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tv   CNN Right Now With Brianna Keilar  CNN  July 19, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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obama, he then took it and doubled the debt over $10 trillion, 10 trillion with a t, not a b. not a million, not a billion. president obama put $10 trillion and doubled the debt. it was 10 and went to 20 and even above 20. so when they start talking about using the debt ceiling as a wedge to negotiator things that they want, they have told me very strongly they would never use that. that's a very, very sacred thing in our country, debt ceiling. we can never play with it. so i would have to assume we're in great shape. but just remember also, the previous administration doubled the debt in our country. you take all of the presidents that came before, doubled the debt from there.
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that's a pretty big statement. and certainly it's a big statement to be talking about for that party to be talking about using the debt ceiling. and i don't think they are. it's been mentioned, but i don't think they are. i don't think anybody would want to play that card. >> the next british prime minister, what do you think about him? >> i like him. i like boris johnson. i spoke to him yesterday. i think he's going to do a great job. i think we're going to have a great relationship. i think they have done a very poor job with brexit. i think the previous prime minister has done a very bad job with brexit. what can i say? it's a disaster. and it shouldn't be that way. i think boris will straighten it out. i like boris johnson, i always have. he's a different kind of a guy, but they say i'm a different kind of a guy too. we get along well. i think we'll have a very good relationship. thank you. >> president trump, on japan and korea, there's some ongoing tension. >> yeah, there is ongoing tension between japan and core
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yachlt the president of korea asked me if i could get involved. i said how many things do i have to get involved in. i'm involved in north korea, i'm involved in so many things. we just did a great trade deal with south korea, but he tells me that they have a lot of friction going on now with respect to trade, primarily with respect to trade. japan has some things that south korea wants. he asked me to get involved. so maybe if they would both want me to i would be -- it's like a full-time job, getting involved between japan and south korea. but i like both leaders, i like president moon, and you know how i feel about prime minister abe. he's a very special guy also. so if they need me, i'm there. hopefully they can work it out, but they do have tension, there's no question about it. trade tension, okay? thank you. thank you, everybody. >> thank you guys very much. >> thank you guys. >> the president there in the oval office talking about a number of topics from the debt
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ceiling to the freed rapper epep rocky and this controversy that started with his racist tweets about four congresswomen of color. i want to get to kaitlin collins at the white house. kaitlin, sort of dissect what he said because this is a little different than what we heard yesterday. yesterday he was distancing himself from the chant in north carolina, the "send her back" chant. he said he didn't like it. he lied and said he tried to move on quickly and he didn't. he let it fill the room for 15 seconds. but today he deflected questions about the chants and then he praised the crowd. it seems like he might be concerned that he could be upsetting supporters. >> reporter: yeah, you're seeing the president strike a much more defiant tone than what we saw yesterday in the oval office when he was saying he didn't know what his supporters were chanting, that he tried to shut it down. instead today he's focusing on the congresswoman, saying he doesn't like what they have been saying and he stood up for his supporters in north carolina at that rally on wednesday night,
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calling them patriots and talking about them and then saying he's very displeased with what people like representative ilhan omar have said, the comments they have made. he calls her a disgrace to this country. he said he didn't like that she said she was going to be a nightmare for the president, something she repeated at a town hall in minnesota last night, saying that she was going to be a nightmare for him because she found his policies to be a nightmare for her and the people that she represents. so you're seeing this brawl between them continue out now for five days, this back-and-forth between the two of them that has gone on after we had reporting that ivanka trump and vice president mike pence among others had urged the president to back off that chant, to distance himself from it. today you're hearing a very different tone from the president on that. he also spoke about iran now that iran is denying that the u.s. downed one of its drones, something the president announced here at the white house yesterday. the president said that the u.s. is confident it was an iranian drone that they downed and even had his national security
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advisor, john bolton, speak to that effect and say the same. that's interesting as well because we know there's been back and forth between the president and john bolton when it comes to iran and other issues so it does seem to be significant that he asked him to speak and back him up on this as tensions are escalating in the persian gulf. on a saab rocky, that's the rocker who's been denatained in sweden, the president said actually it was melania trump that brought that to his attention. she even said a few words where she said they are working with the state department and having conversations about having him freed after he was involved in this alleged assault in sweden. the president didn't have much to offer on that front and said it was something they were having conversations about behind closed doors. >> a virtual grab bag of topics as always is the case. kaitlin collins at the white house, thank you so much. one of the other things he said, he talked about his comments on the debt. worth noting that the u.s.
