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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  July 17, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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sounds like it was a wild night last nights on capitol hill. the house passed this formal rebuke of president trump. this resolution condemns the president's racist tweets that went after those four congresswomen of color and the vote fell largely down party lines. >> the vote itself was delayed nearly two hours amid a bitter partisan debate whether nancy pelosi a, the speaker of the house had actually violated house decorum rules by calling the president's tweets racist on the floor. now, this led to this moment with the congressman who was presiding over the house. >> we don't ever, ever want to pass up it seems an opportunity to escalate and that's what this is. we want to just fight. i abandon the chair. >> okay, congressman cleaver joins us now.
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good morning, congressman. >> good morning. >> why did you throw down your gavel and march away from the chair? >> well, because frankly i was embarrassed to remain as the chair presiding over what should have been a very shameful moment for all of us, and that is here we were in the house of representatives and every person who spoke violated the house rules. i presided -- i was asked to preside to try to make sure it was a fair kind of a thing and that's what i did. so i admonished every single speaker, democrat and republican and thought all i want to do is get through this ugly situation without adding any chaos to it. and then, of course, the motion to take down the words of the speaker i thought were just a total disgrace because i could have set the stage to take down the words of other republicans i spoke with, but i just wanted to
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get through it without embarrassing us anymore. >> explain that to me because nancy pelosi was punished for her words. i think she was sort of rendered silent for a little while, but who else violated the rules? what did they say? >> almost everybody who came up violated the rules. the actual legislation, racist was in the title violated the rules. unfortunately, it was a time for people to escalate and makes things worse. i think for some people there's some enjoyment. representative collins is a good
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and decent guy. i think he was put in a situation where it's our opportunity to get nancy pelosi and that's who they wanted. what i'm trying to say is there are other individuals including republicans whose words could have been taken down. but my word wuss this is ugly, embarrassing internationally, embarrassing to our children, let's just get through this. and we were about five minutes from getting through when someone decided to take down the words of the speaker. >> and congressman, what do you mean embarrassed? >> i don't know if anyone can look at what's going on here on capitol hill and think it's okay and think it's the normal way in which legislators conduct themselves. as i mentioned earlier and yesterday that people want to escalate. we're in a bad situation now. i'm just thinking about my children and the children all around the country, and here the adults on the floor -- think
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about the irony here. we're entertaining a resolution in which the president -- to condemn the president of the united states for saying words that are just in 2019 unthinkable to fall from the lips of the presidency. and so instead of just dealing with that now we're trying to deal with the words of the speaker of the house who is trying to condemn the president hoping that he would stop. but using this toxic language, of course he's not. my understanding he's quite pleased with the way things happened yesterday. i'm not. i was embarrassed as a legislator in the united states house of representatives. can you imagine what the world is thinking as they watch this dysfunctionality here in washington? >> are you saying you are now embarrassed to be a member of congress? >> well, everybody on the house -- but i was certainly
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embarrassed to preside over a session where the goal was to make things worse. and i didn't want to be a part of it and of course nancy pelosi did violate the rules of the house. >> when you say it was the goal of some people to make it worse, who are those people? >> well, people on the republican side i think are the ones who moved to strike -- to take down the words of nancy pelosi. i just want everybody to understand that with the footage, everybody who spoke could have had their words taken down. i'm saying it was a design to do that, to take down the words of nancy pelosi, not anybody who violated the rules. >> i mean, why is there a rule
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that you can't say that the president's words are racist? isn't that a little limiting if you want to call the president's words racist? >> well, you know, when you think about it some of the great have stood in the house of representatives, it is supposed to be a dignified spot. now, that rule is put in the house rules books, and that rule can be changed. and it hasn't been used since 1984 anyway. almost the identical thing
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happened. >> what are you going to do the next time the president tweets? what's your suggestion for the next time this happens? >> look, all the chaos that's taking place here in washington derives from one human being and a tweet. i think, you know, we're having government by tweet, legislation by tweet, debate by tweet. and i think at some point we, the legislators, as well as frankly as the media, let the president just tweet away, tweet away his presidency. but we can't continue to react to this. he's going to insult inothers. he's going to speak some untruths and so forth. we need to just let him hang out at the white house to do that. to the degree we can still do legislation and get some things done, we ought to do it. my suggestion to the house and the senate and the people of the country is to forget the man's
