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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 12, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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and according to officials initially, it sounds as though acosta had stabilized things, but as things were going on later on in the week, my understanding is, from talking to a senior white house official is that the president started to stew over i will tell you one of the considerations that was coming into play as they were thinking about this internally, doing their deliberations was how this was going to play out in the 020 election. and having acosta on, whether he was going to be damaged goods for the administration i think that played a part in all of this, we did this this morning, i talked to alex this morning and we came out in front of the boardroom like on the apprentice or something like that. some of this was falling apart yesterday, brooke.
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>> what about dan coates. this season the the first time president trump has thought about replacing him, why is this coming up again. we talked about dan coates before. dan coates has gone rogue in terms of giving his own assessment of things. and that has irked the president from time to time, and he's grumbled about dan coates from time to time. i talked to a senior white house official earlier this morning, dan coates has been in this position for two 1/2 years, he's thinking about retirement again. whenever senior white house officials are talking about high level positions in this fashion, that means that these kinds of talks are underway, the question is whether or not the president can find somebody who would be palletable up on capitol hill. dan coates is widely respected in washington as you know, but at the same time as we've been
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discussing all day long, the president and coats do not see eye to eye when it comes to some of these matters, how the federal government has responded to all of that, you'll recall it was not that long ago dan coates was issuing this warning to the public that the lights are blinking red. he's very concerned that the russians are going to try this again. when you talk to the president, you hear from the president, he doesn't express the same level of concern as dan coates does. the president is deeply frustrated with dan coates, this may be coming down the line soon. keep your eyes and ears peeled on that for us, sir. thank you very much. this is just the latest individual to join this growing list of trump administration
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departure, you look at all these faces you have to subsequent there's so many on the screen. eight confirmed cabinet officials have left office, all told there are 260 vacant key leadership positions. 12 within the defense department, and 15 within the department of justice. key posts are being filled only in the acting capacity, including mark esper, kevin mcel eastern an, and acting white house chief of staff. president trump has said having officials in the acting capacityive goods him much more flexibili flexibility. makes it easier to do things. acting officials may have less authority within their agency and a harder time enacting
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policies. gentlemen, happy friday, thanks for being on with me. let me go to your first, i want to get your reaction. we threw all the faces up on the screen. 14 cabinet level officials have left since trump took office. your reaction? >> it speaks to the nature of this president's personality, you know that in his business career, his personal life, his marriages even, he wants things done his way. i think it speaks to trump's willingness to allow people to leave. he said on numerous occasions, he likes the flexibility that he gets without having people in there that have senate
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confirmation. there are people that say, this is a violation of the constitution -- of his duty to get people confirmed by the senate. he doesn't care. >> one reason acosta is leaving is because president trump was concerned jim acosta was reporting out, potential legal problems, realistically, legally speaking, does alex acosta face anything? >> i don't think so, i don't think there's any personal jeopardy that could face him all these years later. wanting to find out what happened here, why the u.s. attorney's office appears to have linked in the allegations against epstein, so we can make sure this doesn't happen again acosta came to the u.s. attorney's office as a bush appointee, with really no prior
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criminal law experience that's a prescription for failure in the u.s. attorney's office when the chief doesn't have the expertise to deal with what comes his way. >> what about pivoting to the justice department and bill bar, who said this yesterday. he would not push to add that citizenship to the census, here he was. >> congratulations on today's executive order. i applaud the president for recognizing in his executive order, including a question on the census is not the only vital way to obtain this information. congratulations on taking this effective action. >> you fact check me. the president boasted about how he was going to fight to get that citizenship question on the census, now he's doing this total reversal. you tell me why the a.j. is
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congratulating him? >> he knows in this administration, you have to present every defeat as a victory. we saw this at the midterm election, trump said, we won the senate, we're the great am chap onhere. it's like a boxer getting pummeled. his corner man comes over and says, it was precisely the option that the census bureau presented to him before he launched into this fight. in early 18, the census bureau said they could get this information from government data without all the trouble of trying to put it on the census. now they've chosen that option. >> also congratulating, hearing barr, applauding the president, going around the supreme court ruling.
