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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 13, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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imminent danger. tropical storm barry is closing in, threatening louisiana just hours before it makes landfall. the u.s. president visits two detention facilities on the southern border and calls on congress to act. president trump's labor secretary is leaving, marking another departure in his cabinet. we're live from the cnn center here in atlanta. it's great to have you with us.
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right now, about 10 million people along the u.s. gulf coast are directly in the path of a life-threatening storm. tropical storm barry is heuours away from making landfall, probably as a category 1 hurricane. it could be three to six feet or over two meters. storm chaser reed timmer captured this video. he said some communities are already cut off from the mainland. about 20 inches of rain, 50 centimeters in the forecast. the governor said all of the floodgates have been closed to protect the city. derek van dam joins us. >> we're really magnifying the threats of this season. it's moving so slowly.
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only 3-mile-per-hour. an average human being can walk faster than that. or does walk faster than that. this is a slow-moving storm. that works against us two-fold. it will bring rain to come locations and it's also pushing up to florida, and that's ahowed for a storm surge threat over the next 24 to 28 hours. this is the storm system moving into louisiana. we expect a low-end category 1 hurricane by about:00 a.m. local times. 6:00 a.m., local time. we don't want to get caught up in the minutia. it's not if it's a tropical storm or a hurricane. this storm system will produce life threatening flooding. it is traveling such a short distance over a stretch of time.
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some areas, depending on whether it starts to form, could see 3,000 to 400 pretext of rainfall. and there's a mansion for flash flooding, all the way to the new orleans. we have about 10 million americans under some kind of flash flood threat. you can see the totals across this region. not only being the storm surge and flooding, the risk of arounds as we talk to you later this hour. thank you very melania trump. > very much. how are things looking on your end right now? >> well, gm. initially, we're not see iing vy
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much of the rain bands. we see the rain bands affecting new orleans america. we're getting ready to see more of the severe weather now. and really, anticipated a lot worse throughout the course of today and tomorrow. >> what are the most vulnerable areas? >> areas along the lake shore are most vulnerable, of the storm serge threat. we're outside of the levee protection system. you see flooding along those areas. as the rain bands come on shore,
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we're in we get the higher rainfall amounts in a short period of time. >> tornadoes and things like that. we're in the northeast quadrant of the storm. as such, are susceptible to a lot more tornadic activity. and we start to see new orleans parish just to ourselves. >> i want to make sure i understand what you said. you said you're outside of the levee system? so much of talk is about the levees. none of that is relative, if i understand correctly. >> that is correct. our area north of the lake pontchartrain, is out of the city area.
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we hear about the city being below sea level and between the lake and the river and the golf of mexico. there's a lotle h little higher ground than the beautiful of mexico and pontchartrain. we don't have as much protection when it comes to the storm surgery and the rain amounts. >> in your area, what are people doing? and what should they be doing? >> most people are heeding the warnings of local government. they stayed indoors. they produced as best they could.
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they spend a lot of time making sure the floodwaters wouldn't affect them. others are evacuating potentially. >> do you see many people evacuating. >> not necessarily. most people should realize we're not coming out of the bouncy hou we see some minor flooding and that could get worse. the timing of the storm and the speed. and the fact it's moving west than we anticipated may help us in this case. >> we certainly hope it does. fingers crossed for you and your community and those that you're helping. michael, thank you so much.
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>> thank you very much. appreciate you having me. we're getting a look at conditions inside some of the migrant detention centers in texas. the u.s. vice president toured two of them on friday. one for migrant families that was less crowded. but it was an entire different picture for a facility for adults. pamela brown goes with the vice president and explains what she saw. >> we're going to visit two housing facilities. this is where the vice president was going to. this facility was built last may to handle. overflow. it was calvernous. there are eight rooms based on gender and age. when you walked in there, it was eerily quiet.
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you hear this. these are the blankets that they wfr sleeping under. we did see kids watching an animated movie in spanish. many of them were sleeping inside. the vice president spoke a lotle of the kid kids, asking them ho they were doing and if they were good care of. one said it took two months to get here. another said three months there. they're there within 72 houshs and released by law. the problem is much better at these facilities housing families. there's more bed to house them, so, they are able to leave more easily. before that funding, they would stay beyond the 72 hours.
