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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  July 12, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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good evening we're closely monitoring tropical storm barry which could reach hurricane force by the time it hits new orleans area sometime tomorrow. the rain it's carrying could do serious damage. we've got correspondents on the ground in new orleans and in the cnn weather center gathering the latest information about what could be some very dangerous days ahead. we'll have more on that tonight, also ahead, the latest cabinet level departure number 14 from the trump administration. labor secretary alex acosta gone in the controversy over his handling of the jeffrey epstein child sex case as a u.s. attorney. there was a full night ahead. we begin with breaking news in the i.c.e. raids on migrant families this week. set against the conditions some of the captured children may be experiencing while in custody. and many others already are.
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the latest development addresses but doesn't fully answer a question we raised last night, why would the president publicize the raids before the fact? announcing when they were to begin, destroying the element of surprise and potentially jeopardizing operations or even the safety of the people carrying them out. well the answer is from an operational standpoint there there is no answer. the senior administration official describing the president's actions as quote head scratching. however, there is an answer if you view this through the lens of politics and power. namely the point of the exercise is not operational success as such but sowing fear and a chance for the president to prove to his base he is tough on undocumented immigrants. the fear being sown is not among those deported but among families as well pb fear of being broken up, losing a parents ob both parents or spouse. fear of children being sent to the county facilities ultimately foster care. keeping him honest, the administration has been downplaying and trying to hide
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conditions in holding facilities. today vice president pence toured a location at dona texas. he concluded children are being treated there well. pamela brown confronted him on that before air time you will hear what he told you just a moment. here whether a law professor and children advocate told the house oversight committee about what she saw in some facilities. >> the toilets are open. there is no privacy to use the toilet. children try to use those foil wrappers that you see to cover themselves. when they're toileting. and this leads to problems. in clint we talked to girls so embarrassed pennsylvania that boys could see them while they were using the toilet. we talked to a by to tried not to eat because he was so embarrassed to use the toilet. >> one democratic member responded like this.
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>> i don't really care what their motivation was, whether asylum or economic betterment. they're not to be treated as subhumans. in is not an american way of dealing with the stranger, who comes and seeks succor. you can talk all you want about whether the poor border control is overwhelmed. that makes no excuse for how we are treating children. if there is one basic value that ought to unite as democrats and republicans americans it's how we treat children. their children, our children. it doesn't matter. that's a fundamental value. >> another witness former acting i.c.e. director tom hogan took exception saying he had seen plenty of dead clirn on the job.
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telling the committee they died at the hands of people crossing the border because we have an open border. well there is shouting on all sides of the issue. and on both sides of the border. and we have seen so far caged kids and overcrowded cells and families separated. what we still have not seen is any real effort to come up with a comprehensive policy that can once and for all address this issue which continues to divide families and divide this country. now before getting to what the vice president had tots to cnn pamela brown in a facility today. i want to show you some of the video she took on her cell phone at the adult detention facility in mccaulen. you can see it's crowded. the men wearing dirty clothes. the stench we're told horrible as the overall conditions appears to be. pamela browns joins us with what she saw and her interview with the vice president. pam. >> reporter: well anderson i'm hear in mcallen texas in a facility holding single adults. and i can tell you we walked in
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there showing that video. and immediately the men in the cell began pleading to us first they wanted to he will us that they had been here for 40 plus days. then they talked about not being given access to showers, not being able to brush their teeth. the moment i walked in that room i was taken aback by the this horrible stench. in fact it smelled like urine inside and the men kept wanting to talk about that they weren't being treated humanely one looked at me and said this isn't human. i'm not a terrorist. it was very hot inside of this there as well. they were sleeping on pavement. . there were no cots for them. the only thing they had were these blankets handed out to all of the undocumented migrants taken to the facilities. and that's all they really had. i was told by a cwp agent she couldn't be given cots because there wasn't room for all of them. instead it looked like not all could lay down.
