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tv   CNN Right Now With Brianna Keilar  CNN  June 20, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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on a john deere x300 series mower. because seasons change but true character doesn't. wow, you've outdone yourself this time. hey, what're neighbors for? it's beautiful. run with us. search "john deere x300" for more. i'm brianna keilar live from cnn's washington headquarters. underway right now we're following breaking news out of the middle east begging the question is the trump administration fumbling its way towards a war with iran. just moments ago president trump was asked if the u.s. and iran are headed to war after iran shot down a u.s. drone and unmanned aircraft near the persian gulf. here's what the president said about the incident that has increased tensions in what was already a volatile situation.
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>> iran made a big mistake. this drone was in international waters, clearly. we have it all documented. it's documented scientifically, not just words. and they made a very bad mistake. >> how will you respond, mr. president? how will you respond? >> you'll finding out. >> are you willing to go to war with iran? >> you'll findi out. you'll find out. >> abby philip is live for us at the white house. abby, the president says iran made a big mistake but he thinks it may have been human error not a miscalculation by iran. what else is he saying? >> reporter: this is really fascinating because earlier this morning when the president tweeted almost the exact same words, that iran made a big mistake, people wondered if he was ratcheting up the pressure here on iran, if he was ratcheting up the rhetoric. now it appears based on what he told reporters in the oval office that the president thinks it was an error on iran's part. listen to what he said to say.
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>> i have a feeling, i may be wrong and i may be right, but i'm right alot. i have a feeling that it was a mistake made by someone that shouldn't have been doing what they did. i think they made a mistake. i'm not talking the country made a mistake, somebody under the command of that country made a big mistake. >> reporter: and he added that he finds it hard to believe that this incident, the shooting down of an unmanned drone, was intentional. he added that it would have been very different had there been a person on that drone. the context here, brianna, is that president trump has been for days and weeks resisting what has seemed to be pressure to move toward military action with iran. this is a president who does not want to do that. he has campaigned against moving the united states out of foreign wars. and so he's been resistant privately with his aides to this idea. so you're seeing here the
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president publicly voicing actually kind of a toned-down view of this where he's saying i don't think it was intentional. someone on the ground there made a mistake. but the question is what does the united states do about it? on that question the president said we'll see. will the united states do something to sending a message iran in return about this incident. i think it's clear that this is not a president who is eager to view this as iran intentionally provoking the united states into war. what that means for what the u.s. does going forward i think remains an open question as of this moment. but this is a very interesting and new development in this whole saga. >> it sure is. abby philip, should so much. the pentagon has just released some new video which purportedly shows this drone, this unmanned aircraft being shot down. the video is black and white, a little grainy. it's hard to tell what we're looking at here but this is we
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are told the smoke trail after the drone was hit. i want to bring in cnn pentagon reporter ryan brown. he's live for us from the pentagon. the pentagon just held a press conference, ryan. what did we learn? >> reporter: well, we're learning new details about exactly where this u.s. military drone was when it was shot down by this iranian missile. the pentagon providing a map and additional information saying where it was operating. they said very clear lly it wasn international airspace. the top general who oversees air operations in the middle east says it's 34 kilometers, that's 20 miles, off the iranian coast, well into international airspace according to the pentagon. also the nature of this kind of drone, an rq-4, very large. it wouldn't be involved in any clandestine spy operations. it's hard to miss. so this thing according to the u.s. military very clearly operating in international airspace. the pentagon also saying this airspace is used as an air
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corridor so that this missile attack by iran could have potentially endangered civilian air traffic that regularly fly in this area. so the pentagon making it very clear its feelings, despite the iranian claims, the u.s.' feelings about where this drone was when it was shot down. >> ryan brown, thank you so much from the pentagon. and iran is insisting that this drone was not over international waters, running completely counter to what pt u.the u.s. i saying. it's saying the u.s. violated its airspace. i want to check in with fred pleitgen live for us from tehran, iran. what are you hearing, fred? >> reporter: well, the iranians came out very early and immediately said this drone had veered off into iranian airspace. it's quite interesting to hear because they usually don't come out with information this quickly and don't come up with this much information. they say that it violated as
