speaking to reporters as he heads here to orlando for the rally. he's talking about pat shanahan and calling him a wonderful guy and saying he's going through a difficult time and, jake, he makes sure to point out that he did not ask patrick shanahan to withdrawal and said i heard about it yesterday for the first time. it's very unfortunate. he said they have a great vetting process but we should note that our sources tell us the white house was aware of the rumors surrounding patrick
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shanahan but not the details. >> kaitlan collins with the president in orlando, florida. let's go to barbara starr at the pentagon and reports are, as we've been discussing, that acting secretary shanahan background check was holding up his confirmation hearing. do we know that that had any sort of impact on pushing the confirmation hearing which i think had been scheduled for close to the end of july? >> reporter: well, we do know that these questions were coming up, sources have told us that the questions were being raised about his personal life, about his marriage and his ex-wife and what had happened there and what had happened with his three children and they were answering those questions. i don't think we have a full picture yet of what the fbi may have known, who they exactly spoke to and what they found out. but what is clear is the paperwork wasn't getting filed and this was a nomination that was dragging on, jake. >> and of course he had been acting secretary of defense for something like seven months. this is the longest the pentagon has gone without a confirmed secretary of defense, i believe.
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and all of this comes as the u.s. is involved in any number of military involvements but also right now the showdown with iran. >> reporter: well, and this is what mark esper the new acting secretary will face on friday when he takes office. he has been in charge of the army. that means it is a very important but not necessarily highest level of national security classification information that he's been handling. he's involved in training and equipping the army. now mark esper starting perhaps as soon as today has to get briefed up on everything from nuclear command and control procedures to how to send s.e.a.l. team six into combat and the threats. what is the latest of the highest level security information about iran, russia, china, north korea, he will now have to get a series of immediate briefings and be ready on friday when he takes command at the pentagon, jake. >> barbara starr at the pentagon. and note we don't know if mark
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esper will be formally nominated or another yet acting secretary as we've had for seven months. jeff, let me start with you. he's been the acting secretary since january 1st. this does say something about not only the turnover of the trump administration, the lack of vetting by the trump administration and also just how many acting secretaries he has. >> so many acting secretaries in serious positions, cabinet positions are serious but this is the defense secretary and look at the hot spots around the world. but what is astonishing is he was confirmed already as the deputy secretary. so this didn't come up then. but he had to know that this was going to be revealed. so why he didn't resign after secretary mattis stepped down is totally baffling. what the president knew about this and didn't know it would be as big of a deal but the president we're told reached out to senators on capitol hill shortly before this was announced and said it was time to withdraw. so, look, he was not going to be
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confirmed so i guess -- my guess is this is the appropriate course of action. but why did it reach this point mid-june when this could have been resolved six months ago. >> and i'm told president trump on the way to marine one on the way to orlando just said he will most likely nominate army secretary mark esper to fill the role. who knows. phil, you've been through the confirmation process. shanahan was confirmed by the senate as jeff pointed out to serve as deputy secretary of defense in 2017. would this not have come up then? a lot of media were chasing this story and it had popped up because there were police reports of both incidents. >> sure. but let's make sure we distinguish between what came up in the security process and prevent you politically from going through a nomination process on the hill. by the way, i with drew my nomination in 2009 and i had a top-secret clearance because i was going to be embarrassed by a senate committee. i said no, i'm out. this is about a clearance process that looks at things
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rike drug use, alcohol use, use or abuse and things like extreme debt, people have credit card debt. somebody might have seen the police report and i disagree he should step away. it looks like he might have been a victim. we don't know. why would you step away if there is private information suggesting you had a former spouse who did that and now you transition from a security process to a political process where people say, i don't -- i doan care if you get a police. >> but they said in florida that he impeased a investigation if that is true. i think this is much more complicated than we know. >> and there is a difference of did they know about the report and was he truthful in saying this is what happened at the time. if your not truthful, drug use, alcohol abuse and even if it is something that could be explained, the lack of candor will hurt you. >> and just to clarify what you're talking about is the violent incident allegedly by his son, him coming in and not helping investigators, he's accused of not helping investigators with that investigation. we should also point out for
