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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  July 2, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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arwa damon, thank you so much for showing us what's going on on the ground there. appreciate it. so it's a whole new race on the democratic side, a brand new cnn poll on 2020 shows us big changes. "new day" continues right now. joe biden no longer a double digit front runner. >> he and bernie sanders are sliding, the insurgent candidacies are gaining. >> i think his performance was disappointing. he's going to have to up his game. >> there were times when i walked into this facility, and i was brought to my knees in tears. >> these women were being told by cpb officers to drink out of the toilet. >> she voted against two bills that were put in to alleviate those situations down there. >> president trump to have military equipment featured at this year's fourth of july celebration. >> we're going to have planes going overhead, the best fighter jets in the world, and we're going to have some tanks stationed outside. >> the chinese and the north
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koreans do military parades they take years to practice, and clearly ours are not going to measure up. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota, and john berman. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is new day, and this morning we have a race on our hands, the brand new cnn poll revealing how a debate can make a big difference. former vice president joe biden once commanding lead over the crowded democratic field pretty much disappears, shrinking at least 5 points. polls show senator kamala harris and elizabeth warren, they are surging. it is those senators who appear to have the momentum in the 2020 race. >> this cnn poll was conducted after the first debates. that's where harris had her breakout moment, challenging joe biden about bussing. 41% of democrats and democratic leaning independents say that harris did the best job in the debates, and 30% of potential democratic voters now say harris is the candidate that they most want to hear more about.
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joining us to talk about all of this, we have david challion, and laura barone lopez, political reporter for the politico, what a stunning poll, david, so give us your top line take aways here. >> yeah, i mean, we should always remember this is one poll and a snapshot in time of what the race looks like now, but as you were saying alisyn, clearly among those who watched the debate and followed news of the debate, declared kamala harris the person who did the best job far and away, and it makes sense that we see movement for her in this poll. i would also note that joe biden while clearly had a very unsteady debate performance, remember, our poll from april to may from when he announced, he was already heading down, and now this shows even further erosion, so clearly his trajectory since the day he's gotten in this race has not been
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in the direction any candidate wants to go. can he shore that up, of course he can. the one thing this poll shows is he has the strongest hand to play with voters who desperately want to get donald trump out of office. joe biden is seen as the one who can do that. >> which candidate has the best chance to beat trump, 43% say joe biden, and then you have to go all the way down to 13% to find bernie sanders and kamala harris. then elizabeth warren. laura what do you see in these numbers? >> i see somewhat of what daniel was saying is that this is what, two months after the may poll or so, and it's drastically different field. it sthohows how wide open the r is, and another month or two months, it could dramatically change again, and we could see someone eclipse by then or sanders jump back up and so there's a lot of time for these candidates to establish themselves. that being said, there is a bit of a crunch time we're entering
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starting right after the first debates ended and it's going into august 28th, and that's for candidates to make the cutoff for the third debate. and there's a lot of parameters that they have to meet now. they have to reach 130,000 donors and they have to make 2% in four polls and that's a really big hill for a lot of candidates to climb. we may see more of them drop off, and that could also dramatically change the field. >> sarah you have helped big republican candidates navigate their way through this point in races. what do you see from your vantage point? >> the best thing that joe biden had going for him was the inevitabili inevitability argument. that's gone. this is a four way race. there are concerning nuggets for warren and harris as well. not only the electability numbers, which democratic voters said is their number one issue, so to speak. among the issues, look at who's best to handle the economy, and
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harris is in single digits again. that will be something that she needs to nak over the next -- make over the next month, next debate, not only i can do well at debates but i can beat donald trump and i have a good handle on these issues. there's plenty of time, but there are still lots of space there in all of these numbers. >> it was interesting, it wasn't just the economy. it was health care and climate change, she's in single digits or at 10% in all of these issues, yet she had big giant gains in the polls. david chalian, if you want to see where the gains are coming from, it does seem to be among black voters. among white voters, kamala harris has drawn nearly even to joe biden. he's at 20%, she's at 17. joe biden leads among black voters over kamala harris at 36% to 24. he was up close to 50 in most polls a month and a half ago. so that's where she's making gains and if she continues to gain there, this race could get even closer. >> yes, no doubt about that.