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this is a facility that houses single adults. we walked into the areas where they were crowded and behind bars. as soon as we walked in, we were taken aback by the stench. it smelled by urine. and immediately, the migrants started yelling to tell us how long some of them were inside of there. they talked about not getting showers or brush their teeth. at one point, one of the men said to me, this isn't human, i'm not a terrorist. i was told they couldn't have cots because it would take up too much space. that's what they were sleeping, on con cleat. there isn't enough room for them
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here. this facility, versus the ones that house the families. i asked the vice president if the conditions here was acceptable. >> the city is at the crisis of our southern border. this here today, while it's clean and can toir, are doing their best. nearly 100,000 people coming across the border. families are presenting. what you saw was the overcrowding, we knew we were going to see. we're not going to keep people beyond what is appropriate. and they had to establish a temporary facility. they're getting hygiene and
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health care and provided for. but it's a temporary facility because this over. >> one of them is showing the overcrowded issue. the faces are blurred here. a very incident picture from what we saw in the first facility. and part of that is the supplemental crossing. border crossings are down right now, because of the hot temperatures. the problem continues. i talked to an agent yesterday. he said, the trailers were brought with showers. for the first time, these guys were not getting migrants. they brush their teeth once a day and they get three hot meals
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once a day. he claims that the facility is cleaned three times a day. we were hearing a different story from the migrants. moving forward, it's unclear what is going to happen. vice president pence presidenting the onus on congress. congress still couldn't get it done. what we saw is just the tip of the iceberg. pamela brown, cnn, mcallen, texas. another in the trump administration official goes nearby. relook at the shakeup and the scandal behind it. rse you don't because you didn't! your job isn't doing hard work...'s making them do hard work... ...and getting paid for it. (vo) snap and sort your expenses to save over $4,600 at tax time. quickbooks. backing you.
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the list of departures at the trump administration is getting longer. alex acosta became the latest cabinet member to quit his job on friday. he was facing criticism for the way he handled a 2008 sex crimes case, and how he handled jeffrey
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epstein. he didn't want the scandal to be a distraction but the move was the, quote, right thing. but president trump didn't want him to fantastic to go. >> he has been a fantastic secretary of labor. he called me up. this is him, not me. i'm a tremendous talent. >> turning to a new day for a heil highly rollout. the delay will allow him more time to speak. they are eager to hear what he has to say about russian illegal interference and committed by donald trump. joining me is linda feldman. the labor secretary says he tendered his resignation, as is
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property call in those cases. did trump fire him? >> it doesn't appear he did. when he came on the south law, he made a specific point that he didn't fire acosta. he praised acosta. he can't call him a uniform president language. >> when the reporting is when trump wanted those people gone. >> right. this is an interesting case. there's mixed reviews of acosta's performance in the last few days. he came out and had a press conference for his role in the jeffrey epstein case, when he is picked up 11 years ago.
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trump didn't feel that acosta was stepping up for himself. but he seemed to like him all that eager to get rid of him. donald trump has had a revolving door secretaries. he's sensitive to the idea that he can't hold on to help. mothers in his administration didn't like aacosta. he felt he wasn't doing enough to deregulating. acosta may have been on thin ground to begin with.
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>> right. there were sixed feelings with him. every time someone pulls them, the instinct is going to bona fide. robert mueller has agreed with committees in the house of representatives to for -- not on the 17th of july, but on the 24th of july. and he's going to give them more time. three hours each instead of two hours each. is this the worst news the trump team could have gotten this week? >> no. i don't think so. it will be a another opportunity to hear him speak. as he cold us a few weeks ago,
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his report is his testimony. >> let me trickle out to you. he put money on his account for the discussions. >> there's been an increase from congress, any testimony from this office would go beyond our report. it contains our findings and an analysis and the reasons for the decisions we made. >> the report is my testimony. i would not provide anything beyond this which is already sun six weeks ago. i have wrun everythione. most americans have not road the mueller report. if robert mueller were to sit
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there and give us the highlight of the report, that would contain video clips with very important points, that would be news to americans. >> linda, thank you for speaking with us today. >> my pleasure. pro-democracy protesters are kicking off demonstrations in hong kong. right now, they are gathering awareness of the political situation and into july. >> enormous crowds of people now shovel a top a lot to extra black of all of this. matt rivers is in hong kong covering this. rat? >> yes. we're not far from if mainland chinese territories. there's hundreds of people gathering at a protest than what
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is significantly smaller, than in which was the last protest. it was a localized issue. mainland products buying certain products and then bringing those products w s back to tell them. the protesters here are going to say conditions are worse than they have been in the past. the home prices, property prices, food prices, they have bon up in this part of hong k g kong. this is connected with everything. really challenging the this feeling. it's another example of what protesters would say is the hong
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kong's opportunity to do right by its people. this instance, they will take backer the, to more broadly because the extradition bill. and what protesters who are hoping for, is to built on the want almost this bill and mainland encreechmeoachment. it's smaller but it's been happening for the last six weeks. >> how would you identify the intention? we've seen police be heavy week. and we see the protesters kip over into violence. >> that's right.
