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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 25, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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hello, i'm erica hill in for brooke baldwin today. democrats debate whether to impeach the president just got more heated. one faction hoping for more momentum following robert mueller's testimony, instead being met with a consistently cautious witness, who didn't deviate much from his report. as he warned, the former special counsel did clarify whether he believes the president obstructed justice. for her part, house speaker nancy pelosi says she's not there yet. her advice to members, to each their own.
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>> have you -- >> never have done that. never ever have done that. >> by our count here at cnn, 93 of the 205 democrats in the house support impeachment. what are you hearing from lawmakers in terms of their mind-set today? >> it's a big enough number that there is a serious coalition supporting impeachment, even the pro impeachment democrats don't feel like the hearing allowed them to get to a momentum. >> i understand you have some momentum. specifically between speaker pelosi and alexandria ocasio-cortez. they're scheduled to meet tomorrow as we know, we know they are in different places when it comes to impeachment. what are we learning, what more
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can we expect in terms of that conversation. >> the two have disagreed on a range of issues, this meeting is because of a dispute on the border supplemental bill from the last week of june. and they disagree on impeachment, on basically how the democratic caucus should be working. miss ocasio-cortez would like to see some stronger standpoints, she'd like to see bolder moves, nancy pelosi has an internal political mind. she sees the 31 democrats, that won in districts than donald trump won in 2016, she sees those as her pac to keep the majority. and she wants to protect them. >> how this meeting came to be, which is fascinating in and of itself. how much do you think that's going to cast a shadow over the meeting itself, what it took to get there? >> you know, nancy pelosi talks
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to members on the floor, she's -- you watch her during votes and she's talking to members all the time. the fact that these two haven't really talked in months, it kind of builds this energy, where yeah, you are wondering, what comes out of this. can they patch over a relationship? a few months ago, they were on the cover of rolling stone together, they haven't kept up or developed a relationship since then. >> it will be interesting to see what happens. a lot of conversations happening behind closed doors as well today on capitol hill. good to see you. thank you. just ahead, we'll speak live with a democratic congresswoman who questioned robert mueller. her take is moments away. first, we want to get to this breaking news, 16 marines arrested for their alleged involvement in illegal activities, these allegations range from human smuggling to drug related offenses. the arrests of the 16 marines happening in dramatic fashion this morning. it happened during a battalion formation. the marines for their part
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saying, information gained from a previous human smuggling investigation precipitated the arrests. none of the marines arrested or detained for questioning of the southwest border support mission. for more, i want to bring in rear admiral john kirby, and cnn military and diplomatic analyst. when you look at this, just your take, these charges, the seriousness, the two that are highlighted here, human smuggling, alleged drug trafficking, these are very serious to put it mildly. >> very serious, very troubling, when you think about coming from the ranks of any one of our branches of armed services. it sounds to me like you're looking at a statement, clearly this was additional information gleaned from a previous investigation done into human smuggling. i'm not sure what investigation they're talking about, they talked to more witnesses and came to this point where they could make these arrests, and now starts a very delicate process in the judicial system
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inside the military, these individuals will be allowed to have representation, there will be decisions made about which way they move forward on the 16 remains to be seen, i think, whether all 16 will be treated exactly the same, given whatever the specific charges are, there's a lot more information we need to know here going-forward. >> in terms of the information we do have, two things stick out to me, and tell me if there's any there there. the fact that this was in a dramatic fashion, about the italian formation, that's when this happened, and also the fact that the marines did point out here, this was not related to southwest border operations. >> yeah, it was very clear the marines wanted to separate this incident from that mission, to make it clear to the american people that military participation in the southwest border mission, didn't lead to these charges, i think that was very smart on their part to be able to disassociate the two, there's a lot of -- the mission on the southwest border is controversial as it is, i think it was smart for the marine core
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when they were able to to disassociate. that sounds to me, and i'm just guessing here, i don't know much more than you do. it sounds to me like they wanted an element of surprise to make these arrests. they didn't want all 16 to be able to have information ahead of time that this was coming or to inform their colleagues, necessarily. it sounds like they deliberately had them all together in some sort of battalion formation, knew they were an audience that wasn't going to go anywhere, to make she's arrests in a clean concise and surprised fashion. >> admiral john kirby, always good to talk to you, thank you. accused sex trafficker and multimillionaire jeffrey epstein found mysteriously injured in his jail cell. it's unclear whether the marks on epstein's neck were self-inflicted or the result of a possible jailhouse assault. epstein claims he was beaten up, called a child predator, the 66-year-old financier is accused
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of sex trafficking, bringing girls as young as 14 years old to his florida estate and new york mansion. he wanted to be at his new york city mansion under supervision. that was denied, epstein is facing similar accusations to those he faced in florida. he worked out a plea deal that allowed him to avoid federal charges, he plead guilty to lesser state prostitution charges. # give us a sense, as we're looking at this here, there's always talk about how different people in jail fare depending on what they're there for. the fact that he's in there for these alleged crimes, involving sex trafficking, girls as young as 14 years old, how does that play in a prison? >> well, not well. but he's not. i think he's going to be in protective custody in the federal system, i don't think he leaves his cell. i don't think any other prisoners have access to him. in this particular case, i don't
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think he was assaulted. i think this attempt was -- the suicide attempt was not a suicide attempt, it was a manipulative gesture. he may have been trying to get to a hospital to escape. or he's trying to good under sympathy from the public or prison officials. >> is this the kind of -- if it is, it could be this manipulative gesture to try to garner sympathy, or to perhaps make his case that he shouldn't be here. how is that going to play, though, within the system itself? i would imagine not well? >> no, not well at all. but he's a high profile notorious prisoner with means. the officials are going to watch him closely, i don't think he's going to have any problems with other inmates. he's just -- >> he won't seem -- >> no, he's locked in 23 hours a day. >> when he's locked in, take us inside that cell, what does that mean for him, especially because he is a high profile person at this point.
