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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  July 22, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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>> the report presents substantial evidence the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors 37 we have to let mueller report that to the american people. >> mueller has indicated he will let the report speak for itself. >> this is our chance to do that. >> that's a pretty damning set of faks people are not familiar with. the president keeps trying to deceive them about those facts. >> the president disavowed the chant, made it clear he wasn't happy with the chant. >> he said i stopped it immediately. roll the tape. he didn't. >> do you believe president trump is a race? >> yes, no doubt about it. >> this isn't about race. these members of the house of representatives fundamentally believe in policies that are dangerous for this nation. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. john berman is off today. david gregory joins me. great to have you. >> always fun to be here. >> this could be a defining week
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for president trump's presidency. at least that's what congressional democrats are hoping. they want to prove he committed impeachment crimes. democrats are hoping that mueller's words will affect americans in a way that his written report did not. >> but there is, however, some risk. right? mueller's long awaited testimony could backfire on democrats. jerry nadler insists there is, quote, very substantial evidence the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. but mueller has already said he will not go beyond what he wrote in his final report. so there's a lot to discuss. joining us now, errol louis, joe lockhar lockhart, and bianna golodryga.
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there is risk for democrats with mueller finally coming in to testify. >> yeah. i think the risk for the democrats are expectations running way out of control. you know, as political watchers, we always want to see if something clears the bar. and i think the side show of last week probably helped on that a little bit. so we really only have two or three days to focus in on this. i think the opportunity is to in a whatever it is -- two hour, three hour session, to finally have mueller use the words to go through the report. i think what the democrat wills try to do and what i hope they'll try to do is be very calm and measured, not give speeches, and just ask him to lay out crime after crime after
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crime. >> we just had donald ayer. he was a former deputy -- attorney general under george w. bush. he said bill barr's statement on may 30th where he said i wish he had drawn a conclusion, that that in some ways gives bob mueller permission and the nakt we should expect a conclusion in him. >> the only words i have to go on is he said my testimony will be this report. remember, he's coming in as nobody's witness or outlier. he's coming in to defend this report. possibly 89th appearance. he knows what he's doing. democrats are hoping he will just play-by-play go through the report by detail and are betting
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that by numbers, by viewership, americans are finally going to wake up to what they see are alarm bells. republicans are going to be trying to deflect and focus attention on what they see are the liberals and the democrats that were on his team and tried to bring down any sort of middle ground that robert mueller represents here. >> i think it is a legitimate question. why didn't he make a determination? was he not able to? even if he did answer that question saying i didn't think i could make the decision or it wasn't within the providence of my mandate, whatever his conclusion doesn't get you very far. what he will be able to say is if this was about looking into whether there was collusion with the russians, he didn't find any. that's what republicans are going to be eager to take away. >> that's right. there's going to be a lot of back and forth. there's going to be republicans i think saying almost anything to just create a headline and just distract from where he's
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going to come. i think we'll hear him is a what he heard from the podium. it would not be fair to make insinuations that crimes had been committed if we're not in a forum where the person can defend themselves. bring in their own witness and testimony and evidence. and so to the extent he's going to remain scrupulously fair, i think it will work against those who want to see him sort of pound the table or sort of emote that he thinks that there was a crime that was committed. he's made clear in every way possible that he not only isn't clear on it, but that it's not did the right forum. it's not fair to do that. there are plenty of democrats that will be doing that for him. >> jerry nadler for one. congressman jerry nadler does not feel burdened by having to curtail what he's saying. he went far this weekend. we've heard him on this show also go far. but he reminded people what he thinks the president did. and he used really strong language. so let me just recap for anybody
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who missed his appearance yesterday. >> i think there is very substantial -- well, the report presents substantial evidence that the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and we have to present -- or let mueller present those facts to the american people and see where we go from there. the administration must be held accountable and no president can be held above the law. >> how do you think this is going to go? we all heard that he's a very reluctant witness, he doesn't like this, he doesn't like politics. bob mueller doesn't like partisanship. so what are we going to see on wednesday? >> the former deputy attorney general framed it well in the last hour. which is, you know, he does not want to play politics. but he does want to defend the report. and the report does provide substantial evidence of criminal activity. he doesn't want to make
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congress' decision like jerry nadler just did. talking about high crimes and misdemeanors. so i think he will be a little bit more animated than he was in that, you know, nine-minute press conference. the other point is, you know, we talked about the risk to the democrats. i really do think there's a risk to the republicans here what i think i know about bob mueller is when they start going after his people personally like they have and going after their motives and their families, i think you're going to see a very strong defense of the investigation, how it was conducted. and it was going to sort of explode a lot of the myths that the republicans have built up around the deep state corruption that permeated this investigation. i think that's a real risk for them. i don't think they want to get him going on that. >> can i throw something else out here? i'll start with joe and bianna.