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national debt under president trump has actually increased by a considerable amounti. it's up $2 trillion in president donald trump's presidency. you'll notice a pattern with the president. he says he didn't like the chants when he clearly had no problem with them. it brings back a few memories, like the "lock her up" chants that were aimed at hillary clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign. in july of 2016, trump said that he didn't like those either. >> well, i started talking about hillary clinton, the veterans, who saw her 24 hours before, started screaming "lock her up, lock her up, lock her up." i said don't do that. i didn't do that for any reason. i didn't like it. and they stopped. >> no. no, they didn't. this was last month. >> lock her up, lock her up, lock her up.
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>> and you might remember when he said this in 2016 -- >> if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously. just knock the hell -- i promise you, i will pay for the legal fees, i promise. i promise. >> when a trump supporter actually acted on that advice, the campaign was very quick to say that they never meant it. shermichael singleton is a republican strategist, he was ben carlson's chief of staff at hud until discovered he wrote an old op-ed critical of president trump. shermichael, this chanlt, what do you make of what the president is now saying, because he seemed yesterday to really distance himself. he seems really concerned that he mine ticking off some supporters who he was actually encouraging at the rally. it makes me wonder then now that he's not discouraging it if this could become a staple at these
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events? >> i think this is lock her up 2.0 but racially fused. i'm not surprised that all of a sudden he's backing away from this. when i first heard his first remarks, i could not imagine donald trump in an arena with his supporters saying deport her or send her away an all of a sudden donald trump would say, wait a minute, that's not the american thing to do. so i'm not surprised by this. i think for donald trump, he doesn't really have room to expand his support within registered voters, i should say. so for him it ultimately comes down to can i maximize turnout with my 35% to 40% of supporters that i have. and he has to figure out every single way to possibly do this, but i think there's a miscalculation here on president trump's part. when you look at some of those key battleground states that he won in 2016, he won by very, very slim margins. hillary clinton did see a decrease in turnout with key constituents such as african-americans. there is no guarantee that we will see a repeat of 2016, and i
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think by ginning up racial tensions, he could do something that could backfire and hurt his re-election bid. >> and that is the sort of tight rope act he's walking, right? we have some reporting, michael, from yesterday that ivanka -- about what happened yesterday when he back pedaled, that ivanka trump actually expressed some concerns to her dad about the chants and that is then when we saw him back pedal on it. but now today. so how do you make sense of this rock and a hard place that he's between. >> the president often feels things out. it was a moment, people were talking about it on television and a lot of republican members were withholding their judgment or coming out and saying we disagree with what ilhan omar says, with what the squad says, but this was a bridge too far. i think the president often tries to measure the temperature of his audience. he's trying to figure that out and we're seeing it in realtime. it is interesting, i think shermichael is right about the president's strategy to maximize
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turnout among his base. but there are a lot of republicans trying to win over those swing voters that have maybe already been turned off by president trump in some of these house races that they lost in 2018. i was just speaking with a republican strategist who said this could be in a sort of perverse way an opportunity for a republican house candidate to put some distance between themselves and the president, particularly one who's not an incumbent right now, and who can really try to reach out to those voters and say that's not who i'm about, vote for me. >> hugh hewitt, who's a prominent conservative commentator, he thinks that the chants are bad politically, that this is political suicide. he tweeted this. sending her back is a nativist, terrible chant. also electoral suicide. there are more than 400,000 naturalized residents in pennsylvania, with 200,000 more in michigan. donald trump won p.a. by and michigan by 11k, pa by 44k #vote
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her out, fine. send her back, nativist. catholics, by the way, remember. what do you think? >> that goes back to my original point that i think 2016 was a very unique -- sort of a political phenomenon if you will. hillary clinton was a unique candidate. a lot of people had strong views on her. again, there's no guarantee that you're going see a repeat of that next year. what's so interesting to me about this and another miscalculation from the president, when you look at aoc or even rep omar, ilhan omar, when you look at their favorability in key electoral states, it's extremely low. and i do think that many voters, if you look at data, sort of do say, okay, these individuals represent the overall democratic party. so there's a legitimate case to make on issues that the president is completely avoiding. >> i want to ask you real quick about the debt ceiling and just the debt him talking about is interesting. mark sanford is floating this idea of running and this is the one issue. you talk about anything else and
