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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  July 17, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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ounces, 19 inches tall. sending our warmth congratulations best wishes to the great new family. i'm wolf blitzer. follow me on twitter and instagram at wolf blitzer tweet at cnn sit room. erin burnett outfront starts right now. >> breaking news, more than 40% of democrats going against pelosi's wishes voting to keep alive a resolution to impeach president trump. and speaker pelosi keep her party in check? plus president trump claims he is enjoying the fight over racist tweets showing no signs of letting up attack sns how do supporters feel tonight. bernie sanders fighting back over health care. does sanders plan to pay for the med proposal add up? >> and i'm erin burnett, outfrontle the breaking news the house of representative rejecting a bid to launch impeachment proceedings against president trump and president trump declaring victory. telling reporters seconds ago we
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just received overwhelming vote against impeachment and that's the end of it. he called it a ridiculous projects. fighting high over the saga over the racist tweets is playing out. >> the do you think you're winning this political fight? >> i do think i'm winning the political fight. i think i'm winning it by a lot. >> and at least by one measure he is right. because even a majority of democrats voted against impeachment al green ending a round nancy pelosi to force the vote. the resolution to move maid on impeachment because of the tweets, not because of obstruction of justice or anything related to the mueller report. no. the tweets. and this vote highlighted the growing skichl in the democratic party. speaker pelosi making it clear she thinks that this was a big waste of time. >> do you have any concerns that the focus on impeachment today and the votes on the floor related to it could jeopardize
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robert mueller's appearance next week. >> no i think we'll get rid of all this right now. >> dismissive. get rid of it right now. she did. she wants the focus on the upcoming it testimony and 448 page report. she was victorious in the vote. but tonight's vote did show a growing number of democrats do not like how pelosi is handling impeachment. they are getting restless. and this wing seems intent on ignoring pelosi commands. even though pelosi exists going for impeachment is playing into trump's hands. >> don't tell anybody i told you this. trump -- i use his name. okay. trump is goading us to impeach him. that's what he is doing. every single day. he is just like, taunting, taunting, taunting. bus he knows that it would be very divisive in the country. but he doesn't really care. just wants to solidify his base.
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>> the president upping his rhetoric against the poor democratic congresswoman as this continuing listen to him before leaving for a ral in north carolina. >> when you look at some of the things they said they're unthinkable. if somebody else or mow or anybody else said things like that it would be historic. >> so, look, the president doubling down, tripling down and sending more democrats to take on speaker pelosi. forcing her to tri to stuff the impeachment genie in the bottle. >> manu raju live outside on capitol hill. s in a vote she didn't want to happen. it's put democrats in a tough position tonight. >> that's right. and a lot of democrats did not want to go this route because they wanted to wait for the mueller hearing to take place first. even supporters of opening up impeachment inquiries were not comfortable and actually did not support ultimately voting for in impeachment, articles of impeachment focus ds on the
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notion that the president is a racist not anything to do with the allegations of obstruction of justice laid out in the mueller probe. but al green, a democrat who pushed this measure defended this effort told me moments ago it's the right thing to do, erin. he told me he is not done pushing in measure. he said that he is not -- i asked him if he is willing to do it again. he said i don't want to do it again. i hope someone else will do it. but if no one else does it then i will. and under the rules any member can force a vote despite the wishes of nancy pelosi. and al green defied the speaker in pushing forward in this. . and green sees it as a positive development he told me. he is not concerned if the president is portraying this as a big political victory. because he says more and more people are understanding the process. 95 democrats voted for the resolution, more than the amount of democrats voting in 2017 and 2018 for impeachment articles of impeachment at that time 58 in 2017 and 66 in 2018 democrats
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voted to keep alive an impeachment resolution. so the proponents push one which to force the house's hand on articles of kbeepment. nancy pelosi saying let's do something else. investigate the president, see what we turn up. put the bricks on the calls for impeachment. all the while people like gerry nadler the house chairman privately called for impeachment inquiry continued to call for it. but at the moment democrats to do what pelosi wants even as the number of democrats growing number of democrats want to open up formal impeachment proceedings. >> it's -- they are obviously she is trying to hold the line here. but she is shedding the support and you can hear the president celebrating. i want to congressman dan kildee and i appreciate your time, congressman. you voted i understand to go ahead with the impeachment proceedings against what speaker pelosi wanted. why. >> first of all, i think the
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president should be subject to impeachment inquiry. i will say this the position many members took was more nuanced than many think. many of the member like me supporting impeachment inquiry did not vote with -- did not oppose the tabling motion, because they didn't like this particular approach. and i sort of share that. i think what mr. green. >> meaning you don't like the going ahead with impeachment for ra racism as the reason. my feeling was this should have been referred to the judiciary committee rather than tabled. but i share the view that many colleagues share that this is not the approach that we should take. i don't think one member using the privileges of the house should impose a set of impeachment articles on everyone else and ask for yes or no vote. having said that, with we don't get to vote with footnotes. we have to vote yes or no, red or green.