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i still come back to where were in the political calendar. number, you have not seen the democratic candidates make much of a stand on this. i think they're more in line with nancy pelosi on the line of impeachment. is it not a factor that if you look at watergate, if you looked at the clinton impeachment, that those were after re-election opposed to really being on the doorstep of a presidential election which seems to have an impact here. in lots of different ways you can slice that up. joe? you want to weigh in on that? >> this that to me, david? >> yeah. >> i think you make an excellent point there. you're right it's both of them were not going to face the voters again. and i think ultimately, if you're trying to square jerry nadl nadl nadler's comments with where the house is, it's not that hard. i don't think there's a democrat in the house that believes the president hasn't committed high
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crimes and misdemeanors. i think the question that they're trying to answer and this is a big piece this week in trying to answer that question is, you know, what's the point in going through an impeachment process when you know mitch mcconnell and the snatenate won remove the president? will which are bread and butter issues like health care. >> and these are the presidential candidates. they're not really weighing in. they're not driving this through. >> they're not. which is why i think -- what i will be following closest on wednesday will actually be volume one testimony. the volume one part of the testimony. i don't feel that at this point we've heard enough from the democratic candidates as to why they think this is such an important issue on our election system. what they are planning to do to make sure it doesn't happen again. we have clearly not heard enough
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from the president and this administration. he repeated himself, it was a reminder of what russia did to infiltrate. i think that part of his testimony on wednesday may be his most animated. >> they want to know about their own health care. they want to know about their own children's education, their jobs. so democratic presidential candidates are steering clear of it. >> that's right. and for a number of different reasons. that being one of the primary ones. but everybody does have all of the major candidates at least. they do say something about election security. it tends to veer off into things that are not really on point with what's in the mueller report other than making sure systems can't be hacked electronically. those who i think are serious about it, though, are going to at least put a marker down and
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say we know this is serious. we know this is real. what i would really like to hear is more about what they plan to do personally. they as well whatever influence they have within the dnc to make sure that there isn't a repeat of what happened in 2016. because that is one of the more frightening parts of the mueller report. which is to say, you know, we're teed up to have this happen all over again. and we're already -- you're starting to see reports here and there that the bots are out. the hackers are there. the whole situation could happen again. each of them needs to talk about that. not so much to sort of weigh in on where the mueller report goes or what they might do as president, but how to get through this election season. >> joe, that comes back to the ultimate impact of mueller. because it will be compelling to hear him lay out the facts of what happened and how our electoral system was compromised. but if democrats are more focused on laying a foundation to ultimately impeach the president, that'll become a lot mre divisive just among
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democrats to say nothing of republicans. >> yeah. and that's why i think mueller's important. but i think we have to look at this in the context of mueller being on the hill, the first major chapter. they've got 12 or 13 fact witnesses, the people that mueller draws his conclusions or at least his evidence from that subpoenas are out to. you know, the courts will have to -- some of those people will come in and testify because they've got no justification for resisting it. but some of those people will have to be compelled. if the courts move quickly and compel that testimony, you have a much more dramatic play unfolding where each of these people have to talk about their role, what the president was doing, what the president was saying. then you get something much more akin to the watergate hearings in '73. and again, i think what speaker
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pelosi is looking for here is she just doesn't want to make this a totally partisan exercise where she house votes, the senate dismisses it. and if mueller can set off a process where the public gets behind, there have been high crimes and misdemeanors, then i think the equation could change. >> all right. well, john and i and the whole "new day" team will be there on wednesday following all of it. thank you, guys, very much for the insights. we're also following breaking news right now. iran has claimed they detained cia citizens. all suspects have confessed to working for the cia, they said. 17 of those will be executed. mike pompeo said he cannot comment on it specifically but says iran has a history of lying. meantime to the crisis in puerto rico, the embattled
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governor of puerto rico refuses to resign but says he will not seek re-election. in hours thousands are expected to protest in san juan. that's where cnn's leyla santiago is. what are you seeing so far? >> reporter: we're seeing few more people starting to gather on the side of the highway. i'll show you so you can kind of get a sense of what it's like before the protesters show up. i mean, it's almost a tailgating atmosphere on the side of this highway. this highway is major artery into old san juan and heading south to the southen part of the island. what's expecting to happen here? we expect hundreds of thousands of people to show up, just this highway down and call on the resignation of governor ricardo rossello. why? that's the big question. what's behind this? well, last week a series of chats were leaked. they were published by the center for investigative journalism.
