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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  July 2, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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using their security detail. tragedy hits major league baseball. 27-year-old tyler skaggs, pitcher for the los angeles angels dies suddenly in texas. i'm michelle kosinski. >> i'm dave briggs. tuesday, july 2nd, 5 a.m. in the east. the momentum has shifted. it is early in a very long race, but we have proof now that one debate indeed can make a difference. a new cnn poll showing initial voter reaction to the first democratic debate as big moves up and correspondingly down. top tier plainly clustered into four regions. there were big gains for warren and harris thanks to moments like this. >> you know, there fs a little girl in california who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bussed to school every day. and that little girl was me.
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>> one noteworthy result for biden though despite coming under scrutiny on civil rights issues. support for the vice president remains strong among black voters. only 30% of potential democratic voters want a national program like medicare for all to replace private insurance. but 49% favor a national program while keeping private insurers too. so almost half want both in play. but when it comes to which candidate can best handle the health care issue, bernie sanders comes out on top with 26%. >> and on the topic of health coverage, all ten democratic candidates raise their hands to support it. according to the cnn poll, that's not a popular position. 59% of all voters are against it
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along with 38% support it. six in ten% favor health coverage for the undocumented. the u.s. is heating up its trade fight with the european union over aircraft subsidies just as tensions with china begin to slow down. u.s. proposing new tariffs on e.u. goods worth $4 billion. the tariffs cover 89 products including meat, cheese, pasta, fruits, coffee and whisky. adding that the tariffs on e.u. exports worth $29 billion announced in april. washington has been locked in a dispute against the e.u. for years over subsidies for boeing and airbus. the trump administration has imposed tariffs on european steel and aluminum. they responded putting tariffs on the u.s. worth $3 million. this could hit european powerhouses like ghaerm any and france.
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there will be a meeting to discuss the proposal. the s&p 500 set a new closing record. investors will be looking to see if stocks can hold onto the gains. cnn has learned excludsivel at that a house committee is looking at diplomatic security. according to a whistle-blower who sparked the investigation, agents say they felt at time like, quote, uber eats with guns. there have been issues with special agents being asked to carry out tasks that they felt were questionable for the family. in april one agent was asked to pick up chinese food and the whistle-blower claims on another a special agent was ordered to pick up the family dog from a groomer. lon fairchild said he didn't deny tasks agents were asked to carry out but he said this in a statement about secretary pompeo. at no point during my service did he or any member of his family ask me or any member of
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my team to act in any way that would be inconsistent with our professional obligation. a former senior diplomatic person said no task would be possible without him in the car. a riot or hunger strike could break out because of conditions inside the agency's el paso facility. a draft report from the homeland security inspector general in may details concerns about over crowding, access to food and clothing for migrants and low morale among agents. another group of lawmakers toured border facilities monday. lawmakers criticizing migrant holding sights in texas as toxic and broken. >> there's abuse in these facilities. there's abuse. this is them on their best behavior and they put them in a room with no running water.
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these women were being told by cbp officers to drink out of the toilet. >> that drinking out of toilets claim is one that border patrol denies. congressman castro putting a human face on the crisis. conditions pushed congress to approve $4.6 billion in emergency funding last week. nick valencia has more from clint, texas. >> reporter: dave and michelle, three border patrol facilities were toured. it was at this one at clint they called conditions unconscionable. they spent nearly an hour and when they emerged some members were clearly emotional. it was the chairman that said they are being held in dehumanizing conditions. another member of congress said it was a very dark day for america but it was perhaps the most empassioned speech by ayanna presley.