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they say their airspace and was shot down by one of their surface-to-air missiles. the iranians not saying this was some sort of mistake. they were saying the droep was -- drone was in their airspace and that's why they shot it down. when the president said iran made a big mistake, they came out and said the u.s. wages economic terrorism on iran, that's what they call the u.s. pulling out of the nuclear agreement and putting sanctions on iran, has conducted covert action against us and now encroaches on our territory. we don't seek war but will zealously defend our skies, land and waters. we'll take this new aggression to the u.n. and show that the u.s. is lying about international waters. so that's a take from the iranian foreign minister. the drone was shot down by iran's most elite military unit, the revolutionary guard. the head of the revolutionary guard came out earlier today with pretty bellicose rhetoric
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of his own, also saying that iran is ready for war. here's what he had to say. >> translator: destroying the u.s. spy drone had a clear, quick, explicit and accurate message, which is that defenders of iran's borders will give strong and firm responses against any invasion of any strangers against this land. >> reporter: so there you have the iranian side of things, certainly from the revolutionary guard. they have been all day saying that any sort of invasion into their airspace is a red line for themselves. the head of iran's national security council came out not too long ago and warned other countries from aggression as he called it against iranian airspace. certainly the iranians in their view say the drone veered into their airspace. they consider this a serious incident themselves and continuing to say similar things
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the trump administration has been saying the past couple of days. essentially saying they don't want an escalation, they don't want this to turn into a war but they are ready if it does happen. >> fred pleitgen, thank you so much from tehran. i do want to bring in james spider marks. the tensions here are going in the wrong direction if you're trying to avoid a conflict. >> true. >> so let's talk big picture. what would a war with inn look like? >> i'd prefer not to talk about what it looks like because i would say we're not moving in the direction of conducting a full-scale engagement against iran. in fact i think the president is indicating now, hopefully in more measured tones, that we're going to try to de-escalate what's taking place. >> you read into when he's talking about a mistake was made, even as he indicates all options are on the table, how are you reading that? >> absolutely. i hope that he's pushing back against his national security advisor who is very hawkish in this regard. i can't speak for secretary mike
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pompeo. i would say he's probably not as hawkish but is moving in a definitive way. but the united states gains nothing by trying to conduct a war against iran. we have a very checkered past in terms of trying to conduct regime change. but i think if we take a step back, what is the strategy? i'm not certain, and i think we could agree that the strategy is not clear. is the united states simply trying to poke tehran to poke tehran or are we trying to decrease their ability to try to acquire nuclear weapons, which is not happening right now. >> or you were going to add something. i'm sorry, go on. >> so the options on the table is could the united states strike very precisely against that firing battery? yes, they could. i mean that's a legitimate option. but we would have to be very clear to demonstrate that we have no greater or grander ambitions, so our military posture would have to be very defensive, very passive, except
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for that and that's a very tough read to transmit. >> help us understand what's happened here because iran took the shot, right? this was a choice that was made at some level. the president is casting doubts as to where. but iran took the shot. this according to the u.s. is where this drone -- it's large. this is an unmanned aircraft, where it was shot down. at issue is which airspace was this in. iran says it was theirs. the u.s. says it was international. they say iran is categorically lying. so how far does iranian airspace protrude toward the strait of hormuz here? >> i think the international laws of airspace and sea space is it does not exceed beyond 12 miles. the straits of hormuz are over 34 miles wide. this is in the gulf of oman, not the straits of hormuz, so much greater airspace. plus i would hope we'd take off the table that tehran might have
