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tv   CNN Right Now With Brianna Keilar  CNN  July 10, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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candidate who fit her district and they still can't them across finish line. it's a challenge. >> i was going to say, in 2018 in the primaries, when a democratic woman ran across a democratic man in a nonincumbent seat, the woman was more likely to win. same situation for republicans. the woman was less likely to win. back tomorrow. brianna keilar starts right now. i'm brianna keilar live from cnn's washington headquarters. under way right now, his fate is in serious jeopardy. just a short time from now, the labor secretary who gave a sweetheart deal to a millionaire now charged with underage sex trafficking will break his silence. and the top diplomate from america's greatest ally is resigning after he called president trump inept and incompetent. the president forgets his own history of calling for boycotts as liberals target home depot.
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plus, they fought the law and the law won. why the court losses are piling up for the trump administration even as he gets a big win. and a strip club will host a golf tournament featuring, quote, caddie girls at one of the president's resorts. we start with labor secretary alex acosta clearly on thin ice. we will hear from him next hour after new charges were filed against multi millionaire jeffrey epstein. acosta is under fire for brokingering a halloweenent plea deal in florida when he was the u.s. attorney in miami despite multiple victims, alleged victims coming forward. underage girls who claimed that they were sexually assaulted by epstein. this takes on even more significance, especially because the labor department is in charge of human trafficking and epstein has long faced accusations for under age sex trafficking for which he is now charged. but as of right now, acosta still has the support of president trump. let's go to cnn's abby phillip at the white house.
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and the question is how steadfast is the president's support for his secretary. >> i think there were not that many white house officials willing to stick their neck out and say president trump is going to do one thing or another. the president is waiting to see what happens. alex acosta is taking things into his own hands by potentially trying to explain himself. we have been told we do not expect him to resign. this could be his attempt to reframe the narrative about what we know about his role in this deal that he brokered with
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jeffrey epstein. this is building on am ex acosta that frankly they don't do very often, holding some accountability. we don't know if he will take questions, but it's going on be a key moment for him as he faces some serious questions about whether or not he can survive this. pressure is mounting on capitol hill, as well. and president trump yesterday defended alex acosta saying he's done a great job as my labor secretary, saying this was a long time ago, 15 years ago. it wasn't 15 years ago, but he claimed it is 15 years ago. we'll see if he is able to do that around 2:30 this afternoon at that press conference. >> we'll be watching you, abby. in the wake of these new federal charges, investigators encouraged victims to come
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forward with their previously unreported stories. i do have to warn you here, these details are sexually graphic and they may be disturbing to some of on our viewers . >> i would have just my underwear on because that's how he liked it. and i would give massages back and then he would potentially, later on, turn over and play with himself and he would also, like when i would play with his nipples, he used to get turned on by that and then he would finish himself off and that would be the end of it. >> did you ever tell him your age? >> i told the recruiter, i've mentioned it in front of him, yes. >> you're 14 years old. >> he knew very well my age.
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he knew exactly who he was hanging out with. you know? i don't think he cared. >> did he? >> no, he did not stop. he had no intentions of stopping. that's what he wanted, that's what he got. i just thought i was obligated, like that's what you're supposed to do. so i really did not know better. >> did jeffrey epstein rape you? >> yeah, he raped me. forcefully raped me. knew exactly what he was doing. and i don't think cared. what hurts even more so is if i wasn't afraid to come forward sooner, then maybe he wouldn't have done it to other girls. >> cnn has reached out to epstein's lawyers for comment about the latest allegations, but has not yet heard back.
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the current situation is making it impossible for me to carry out my duties. and with that explanation, the british ambassador to the u.s. resigned. leaked diplomatic cables reveal ambassador kim darroch called president trump inept, insecure, and these insults had the president fuming. in a series of tweets, he called the ambassador stupid, walkie, and the british prime minister theresa may foolish. despite this insult, may defended darroch in parliament after his announcement. >> i have told him it is a matter of great regret that he has felt it necessary to leave his position as ambassador in washington. sir kim has given a lifetime of service to the united kingdom and we owe him an enormous debt of gratitude. >> international diplomatic editor nick v nic robert sewn is outside of the prime minister's residence in london.