4:15 am
nearly 900 pages in which you can see the exchange between the governor and his inner circle. very offensive language that was written in those chats. insults to a lot of puerto ricans. and many of them are taking that personal. and that was sort of what you should expect to call the boiling point, the boiling point, the catalyst that led to this. what it's really about for many people is corruption. corruption that they saw in those chats. the mismanagement of funds that they believe the chat is sort of emblematic of. and so days and days of protests after the governor's manage. we're not going to see this all come together starting on this highway as hundreds of thousands of people say you may have stepped down from being the president of the party, but until you step down as governor, it will not be enough. >> leyla, we know you'll cover it for us all day.
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thank you for the report. so president trump says he wants to meet with chuck schumer on immigration after the minority leader has gone to the border. we want to know what the situation is at the border. has anything improved there? what are the conditions this morning? we will speak to a senator who went to the border with chuck schumer. he took pictures. we'll show you all that next. olay regenerist faced 131 premium products, from 12 countries, over 10 years. olay's hydration was unbeaten every time. olay, face anything. you ever wish you weren't a motaur? no. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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chuck schumer went to the u.s. border with mexico on friday. he brought a group of democrats. they took some pictures, so we could all see for ourselves the current conditions. so joining us now is senator jeff merckly. what did you see, senator? >> what we see was a continuation of policies that are very, well, punitive against migrants. the designed to discourage people from coming to the u.s. the use of this strategy of deliberately inflicting harm on children and adults, this is not what america is about. so it's very difficult to hear
4:21 am
their stories, listen to their stories, and understand that this is not the way we would want our family members to be treated. >> these are your own personal pictures you took. the first one, it's through, you know, a wired cage. there's one where i think it's that one. on the left of that picture we were showing a moment ago, i think you see a man with a -- it looks like an infant in his arms at least the picture i'm looking at. it looks like he's holding an infant and he is just sit ogen the floor in the crowded conditions. there it is. that one. so children are no longer being separated from their parents, i mean, i hope. but i guess are babies getting the care they need there? >> well, child separation is continuing. the administration if somebody has anything on their record that they can say that this justifies that they have a dui, for example, or a cannabis
4:22 am
offense in their background, things that would never separate a family in the united states of america. one of the things we have in the border bill that was put in on the senate side is a provision that requires reporting on separating children. what you saw there in that picture was they are holding men with children and mothers with children before they separate them if they are over -- if the children are over the age of 10. and so that is good that that immediate separation isn't occurring, but those that have children over the age of 10, they're being separated and told that they'll be reunited within a few hours. but there's enormous anxiety taking place. is that really true? is that going to happen? because in some cases it's not happening. >> and that border bill that gave millions and millions of dollars to try to appe--
4:23 am
>> the surge of the migrants who came as they try to seal the border, they're rushing to get here before that happens, that has subsided now. both because mexico has deployed thousands of troops to the border with guatemala. and because they've made it more difficult for people to catch buses to the northern border and because of the summer heat. so we -- i think we're seeing a big, big drop in just the last few weeks. and we'll see much less of the overcrowding. but the fundamental notion -- no. treat people with respect and decency as they await asylum hearings. very few win those asylum hearings. treat people with decency and respect. >> of course. but senator, are you saying or are you willing to acknowledge
4:24 am
that some of the overcrowding has gone down because of president trump's policies? >> certainly the big surge happened because of his policies. which was to say i'm going to seal the border. that surge now has subsided both as a result of mexican action and the summer heat. >> because the president pressed mexico to take action. >> yes. that's fair to say. yes. so he has partially corrected a problem he created. >> he tweeted about your visit. he said basically that he looks forward to meeting with chuck schumer about this. and he talked about this big rush of undocumented immigrants coming through the border and border patrol being injured. while you were there and somehow all of you missed it. here's what we just got a statement from customs and border protection. here's what they say about this rushing incident. several males in the group disregarded demands to stop and physically pushed through the barriers. when confronted by the cbp