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>> this is bigger than any debate. this is about the preservation of our humanity and this is about seeing every single person there as a member of your own family. >> reporter: the congressional visit comes on the same day that an investigative team reported about a closed facebook team consisting of 9,500 of border patrol agents. it jokes about death and suggests that burritos should have been thrown at them. they have responded to this. they condemn the inappropriate and unprofessional social media posts. dave, michelle. >> a lot of layers to this story. thanks, nick. the u.s. border patrol chief has responded to the lewd facebook post. she calls the post highly
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inappropriate and offensive. most importantly, the words of these few individuals directly undermine trust in the border patrol and the dedication and compassion with which the rest of you undertake your duties each and every day. the shocking death of tyler skaggs rocking the baseball world and its fans this morning. the 27-year-old baseball pitcher was found unresponsive in his south lake, texas, hotel room on monday. they were in town to play the rangers. >> there were a lot of pretty emotional guys in there. you can tell. some guys knew him. chavey actually played with him in l.a. some guys that didn't even know him were pretty visibly shaken, you could tell. this is something that we don't deal with on a daily basis. >> police tell the "los angeles times" they do not suspect foul play nor suicide. on sunday when the team landed
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a hospital patient said he was racially profiled before being allowed to go on a walk with an iv drip. he was on vacation 100 miles west of freeport. he came down with double pneumonia. he was feeling better and asked if he could go for a walk and says as he and his friends went outside, a security guard asked if they were trying to leave the hospital and sell the i.v. equipment on ebay? dukes told cnn he was transported back to the hospital, this time in handcuffs. the police department has appointed an independent investigator. the hospital declined to comment citing patient confidentiality even though the patient is talking all about it but says it is cooperating. a tragic coincidence in louisville, kentucky. a 20-year-old father died where his twins were just born.
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police say he was killed in a random drive-by shooting as he walked home following their birth last week. garvin was rushed back to the same louisville hospital. he was on life support for several days before being taken off. three teens are facing charges in the fatal shooting. butter nut squash, california -- cauliflower, zuchinni and veggie bowls were sold under the green giant, trader joe's citing possible listeria contamination. it came from a facility in b biddeford, maine there. have been no reported illnesses. a 5-year-old delaware boy with autism and a brain tumor is getting his beloved replica wrestling belt back after it was
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stolen. they recently sent the belt to a designer in washington state to make it look more authentic. two women were caught taking the package from the front porch but after police released images of the thieves and local media told timmy's story, the belt was returned along with a four-page handwritten apology. the women claimed to be homeless drug addicts looking to make a few bucks. the designer said he won't file charges as long as the women get help. you remember that little league baseball brawl in colorado? well, it now has a happy ending for the young umpire whose call is said to have sparked it. josh cordova made his big league debut at coors field sunday. he was a guest of chris guccione who invited him to the dodgers and rockies game. josh's call in a game played by 7-year-olds reportedly sparked
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the brawl. guccione said he was dumfounded and saddened but he was impressed that josh stood his ground and defended his call. >> he could have very easily backed down but he didn't and i'm -- i commend him for that. >> i'm so appreciative for everything that he's done and it's kind of surreal. i never thought it would be this big. >> bravo, josh. he was given his own official mlb umpire gear. he didn't want his experience to discourage future youth baseball players from disputing the sport. six have been charged with disorderly conduct. >> parents are annoying and nicknicmix parents being over bearing.
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. major league baseball teams and fans are mourning the loss of tyler skaggs. coy wire has this story in the bleacher report. good morning, my friend. >> good morning, dave. tyler skaggs was just 27 years old. he was found dead in his hotel room. fans gathering back in california outside of angels stadium paying tribute to skaggs. he grew up in the los angeles area. baseball community is close knit. moments of silence being held at mlb parks across the country. he was 15 picks behind angels star mike trout. the two were teammates earlier in their careers. trout tweeted this. words cannot express the deep sadness we feel right now. our thoughts and prayers are with carli, that's his wife, and
2:23 am
teammates. he will forever remain in our hearts. we love you, 45. let's move to tennis where something incredible happened. cori coco gauff stepped on the court in london to pull off a major upset at wimbledon. gauff ranked 313th in the world was able to take down the great venus williams who at 39 years old won four majors before gauff was born. you can imagine what this first round win must have felt like, especially considering venus and serena williams are her eye dolls. this is the first time she's ever cried after winning a match. >> i never thought this would happen. i'm literally living my dream right now and not many people get to say that so i'm just happy that wimbledon gave me the opportunity to play and i
2:24 am
obviously never thought that i would be this far. >> who's ready for some soccer? of all the spectacular players at the women's cup in france, one of them set themselves apart, meghan rapinoe. she finds herself tied with most goals in the tournament. her teammates spoke highly of her. >> mag began rapinoe has put the team on her back from spain to france and it's going to take players like that and a couple individuals each game to step up and really help carry this team and pinoe has done that in great fashion. >> great fashion indeed. today is alex morgan's birthday. happy birthday to her. a win over england would give team u.s.a. the most consecutive world cup wins today. that match is at 3:00 p.m. >> happy birthday to alex.
