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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  June 20, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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our special series, america crumbles, the infrastructure crisis. to you are oh viewers for watching. follow me on twitter and instagram. erin burnett outfront starts right now. outfront next, president trump doesn't rule out war with iran after shooting down an american drone. iran releases what it says is proof that the united states violated iranian air space. what is the u.s. response? plus breg news, just released, the transcript of hope hicks nearly eight hours of testimony. she describes the president's orders as odd and splits with him on getting dirt from russia. and ufos senators receiving a classified briefing with encounters with uned identified flying objects. what did they learn? let's go outfront. and fweeng, i'm erin burnett outfront tonight, the breaking news top lawmakers and the president just briefed at the white house after iran shot down an american drone.
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the pentagon says the drone was flying over international waters in the gulf of oman, and the strait of hormuz when brought down. you can see the location there in the narrow strait of hormuz, about the aim area where the united states says iran attacked two oil tankers with explosives. calling it unproskd. and the president of the united states put war on the table. >> how will you respond. >> you'll find out. >> are you willing to go to war with iran. >> you'll find out. you'll find out. i mean obviously. -- obviously -- obviously, you know we're not going to be talking too much about it. you're going to find out. they made a very big mistake. >> pretty big threat there from the leader of the united states of america. but then nearly the same breath, trump tried to iran and ut seeming to suggest it was all just a mistake. >> i have a feeling -- i may be wrong. and i may be right. but i'm right a lot. i have a feeling that it was a
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mistake made by somebody that shouldn't have been doing what they did. i think it could have been somebody who was loose and stupid that did it. >> but it was no mistake. iran released a video that they say shows the drone being blown out of the sky, right. they pause, someone took a video. in an email i received from iran's mission to the united nations says they did it on purpose. in fact they wrote they targeted the intruding aircraft. and the frnlts of iran hardly a loose and stupid person put out the coordinates where they said the drone was infringing. this was not a mistake. moments after shooting down the drone, the head of the revolutionary guard said iran totally and completely ready for war. a war that would be devastating. the growing tensions with iran come as the united states does not have a secretary of defense. in fact the u.s. is transitioning from one acting defense secretary to another acting right now.
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abby phillip is outfront live outside the white house. fred pleitgen in tehran. i wanted to start with abbey. the strategy here saying it was not a big mistake and maybe someone just made a mistake. >> erin, the president is no stranger to talking tough in situations like that but being more hesitant when it comes to taking action, particularly military action. and in this case, the president has been the person in his own administration trying to put the brakes on what seems to be this march toward conflict with iran. and it's put him at odds with his own advisers, his secretary of state mike pompeo, his national security adviser john bolton who basically staked his career on this idea of confronting iran militarily. and so president trump today really expressed kind of an unbelievable amount of skepticism about what happened here. as you pointed out, it seems to fly in the face of what even his own administration is saying about what happened. but it reflects what he has been saying privately to his advisers which is that in his view this
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may not be enough to precipitate war with iran. though he is never one to take all of that off the table. at the end of the day, what he has to decide now is is there something- some kind of action he can take that would be short of war perhaps but that might send a message to iran that this kind of behavior is unacceptable we den know what that is. but that is the decision that faces president trump tonight. as he gets pressure from the hawks bowing within his administration and his outside advisers as well, erin. >> thank you, abbey. let's go to fred pleitgen in tehran. fred, tehran is being clear, saying it's not a mistake as president trump seemingly tried to get them the out of saying. >> you're absolutely right, erin. we've been looking to see whether there would be any iranian official who might walk it back or indicate it's an error or mistake. there doesn't seem to be a single one that we have seen the
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we'll day. if you look at the video the iranian put out and listen to the voices on the video, those don't seem the voices of people who feel they just made a big mistake and shot down the wrong aircraft. they seem to be people celebrating the fact that they hit the drone. the iranians as you said deliberately shot the drone down because they believe that it was in their air space. we checked out that tweet from the foreign minister javad zarif. that's nine miles off the coast of the i were put going in iranian territorial waters. of course iranian air space as well process. as you say the u.s. has a very different view saying it was in international air space. but the revolutionary guard corps, which is the unit that came era came out and shot this drone down, it was their air defense system that did it. they kim out shortly afterwards and also said the air space is a red line saying that the drone infringed on the air space and gave a strong warning for the united states saying this was