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he does have means, does that change anything in terms of the location where he is, in terms of what he has access to, even if he's in that one cell for 23 hours a day. >> he's going to get three squares, he's going to get medical treatment when he needs it. the thing i don't understand, his biggest problem now, he's not going to get a sweetheart deal like he got in 2008. i was a warden on rikers island in 2000, i can't recall any sex offender getting work release. i think that's patently outrageous, he's probably coming to the realization that life is going to be hard for him looking forward. maybe it's possible that 2 was a bona fide suicide attempt. he should have been taken to a municipal hospital. he should have seen a psychiatrist, when people do these things, he might do it again. we have to treat it as if it's a real suicide attempt, even though it's likely a manipulative gesture. >> we'll see if we get
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information out of it. >> i think that's highly unlikely. >> thanks for being with us today. >> thanks for having me. a worker is fired after a doctored seal appears behind the president at an event. joe biden punching back at two of his competitors, kamala harris and cory booker. the manhunt intensifntensif you'll hear from the father of one of these teen suspects who says he believes his son plans to go out in his words a blaze of glory. a lot will happen in your life. wrinkles just won't. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair's derm-proven retinol works so fast, it takes only one week to reveal younger looking skin. neutrogena®
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joe biden clearly ready to rumble with two of his sharpest critics, warning he won't be as polite when the three face off at next week's democratic debates in detroit. for booker, the issue is criminal justice. he's been openly skeptical in biden's new plan, he's been slamming him on that controversial 1999 crime bill. >> i'm disappointed it's taken joe biden years and years, to say he made a mistake, there were things in that bill that were extraordinarily bad. now, for a guy that helped to be
11:16 am
an architect of mass incarceration, this is an adequate solution to what is a raging crisis in our country. >> biden hitting back as mayor of newark, new jersey. >> if you look at the mayor's record in newark, one of the provisions i wrote in the crime bill, pattern and practice of misbehavior. the police department was stopping and frisking. >> if he wants to go back and talk about records, i'm happy to do that. >> you've been talking you know, with the biden campaign, what are they telling you about this count counter punch strategy. >> go ahead and take this more, aggressive assertive approach to push back on his critics. he's not going to take attacks
11:17 am
on his record sitting down. you've really seen joe biden over the course of the past few weeks, whether it's kamala harris on health care or the past two days cory booker on criminal justice, he's engaging with his rivals in a way he hasn't done before. he's trying to keep above the fray. since that last debate, you've seen him start to engage more and more, especially as we're getting closer to that next debate next week, when he's standing on stage, right in between kamala harris and cory booker, who have been two of his biggest critics so far, relating to issues of race. i think going-forward, biden said he's going to be sitting down with his advisers in this coming week, trying to map out how his debate strategy is going to go. he's not going to be asked politely this time around. >> he's not going to be as polite. >> in terms of this more aggressive approach, as the biden campaign is putting it, he's taking shots at kamala
11:18 am
harris' ideas of medicare for all. >> you got to find 30 to $40 trillion somewhere. i find the people who say medicare for all, if they're not going to tax the middle class, you don't need to do that, come on. based on what happened with joe biden in the last debate with kamala harris on the bussing issue, and the fallout that continued in the days afterwards. as you talk about this debate strategy, how much of that is focused on kamala harris since he will be right next to her on the stage. >> well, i have a chance yesterday to ask biden about what he's going to be doing in the next few days as he prepares for that debate. he made it a point to talk about kamala harris and the issue of health care, which is where he made those comments. and you've really seen him over the course of the past 2 1/2, three weeks, he's been slowly sharpening his attack in the way
11:19 am
he's criticized certain proposals, that she's been out there supporting. he often times doesn't mention her by name, but it's clear who he's directing these criticisms of when he's out on the campaign trail. i think going-forward, you're going to see him next week on the debate stage. when he says he's not going to be polite, that's in response to questions about kamala harris. he made this comment this morning, saying they thought they were friends and hope they will be going-forward, but he did feel they had a close working relationship in the past, we're going to see how exactly they face off and interact in that next debate. >> there will be a lot to watch. it won't be about what we're hearing, it will be about the visuals as well. thank you. cnn political reporter michael smerconish with me now as we dive in a little deeper. we look at all this shaping up here, there's a power struggle of sorts that we're seeing between these three candidatcan. kamala harris saw a bump in the polls after she challenged