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nick, put this into context for us how it's being received in the uk, but how bad this could be for u.s.-uk relations or good possibly if they're repairing things. >> sure. i think it depends. have we reached the bottom yet as to how bad can this be, is president trump going to issue another round of tweets that will double and triple down on the tweets that he's already put out or will he try to move on. we don't know. if this is the bottom, this is a bad relationship, without a doubt. you asked about how this is going down here, and i think you heard in parliament there, always a rowdy place. but when the prime minister spoke about kim darroch's career, and what the country owes him in support of this tremendous career, you could hear the cheers and i think that is being felt widely across britain at the moment that this
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has been an unfortunate situation, but kim darroch was doing his job. he was doing nothing that he wasn't trained to do, that other diplomates had been doing over the years and that any future diplomate would be expected to do in washington which is provide a frank and fair assessment of this people that they're dealing with back to the government in london. how does this get repaired? kim darroch has clearly made that somewhat easy we shall but it probably will be down to the next prime minister to pick or at least have a strong hand in picking the next ambassador to who may well be friendly to the next prime minister and as the next prime minister is expected in a few weeks to be boris johnson who has a positive relationship with president trump then perhaps the next ambassador is going to be able to get over some of the damage done. but we don't know if we're at the bottom yet, brianna. >> nic, thank you so much for that report outside of 10 downing street. i want to bring in jerry donnelley with us now.
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he's a democrat, a member of both the foreign affairs and oversight committees. you've been watching this. the british ambassador to the u.s. announcing his resignation. are you concerned that his leaving sets a precedent? yes, i am. ambassadors and other personnel in embassies, others and others, are obviously assigned the task of profiling key political leaders. the good, the bad and the ugly. and they need to be able to do their jobs. and essentially this ambassador is guilty of one thing, portraying this administration. look at what trump has done. he criticized theresa may while in great britain. he, in fact, praised her likely opponent at the time.
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he favored nigel farage as the ambassador of the united states, a third-party candidate who has led the brexy effort and is considered kind of fringy within british political circles. so he's done a lot worse than just a candid assessment of a political figure and we have all of this joud rage because the british ambassador doing a great job told the truth. >> i do want to talk to you about the controversy surrounding the labor secretary at this point in time. is the oversight committee on which you said going to investigate alex acosta's reactions, is that within the scope of the committee? >> our committee has broad scope so, obviously, if we decided that it was something we have noted to do, we would. my hope is that we don't have to get to that. mr. acosta is now in a completely untenable situation. the fact is that because of his lack of action when he was u.s. attorney in miami, there are
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dozens were maybe more, of additional victims of mr. epstein, young girls like the ones you just profiled and interviewed, who didn't have to suffer but did because an additional with a person open responsibility didn't do his job. >> do you want to hear from him? do you want him to testify even if he does step down? >> yeah. i mean, i guess. i mean, i'm not quite sure -- you know, i think that would almost be sore did because i don't think he has a -- >> let me ask you this, then. you just said something that i want to -- i want to zero in on. do you think that his leniency and his participation in that lenient deal, plea deal with epstein, allowed epstein to abuse more women? >> absolutely. absolutely. under that dealing, federal
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charges were dropped. mr. epstein was allowed to work out of jail with a misdemeanor charge. went to work every day, lived this lavish lifestyle and the victims at that time were not notified let alone consulted about that plea agreement. that is unconscionable. >> you were in this democratic caucus meeting this morning. i want to ask you about something the speaker said on the heels of some very visible members like alexandria ocasio-cortez criticizing the speaker for dismissing them during her interview with maureen dowd. she drased the infighting, she implored members to stop the twitter attacks. how was that message received? >> i think by and large after the recess, tempers have cooled and all of us understand so we have a bigger struggle on our hands. we can't be fighting among ourselves when the threat of