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it's following a trend, during the spe the we'll see happens once the sun goes down. will there be peaceful roarkes? it should be to begin with. for now, very calm. protesters just trying to get their message out to the rest of the world. >> all right. thank you very much. i know you will keep monitoring. thank you. new orleans is facing one of the biggest flood threats it's seen in years. coming up, how the city plans to lead with tropical storm barry. ♪ ♪ here i go again on my own
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you're watching "cnn newsroom." i'm cyril vanier. here's the top stories. barry will be making landfall on the louisiana coast. the storm surge up to six feet is expected along the coast. about 20 inches of rain could fall before it's all over. vice president mike pence said he wasn't jaw by what he visited in texas. he visited one for families and
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said that they do not have access to showers. a trailer with showers arrived thursday. alexander acosta is the latest trump member to leave his pest. he faced wi ed criticism for th he didn't want the scandal to be a distraction. capitol hill is set to receive on his lil above two plans. the delay is to allow the former russia investigation for more time to speak. tropical storm barry is expected to be a beautiful in the coming hours.
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it's not just the wind that i'm worries about. this is what ryan young's report. >> reporter: asking people to stay at home. shelter in place. >> heavy rains, and storm surge towards louisiana. we want to take this seriously. barry is the first tropical season. >> prepare for levee rainfall, slow moving rainfall. >> the mississippi could ride another two to flee felt and level it out. it hasn't been reached for 70
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years. >> all these components are adding to your circumstance. >> they are confident that none of the city's pumps were mutt to the west as they are, briefly flooding streets and underpasses. >> we feel very, very good about the selpleegs and area. that's forcing monde inmandator leaf-threatening order. >> reporter: despite the order, some residents are shocking up on sandbags and it may be flooding. i don't see a point in when we have to leave. >> president trump has declared
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a state of surgery with the tru and there sunt want know. ryan young, cnn, atlanta. >> all of the floodgates have been posed. to protect the city from the mississippi. the mississippi river near flood stage, won't get much higher. that's the good news. earlier, i speak with ric rickyboyieh. i asked him how he felt about the heavies and their protect
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the city? >> the levee system is in great shape. we ha a situation where we had good news and the weather over the last couple days, as chested. it crested 60 per middle and that lessens it. we were looking at the surge of the outside, coming in. we have shut the system down. we don't see anything exceeding what the hurricane system has divide storm search? >> it was. as it was coming through, the anticipated, as the storm was muiring over to the east. what we're looking at now, is
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we've crested, it's going to be all drop. and so, we'll see it. now, a little bump in the river, but nothing like what we were singing up to this morning. >> that's where i don't quite follow. you haven't seen the more and the rain. >> we are. the surge came in at this level, it almost creates a blockage. it's like a clogged drain. as that storm started to move further to the west, you know, it's almost like it released thatted cragged rain. we're going to get a lot of
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rain, those areas around to new orleans. it will take a bit to get to us. >> the mayor system did say it could have been vulnerable. >> what we're looking at now is the rain coming in. he hasn't seen his jet. six or seven hours away out to our landfall. the pumping situation in new orleans -- the new orleans bowl is the higher levels, it has to be manually evacuated. the system is designed to edit on rainfall after that. you can start to see water
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buildup in this city? >> you know, we focus on the serge. all we see is the r there gow the rules as they manage the spokesman. >> thank you for your explanations, thanks. >> thank you, sir. tropical storm, barry, goes back to in a few hours. >> let's go back to eric van damme. what are you tracking? >> heavy rainfall. less potential for hurricane-worse wind gusts. that took out the gold medals region. we're talking to about storm
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surgery and your day-to-day title swings. we have our parches wave eventsen ties that go for a long time. when you see a tropical derr ration, smushen in here. you have to center the our call of two to power, and upwards of six felt, you can see how that is wilding, torting to take the first floors we went to in the nearby fam ra. according to three to six fealo
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emergency warning. the storm surgery threat appears dramatic quickly. not only the storm surge of but the amount of rain. uh you can start to see some of the bands that were performed to hurricane. this could be a it's important not to get caught up in the details. it doesn't matter. there isn't much between a low lapd-. . you can see just the available tropical moisture that is bringing in from the gulf of mexico. we have upwards of 6 higher amounts of wonderful.