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my view was i would have preferred to see in referred to the judiciary committee to commence an impeachment inquiry, and then open up -- i think much more significant misdeeds by the president. knows outlined in the mueller report. >> you say because of the mueller report or obstruction of justice that's where you see the reason for impeachment. you vote okay even though you don't support al green's reason for impeachment. i want to be clear, congressman, do you think fundamentally president trump could be impeached for being racist? >> no, i mean i mean we can object to the racism and we took a strong stand yesterday. but if we go down the path of impeachment which i support it should be for the clear violation that is we see in the mueller report. >> okay. so al green as you heard just spoke to manu a few moments ago. one of the things he said was, quote, in my opinion we got 95 votes this time, 66 last time. so that's a plus. toes he have a point in speaker pelosi wanted this to fail. yet the numbers go in the other direction. i know you are saying a lot of
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people had different reasons for getting there. but a heck of a lot more people are getting there as in question on impeachment proceedings, congressman than a year ago or before that. so is she losing support? >> well, i don't really see this as being something for or against what the speaker, you know, is looking for. we all have to think for ourselves. and particularly on a case like this we have to make our own judgments. i put it this way. support for impeachment inquiry is clearly growing in support. there are many members who did not vote against the tabling motion mo support impeachment. so the number is growing much more than from just 66 to 95. there is is i think significant support for in path. >> a lawmaker inside the house democrats meeting today told our dana bash that there was discussion on internal polling among democrats. the message was the impeachment thing is not working. there is frustration, frustration with the four
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democratic congresswoman who in the meeting was the perception sort of pull the party in this direction. but they are saying look, the internal polling shows that is not what voters year welcomely want. they want infrastructure and other things. are you concerned? and are you concerned the squad or others are pulling your party too far down the impeachment hall. >> well, i think we actually have to be able to do more than one thing at a time. this is why i think getting the judiciary committee moving on inquiry would free the committees that have jurisdiction over infrastructure, over health care to really focus on that agenda. i think we -- i think that concern is legitimate. and when we go to the american people during the recess we have to be able to talk about the issues that affect them at the kitchen able every single day. but that does not mean we get to ignore the constitutional obligation. and i don't think we should poll test the constitution. i think we have an obligation to follow it. and in in case i think it is taking us to a place we have to enforce the constitution on this president, whether it polls well
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or not. >> as i mentioned the president is very clear this is a win for him tonight the vote as he sees it and the entire emborrowinglyio with the congresswoman is a boon for him here is he said what. >> i think i'm winning the political fight. i'm winning by a lot. the democratic party is going in a direction nobody thought possible. they are going so far left they are falling off a cliff. >> do you have any concern about that? >> look, no, i don't. we have an agenda that's clear around health care, growing wages, around cleaning up government we continue to pursue that's what the american people want. but if there is anyone that i'm going to take political advice from it's a long list. and at the very end of the list is donald trump. lack, he is just not a credible observer of what's happening in american politics. it's kind of a strange thing z to say about the president of the united states. but i don't listen to what he says that often anymore. >> congressman, i appreciate
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your time thank you very much, zblier thank you. >> and next president trump about to spook at the rally in north carolina. it's a must win state for him. and he is putting time in. will this give him the edge in 2020 plus the battle lines drawn over health care bernie sanders taking on critics unafraid. do voters wantway he is selling. and van jones goes to kroushl state of pennsylvania to find out what voters thing about trump's tweets. what van found out in the past day is going to surprise you. is that net carbs or total?... eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good...