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donald trump to our democratic system of government, to the values we all share is very real, very palpable. that is what we have to address and we need to be united in doing it. >> to that poingt, when you have a house bill, one that the senate didn't take up, it is considered much more palatable when it comes to democrats, the migrant issue, the treatment of migrants at the border, you have members who some of these members did not sign on to that. do you see democrats dealing in a way with their own version of the house freedom caucus? >> no. i think that's really overstated. i'm one of them who voted against both the rule and the bill because we were denied the opportunity to put in four or five key protections for children. and we felt, you know, that that was kind of an egregious thing. it was at the last minute. it was just an up and down vote
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on what the senate send us, and that was unacceptable. i would hardly call that a breach that rivals what the freedom caucus represents. there is no motion on the democratic side to vacate the chair and threaten the speaker. that happened twice both to boehner and ryan on the republican side. they had their hands full with a very unstable majority. our majority has fractures and differences, but it's a healthy kind of debate. and it's not unstable at all. >> can i ask you a final question? u.s. customs and border protection are saying they're now going to investigate some claims of sexual abuse of migrants who were held in an arizona facility. you have two oversight hearings this week. you're going to hear from the inspectors general of dhs, of hhs, you're going to hear from the acting homeland security secretary kevin mcleanen next week. what do you want -- what answers do you want from them? >> well, i'll tell you, at least speaking for myself, brianna, i want to know what is going on
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within border patrol. i mean, we now find out that there are these sort of facebook groups that made fun of people who died and are making fun of public figures because of their advocacy on behalf of immigrants, crossing the border or coming to the border. that's very disturbing in terms of you are supposed to be defending the border and upholding american values. those aren't american values. and now we learn about not only the conditions that the detention centers all across the what border, but we now learn about the possibility of sexual abuse. and so i think we want to know a lot more about the culture of border patrol and what is being done to hold people to account. >> congressman jerry conley, thank you so much for being on. >> my mrsh. anytime. the president rails against a liberal boycott of home depot, forgetting his own history of pushing boycotts. plus, it's one week from robert
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president trump is jumping to home depot's defense after some of the left called for a boy cat over its founder's support for president trump. trump tweeting this, more and more, the radical left is uses commerce to hurt their enemy. they put out the name of a store, brand or company and asked their so-called followers not to do business there. they don't care who gets hurt, but don't understand that two can play that game. the thing is, the president himself actually loves boycotts. just last month, he called for americans to boycott at&t, the parent company of cnn. and as you can see here, this list goes on and on. i want to brick in cnn reporter daniel dale to discuss this. at one point, trump, not president, but then just donald trump, called for people to boycott the entire country of italy. >> yes, all of italy over the amanda knox murder case. he called for boycotts on mexico, of starbucks over the messages on its cups, of nfl, of
10:22 am
cnn, of at&t because it owns cnn. these have been frequent, they've been personal, they've been political. my personal favorite is his call in 2012 for the boycott of glenn fiddih whiskey because a man he doesn't like in scotland, an opponent of his golf course there won an online poll as the top scott. so this is -- you know, for every reason under the sun, this president who announced yesterday he opposes this boycott has himself called for boycotts. >> so he's called for boycotts, even while he's been in office. what is the impact of that? >> i've not seen at least three academic studies that assess the impact of his negative tweets on companies. what they've generally found is there's a short-term impact, the share price might fall that day, but long-term the company recovers. he can impact their perceptions of these brands, but it doesn't seem like it's killing the companies in the long-term. >> glenn fiddich, probably okay. >> they're probably all right.
10:23 am
>> daniel dale, thank you so much. the president getting a big win in court today, but he has had several losses in the past week alone. also, the mueller report turned into what looks like a graphic novel exactly a week before mueller's blockbuster hearing. wow! that's ensure max protein, with high protein and 1 gram sugar. it's a sit-up, banana! bend at the waist! i'm tryin'! keep it up. you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. ensure max protein.