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definitely a signal to the u.s. that this is the way as they put it that iran deals withes its enemies. iranians no way walking it back saying iran u.s. infringed on their air space and why they did it. one more thing from the important foreign minister saying the iranians recovered from the debris from the drone. we are waiting to see whether the iranianens are going to show that on tv or maybe to us in the text next couple days we will keep you post snood. >> that will be key. obviously in the past they have proudly paraded when they have -- when they got a drone the last time thank you very much, fred. let's go to democratic congressman andy levin on the house foreign affairs committee. i appreciate your time, congressman. from what you've been told, are you clear on what happened here or not? >> you know, erin, i haven't got a classified briefing on it yet. some of the details i'm not clear about, especially, like, what -- whose air space it was in and so forth. we are waiting for the details. >> i want to play a -- what the president said today about who
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is responsible. part of this i played and i want to add more what of the president said here he is. >> i think they maid a mistake i'm not just talking the about country process. i think somebody under the command of that country made a big snk. >> are you saying you think it wasn't intentional to strike the drone. >> i don't know. i find it hard to believe it was intentional if you want to know the fruiting. i think it could have been somebody who was loose and stupid that did it. we'll be able to report back and you'll understand exactly what happened. but it was a very foolish move. that i can tell you. >> it's interesting can be congressman, there he sounds like he is trying to act like well if it was sun, low down or mistake maybe i don't need to gear up about it. >> right, right. >> but it's clear from, you know, how iran is responding with the corda knits with the foreign minister, the head of the revolutionary guard, with the video, where they clearly sbrit and not saying oh, no.
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it's clear this was not a mistake. why do you think he responds that way? >> you know, erin, i don't know why the president is responding that way. i hope he is trying to, you know, leave room to walk back the steady escalation that the united states has engaged in. but we need to look at iran from first principles. iran talks like this all the time. it's a very proud country. i don't think that they're going to back down easily. we need to stop escalating, and we need to have a sober and serious foreign policy here and not just go from crisis to crisis. so the president does not have authorization from the united states congress to go to war with iran. i have introduced a bill, the aumf clarification act to make that perfectly clear. but our caucus is united in the observation that if the president wants to start a war with iran he'd have to come to
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us, the article 1 body and ask for permission for that. so we need to look at what have we gotten out of this president's foreign policy? he withdrew from the nuclear agreement that was working, according to the intelligence of our country, the intelligence of israel and so forth. what have we gotten for that? nothing. and in kind of steady ratcheting up we see from mr. bolton and pompeo has to stop. and we need to have have a more sober foreign policy here. >> what happens at this point? because the news right now is the u.s. military isn't responding. i want to clear. iran says this was -- the drone was in iranian air space and the foreign minister javad zarif treat tweeted his time line today saying the drone took off from the uae in stealth mode violated air space and put on the the corda knits. as you heard fred, the coordinates would be in iranian territory.
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process he put pout a map but the pentagon moments ago. they have taken all day to do this. i sort of wondered why because they were quick to give corda knits and the u.s. did not. but now they have put them out the first time. and theirs of course put it 17 nautical miles from the iran shoreline in international waters as opposed to the 9 miles in iranian air space as they put on the corda knits. so here is the big question. are we proving where it was in how much does this matter when it comes to the united states response? >> well, we cannot have iran shooting down american drones. that's not acceptable. so the question is, how do we respond to this? no matter -- as you say no matter where exactly it was. it was obviously very close to iranian air space or in iranian air space. i have a lot of confidence in our intelligence services. when i get briefed properly, you know, then i'll feel like i know that. >> you but trust them when they put out the coordinates put going in international air space
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you would trust the pentagon over the iranian corda knits. >> i would want to get briefed directly about it. because the -- you know, the civilian leadership in the pentagon and in the state department have not always been factual whereas the intelligence briefs have been. so we want to get that clear. but here is the main thing. let's -- let's talk about the united states relationship with iran and how we should handle this. the american people do not want to go to war with iran. what has -- what's the cause and effect here? how have we gotten to this point? we've gotten to this point because the u.s. withdrew from a treaty that all the other countries stayed in, all our allies. we've been acting uni laterally. wove been saber rattling, escalating the rhetoric. and we need to -- we need to be more responsible. and i hope the president's sort of you know rhetoric today is an
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indication that that's the direction he wants to go. >> all right. congressman, i appreciate your time. thank you very much. >> thank you so much erin. >> and next more details on what the u.s. just released about the drone that iran shot down. what was the flight path? we will show you the exact corda knits. obviously not in agreement plus breaking news the transcript of hope hicks testimony released. what we learn about an interaction with the president she described as odd. and vice president joe biden about to come face-to-face with black voters in south carolina. what do they think about his remarks about segregationist senators?