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that is true. i also think you are seeing her make gains. that moment on the debate stage wasn't just about african-american voters, she's making gains in the sort of white college educated liberal set of the democratic nomination race. what you see when you look inside these numbers is that a real candidate profile. joe biden is sort of owning the moderate conservative democrats in this race. the noncollege educated voters, by the way, the candidate in history in modern, recent history in the democratic party that owns that segment of the democratic electorate tends to actually emerge the winner. the white liberal college educated segment of the electorate, the bill bradleys, howard deans, you know, that kind of candidate, so i do think you're seeing her get some of that support. it's why the african-american vote is going to be so decisive and critical in this race. you are right, if she can actually dig further into biden's lead, that will do her enormous good. >> what's so interesting is that
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she wasn't exactly talking about policy, the moment she got so much attention where she challenged joe biden, it was about bussing, which is not on anybody's top ten issues so i think people are giving her a lot of stylistic points, she was prosecutorial, that she was assertive and took it directly to him, but she wasn't also spilling out any solutions for our segregated communities. >> well, she was challenging biden on the aspect of whether or not he was for states rights in regard to bussing and arguing that there's a role for the federal government to play in ensuring that bussing to des desegregate schools was something that was enforced and biden was on the other side saying he didn't believe the federal government should have played a role that the department of education should not have been involved in doing that. so she was very effectively prosecuting that case against
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him. but she also made it very personal, and that's something that her campaign has talked that she has struggled to do so far throughout the campaign, and she's trying to shift and get a bit more personal, tell stories about her life, realizing that that's a more effective way to connect with vote skpers and we that in that first debate. >> what does joe biden need to do? we have some historical precedent. i remember in 2008, john mccain started plummeting in the polls. i was the only reporter riding through iowa with him on a bus, you know, he was lonely, but he managed to dig himself back up there. so is there perhaps, you know, a guide post there for joe biden? >> if you are in the biden camp right now, the last thing you want to hear is comparisons to john mccain in 08 even though he ended up with the nomination, because what a flog that appeared to be. i think that the biden camp's number one thing right now is stop the bleeding but you're right, long-term they've also got to think about cutting down their burn rate, not spending
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all of the money that they have so that if the worst case scenario happens and you end up plummeting down you can survive through the long haul, make it to january and february, see if other candidates fall and have a reemergence but that's, nobody wants to be in that spot. >> david, what's going on with pete buttigieg. in the latest poll he's at 4%, and this is again after the debates and so many people thought that he had moments that resonated as well. and he had that block buster fundraising day. >> he certainly did. the second quarter raising nearly $25 million, perhaps only joe biden is going to outraise him for the quarter. i think actually the two are tied. the question becomes how does pete buttigieg spend that money on an organization in the early states on getting his message out there to actually convert that financial power house position that he's in into his place in the race. you see in our poll, john was
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looking at the african-american vote, pete buttigieg got 0 in the african-american vote. you can't win or be truly competitive in the democratic nomination race with 0 among after can american voters. it's the core base of the party, so that is homework assignment number one for pete buttigieg. >> that's a stunning number. that is a stunning number in a national poll to be at 0 among black voters in a democratic primary field. it's difficult to pull that off, i have to say. >> they have a lot of other choices. >> i know, i know. >> when you have a long history with joe biden or kamala harris really impressed you, you have 24 choices. >> on the issues, laura, and this is also something we see going forward, one of the hot button issues was health care, government provided health insurance for undocumented immigrants and the second debate, candidates were asked would you support that, almost all of them raised their hands, yet, the polling tells us that nearly 60% of voters don't support that, so it gets to this issue. we have been talking about it for days, are democrats debating
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themselves into a position that may not be favorable for a general election? >> right, so a number of the immigration advocates as well as democratic operatives i have spoken with about this particular point so that they're hoping pretty much that immigration isn't going to be the number one priority issue for voters that it isn't going to be the one thing that voters cast their ballot on. because of that, if democrats are effective and whoever the nominee is effective in putting forward an immigration plan, they don't think they're really going to lose that many voters by having this be an aspect of that. >> all right. friends, thank you very much for walking us through this fascinating poll. thank you, guys. now to this story because there are so many questions about the death of los angeles pitcher tyler skaggs. it is still unknown what caused his death. the 27-year-old was found unresponsive in his texas hotel room on monday. at the moment, police say foul