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they were packed in so tightly. that was the case here. and the vice president pence he was visiting the facility. he also saw it firsthand. i did not see him talk to any of the adult migrants. but before we were here we went to another facility called the donna facility. that exclusively houses families. family units, fathers with children or men with children, women who come over with children. and there it was a completely situation seemed like a different level of care frankly. this is a brand-new facility it was just built in may to help with the overflow. and there was a lot of space. really cavernous frankly several different pods where different families were placed depend gd on gender and age. and the vice president talked to a couple of the kids there asking if they were well taken care of. and they nodded yes. i pressed the vice president on the difference in the level of care we saw here today. and whether he is comfortable with what we saw at this
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facility with the migrants packed in pleading for help? here is what he said. >> we went to two different facilities today. there seemed to be a big difference between the first one where the families were housed and the one here where there are single adults migrants. when i went in fl one of them said to me -- i'm talking about the second facility -- this isn't human. the way we're treated. it was -- there was a horrible smell i'm sure you smelled it you were in there as well. they were on concrete because there is not enough room for cots we're told. hot. some of them claimed they were hungry is that acceptable to you. >> no, it's not. it's the reason why we demanded the gnat congress provide $4.6 billion in additional support. to customs and border protection. look foshag the last six months democrats in congress have been sayings in a manufactured crisis. but as you saw firsthand today here at mcallen station where
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our cells are overflows and now that temporary facility that you just saw had to be established, and then the first facility that we saw where near 1,000 families with children with families are being den detained ought to be a clear message gnat time is now to act and the time for congress to act to end the flow of families coming north from central america to our border is now. >> should there be a different level of care for the families versus the single adult migrant zploos it's all the same standard of care. >> with we saw was vir different for the families. >> pamela. >> what you saw today was a -- was a very clean facility where people were being detained indoors. and then you saw a temporary facility that was constructed because this -- in facility is overcrowded. and we can't keep people in a
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cell beyond what the rules and regulations allow for. but everyone even in that temporary facility, familiar pamela getting three meals a day getting health care, getting hygiene and the customs and border protection is doing their level best in an overcrowded environment in a difficult environment to address this issue. but congress has got to act to make it possible for us to do reduce the numbers of people coming into our country illegally. and that's going to require us to change the hooples, reform our asylum laws. my hope is today that -- two things i hope two things today, pamela. i hope first and foremost we put to the lie this -- this slander against customs and border protection. i mean, people saying that -- that families and children are being held in concentration camps is an outrage. and the nazis killed people. our customs and border protection as you heard today
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are saving lives every day. you saw the profound compassion it care for the families and children in the detention facility today. but the other thing is i hope we also move past in rhetoric about a manufactured crisis. i mean, the president wanted me to come down here today to look in on how families are being treated but also to be able to show the american people that this system is overwhelmed. it's overcrowded. and congress has got to step up to end in crisis of illegal immigration at our southern border. >> the first facility we went to with the families was that really a fair representation of how most of the migrant families have been treated under cbp care. >> you are at the epicenter here in the rio grand valley of this crisis of illegal immigration. 60% of those that are being detained coming across our southern border are coming through this sector i think what
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we saw today was a very fair representation of how families are being treated. and look i understand. >> the facilities this was one of them. >> i understand americans are troubled. >> handling the overcrowding. >> americans are troubled by what -- what they've read in the newspapers about families not being cared for. >> the when you look at that what do you see. >> well, i can't account for that. what i can account for is that the facility that you saw. >> -- it's the facility that you saw today represents the level and standard of care that the we are the working to bring to all those caught up in in crisis. er it was a few short weeks ago that congress finally acknowledged the crisis and gave us an additional $4.6 billion in humanitarian aid. now we're going to continue to improve. we're going to continue to provide care at the standard the american people expect. but, pamela, for the last six months democrats in congress said it was a manufactured
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crisis. and it was all we could do to finally get the democrats in congress to agree to give us additional funding to deal with in crisis. and so we'll continue to provide the level of care the american people expect and we'll do it with compassion and with the generosity but ultimately we have got to demand that congress take the next step, reform the asylum laws, close the loopholes and end in unprecedented migration. >> dhsig says some children under this administration watch didn't have access to showers or hot meals. does the administration take any responsibility for that? democrats are not in the white house. where does the buck stop. >> the we've read those reports. and i know that they're being thoroughly investigated. i know there were also -- there were also lawyers mo were here who presented what ultimately became unsubstantiated
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allegations. but make no mistake about it, any allegation of people not receiving the standard of care that the american people anticipate is thoroughly investigated. the recent allegations of abuse are being thoroughly investigated. but what you saw today, i hope is an encouragement to millions of americans. that -- that even before congress funded a temporary facility we built that temporary facility to house families who are caught up in in crisis of illegal immigration. and you saw not just three meals a day, children with snacks, there were diapers. there were hygiene products, changing tables. children sitting in a comfortable air-conditioned environment. watching tchgs, this is how the american people expect us to treat people who are caught up in this crisis. and we're going to continue to work to make that the reality.