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a better read on where our aircraft was, that unmanned aircraft was than the united states. i think if tehran's lips are moving in this case, they're lying. we shouldn't give much credence to that at all. >> and the u.s. was very clear, when we saw the briefing from the lieutenant general in the region that this was farther than the dozen miles that you're talking about. so let's talk about this drone. what do we know about this plane? this is the rq-4 global hawk unmanned aircraft. >> it's been in the inventory for about 21 years. it's state-of-the-art. it's a huge aircraft. it's almost the size of a boeing airliner that you would get in tomorrow to fly home. it's a monstrous aircraft. >> huge. >> great capabilities. and you can put on that aircraft, you can mix and match the types of sensors you want to have. do you want to do imagery, do you want to do signals intelligence, do you want to do measurements and signatures intelligence, kind of getting into some arcane business. but this is an incredibly
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capable aircraft an it's realtime. so it's a crew of three but on the ground, totally unmanlned. so this is a team that does this as a matter of routine and it's an immense capability. when i was inform conflict zones, this was a capability that i would lean on routinely. it would give you a stand-off capability. now, clearly that gives you a technical response to what you're seeing. it's always nice to have some type of a human intelligence as well to complement this. but in this case you had technical engagement against a technical aircraft, it's pretty easy to read that. >> general, i asked you before what a war with iran would look like. you were very clear to -- you don't want to talk about it. you don't want to consider that it's a possibility. you want to have faith in what you're hearing from the president that this should be de-escalated away from that possibility. explain that. i mean this is -- iran has been preparing for a possibility like this for years. >> forever. >> this is not an easy sort of
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one and done kind of situation if this goes further, if this escalates. >> correct. what you're going to get out of tehran always is a whole host of vitriolic language, very strident against the united states. the united states and tehran have not had a relationship in over 40 years. the united states would be ill-advised to go to war in iran. look at what we tried to do in iraq, having been a part of that. and iran is three times the size of iraq and the difficulties associated with that. and to try to achieve regime change is immensely difficult doing that from distance. i don't know what the indicators are on the ground that the population is ready for a regime change. i would say they probably want it, but show me something. get some momentum going. we haven't seen that yet. so for us to instigate that at this point is incredibly ill-advised. i would not want to talk about what war in iran looks like. i would hope that we in very
10:14 am
measured terms walk away from that, de-escalate. really there are three rules. rule one is force protect when you're deployed. rule two isde-escalate. rule three is if rule two doesn't apply, crush them. let's assume rule one and rule two can work. >> very telling. general marks, thank you so much for explaining all of this to us. we're also getting word right now that the white house is going to brief lawmakers very soon. we'll take you to capitol hill as the situation is escalating. did you know the first ingredient in this clif bar is brown rice syrup?
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we're back now to our breaking news. congressional leaders are heading to the white house for an in-person briefing for the situation on iran and president trump is also expected to be in this briefing as well. manu raju is on capitol hill. there was an earlier briefing there on the hill. tell us what you're hearing about it. >> reporter: yeah, lawmakers left that hearing very serious about what they heard and warning about next steps that might be taken. the house speaker, nancy pelosi, spoke to our colleague ted barrett looking very serious afterwards and saying this. she said we have to de-escalate. that's what we have to do. the high tension wire are up in the region.
10:20 am
we must de-escalate. now, she would not specify what was said in the briefing or what prompted her to react this way, but other lawmakers reacted differently. republican senator lindsey graham, a close ally of this president, someone who's a big proponent of foreign intervention such as the iraq war, he made it very clear that if iran wants to escalate a fight with the united states, the united states should respond. he said this. he said here's what iran needs to get ready for, severe pain. if they are inching for -- itching for a fight, they are going to get one. so the ultimate question is what does the president ultimately decide to do, what are the next steps. lawmakers are not revealing that, but they know that this briefing this afternoon could be significant for the top leaders, a small group of leaders from the top house and senate leaders as well as the committee chairmen, ranking members as
10:21 am
well will all go to the situation room to hear what the next steps are. we'll see how congress responds as members say some wanti a vot before any action is taken. >> all right, thank you very much. let's see what happens. let's just see what happens. it's all going to work out. >> it will all work out. that is what the president is saying here as we witness this flare-up, this escalation with iran. he believes this was likely human error by iran or someone in the command of iran that led to the shooting down of this unmanned american aircraft. when asked if the u.s. plans to strike back, the president just said, quote, you'll soon find out. we've heard rumblings from republicans about possible action from iran. let's listen to that. >> could we win a war with iran? >> yes. >> that didn't take you a second. >> two strikes. the first strike and the last strike. >> what are the conditions or the circumstances that would justify going to war with iran? >> well, if iran struck out militarily against the united
