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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 12, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn. breaking news on a busy day for this trump administration, sources tell cnn the dan coates the director of national intelligence who has been the subject of the president's anger in the past could be replaced. this is something the president has considered before, but it is still unknown if he will make a move at this time. this is coming on this day as labor secretary alex acosta is heading for the exits. just two days after defending his role in that 2008 sweetheart deal involving multimillionaire jeffrey epstein, acosta made the
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announcement this morning standing right next to his soon to be former boss. >> i called the president this morning, i told him i thought the right thing was to step aside. cabinet positions are temporary trust. it would be selfish for me to stay in this position and continue talking about a case that's 12 years old, rather than about the amazing economy we have right now. i submitted my resignation to the president effective seven days from today, earlier this morning. >> for his part, president trump wanted everyone watching to know, acosta's departure was not his idea. >> i want to let you know, this was him, not me, because i'm with him. he's a tremendous talent. he's a hispanic pan, he went to harvard, a great student in so many ways i hate what he's saying now.
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because we're going to miss him. this is a person i've gotten to know. there hasn't been an ounce of controversy at the department of labor until this came up. he's doing this to the administration, and i think you'll agree. i said, you don't have to do this. >> he doesn't have to do this. >> sara westwood is live in milwaukee, where the president will tour an aerospace facility. secretary acosta becomes the 13th. let me say that again, the 13th cabinet member to leave this trump white house. we just heard the president say he is with acosta and he didn't have to quit, but behind the scenes, cnn has learned that trump was expressing his doubts, you tell me what you know. >> that's right, brooke. sources tell cnn president trump was stewing over secretary acosta's performance at that press conference wednesday in which acosta defended his role
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in the plea deal jeffrey epstein received in florida some ten years ago. president trump had gone from publicly praising acosta and urging him to defend himself, in fact it was president trump who encouraged acosta to give that press conference in the first place, to questioning why it was that victims in that florida case were not notified of the deal that epstein's defense team ultimately struck with the u.s. attorney's office under acosta's leadership. president trump clearly saying today that it was acosta's decision to resign, acosta was the one who said he didn't want to tree ate any nor distractions for this administration, inside the white house, there were concerns among white house officials that the rolling disclosures about acosta's involvement in this deal, which have continued since scrutiny has grown, first with that miami herald article and then with the new charges against epstein, that would only continue to create distractions for this
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white house. so president trump creating yet another vacancy in his cabinet, by letting acosta go as trump himself distanced himself from that social relationship that he enjoyed with jeffrey epstein years ago, brooke. >> let's back up while i have you too on director coats. why is he coming up again, potential departure? >> well, brooke, president trump has been discussing with confidants again. his frustration with his director of national intelligence, that's not new frustration for months on and off, the president has questioned whether he has the right man in that job. back in january recall that coats gave congressional testimony that contradicted what president trump was saying publicly about iran, about north korea, president trump was very angry at coats over that at the time, and he did confide that he had perhaps considered replacing coats. now sources tell cnn that
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president trump is again calling up his aids, his advisers, asking them if coats should be replaced, and one name that they floated is fred flights. as a potential replacement for coats. he's had discussions with the white house about potentially taking that job, but brooke, we know that president trump is no stranger to creating a vacancy without having a permanent replacement in the pipeline, we don't know when or if the president will make his move on coats. >> you got that. >> sara westwood, thank you very much. a cnn legal analyst back with us today. she's the editorial page editor for the miami herald which broke open the epstein case massively last fall. the paper did a deep dive into alex acosta's work. how a future trump cabinet
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member gave a serial sex abuser the deal of a lifetime. >> starting with you, obviously, acosta did not survive the white house. legally speaking. what might this mean for him? >> i think acosta's biggest concern is the investigation that the department of justice is doing internally, to look at the process of that plea agreement. to me, he's got two big problems. the bottom line in that plea deal is beyond anything you could explain as a prosecutor. 13 months, and just for comparison, i looked at a couple recent sex trafficking casing, which is now prosecuting epstein. in one of them, the defendant got 30 years, in another of them, two defendants got life sentences, compare that to 13 months, i don't know if there's any bigger way. the bigger shadow is the secrecy. the fact that acosta did not notify the victims violated his right as a prosecutor, and i think that's going to haunt him for the rest of his career. >> i want to come back to you on
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who else may have been on this. the recurring theme, one that was repeated today, let's listen. >> we made a deal people were happy with, and 12 years later they're not happy with it. >> this case has influenced at multiple levels of the department of justice. i don't think it's right and fair to petition the labor department to have epstein as the focus. >> nancy, 12 years ago, 12 years ago, you know, we were talking about this when we were listening to acosta in the last day or so, and they seem to sort of brush it off. i'm curious, with julie brown who led your investigation at the paper and other reporters on staff, is this the kind of attitude that your journalists encountered when they were digging into this? >> absolutely. i think we have to realize when it comes to acosta resigning.