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fairness sake that all three of the children are siding with their father and estranged from the mother for whatever that is worth. it is very uncomfortable talking about this sort of thing. >> it is very surprising in a vetting process for a much lower role, the conversations that -- that i've had with candidates and you say this is going to come out and what are we going to say? it is surprising and does say something about the nature of the way that vetting may be happening or not happening in the trump administration. that they were surprised by this, if it didn't come up before, or didn't see that this could be a problem. i think that is what i am so surprised about. >> what is your reaction. >> the personal stuff is messy but the professional side of the job is not a cake walk. there is a big story over the weekend in "new york times" that congress had passed rules to allow the defense secretary to take secret cyber action against russia. that certainly would have been part of the confirmation process. that certainly would have led to tough talks with president
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trump. so i think a reasonable person could say, listen, maybe he's innocent but this certainly would have ruined the lives of their kids and very public way. do you want to go through that process for a person that will pommel you in public life too? no. >> that is interesting. and we heard from democratic senator richard blumenthal questioning how this hadn't come out before. take a listen. >> there was possibly a deliberate concealment here. i think there ought to be an investigation by the i.g. and the department of defense. there is absolutely no reason for the failure to disclose to the armed services committee as a part of our process that there was something in this nominee's past -- >> phil, you're looking skeptical? >> timeout. we have somebody's personal life at stake here about an incident that happened years ago with few facts. before we impugn somebody's reputation, it would be nice if people on the hill could say we'll get a fact or two. unsurprisingly a democrat taking
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a shot at a republican nominee. i would argue this is nonpartisan. he had a family issue and let's not attack him if he don't know what happened yet. >> the suggestion they're suggesting he hid this, this is in police reports so i don't think that is fair by blumenthal. >> stick around. we have more to talk about. president trump is not getting a warm welcome from everybody corner of orlando, florida. the editorial board of the city's largest newspaper just issued a stunning endorsement using phrases such as assault on the truth and no empathy or remorse. we'll talk to the opinion editor next. and then it looks as though convicted former chair paul manafort will be spared a visit to one of america's most notorious prisons. stay with us. earn unlimited 1.5 miles and we'll match it at the end of your first year. nice! i'm thinking about a scuba diving trip. woman: ooh! (gasp) or not. you okay? yeah, no, i'm good. earn miles. we'll match 'em at the end of your first year.
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in our 2020 lead, the doors are open for president trump's re-election campaign launch event in orlando. but before he takes the stage, the editorial board of the
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largest newspaper made an endorsement for 2020 and their endorsement is, quote, not president trump. the orlando sentinel writing enough of the chaos, the division, the school yard insults, the self-aggrandizement and the corruption and especially the lies. the sentinel has historically supported republicans and bush in 2000 and clinton last time so three of the last five were democrats. joining me now is one of the authors of the piece and the opinion editor for the orlando sentinel mike lafferty. why write this article now so many months, more than a year before the presidential election? >> well, you know, jake, when we first heard the president was coming to town, we started talking about what we as the editorial board could do to mark that. and when we then found out that he was going to use this as a time to relaunch his campaign,
1:19 pm
we thought this was as good a time as in to just go ahead and say what had been on our mind for a while, which is that we would not be able to endorse him for another term. >> the new quinnipiac poll that came out a couple of hours ago shows that 54% of florida voters say they are better off financially now than they were in 2016. might that not be enough for the voters of your state, which went for trump last time even if orlando and orange county did not. >> oh, sure, it could be. i'm not really in the business of prognosticating, what we wanted to do was lay down what we thought were important points to make about the president. and about his -- about the economy. and we acknowledge the economy is doing well. and in many respects it is. of course some of that is a continuation of some positive economic news that had been already taking place in the obama administration. so, yeah, we acknowledge that. i don't know how much it will
1:20 pm
mean to voters next year. >> and you note in the article, quote, this nonendorsement isn't defaulting to whom ever the democrats choose. i guess that you -- the editor board there kind of is center left in a way. i'm just looking at the last few years full of endorsements. are you concerned that the democratic party might go too far to the left and you don't endorse at all? >> you know, the editorial board has a long history of the sentin el of being pretty conservative fiscally. that is the reason, really, that we endorsed mitt romney in 2012. so, yeah, we are kind of concerned that the financial business of the united states might not get enough attention from the democratic nominee. now i'll tell you, in 1980 when ronald reagan ran against jimmy carter, we didn't endorse. that is always an option. that is something we might
1:21 pm