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every innovation, every feeling... ...a product of mastery. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379/month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. breaking news, u.s. military just releasing the coordinates where it says the u.s. drone was flying when shot down by iran. the coordinates are provided by the military. and they show the drone was in international air space which directly contradicts what iran put out, their direct coordinates show the drone clearly in iranian air space when they shot it down. kylely addwood oufrt live in washington. you're getting the information. what do the coordinates show. >> that's right, erin, we are learning from the u.s. military now their version of the facts here. they put out these coordinates that show that the u.s. drone shot down is actually shot down about 9 nautical miles from where the iranians said they
4:17 pm
targeted that drone. the trump administration is also putting out more information. the full flight path of this u.s. drone. and that does not at all cross over the coordinates that the iranians have given out for where they say that drone entered into iranian air space, which is why they say they shot is it down. now, the problem here is that we have some conflicting sources of information. they don't overlap with one another. as the white house is determining how they are going to respond, however, the bottom line is that this u.s. drone was shot down. the iranians have claimed responsibility. and the trump administration has not yet been clear in terms of how they are going to respond. they are considering their options tonight. >> all right. thank you very much, kiley. and let's go to former army commanding general for the seventh hear mark hertling and state department spokeswoman for the obama administration. niera hack.
4:18 pm
we now have coordinates from the pentagon. obviously it took 13 hours for them, 14 hours to do this after the iranianens. can you i think of why that would be why it would take so long to hear they are proof or side of the story here. >> i can't, erin. that's going to be the interesting piece of conversation in all of this. the iranians are winning the information war. they have already submitted a letter to the united nations through their foreign minister saying this is what happened. that was submitted several hours ago. we're late to the ball game on this. the briefing by the military unfortunately this afternoon was not candid, not transparent. they took no questions. and now we are getting a read of the coordinates when the global -- the global hawk can actually give you a screen shot of where it is. so having someone read me the latitude longitude of where the aircraft was is going to be questioned by a lot of people. we have to show proof to the united nations in order to fight
4:19 pm
this fight. >> so this is the question nayyera. because i don't know if you heard the congressman from michigan. levin. when you asked him you said you wouldn't trust the pentagon coordinates. he said there is political leadership from the administration that he would question. >> yeah, we are in the status when both sides question the other in terms of transparency. and it's based on what has happened in the past. when dishonesty, a lack of integrity, a lack of candor and transparency has been the norm of the day. so now you see even democratic congressman question the pentagon in terms of what they're delivering. so i think we have to be a little bit more open with press briefings, with questions and answers across the board in the administration. in is -- this -- you are reaping what we see right now on the international community where if a exact being congressman doesn't trust us imagine what the allies and partners think
4:20 pm
about this. >> nayyera, what do you make of that that there is questioning of the coordinates given that, you know it could have come from the politically appointed leadership as opposed to the intelligence? >> yeah, this is a direct result of the incoherent foreign policy that the trump administration put forward. they've not been transparent. we haven't had a pentagon briefing in camera in almost a year. the you had the state department podium had the spokesperson will there talking about how iran needs to abide by the nuclear deal. this is the same deal the united states pulled out of. and then you have the national security adviser talking about regime change along with the secretary of state and we are unaware of what trump considers himself at this point he is framed himself as a president who shoots from the hip, who goes with list gut, does not read briefings, doesn't have a secretary of defense really any close circle of advisers that he relies on for foreign policy information. we're no you all waiting to see if this downing of the drone is
4:21 pm
the red ryan that will trigger a military u.s. response. >> general hertling let me ask you about this, the drone we understand it's not a small toy. let's be clear this is one of the most sophisticated reconnaissance vehicles that the the ruqa global hauck. $110 million for each one of these shot down. i got an email from iranian ambassador of the united states told the drone turned off identification kimt appear engaged in clear spying despited radio warnings entered into the iranian air space. my question to you is would this all be logged somewhere? isn't this all provable? >> it is. it's also a little bit flakey on the part of the iranians. let me just caveat everything i'm saying. the iranians are malign actors. they foment distrust and disagreement and conflict throughout the region. but even having said that, what you are talking about are some