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tweets. i mean, i think he's playing this like a -- he knows there will be a reaction and he also knows that a portion of his base is okay with him, you know, insulting people. and that's unfortunate for the united states of america. >> congressman, thank you very much for explaining your view from the front row of what happened yesterday. we really appreciate you being on "new day." >> the democratic caucus in the house uniting in condemning president trump's racist tweets. there appears to be a rift between house speaker nancy pelosi and the 40 members of congress that became known as the squad. prompting criticism from pelosi. ocasio-cortez then accused the speaker of targeting the group because they are women of color. well, this morning the squad discussed that feud for the
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first time. >> she has any right to sit down any moment at any time with any of us. she is speaker of the house. she can ask for a meeting to sit down for clarification. acknowledge the fact we are women of color so when you do single out be aware of that especially since some of us are getting death threats and some of us are being singled out in many ways because of our background and experiences and so forth. >> are you interested in having a conversation face-to-face with house speaker nancy pelosi? >> absolutely. and we'll reach out to that end. >> absolute ly interested. well, when will that meeting happen, will it happen, what's the communication between the
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a dramatic moment on capitol hill last night as representative cleaver dropped his gavel frustrated at what was happening, telling alyson just moments ago he was actually embarrassed. sir, always good to have you with us. >> thank you very much for having me. >> as we just heard from congressman cleaver, he said not only was he embarrassed but every person who spoke violated house rules, that the legislation itself which has racist in the title also violates the rules and essentially said that the president is playing you. did democrats do themselves a disservice last night? >> well, i think all of us can agree that this mr. president is a master of distraction and he will do anything he can in order to keep the american peoples minds off of what really ails
5:15 am
them. on yesterday we were scheduled to debate and we did to some extent the intelligence reauthorization act. and we're going to do that today. intelligence is important to the security of this country and that's what we should be focused on. on tomorrow we're going debate raising minimum wage for the first time in ten years. no one is talking about that, and that's what we need to be talking about. i've said to some of my friends in the media, i would hope that some media entities can spend a day on focusing on the legislation that's been passed by this house sent to the
5:16 am
senate. and i'm telling them, we've done this, we've done that, we've done the other, and they say, well we don't know anything about that. and that's simply because we cannot get the media to focus on the issues that we are debating, that are affecting the american people. we just had last week senator coons was on earlier and i agree with him 100%. last week we were discussing what it's going to be like if the fifth circuit court of appeals were to get rid of obamacare. and we cannot get the country to focus on that. here we are this week. we ought to be talking about that. the number one issue of the american people, health care. we aren't talking about health care. >> i will say, sir, this morning on this program we talked about health care. listen, we cover as much as we can but the onus is not only the
5:17 am
media. democrats themselves held this vote on a resolution last night. that is part of what's happening in the house and it's important to hold that resolution was held so the question then becomes are you giving it too much oxygen. and to your point if you want to see what's happening in washington should you be shifting the focus? >> i agree with that. i used to be in the business so i know what it is to try and attract people to your headlines or to your newspapers. i was in the newspaper business, and so i don't know a whole lot about the television, but i did know this. that you go to great lengths to try and focus on people who are particularly interested iphim. i'm saying all of us ought to spend a little more attention not just reporting on what we're
5:18 am
doing up here but focusing on it because i think the american people need to be informed about what it is the legislators are doing and not be so preoccupied with a lawless president who seems not to care much about the law. >> and there is a lot happening as you point out. we have seven legislatorive days left right now to deal with the budget. hopefully we'll see even more of a development in the coming days. i do want to get your take, too because a resolution we saw last night by representative al green, of course, would introduce articles of impeachment. you've said in the past you believe impeachment proceedings are inevitable. you now, though, as a member of leadership have some decisions to make. where do you stand on this? >> well, i've said before that i do believe we ought to build a foundation upon which to cast that kind of vote. and i've said time and time again we're not there yet.