decide to do depending on who the democratic candidate is. >> michael lafferty from the "orlando sentinel," thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. so let's chew over this. when asked why now, they said in the editorial because there is no point pretending we would ever recommend that readers vote for trump. we should point out that of the nation's biggest papers in 2016, hillary clinton got 57 endorsements, donald trump got two and ultimately hillary clinton is not in the white house. does it matter? >> i think the newspaper endorsements don't have the punch they used to and the pull among the readers in terms of driving perhaps ultimate decisions. but this was a barnburner editorial. this is an instant classic in terms of laying out a real argument rooted in stats and facts and moral and ethical concerns. so the fact they are coming out early on the day, that trump will announce in their home city, it is significant. this is one that is going to i
1:22 pm
think frame a lot of arguments for democrats going forward. >> i think i also -- sorry. i think the words to your point -- it is what people are feeling. remember in 2018 we heard those white college educated suburban women talking about the meanness of donald trump and some of the arguments they make and the lying, people are tired of that. and so i think part of what made it so powerful is it is what people are feeling. and to the economy -- >> didn't toz voters you are talking about vote for donald trump? >> barely. he won the state barely. >> i'm just saying. they still voted for him. >> they didn't in 2018. so we had such a record turnout and we ended up with a different congress. >> i would say florida wasn't -- was one of the shining republican examples of what happened in 2018. when they won the governor and senate seat. so for all of the talk now on the polls and the blistering editorials the reality is florida will be as close as ever since we've been covering politics and it may frustrate
1:23 pm
democrats. the state of plau has changed demographically and never lived up to the new puerto rico voters to vote democratic. so the burden is on democrats to win the state. obviously president trump has to win this state. he cannot get to the white house without it. democrats don't need it. and they may not get it. >> while we're talking about florida, let me go to you with the new poll numbers from the quinnipiac poll of florida voters with a plus or minus 3.3% margin of error shows trump losing, whether you believe it or not, to any number of hypothetical match-ups. he losed against joe biden, he loses against bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, kamala harris, beto o'rourke, south bend, indiana mayor pete buttigieg. but again, if you factor in the margin of error, the only one who is actually ahead, if you put in the 6.6%, or 3.3% from each side, is joe biden. >> we'll see what happens when joe biden gets on the ground. i've been watching him very closely. i don't think he's had a good outing since he's announced for
1:24 pm
president. does he very well and he's disciplined when he's not competing. but he got wrapped around the axle about the hyde amendment and people didn't find that too convincing. when you look at florida. it is so tight. maybe a newspaper editorial will not do it but it is a 1% state and now it is a less than 1% state. yes the governor desantis and senator rick scott did win and it is less than 1%. and then when you look at michigan where democrats have been on the march and wisconsin where republicans have lost their eighth. this is going to be very tight in all of the battleground states. >> but florida is particularly key. because what we saw in 2018 is the shy trump voter. desantis trailing polls. and then pulls it out fairly convincingly on election day. same thing happened if you look at the arc of the polls over the course of 2016, trump pulls it out in the last couple of days. number of factors there. so the demographic changes haven't helped democrats the way they thought. but the aging population may be something that joe biden is able
1:25 pm
to translate. he's a reassuring figure. you don't want to campaign on return to normalcy but that is basically the argument in some ways the orlando sentinel article. >> and they had andrew gill um winning by 7 points and he lost by something like one. >> it is all about turnout. and that is why you have a number of efforts on the democratic side in florida looking at registration. >> led by gill um. >> and another effort there as well. because in all of the key states it is going to be a game of inches to quote from one of my favorite films because it is going to be about making sure you find your voters and register and turn them out. and again, in florida, the other thing i want to mention that i thought was interesting in this poll, it is not surprising to me that people continue to say they feel better about the economy and yet they don't feel good about trump. we forget that the 2008 crash is not that far behind us. and for a lot of voters they still feel anxiety as to whether
1:26 pm
or not it will last. we saw that in 2016 and i heard it many times over in 2018. and when you have such an erratic human being coming to your state as your president, that does not give you the sense of -- talking about tariffs, that doesn't give you comfort that your economy will stay stable. >> florida is basically president trump's home state. he spent more time in florida than any other state. he's at mar-a-lago and has property there. so if joe biden or whichever democrat first rally is in florida. they are looking at wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. that is where the real trouble for the president is. probably not in florida. >> but let's acknowledge the obvious. he's launching in orlando for a reason in the heart of the i-4 corridor and he lost orange county last time around but he picked up in the hillsberg pinnelas splittish and the panhandle in north florida. everyone stick around. i don't believe the polls. who said it? president trump or joe biden? stay with us.