4:22 pm
things that they are putting in the information echo system right now that is going to muddy the waters. you can't talk to a global hawk. i mean, you can't send it signals if you are an enemy force. it might go into the system but it has to be translated to the -- the pilots on the ground if you will. and certainly a device like this would turn off its transponders if it's collecting this kind of data. remember, erin, the other thing is this aircraft is flying between 30,050,000 feet. when it is shot down it's also going to spread debris all over the place. so the iranians could potentially pick up parts of this aircraft even on land if it was hit in the right way and it actually crashed to land or sea in their area. >> and get some really crucial information nayyera. >> this is the importance of the fact that it was a drone shot down not a manned aircraft. that gives the president and other officials some pgs ohs of
4:23 pm
how they can maneuver around this. i think the most dangerous thing that could happen round would be for president trump to now continue to escalate in response to the downing of a drone and seek to target something more directly in iran. that would be seen as the next level, more provocation and would be off to the races at this point. it's key to recognize that it's a drone, not a manned aircraft which in and of itself would create deeper consequences. >> so, general, can i ask you just for people trying to understand the significance here. obviously you are talking about a huge country with a huge military one of the largest in the world. what would a cold war o war with iran look like when the president saps are you going to war and he says we'll see what would a war look like with iran. >> i would start off by saying it could escalate even a small action could escalate very quickly. and i'm not using hyperbolle. nef a huge military, a relatively unified population and a strong central government.
4:24 pm
they have modern equipment. they have -- they have been choked by some of the sanctions that occurred. but they are willing -- the iranian people and especially the iranian republican guard are willing to fight to the death. this will be iraq and afghanistan on a much larger scale. it will be complex, challenging from both an air and naval force standpoint, from a cyberstandpoint. they are able to counter some of the things we do. i don't even want to think about the potential for a ground invasion. because that would be straesk on both sides. this is the country that fought iraq for ten years and lost over 1 million people in that iran/iraq war. >> final wad word for nayyera. >> we are still in afghanistan for fighting afghanistan 18 years we are stretched thin enough right now that's not to say the united states doesn't certainliry have strong capabilities and military. we can do whaef what we have to do but there is no goal in mind
4:25 pm
right now with what the counterstrike in iran would be. if the goal is to eliminate use of nuclear weapons, the deal captured that. if the goal is regime change, which is what john bolton has always wanted, then we're in for a long haul. >> right. thank you both very much. and next breaking news, the transcript of hope hicks' testimony just released. now we are learning what she knew about the meeting in trump tower. plus the navy briefing senators on close counters with ufos yes indeed briefing senators. about what. >> going against the wind, the wind is 120 knots to the west.
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judiciary committee releasing the transcript of its closed door interview with president trump's former communications director hope hicks. an interview where democrats say lawyers for team trump blocked hicks from answering 155 questions. but questions she did answer are reefrlg. sara murray is outfront. what are we learning from the transcript. >> there were a lot of questions dodge. there was one attorney from the justice department, all there. essentially trying to get her not to answer questions. but you know, she was essentially confined to talking about her experience during the campaign. one of the things we learned is that she said she had had no knowledge of the famous trump tower meeting that happened in the summer of 2016. she said she didn't learn about that until the summer of 2017. there is some suggestion in the mueller report that she might have been privy to a meeting where donald trump junior said he had a lead on negative information. but it's not clear if during that meeting he ever made it evident that he was going to be meeting with russians in trump tower. now she was also asked about whether she knew about the hush
4:31 pm
money payments to women during the cane. remember she actually put out a statement denying that there was any relationship between donald trump then and a candidate and play boy placement karen mcdougal. she said she had no knowledge of the hush money payments and she was directed to make that statement that there was no relationship. and when we got into the white house stuff or when members of congress did with her incident in the mueller report where hope hicks is privy to conversation where donald trump tells cory lewandowski an adviser outside the white house go tell jeff sessions unrecuse himself from the investigation. hope hicks is privy to this but won't discuss it because it has to do with her time in the white house. but afterwards upon further reflection she found that odd. when members of congress said why she felt it was odd she couldn't answer the question her lawyers said. >> i want to go to dmik congressman ted lieu.