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>> i feel like attorney general barr is not playing the neutral sort of arbiter of the law rule, that he's supposed to play. this is more fodder for those critics. >> michael, how about you answer that one? >> the attorney general did acknowledge that the supreme court has prevented them from moving forward with the citizenship question if the explanation for it is to enforce the voting rights act since april of 2018. he acknowledged that that argument won't be availing in the supreme court. he did, though, say i think we could have had better arguments if i were here, cen willy, but i wasn't. what we're going to do is what
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the census bureau has said, you have all the data, go aggregate it, analyze it and use it it as it is legally appropriate. i don't think he was thumbing his nose at the supreme court. he was casting shade as you say on wilbur ross. the thing that is important, i think, and again in the oversight hearings, the commerce department took the position, which the court said was contemptible that this was to enforce the voting rights act, the justice department had asked for that, barr has to find out, how did that happen? how is it that the justice department was used to create this phony argument for voting rights protection, in order to get the citizenship question on the census, when they knew that the outcome of that was going to be suppression of the count of hispanic votes? that's what barr should be focused on. >> robert mueller was supposed to testify in the congressional hearing next wednesday, instead
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it's being delayed a week. as of now, he was supposed to do those back to back sessions, that won the allow all lawmakers to question him, what are your thoughts on that. >> well, i think that one day for robert mueller and two committees was ill considered from the outside. >> why? >> mueller needs to be there for one full day before each committee. there's too much stuff too. i sent notes around this morning, here are the key conclusions from the mueller report that lasted 12 pages before i could get to the end of it, there's too much stuff, you'll never get what you want out of this, in a short truncated hearing, i'm hopeful they'll do it the following week over a two day period so we can hear what mueller has to say. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. >> thanks, brooke. coming up next, the president confirms raids on
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undocumented immigrants are coming this weekend. leading some to skip work and go into hiding. he hasn't been in office for months now, former speaker paul ryan is drawing the ire of president trump today, we'll tell you why. and tropical storm barry gaining strength and threatening to flood the golf, we're live in new orleans where people there are being asked to shelter in place this evening. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. with the sleep number 360 smart bed you can both adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. so, can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. will it help me keep up with him? yup. so, i'll wake up ready for anything? oh, we've got your back. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise. prove. and now, save up to $600 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. only for a limited time.
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today the president confirmed the crackdown sending many migrant families into fear and panic. president trump backed up reports that raids will start in two days in major cities. agents will target undocumented immigrants with deportation orders. the criminals will be the focus.
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>> nothing to be secret about. if the word gets out, gets out, it starts on sunday, and they're going to take people out, and they're going to bring them back to their countries or they're going to take criminals out, put them in prison or put them in prison in the countries they came from. we're focused on criminals as much as we can. before we do anything. we are really specifically looking for bad players, we're also looking for people that came into our country not through a process, they just walked over a line. they have to leave. >> democrats and migrant advocates are putting all undocumented people on alert about their rights, giving them advice, officials have sounded the alarm about so many in their community. look at the houston police chief. >> there's a lot of fear across our immigrant community. one of the cities in the nation, and so there's great fear among our immigrant community.
12:17 pm
i'm afraid to go to school. these are american children, u.s. born children, it's creating havoc in or community. >> let's go to el paso to my colleague ed lavandera, ed, you tell me what you've been seeing, are people not showing up to work? are kids staying indoors? what's the story there? >> it's going to be a real question we see this weekend, exactly how undocumented immigrant communities across the country -- not just undocumented communities, but communities overall. we have heard anecdotally people are preparing for this, as if it were some sort of hurricane storm approaching gathering up on food, water and supplies, because they don't plan on leaving their homes in the next several days. how far reaching the effects of all this will be, it's clear that the fear and the anxiety is
12:18 pm
cutting deep through many of these communities. >> you've done so much reporting on this very issue, have you a huge special dedicated to immigrants and immigration, tell me about it. >> it's called the hidden workforce, and we take a look at exploring the lives of undocumented immigrants here in the united states. as you well know, the debate around immigration in this country has reached toxic levels, and it's hard to have a serious discussion. it's much more complicated than the talking points you hear many pundits shouting at each other over this issue. it involves a much more deeper and thoughtful approach, we have an hour kind of exploring just how deeply embedded whether people like it or not, how deeply embedded undocumented immigrant communities are embedded into the fabric of american society. and part of that journey took us to minnesota. can you see a little bit of what we found there. >> you made st. mary's a
12:19 pm
sanctuary church. >> it was a week after the election of president trump. you could feel the fear in the community. >> that hasn't changed? >> no. we have mental health issues, people are suffering from depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, abuse and domestic violence. and it's all as a result of what's taking place within our country. >> what do you say to those people who say, all these undocumented immigrants in places like worthington, they need to round them up and get them out of here. what would that do to a place like worthington. >> if all the immigrants were to leave tomorrow, this town would die. >> what percentage of these farms and agricultural businesses around here, what percentage of the workforce do they depend on. >> i would say 90%. >> that's an astounding number. >> brooke, you know, i think if
12:20 pm
you watch news coverage of immigration issues over the last year or so, people are used to seeing undocumented immigrants on the border, we take you in this hour to places and other parts of the country where you're least likely to expect and be overwe ammed and shocked by how deeply embedded these people are in the least likely of places. >> we'll be tuning in again, it's called the hidden workforce. it airs tonight. right here on cnn. ed lavandera, thank you for your work on this. coming up, the president unleashes on the former speaker of the house after paul ryan accuses him of not knowing another government. >> an unsettling warning from trump's treasury secretary. the u.s. government is running out of cash a lot faster than expected. what happens next. hey, who are ? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?!