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1:32 pm
his campaign so far. that is more than any other democratic candidate race in the first quarter fundraising and biden has been prioritizing this kind of big donor fundraising. that is a pretty big number, $20 million. >> it is, no doubt about it. he raised 6.8 in the first 24 hours so 14 more. it is a big number without question. it is always, though, i mean, shouldn't the former vice president of the united states have to put an impressive number up. what is more telling will be the third quarter of the year. but without question it is a big number. he said it last night for a reason. he had some hits. this is not a mistake from joe biden at all. his money be gets money. and he still has 13 days until the end of the month. but he realizes that he won't be the front-runner this entire time so trying to take advantage of it as he can. but he's right about the target on his back. the question is, is it going to come at the debates next week? i'm not sure it is. i've been speaking to advisers of candidates and there is a big risk during a big televised
1:33 pm
debate, when reach candidate has eight minutes to speak at most, to not use it as a chance to introduce yourself, then to go after bide erpen. so someone may try to throw a grenade or a bomb but they usually don't win. >> and some of us are old enough to remember 2004 when richard gephart in iowa went after howard dean and it was the murder-suicide pact and then john kerry and edwards won iowa. >> because we have two nights of debates, be mindful of what is the narrative coming out of the first night and going into the second night. and i agree with jeff, the better ideas is to use -- when i talked to candidates, it is to use the time to either, a., try to say something meaningful that not necessarily is an attack, but perhaps something unique about your plans or ideas. something that will remind people why they like you or make them give you kind of a second look. >> and we should point out that
1:34 pm
there was interesting faces at this biden fundraiser including former republican senator, al fonze demotto and david shulkin who also served under obama. but those are interesting names. i also saw other republican donors who took to twitter today to say i'm behind president trump no matter what. even though he was at this biden fundraiser last night. >> i mean, look, they're with biden and there is the promise that adults will be back in charge and with people lake al dematto who is poly-partisan when it comes to power. but with joe biden, there is the sense you get an a-team of experiences people and it will be bridge traditional political divides. and i'll say something else about the number because that is important, the big number is not surprising, it is the small dollar donors and he said the average donation is $50 and that is a big deal which means there is a degree of grassroots support and that is where the
1:35 pm
vulnerability is, it there real enthusiasm or are we playing it safe and could that be risky. >> i have to get something off my chest about joe biden and it is that he's most equipped to go against president trump. i don't buy that. they both animate the same voters, old white men. so i think democrats will leave voters on the table because donald trump will say this is our election and use all of the arguments to depress women and minorities against biden. that is going to happen. so when you talk about the most competitive in pennsylvania, yes, if you want this to be an if election decided for and about old white men, the grumpy old men election, you could have that and that is where you're going to go and i think trump will win that match-up unless joe biden can change his past which he can't. >> i think there are two dynamics to keep in mind. number one, what john said, talking about grassroots donors, part of the narrative that biden has to get out there is you have grassroots support and go back to and that you can an imate the grass rooms base because you don't want to think i'm ahead
1:36 pm
and i'll stay ahead and how did that work for hillary clinton and everybody thought she would win. in my party, the desire to win is stronger than just about anything. so if he is to become the nominee, i promise you, black people and latinos will be out and black women in particular, one of the poor of the democratic party, we'll be out and vote in force. >> so there will be and i think amanda's point includes a big effort at voter discouragement by republicans. >> exactly. >> >> and to discourage black people -- >> let's call it -- >> but remember the other thing that happened in the last campaign was republicans and russians tried to depress turnout with social media. >> and we'll have the chinese as well. stick around. we have more to talk about. he warned a storm is coming before he opened fire outside of a federal courthouse in dallas. the disturbing posts on social media after another attempted massacre. stay with us. y john's make a wine? to complement a sandwich. ♪ the all-new frenchie, a combination of all-natural salami and capicola,
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in our national lead, officials are digging into the background of the gunman who opened fire outside of a federal courthouse in dallas and one post with nazi imagery. dianne gallagher has more details on the shooter whose motive is still being investigated and looking into as well. whether he represents a growing threat in the u.s. of extremist right-wing violence. >> reporter: this week another young white american man launched an attack on the innocent. >> he had this planned out. he had a vest on and he had -- it looked like camo pants on and boots on. >> reporter: the 22-year-old texan opened fire on a federal
1:42 pm