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>> and anderson, this right here, this is a picture from the dhsig report that i showed vice president pence as he touted the conditions at the first facility we vichted today. showed him this and i said it doesn't align this owe with this picture from the report. this picture is from may. what i can tell you anderson and see the situation of overcrowding particularly with family units has gotten a lot better because of the supplementing funding from congress, cbp was able to move out a lot of the children held for over 72 hours into the other facilities. and so we didn't really get to see what sort of the height of the problem because of that also border crossings are down because of the heat, because mexico is helping more. that said we did see tremendous overcrowding at this facility where i am now with the single adults. and i spoke to a cbp chief about what i heard from many of them inside of there. you showed the video. he did say that just yesterday the day before the vice
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president visited a trailer was brought with showers with eight showers for these migrants before that i'm told they didn't have access to showers. he did say that once a day they are allowed to brush their teeth. they have disposable toothbrushes. he said restaurants provide hot meals three times a day. so he did dispute some of what we heard from the migrants. he also said the longest time period anyone has been here that we saw today was 32 days. that's less from what we heard from them. as far as the tinfoil blankets we are told we anyplace willems the cloth belong et cetera with these they are hygienic and don't have to wash them. this laid out the picture today, anderson ofway we are seeing in facilities. and we only saw sort of the tip of the iceberg of what's been taking place, anderson. >> yeah, pamela brown thank you very much. appreciate it. you heard a bit at the top of the program from an activist, a attorney joining us by phone. professor, you hear the vice
9:16 pm
president say some of the claims by lawyers who visited the facilities in clint are completely unsubstituted. and when shone a picture from the inspector general report, the inspector general of homeland security said that he doesn't know how he can account for that. how do you respond? >> the trump administration is in no position to call anyone a liar. the "washington post" has documented more than 10,000 false statements by our president. we went to the- had been detained for weeks. we have collected hundreds of pages of sworn testimony and submitted them to the federal court. these allegations are substantiated. they are substantiated by people who work for the government. the department of homeland security office of the inspector
9:17 pm
general notes that the situation is a ticking time bomb. there is another agency that also corroborates the allegations that we are making about children not -- properly. the staff at the health and human services department have made 30 serious incident reports about children at yuma suffering harm while being detained so injui think the question is. >> go ahead. >> who are the liars? is it the people who said that there was no child separation policy? is it the people who claim to be shocked that border patrol officers were a part of a hateful facebook group when it turned out they not only knew about the facebook group but that the acting head of cbp
9:18 pm
participated in that facebook group? or is it people like me and the children who are associated with the flores case who have time and time again proved their case in court? we live in a democracy. we're supposed to live in a democracy. the executive branch cannot make false claims and abuse people in our name. the courts must stand a check against the worst abuses that this administration -- and congress must exercise its oversight authority. >> it's very interesting to me to listen to the vice president who speaks in a way very calming and soothing and seems rational. but what he is saying when shown a photograph from the department government, inspector general report, he says he can't account for it. that's just not true. he can pick up a phone and call the department of homeland security and account for that photo very quickly and very rapidly. and he says the reports of
9:19 pm
children not having soap or tooth brushes, knows are being looked into. those reports with weeks weeks -- weeks old. they've already been investigated by reporters to the limited ability that reporters and lawyers like yourself are even allowed in. you're not even allowed to go to all of the facilities and really have free rein -- free access to them. the idea he is saying it's being investigated, that's just -- that's not an acceptable answer. >> not only is it not acceptable but it's false. just last month the united states department of justice argued before the ninth circuit that safe and sanitary conditions for children does not require the provision of soap, does not require the provision of tooth brushes, does not require the provision of beds. in is the administration's own cruel policy position, that it is arguing in federal court.