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play is not suspected. sara sidner is live in los angeles with more. what do they know, sara? >> reporter: it's really troubling. he's 27 years old, and a professional baseball player who just a couple of days ago was on the mound pitching against the a's. the questions are many because at this point police do not know and have not certainly released exactly what may have caused his death. >> tyler skaggs taking the mound for the angels. >> reporter: lefty tyler skaggs on the mound against the oakland a's, less than 48 hours later, police find skaggs dead in a texas hotel room. his body discovered just hours before he and his teammates were to begin the opening game of a series against the texas rangers. their game postponed as shock and grief set in. from texas to his home field in anaheim. >> for him to pass away at such
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a young age, it's hard. >> just honoring him. he earned our respect pitching. >> major league baseball, m his team, those he played against, and those he never knew took to social media to express sorrow for number 45. teammate and all star, mike trout remembering him as a great teammate, friend and person who will forever remain in our hearts. we love you, 45, he tweeted. all star pitcher fror the torono blue jays, marcus, tweeted rip, heartbreaking, man, makes me sick to my stomach. prayers for his entire family and friends. the reason for skaggs death is still a mystery. police reportedly ruling out foul play or suicide. he had so much to live for, the los angeles born athlete was playing professional baseball for a team in his home state and he had just gotten married last year. he appeared happy and ready to take on the texas rangers,
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dawning his texas duds in this instagram photo shared by his wife. that was sunday. by monday afternoon, the los angeles born angel would never alight on the mound again. and his major league debut, by the way, was in 2012. he was just 21 years old. now, six years later, he is no longer with us. there are hearts broken across the country, especially in the world of baseball. we have been hearing from people playing for all sorts of teams from the new york yankees, to the arizona diamondbacks where he first, he played lots of people sending their con doll senses, people showing -- condolences, people showing up one after the other with condolences in the los angeles area. >> so sad for the family and the team and the baseball community. sara sidner. thank you so much. there are so many questions about how he died but there just aren't answers this morning. what we can find out much more about is how he lived and the
4:15 am
impact his life had. joining us in a few minutes, the los angeles reporter who follows the angels, she'll tell us what she knows about tyler skaggs. that's coming up. so what is the truth about the conditions inside facilities holding migrants at the border. we ask a congresswoman who went inside yesterday. that's next. who's got the time to chase around down dirt, dust and hair? so now, i use heavy duty swiffer sweeper and dusters. for hard-to-reach places, duster makes it easy to clean. it captures dust in one swipe. ha! gotcha! and sweeper heavy duty cloths lock away twice as much dirt and dust. it gets stuff deep in the grooves other tools can miss. y'know what? my place... is a lot cleaner now. stop cleaning. start swiffering. hmm. exactly. and doug. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? oh. well, we just spend all day telling everyone
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congress toured the facilities at the southwest border yesterday. as you know, reports have varied on the deplorable conditions inside and whether those have been fixed. new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez described what she saw and heard. >> there's abuses in these facilities. there's abuse. this is on their best behavior and they put them in a room with no running water and these women were being told by cbp officers to drink out of the toilet. they were drinking water out of the toilet, and that was them knowing a congressional visit was coming. this is cbp on their best behavior telling people to drink
4:20 am
out of the toilet. >> u.s. border patrol says the accusation of migrants drinking out of toilets is completely untrue. joining us now is democratic congresswoman norma torres, she toured three border facilities in texas yesterday. congresswoman, it is so great to have you here sharing what you saw with your own eyes in these facilities. surely women are not drinking out of the toilets in these facilities. did you see that? >> i did not see women drinking out of the toilet. however, that is exactly what these women said to us, that there is no running water within the cell except for a flushable toilet. they were also using reusable throw away cups, not plastic, but paper cups. you could tell that they had been used for maybe a couple of days because of how they looked. those are inhumane conditions
4:21 am
for adults, but can you imagine seeing babies, seeing toddlers in those conditions. the world ought to be outraged about what is happening here within our nation and i call on the world to act and demand better. >> last week, when we heard about the deplorable conditions of children who there was apparently an influenza outbreak, they were sick, they had dirty diapers, there weren't adults around. there was adolescents taking care of children. we were told that those conditions had been fixed. do you see progress yesterday when you went in, has anything been fixed? >> i did not see progress. what i saw were jail cells, cement jail cells where children are being kept alone in group-like settings. children that are sitting and sleeping on the floor with an air conditioner going full blast
4:22 am
wearing nothing but the dirty clothes and being covered with a aluminum type of sheet. imagine your child having to live under those conditions. it is inhumane, it is embarrassing and what we need to do is we need to send every single one of these border agents back to training, because they certainly haven't been versed on what is humane and inhumane. >> congresswoman, before we get to that facebook group, which we will talk about how callous so many of the comments are on there, but first, congressman juaquin castro show got a camera in. our cameras are not allowed in, and he got video of some of the cells and you can see overcrowding conditions, women on the floor, women draping themselves in thin blankets, you know, obviously these are not conditions that anyone would want to endure, but congresswoman, as you know, there's been an influx of