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it was a matter of when, and not if, especially after the arrest of jeffrey epstein on saturday. and yes, you know, i think that the cavalier attitude toward specifically the victims, we're talking about this because of the a-list names who are involved? unfortunately, we know that women who allege sexual assault are ignored. we know that they are silenced. we know that often their rapists are proclaimed good boys by judges and given a light sentence. unfortunately, this is nothing new. >> i'm glad you said that and you're 100% right on that. to you, ellie. i had a whole conversation with
11:09 am
a friend of mine at breakfast over the whole white house vetting process. you look at what's happened here, the plea deal that was arranged is so well known. where's the vetting. >> it's a systematic failure, and it's hampering this white house. you have so many people being knocked out of office one way or another. you really compromise the ability to get your agenda done. and i think it continues to haunt this administration, and to not have dug fully into this on acosta really jumps out, you don't have to dig deep, it was all out there, it was all public. and they put him through. they bought this mess for themselves. >> i want to remind everyone. acosta is the 13th cabinet member to depart, the ninth since a month ago, there are 260 vacancies in the trump administration. nancy and ali, thank you very much. president trump is now jumping into someone else's battle.
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the back and forth between nancy pelosi and alexandria ocasio-cortez. what will it tend to end this feud? ice raids already underway across the country. frightened immigrants are preparing for the worst. they're not the even will ones worried. i'll talk to the director about this weekend and what concerns him? the louisiana coast is bracing for barry, the tropical storm only grows stronger. we're live in new orleans where people hear a frightening and familiar phrase, shelter in place. [ dogs barking ] what about him? let's do it. [ sniffing ] come on. this summer, add a new member to the family. hurry into the mercedes-benz summer event today
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and contains only 1 carb choice. enjoy the balanced nutrition of boost glucose control as part of a healthy diet. president trump is in an attack mode today. earlier today, the announcement of the labor secretary. the president lashed out at his critics and rivals. he also lashed out at nancy pelosi, accusing freshmen democrats like alexandria ocasio-cortez or ilhan omar of being disrespectful to the speaker, this is coming after
11:16 am
aoc accused pelosi of unfairly singling out women of color. >> i deal with nancy pelosi a lot, and we go back and forth and it's fine. but i think that a group of people is being very disrespectful to her. i'm looking at this omar from minnesota, and if one half of the things they're saying about her are true she shouldn't even be in office. but cortese should treat nancy pelosi with respect. she should not be doing what she's doing. i'll tell you something about nancy pelosi that you know better than i do, she's not a racist. >> let's start there. louis frankel is a democrat from florida, the chair of the democratic women's working group. thank you for joining me. when you heard the president
11:17 am
there actually defending nancy pelosi and attacking ilhan omar, she shouldn't even be in office. your response to the president. >> thank you for having me. i think i was laughing the whole time -- >> i thought i saw a small on your face. >> talking about disrespect. this is a man who disrespects everyone. as for our caucus. first of all, i want to say, the diversity of our caucus is terrific. here's what we've been united on, we passed legislation to reduce thug violence. to lower health care costs, and secure elections. we've sent legislation that both nancy pelosi and aoc voted for, and the rest of us, over to the senate and if there's any disrespect, it's coming from mitch mcconnell who is refusing to take up multiple good bills we're sending to him. >> but congresswoman, back to
11:18 am
the issue at hand, you know, you're there on capitol hill, do you think some of these women? these freshmen congress women have stepped over the line? >> again, i think the diversity is great. i think a lot of this is exaggerated, maybe it's in the twitter world. i feel like on the issues that are very important to the american people, dps are united. >> but when you see the tweet from ocasio-cortez referring to the speaker of the house, that public whatever it's called, public sentiment, wielding the power to shift. it's how we maintain meaningful changes in this country. is twitter the right way to air your grievances? >> i guess these younger meshes have a new way of communicating. it's -- >> is that what we chalk it up to? >> i think -- i think it's
11:19 am