9:20 pm
the administration won't let in independent doctors to these facilities. in administration will not let in public health experts. this is a crisis of cruelty. and the children at the border are suffering. in response to the national outcry, the outcry of the american people across party lines, this administration has decided to empty out many of the facilities. >> professor lauren mukherjeee. this coming in robert mueller's testimony being delayed. we have the latest on when it's scheduled. s are the tropical storm moving towards new orleans. a lot head. stay tuned. adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. so, can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep me asleep?
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9:25 pm
the democratic chairman of the intelligence and judiciary committees let's go to cnn senior correspondent manu raju for details. what are you learning? why was it delayed. >> to get more time for robert mueller to testify the democrats on the committee and republicans have been criticizing the deal initially cut for him to appear this coming wednesday. that deal would have only allowed him to appear for two to two and a half hours. and roughly 22 ems members of the committee of 40 individuals would have been allowed to question the special counsel. behind the scenes the objections had been growing from democrats and some republicans who were not going to be allowed to question. so as a result behind the scenes frantic negotiations all day long between mueller's team and gerry nadler's testimony and adam schiff the house swellings committee having a chance to question the special counsel. they have agreed for the special counsel to come in an additional hour in the house judiciary
9:26 pm
committee. he is going to testify for three hours. and then they'll take a break and appear before the house intelligence committee afterwards. that will likely be a two-hour session because there are fewer members on the house intelligence committee and all those members will get to question mueller and mueller at his request according to the statement wanted that to delay the testimony testimony for an additional week so the democrats agreed to that in order to get the extra hour of questioning. now, we have also learned this, anderson, democrats that wanted to bring in mueller's deputies behind closed doors to question those individuals, but there's been resistance from the justice department and at the moment those deputies will not be appearing for that closed session. democrats are still trying to bring those individuals in separately. they did hear from one senior fbi official before the house intelligence committee behind closed doors yesterday. but at the moment that closed session is not happening. but the public session now will occur on july 24th, a week later. and robert mueller will a additional hour all the members
9:27 pm
of the house judiciary committee will be able to question him five minutes each. the ultimate question with, though, anderson how much will the special counsel reveal? will he go beyond the four corners of the report and shed new light that we don't already know? anderson. >> manu raju thanks very much. joining us former nixon white house counsel. john dean appear and form obama assist. elliott williams. >> i'm wondering what you make of the delay in the mueller testimony. >> well i can understand the members being upset they weren't getting enough time to get in re television time. and i've never opinion a fan even when i was council of the committee of the five minute rule. i think it's very difficult to work with. and clearly under the five minute rule they could not get all the members in. i think they should just take blocks of time and have key members do questioning and not try to have everybody in the show. >> well, elliott, the other option too is also not having
9:28 pm
each you know member make minutes long statements, which, you know, seem more like grand standing often and just eats up time that could be asking mueller questions or hearing mueller's direct testimony. >> like john i worked on the hill as well. the problem is they all care about the underlying enterprise and getting to the truth. but they also care about their moment process. and care about speaking to their constituents. care about their own needs as elected officials. at the end of the day that often means giving speeches and so on. the problem is that look the house judiciary committee alone as munn manu said just the democrats there is 24 if you give each five minutes that's tie hours right here. you'd be shutting out major members of the committees. at lafayette in fwres a lot of the more interesting members of congress sit at the bottom of dais and they are the sometimes the better questioners frngly.