4:25 am
officers, this combative individuals punched, kicked, and attempted to grab the officers' protective devices dpp you know about that while you were there? >> no. we hadn't heard it and didn't see it in the press this morning because we were looking in response to the president's tweet. many have been put back into mexico under this metering program. they arrive on the border at the ports of entry where the president has said, come here. his team then says we're only taking a couple people a day. pushing them back into mexico in extraordinarily difficult circumstances. there's a lot of desperation in this because you're there without family, without funds, without friends. and many of those people are then crossing between the points of entry in desperation. we see a lot of anxiety and a lot of desperation. and of course some people are dying as a result of that metering policy. >> very quickly, about the president's racist tweets on
4:26 am
some of your colleagues on congress, you sent this out last week. the president is a racist. we see it in his latest awful tweets over the weekend. we see it in his cruelty to families and children at the border. we see it in so many of his attacks on people of color. has that been effective to fund raise on? >> well, i think it's important that -- i don't know the results of that letter. but i'll tell you this. it's important with our audiences to stand up for the principle of equality and opportunity for every american. the president has gone into a deep and dark space. a space of division, a space of hatred. and we need to respond and say that is not the ideal in america. the vision of america. if you love america, to put it in the president's words. if you love america, you love opportunity and equality for all. not zprimdiscrimination.
4:27 am
>> understood. but my point is people think it's an effective strategy for his base. if you think for democrats capitalizing on it is also an effective strategy? >> i think the most effective strategy is for us to acknowledge who and what the president is and pivot to the fundamentals for families. health care, housing, education, living wage jobs, equality act, taking on the carbon pollution that's affecting our farming and forestry and fishing. in other words, the fundamentals. pivot to the fundamentalfundame. the president is trying to distract from his own behavior and he is trying to distract from his failure to address the fundamentals that make life better for all americans. i think that's the most effective way to respond. >> thank you very much for sharing your experience at the border with us and showing us those pictures. we appreciate having you on. >> a lot more attention coming up for the drrmts. the matchups for next week's democratic debates here on cnn are either a big opportunity for joe biden or a political land
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cnn's back-to-back democratic debates will take place in detroit next week. joe biden who struggled on questions of race during the last debate will be among a racially diverse group of candidates. joining us now is michael smerconish. good morning. >> good morning. so let's talk -- look. my big question about biden is is he going to be better in this
4:33 am
debate on any question? is he going to show up? >> he needs a sharper night. although, david, i don't think that his night was as poor as the consensus has now taken hold. it wasn't a great night for him. i don't think it was as disastrous, but, you know, perception becomes reality. i've gone back and rewatched that debate. i noted in the exchange with senator harris that his first instinct was to make reference to the fact that he left a great law firm gig and became a public defender. he seemed like he had in mind drawing a sharper distinction with her record as a prosecutor then he fumbled and said i'm out of time, i'm sorry. he has to be sharpener how he responds to her. something else on my mind, 16 of those candidates between the two nights, they need a kamala harris-like moment. so will they seize the opportunity to go after joe biden assuming they're on the stage with him? or in night one, might one of
4:34 am
the lesser polling candidates turn their sights on elizabeth warren and/or bernie sanders. that's what i want to see. >> so you think they need a breakout moment. one of the things interesting just optically in terms of perception, the second night is much more diverse. the second nice is diverse opposed to the first night. so the second night, the kamala harris will be on stage as will julian khan troe, tulsi gabbard, and that's the night joe biden is on. you know, who knows how that plays. do you think that is a disadvantage to him? >> two words. crime bill. if there's one thing i'm certain of, i believe that the crime bill from, what? '94 is going to become an issue because a number of candidates you identified made that a priority of theirs. yes. regardless of how the cnn questioning goes, i think the responses are going to target