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looking at live pictures out of north carolina, president trump about to speak at a campaign rally for his 2020 re-election bid. you see the vice president there speaking. trump about to take that podium. as he continues to defend his attacks on foreign democratic congresswoman of color but denies relishing the entire feud. >> i'm not relishing the fight. i'm enjoying it because i have to get the word out to the american people. and you have to enjoy what you do. i enjoy what i do. that's not where our country wants to be. we're not going to go and we're not going to be a socialist country. it's not going to happen. >> i guess enjoying and relishing are perhaps not exact synonyms. the kaitlyn collins is outfront at greenville. you spent time talking to the people there, waiting in line to hear this president, his supporters how do they feel about his attacks on the democratic congresswoman? >> erin, we spoke to about 10 or so of the president's supporter
4:16 pm
here in the arena tonight. people waiting hours for the president and you really saw what it a divider it is and between washington and here and over the reaction to the president's tweets on sunday where he told the four democratic congresswoman to go back where they came from even though most were born in the united states. frankly the president's supporters said they did not see the attacks as racist at all. they said actually they agree with the president and his sentiment if you don't love the united states he should go home even when they were faced with what those women had said in that interview which is what they did love the country they were trying to make changes. but what you essentially saw was them saying no they think it's the congresswoman was the racist not president trump. they made clear they support how he came out of all of that. but erin, of course we should note these are supporters of the president opinion there was a big divide in washington between democrats and republicans and the white house over the reaction to the president's comments but the real question and what the campaign is going to be looking for is how the
4:17 pm
more moderate or undecided voter react to the president's comments. >> thank you very much kaitlyn collie lyns there as you can hear the president taking the stage. outfront now scottgenics abspecial assist to president george w. bush and former senior spokesperson for hillary for america hillary finishy. you heart kaitlyn. paem going to the rally support what he says sure but if the president waste's twraeg strategy was to use the attacks et energy them to get them to turn out and vote for him it appears to be working. >> absolutely. we knew all along that this this was going to be his strategy from -- for 2020. it's exactly what he did in 2016 where he main streamed the alt-right from the beginning. the hyperbolic rhetoric, the thing is these four women represent change in america. they represent very different
4:18 pm
communities, different parts of our country, like myself we are just as american as anybody else. but we have different types of american stories. but we're all part of the american story. that's not the vision that trump is putting forward. his vision says those people you should be afraid of because they're going to take away everything you love, going to take away jobs, going to do -- they are violent, murders and what you. and of course it's in his interest to stoke up that hate, stoke up the rage. i got to tell you on some of this i'm not surprised because remember the trump supporters it's baked in. they don't know what it's like to be a wlak person in america and get told to your face as a 6-year-old go back to africa. he knew what he was doing. he took the political opportunity and here we are. >> scott, whether it works or not -- and clearly if the goal is to motivate his base at least right now in the short time frame it is working. are you comfortable with him you know telling, you know, people of color brunn and black to go
4:19 pm
back where they came from the country they came from when they are born here in the united states of america? >> what i think the president is doing is trying to take the attention off the presidential candidates and put the attention on people in the democratic party that he thinks are giving him the brightest line between his message and what he wants to run against. >> his socialism thing. >> yeah, he wants to run against the socialist, radical change, the policies that the four women represent he thinks this gives him the best chance to not just hold his base together -- we talk a lot about the base -- but for the people who maybe are a little bit center-right, maybe they stuck with him last time maybe they didn't. maybe they're not comfortable with radical economic change in the country. i think making them -- and look what's happened this week where is kamala harris joe biden, mayor pete not on tv. the people on tv this week are the squad and nancy pelosi trying to hold them back. and so that's frankly i think that he is winning the taqle battle. >> that's an interesting point.