11:20 am
biden, what we're seeing from cory booker, do you see that as him following her lead, or is it more of a personal attack on his part? >> i see it as him following her lead and erica, i doubt he'll be the only one to follow her lead. when i look at that stage as it will be compromised next wednesday night, the second night of the debates, you have cory booker, kamala harris, the former vice president in between. and that he will take incoming from the two of them, it's a given. look now further out at the fringes, because the rules are going to change for the september debate, and many of those folks are not coming back for september. and i think they may throw a hail mary, i'll go a step further and say, my eye is on the new yorkers, i'm looking at mayor de blasio, and i'm also looking at senator gillibrand, and i'm wondering, will the two of them look at this. this final opportunity unless their numbers rise, as a last ditch opportunity to score some
11:21 am
points, take a page out of the kamala harris playbook, and similarly go after joe biden? >> i think we can all count on fireworks, that's for sure, we can definitely count on. we also have new polling out from quinnipiac. we're looking at the key voting state of ohio here, joe biden doing pretty well, the support of 31% of democrats and democratic leaning voters. senator harris coming in at 14%. buttigieg at 6%. when you look at these numbers. ohio as we know, is key for many reasons, does this tell us anything about the strength of the biden campaign at the moment? >> i think it tells you that he is a strong candidate? it also tells you they're sort of coalessing around the top four or five candidates. even though there's a field of candidates. a lot of voters have sort of settled on this top tier of candidates, with biden ahead in most of the polls we've seen so
11:22 am
far, he did take a hit with kamala harris. she's done herself some good. she's tied with sanders in this poll, good for her, but still you've got biden with a fairly commanding lead at this point. you have 30% of a field of 20 people, that's really really great for him, and i think it goes back to this idea that he is the most electable candidate. you got him talking about policy and other candidates going after him on policy, his big strength is electability. a lot of these voters who think he's electable. they're not necessarily thinking about policy. not necessarily thinking about the crime bill in the way that someone like cory booker wants to bring attention to. listen, i think as long as he keeps the electability going for him, in that sort of mantle in these polls show, people think he can win, i think in the general election matchup, even though it's very far away, he beats trump, and he's the only one that beats him in ohio. >> we can put that up to your
11:23 am
point. he does beat him, he's the only one who beats him. that's an important point as you say. there's this monmouth university poll which looks specifically at south carolina, i'm going to stick with you for this one. this really is your wheel house when we talk south carolina, as you know, joe biden 39%. his next closest competitor just 12%. but what really stands out in this poll is his support. >> 51%, right is it. >> among black voters. and that you can't ignore. >> yeah, yeah. i mean, and this is not a surprise to me we talk about black folks down there all the time. it's not that they don't like kamala harris. they will say to me, they love kamala harris, they don't think she can win by this they mean, they don't think she can win white voters. you flashback again to 2008, there were black voters who were with hillary clinton all the way and on the night that barack
11:24 am
obama won iowa, they flipped. my mother was one of them. she was volunteering for hillary clinton when obama won iowa, she meetly switched to obama. that's kamala harris' big test, if she can catch fire among white voters, if she can, that will make electability. it seemed like she was making a play for black voters, it didn't seem to work. she was making a play for white voters as well, who were spread out among candidates, like warren, buttigieg and sanders. >> as we look at these last few days, leading into next few week's debates in detroit. we could see a few more fireworks, what do you look for in the days leading up to the debates, in terms of trying to get attention in the next few days as well? >> listen, they want to get some
11:25 am
attention, but they better be behind closed doors, going through the equivalent of a murder board, and making sure they have the mechanics down for this process, especially the former vice president, because although i didn't think he turned in a performance that was as bad as the conventional wisdom, he wasn't as sharp as he could have been, and you have to be ready to respond within 30 seconds. i'll just say this, relative to mallika's great points. there's some sensitivity there, because of the racial die am in aics as to how biden responds to senator harris or booker, if he's taking incoming from two charismatic candidates of the future, both people of color, is his african-american support, he's got to be careful in terms of how he wards off whatever challenge they may hit him with.