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a pretty big win for president trump as the fifth circuit course court of appeals dismissed a suit by alleging the president was violatesing the constitution when the president accepted gifts. trump tweeted his response, quote, i don't make money, but lose a fortune for the honor of serving and doing a great job as your president including accepting zero salary. but this win comes after a series of loss these week. in just the last few days alone, courts ruled against the president's administration in four separate cases. in one, a judge ruled the justice department cannot change up its legal time in its fight to add up the hell team to the 2020 census. another told him he cannot use funds to build his border wall and another told him the president cannot block people on twitter because it violates their rights under the first
10:29 am
amendment. elliott williams is here with me. so put these losses into context. >> okay. look, on average, executive branch, you know, the president's administration loses about 30% of their cases in federal court. this administration is losing about 70% of its cases in federal court. now, the way -- and the "washington post" did a study on this a couple of months ago. and think of it like relationships. if it happens once, you can blame it on the other person. it's literally not you, it's me. and they're making a lot of faulty arguments on shaky legal ground leading to a lot of consistent losses in court. >> and sometimes the idea is to delay it, right? so that is some of why the administration goes to court. but on this issue of the emoluments clause, i think most people know now what it means, this idea that you're not allowed to benefit, right? and this case, they won. and there are other cases
10:30 am
involving this that allege that the president is benefiting financially from being in office. >> they ruled on standing, which is that you have to be harmed in order to bring a lawsuit. and so it wasn't really on the merits of the case. it was on the merits of who was bringing the case. so it's a little bit legalistic and complicated. >> so there's another hotel in d.c. -- >> again, look at how the president responded to it and i think that's far more significant. he used the term this is the latest example of presidential harassment. again, anytime the president is investigated, anytime the president loses a lawsuit, it becomes us versus them, the deep state versus me. so yes, it's a win, but in the context of all of these losses, and all of these faulty legal arguments, and i hope we get to talk about this census case, too, because right there, you know, the argument that the administration brought was called patently deficient by the court. and that's been happening consistently in these cases.
10:31 am
>> elliott, thank you so much. appreciate it. we are one week away from r robert mueller's testimony and most people still have not read his report. now there's a way to get caught up, not so much pages, more pictures. plus it used to host a pga tournament, but now it's host ago strip club's golf tournament. one of the president's resorts. don't miss your golden opportunity to experience our most advanced safety technology on a full line of vehicles. now, at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379 a month, for 36 months, and we'll make your first month's payment. experience amazing. it opened up so dnmany doors. it's a lifelong adventure finding all of these new connections all the time. new features. greater details. richer stories. get your dna kit today at
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special counsel robert mueller under oath in a blockbuster hearing. manu has some new reporting just in on how democrats are preparing. manu. >> that's right. the house democrats are beginning an intense week for preparations behind the scenes to prepare for this key moment. some people who are pushing for impeachment say this is a make or break moment. but some others are concerned that it may not have the impact that a lot of people are expecting, that expectations are going through the roof. in large part, because of the format of these two hearings. they're going to be back to back hearings roughly two hours each between each committee and that is going to be split between republicans and democrats. so democrats are trying to figure out how to maximize their time, how not to go off script, how to pin down the special counsel and how to hopefully get in their view get the special counsel to reveal something that the american public doesn't already know. but still, there are concerns that this is not going be enough, that this time will not
10:37 am
be enough in order to shift public opinion in any serious way as a lot of democrats are hoping. this morning, i had a chance to talk to some who offered warnings to their cheegs, but colleagues, but also said perhaps it's not going to have the impact that others say it will. >> what will you guys have to do to frankly not mess it up? >> well, i think we have to resist the impulse to editorialize. you know, we want to give the special counsel the opportunity to speak directly to the american people. it's been very effective for punching through the fog of propaganda left by attorney general barr. >> do you think the expectations are just too high for this hearings? >> i don't think anybody should expect much news out of this hearing. bob mueller has said his report is one of his testimony. he's one of the most disciplined men in washington, d.c. i don't think any of us are expecting big headlines out of this testimony. >> one democrat on the judiciary