9:29 pm
it probably made sense to get people time to question or like john said, the this happens in supreme court hearings as well well they're not effective questioners they're not trial attorneys they are members of congress and elected foeshlts and act like this. they are always running into problems like this around the high profile systems. >> it's such a strange setup. it's designed with impediments along the way to actually have effective testimony. >> it is and it's odd, anderson, because the rules of the house and the committee really doesn't require them to do it the way they're doing it. they could -- they could agree to have certain members do the questioning. they could agree to have members have more time, occasionally you will see members give their time to others who are good questioners. and i -- as elliott mentioned, some of the best questioners on the judiciary committee right
9:30 pm
now are the newer members. they come from trial attorney backgrounds. there are some former prosecutors, former u.s. attorneys and assist u.s. attorneys and they're good at questioning. they would be -- it would be healthy to let them have a run at it. >> also, elliott it's interesting to see one can -- i mean, if -- if past is prolog you can only assume this is going to be two separate hearings, the republicans are going to be pursuing completely different line of inquiry than the democrats are. >> they absolutely are. and the democrats sole goal here -- dsh and i think it ought to be simply getting robert mueller to put the report in the public record. one of the most powerful things we have seen in the last two years was his doing a press conference where he said the words were i able to exonerate the president i would have but i couldn't have. that was far more powerful than see going on paper. even if he doesn't stray from the report just get him to say the words and lay out the
9:31 pm
allegations and the charges. but no, it's two hearings. if the democrats do it well it's laying out the ails of the report and if the republicans do it well what they need to do is call it a deep state conspiracy and that everybody is in cahoots and out to get donald trump and that's what you're going to see. and they're far more -- the republicans on the committee are more coherent in strategy than the democrats are. you know no obstruction, no collusion and it's a deep state plot to take down the president. the democrats are plor all over the place on a lot of this. >> yeah, i mean, john, clearly this is for democrats this is about you know getting people to see mueller who, you know, republican opinions notwithstanding has credibility in many people's minds actually saying the words that they haven't read because the vast majority of americans haven't read the report. but aren't john, most people's opinions of the mueller investigation pretty much baked in already? >> well, i think they are to a degree.
9:32 pm
although they're pretty much captured by just headline knowledge and not much more. anderson, one of the things that's going to happen because of this delay -- i can tell you from personal experience it will build up more interest in the hearings. my hearings were cancelled for example and held over for year week because breznev was coming during watergate. we have a situation where there is more delay. causing more interest about the hearings. the flap about them today and the people expecting them that builds interest in what's going on. >> john dean, elliott williams, appreciate it. thank you very much. coming up next another member of the trump administration heads for the exit. we'll talk about why labor secretary alex acosta didn't last the week. he is leaving. there is breaking news in the case of the sex offender he declined to take to court. details ahead. beep goes off ]
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breaking news tonight in the jeffrey epstein child sex traffics case. core documents filed by federal prosecutors alleges he paid $350,000 to people close to him during the time period charged in this case and who might be witnesses against him at a trial. the prosecution citing records they received from a financial institution. in the meantime the former miami u.s. attorney who gave him the deal in the first case back in 2008 has now left the trump administration. labor secretary alex acosta becoming the 14th cabinet level official to leave. not to mention the ump teengt departure. and down the west wing organization clarity. it's an extraordinary number of departures under very interesting circumstances in many cases. acosta was replaced no surprise by an acting secretary one of many acting top officials including at defense homeland security, the u.n., mall sbis
9:38 pm
administration and the f.a. chl a. more on the latest part forfeiture jim acosta joining us now. jim, the president public mri praise ds acosta on the south lawn. is that the case privately? >> no, anderson, i'm told by a senior administration official gnat president had been stewing over this over the last this hours. anderson there are officials inside the white house who were concerned that there would continue to be disclosures in the jeffrey epstein days case and this was going to continue to make alex acosta look bad not just in washington but potentially on the campaign trail. you saw a whole slough of democratic contenders weighing in on this earlier this afternoon. in the words of the senior administration official echoing watergate he was saying what did alex acosta know and when did he know it when they ask questions like that inside the white house that's not good. >> it's also not good when the person himself, secretary acosta comes forward to give a press conference to basically kind of put this away as an issue.