4:23 am
migrants, the situation is overcrowded. the officials there say they are overrun, they are overwhelmed and so what's the answer? >> i understand that they are overwhelmed and that they need resources. resources have been given to them. however, they have shown very poor, very little judgment on how it is to treat people that are in a desperate condition, that are sick, and they are unable to care for these people. i have to say that it is unreasonable to also expect a border agent to have to change a dirty diaper. this is what management needs to step up and ensure that they are given all of the resource that they need. if we need babysitters there at those locations, then we should
4:24 am
have babysitters to care for these children. if we need nurses there to care for the ill, we should be having nurses there and if people are so sick that they have to be quarantined away from the rest of the detainees, then they should not be sleeping on the cold floor the way we saw them yesterday. >> okay. >> now, i want to be sure that you understand that the conditions have not changed a single bit from the last time where i was at one of these locations eight months ago. >> thank you for your perspective of on all of that. it's important for us to hear. pro publica did this investigative report and found a secret facebook page or group with 9,500 members, all of whom they say are border patrol agents, and the comments on there are so disgusting, the comments range from the most vulgar things being said about
4:25 am
female members of congress to an incredible callous disregard to the migrants who have died. i'll read a couple of comments as best i can on morning tv. here is what it said before your visit. before your visit they were responding to congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortes, they didn't like she had likened the conditions to concentration camps. here's what one poest said, hur a burrito at these b words, another, apparently a patrol supervisor wrote f the hos. there should be no photo ops for these scum buckets posted a third member. next, about oscar martinez, the young man, 25 years old who drowned along with his daughter who was 23 months old, valeria, here's what they wrote, have you all seen floaters this clean? i'm not trying to be an ass but
4:26 am
i have never seen floaters this clean, the person wrote, adding, could this be an edited photo, we have all seen the dems and liberal parties do some pretty sick things. the idea that this is what is, you know, overtly being written. granted it's a secret group but for 10,000 people to see, so back to the first post here, how were you treated when you went there? >> well, i was definitely concerned. we were disrespected when we were there. we had a conversation with management about this article before we entered the location, now we were told that our staff had to stay outside and that we had to keep either our phones there at the entryway or we had to leave them in the car. now, i don't trust to leave my cell phone with these
4:27 am
individuals that would threaten members of congress while we are in the process of doing our job. let me remind these people that this is our job. oversight is our job, and that's what we were doing, and to threaten members of congress, i certainly did not feel safe to be inside this location. i voiced those concerns, and i also voiced my concern for the safety of my staff that was left outside and who was going to be taking care and ensuring that no attacks were going to be against our staff. and they reassured us of that, but certainly when we walked inside the facility, there were cbp agents that were taking photos, selfie photos with us in the background. none of us had a cell phone to be able to record these actions by these agents, but imagine, this is what they are doing to
4:28 am
members of congress in front of their leadership. so you could imagine what happens behind closed doors within these cells to children as young as two years old. if you're a parent or a grandparent out there, i would say look at your child and go hug your child because you would not want a law enforcement agent to treat your child the way we see those kids being treated. >> congresswoman, we can see how upset yesterday's visit made you and what was it that was most upsetting to you? >> what was more upsetting to me was the lack of respect for human life, the lack of disregard, the humanity of these children has been stripped away from them. the callous way in which these officers have shown themselves to be within a private facebook
4:29 am
page, a facebook page where they thought they were talking only to themselves about their work. this is what i'm talking about. we need to send these folks back to training and we need to ensure that the bad apples are not rotting the entire crop. this is almost half, almost half of the entire law enforcement within cbp, currently working in reti retired agented that we retired agents. >> it's hard to say these were a few rogue agents when there are 10,000 members of this facebook group. >> we cannot say that they were rogue agents when the capacity and number of agents behaving the way they have and acting out in front of their own bosses, who is in charge at cbp, that's the question that we need to
4:30 am
ask. >> well, congresswoman, norma torres, we appreciate you giving us your firsthand take on all of this, and obviously cvp says they are investigating and all of the wrongdoers will be punished. we'll stay on this story of course. thank you very much for being on "new day." >> thank you so much. >> what a story from that visit at the border. so a tragedy leaving major league baseball in mourning, what those who cover the angels are saying about the death of tyler skaggs and the questions that remain about his shocking death. surreal. we were right in front of him. dead center. front row. i'll never forget that day. (vo) the network more people rely on, gives you more. like big savings on our best phones when you switch. that's verizon.