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he brings it back to this. the president, who has seen the debt balloon under him, and p.s. he did not inherit an almost depression like president obama, is trying to now change the narrative here. he seems maybe weary of that argument. >> it's an interesting way an i'm intrigued by mark sanford as well if he does decide to run for president. it's an interesting entry into talking with republican voters. because you've seen from others, people like bill weld, the former massachusetts governor, really the only real challenger to president trump in the republican primary not getting very far by criticizing trump himself. more issues-based criticism, maybe there's a little more potency to that. >> i would say axios actually just released an article earlier today that talked about a focus group that they sat down with folks in a key swing state. the number one issue for most of those voters was the economy. that's the greatest benefactor donald trump has. if someone begins to make the case that the economy may be doing great for wealthy individuals or folks on wall street but not main street, i
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think that's an argument that it would be very difficult for him to argue otherwise. and again, brianna, we're expecting a possible recession next year. that certainly would not benefit the president. >> michael, shermichael, thank you both. she was the one closest to the president, one of the people closest to the president and now a new revelation shows hope hicks may have lied to lawmakers. after weeks of defending himself against criticism from kamala harris and cory booker, joe biden will now stand between the two of them in cnn's debate. but first, as the world gets ready to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 moon landing, cnn is counting down some of the key moments of that historic mission. exactly 50 years ago today at this time, the apollo 11 spacecraft passed completely behind the moon, out of radio contact with earth for the first time during the mission. neil armstrong and buzz aldrin and michael collins were completely cut off from the rest
10:14 am
of humanity for about 47 minutes. here's how apollo 11's first trip behind the dark side of the moon is captured in the award-winning new cnn film "apollo 11" which airs tomorrow at 11:00 here on cnn. >> the moon is there, boy, in all its splendor. >> hello, moon. how's your back side? >> all the systems are looking good. going around the corner, we'll see you on the other side. >> loss of signal as apollo 11 goes behind the moon.
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we are a week out now from special counsel robert mueller's testimony before congress and now we're learning more about the democrats' game plan for questioning him on what will be
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an historic appearance. we're told lawmakers will try to challenge trump's no collusion claim by focusing on his contacts with russia and wikileaks while zeroing in on five areas of the mueller report where the president allegedly obstructed justice. this includes his efforts to fire mueller and tamper with witnesses like former campaign chairman paul manafort. national security lawyer bradley moss is here with us. brad, democrats are banking on the idea that a lot of people haven't read the report but they're going to absorb more of it now watching this hearing. do you think that's the case? >> to an extent, yes. you don't think about everything. people watch the movie, they will watch the mini series. i think that's what democrats expect here is that a lot of the juicier parts, a lot of the details of what came out of this 400-page report takes time to adjust and takes time to take in. and so while people may not sit there and read through it like the rest of us did because we're all crazy, they will watch a two
10:21 am
or three hour televised hearing and catch the sound bites. the plan of the democrats has to be avoid the circus, avoid political gamesmanship. focus on the facts, especially on obstruction, because that's where the strongest arguments are in the context of impeachment. >> i want to ask you about hope hicks because she testified before the house judiciary committee last month and she told congress multiple times that she was never present for conversations with trump and michael cohen regarding any payments to stormy daniels. however, there's newly unsealed court documents indicating that hicks spoke with them about it on more than one occasion, so not just once. now the committee wants her back to clarify. she's standing by her testimony calling it truthful. do you think she's in trouble? >> she can be. here's where the interesting part was. if you look at the press statement that her lawyers put out, they seem to be hanging the hat on whether or not the subject matter was the hush payments. they're talking about she was not presenting and involved in
10:22 am
hush payment discussions. that's not how the discussion was before congress, before congresswoman jackson lee. but i think that's where they're going to put her defense saying when she heard the question in that testimony, her understanding, her interpretation was they were specifically referencing hush payments and she's going to say, oh, we talked about stormy daniels but i wasn't involved where they literally discussed how we're going to silence her with money. >> does that fly? >> in a court of law, it's anybody's guess. would i take that gamble to vegas? no. i think she's lose. she also has the president in her back pocket. lord knows if she went down for that, what are the odds donald trump is not going just pardon her. >> very good question. all right, brad, thank you so much. >> absolutely. the matchups are set for the cnn democratic debates and two of the most liberal candidates will go head-to-head for the first time. will elizabeth warren and bernie sanders target each other? plus one of their democratic rivals, john delany, will join me here live and react to a
10:23 am
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the matchup draw is done.