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another win probably sells more home jerseys. what's ahead, my friend. >> are you going to watch it? >> absolutely. i will be parked on the couch. >> i'm going to be nervous though. one debate goes a long way. joe biden loses almost 1/3 of his support after a rough performance so who's on the rise? a new cnn poll next. xed? can you feel the pull of gravity, as you easily climb upward? can you feel like you don't have a care in the world, while your entire world is taken care of? you can, when you're free. the 2019 jeep grand cherokee. hurry in to the 4th of july sales event and get $500 additional bonus cash on select models. visit super emma just about sleeps in her cape. but when we realized she was battling sensitive skin, we switched to tide pods free & gentle. it's gentle on her skin, and dermatologist recommended.
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a major shift in the 2020 democratic race. big movement after that first debate. who's up and who's down? a new cnn poll moments away. president says iran is playing with fire exceeding limits established in the now crumbling nuclear deal. is tehran beyond the point of no return? welcome back to "early start," everybody. on a tuesday i'm dave briggs. >> i'm michelle kosinski. it's 29 minutes past the hour.
2:30 am
it is early in a long race but we now have proof that one debate truly can make a difference. a new cnn poll showing initial voter reaction has big moves up as well as down. top tier now plainly clustered into four leaders, biden, harris, warren and sanders. a substantial drop for biden and big gains for warren and harris thanks to moments like this. >> you know, there was a little girl in california who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools, and she was bussed to school every day. and that little girl was me. >> one noteworthy result for biden though -- >> despite coming under scrutiny on civil rights issues, support for the former vp remains strong among black voters. there is a glaring contradiction when it comes to health care in the new cnn poll. only 30% of potential democratic voters want a national program
2:31 am
like medicare for all to replace private insurance but 49% favor a national program while keeping private insurers, too. so almost half want both of those in play. when it comes to which candidate can best handle the health care issue, bernie sanders comes out on top with 26%. he strongly backs medicare for all and wants to see the end of the private insurance industry. and on the topic of health care coverage for undocumented immigrants, all ten candidates raise their hand to support it during the second night of debates last week. according to this poll, that's not a popular position. 59% of all voters are against it. only 38% support it. six in ten potential democratic voters favor health coverage for the undocumented. let's talk about all of this with cnn politics digital director zach wolf live. good to see you, sir. >> good morning. >> let's look at the broad take away. that is joe biden slipping and
2:32 am
kamala harris taking all of that slippage. was it over bussing in the 1970s or was it as jerry conley, democratic member of the house put it to wolf, about his simple debate performance? listen. >> i think performance candidly was very disappointing. i think he was not crisp. he seemed ill prepared for questions that surely his debate team knew were coming. and i think he could have had a lot better response to the attacks that were launched against him. so he's going to have to up his game. >> okay. so is the congressman right there? was it about simple debate performance? kind of a broad issue rather than the narrow issue of bussing in the 1970s and race policies? >> you know, i think it's a lot of things. a lot of -- you know, the biggest of which is the debate performance which was across the board everybody agrees not great for the former vice president.