10:38 am
committee told me, quote, it does concern me. this is not going be enough time. so what they're doing, brianna, is behind the scenes they're having meetings. the judiciary committee starting today, the house intelligence committee tomorrow to talk about how best to maximize their topics and try to follow a script of sorts. but if the special counsel doesn't answer those questions, if they have to follow up, can they pin that down in that very short duration. that has a number of these members concerned. the whole world will be watching, but will it have the impact that it ultimately will have? major question, adam schiff just told me earlier, they're going to have be economical in their questioning. >> interesting. manu raju, thank you. if you are not up to speed on the mueller report, do not worry, not only are you probably not alone, but there's now an entertaining way that you can catch up. journalist mark bodien, the author of "black hawk down" and
10:39 am
illustrator chad herd gave them this instruction, quote, tell a story recounting mueller's report that is so gripping it will hold your attention and maybe your congressional representative's. what they got is supposed to read like a thriller and it covers all the major moments. you have a dinner where president trump requested loyalty. there's the oval office screaming match where the president demanded more protection from his then attorney general jeff sessions and it does, as well, include his order to fire robert mueller. let's bring in nicholas carlson. tell us how this came to be. tell us why you decided to do this. >> right. so it's pretty clear to us that no one is reading the mueller report. in fact, there is -- and they still aren't. some of the most important people in the country aren't reading it. so there was a report today in politico that lawmakers are admitting they haven't read this. one of them said, what's the point? there's obviously a big point. it's a document detailing possible crimes by the current
10:40 am
american president. so we thought it would be important to get it into a more guy guestble format. that's wh that's what we did. we've created something that i think is not only fun to read, but gets at what a lot of people missed in the mueller report and really moves past, i think, a lot of -- what might be a red herring, which is focussing too much on the russia/collusion conspiracy bit of volume one and not paying attention to the question of obstruction of justice, which is in volume two. >> and clearly creative liberties were taken with the pictures, but were any other creative liberties taken with the writing? >> with the writing, no. and even with the pictures, i mean, there was every attempt made to make them as factual as possible. obviously, when you're drawing a scene based on words, there would be creative liberties. no, we had a team of fact checkers go through this document and make sure that it stuck to what robert mueller and
10:41 am
firsthand accounts and fact check publishers have already said. but it relied mostly on the mueller report. >> so you think is it a substitute in your opinion for the mueller report for reading the mueller report? >> no, listen, i think that it's a really good starting point and i think that, you know, for your average person in the american public who has ignored this document, which is impossible to get through, i hope that we can kind of present the case that i think mueller was trying to make, but the lawmakers, they should just go to audible and download the audio version and listen to it at 1.5x speed. maybe they'll get through it. they really should. >> that's how you say the time. sounds weird, saves time. thank you so much, nick carlson, we appreciate it. >> thank you. so just in as we await a statement from the labor secretary over his role in that jeffrey epstein plea deal that was so cushy, cnn has learned the president urged alex acosta to hold a news conference as
10:42 am
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mitch mcconnell's leadership of the united states senate has been a big fat waste and he has transformed the senate into little more than a place where good ideas go to die. those are not my words. these are the words of minnesota senator tina smith who joins me now from capitol hill. senator, this is part of an op-ed that you wrote for you say that democrats and republicans can work together if senator mcconnell would just let you. have your republican colleagues told thaw? >> i hear this all the time from my democratic and republican cheegs. you know, we are trying to figure out how to pass prescription drug reform that would lower the cost of prescription drugs. there are a lot of things that we want to work on together, but the united states senate right now is where good ideas go to die. mitch mcconnell himself said that he wanted the senate to be in the personnel business and that's all we do every day, practically.