10:22 am
states or against our allies in the region, then i would certainly expect a devastating response. >> the united states is considering a full range of options. >> does that include a military response? >> of course. >> so when you talk about military response, you're talking about keeping the waterways open. you're not at this point talking about a strike on iran. >> oh, goodness, president trump has said very clearly he doesn't want to go to war. >> do you have the legal authorization for a strike on iran? >> we always have the authorization to defend american interests. >> these unprovoked attacks on commercial shipping warrant retaliatory military strike. >> if i were the president, i would tell the iranians that there's an attack on a ship or pipeline or anything like that, we're going to blow up your oil refinery and take you out of the oil business. >> with me now to discuss this, general james clapper, the former director of national intelligence under president obama. earlier this week, the president tried to downplay the threat. he said don't worry about a thing. so when you're trying to read what he's saying and on one hand
10:23 am
he's trying to say this is going to be okay but then he's also making clear that all options are on the table, how are you reading this? >> well, you have to read it both ways, i guess. he made the comment don't worry about it, everything is okay, before the most recent incident involving a shootdown of a global hawk-like aircraft. i would posit that first reports are never quite correct here. both sides could be correct in believing where the shootdown occurred. >> in iranian airspace or international? >> here's a possibility, i don't know, but that's a pretty tight airspace there. so it's quite possible that there could have been a very shallow penetration of iranian airspace by the global hawk-like aircraft, i think it was a navy uav, and by the time the iranians reacted, when they went to shoot it down it was over international waters, so both we
10:24 am
and they could believe we're both correct. there was a history for this. we lost at least one drone over iran that actually did penetrate iranian airspace about 2011, i think. and i think -- i'm pretty sure that their rules of engagement are if a u.s. vehicle of any sort, manned or unmanned penetrates iranian airspace, they'll shoot it down. so i think it would be a good idea to take a breath, do a detailed critique of what actually happened, a complete trek of that unmanned aerial vehicle. i also think it would be a really good idea to initiate some -- if this hasn't already been done, initiate some company log directly with the iranians, if need be through intermediaries in the theater, for example, the omanis who have done this in the past. if the policy is to provoke and goad the iranians, it's working. >> there's no room for nuance in
10:25 am
what you described. if the process is there's an incursion into airspace, shoot, or if you think there's an incursion into airspace, shoot. sshlly it's like an electric fence. i guess my question here is a choice was made. even if that's in line with what an automatic response is in iran, there's no room for the nuance of what this may mean in reaction. >> that's correct. >> in the u.s. >> what you just said is compounded by the possibility that perhaps the iranian radars were in error. they were off a grid or so, off some distance. and that wasn't accounted for. so there's all kinds of possibilities and nuances here. it would be a really good idea to try to reconstruct what actually happened because in my experience through many similar crises, the first reports are never quite accurate. >> what's the motivation then for even if it's -- if there's an incursion, shoot.
10:26 am
what is the motivation for there even being that knee-jerk reaction? >> well, the iranians very, very sensitive about their sovereignty, to include their airspace. given the previous experience of a drone from the united states overflying their territory, and given the pretty strict discipline that the rogc has where there isn't a lot of room for judgment, you know, they saw it overfloig aying and they too action that they have been instructed, which was shoot it down. it may well have been over international waters when the actual shootdown occurred. of course if it fell into international waters, that proves that. but there is the possibility that there may have been a shallow penetration of iranian airspace. >> this moment is begging the question of how president trump and the trump administration is handling crises abroad in
10:27 am
general. you have a number of global tests right now. there's iran, which we're witnessing almost in realtime. there's saudi arabia, the controversy on multiple fronts, from jamal khashoggi's killing to arms deals, china, north korea, mexico in conflict over tariffs and trade and immigration, venezuela, and there's also at this point in time, there's no secretary of defense. what do you make of the u.s.' next move, but also what this just means big picture for how this president is doing? >> first, the united states is always confronted a multiplicity of crises simultaneously, or regional hot spots. we pretty much in the past managed to walk and chew gum and handle more than one contingency at a time. i'm not sure in this case how this administration works.