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the los angeles angels reeling this morning over something that is so much bigger than any game. starting pitcher tyler skaggs was found dead yesterday in a hotel room outside dallas. the angels were there to play the texas rangers. the game last night was postponed. the los angeles times said foul play is not believed to be a factor in the 27-year-old's death. skaggs who went by the nickname swaggy was married less than a year ago. joining me now is maria torres. are there any answers as to how and why this happened? >> they still haven't found out. the last thing we heard from the police in south lake, texas, ruled out suicide. so maybe that's reassuring news to people, but no, we have no idea yet what it might have been that caused his untimely death. >> not suicide, not foul play. that's all we have heard so far.
4:35 am
let me read from some of t the obituary. skaggs brimmed with a confidence, a dry wit, he grew up an angels fan in santa monica, and joined the organization as a first round draft pick. he battled injuries, but his belief in himself never slackened. give us a sense of tyler skaggs the man. >> tyler skaggs is someone who, he was just, he brimmed with confidence as is written there, he never doubted his own ability. he was someone who, if anyone questioned what he could do on the mound, he would very much push back in a way that was good natured but as long as, you know, he was just focussed on giving the best of himself and one instance, for example, earlier this month, the angels were in toronto playing the jays and he got into a bit of a tough spot in a game, and angels
4:36 am
manager, pulled some of them in the bull pen and had them start to warm up and skaggs immediately hunkered down in that inning and got out of it, and went up to his manager after the inning and told him in no uncertain terms, this is my game, i'm going to finish it here. you don't need to be warming anybody else up. that gives you a perfect glimpse of who he was like. >> this is my game, and we have seen postings from angels players, really players all around baseball. any sense of how the angels, the team is doing, how they intend to handle this. i know the game last night in texas was cancelled. will they play tonight? >> hard to say. i know that the texas rangers general manager said that they will do whatever the angels would like them to do. i'm sure if they would like to postpone another game that the rangers will happily oblige that.
4:37 am
the angels, they're distraught, this is something, it's the second time in ten years, essentially, that an angels player has died in a season. granted the first time was a different circumstance, but this one is so sudden and tragic in the middle of, right in the middle of the season, too. very tough for them. >> well, you brought up nick adenhart, it's been ten years since the death of adenhart, i remember donnie moore, who took his own life. is there a sense there's a cloud hanging over this team? do they still feel the loss of adenhart and does that make it that much more difficult with tyler skaggs passing? >> hard to say if they believe that they have a cloud over them. definitely seems like the franchise is star crossed in that sense. last year, even, for instance, mike trout's brother-in-law passed away and he was also part of the angels organization at one point.