preferable to have face to face communications, and i think that's happening now. >> speaker pelosi, i know, is calling for party unity, how is all of this back and forth over twitter and seeing now the president defending the house speaker? how is that helpful in unifying your party and working against this president. >> first of all, nancy pelosi does not need don oold trump to defend her. and really, nancy pelosi is a strong leader. and as i said before we've been unified on very important legislation. i think that's what's important. i love the diversity, and i don't mind a little mixing up, but it -- in the end, we work together to do the right thing for the american people. >> congresswoman frankel, let me ask you about the big story of the day, alex acosta, who is the 13th cabinet member to depart the trump white house. we've talked so much about how there are all these acting
11:20 am
official officials -- what is the real impact -- you laugh, but it's true. what is the impact of these vacancies. >> i think it's evident in the policy of this president, which is basically to say vile things about immigrants and do horrible things like separating children from their parents at the border, like trying to take away our health care, by sending lawyers to the courts to try to throw out the affordable care act. it's all reflective in his policy, all his promises, infrastructure, health care costs. >> to have a revolving door with this white house. when people are watching or counting the numbers, why does that matter? >> it matters because these agency heads or cabinet
11:21 am
officials are suppose to lead their agencies, and what we can see is, whatever's being done to me has been destructive. i do want to say this, i am glad that alex acosta resigned and it didn't happen soon enough. he's a person that shouldn't have been appointed in the first place, like several other of the cabinet appointments. >> congresswoman frankel, thank you very much. >> thank you. right now across the country millions who just mentioned immigration, millions of undocumented immigrants are watching and waiting. ice raids are set to begin. and some activists are trying to help families escape. i'll ask a former top ice official what he's thinking about. so are you feeling? on a scale of one to five? one to five? it's more like five million.
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today the president backed up reports that ice will execute raids in two days. immigration officials say agents will target immigrants with deportation orders. criminals will be the focus. >> nothing to be secret about, if the word gets out it gets out. it starts on sunday, they're going to take people out and take them back to their country or they're going to take criminals to prison. we're focused on criminals as much as we can. >> we are specifically looking for bad players, but we're looking for people that came into our country not through a process, they just walked over a
11:27 am
line they have to leave. >> they're putting people on alert. this is the houston police chief. >> there's a lot of fear across our immigrant community. and we're not -- one of the most diversity, there's great fear as to what's going to happen. i've had children come up to me saying, i'm afraid to go to school. afraid to leave the house, afraid to find out that my parents are gone. these are american children. >> with me now. former acting ice director and chief of border patrol. >> what concerns you most about this weekend's raids or enforcement? >> we have to concern ourselves
11:28 am
with the officers that will conduct this operation. we shouldn't call them raids because these are targeting events. it's going to be broader than the family docket. these are people who have gone through a due process, they came across the border, they were releases at the border or later by ice. they were noticed at court to go through a due process, they refuse to do that. they were noticed by ice to come in and report, so we would get them, know who they were. they were noticed to come into immigration court many of them refused to do that, now it's time for the loop to be closed. this is a way for ice, the administration and the american public to know we believe in the rule of law, these people had their chance, they didn't take it, and now there's going to be
11:29 am
a consequence. >> the aclu sees it differently. many of these people were given unfairly, they were not told when their hearings were, or given the right time and date. >> they were noticed twice. so they were told at the border, they had specific instructions to report. they were to report to the courts, so they have a valid address for them. the judge made a decision after that was rendered. ice made a subsequent notice. it's isis' roll to do that, this is how you enforce the rule of law, if we're going to have a border these operations need to occur. i was talking to a reporter yesterday she was talking to these agents, and they were telling her they're apprehensive about when they go to these
11:30 am
homes and find children and babies, i'm wondering, what are your thoughts on that, what is your advice to the agents who will be carrying this out. >> as an agent myself they're going to treat everyone with dignity and respect. no one wants to go out and arrest children, that's not what this is about. these people came across the border illegally. they were offered an opportunity of due process. thousands of them did not take ta opportunity. a judge reviewed their circumstances and ordered them removed. >> we know the president pulled your nomination, because he said he wanted someone tougher in the rolls. we want to go in a tougher direction. i don't know if you want to comment on that, do you approve of the rhetoric he's using.