10:28 am
whether they're actually capable of coping with multiple crises, particularly if one gets really serious, really hot, as in combat, which, you know, is certainly a possibility in iran. >> are you concerned -- are you concerned that they're not equipped to deal with one? >> sure, i worry about that. >> more so than other administrations? >> well, that's a relative term. and you're dealing with circumstances that are not necessarily under u.s. control as well. so you have all these unknowns, what others are going to do or not do. and so this would be a real test for this administration, i think. but i would -- i would vote for some pause here, figure out what actually happened and attempt to do some direct communication with the iranians. this is also a good time, which we haven't been real good at lately, for trying to get consensus among the allies and friends about this as well. >> general clapper, thank you so much for your insight.
10:29 am
>> thanks. we have more on our breaking news ahead. what will the president do in response? also his rivals are pouncing, but joe biden is defiant against calls that he apologize for comments about unity or bipartisanship with segregationist senators. so how is this playing in south carolina? ♪ ♪ run with us. on a john deere z500 series mower. built to mow better, faster. because sometimes... when you take a look around... you notice... your grass is long... your time is short... and there's no turning back. ♪ ♪ nothing runs like a deere™. run with us. visit your john deere dealer today, to test drive a z500 or z700 series ztrak™ mower.
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democratic presidential front-runner joe biden is
10:34 am
refusing to apologize for remarks that he made about his ability to work with segregationist senators during his time in congress. here is exactly what the former vp said during a fund-raising event on tuesday night. quote, i was in a caucus with james o. eastland. he never called me boy, he always called me son. guess what, at least there was some civility. we got things done. we didn't agree on much of anything. we got things done. we got it finished. today you look at the other side and you are the enemy. not the opposition, the enemy. we don't talk to each other anymore, end quote. biden's democratic opponents have really seized on this and that includes senator cory booker who has called on biden to apologize. >> are you going to apologize like cory booker -- >> apologize for what? >> cory booker has called for it. >> cory should apologize. he knows better. there's not a racist bone in my body. i've been involved in civil rights my whole career. >> so for his posture to me to
10:35 am
be i've done nothing wrong, you should apologize, i'm not a racist, is so insulting and so missing the larger point, thaerthat he should not have to have explained to him. this should not be a lesson that someone running for the president of the united states should have to be given. >> i want to bring in reverend joseph darby. reverend, i do want to point out you have defended biden on this. i wonder as you watch this back-and-forth between senator booker and the former vice president, what is -- what is your impression of this fight that's going on? >> i think it's a political fight. my hope would be that folks would take a deep breath, get back to the business of articulating what they're going to do for america. >> were you offended by what joe biden said? >> i was not offended. i would have probably chosen different people to illustrate civility, but i get what he was
10:36 am
trying to say. that filters through my being a product of south carolina. i remember when strom thurmond was a segregationist until black folks were able to vote and he was started popping up at black churches and doing constituent services when he could. i remember when they were at each other' throats during the day but at night tried to meet and work things out peacefully. >> we're seeing as well between joe biden and cory booker, there is a generational divide between these two candidates. do you think that plays out with voters as well on this issue? >> it very well might. without that filter, then some younger voters might have difficulty with it, but i think time will tell. >> but why -- you've said that joe biden should not apologize. you feel that people need to kind of move on here. but why should he not apologize? >> well, he said something
10:37 am
inartful and inarticulate. i don't know that he apologized -- i don't know that he should apologize for what he said. i don't think either that senator booker should apologize for what he said. >> and one of the points that senator booker makes, it revolves around the connotation of the word "boy" that you heard the former vice president saying that senator eastland didn't call him boy, he called him son. cory bok ebooker has made the p that this has a connotation with the african-american community, specifically black men. does biden need to be more thoughtful in how he talks about things like this? >> i think that the vice president needs to be himself but at the same time be himself through the filter of the present generation. >> all right, reverend, thank you so much for being with us. reverend joseph darby from south carolina. we really appreciate it. we do have some news right
10:38 am
now from the supreme court. i want to go to cnn justice correspondent jessica schneider. what can you tell us, jess? >> some late word from the supreme court this afternoon. this relates to a case out of puerto rico dealing with puerto rico's debt crisis. the supreme court agreeing to not only hear this challenge but also fast track it. they'll be hearing it in the second woeek of october. the supreme court will address the constitutionality of a very important board to puerto rico, the financial oversight and management board. this was created by congress in 2016 to help puerto rico manage and respond to its debt crisis. puerto rico is currently in the throes of a $123 billion debt crisis only compounded by what it suffered after hurricane maria, that category 4 hurricane in 2017. so what's at issue here? well, the constitutionality of this board. basically challengers saying that the board itself violates the appointments clause. the members weren't properly appointed by the president and
10:39 am
confirmed by the senate. so this is really technical on constitutional grounds here, but obviously it's very important to the recovery of puerto rico in the midst of its debt crisis. so the supreme court today saying, yes, we will hear your appeal. we will not only hear it but fast track it. so the supreme court will hear it just at the beginning of the next term, which is the second week in october. so it could mean some very important things for puerto rico. the justices obviously taking note of that with four different petitions before the court, urging them to take this case. the supreme court saying today, yes, today we will to maybe get some sort of handle on how this board will eventually manage puerto rico's very large and consequential debt crisis. >> thank you for that report. congressional leaders are heading to the white house for a briefing on iran as president trump weighs how to respond and potentially how to retaliation. geico makes it easy to get help when you need it.