4:38 am
so obviously no death is timely, but they're reeling right now. >> as a beat reporter, i want to give our audience a sense of what this has to be like as a team. this is a group of people that lives together basically for six months or more during the year. two days ago, skaggs was on the plane with them. two days ago, he was in the clubhouse with them. now that seat will be empty and that locker will be empty, and how do you go from one day to the next with that happening? >> honestly, i can't even fathom what it's going to be like for them to return to that clubhouse, whether it's today, whether it's tomorrow, whenever that is, the angels return from the all star break the end of next week, so i'm sure when they return to angels stadium and see skaggs locker, it will be another shock. like you mentioned, they spend their entire lives together essentially. they live together, travel
4:39 am
together, eat together, they just, they do everything together. and for them to deal with this is going to be really tough. they're going to obviously need to lean on each other here, but skaggs was -- i don't want to say he was the heart and soul of that team but he was definitely a leader in that clubhouse. he was someone who was just a light for them. >> leslie, he was just married. you know, just married in december. so basically a newlywed, his wife carley. there was a picture on instagram, he was in a cowboy outfit the night before he died. any sense of how she's doing this morning? >> i can't imagine what it must be like to lose your newlywed husband and to have seen him two days ago dressed in that western attire, and the angels left anaheim on sunday afternoon all of them dressed like cowboys
4:40 am
because they have a -- they're in texas, playing the text rangers and houston astros, and everyone dressed to the nine's, as you can see in that picture there, there was skaggs in his get up, and from what i understand, he -- >> yeah, it's just hard. it's just hard to see. marie imp maria torres, thank you for joining us. i know this is hard, including the reporters who report on them every day. i appreciate you coming on giving us a sense of the man who was lost. >> we are getting an update from major league baseball. at the moment the game tonight in texas between the rangers and angels will be played. at the moment, i think they're trying to keep some flexibility, very hard for them to take the field. >> i mean, any sudden death of
4:41 am
course is very hard to process and it's shocking, but of a 27-year-old with no answers. >> and you know, literally the picture of health, right, when you're a 27-year-old baseball player, you are the picture of health, so it does raise so many questions, but we have no answers, no answers today. >> we'll follow all of that. meanwhile, there are also new shakeups at the national rifle association and they have to do with money and politics. so we have a cnn reality check for you on this. next. can you feel your heart race, while totally relaxed? can you feel the pull of gravity, as you easily climb upward? can you feel like you don't have a care in the world, while your entire world is taken care of? you can, when you're free.
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well, disappointing news for all of you nra tv lovers, the live programming there is gone. that's of course the gun lobby's online video outlet. this comes amid escalating scandals for the very powerful organization.
4:46 am
john avlon has our reality check to sort it all out. john, what has happened to nra tv. >> guys, it looks like nra tv got clutched by its own. >> clinched fist of truth. >> the national rifle association shut down live programming last week and its online television channel, nra tv, according to its ceo, wayne la p lapierre, it had moved too far from its core mission. >> they use their media to assassinate real news. they use their schools to teach children that their president is another hitler, all to make them march and scream and xenophobia and homophobia. >> since its founding by two union officers after the civil war, the nra work from its early mission to help teach marksmanship to being a political power house dedicated to inflaming culture wars and fundraising off fears of gun control, which may help explain
4:47 am
why nra tv became known for strange stunts like putting characters from thomas the tank into kkk hoods. if he could have said no one was watching. the nra web site clocked a stunningly bad 49,000 unique visitors in january alone. by comparison, cnn saw an average of 120 million unique visitors a month in 2018. the nra recently cut ties with its advertising firm, ackerman mcqueen which had been charging $40 million a year for its services including nra tv. that hasn't been the only shake up in nra land. the group pushed out second in command, chris cox, after accusing him and oliver north of organizing an internal cue against lapierre. the group's finances have been in shambles with north warning
4:48 am
that allegations of financial improprieties could threaten our nonprofit status. as always, if you want to find the truth, follow the money. audits of the nra by accountants showed that after spending $420 million in 2016, including 54 million to support donald trump and republicans in the election, the group had a nearly $15 million deficit. and double that the following year, while donations fell. and according to numbers published by fox, membership dues are off 21% since 2016, donations down the same period more than 23%, and the nra has cut everything from employee pensions to free office coffee. that's tough to swallow given that wayne lapierre spent $275,000 at the zegna store in beverly hills on the company dime, despite a salary of a million dollars. you'll have to cut the suit from
4:49 am