4:32 pm
and you appear in the transcript many times on the judiciary committee. i know there were 155 times she at any time answer as a committee you asked. your kmarm said we learned a lot. congressman cellini. said you learned a lot. let me start with one of them this is what i want to start with here is the -- the order to cory lewandowski, right go to cory lewandowski and tell him to get jeff sessions to unrekusz hymns which sarah referenced. the transcript reads on chairman nadler speaks sitting here today do you find it concerning the president asked mr. luna dukaew. was asked to deliver a memg. >> concerning would not be the way i describe it. >> problematic in any which. >> i view it as odd. >> what do you take away from
4:33 pm
her saying not concern but odd. >> clearly that was an odd incident. but more than that. it was the trump administration trying to obstruct justice, as the mueller report points out basically cory lewandowski was trying to get jeff sessions to unrecuse himself from the russia investigation. and that was to allow jeff sessions to have more control over the investigation and the mueller report lays that out. hope hicks basically confirms that that incident in fact happened. >> and she just -- why do you think she would say odd and not concerning. she thought concerning that per jortive implications and odd didn't. >> yes, that's my reading of why she said it that way. and i just want to note, that there was so much more information she could have given had the department of justice and white house officials not objected 155 times to the testimony. >> so i want to ask you about something else on the hush money payments. she was asked and answered -- my questions about some of the payments because they happened a
4:34 pm
part of that story happened again before the election. payments to karen mcdougal and stormy daniels. so from the transcript, congressman jackson lee asks hope hicks did mr. trump ever direct to you make public payments about the hush money payments during the campaign? ms. hicks, i was directed to make a public statement denying that a relationship existed. o between fl trump and a woman named karen mcdougal. >> jackson lee polls up. did you ask the president whether that was true ms. hicks, not to my recollection. do you believe her? >> i don't believe her, because that was such a huge fact that she was repeating on behalf of donald trump. and it turned out to be a massive lie. now, we also did ask her about the hush money payments when she realized that it was a lie. she was not able to talk about that, because she got that information while she was at the white house. and they objected to everything about her tenure at the white house. but she confirmed that essentially donald trump
4:35 pm
directed her to make the massive lie to american people. >> and of course donald trump knew that was a lie. whether she followed up or not, he knew that at that time. so, okay. 155 different times your committee says hope hicks did not answer questions yesterday. and this went on and within on a let me another example. trump talking when he tried to have the former white house counsel don mcgahn get red of mueller. >> did the one of had her lawyers. deutsch did you ever learn mr. mcgahn was considering resigning after the weekend as a result of the president's calls objection. and continue attention objection, objection, objection. >> erin i think. >> i just said it continues objection, objection, objection you were getting no answers. >> that is correct. and i want to say that the unprecedented obstruction by the
4:36 pm
trump administration isn't just to the mueller report. it's to everything. so for example, we want to find out why is the trump administration suing to eliminate hvg coverage for american was preexisting conditions, can't get that process we want to know answers about the census question processes can't get them and hope hicks testimony they came up with the absurd of absolute immunity which doesn't exist. no courts found it. today the gop own star witness at a judiciary hearing said that this absolute immunity does not exist. >> so, you know, republicans say that you and others in your party were making a mockery of the hearing. things like this they point this is ouen the if iris day of work at the white house was it sunny day or cloudy day. >> mr. purport o directs it. >> it was a cloudy da i. >> you during the tenure at the white house would you. >> you can answer. >> she says at my desk. >> and then you know, you cano continue well where was desk then there is objection. what do you say when he they say you were making a mockery of
4:37 pm
this? >> i was pointing out the absurdity of their absolute immunity objections. they wouldn't even allow us to ask where her devg was located. so i just wanted to test that and see if they would even allow us to ask was it a sunny day or not on the first day of work. that was the one question they really allowed to get through. and that's just highlighting how absurd the absolute immunity claims with. we are sending this up on litigation. they are getting destroyed in court. we will call hope hicks back. she jacked up her legal fees. >> when the president said she was terrific and did a terrific job you say -- >> well she did a terrific job listening to the department of justice officials who objected on her behalf but soon they're not able to do that because we are winning this this court. >> thank you very much congressman lieu i appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> next biden facing backlash after he talked about working with segregationist senators.