5:19 am
our committees are doing good work, and we are really developing what i think is a foundation that we can make a solid decision upon. look, we -- if you go back to watergate john's testimony and mr. butterfield, those two peoples testimony is what broke that open. and we never got to an impeachment of richard nixon. we didn't need to because the american people, wunonce they s the record of what john dean had to say and alexander butterfield, that was it for the american people. before that point less than 30% of the american people favored impeachment. but after those two testimonies over 70% of the american people favored impeachment.
5:20 am
and then nixon saw the handwriting on the wall. that's what we're trying to do now. have these people come in and get the testimony, build a foundation and maybe we can get this president to see what's on the wall. >> really quickly, i want to get your take on something that was said by representative ayanna pressley over the weekend. take a listen. >> you know, when you say things hike the speaker of the house is being disrespectful to women of color, is she according to you being disrespectful to women of color because of your color or because she doesn't like your policies or the tactics that you all are taking to make your point? >> right and i'll clarify. i did not say that she was disrespectful of women of color. i found some of the comments disrespectful. and that was my personal opinion. and i did feel that singling out on the basis of one vote was
5:21 am
creating an opening. but that doesn't mean that we -- that we fundamentally disagree or fundamentally disrespect each others position and power and ability to be here. and that's what makes us united as a caucus. that of course representative alexandria ocasio-cortez. and that came from an interview just released this morning. i was also referencing what she had to say over the weekend, saying we don't need anymore brown faces that don't want to be a brown voice. we don't need anymore black faces that don't want to be a black voice. we need you to represent that voice. are you concerned about a growing racial divide within the democratic party? >> i do not think there's a growing racial divide within the democratic party there or racial issues in this country and the flames have been fanned by this
5:22 am
president. and so i do believe we are and should have a discussion of race. look, i've been around a long time. i'm from south carolina. i know what it is to live in that kind of environment. but i bring that experience here to the dprsz, others bring their experiences here to the congress. some of those experiences were medicated upon racial differences. and some of them are gender differences. some of them have to do with preferences. and we should have all of those discussions but we can do that in a way that we can be respectful of each other, and i do believe that that is taking place. >> sorry, sir, i don't mean to cut you off. we're out of time. thanks for taking the time this morning. >> thank you very much for having me. >> okay, erika, you've given us a lot to discuss there so let's bring in jonathan martin
5:23 am
national correspondent for "the new york times," abbey phillips, and josh green, cnn political analyst and national krunt for blimbering business week. okay, josh, we just heard that new sound released this morning from the squad, and that was where congresswoman ocasio-cortez was talking about ongoing tension with nancy pelosi and at this point after the vote last night, after all the tension that has been on display between the squad and other democrats, is there a thinking that nancy pelosi will be able to corral them somehow because really president trump has exploited all of that and capitalized on it to sow discord among the democrats. >> yeah, i think so. if you go back three, four days before trump's tweets the big story in the democratic party was what appeared to be this merging racial divide between the squad and speaker pelosich and now i think thank tuesday
5:24 am
the president's tweets they've had an effect of unifying democrats againsts. and if you're a democrat that's an easy vote to take. and all the drama, all the republican push back, all the attacks have served to minimize that divide in the republican party and unify against the president. >> part of what we also heard in that interview, there's not a lot of chitchat happening, there's not a lot of unity happening. gael king asked specifically whether she wants to sit down one-on-one with nancy pelosi. cnn later confirmed that nancy pelosi's office said they did receive a request for a one-on-one meeting between the two lawmakers yesterday. so as we look at that, it does beg the question of just how much communication there actually is and how much unity there is behind the scenes. >> not very much until yesterday spaernl.