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we have more now on our breaking news. president trump responding to iran shooting down a u.s. unmanned aircraft near the persian gulf. the president says that iran made a very big mistake, but he also says it may have been human error. we have jay carney with us, former white house press secretary for president obama. you served in the obama white house, important to note you left before the iran deal. >> right before the iran deal, yeah. >> but it's something you have obviously watched very carefully with trump getting out of the iran deal and watching what we're seeing now. what are your views as you see this development? >> well, as a citizen, i'm
10:45 am
concerned. the possibility of another military conflict in the middle east i think is concerning and should be for everyone. iran is a serious country with a serious military and would be a serious adversary. and i think it's unfortunate what happened. there's no excusing iran's actions if they shot down and it appears they did, shot down a u.s. drone over international waters. but i think as a country, our military leaders, our elected political leaders need to move cautiously and judiciously towards responding to this because we know from experience, you and i do from in the press and me in the white house that there are always long-term consequences to taking that military action and they're not happy consequences. we can look to iraq and afghanistan and agree on that. >> i want to ask you about vice
10:46 am
president joe biden. in addition to being white house press secretary, you were prior to that communications director for the vice president. >> i was. >> and you had a very close relationship with the vice president in that capacity and after leaving his office as well. he's coming under fire. you've seen he made these comments. he was trying to make an argument for i guess civility, right, getting things done with people you don't agree with. he talked about some democratic segregationists in that regard. he's come under fire from cory booker and others and now he's saying cory booker should apologize to him. what do you make of this? >> well, i have a lot of respect for snooenator booker, senator harris and a lot of the candidates that are running. i know that joe biden would be a good president. i know that because i worked for him when he was vice president and because i know barack obama believed he would be a good president. i also know his heart. i know that what he was describing was the dynamic that existed when he entered the senate. he didn't get to choose who
10:47 am
represented mississippi, for example. but as a senator if he wanted to get something done, he had to work with the other senators who were there. and i share his view that we need to as a country try to find some common ground. a lot of democrats understandably looking at the experience we had in the white house, the obama administration, and the frustrations we had with republicans in congress, the refusal to compromise with us would say that view is naive. but what's the alternative. >> no one is arguing with this call to civility. >> well, there are some who believe that's naive. >> the real issue for cory booker is the words that he chose, right? and in our reporting, you can speak to this having had a staff relationship with him. there was staff who knew of this example and were cautioning against the use of it, and yet he used it. he clearly felt comfortable using it. he felt like it made the point. when you're looking at his performance on that, does he need to shape up when it comes
10:48 am
to maybe taking staff advice or learning what is okay to say, what is not okay to say? >> joe biden is going to be the person he's always been. and it's ultimately an asset, the fact that he speaks from the heart and off the cuff. sometimes he says things that political strategists or a communications director would say don't say it that way, say it this way. here's the choreographed talking points. that's not who he is. i do think people like him for that. there will be other occasions as there has been in the past where he says things that people say he shouldn't say that because it's outrageous. but if you know him and know his record and understand what he's saying, i really think that this isn't what it's being made out to be. >> you now are working for amazon, a senior vice president of global corporate affairs. it's very much in the news right now because amazon has fired back at congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez after she accused amazon of paying its workers starvation wages, which amazon
10:49 am
says that is not at all the case. i do also, though, want to play before i have you respond to that which she said that your boss, jeff bezos, should do. >> well, for me, i spend less time thinking about jeff bezos and more time thinking about amazon warehouse workers. i think about the outcomes that i want for those folks. so whether jeff bezos is a billionaire or not is less of my concern than if your average amazon worker is making a living wage. if they have guaranteed health care and if they can send their kids to college tuition-free. >> what do you -- >> well, first of all, the reason why we responded is because we have to correct the record. i'm a progressive. progressives are out there fighting to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. guess what, amazon is loading the way. we raised the minimum wage for all of our workers in warehouses to $15 minimum.