9:39 pm
and really doesn't -- he doesn't apologize, doesn't really show much humanity and only seems to make it worse and add to it. >> at a that's right. and, you know, i talked to this administration official who said, anderson, that it appeared that acosta had stabilized things a little bit but when you would talk to officials across the west wing what you would here was sort of muted praise for alex acosta. he stopped the bleeding. that he gave some information to defenders to counterhis critics and so on. but there wasn't this full throated support coming from the administration that alex acosta was going to stay on the job. >> and was it more the political optics of the controversy? or the substance of acosta's deal with epstein that bothered the president? because cherly the president or at least people in the kwhous knew about his role in the epstein matter before he was made secretary. >> right, anderson. i mean they were worried about the revelations and the potential for more revelations
9:40 pm
to come out and damage alex acosta further. right to the end of the year and into the upcoming campaign season. but there is another element to all of this. and that is internally alex acosta was not viewed as being sufficiently loyal to the president's agenda. senior administration official said that alex acosta was not moving swiftly enough on the deregulatory agenda here in washington. and when they're saying those things inside the white house, you can just imagine a situation where alex acosta was essentially gifting them all of the information that they needed to essentially cut bait by the time this morning came around. but, you know, according to our sources, anderson, alex acosta was not one of the president's favorite cabinet members. it took the jeffrey epstein taste case unfortunate to force him out. >> jim accost thanks. just ahead a live report from new orleans and the latest forecast for the tropical storm now expected to strengthen when it hits. we'll be right back. we run right into these crises,
9:41 pm
and we do not leave until normalcy is restored. we'd been working for days on a site in a storm devastated area. a family pulled up. it was a mom and her kids. everything they had had been washed away. the only thing that brought any kind of solace was the ability to hand her a device so she could call her family and let them know that she was okay. (vo) there for you when it matters most. join us and get up to $650 when you switch. that's verizon.
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there's breaking news to report out of louisiana as the state prepares for the first hurricane of the season. the hurricane center updated predictions just moments ago. as we look at the view of the point on mississippi we can tell you the bulletin confirms that tropical storm barry is expected to make landfall as a hurricaneening strong along the central coastline of louisiana.
9:45 pm
officials have directed the low lying areas to evacuate. others off the streets in less than an hour as responders prepare for the dangerous storm surge heavy rains and high winds. i want to check in with tom sadder tracking developments from atlanta. let's talk about where the storm is right now and exactly when you think it's making landfall. >> well, anderson, it's interesting, the 8:00 p.m. twizry from from the national hurricane center adjusted the position. at 5:00 p.m. the advisedry had it 70 miles offshore from morgan city. now it's 85 miles. one they had to either just reposition it or two it's hard to finite the center. it's not well orpgd. most of of the convesktive activity the colors are the higher the clouds. we're we're starting to see the lies light pg luke two days ago the nine inches of rain in normal. and we had the 250 calls to emergency services now it's all
9:46 pm
the way east ward to tampa north of jacksville. with the center hard to find. maybe 8:00 in the morning give or take an hour. we'll have landfall in the south central areas. but it could handle a hurricane. if it makes it to category 1 the winds at 74-mile-per-hour will be absorb process. the marsh lands it's sparse lir populated but we are seeing the flow from the southeast. that is the storm surge we'll talk about. it does change its trajectory. yesterday making it up the ohio river towards sfaet. this time it quickly makes its way to st. louis. they've will already had two major crests on the mississippi river this year. that's astonishing by itself. all that rain makes it back to louisiana again. >> so, the biggest threats right now are what? >> heavy rainfall for the expire region, and the surge. even though we're looking at maybe a three to five foot summary judgment this is not like hurricane isaac back in
9:47 pm