4:38 pm
what do voters think? sfr. >> just because it didn't offend me, i'm fallout saying it's right. because there was a lot of people offended by it. >> plus key senators, briefed by the military on a growing number of ufo sightings. maria ramirez?
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ton, the fight for 2020. so joe biden called senator cory booker booker after biden demanded booker apologize to him. now biden did not apologize. booker did not apologize. book we are other 2020 contenders has been slamming biden after biden said he was able to work with graciousist senators like james eastland during a time when he said there was civility in the senate. book erran demanded apology. biden said you should apologize to me. here we are the controversy looming large as democrats head to south carolina this weekend. martin savage is outfront. >> south carolina will hold the first primary in the south in 2020. most of the democratic electorate here are
4:43 pm
african-american. and many have a living memory of segregation. over lunch i spoke to a father and son-in-law. >> did you take offense to what joe biden said. >> no. >> how do you look at it? >> i lived through what he is talking about. i knew some of the people that he is talking about. and i understood what he was saying. i don't think he meant it in a derogatory way. but what he was saying was the way that southerners were then dsh dpsh. >> but driskle peyton represents a younger generation of vote zbleers just because it didn't offend me i'm not saying it's right. because there was a lot of people offended by it. >> do you think that younger generation looks at this differently than, say, your father-in-law. >> yes, yes. >> that could be a problem here with younger voters. he could seem to them out of touch. but a carol hair studios in columnway. biden's popularity remains high
4:44 pm
despite the controversy. maply because of his close association to president barack obama tp tia brannen worries infighting will hurt democratic chances for victory. >> i don't see what he said that's wrong. i think it's pitching one against the other that's not what we need to be concerned with. >> jacqueline williams says race doesn't weigh into mere decision. >> it's not about race. it's about who is right for the job. at this time that joe biden is the right man for the job. >> erin, everybody we spoke to here said that joe biden's words didn't diminish their minimal of joe biden as a person or candidate. some did say that the analogy probably was not good. as for apology there were a number of voters who said he should apologize and do it right away to get the mart behind him. >> martin, thank you very much. and next congress now
4:45 pm
receiving classified briefings on possible ufo encounters. seriously. so why? why now? plus the director of cnn newest original film apollo 11 outfront with ner before seen footage of the historic moon laning. >> neil and buzz, the president of the united states is in his office now and would like to say a few words to you, over. rhood with a lot of other young couples. then we noticed something...strange. oh, could you, uh, make me a burger? -poof -- you're a burger. [ laughter ] -everyone acts like their parents. -you have a tattoo. -yes. -fun. do you not work? -so, what kind of mower you got, seth? -i don't know. some kid comes over. we pay him to do it. -but it's not all bad. someone even showed us how we can save money by bundling home and auto with progressive. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. but we can protect your home and auto.