12:41 am
that's why they all have a high risk of flash blooting to all keep thelic six after. this is current radar. and when we see the authorities. the way it sets up, the pewter rice and she is not there. power outages. should i just leave you minute for all of the storms we're following. >> just to make matters worse, right?" i learned a lot, each time i listen to you. we're going to keep covering this over the next few hours. the storm is expected to make
12:42 am
landfall in four to six inches. so, we're going to keep covering all of that in the coming hours of cnn. the u.k. says it doesn't want a conflict with the ron. are whey r
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a partial victory on capitol hill for 9/11 first responders and funding for their health care needs. the bill to fund the victims compensation fund will head to the senate, after overwhelmingly passing in the house. you see some of the first and responders here. and at the podium, one of the biggest advocates, comedian jon
12:46 am
stewart. the group is calling out mitch mcconnell and others, for not making this bill a priority. >> not many people can say they went to washington, d.c. and made the process work. we made -- we forced, we shamed the process to work. so, that is not in vain for that crime. i know lou is smiling. when lou gave me his shield to give to mitch mcdonnell, he said he was going to get this done before the summer recess. when we leave here, we're going to make sure that mcdonnell switches to his word.
12:47 am
>> the senate has never forgotten the sunday and isn't about to start now. donald trump is warning iran to be careful as tensions between the two nations are running high. this comes as the president is sending out a new incident. the u.k. is threatening the level of ships. >> the threat level going to its highest level for british shipping in the gulf, going to critical level three. this means that officials have to perhaps change their routing. the navy is sending in a destroyer. this will replace the vessel that tried to get to a
12:48 am
british-flagged tanker earlier in the week. everyone wanting to see how long that witchover takes. what we're hearing from the front office, being very clear, saying this is a time for cooler heads. we all have a responsibility to check shipping. i'm being briefed as to what is going on. we want to do everything to make sure we don't have an ix palestinely ihe had 2.1 million barrels of light
12:49 am
crude oil upstairs. they're arresting the captain and the first officer. the gipp waltons is all the oil he was going. and they are starting a doingous game of an ent. president trump is warning the iranians, and the damages of what they're doing. they're treading on dangerous territory. iran, if you're listening, better be careful. >> and the british almost's between the unite ed wing come e you at the will? >> no. there appears to be no off-ramp.
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nick roberson, the missile defense system. the first shipment of the surface-to-air system arrived in ankara on friday. washington opposed as a deal. parts of which are made by turkish companies. turkey says it has blej pledged whistles for any nato systems. it's the final day for the women at wimbledon. serena williams will be chasing a record. we'll tell you about her showdown with former world number one, simona do.
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it is finals weekend at wimbledon. serena williams goes for a record-equaling 24th grand slam title, when she faces simone in
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a halep. on sunday, the men's final. and religion religion could win a ninth wimbledon final. he beat rafael nadal in four sets on friday. and will face world number one, novak djokovic. scientists say futures aren't the only species to dance. case in point, snowball the d k cockat cockatoo. he is entertaining the complex and how big a bird's brap actually is. linda mccade. ♪ another one bites the dust >> reporter: but snowball, the crest eed cockatoo loves to dan. snowball lets loose with
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head-booking, tow-topping sfr gestures. he actually has 14 routines. ♪ everybody, everybody >> reporter: one went viral in 2007, when he rocked out to "everybody." researchers say it's rare for a species, other than humans, to spain spontaneous attach to creatures. snowball can make up his own steps. which is maybe not so scientific proof, that some girls, just like girls, want to have fun. linda kincaid, cnn.
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