2:33 am
i think it's also simply about people are sort of being introduced to this new crop of candidates. everybody knew who joe biden was going into this debate. everybody knew who bernie sanders was. these other -- these other candidates, kamala harris, a lot of democrats knew who she was. a lot of people are meeting her. fewer but a lot are meeting elizabeth warren and these other candidates for the first time. this is sort of the first battle, you know, between these candidates. but a large portion of this is simply getting to know the opposition and seeing who's out there for the first time. >> right. there's a lot of layers in this poll. big number though, one you have to keep looking at is best candidate to beat trump. biden solidly still on top. 43%. the next highest is sanders, but 13% among potential democratic voters. you know what, zach, when you
2:34 am
look at those white middle class voters who went to trump last time around, what are the signs that biden could pull those back at this point? >> well, that's a great question, i think, for democrats this election cycle is do they try to get those voters back? do they sort of move into more progressive direction that the party seems to be trending? that's sort of, you know, what they have to figure out if they're going to do and biden for now, partially because he's still the most known quantity, seems like the best opportunity, at least in this poll. voters think he's the guy who's best equipped to take on trump. it will be interesting to see how those numbers change as we have more polls and five months -- more than five months of campaigning, months and months of campaigning before we actually have votes cast. >> yes. >> all of this is going to change more. >> it's hard to imagine those
2:35 am
numbers moving. what would have to happen before that shifted dramatically? >> another big debate performance like this from biden and we could see that momentum changing. health care will be the central issue here. if you look at the mid terms and talk to people across the country and the numbers are hard to really digest. the one central take away is, yes, national health insurance is popular, zach, but not at the expense of the private health insurance industry. the democratic field, are they on the right side or wrong side of the national polling on this central issue? >> well, i think they're on the right side in that people clearly want more options and they want a government option for health care. there is a majority of people in this country who think that the government should be offering some sort of health care. do they think that the government should get rid of all private health insurance as bernie sanders wants to? no, they clearly don't. this is how you drive yourself
2:36 am
crazy. bernie sanders wants the very thing that most americans don't want. we're going to have to see how it plays out. >> it could just be familiarity with the issue. sanders has been preaching that for a long time. >> most of that field has said they want to eliminate private health insurance. that will be the central debate moving forward. zach wolf, good to see you this morning. >> thanks, zach. cnn has learned exclusively that the house committee is investigating the use of taxpayer funded diplomatic security by the secretary of state, mike pompeo, and his family according to a whistle blower who sparked the investigation. they felt like uber eats with guns. there were issues with special agents being asked to carry out tasks that they felt were questionable for the pompeo family. april, for example, one agent was asked to pick up chinese food. on another occasion an agent was asked to pick up a family dog
2:37 am
from a groomer. lon fairchild didn't deny that any of these tasks existed that agents were asked to carry out but he released this statement. at no point during my service did he or any members of his family ask me or any member of my team to act in any way that would be inconsistent with our professional obligation. the state department put out the very carefully worded statements that took them days to produce, but a former senior diplomatic official tells cnn that such tasks would generally not be appropriate especially without the secretary himself in the car. okay. whatever remains of the iran nuclear deal appears to be crumbling. on monday the iranians conceded they have allowed the stockpile limit. president trump was asked if he has a message for the iranian
2:38 am
regime. >> they know what they're doing. they know what they're playing with and i think they're playing with fire. so no message to iran whatsoever. >> u.k. foreign minister suggests that if they break the deal brittain is out of it as well. iran claims they haven't broken any of it. nick peyton walsh clears it up live from london. good morning. >> reporter: it's the europeans trying to get iran to stay within the confines of what it agreed back in 2015. france's president emmanuel macron saying that iran should refrain from any further steps that could possibly violate its compliance with the deal. what has iran done? it has violated one of the things it agreed to do back in 2015. it said it didn't have a path but the rest of the world said it did. it had nothing to do with iran's ascendence to military power. it's the last bit that's upset the trump administration and
2:39 am
that's the reason why they've been trying to pick away at the nuclear deal reimposing sanctions upon iran causing damage extensively to its economy. frankly, any way anyone else wants to do business with america from doing business with iran. yesterday iran came forward, the i.a.e.a., that they had violated one of the smaller limits of what they're allowed to do. they're enriching uranium over the 300 kilogram over the 660 pound stockpile. frankly no use if you're trying to build a nuclear weapon, possibly helps you if you're in a hurry, but nothing practically useful comes from that. but it does say openly that iran is willing to stop abiding by the terms of that nuclear a deal. frankly, america has been 60 weeks say the iranians. they say there's clauses to enable them to do certain thi s
2:40 am
things. it's very complicated. we're in a war of rhetoric. we saw how confusion in the gulf over oil tankers being attacked and a drone being shot down. donald trump says he doesn't want a war but it's moments like this when everyone is concerned they might stumble into one. dave? >> with the economy in that rough shape, iran needs sanctions relief. nick peyton walsh live for us. thank you. ahead, tributes and shock across major league baseball after the sudden death of 27-year-old angels pitcher, tyler skaggs. , he laid on a sera and realized his life was only just sorta comfortable. i've been living a lie. (laughs) the serta icomfort hybrid mattress. not just sorta comfortable, serta comfortable.