his sold dead hands because the board still backs it. after sandy hook, they helped block gun reform, like basic background checked, backed by 94% of the american people. how people invested in the partisan company talk about principles while they seek to profit from polarization. the truth hurts but not quite as much as. >> the clenched fist of truth. >> and that's your reality check. >> the second amendment does include a reference to zenga, i believe that the spokes suits are something covered in the bill of rights. >> >> somehow i think those donors to the nra weren't thinking they were buying beverly hills suits. >> how fascinating that something can be too polarizing, i think that's what you have just proven. sometimes the programming can be too toxic. >> there is such a thing as too extreme apparently. >> we found the line. thank you very much. a journalist attacked and
4:50 am
seriously injured while covering a protest in portland. we will hear from him next. you're turning onto the street
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. all right, this morning. this morning there are serious questions about security in portland after a journalist was attacked there while documenting a protest between anti-fagsest protesters and members of far right groups. joining me now is andy ngo. he suffered serious injuries at the hands of some antifa protesters. tell me what happened. >> i as a journalist was covering a protest organized by antifa activists, and the event was billed as resisting fascist violence, but as a journalist of color and a gay man i ended up in the hospital covering that
4:55 am
event with a brain hemorrhage. >> a brain hemorrhage. how are you doing this morning? what are your injuries? >> i -- i'm glad to be out of the hospital. i'm surprised at various times. i'm having these hiccups that weren't really apparent to me just from laying in a bed in a hospital. but i'm trying to return to more normal activities and they're becoming more apparent. >> you were out there covering this. again, there were proud boys and white nationalists and there was the antifa counterprotesters against them. there were antifa protesters yooyou've had issues with before, they're the ones you had issues with you said?
4:56 am
>> yes, they're the ones who came after me. this country is very tuned to knowing and sensing when the right goes too far. it was only just days ago that james field was sentenced for his murder of heather heyer. i wonder if the rest -- if this country, though, is also attuned too when the left can go too far in the city of portland. it's become a hotbed for far left militancy. and it's always been my goal to just go in and document these protests in a professional manner. and for that i was deemed to be a provocter and deserving of mob beating. >> let me read you something professor brian levine said. he says of you, and he is a political pundit who certainly makes the most of his conflicts
4:57 am
which sometimes turn violent on him, but to his credit i've never seen him be the physical aggressor in the post that he's made generally. do you think that's an accurate description of what you do and how you cover antifa? >> when i'm covering antifa i'm just showing what happens. and i appreciate that professor levin is honest enpointing out i'm never the one to be aggressive. there's a disinformation campaign going on by antifa and their allies and i came there to provoke a response. if anybody has evidence i acted up i ask you make that public for the record. >> who do you blame? obviously those people attacked you, demonstrators hitting you and in some cases throwing
4:58 am
things. who's to blame for this? >> what was surreal as i was getting beat i could actually see the county justice center and it houses some of the most important institutions of law enforcement. it has the sheriff's office, the central police precinct, courthouses. and i just kept thinking at any moment after the first punch to the back of my head police were going to swoop in and save me, but it never happened. the punches kept coming, and as i stumbled away on my own and bloodied i thought at any point the police would come to me then and that didn't happen either. >> let me read you one of the tweets from the portland mayor. portland police officers have had the unenviable tax of keeping the peace. it's a difficult job and hard decisions are made in realtime.
4:59 am
we will keep you informed. we will do everything we can to make sure those who committed violence are held accountable. your reaction to the mayor. >> how many more people have to be beaten and attacked in the city of portland before things change? i am by far not the first one. there's been many other incidents that have happened since 2016, and the policing has remained the same, which is a policy of not engaging with militant protesters. >> violence against journalists of any kind is something we all mead to find against. an andy ngo, thank you for being with us this morning. >> my pleasure. >> thanks to our viewers for watching. for our u.s. viewers the whole new 2020 race.
5:00 am
we have our new poll numbers out this morning. "new day" continues right now. this race is resetting. all images of joe biden being a front-runner are now reshaping this summer. >> you talked to black voters. it may still feel like he's a winner. >> i am absolutely 100% -- >> this was one of the worst few days in american policy in american diplomatic history. >> they know what they're playing with. they're playing with fire. >> north korea got nuclear weapons. iranian at the same time is being capsized by trump for trying to have a nuclear program. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to your new day. it is tuesday, july 2nd, 8:00 now in the east. and debates really matter, john. that's what we've learned this morning. the 2020 democratic front-runner


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