4:35 am
where it's all headed in a different direction on night two than night one. on night one if i can just offer this. my perception is that as between bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, she's the more ascended. so how does bernie sanders handle elizabeth warren? does he attempt to draw lines of distinction between them? >> i think there's almost too much attention to biden right now. not that somebody won't -- because what kamala harris did was so unusual. such a clear winner of a debate the way she did was extraordina extraordinary. but whether it's getting to the front of the line against warren. or if you're pete buttigieg, you've got to find a way to break through as well. that's the observation. the question piece, though, going back to biden is i actually felt he wasn't good
4:36 am
enough to your point defending the '90s. he also wasn't good enough defending the obama administration with regard to, say, immigration. he didn't seem facile enough. that i think was his downfall. >> yeah. i think the format, that rapid fire format of needing to respond in 60 seconds, it's the only way -- it's the worst system but it's the only system given how many are on that stage. i have to believe, david, he's been going through a murder board-like rehearsal. i hope for his benefit in getting the response time down in a much shorter time period. he's used to being on the campaign trail and on a stage. here you've got to bring the goods in a hurry. like a show like this? >> yes. let's talk about this upshot
4:37 am
which talked about president trump's chances of winning re-election. what do you see? >> i thought it was a remarkable analysis pointing out that the possibility exists for donald trump because he has an electoral college advantage, not a popular vote advantage. but the possibility exists for him to lose the popular vote by even a wider margin in 2020 than he lost in 2016. and still to win the electoral college. and the focus being still on those high school educated rust belt states that you were just talking about a moment ago. and it's kind of an explanation for all of the conversation recently, the tweets, the racial injection, the trade talk. there could actually be -- i'm not defending it, please don't misunderstood -- a political method to his madness. >> not only that but you look at some of these states called the sun belt states where democrats
4:38 am
have an increasing advantage. the question is, is it enough to overwhelm some of his advantaging? >> you mean a demographic advantage. >> yeah. >> of all the polls that show some of his democratic conte contenders beating him, those are polls of human beings. as has been pointed out in 2016, you don't poll the electoral college. territory doesn't vote. so you can have a different outcome than what people expect. michael smerconish, thank you very much. so an incredible and frightening catch off the coast of cape cod. we'll show you what this young boy ended up reeling in. did you know that every single flush [toilet flush] flings odors onto your soft surfaces? then they get released back into the air so you smell them later.
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i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. the brutal heat wave that gripped the east coast this weekend smashed records. but this week we're told looks a little better.
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let's check in with chad myers. how's it looking? >> a lot better, actually. cold front goes by. big storms today, though, for almost everyone up and down i-95. could have wind damage, trees down, and maybe more power lines that came down. right now still only feels like 82 in new york city. yesterday up to around 107. and there were 60,000 households without power. that's a couple hundred thousand people. not even just without airing, without a fan. so here goes the weather for today. rain showers st. louis. but the big story is how big these storms will be around the 7:00 hour. if you're flying today through new york city, excellent delays throughout the afternoon. get on an earlier flight out of there. but 7:00, things are going to be very, very slow. probably an hour-delay by the time we look at what that cold front is going to do. we'll keep watching that as the day goes on. >> thank you so much. 45 people hospitalized in hong kong after a mob of men
4:44 am
attacked commuters at a suburban train station. officials have not identified the attackers yet. one man is in critical condition. the attacks came hours after mass protests. police using tear gas and rubber bullets on people protesting beijing's grip on the city. british airways suspending flights to cairo for seven days over unspecified security concerns. this is after a heightened risk of terrorism was lifted against aviation. no u.s. airlines fly to egypt's capital. and you don't have to be chris cuomo to love fishing, but it does help. for one family fishing this weekend off cape cod this weekend got a surprise when one of the boys reeled in his catch. >> oh, my god!