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tonight, ufos. the president and a group of senators all getting a classified briefing about a series of reported encounters between the navy and ufos. tom foreman is outfront. >> but if there is -- the grainy images captured by u.s. military pilots don't look like much. but their release by the pentagon was more than enough to prompt a classified briefing for lawmakers, including senator mark warner, vice chairman of the intelligence committee. >> one of the key take aways i have is that the- the military and others are taking the issue seriously, which i think in previous generations may not have been the case. >> the president told abc he has been briefed too. >> people are saying they see
4:50 pm
ufos. do i believe it? not particularly. >> also ramping up interest. pilots are talking describing strangely shaped aircraft flying faster than the speed of sound. they're exhibiting as well as flight characteristics, there's no platform or energy source i'm aware of that could allow something to stay in the air as long as these objects were. >> reporter: reports about a now defunct $20 million program to track such sightings started by senator harry reedy merged a couple of years back triggering similar interests. >> these aircraft, we'll call them aircraft, are displaying characteristics that are not currently within the u.s. inventory nor in any foreign inventory that we are aware of. >> reporter: late nights jimmy kimmel has questioned former presidents about such encounters time and again. >> i'm not telling you nothing. >> i can't reveal anything. >> oh, really? >> if we were visited some day,
4:51 pm
i'd be surprised. i just hope it's not like independence day. >> looking at a structure in the next 36 hours. >> reporter: still if it's not that, the question remains up in the air, what is it? the military is clearly skeptical of any kind of suggestion that this has anything to do with space aliens, but amid speculation by conspiracy theorists that maybe this is some sort of advanced technology operated by a foreign government, they have launched a new procedure for pilots to report these close encounters. as for me, erin, i'm going to book my vacation at did he have ill's tower and watch and wait. >> all right, tom, thank you. next, never before seen footage from the moon landing. this is incredible, the iconic, we have stuff you've never seen or heard before. the drerkt of our newest original film, apollo 11, is out front.
4:52 pm
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4:56 pm
it has been nearly 50 years since neil armstrong and buzz a aldrin took that giant leap for mankind. it goes inside the mission in a way you have not seen before. all the iconic images, this is all new things. here is a quick peek. >> neil and buzz, the president of the united states is in his office now and would like to say a few words to you. over?
4:57 pm
>> that would be an honor. >> go ahead, mr. president. this is houston. out. >> hello, neil and buzz. i'm talking to you by telephone from the oval room at the white house. and this certainly has to be the most historic telephone call ever made from the white house. i just can't tell you how proud we all are of what you have done. >> just so much of this. joining me now, the director of apollo 11, todd miller. todd, you know, this is amazing. you and i had a brief moment to talk. you spent years working on this. and, you know, we have images, all of us, of that moment, right? that one still photo that everybody thinks of, of neil armstrong on the moon. but you have footage that none of us have ever seen before. so as you were going through all of these images, no one had really ever seen before, what went through your mind? what were the feelings you had? >> it was astonishing, just seeing that clip right now. i didn't know we were going to play that.
4:58 pm
it's -- it just gets me every time because you're seeing something just like we saw it for the first time a couple years ago, in a way that you haven't experienced before. so when we saw the very first test imagery from this large format skill collection, our jaws were on the ground. >> it's a wonder, sense of wonder and amazement we rarely feel now. these reels you found were put in government vaults. they were there 50 years, right? never would have seen the light of day again. how did you finally get access? >> we had been working with nasa and the national archives. it's really a testament to the archive preservationists that worked on these materials. i mean, if you think 50 years, it's not like one person was guarding these. >> no. >> you had significant turnover and they were, luckily for us, kept in cold storage and kept in really pristine conditions. >> so cared for it well. >> right. it was really -- it was just
4:59 pm
waiting for technology to come along in an efficient and a cost-effective manner to be able to scan these images. someone like me to utilize. >> and you kind of created that technology, which is the whole amazing thing about being a film maker and the technology. you also found 11,000 hours of audio we never heard before, which is incredible. here's a quick clip. >> how far are my feet from you? >> i'll tell you, you're right at the edge of the porch. >> i want to back up, make sure to lock it on my way out. >> a good thought. >> i'm going home for the next couple hours. we want to take good care of it. >> you know, some human moments there. >> yeah, that was, i mean, that was what we were looking for, too. so much of this imagery and so much of the mission had been seen in fiction and nonfiction films before. what were those moments, those
5:00 pm
hidden moments that could allow us to tell the story in a new way and that's what we were focused on. >> it is incredible and i can't wait to see it. for anyone interested in space, as so many people are now -- thank you -- the award-winning cnn film apollo 11 at 9:00 p.m. sunday. anderson joins us now. >> it's 4:00 p.m. at the capital, they and we await the crisis, the shoot down of an american surveillance drone. on the left is pentagon video of it. on the right what iranian state tv is claiming to be the antiaircraft missile hitting its target. we should point out we have not independently confirmed that. nor is there any independent assessment of where the drone actually was, whether it was an iranian air space as teheran is claiming, or not, as the pentagon says. there is new reporting on that which we're going to