4:20 pm
karen to that point, right he is trying to say they are going so far left and going off the cliff and defining the party by the four congresswoman as opposed to by the piem running for president, here is one of them. one of the four women ayanna pressley talking about president trump this morning. here she is. >> we can talk about and spin out on -- about hateful words. which are predictable prompt by the occupant of this white house. and i call him that, not because i don't have respect for the oval office. >> but it's not because you don't have respect for the oval office you call the president of the united states the occupant. >> he is occupying the space. he does not embody the principles, the responsibility, the grace, the integrity of a true president. >> so karen is that a problem, to -- you have someone saying i
4:21 pm
won't even call president trump the president. >> not taufl, frankly a lot of americans have done that from day one, frankly, and unfortunately time and time again in president has shown a real lack of understanding of grace of appreciation and respect for the office of the president. >> do you think democrats want to be defined by -- by people who hold public office who refuse to call the president, the president is that who they want to be defined by. >> that's who are defined by that a media narrative. the president doesn't decide who defines the democratic party. dan kildee who you had on part the are the party. john lewis is part of the democratic party. these four women represent a part of the party. i think also remember what he is doing. remember that ilhan omar when she didn't realize what she had said was a racist troep, anti-semitic trope when she realized that she apologized. we never heard that from president trump. the other issues working gun
4:22 pm
safety measures helping people with credit card issues. my point is you can't cherry pick who they are and what they are about and say that's what the party is about. >> i hear you. but i have to say if you are copping out and say you won't call the president the president you can say a lot of substantive thoughtful things and people will hear that louder than anything else. they are we know that. scott you smile because that is, mana to the republican ears certainly the president's zbleers when balm wab i called him president obama. i call nancy pelosi speaker pelosi called me old fashioned you by i respect people who won elections and bestowed the responsibilities but if you want to role the beautiful bean foot annual and whether we are calling president trump the president or not that's fiep. that's not sounding reasonable to the average american voter in middle america. all donald trump has though do is win states the he won last time and lose a couple to retain the white house. >> i want to ask about this he is focusing like a laser on states he one but barrel so. ones that are so close.
4:23 pm
name dropping the swing states every time he can to say look i care about them. campaign rallies like at right now he is making sure everybody knows what he is focused on. >> right. you know, look, and here is the problem. trump has not in any way shape or form grown his electorate, grown the base. you way you win elections you have to figure out your voters and grow the eekright. if anything -- and you talked about in with kaitlyn. he is probably shrinking bus we know the independents and republicans last time were kind of 50/50 not sure, now they know, kellyanne conway likes to say what oechds me is not what affects me. that was the strategy around some of the things that trump would say. i think the difference this time is that people understand that it does affect you if the president creates a divisive climate in the country or at war with our -- with nato and our friends. so i think it's going to be different this time. >> scott, let me just play him
4:24 pm
because i want everyone to hear it. >> michigan and ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina, south carolina, florida, florida, north carolina, south carolina, ohio. >> ohio. to pennsylvania, to north carolina. south carolina, florida and what's the name of this special place? it's called wisconsin. >> that's where he is pending him time scott. literally saying again and again and do those states. >> all he has though do is win what he won and he can lose a couple and still hold the white house. i don't agree that he actually has a shrinking base. he you look at the poll recently he has the highest poll a few days ago. i think he is right to strategize on focusing on the coalition of states that delivered him the white house. and again, it's on democrats to take away states and he can lose
4:25 pm
a couple and still win. he may lose one or two but that won't take the white house away. i would expect him to campaign in the close states process. north carolina will be a close state. i'm glad he is there tonight. >> thank you both very much. >> and bernie sanders saying his health care plan could cost $40 triple. you got to give him credit. it's a massive number out there. how is he paying for if van jones traveling to pennsylvania and talking to americans saying they are standing by trump despite the racist attacks. >> i feel like a young black dude with tattoos and stuff why are you supporting trump given racially inflammatory rhetoric? pnc bank has technology to help make banking easier,
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ton the fight for 2020, bernie sanders firing back against democratic candidates criticizes his medicare for all plan. >> i hear over and over again from political opponents, from the industry, it can't be done. please do not tell me that 5 a years later, with all of the technology that we have, that we cannot simply over a four-year period expand a successful program that is 55 years old. >> outfront now the senior twirz to the bernie sanders campaign jeff weaver good to talk to you again. >> hi, erin. >> bernie sand sanders i give him credit he comes out with a big idea, and big price tag. and he is not trying to beat around the bush about it. you guys acknowledged this costs a lot. sanders told the "washington post" it's going to cost up, sr. 40 trillion, double the size of the entire american economy.