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i'll pass. we continue to follow the breaking news, yet another major shake-up could be coming to the trump administration, sources are telling cnn the president is replacing dan coates. his director of national intelligence. former senior advicer to president obama. david, we've spoken about this in the past, it sort of somehow has come back, the notion of his potential departure. what do you make of this, and the revolving door that is this white house? >> first of all, this is not a
12:26 pm
bastion of job security, we know that, there has been tons of turnover, dan coates has been the subject of a lot of speculation for quite some time. he's fulfilled his obligation. to be honest about what he sees and what he hears. now, there was a piece in the post today, recounting the anniversary of the whole ka la y calamitous weekend in which he stood next to putin in helsinki. and that same week, coats was in aspen, being interviewed. and was told that the president had invited putin to washington, he was stunned because he hadn't heard that news, and he just said, well, that will be special.
12:27 pm
>> i don't know if the president read that this morning. he's been after this guy for a long time. so it wouldn't be surprising if he removed them. he doesn't think he's loyal to him first. >> i have more for you because president trump unloaded today. tonguelashing in response to experts. takes a few parting shots at trump. this is an example of what set the president off. in his new book, it's called american carnage. he's reported saying this about trump. i told myself, i got to have a relationship with this guy to help him get his mind right. i'm telling you, he didn't know anything about government. i wanted to scold him all the time. needless to say, is the president not love iing his
12:28 pm
comments. >> paul ryan was a lame duck for a long time. he was unable to raise money, he lost control of the house. the only success paul ryan had, was the time he was with me, because we got taxes cut, frankly he was a baby, he didn't know what the hell he was doing. >> so, david, we're not surprised how the president's reacting to this, my question to you, really is, aside from maybe mitt romney, this once again follows this pattern of a republican speaking of, right? criticizing this president, either as they're on their way out of office or already out of office. >> this isn't exactly parting shots, this is parted shots. he obviously gave this interview because he wanted to unburden himself. they have had a very trying relationship even before the president's election. you'll remember during the campaign at one point ryan
12:29 pm
suggested one of the president's comments was racist. after the campaign, by the access hollywood incident. he separated himself from trump and so they have not had a good relati relationship. he's getting the british ambassador, one thing we know for sure that if you in anyway insult the president, he will come back and insult you with a fury. and we see it again today. >> let's talk about you, the axe files, you sat down with south bend mayor pete buttigieg. here's a clip. >> i thought you did a fine job in in those debates. >> i think people right now are looking for a president who is steady. i am a competitive person, this
12:30 pm
is a pierce contest, and i will be competitive with my democratic competitors, just as i plan to be fiercely competitive with the president when the time am coulds to take him on. i think some of the made for television moments can give you a little spike and then wear off. what people really want to know is, what are you about? >> what was your impression of the mayor and what do you think he needs to do? >> he talks about made for tv moments, the debates are on tv, if you went to be heard, you have to push off of something, he did have a fine debate, and he does make a great presentation. but he's very even. and there are -- there aren't a lot of moments of drama there, and that may run again.
12:31 pm
while you're competing for the nomination and trying to define your differences with others on that stage, you have to find ways to do it that are memorable. i think that's something he'll be thinking about going into the next debate. >> you can watch the whole interview with mayor pete buttigi buttigieg. brand new episode airs tomorrow night right here on 7:00 on cnn. bracing for barry, new orleans preparing for a storm. will the levee system hold up? for your heart...