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the stages are set, and democratic presidential hopefuls have their schedules for the cnn debates. 20 candidates are divided over two nights. the first round of ten facing off july 30th and then we'll see the second round of ten candidates the next night, wednesday, july 31st. the co-founder and managing editor for the beast d.c. tiffany cross here with us along with cnn political analyst and white house correspondent for american urban radio networks april ryan as well. what are you expecting out of this rematch? because we're going to see it, kamala harris and joe biden on the stage again. this is the big question. >> first of all, everyone needs to get their popcorn and just sit and watch, because it is going to be must-see tv. the rematch, now this is going to be very strategic on all sides. those who are under the bar, you know, what is it, 1%, they're going to probably try to gain some ground by being very provocative. there's blood in the water for
10:29 am
joe biden and kamala harris. they'll probably go in on them to get some attention. but then also when it comes to the kamala harris and joe biden matchup, joe biden has to be very careful how he attacks her because we're expecting an attack. how he attacks kamala harris because, one, she is a black woman. there is a difference for her to be in this space, this rarefied space. he also has to remember too, the albatross of anita hill still hangs on his neck. for kamala harris, she has to be very careful going after him because she could look like a bully. so both of them have to go into this being very strategic and how to fight the battle. her prosecutorial record, if he goes after her, she said to me in new orleans, look, my family is a civil rights family. i grew up in civil rights and i understand the dynamic. that's what she's going to try to fall back on. >> he tried in that first debate to say i was a defender.
10:30 am
you could tell he was about to go in to take issue with her record as a prosecutor, which is a vulnerability for her. but i wonder if he'll do that again. he's already shown his cards. >> i think april has a point but i do want to say i know there's a lot of attention on kamala harris and joe biden. but this is a very serious business. there are a lot of candidates on the stage. this isn't mayweather versus pacquiao. >> yeah, it is. >> but people's lives are being impacted by the policies coming out of these debates. >> tyson/holyfield. >> for the people sitting in detention camps in their own feces and people losing their families, this is serious business. we need to focus on the policies of all the candidates on that stage. yes, her prosecutorial record is a vulnerability for her. i think if i were advising her campaign, i would tell them right now you all need to be reaching out to meek mill, some of the criminal justice work with van jones. go into this debate with some armor. there's also other people who have very solid policy. julian castro got overlooked but
10:31 am
the last debate, he's the only one who introduced a plan to address lead poisoning in flint, michigan. he was the first to put out a housing plan. >> he's the first with a black agenda. >> and he was in the first debate last time. the second debate got more attention now. now he's going to be in the second. >> but there will be issues of immigration on the table because that's what made julian castro for me the mvp for the first debate because he did bring up -- he got in there. he showed that he could mix it up on the real issue of immigration. and then they were talking about real issues at that second debate too. so when they go back and forth, it might be a personality clash, but they're talking about issues as a possible president how they dealt with it. so i get what you're saying. we've seen that back and forth, but these are issues that we, the american public, need to see. >> my concern is i think people look at it as super at the same
10:32 am
time -- entertainment sometimes. >> i'm with you. >> i'll be excited when the debates happen with no audience. people have to sing for their supper and speak in sound bites. >> there's so many of them. >> and they want to get a viral moment. >> and also the person they're competing against ultimately is president trump and this has become a bit of an -- there's an entertainment factor that's been interjected into it that has worked for him. they're looking at that. >> they're competing against president trump but they're also competing against president barack obama. people still have a lot of nostalgia for that president. >> but it's a very different day. >> but people wanting to get goosebumps. they want to be excited. they want a great oar tore. >> it's over. >> i think a lot of democratic voters are still looking for that level of inspiring. and just another thing, i think, look, it's also different because you'll have by november 2020 over -- nearly 4 million younger people, first-time voters will come in. so it's challenging trying to appeal to those people who are