5:25 am
i think president trump may have helped force that meeting and may have created a rallying effect. but here's where president trump i don't think is going to be a factor. the left wing allies of aoc want to effectively run purge campaigns in democratic primaries next year against democratic incumbents who they view as insufficiently progressive. that's how aoc came to office against joe crowley last year and they have a list of democrats in the house they're going to go after. that's going to create problems with pelosi and the democratic leadership no matter what tweets president trump sends out because the democrats are not going to tolerate primaries against sitting members that are basically tacitly supported if not outright supported by other members of the house. and that's really the tension point, guys. as much as anything else policy-wise, process-wise in the house is all allies of aoc
5:26 am
trying to unseat sitting democrats and colleagues in the house. >> on a separate note, abbey, nbc has gotten their hands this morning on this old archival footage of a pool party at jeffrey epstein's house and donald trump seem tuesday be one of the only other men there. and it's from 1992. you can see that they were quite close at the time. they are talking about which women -- oh, sorry, this is at mar-a-lago. my mistake, this is mar-a-lago and squefry epstein is the guest. and there's a whole bevy of women who have been it seems flown in for this very occasion. donald trump is commenting on their looks. and you had said earlier that the white house is aware of this, and basically just -- i mean donald trump has already said after this he had a falling out with jeffrey epstein.
5:27 am
but are they concerned that this is somehow a har bingbinger of stuff to come? >> well, this is quite a bit before the falling out but people in the white house are aware it is possible there could be more footage just like this, more photos more images, more interviews illustrating the relationship donald trump and jeffrey epstein did actually have at a time when donald trump was known to be a playboy, known to be the type of person who would attend parties with lots of women. i mean, this was not at the time unusual for him. and so one of it reasons why all of this blew up with jeffrey epstein and one of the president's cabinet secretaries alex accost was caught up in it, it was seen by some somehow aides as an effort to sort of cut off one potential
5:28 am
vulnerability for them. but there's clearly another vulnerability right there, and it's just the president himself, a well-established relationship with someone who has a long history of allegations of sexual assault, sex trafficking against minors, not just women but minors. and so it becomes that, a potential problem. this particular tape is the two of them, they're talking. but at the same time the case in new york unfolding is just getting started. we don't really know and i think the white house doesn't really know what more is going to be uncovered about what jeffrey epstein did and didn't do and who he did and didn't do it with. and so is remains a vulnerability for the president any time there's a video footage. as david axelrod said earlier this is not the first time for president trump. the "access hollywood" was as bad if not worse than this and the white house and president have just brushed it off two years later. so we'll see what kind of political impact this all has.
5:29 am
>> thank you all very much. so another republican is considering challenging president trump in 2020. we'll let you know who that is, and we will talk to him about why he is now considering diving into this race. [ birds chirping ]
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president trump's cell of the republican party is on full display this week with many congressional republicans defending his racist tweets. why then would any republican take the chance of running against the president in a primary? well, let's find out from our next guest who's considering doing just that, he's mark sanford, of course the former republican governor and congressman from south carolina. good morning, governor. >> good morning to you. >> why would you ever want to reengage with this blood sport particularly at a time when so many of our fellow republicans are so aligned with president trump? >> that's a good question. i struggling with that on any given morning here, but i guess it boils down to this. i think we're walking our way towards the most predictable
5:34 am
financial crisis in the history of our nation. if you look at our numbers in terms of debt and deficits, we're having a zero conversation on that very front. i think the republican party which i've been a part of for a long time has abandoned its conversation even on the importance of financial reality. and so i'm just struck by if nobody says something we're going to wait until the next presidential election cycle to have this needed conversation on where we go next as a country, on debt spends [the deficits accruing. >> here are the numbers and they are jaw dropping, you are right. so in 2019 the deficit is projected to be $1 trillion. the national debt is projected to be $22.5 trillion. i remember when john mccain used to say that congress was, you know, spending like a drunken sailor on leave, but now you don't hear republicans saying that.