11:26 am
>> michael smerconish, always good to talk with you. thank you. >> thank you. be sure to tune in to smerconish saturday mornings right here on cnn 9:00 eastern. in terms of those debates, where will you see them? right here on cnn. we have two big nights lined up for you. kicking things off at 8:00 p.m. eastern live from detroit. just in, the ratings for the mueller hearings. we'll speak live as well with one of the democrats who was there, who did some of the questioning. did the hearing change her mind on impeachment? plus, as a manhunt intensifies for two teen suspects in multiple murders, one of their fathers says, he believe his son's on a suicide mission. as a home instead caregiver, for everything that i give,
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the father of one of the canadian teens suspected in the killings of an australian woman and a canadian man, fears it will end in a blaze of glory. >> a normal child doesn't travel across the country killing people. a child in some very serious pain does. mounties are going to shoot first and ask questions later basically, he's going to be dead today or tomorrow. i know that. i'm so sorry all of this had to happen. i'm so sorry.
11:32 am
>> those comments coming as nationwide warrants have been coming for teen suspects on the run for more than a week. the manhunt stretching from british columbia to a small town in northern manitoba. paolo sandoval is following all of this for us. this is a vast area. does that mean they have a better sense? >> it's a vast area, much of the focus is in gillum right now, a tiny little one road in, one road out town. 1200 residents, is what the town's website lists. cnn speaking to the deputy mayor there, they're exercising extra caution. you see some of the pictures coming in here recently, you see s.w.a.t. teams positioning in, the reason why they are there, about 3,000 miles away from where the bodies were discoverered days ago is because that's where they found the
11:33 am
suspect's burned out vehicle. we expect to hear from them in the next two hours or so, from the police. they're treating as if they were potentially there. this is a place that is obviously difficult to move around. as you said, it's very rural, very remote. when you hear from people who live there, you walk out of your house, walk a couple steps and you're in the woods. now at least the weather makes it extremely difficult to hide there, but also even insects, that's a massive issue there as well. it will be interesting to see what we hear from authorities in the next few hours, finally, of course, there's no shortage of heart break here, you heard from the suspect's father, you hear from the family of the north carolina woman who died the australian boyfriend found dead this lecture we learned was the third victim here involved. we have families in three different countries mourning the loss as police try to track down these two young men.
11:34 am
>> thank you. >>. russia is attacking the united states right now in this moment. so why then would republicans block election security bills? plus, a juul representative telling students vapping is totally safe. telling kids that in a school? how does that happen? dr. sanjay gupta is here with more on the e cigarettemakers and whether they're targeting teens. it's time for some straight talk. school's starting... i'm going to drop some phone knowledge on ya: you're paying way too much for wireless! switch to... ...straight talk... ...and get the same 4g lte networks the big guys offer... ...for up to half the cost. plus 200 dollars off... ...the samsung galaxy s9.
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one of the reasons democrats were fighting so hard for robert mueller's testimony is to underscore the importance of his support with the american people. they wanted the american people to hear from robert mueller, the number of households that actually tuned in, that may be a disappointment for democrats. brian seltzer joining us now with the numbers just out. so a boom a bust, somewhere in between? >> about 13 million viewers tuned in on the six broadcasting networks. i think the networks did the right thing, so did cable news, this was an important event more than two years in the making. you can get the sense of the fatigue the country is experiencing. 13 million viewers, that's about as twice as many as a typical day on cable news. you compare that to james comey and his explosive testimony two years ago, that had more than 20
11:40 am
million viewers, brett ka va in a, the day they both testified during the day last fall, 20 million viewers, mueller was not the big huge ratings draw the democrats probably wanted. this was not must see tv all day long, i think viewers could sense it was a bit of a rerun. the reason why the hearings matter is because of the amplification. the comments for mueller did lead the nightly news. mueller does matter, the hearings did matter, but they were not the dramatic ratings draw democrats wanted. >> amazing stuff, brian, thank you. >> sheila jackson lee of texas is one of the lawmakers who questioned mueller, she joins us now. good to have you with us, we appreciate it. >> thank you, erica, good to be with you. >> you voted against tables last week's impeachment resolution that was brought to the house floor. after mueller's testimony, did the needle move for you at all?