4:31 pm
so joe biden's plan is i don't even know. $750 billion over a decade. we are on total i different things. >> this plan is over a decade too. let's be clear. >> okay. how do you sell voters on this. >> well how you sell voters on this, erin is we are going do away we already paid. the money we are talking about are for the program you already pay. pay for it in taxes for public employees and medicare. pay it in premiums copayments. lost wages because the employer is paying some of the health care costs. we're aggregating that money and when do that allows a few things. you can drive down the cost of the prescription drugs by 50% in this country by pricing the way they are praised in other countries for the same product from the same factories. you can eliminate all of bureaucracy and waste of millions of dollars in ceo compensation packages at private health surers all the bureaucracy created to kret coping you getting from the healthcare you pay for. you aggregate that money and you
4:32 pm
can provide healthcare to this country for less than we spend now. we are saying two to $5 trillion. the sque not how can you afraid in? how can you afraid what we have otherwise? and every other candidate whether joe biden or kamala harris or everybody else they wanted to throw more money into the problem without dealing with the structural dysfunction in the health care system. >> i just -- look, i understand what you are saying you got to think big. but you take companies one little thing you said there jeff. they got a big tax cut we were told that was going into wages. and it didn't. now it's saying they are saving money on health care and that's higher wages. call me dubious. >> there are ways to do that. the truth of the matter is the republican tax bill was a give away to big corporations and to wealthy people. trump has no interest in working class people getting a wage increase let's be clear about that. >> kamala harris said as part of her medicare for all plan there is no middle kass tax hike. i understand you say there might be but you're saving money in
4:33 pm
other ways and it's not that. but she says absolutely not speaking exclusively to kyung lah on this show and here is what she said. >> senator sanders says that that is impossible to achieve without a middle class tax hike. >> i'm not prepared to engage in a middle class tax hike. the rules have been written against middle class and working families for far too long and it's not necessary they be taxed more. >> what do you say to kamala hair zblies what i say to her is the average american family is saving $3,000 a year in total health care expenditures. you know, erin if you paid 200 for the electric bill andky provide it if for 150 and am i taxing you 150 when you saved you $50. >> you say the tax increase is less than the savings? >> absolutely. 100%. >> cash to cash. >> absolutely. and the reason for that is that we're wringing out in fraud and waste and abuse that is driven by the fact that you have a health care financing system we're not talking about -- this
4:34 pm
is a health care insurance program, national health care shurnz program this program does away with the bureaucracy and all of the overpayment of to doctor -- not doctors bush bush -- but health executives and to pharmaceutical company executives that's what we have to written out of the system. actually we'll pay health care providers better basically. >> chairman of emery university health care policy says you're having sales tax increases to get to it the price. people on medicare on paying more in taxes. small business owners are paying more premiums and the list went on and on. >> even a conservative think tank analyzes medicare for all says the country spends less under medicare for all if we don't go in that direction. the economics are clear. the question is do people have. >> why do you say there is a cost of $40 trillion i'm trying to get it around it clikt he plea why do you say the cost as
4:35 pm
40 trillion. you should say it's saving 5 trillion. >> what they want to say is this is a increase in spending. >> i'm saying sanders did tell the "washington post" it costs up $40 trillion petition. he said this. >> as a federal expenditure but in terms of national expenditure on health care it will be less than what we will spend otherwise it's a savings for the economy. >> jeff before we go the cnn poll po shows biden at. they are within the marjer of error for biden. can biden divide and conquer between your candidate absenator warren. >> i don't think that he can frankly process. and i'll tell you why. when you analyze all the public polling and obviously a bunch of us have private apology as well what you see is that bernie sanders coalition of voters is much more diverse than elizabeth warren, more working class. he can put together that type of coalition which is unique. we are bringing in more voters this time that are not being screened out the in the polls the way we did last time when we brought out an additional 55,000
4:36 pm
people in iowa over what was expected by the pollsters. bernie sanders appeals to a lot of folks who aren't counted. they are counted out and left out. and that's what this campaign is doing on the ground in new hampshire and iowa and other places. >> jeff, i appreciate your time. thanks. >> thank you. >> next van jones travels to pennsylvania talking to voters who voted for trump. and what now? could what he found spell trouble for trump, or not? >> a lot of my friends that are black conservatives a lot of them have jumped off the trump train. >> plus we now know who is in and out when it comes to cnn's upcoming democratic debate. ay. times change. eyes haven't. that's why we created new ocuvite eye performance. between screen light... sunlight... and our always-on world... eyes have never been more stressed! ocuvite delivers nutrients that can help strengthen your eye's natural protective filter. and with new ocuvite eye performance you get 7 protective nutrients vital for today's eyes.