5:35 am
what's happened to all the deficit hawks that were in the republican party? >> well, to your earlier point, we're in a cultive personality right now. trump is very, very strong personality and nobody wants to be on the receiving end of a bad trump tweet. but it's incumbent on all of us to simply go out and say the truth, which is we can't stay on the train we're on. the trillion dollar number you just mentioned, you know, that's the tip of the iceberg. that presumes that we stay in this low interest environment that we're in right now. you know, if interest rates were to go up by just one point it adds $160 billion of spending. so you'll hear a lot of debate in congress over $4 billion or $5 billion or $20 billion. $160 billion, that's more than we spend on uniform personnel in the military. all 1.2 million acive duty and
5:36 am
reservests. so there are a lot of groups out there saying it's not just looking at one. we could be look at $2 trillion deficits over the next few years that would be crippling to our economy, to the jobs people need, frankly to our currency, to a whole lot of things fundamental to people building a life. >> haven't you already tried running against president trump in one form or another? you are one of the only republicans who would criticize president trump, and you lost your congressional seat. so why would this time be any different? >> well, that's why i've been quiet for the last six months. again, i was at the bad receiving end of one of those trump tweets and ainable of them. it didn't work out for me well in the congressional race, but this is much bigger conversation. and, you know, i've had conversations with my son and had conversations with their friends.
5:37 am
i said i'll give 30 days to give it a look and see if people and energy and resources come my way. and if so i'll go. and if not, i won't. but, you know, if we don't speak up, if we don't find ways of speaking up we're going to be in a world of hurt. you know, it's telling to me that, you know, the former -- i guess clinton chief of staff said we're walker towards the most predictable deficit. when asked what's the biggest threat to the american way of life, to our civilization, he answers not the chinese and the taliban but the american debt. we have a profound math problem coming our way, and it's not our grandkids issue or our kids issue. this is coming in the next couple of years. we're now in the longest economic recovery in american history. these fault lines are going to show up soon. we do not have the chance to
5:38 am
wait four years to have this debate. >> on a personal note are you worried if you get into the race that president trump will bring up your own marital infidelity at every turn and that will take a personal toll? >> well, i'm sure he will and the republican party in south carolina already has. and so, look, i mean i don't know how many ways i can express this, i am an imperfect person saved by god's grace, end of story. but the reality is we're all imperfect and we all have things and chapters of a life we wish we could rewind and push replay on. if he wants to rehash that, he can rehash that. if i want to be truthful to my four boys and friends out there, it's incumbent on one of us to say let's raise the white flag and say we've got to try a different approach.
5:39 am
i'm an imperfect messenger, no doubt about it. and that's why i waited since my primary loss last june. i hope somebody would go, but nobody has, and again friends kept coming to me over the last couple of months saying, look, just give it a try for 30 months and see what happens. and so that's what i'm doing. >> thank you very much for explaining it all to us here on "new day." >> yes, ma'am. this is not the end. that's the message from eric gardener's mother after the justice department decided not to pursue charges against the officer who used a choke hold on her son. >> five years ago my son said i can't breathe 11 times and today we can't breathe. >> details on the justice department's decision next. wow!
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in just minutes mexican drug lord el chapo guzman will be sentenced and there's a canc the public may hear from him. jason, good morning. >> reporter: and his wife ema
5:44 am
will be there to hear it. she just entered the courtroom not too long ago. this looks like this is going to be the final chapter in the notorious life of el chapo guzman. as you know he was found guilty on all ten federal charges including running a criminal enterprise which carries a mandatory life sentence. during his trial jurors heard grisly testimony during the course of the trial about 26 murders and the torture of 26 people that he allegedly took part in. prosecutors called him a, quote, ruthless and bloodthirsty leader of the sincartel. one of his defense attorneys said guzman as you know who did not testify during his trial is expected to make a statement during his sentencing this
5:45 am
morning. >> he has an absolute right of allocution, and would be shocked if he did not alcute, speak today and i do accept he will speak today. i think he's going to indicate he was wrongfully brought here to the united states, that he was kept in horrific conditions for a long period of time, but also he wanted to thank the guards at mmc for treating him in a humane manner and also the u.s. marshals for treating him well during trial. >> reporter: i think you heard him mention mcc, that's the metropolitan correction center in manhattan. it is known as being one of the most secure federal facilities in the united states, and given the fact that guzman or el chapo as he's notoriously known escaped from prison in 2001 and again in 2015 federal officials wanted to make sure he was located at the most secure federal facility here in the