11:31 am
>> i've been part of the administration, and we spent months and months on the hill, looking for ways to close these immigration loopholes, driving this crushing surge at the border. this is one of the consequences. you get removed when a judge reviews your case, i appreciate what the president said about me being a good guy. i understand what he meant. what i know is, men and women of ice, the professionals at the border are doing everything they can to solve this problem and make these people comfortable and try to get out from under this crisis, until congress acts, we're going to have this surge at the border. and it's not going to stop until the framework of the law change s. >> tropical storm barry on the move, we'll talk about the unprecedented threat their facing right now.
11:32 am
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during our summer sale and clearance. bass pro shops and cabela's-- your adventure starts here. it is looking like new orleans may get a bit of a break this time, which is wonderful news. tropical storm barry seems to be setting its sights on baton rouge. the storm is strengthening and it poses an unprecedented threat of flooding all along louisiana's low lying coast. there's a lot of water so far. the mississippi river is at 16
11:37 am
feet. add the heavy rain, storm surge that barry will bring, and how can sandbags be enough? >> this brings some unique elements, we've never had the river so high. i think after the katrina situation we had gustav and they did a much better job at getting people up and out and securing the city. that was a lesson learned. i'm concerned they got complacent. >> ryan young is live in algiers, louisiana. i see that water behind you. >> of course, katrina, city of new orleans there haven't been any mandatory evacuations, you're talking to folks down there, what are they saying? >> any time you deal with people who have tropical storms and hurricanes we went to the lower ninth ward who said, we're not
11:38 am
worried about this storm. pumps are working, the wall's all right. we'll be here until god tells us to move. there are other people who say, you should step away from this situation, because they're worried about the constant rain. we talk about this a little bit. that out there is the beautiful mississippi river. you said it in that intro. people are worried about the idea of sustained rain when you have 10 to 15 inches, i can tell you the mayor and all the people who are city officials, they want people to shelter in place. >> we have our roving coverage vehicle in the french quarter right now. people haven't stopped going down there to see what the french quarter has to provide. they believe it's a sunny day,
11:39 am
they believe there's a gentle wind going, they want to experience new orleans. 16,000 women were showing up for their convention this weekend. that convention has been cancelled. at the airport, there were lines around the building for people to get out of here, we saw cars trying to get out of the city. let's not forget on wednesday we had the torrential downpoor that had people stuck on the highway. we go beyond -- >> we're good, we're good. >> they believe new orleans can handle it. >> i met a lot of those folks you describe. let's go to al in the weather center, are we going to be talking about the hurricane? >> this is the latest recon
11:40 am
sense hurricane hunter flight that's gone out. they're measuring winds at about 16 miles per hour. that's about 10 miles off. the thing is, we're seeing the pressure dropping, the storm intensifying. we're not out of the realm of possibilities for it to get up to a category strength. it's expected to make lawful in louisiana tomorrow morning, there's not much time, but just enough time at least, for it to continue to intensify over the next few hours, the main thing here is going to be the rain with this storm, it's expected to dump a tremendous amount over not just louisiana, but also portions of mississippi, arkansas. widespread amounts about 5 to 10 inches, some areas could pick up a foot of rain. the storm surge across portions of mississippi. when you hear people say, i survived other ones, i did fine, this one will be fine, you're not comparing, you're comparing
11:41 am
apples to oranges. the mississippi river was not this high for a lot of those other storms, you have to take that in mind and factor that in. >> absolutely, alison, thank you very much. >> in washington members of congress have been listening to tough conditions at the border. we'll talk with one woman who's been there holding children and talking to families. we'll talk about what's behind that delay, we'll be right back.