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. the shocking death of tyler skaggs is rocking the baseball world and its fans mourning this morning. the 27-year-old los angeles angels pitcher was found unresponsive in his hotel room outside of dallas monday. the angels were in town to play
2:45 am
the rangers. >> there were a lot of pretty emotional guys in there. you could tell it -- some guys knew him. some guys, you know, like chavey actually played with him in l.a. some guys didn't even know him were pretty visibly shaken. you could tell. like i said, this is something we don't deal with on a daily basis. >> police tell the "l.a. times" they do not suspect foul play nor suicide. on sunday when the team touched down in texas skaggs posted this photo on instagram of all of his teammates wearing cowboy hats and gear. the young pitcher was married at the end of 2018. december 31st instagram post shows him and his wife saying 2018 was the best year yet. back in anaheim angels fans mourned. outside of them one wore a jersey of nick adenhart.
2:46 am
moments of silence. the rest of the series is expected to continue as scheduled today. mike trout of the angels tweeting remembering him as a great teammate, friend and person who will forever remain in our hearts. well, there will be tanks at trump's fourth of july celebrations in washington. there will be, but there's a catch. defense officials say a small number of m1 abrams tanks and other armored vehicles will participate but will not roll down pennsylvania avenue in order to protect roads and bridges. a small number will be as a static display on the national mall. president trump said he would hold a special spot. initial testing for sar rin exposure at a facebook facility proving inconclusive.
2:47 am
fire officials said that further testing is being done on a mailbag that set off a screening machine. officials said two employees were potentially exposed to the nerve agent. they're still at the facility and are being monitored but they're not showing any signs of eggs exposure. officials say more tests are due back this morning. 5:47. a check on cnn business this morning. taking a look at markets around the world. european markets opened mixed as trading begins there. on wall street, the post g20 cheer could be starting to fade. stocks ended on monday. the dow closed up 117 points and s&p 500 had an all-time closing high of 294 poi$294.64. pain at the pump in time for
2:48 am
your summer road trips. gas prices are on the rise because more americans are driving fuel efficient vehicles. 13 states raised taxes. illinois seeing the biggest increase of 19 cents a gallon. that is 52% increase. second biggest is ohio where taxes jumped 10.5% per gallon. taxes were raised. nike is canceling a sneaker that featured the betsy ross flag. nike asked stores to return the air max fourth of july sneaker after receiving a complaint from colin kaepernick. "the wall street journal" said kaepernick said he and others found the shoe offensive due to the connection with slavery. this is the second time nike has removed the product.