building on monday endangering some 300 people inside. >> evil. straight evil. that is what it was. >> reporter: police were able to shoot and kill him before anyone was hurt. in the days leading up to his attack, the gunman used social media to brandish his rifle and his hate. his facebook profile shows confederate flag memes and weapons and this post showing a nazi swastika as the solution to all of our nation's political problems. while the president often said the threat to american safety comes from outside -- >> we have terrorists coming through the southern border because they find that is the easiest place to come through. >> reporter: research reveals hate is often home-grown. a study by the anti-defamation league shows the extremist murders in 2018 were committed by right-wing radicals, white supremacists making up a full 78% of the total. last april in san diego a 19-year-old opened fire at a synagogue killing a worshipper and disfiguring the rabbi.
1:43 pm
>> same-sthis will not take us >> reporter: in october of 201811 people killed in pittsburgh. >> bowers made statements regarding genocide and his desire to kill jewish people. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: in 2017 vitriol was on display again. this time as an organized unite the right rally in charlottesville, virginia. a young white extremist drove his car through a crowd hilling heather higher. four we'res ago in charleston, south carolina, a 21-year-old killed nine black worshipers at a church prayer group and a death threat sent to ill man omar and tlaib. >> they contacted the justice and president. >> they expressed glee over the new zealand mosque attack that left 51 people dead in march. >> let's hope it continues here
1:44 pm
in the good old usa. only good muslim is a dead one. >> reporter: she was brought to tears as she appealed to the administration for answers. >> how come we don't have enough tools right now to pull these people in? >> reporter: and they are still trying to figure out the motive. what caused this man to attack this building. but this photo from "dallas morning news" photographer tom fox has defined this incident here in dallas. and really almost a broader part of it, jake. you could see him armed to the teeth. more than 150 rounds on him pointing that rifle and wearing the mask above his face dressed almost as if he thinks he's going into battle. again, the federal protective service officers took him down before he was able to hurt any of the 300 people inside of the building. >> dianne gallagher in dallas, thank you. and former fbi senior intelligence adviser phil mudd comes back to the show. we hear about the threat of islamic terrorists and from the president about the threat of gang members crossing the border
1:45 pm
and ms-13 but it seems as though the bigger threat in this country, at least based on this adl report and other statistics is from white men who are radicalized, extremist right-wingers. is that what the fbi thinks? >> yeah. if you look at what the fbi director said as recently as last month, you're talking about him saying publicly to the congress, we have more arrests and killings in recent years from domestic terrorism, that is people like white supremacists than from international terrorism. remember, a couple of years ago we would talk about isis that had the strong hold of syria, they don't have that strong hold to recruit people from the united states into, and has that declines, people in my world are talking more and more about what you just saw on the screen today. >> and what is the reason for this? is it the rise of nationalistic movements worldwide? we saw in new zealand and acts of violence committed in europe as well. is that what is going on? >> there is a couple of things happening. i think there is part of that. what i call validation. years ago if you wanted to join
1:46 pm
a extremist community you could get validation on the internet and more people say i don't like migrants or the way demographics are changing in the country. i mentioned the internet. this is driven by domestic concerns but one of the interesting things is also becoming international. these people are talking to people like those in new zealand and those in australia and those in europe, so we're starting to see a global phenomenal. >> there is a reluctance among law enforcement in any way that you could tell to take this threat of extremist right-wing people, murderers, white men, to take it as seriously as the fbi and other organizations, law enforcement organizations have taken islamist terrorism? is there any reluctant to say this is the rising threat as opposed to isis or al qaeda. >> the laws about international and domestic terrorism are different. it is tough to go after a search
1:47 pm
warrant for a domestic than a international terrorist. if and you're facing isis i might have an opportunity in a chat room and watch the communications of isis out of syria but the domestic terrorists are fragments and a couple here and there. there is no center locust that intelligence guys like me could focus on as vulnerability. >> and president trump recently said after i think the attack in new zealand that he doesn't see white nationalism as a rising threat and said i think it is a small group of people with very serious problems. do you agree with that? >> no. this is pretty simple. look at metrics. i mentioned the fbi director addressing killings and if you want a metrics based approach to law enforcement, one of the question is who poses a bigger threat, one of the ways to measure that is how many arresting and people getting killed. it is not isis any more. they've declined. it is people like this. >> phil mudd, thank you. the unusual step just taken by the department of justice to make sure paul manafort does not end up at one of the most infamous prisons in america, at rikers island.