2000- 2012 where we had of course a nine to 12-foot storm surge. the three to five foot storm surge will be fuch to impedethe flow of the mississippi that's expected to hit 19 feet. yesterday the height of the river in of course new orleans was 16. almost at 17 now. so a closer inspection of the graph tells us here this little peak this is the surge, anderson that southeast wind, backs that river up, going to 19 feet. that expect aches that was yesterday at 20 down to 19 is significant. because the levies are at 20 feet. we could have had over topping everywhere. but you get in closer and alling of the red dots on the levy system are areas where they're below 20. over topping could still take place. this is unprecedented we're not sure how it turns out but you have to bleach in the corps of engineers and they are saying they are making it through. but 0, 20 inches everywhere i'm concerned about the state of mississippi bus 911 calls could
9:48 pm
not just be in new orleans. it could be anywhere from laugh yit to baton rouge all the way up north maybe even east of little rock to memphis. it's a widespread event. the category means nothing. >> tom, appreciate it. we'll be wchg for grounds eye view of the flooding and preparations for landfall. we'll check with gary tuckman in the lake view areas of new orleans. gary how is it. >> the out are bands of the tropical stop storm barry are hitting us. the worst as as we heard comes in the morning. the we are in the lake view district of new orleans. informs devastated during hurricane katerina. and where i'm standing is where the dachgs emanated this is the largest drainage canal in new orleans to the left and right is the levy. you heard the 20 foot levies. these were constructed after hurricane katerina. because the levies here before failed before katerina. a 450 foot glash on the left
9:49 pm
side was the split off the levy to the east and left that what left the neighborhoods full the wear. the failure of other levies led to the devastation. hundreds of people dying in new orleans. up to 1,800 total from hurricane katerina. right across from this canal is a water pumping station. as we speak we hear it. there are people inside. the purpose is it to pump the water into the lake pont train behind the building. officials in new orleans feel that that pumping station, the new levy system constructed since 2005 will leave everybody safe in new orleans. at least that'sway they hope for right now as the rain starts to come down much heavier than 30 minutes ago. >> just in people you are talking to what are their thoughts about the storm in how concerned do they seem to be? >> well, as you know, anderson, this neighborhood was so heavily damaged most of the construction near here is new since 2005,
9:50 pm
less than 14 years old. there is no mandatory evacuation order. most have remained inside homes. and most people feel this isn't going to be so badzinski that they'll be okay. because this wasn't a mandatory evacuation order. they're not excessively worried. nevertheless, it's very eerie feeling being in here where so much dachgs happened 14 years ago and everyone hoping for the best. >> i'm glad you're there. gary thank you. what lawmakers did on capitol hill to help the 9/11 first responders. details ahead. can my side be firm?
9:51 pm
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9:54 pm
coming up, the long-awaited vote on capitol hill for 9/11 first responders. let's talk to chris. what do you got? >> i'll be taking that in the
9:55 pm
closing, putting pressure on mitch mcconnell. he made a promise to a man who is now gone. he gave you his badge, do right. left, right, reasonable has to get behind that. we're also going to look at this footage from the border. the first one, it's good for people to see it. don't look away. absorb it. not you, you've lived this. but for people at home. now, we want to start listening to the politicians. i'm glad they've discovered a reality that they've been told about for six months. i'm glad this white house says they want a fix that they've never tried themselves. we have to give people an education tonight. and i have david crosby tonight. how cool is that? >> that is very cool. i'll see you in about four minutes from now. the news in the struggle to get permanent funding for the heroes of 9/11, battling
9:56 pm
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10:00 pm
stewart said passing the bill in the senate will be a chance to exhale, but it doesn't fix the grief for these responders, quote, to continue to experience going forward. the news continues. i want to hand it over to chris for "cuomo prime time." >> thank you, anderson. i'm chris cuomo and welcome to "prime time." special information for you, we have new video inside detention facilities at the border. what you see is going to border you and it should, and you must not look away. our vice president, mike pence, saw it as well. heartbreaking scenes, but he had a different spin. you need to hear that as well. members of congress have been down there recently. they're treating this like this is all new information. they testified about it today but they left out the most important point, we'll take that on together. and we have to check in on new orleans. it's too late to leave, i'm sorry to say. the command is shelter in place. we have the latest information on what to expect and when. we have a check on the