11:42 am
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the house oversite committee focuses on what happens to migrant children. republicans defended the border patrol agents facing a crush of arrival arrivals more than tripling numbers in the past. >> it's a crisis, it's real. and we do not get anywhere by blaming people who are doing their best to help these people. >> democrats describe the conditions they saw, migrants telling lawmakers they were forced to drink from toilets. >> what was worse about this mr. chairman was the fact that there were american flags hanging all over this facility. that children being separated from their parents in front of an american flag. that women were being called these names under an american
11:47 am
flag. >> mr. chairman, it needs to be noted into record, i spoke to cpb agents, even though they told us not to speak to them too. remember that? and i said, what do you think we need to do, because you guys are overwhelmed. they said one of them stop sending money, it's not working. another one said, i wasn't trained for this, i am not a social worker. he actually said, i want to be at the border, that's where i was trained to be at. the separate -- the one other one, the last one, mr. chairman, the separation policy isn't working, he said. >> some of the most compelling sounds came from not a member of congress, but a lawyer. >> many have not brushed their teeth for days. they were wearing the same clothes they had on when they crossed the border clothes that
11:48 am
were covered in nasal mucus, vomit, breast milk, urine, multiple children had a strong stench emanating from them, because they had not showered in days. at clint i met a 6-year-old boy who i will never forget, he was tiny and he hardly spoke. when i asked him if he was at clint with anyone he began to sob, nearly inconsolably for an hour, nearly an hour. >> all of this comes as the oversite committee issued a report confirming 18 children under the age of 2 had been kept from their parents anywhere from 20 days to 6 months. clara, you hear about these
11:49 am
children sobbing for an hour, what does this do to them emotionally? mentally? >> she described that experience in clint resonates with me so deeply. that is the experience i had in another interview room with another child. it's child after child after child who's being traumatized permanently. >> any length of detention can cause permanent harm to children. >> right now as we speak, they're opening up these facilities to members of the media. we've been asking, the white house has done this trump is quoted as saying, they're beautifully run detention facilities, your response to that. >> we spoke with dozens of children who gave us the same accounts. the department of homeland security's office of inspector
11:50 am
general confirmed our accounts. border patrol agents speaking with the new york times and other media outlets confirmed our accounts. at this point pushing back against the facts of what has been happening on the u.s. border is not a tenable position. >> clara long, thank you very much. breaking news from the white house, it looks like another member of the trump administration could be out the door. why the president may be setting his sights on dan coates.
11:51 am
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rushing water and a pitch black tunnel where five teenaged boys were swept away into a storm sewer. alexander field tells their story. >> young lives are on the line. and in i've aaron franklin's hands. the rushing water sweeping a group of hoo i high teens into a storm sewer. >> you can hear them yelling. it sounds like they're saying help. >> this is officer franklin's first water rescue. his body camera records him trying to get close. >> everything's wet, including the rocks that are down here. >> the officer spots two boys near the mouth of the tunnel. he manages to get both out on
11:56 am
their feet. >> you're the last one, right? >> there are three more boys stuck inside. >> what do you know about that tunnel, what is it like in there? >> i know it's pitch black, and looking at it, i can see the water is rushing i knew that tunnel continued down for a mile, and let out. >> i'm going to use this to get down with, okay? >> once he gets down there. >> the rescuers feel the weight of someone on the line. finally they feel the weight of another. >> there's five, six grown men tugging pulling as hard as they can, pulling a 120 pound teen, and it felt like we were pulling a truck. >> word comes a missing friend
11:57 am
has made it out too. >> trying to stand up -- eventually i realized i couldn't stand up toward the water, i just let it take me. >> a second team of rescuers found him clinging to a ladder. >> one of the police officers told me, if there's a great at the end flt tunnel, if he would have made it down there, we probably wouldn't have brought your son home. >> the officer says he was just in the right place. >> anyone that would be put in this situation they have an obligation to do so. and we're going to do it. alexandra fields, cnn, ohio.
11:58 am
we continue on on this friday afternoon. it appears the revolving door at the trump white house is swinging once again this friday. the latest person who could be on the way out, dan coates, the director of national int intelligence who angered president trump during a congressional hearing earlier this year. whether he stays or goes is to be determined as this is not the first time the president has considered making this move. there's also alex acosta who in 2008, the u.s. attorney for the southern district of california played a role in the deal for jeffrey epstein. today after days of scrutiny and controversy, and a very public attempt to defend himself, acosta called it quits. >> i called the president this morning, i told him i thought the right thing was to step
11:59 am
aside. cabinet positions are temporary trusts. it would be selfish for me to stay in this position and continue talking about a case that's 12 years old, rather than about the amazing economy we have right now. i submitted my resignation to the president jim acosta is next to me. he said he didn't have to do this, declaring, i'm with him. but if the president truly backed alex acosta, wouldn't he still be working at the white house? >> it sure sounded earlier this week, that the labor secretary, the president was going to have acosta's back. he was saying he's been a fantastic labor secretary and so on, and alex acosta went out and tried to explain himself.
12:00 pm
and according to officials initially, it sounds as though acosta had stabilized things, but as things were going on later on in the week, my understanding is, from talking to a senior white house official is that the president started to stew over i will tell you one of the considerations that was coming into play as they were thinking about this internally, doing their deliberations was how this was going to play out in the 020 election. and having acosta on, whether he was going to be damaged goods for the administration i think that played a part in all of this, we did this this morning, i talked to alex this morning and we came out in front of the boardroom like on the apprentice or something like that. some of this was falling apart yesterday, brooke.