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ton the battle for pennsylvania. so it's a must win, right? president trump won by less than a percentage point last time around. and look, you got to pull it off this time pretty much almost for sure. how do voters there feel about him right now and those racist tweets? van jones was just there today this morning, and he found out. >> show a hands who voted for donald trump in 2016? raise your hand. two. so let me focus on you. two are you planning to vote roet for donald trump in 2020. >> i haven't made up my mind whether i vote for him or not.
4:41 pm
i am leaning more towards thiem him than the other candidates. the economic situation for me and my business is going very well. economics is a big important issue here np. >> gotcha. what about you. >> yeah, i am. all this kind of this far left talking is kind of scaring me when it comes to the border. >> so let's address the he will fan in the room. you're a young black dude with tattoos and stuff which are you sporing trump with his racially inflammatory rhetoric. >> i was raised in a conserve family. i'm in business consultancy. i don't want to lose that. i know a lot of the rhetoric that comes out of the white house off twitter is concerning. but putting personal feelings aside, i think that we're having a great economic boom. i mean people are risking their lives to come here. >> how do you size up the thing where he -- where president trump comes out and says to the women, go back to your whatever
4:42 pm
country you came from. >> it's a man in desperation. >> desperate for what. >> to be president. the only person he cares about is himself. he rode in on the coat tails of obama. if you think it was any other thing, you know, you believe in easter bunny and santa clause. that's the way i see it. >> i don't believe in the easter bunny or santa clause. >> almost everyone has a story of being told go back to your country. and i think that it's kind of like one of the oldest, you know tricks in the book when it comes to phraseology, maybe outside of the n-word that comes to mind when talking about racist language. >> i've had people when i moved to pennsylvania said you're a new yorker why don't you go back to new york where you belong. well, you know, those are just human emotion remarks and people are frustrated. and they are frustrated. he is frustrated from the beginning. they have attacked him, his family, his wife, his kids. it's disgusting it really is.
4:43 pm
>> i just go back to values. i value treating people with dignity and if there is anything that is incongruent with those values i'm not for that. and so i'm not going to put profit over my values. >> you put your profits over your values? >> that would be a yes. >> look, i think. >> that would be a yes. >> i think that this -- go back comment hit -- hit a lot of us that support him- it hit a lot of us in the gut. i think that the president is putting a lot of us in a very precarious situation. i think the president has a base. and he has a far right-wing base and interests a lot of white nationalists, racists, antisemites i am having a pr strategy to rayy the business. a lot of us feel like do we fit in anymore? are we welcome in this movement? are people of color welcome?
4:44 pm
a lot of us are still reeling from that comment. and i'm going to he will you a lot of my friends that are black conservatives a lot of them have jumped off the trump train. they've gone over to kamala harris'sed side, gotten involved in her campaign and also joe biden. certainly here in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. >> that was an incredible conversation. >> yeah, yeah. >> so he says a lot of his friends have gotten off just not just conservative not just off the trump train but onto someone else's. >> other things. >> amazing he is saying i'm not sure if anyone of color is welcome. but he votes for him as of now. >> listen, i don't thinks i understood until i got there the way this thing landed like a bomb, the for those kinds of trump voters. trump voters who say i'm a business guy. my business is going great. i don't want to change i'm scared. >> economic voters what he is saying. >> economic guy. but i'm african-american. and this last round has pushed
4:45 pm
some of his fellow back black conservatives away. so i think we got a lot going on here in the swing states. i want to go back. >> i really do too especially that other fwa was said told go back to new york. just doesn't understand. thank you very much van. you can see the conversation on the van jones show saturday at 7:00. next kamala harris searching if in her home state of california. could this spell trouble for biden. and jeanne moose when it comes to truch's to to line. and it's a special night in our nation and the entire world history. 50 years ago today during this hour the astronauts soon to be the first people on surface of the moon. here is hour li how it's captured in our film apollo 11. >> they are receiving tv from the space craft.