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if you are leaving new orleans, your travel window is closing. the mayor says people who live there, visitors need to be ready to shelter in place. meantime, forecasters continue to warn of a triple threat from tropical storm barry. the storm is expected to dunk 10 to 15 more inches of rain, can you see what it looked like just this past wednesday. people are trying to drive through it, they are unsuccessful. then there's barry's storm surge. all of that before you factor in
12:37 pm
possible wind damage barry is still a tropical storm, flirting with hurricane strength, which would mean roof damage, fallen trees, downed power lines, brian young is live in algiers louisiana, right up against that mighty mississippi, what are people telling you there, are they hunkering down or going to get out of town? >> well, you know, there are some people who decided they're not going anywhere. they have a lot of people who are walking around us. you have a family coming out to look at the mississippi themselves. >> there are people who have markers on their own. they believe they've seen the mississippi rise in the last hour or so. you know how much precaution they're putting into this. you have police officers working 12 hour shifts. 118 of their pumps are up and running. you saw water in the streets, there are still cars along the
12:38 pm
highway that got stuck in the water that were shut down. how are people preparing? it depends who you're talking to. we went to the lower ninth ward, he will wait for god to give him a signal. on the other side of the city, they're trying to get ready for this storm. listen to those gentlemen talk about the effort to get sandbags up and ready to go? >> it's crazy. the city of new orleans hasn't provided any designated sandbag locations, we're all out here trying to do what we can. we have local homeowners that are preparing for the worst. we have to do whatever we can to help all our neighbors out in the community around here, praying for the best. preparing for the worst, hoping for the best. and hopefully god will spare us. >> you love to hear those
12:39 pm
efforts. there's that 10 to 15 inches of rain we're expecting. they don't have one sandbag out here, they believe they can handle whatever comes their way. they hear the word tropical storm, they don't think hurricane, they think they're okay. city officials are telling everyone to be prepared, look here, you can see people walking their dogs, you understand the difference. >> good to see regular life rolling along in algiers. we'll see how they fair. >> thank you very much. hurricane katrina got hit in 2005, it was a nightmare scenario for the city of new orleans a category 5 hurricane followed by dozens of levees, that were meant to hold back lake pontchartrain. overall, roughly 80% of new orleans flooded to depths of 20
12:40 pm
feet within a day of landfall. it is a ghost that still haunts a lot of people who live there. tom foreman is with me now. giving me warnings about the water. i'm guessing a lot of people weren't wondering, could it all happen again? >> yeah, of course they are. the levees have been rebuilt, they've been improved, fortified, this is about more than the levees, because of what you said. water coming down from the midwest, making the mississippi river much higher than usual. those two forces colliding in new orleans as the rain comes tumbling down. look at all that yellow. everything there is below sea level. the only thing that protects it is this series of levees and flood gates all around the city. normally this 1 how it works, and this is how it worked
12:41 pm
earlier this week this fills up like a bowl with all that rain, and then the huge pump system kicks in, pushing that water out to lake pontchartrain over here the concern here is that the river is so high. and we're talking about potentially so much rain, maybe more than what you've been talking about. then you don't know how to get the water out. they don't expect this to happen in new orleans, but if there's enough rain. what do you do with all that water even if you're trying to handle it. there may be nowhere for it to go, except into the neighborhoods where people live. brooke? >> thank you very much. coming up here, he is one of
12:42 pm
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the u.s. government could be careening toward a budget crisis. nancy pelosi said the government could run out of money to pay its bills by september. that's earlier than expected and before congress reconvenes after its summer recess, the shortfall is largely blamed on president trump's tax cuts, secretary mnuchin called for sealing the debt ceiling before congress leaves for the summer break. >> president trump has been a loud and fierce climate skeptic, this week, the south carolina senator took his differences with the president on climate science very public. >> i would encourage the president to look long and hard at the science, and fight the
12:48 pm
solution. i'm tired of playing defense. we will win the solution. the only way you're going to win that debate is to admit you have a problem. >> bill weir is here. it's striking to hear him say that. do you think his friend the president of the united states listens? >> probably no. >> i've been back to calm the archives and see where he stood. he's not a league of conservation voters favorite. he's better than your average bear as a be. but two years ago, lindsey graham tweeted, i support president trump's desire to re-enter the paris accord after the deal becomes a better deal for america. there's no better deal when you're talking about putting out the planetary fire, the
12:49 pm