1:48 pm
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the politics lead, a lifeline of sorts for president trump's former campaign chair paul manafort. instead of moving manafort to the rikers island, while he's tried in new york for fraud, paul manafort will stay at a federal facility in manhattan. the justice department making that decision. intervening in this single federal inmates case. a justice department run by bill barr hand picked by president trump and as jessica schneider reports, critics are calling this decision special treatment for a person connected to the president. >> any reaction, mr. manafort.
1:53 pm
>> reporter: convicted chairman paul manafort is most likely not going to the notorious rikers island state prison after the justice department got involved. in a letter dated june 11th, newly installed deputy attorney general jeff rosen, bill barr number two, stepped in to ensure the manhattan district attorney was looking at a request for paul manafort's lawyers. he wrote paul manaforts lawyers proposed he remain in federal cust but be made available for new york for the prosecution of the state criminal matter, continuing, the department would like to know if your office has a response. former federal prosecutor shan wu said the deputy a.g. involvement is unusual. >> that is really something usually completely in the realm of the bureau of prisons, and the deputy would have no need to become involved in that. >> reporter: the doj does oversee the bureau of prisons and a senior doj official said the department wants to keep manafort in federal custody to error on the side of caution. paul manafort's situation is ununusual. he's already been convicted and sentenced to 7 1/2 years for
1:54 pm
federal financial crimes and now facing charges in new york stemming from the same circumstances. his team site his age 70 and his health as reason to keep him in pennsylvania while his pretrial hearings in new york play out. manhattan district attorney si advance said his office has never taken the position that he should be housed at rikers island and told the pennsylvania prison warden that the options are to produce him to new york state or house him in a federal facility in the metropolitan city correctional center where he is being held on state charges. also there el chapo, following his conviction at trial. and a justice department official has acknowledged the situation with paul manafort is unusual compared with the average case. but did explain that since paul manafort is a high-profile defendant, that the bureau of prisons kept doj apprised from the very beginning.
1:55 pm
but, jake, what doj couldn't say is how many times in the past a deputy attorney general has stepped in like this, the criticism will likely continue. >> jessica schneider, thank you. we now know what long-time trump confident hope hicks will be saying when she heads to the hill tomorrow. stay with us. know there's a big need for new gas-x maximum strength. it relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort fast. so no one needs to know you've got gas. gas-x. so no one needs to know you've got gas. air wick at air wick, we know that, in nature, scent comes in waves - gently and beautifully. air wick essential mist is an expression of nature. voted best innovation in air care,
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2:00 pm
with a rally this evening. crowds have been building all day long. it has been a bit overshadowed by the acting defense secretary patrick shanahan withdrawing for the consideration of the official job. that is it for the lead. follow me on facebook and twitter and instagram at jake tapper and tweet the show and our coverage continues right now. thanks for watching. happening now, breaking news, countdown to launch. president trump is just hours from officially kick off his 2020 presidential campaign with a rally in florida where supporters have lined up for hours and a poll shows him trailing top democratic rivals. out of the running. the nominee withdraws his nomination and resigns as a divorce threatens the confirmation leaving the country without a permanent secretary amid growing international crises. iran new warning, heated rhetoric is hotter as