2:49 am
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this morning jurors will meet the fate of eddie gallagher. he's accused of stabbing an isis fighter. gallagher's defense portrayed him as an old school, hard charging warrior who was targeted by younger millennial comrades who harbored personal animosity towards him. he faces life in prison if convicted. virginia is now the first
2:54 am
state to criminalize deep fake revenge porn. they already had porn revenge laws on the books. right now there is a bill in the house that would make it a federal crime to distribute nude or sexual deep fake porn. 11 years after being prosecuted for trying to drowned her son, a central california woman actually went through with it. on saturday officers were called to an irrigation ditch where they found 12-year-old jackson and 7-year-old jacob ray. jackson died at the hospital. sherry was arrested at the scene. she's arrested in court today. back in 2008 she was charged with attempted murder in montana for trying to drowned then 10-month-old jackson. she told family members that
2:55 am
voices told her to do it. she regained custody of her son after receiving psychiatric treatment. they got their conviction, now they need the convict. 25-year-old rene carillo cut off his angkle monitor and he was convicted of murder absentia. authorities are asking for the public to help find him. two major upsets on opening day at wimbledon. whoa. that is 15-year-old corey coco gauff beating one of her identify dolls. five-time wimbledon champ venus williams. she said venus and her sister serena were the reason she first picked up a racket. >> what did you say to venus at
2:56 am
the net, cori? you seemed to be almost apologetic. >> i wasn't apologizing, he was telling her thank you for everything she's done for the sport. she's been an inspiration for many people and i was just really telling her thank you. i met her before but i didn't really have the guts to say anything so i was like, i mean, now or never. >> you could see this as a tragedy when young people start beating the old folks. the other big upset on day one, japan's naomi osaka, number two ranked player, lost in straight sets. the u.s. women's national team just two wins away from the second straight world cup title. up first the semi-final match against england later today. cnn's amanda davis is live with the preview. just a hunch you are pulling a bit for the underdog here this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you may have found me out. yeah, this is a very big day, which needs a serious buildup. now nine hours till kickoff.
2:57 am
the biggest match of the tournament so far. yes, i'm struggling just a little bit to maintain my professional neutrality, but the good news for u.s. fans, despite being born in england and admitted to supporting manchester united as a child, the coach says there is no danger of any split loyalties from her side. team u.s.a. are the favorites. they're the best team in the world. looking for their place in the final for the record fifth time whilst england looking to make it the first time. for all of the dominance from meghan rapineo and alex morgan. alex has said there will be no arrogance from her side in leone. >> it's important that our team has confidence. i think this team knows they have to earn everything, that we've got tough opponents as we played the other night still ahead of us. we have to earn every right to
2:58 am
advance in this tournament. >> well, speaking of earnings, this tournament being played against the backdrop of the u.s. women's national team and the lawsuit against the u. is s. soccer federation fighting for equal pay against the men. this week nike announced the women's jersey have out sold any men's or women's. the more they go on the pitch the stronger their argument goes. >> very much looking forward to this match. 3:00 eastern time here in new york. thank you, amanda. should be fun. and now what you've all been waiting for. some very cool images from out of this world almost 200 years in the making. nasa releasing new hubble space telescope pictures of a cosmic fireworks display that will be even better than yours this year, dave, sorry. >> yes. >> just in time for the fourth of july. this is an event appropriately
2:59 am
called the great eruption. it happened to the double star syst system eta carinae. a bigger star consumed the smaller neighbor and it took 75 years to get to earth. >> with these hours, we're both sleeping through fireworks. let's be honest. >> not me. >> it was red, white and blue, too. thanks for joining us. >> i'm michelle kosinski. >> i'm dave briggs. here's "new day." this race is resetting. all images of joe biden being the front runner is reshaping. >> you talked to black voters, it may still feel like he's a winner. >> i am absolutely 100%. >> when we went into the cell, it was clear the waeter was not running. >> the border patrol are patriots. >> we saw members of the group
3:00 am
dehumanizing migrants. >> each one of these allegations will be thoroughly investigated. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berm berman. >> you can hold my hand if you want. >> we were holding hands accidentally. >> it's team usa today. i know that's hard for you. are you rooting for america for the first time today. >> just because i love meghan ma markle and prince harry. >> it's hard for you to root for america because your daughters are at camp. >> wow. it is july 2nd, 6:00 here in new york. we thought the first democratic primary debates would change the 2020 race in a big way, and now we know we were right. a new cnn poll shows the front runner, former vice president's joe biden's commanding lead over


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