10:48 am
and i've only been in the senate for about 18 months, but i can see a waste when i -- i recognize waste when i see it and that is what is going on here. >> there are many republicans who would say it's good when they're doing personnel work. they're approving judicial nominees that are more in line with their thinking and there are many republicans who would look and say you may think that it's a big, fat waste, but mitch mcconnell is doing a very good job. so what would you say to them? >> well, certainly the job of the united states senate is to provide advice and consent for the president's nominations, but that's not the way our job should end. it's just the beginning of our job. there is so much work that i know minnesotans want us to get done. i'm frustrated. i come to this having spent a lifetime working in the private secretarier and being a mom and running big -- state government and i know what work looks like. and this just looks like a waste to me. i think it's no wonder that
10:49 am
americans are frustrated and, you know, it just seems like we can do so much better. >> you focus a lot on the judicial nominees and how much time or really how little time is being given to some to consider these nominees. i wonder, though, do you think that that is resinating with democratic voters? >> democratic voters, republican voters, independent voters, just people want to know that the united states senate is fighting for them and moving their work forward. when i'm home in minnesota, what people are talking to me about is prescription drugs and prescription drug costs. they're talking to me about how they can afford insulin. i know that i have republican colleagues who want to see us working on that issue, as well. yet day after day, this week is a classic example. we are voting on seven judicial nominations. and we're voting on people. let's be clear about this. >> but typically republican voters like that. this motivates republican voters more than democratic voters. >> again, we ought to be able to walk and chew gum at the same
10:50 am
time. we can work on judicial nominations, but let's do the people's business beyond packing our courts with judges who can't even say that they think that brown versus the board of education, which has been the law in this country since 1954, is settled law. >> senator mcconnell is making light of a news story that says his around setters were slave owners. on the hill, this is what the majority leader said. >> i find myself in the same position as president obama. we both oppose reparations, and we both are the descendants of slave owners. >> what do you make of mcconnell's response? >> i think this is the height of
10:51 am
mitch mcconnell's cynicism to compare himself to barack obama. barack obama spent his administration fighting for restorative justice and racial justice. right now, mitch mcconnell is making sure the united states senate isn't voting to advance voting rights for all americans. he's olding up the for the people act which would advance racial justice and fair voting rights for everyone. who believes this, it's not serious. >> tina smith, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> her piece is on, if you want to check out the whole thing. the labor secretary is expected to speak any moment as calls for his resignation continue to pour in. also, exotic dancers as caddies, we're going to have details on a golf attorney atournament hoste strip club at one of the president's resorts. r
10:52 am
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a miami strip club is holding a charity event that gives men a chance to bid on a girl to be their caddie for a die. the post points out that mr. trump still owns the
10:57 am
establishment, his sons donald junior and eric run it now. >> i want to bring in diane gallagher. what are the organizers saying? >> the organizers from the shadow cabaret have said look, we did not pick trump doral because of politics. even though they are using the trump name and family crest. they picked it for luxury. the trump organization says yes, while they confirmed to the washington post this is happening at trump doral, it's for a good cause, the trump organization says they did not get any sort of approval of these advertisements before they went up. look, we have to point out it's not just using the dancers in these ads, they're also promising things like, if you bid enough money, you can get a special vip experience afterwards, after the
10:58 am
tournament. and you can get a vip room -- they're bidding on these girls as well. they get to choose their caddie girl, which is one of the dancers from the club. if you don't do it by today, you have to participate in an auction if you want to get the girl you like. >> an auction? >> okay. >> let's talk -- >> this is actually to -- well, it's supposed to be the initial plan is to benefit a charity, tell us about where that stands. >> initially this is called the shadow all-stars tournament. the miami all-stars, which is an unregistered children's charity. we spoke with the director of that charity, carlos alamia, he said the first he heard that an
10:59 am
actual strip club was involved in this is when the washington post called him, carlos said that he was uncomfortable with the idea that it was trump doral, he feels the policies hurt children like the ones who benefit from his charity. but said that he went along with it, even though he's usually in basketball, not golf, and was caught off guard completely when the washington post called about this story, he's since sent a letter saying, i don't want to be a part of this any more. please remove our name or anything like that from the advertisement, and disassociate us completely from this event. needless to say, the charity's director does not plan on attending the event. >> does this have the blessing of the trump organization? >> all the trump organization would tell the washington post was to confirm that it was there, and it was at least at
11:00 am
this time i worthwhile cause. the trump organization told the washington post they did not have any sort of guidance or were asked about those before they were ever published. newsroom with brooke baldwin starts now. welcome back, you're watching cnn, we're keeping a close eye on washington, where soon alex acosta is expected to speak pushily about a controversial decision he made long before joining president trump's cabinet. a decision that should force him to lose that high ranking job. this whole thing centers on acosta's role back in 2008. wealthy businessman who new york prosecutors accused of running a sex trafficking ring. that nonprosecution agreement relates to charges in florida where acosta once served


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