4:45 am
>> i got it on video! >> and yeah. yeah, that was a great white shark leaping out of the water and snatching the fish off the line. that was -- >> oh. i don't think she should do that. >> yeah. that must have happened later. >> it's fascinating to watch unless you're involved. that's really scary. there's been so many as we know around cape cod and the islands. how many great whites there have been with more and more frequency. it's not at all unusual. >> there's a lot around nantucket right now. has that prevented you from going in the water? >> it has not. but there are areas where you want to avoid fishing. not avoid fishing, but avoid swimming in areas that are popular for fishing. when there's seals. >> there are sharks that live in
4:46 am
the ocean. that's what i learn every summer. >> we're seeing them increasing in cape cod. meanwhile, there's a pattern emerge oging of the people president trump likes to attack and those he likes to leave alo alone. here's a hint. the one who is he leaves alone tend to be male and white. john avalon has our reality check. john, what is this about? >> look. if anyone's voked at the president's attacks on the congresswomen of color, they haven't been paying attention. it's a reflection of trump's long-time impulses. in october cnn analyzed his twitter feed and found he used the bully pulpit to attack 82 men and 22 women. but the top line stats don't reflect the frequency of his attack. reupping the phrase crooked hillary. but lately he's been trying to expand his self-selected face of
4:47 am
the habit. repeated attacks on maxine waters. >> she's a real beauty. a seriously low iq person. >> now she's singling out the squad to make them the face of the democratic party. trump is following fox news' lead which has been trying to frame the last election at times a choice between trump and socialism with aoc as the avatar. the rnc was calling her a mini maduro last august. that's perhaps no consequence that tucker carlson went against omar as someone who hates this country. of course this all follows on a line of targeting race in politics by trump. from cheerleading the birther conspiracy theory to charlottesville to calling black nations s-hole countries.
4:48 am
as immigration riffs from the campaign, calling for undocumented immigrants criminals and rapists and calls to ban immigration. exit polls showed that trump won over voters who fwam convinced that both were equally dishonest, unqualified, and without the right temperament. we looked at 2020. that negative partisanship is front and center with trying to paint democrats as radicals, socialists, all out to destroy america. all policy lurched to the left during debates will be used as narrative. despite the fact only 17% of primary voters call themselves liberal. this is a scorched earth strategy designed to distract from trump's own dismal poll numbers. but well over 50% is the number of american who is think trump has made race relations worse in america. about 2/3 believe since his
4:49 am
election, it's more common to hear people express racist views. his strategy is not to make his base bigger but to make his base harder. more willing to refuse to condemn whatever he says. doing that requires bogey men or bogey women in this case making them the face of the future many trump supporters fear. that's your reality check. >> john, thank you very much. meantime, thousands are gathering on the streets of san juan today demanding that puerto rico's governor resign. our next guest was targeted by the embattled governor and his aides in the leaked messages. we'll talk to her coming up next. since my dvt blood clot i was thinking... could there be another around the corner? or could it turn out differently?
4:50 am
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and is the fastest growing place to buy a car in the nation. carvana is six years old this year it's because we have thousands of people working hard to make our customers' experiences the best. it's because we have tens of thousands of cars ready to be delivered to your doorstep. and it's why hundreds of thousands of happy customers have ditched the dealership and bought their car online, earning us an average 4.7 stars in the process. so if you didn't know about us before, you do now. we're carvana, and we want to give you the car buying experience you deserve. morning thousands are gathering on the streets of san juan as pressure grows on the governor to resign. the governor says he will not seek re-election when his term is up but won't step down.