10:50 am
congresswoman ocasio-cortez would like to see them get full health care benefits. they they do on day one. there's no tiering of benefits. we also prepay tuition for on the job learning to get degrees and certificates in other fields that will pay even more money. so i think we share the same goal here, we need to raise wages in the united states for american workers. my team went to jeff bezos my boss last year, he said he wanted to raise wages. we already pay competitively, the most extreme option was to go, instead of going gradually to $15 was to go right away to $15. that's the option he chose because he knew it was the right thing to do for our workers. we're hiring more people in america than almost any other country. i mean, any other company in america. and we're hiring not just in select cities, but in almost
10:51 am
every state in the country. we're focused on this issue, and we corrected the record because we feel like we're part of the solution not the problem. >> i want to ask you as well, on a different topic, you touched on so many topics today. you're one of the few former white house press secretaries. there's not a lot of people that have stood there and know what it means. as we cesare rsee sarah sanderst the end of the month. it's about 101 days, she will be remembered for admitting to the special counsel she was lying. the rank and file of the fbi did support jim comey. as she tried to support president trump. how is her legacy going to impact that role in the white house in general?
10:52 am
>> i worry about it, because as you know, i took the job very seriously. the relationship with the press, between the press secretary and the press can be adversarial. >> it was. i can attest to that. i covered the white house when you were the press secretary. >> if it's not, you begin to worry about our democracy. it has to be respectful, every president i covered, and the president i worked for understood fundamentally that the independent media is a core piece of the foundation of our democracy. and the ritual of having someone who speaks for the president answer questions on a regular basis from the independent media while imperfect, nobody would say the press briefing is a perfect vehicle any more, it has to happen, it needs to happen for a democracy to function. i think it's important for our country. and i hope we'll return to that at some point. and if there are ways to improve
10:53 am
the dynamic, great, but there has to be some accountability. and if it's -- it's got to be the president or someone who can speak for him. i was in meetings all morning with senior staff, i would have a prep session making sure i knew everything about where we were on every issue, that i could answer truthfully and as transparently as i could on every issue, when i wasn't liking what i was reading or didn't know exactly what the president thought about an issue, i would walk down the hall and ask him if i hadn't seen him already that morning before the briefing, because i thought it was important. your credibility as press secretary is all you have, it's not about you, it's about -- because you're speaking for the president, the white house, the administration and the country. you need to do everything you cannot to erode that credibility. >> what's the legacy? >> well, i think the legacy that she leaves and her predecessor leaves is where it's not a role
10:54 am
that's taken seriously any more. and it's -- i think that's unfortuna unfortunate. so we're getting new reporting on the pentagon's thinking behind the scenes after iran has shot down a u.s. unmanned aircraft, stand by for that.
10:55 am
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10:58 am
more now on our breaking news. the world will find out if the u.s. strikes iran after iran shot down an unmanned aircraft. we're getting word that the white house will brief lawmakers very soon. we're getting new reporting from the pentagon. we're going to take you to both places, we're back in two minutes. with even more vegas s to turn their unsold rooms into amazing deals. delegates, how do you vote? (cheering) ♪ yes, y-y-y-yes, yes... that is freaky. (applause) welcome to our lounge. enjoy your stay. thanks very much. ♪ ♪ find calm in over 1,000 airport lounges worldwide. it's another way we've got your back. the business platinum card from american express. don't do business without it.
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