4:46 pm
>> hello sports fans. buzz is doing the camera work. neil is standing on his head again. >> we see the do have a happy home. there is plenty of room for the three of us. >> apollo 11 is presently 131,000 nautical miles from earth. >> space craft slowly rotates to maintain thermal balance. >> we got a good ptc good night from the white team. >> okay see up tomorrow. >> good morning, apollo 11. >> good morning, houston. apollo 11. this is the couple who wanted to get away
4:47 pm
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4:51 pm
out a little bit. okay. so who are you watching the closest for this one? >> it's definite going to be joe biden and kamala harris, they created the big change dynamic in the last debate. biden because he didn't seem to know or sort of grapple with how to respond to kamala harris and harris because the reality is she had a one very scripted well rehearsed moment that gave her $3 million. the question is can she capitalize it. they will press on details about what she actually stands for. can she come into a debate and create another moment for herself that isn't simply a scripted windup moment? right and that of course is the big challenge. she's getting good news in here home state of california. 23% statistically i mean she's ahead. statistically it's a dead heat because of the margin of error. biden was ahead. it's her state, she should be
4:52 pm
doing well or you can say he was winning and now she seems to be rising what's the way to look at it? >> this poll matchers others that brought him down since the wobbly debate performance. the interesting thing is biden is far away of the rest of the field in terms of who do you think can beat president trump in the general election? that still goes to name i.d. and a general sense of democrats and not sure what warren or harris, how they can really -- >> quickly before we go. we got the sound byte from the president's rally, lock her up and there is new rallying cry. >> send her back! send her back! send her back! send her back! >> send her back referring -- >> the racist tweets have broken
4:53 pm
through to the biggest true believers in the trump base to come out and come up with a chant that just goes deeper and deeper into how politics have so changed that racism is expressed by someone whose a united states citizen can become a rallying cry. very disturbing. >> all right. and next, jeanne moos on president trump making his feelings known on everything from biden to bit coin. >> i'm not a fan. i was not a fan of his. >> i'm not a fan. (gasp) (singsong) budget meeting! sweet. if you compare last quarter to this quarter... various: mmm. it's no wonder everything seems a little better with the creamy taste of philly, made with fresh milk and real cream.
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see? romance isn't dead! but it is here. thanks, captain obvious. don't hate-like their trip, book yours with and get rewarded basically everywhere. why are you here? why are you here? why are either of you here?! be there. do that. get rewarded. tonight, trump is a fan of some things but there are some exceptions. here is jeanne moos.
4:58 pm
>> president trump is the opposite of a fan boy, not being a fan. the other day it was guatemala and honduras. >> i'm not a fan. >> before that jeffrey epstein. >> i was not a fan of his, that i can tell you. >> before that it was the british ambassador that called president trump inept in weak cables from joe biden to bit coin. >> president trump he's not a fan of bit coin. >> it doesn't bother him a bit to use the word fan to distance himself even from the vietnam war. >> i was never a fan of that war. i'll be honest with you. >> the president isn't shy about saying he's not a fan to the face of the person he's not a fan of. for instance, when nbc's peter alexander stood up for cnn's jim acosta. >> i'm not a big fan of yours, either. >> when designer tom ford said
4:59 pm
he wouldn't be dressing melania. >> she's not necessarily my i'm page. >> he got infanned. >> i'm not a fan of tom ford, never have been. >> i was never a fan of john mccain and i never will be. >> one of mccain's good friends fanned the flames tweeting okay, you aren't a fan. one more in a long list of things you are not honest, brave, smart, et cetera. and while it's usually humans like samuel l. jackson that get not a fan, first wife wife donald was not a dog fan. >> how would i look walking a white house dog? >> there are a few things president trump is a fan of. >> i'm a big fan of winston churchill. >> a big fan of the american women's soccer team if not megan rapinoe and a big fan of history? >> i'm a big fan of hindu and a big fan of india. big, big fan. ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ >> they seem vastly out numbered
5:00 pm
by non-favorites. >> i'm not a fan. >> jeanne moos, cnn new york. anderson starts now. good evening, in case you were wondering how president trump would react posting racist tweets about four democratic congresswomen, the answer was tonight in greenville north carolina he renewed his attacks on them and we have new reporting on how this all came to be behind the scenes and how these attacks on the four and the assault on the norms of presidential behavior the house of representatives condemned yesterday came to be seen as a political winner as something to do which he did tonight going through their four names, one by one as