4:54 am
the protests come after 900 pages of profanity-laced, homophobic notes were leaked. joining us, interim president of the latino victory project and former new york city council speaker. good morning, how are you? >> good morning. good morning. >> what are you expecting behind you today as these protests ramp up? what do you think the message is going to be? what do you think the impact is going to be? >> this is an incredible moment in history, unprecedented, 500,000 people last week, expecting more. regardless of party, regardless of agenda, everybody is united to say the government must resign. in the best interest of puerto rico the governor must resign. the fact that he's not yet done so is really troubling. obviously it shows his
4:55 am
immaturity, shows his lack of leadership, shows his lack of moral character. in the best interest of puerto rico, he must resign. this is unprecedented. i say 500,000 will be like a million and a half people marching in the streets of new york demanding this mayor resign. this is historic. people have to understand what we're living through on this island. >> specifically the governor was targeting you, criticizing you in texts. he was responding to tweets in which you criticized the democratic chair for his support of state hood for puerto rico and the governor wrote in part, quote, our people should come out and defend tom and beat up that whore, referring to you. how do you still process that and respond to it and try to use it as a way to make your larger points about his leadership?
4:56 am
>> look, this is not about me. obviously this is an attack on all women, and this an attack -- basically an attack on people of puerto rico in general. revealed the breaking point. obviously historically there has been corruption in different administrations. what the chat revealed was many things. one about sexism, misogyny, home nobodyia. two, use of government money and resources to enrich your friends, use of power of the government to go against your opponents. this is really, everything was exposed in that chat and i think people have just had enough. this is very similar to what we're fighting against in the trump administration. similar, similar. use of divided rhetoric dividing the nation using government resources, to go against the press and go against your opponents. that is also what's being revealed in these chats. that's what we're living in stateside and now the conversation of impeachment. the governor is refusing to
4:57 am
resign. now he's going to force the legislature to take this up. people are tired, sick and tired. this is historic. it's a new day for puerto rico. they are reclaiming their government. they are saying we've had enough and we have to turn the page and start something new. so the conversation is all about that, right? this fiscal control board that has been imposed, that is elected members preventing austerity measures, any conversation of trying to empower further that unelected board is not acceptable. the message here is about getting rid of the fiscal oversight board. there's a lot going on but people are sick and tired and that is what is culminating in the days here. >> you mentioned the difficulty with the trump administration puerto rico has had, the government has had. the president has not wasted an opportunity to try to exploit this. he tweeted this, a lot of bad things are happening in puerto rico, governor under siege, mayor of san juan despicable, incompetent person. he goes on and on.
4:58 am
he talks bow how congress gave foolish foolishly for hurricane relief, squandered away or wasted, never to be seen again. that is not true. the fbi has arrested for $15.5 million to businesses. some of the criticism by trump is going to stick at an inopportune time when, as you say, you've had these battles. >> let's be clear. trump is a liar, trump is a racist. he's a master deflector. let us not allow him to try to dominate and control this conversation. we do not condone, myself, the people in the leadership, the people moving this agenda, we do not condone any type of corruption, of course not. let us not deflect. we have to be underin the
4:59 am
diasper. do not allow this conversation to turn about taking money away. how do we make it more difficult for an island in need recovering, facing a fiscal crisis, where people need assistance. let's not think about how we can make it more difficult. why don't we talk about how we utilize grassroots infrastructure to get the money more directly to the people and not funnel it through a government that obviously has demonstrated that it is corrupt and not able to administer it. so we call latino victory, powerful coalition we're part of and that we help. we are convening a forum here in puerto rico in november to ask the presidential candidates to come to the island. now more important than ever, so they show their commitment to puerto rico and put forth a platform. so this is really an important time, and we need all the solidarity and the support we can gather and that's our work and the work we have ahead of us. >> thank you very much. we'll be watching throughout the
5:00 am
day. thank you very much. we want to thank our international viewers for tuning to us this morning. "cnn newsroom" with max foster is next. for u.s. viewers, a crucial week for democrats during special counsel mueller's testimony. let's get right to it. >> well done. >> lawmakers are preparing for the most anticipated hearing in decades. >> when people hear what was in the mueller report, we'll be in a position to begin holding the president accountable. >> we have a lot of questions about how robert mueller's team was assembled. >> here you'll have five minutes of democrats, five minutes of republicans. it's going to be very hard to tell a story that way. >> these women have said horrible things about our country. >> this is a guy that is worst than a racist. he's using racial language for political gain. >> the term racist is a label too often deployed by left democrats in this country to try to silence and punish people they disagree with.


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