president sees it as a negotiation the way you would a terror fight. the paris accord was an agreement that hey, everybody, our birth is in real trouble and we have to do everything we can to bring down emissions. >> what if you happen to catch the president's ear? you have an audience of one, how would you explain the science to him in a way he might understand. >> i think a great climate scientist talks about communication. and when you pepper someone with statistics, they do shut down. we're just connecting people on the same level for what they care about, as parents, maybe, or as golfers, hey, i heard that you had to get sea level permits in ireland, that's a hit against your business. if he irkas about legacy, you know, richard nixon signed the epa -- created the epa, signed the clean air and water act. other than teddy roosevelt, he's one of the champions of the environment, it's one of the bright spots on richard nixon's
12:50 pm
the will and moment of all of those cabela shopping republicans that are intimate with the cycles of nature and seen what pollusion is doing to their favorite spots and be the president that goes back into paris and rallies people to figure out solutions because there are a ton of them we're not talking about. >> happy birthday, brooke. >> thank you, will. just a short time ago, the house voted yes to legislation extending the funding for the september 11th victim compensation fund for another 71 years. that is threw 2090. it comes weeks after the bill received nationwide attention due to impassioned pleas for support from surviving first responders and comedian jon stewart. he celebrated the hard-fought victory for funding with john fuel and other supporters. >> not many people around this
12:51 pm
country can say they went to washington, d.c. and made the process work. we made -- we forced -- we shamed the process to work. so lou alvarez' passing is not -- is not in vain. i'm not crying. and i know lou is smiling right now and when lou gave me his shield to give to mitch mcconnell, and i shook mitch mcconnell's hand and i'm going to keep mitch mcconnell's word that he said he was going to get this done before the summer recess and i could tell you now that when we leave here today and we get off air that we'll make sure that mitch mcconnell sticks to his word. >> he mentioned lou alvarez, he was a bomb squad detective who dedicated the final years for this fund and he died for the time linked with first responders down at ground zero and that heads to the u.s.
12:52 pm
senate and the timing of the voting isn't clear but mitch mcconnell has promised to hold a vote on it. last fall we shared the story of luke mickelson, a top ten cnn hoero from twin falls, idaho who quit his day job to follow his new-found passion givi giving -- giving kids a new found sleep by building bunkbeds a and it took off in a way a small-town farm boy wouldn't have imagined. >> we went from one community to over 200 communities now, over 30,000 volunteers. we've also received over 50,000 bed requests. >> we're here to deliver beds. show me where this go? >> yeah. >> all right. >> we started a new program in 2019 so help the kids affected by natural disasters throughout the country. >> probably the best. >> we bring dignity and self-respect. we're bringing something that they own and could be proud of.
12:53 pm
>> you like it? >> this is mine. >> so cute. how many beds can one man build in a day? go to to learn about luke's story or nominate a cnn hero. coming up, the revolving door, another cabinet member gone on the same day we get word the president is considering relating his director of national intelligence. [alarm beeping] {tires screeching} {truck honking} (avo) life doesn't give you many second chances. but a subaru can. (dad) you guys ok? you alright? wow. (avo) eyesight with pre-collision braking. standard on the subaru ascent. presenting the three-row subaru ascent. love is now bigger than ever.
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hi, brooke baldwin. you know i call you brooke b. or just brooky. i don't know what to say. we've become such good friends over the years, it is hard to explain. good friends, great colleagues, you know it doesn't happen very on but we have this chemistry where they put us together and somehow it just worked because -- because we love each other. this is not us on the picture that you're looking at. that is not us on tv. that is us hanging out in our personal lives. we spend great times together in new orleans, we've spent great new year's together and spent great summers together on the beach and spent great winters together out at my place in long island and of course you're a
12:59 pm
fantastic, beautiful wedding. and i hope that we get to spend many more years together as friends and as colleagues. at least the same number as your birthday. 40 more years together. 4-0. welcome to the 40 club. coy tell you, but i'm only 30 so -- i have a long way to go to get there. happy birthday, my dear. >> that was so sweet of you. don lemon. so sweet of you. you guys got me. and i have my closest and bestest gal pals. do you want to get in? oh, my goodness. it is my birthday. i totally got surprised. >> happy birthday. >> how did you get this picture of me when i was like six? eric? thank you. randy, all of you guys in the control room, all of you wonderful and catherine, allison
1:00 pm
akeed, rashad, al, everyone just thank you so much. here's to 40. i think i'm done. i'm taking a vacation for two weeks. so deuces. jake tapper, take it on over. did acasta's efforts at damage control ultimately seal his doom. "the lead" starts now. he's out, the labor secretary is leaving as critics slam a plea deal he brokered for an alleged child rapist and leaving another open vacancy. and the tropical storm that has not hit yet and why they are facing an unprecedented flood threat right now. plus he gave up the gavel and then picked up a hammer. president trump unloading on paul ryan after ryan basically said he doesn't have a