10:33 am
social media users, and look at sound bites and not necessarily issues. >> the first night we are going to see a number of candidates -- >> all white. >> -- who are struggling but not just white, they are struggling. joe biden has a lot of support among black voters. we're going to see a number of candidates who are struggling to get that support from black voters. >> yeah. >> is there anything they can do or what are you expecting them to do to try and change that? >> first of all, they're in the d, they're in detroit. they need to recognize that what's around detroit, as tiffany just said, flint, michigan, in the state of michigan. you have the auto industry, the domestic auto industry that is hurting. you have so many people who work, black and brown people who work for this industry who have been impacted. they are laying off people at some of these major companies because of things that the president has said, because of things -- because they just can't compete with these tariffs. so there are issues in the black
10:34 am
community, in detroit, that they need to address. black america is part of america with the highest numbers of negatives in almost every category. and going back to the inspiration piece, people are looking for what affects them. someone who can help with what affects them. inspiration is great. but right now at a time when people are hurting, they need something tangible. >> i agree. >> they need tang ibability, bu those who can't come up with it, the inspiration or tangible solutions, they're going to be cut off. >> they want to get inspired and look at policy. i want to make a point, that first night there are no people of color. it's not necessarily how black are you, it's how black are your policies. are you speaking to me? black voters are obviously a huge important part of the democratic party, but we also have to consider that for the first time in 2020 hispanic voters will eclipse the black vote. so there's going to be a lot of eyes on this group of people that aren't necessarily looking to see do you look like me but are you speaking to me. >> so many things that we're
10:35 am
going to be watching for. thank you so much, ladies. >> with popcorn. >> with popcorn, definitely. tiffany cross, thank you so much as well. do not miss the democratic presidential debates live from detroit on july 30th and 31st 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. a desperate emotional plea inside the oval office from a woman who escaped religious persecution. see how the president responded. and video of the man scaling the outside of a tall building to escape the fire inside. make fitness routine with pure protein. high protein. low sugar.
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her story is courageous and horrifying. she was one of the children abducted. she was survived rape and torture in captivity. isis murdered her family, persecution for being an ethnic minority. she escaped and was awarded the nobel prize for speaking out about her experience. when she visited the white house this week, president trump didn't seem familiar with her story. watch as she pleads with the president to help the yazidis. >> i'm from iraq and i cannot say my family, when isis attack us, no one protect us. after 2003, we start sto disappear from our area, from our homeland. when isis attack us in 2014, they kill six of my brother. they killed my mom. they took me to captivity with
10:41 am
my 11 sister-in-law, with my sister and my nieces. our home is destroyed. we come to here, we go to europe, we go to arab country that isis did, everyone saw that. we appreciate -- >> and you were captured? >> yes. vice president, he help us a lot. but now today you can solve our problem now. there's no isis but we cannot go back because kurdish government and the iraqi government, they are fighting each other, who will control my area. this happen to me, they killed my mom, my six brother. they left behind -- >> where are they now? >> they killed them. i'm still fighting just to leave safe. please do something. it's not about one family -- >> i know the area very well you're talking about. >> it's about the whole community. >> okay, we're going to look into it very strongly, thank you
10:42 am
so much. and you had the nobel prize. >> yeah. >> that's incredible. they gave it to you for what reason? you can explain. >> for what reason? that after all this happen to me, i make it clear to everyone that isis took thousands of yazidi women. this one was first time the woman from iraq she get out and spoke about it happened to. >> oh, really, is that right? >> it's the first time. >> so you escaped. >> i escaped but i don't have my freedom yet. >> i understand that. >> because you didn't see any isis. we don't know if they killed everyone, if they are in jail, but we know we have 3,000 yazidi women and children including my niece, my nephew, my sister-in-law. three years ago she call us and say she's in syria and now we didn't know anything about it. >> let me look. we're going to look, okay?