5:46 am
united states. sentencing expected to get under way, alyson, at 9:15. >> yeah, we will see how secure it is. jason carol, thank you very much. okay, so there are protests in harlem after the justice department announced it will not bring federal charges against the new york city whofrs who used that deadly choke hold on eric garner. this was unexpected. >> to them it was. and it took five years when you think about this is something that should not have taken five years. and the department of justice waited until the very last minute. today would have been the day that the statute of limitations would have expired and they waited until the last minute. and the reason for that is because different administrations, different u.s. attorneys were overseeing this case. we had a change of hands here. there was a lot of infighting between the folks at the department of justice and even the fbi, folks at the fbi who didn't want to see charges be
5:47 am
brought and then you had folks at the department of justice who did want to see charges brought. in the end the attorney general bill barr making the decision not to bring charges. and here's how the family reacted to all this yesterday. >> in the courtroom playing the video. this man choked my father out on the streets, choked him with no remorse. >> all the officers that were involved in my son's death that day need to be off the force. five years ago, it was me, it was my family. today or tomorrow it could be your family. >> so the criminal investigation and all of this now over. the only thing that's left is for the nypd to decide the officer's fate, whether or not he keeps his job, whether or not he gets fired. and that, alyson is all up to the nypd commissioner who'll
5:48 am
make the decision within the coming weeks. >> it doesn't sound like it's over yet obviously for the neighborhood or the family. here's a look at what else to watch today. >> see, feel, climb. first out, last in. look around corners, look in crannies. go down dark alleys. lose yourself. catch a lift. push boundaries. go walk about. get set, go after the goosebumps. never stop discovering. she was one of just two survivors of a plane crash that killed 107 people. now she's finding hope after tragedy through music. her story is today's "turning points." >> music is something that has always been there for me even before i opened my eyes after
5:49 am
the accident. the accident happened on december 10, 2005. i was 16 years old and i was a senior in high school. there were 109 of us total including the flight crew. about 15 to 20 minutes descending i remember this loud scraping sound. my next vivid memory is opening my eyes in the hospital bed in south africa five weeks later. i had third degree burns over 65% of my body. i was one of two survivors. music was part of my healing journey. my voice somehow had gotten better, like it changed significantly. i was just happy that i had this one good thing really that had come out of this horrible tragedy. america's got talent has been one of the most amazing things that ever happened to me in my life. i get to see places that i would never have if not for singing.
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a rare display of
5:55 am
bipartisanship on capitol hill oz both republicans and democrats took turns trashing big tech. fis book, amazon, google, apple all taking heat over their size and power. so, what happened? >> well, you had a very sharp questioning of these tech executives on capitol hill yesterday where you had lawmakers asking sharp questions about things like facebook's power in the social media marketplace and whether or not it holds a monopoly there. you had lawmakers asking about google and what it's diagnose to combat fake listings on google maps. and finally another big topic here was amazon's relationship to third party sellers on its platform and whether or not the company uses data from those third party sellers to then advantage its own products there. chairman david cicilliny went after amazon yesterday on this very topic.
5:56 am
let's take a look at what he said. >> you do collect enormous data about what products are popular, what's selling, where they're selling. you're saying you don't use that in any way to promote amazon products? >> let me answer that -- >> i'll remind you, sir, you're under oath. >> yes, thank you for your question. we use data to serve our customers and to clarify my question we don't use individual seller data to directly can compete with them. >> notice how he said we don't use individual seller data which still leaves open the question whether or not amazon uses seller data. this is leading into this morning an announcement by the european union that it's taking a look on formal anti-trust investigation into this very subject. >> i do feel that raised some more questions that need to be answered, brian. thank you very much for reporting on this for us. okay, so the so-called squad
5:57 am
is spnlding to president trump's attacks. newsroom is next after this very quick break. government by and for all the people -
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a very good wednesday morning to you. i'm jim sciutto. >> and i'm poppy harlow. the question today now what. after chaos erupts on the house floor to condemn the president's racist tweets


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