10:43 am
thank you very much. >> president trump met with nearly two dozen people like her who had survived religious persecution. we have more on our breaking news. the president changing his tune on those "send her back" chants. now he's defiant and praising the crowd. plus 2020 candidate john delaney will join us live to respond to a report that his aides have asked him to drop out of the race. eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress [music playing] jerry has a membership to this gym, but he's not using it. and he has subscriptions to a music service he doesn't listen
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presidential candidate and former maryland congressman john delaney is doing some damage control after axios reported that members of his own campaign have asked him to drop out. delaney says it's not true. quote, no one on my team asked me to drop out of the race and i have no plans to drop out of the race. john delaney joining me now from boston. okay, so you say there's no truth to the story. where do you think it's coming from? >> you know, i don't know. i'm not sure where it's coming from. but i intend to find out, let's put it that way. but no one on my team told me that i should think about dropping out. i have no intentions of dropping out. i'm actually filming a whole bunch of commercials this week. we just bought a new campaign rv
10:49 am
which we're having wrapped to roll out in iowa in the next week or the week after. why would i do that if i was going to drop out. it was an incorrect report. they had mathematical errors in the report. they more than doubled what i've spent on the campaign and some speculation about how much the campaign has spent. and so i just think it was an entirely incorrect piece of reporting is how i would describe it. >> so how -- have you considered -- what's your game plan here? have you considered that if your poll numbers or your fund-raising doesn't improve that you might get out? how essential is increasing that in the near term to keeping going with your campaign? >> well, what we're really focused on is the iowa caucus. i've been running an early state strategy from the beginning. i've done 30 trips to iowa. i've done 20 to new hampshire. we've got a good operation on the ground in those two states. it's my sense that this race
10:50 am
really hasn't started yet. we're having our second which i think is going to be a great moment, particularly for me, because i'm on stage with senator sanders and senator warren. i think i can make the case that those folks are engaging in class warfare, promising everything for free. running on things like medicare for all, if we do that, we'll put trump on a path to re-election. we need to improve our safety net there's an important conversation to be had in this debate. i think it's getting started, that's how i think about it. we're focusing on the iowa caucus. that's how we're measuring the success of our campaign. >> getting all the way to the iowa caucus, your expectation now is you go all the way to the iowa caucus even if you are struggling in the polls?
10:51 am
>> everything else is irrelevant. i've had a very strong focus on the early states, if for some aren't iowa caucus doesn't go well for me, which i don't think is going to happen, it's something i have to take into consideration. at this point, we're really focused, we have a plan for the fall and that's kind of how i think about it. i in many ways think this debate is helping. >> you're talking about setting yourself apart from bernie and elizabeth warren on the stage. how are americans more ready for that? that's a pretty big change.
10:52 am
>> it doesn't replace employer health care, by the way. that's why it's so different, what medicare for all does, looks at anyone who has any kind of private insurance. about half our seniors are increasingly taking. it says you're not allowed to have any of those things, they're illegal, they're unlawful. what medicare does is solve the problem we have in health care right now, which is the tragedy of the uninsured. it gives everyone a health care as a right. they can opt out of it if they want. they get a tax credit, they can use that to buy their own health care, they can turn that into their employer or labor union which they can use to buy health care. it's kind of like the german model. >> aren't you dismantling -- it would dismantle the employer based model, right? >> i think it might change over time, i think where the employer model might evolve is to a supplemental model, where you show us, you would show up at cnn, have you your basic government health care, and cnn would negotiate a group
10:53 am
supplemental for you, to enhance your basic government health care program. you'd be kind of in the same place you want to change the incentives on -- you're stuck in a job because your insurance is very good for you. how does that change that, even if it's a supplemental. >> let's say you wanted to go start your own network, you could leave cnn, you'd have your basic government health care, which would cover your health essentials, so you know you would be covered. you may lose the cnn supplemental, and maybe you'd buy your own supplemental or you wouldn't have a supplemental for a period of time, you would never be without basic health care. when i started my first company, my wife and i were about to have our first child, i would have never left my job but for the fact that my wife april had
10:54 am
health care through her firm. there's a lot of those stories out there, i don't want people tied to their job because of health care. that doesn't mean their employers may want to do things to provide their supplemental plans -- everyone would have their portable basic health care. this is a common sense way of solving our health care crisis, you give everyone health care, but you allow options and choices. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> former congressman delaney with us there, with the fire blazing inside, a man taking drastic action to get out of a high rise building as the flames range. his heart stopping escape next. this is the couple who wanted to get away who used expedia to book the vacation rental
10:55 am
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a remarkable video of a dramatic escape in philadelphia. a man trapped in a burning apartment building took drastic measures to escape the 19 story high rise. amazingly, he made it safely to the ground where first responders were waiting. a trash compactor caused this fire, it's believed. four people were reportedly injured. all four people are in stable condition now. that's it for me, newsroom starts right now.
11:00 am
i'm ana cabrera in for brooke baldwin. in about an hour, president trump will depart washington, he will head to his golf course in new jersey. just moments ago, a day after the president claimed he was unhappy with that send her back chant that broke out at one of his rallies earlier this week, claims cnn has learned he made after his allies expressed their concerns, he said this. >> you were unhappy with the chant, however, the chant was just repeating what you said -- >> no, no -- >> what you stead in your tweet. do you take that tweet back? >> i'm unhappy with the fact that a congresswoman can hate our country. i'm unhappy with the fact that a congresswoman can say anti-semitic things. i'm unhappy with the fact that a


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