11:41 am
>> where are you today? >> i think the needle is going to move substantially as social media takes up all that was accomplished yesterday. all of the questioning from both committees as it is read and reread. seen on social media, that i might say many of the millennials get their news that way. and many other hardworking families, so i am very convinced that we were successful yesterday. and even though the numbers were not as high as other news items in the past. i would clearly say that we're not finished yet. >> you're pointing -- >> as it relates to -- >> go ahead. >> as it relates to where i am, i think after knowing the volumes one and two, after hearing over again, after hearing mr. mueller say yes to
11:42 am
our line of questioning. dealing with obstruction, dealing with the russian intrusion into the elections of 2016, even though acknowledging it did not find conspiracy. indicating that the president could be indicted after he got out of office. indicating that any other person that was charged with the obstruction items that we listed or that he listed in the table of contents would have been in essence indicted, if it had not been for the policy of the department of justice. i think the needle has moved. i think the needle has moved the fact of the misconduct of the president. the question is really this, erica. what is the new norm that the american people will accept for the presidency of the united states? we wouldn't accept it in clinton, george w. bush, we wouldn't accept it in president obama and previous presidents. those are the presidents that had the privilege of serving with. the question is, the new norm. i don't think this can be the new norm of service of the
11:43 am
presidency of the united states. and so i believe this office has to be held accountable on its behavior, and the only tool to do so is the constitutional tool. now, i'm very clear, it's not a witch hunt, it's not personal, i'm not ready when we're not ready. i want to make sure that we have all of the t's crossed and i's dotted, it would be misrepresenting if i voted against it on the floor, even though it was a motion to take. >> okay. so it sounds like, though, if you're talking about needles moving, and where opinions lie, i feel like you're being careful here, but you're now in support? >> yeah, i've never. my earlier comments have always been that i'm not running away from impeachment. >> right. >> and so -- but i'm on the judiciary committee, there's a certain responsibility of those of us on the judiciary, i've over and over said i'm not
11:44 am
afraid of impeachment. every time it's come up, i voted for it. we continued our work, we continued investigating. look at it this way. we'll have all of this evidence if we open an impeachment inquiry tomorrow. that's a good thing. >> if it were to open. what we're hearing from speaker pelosi, you're talking about the needle moving, it sounds like part of that is the needle moving, you see in terms of public support, not necessarily among lawmakers. speaker pelosi has made it clear her position as of the morning is do what works for you. is she missing an opportunity here to lead? >> i never have doubted speaker pelosi's leadership, her intellect. but i think she's right, members are going to mount up a -- i think large margin because of what they're seeing and what they're going to hear over and over again. some of them are going to look back on the hearings, social media, they're going to be seeing transcripts, they're going to be listening to members and they're going to move the needle themselves, they're representative of their
11:45 am
constituency, they have the responsibility to answer those questions. i can assure you in my district, which is pretty multicultural and multipolitical if you will, in terms of different philosophies, very strong progressive, but very strong persons who have different views. i listen to those views, people are asking, how longer we going to have this kind of behavior in the white house? i think the problem comes, is that it doesn't restrain the president when something like this happens. it emboldens him, and he uses his twitter account to insult, to suggest that he won a call of democrats, names. and rather than try to be conciliatory, the week he spent on the race question, my heart still churns and my stomach still churns. my heart is broken for the horrific use of race and calling members of congress names and really putting them in jeopardy, so if you embolden him, that is not a good thing for the nation,
11:46 am
and it's not a good thing for our international allies watching us every day. >> let me ask you quickly, we are just about out of time. in terms of emboldening the president, there have been moves at oversight that have been blocked by the president. in him becoming more emboldened is congress losing some of its power in the checks and balances? is that a concern for you? >> you raise a very good question. it is a concern for me. as you know, the article i, article ii, article iii branches, which is the legislature which is article i, that may have said something about founding fathers, the executive and judiciary, were co equal branches of government. and to this date, we have worked together. we have certainly some discord, the affordable care act went all the way to the supreme court, and it was decided that it was constitutional. and this president has every single day chipped away at it, tried to block people from voting. every single day has tried to
11:47 am
alter our immigration laws. and has taken no qualms, no sensitivity to what he is doing in shredding the constitution, i'm frightened with because this constitution, this government has lasted for a period of time that's been admired by the world and other governments, we are a role model of stability. i don't think we should ignore the question, whether we'll allow one person, one man to turn upside down the order that we have, and the respect we have, and the democracy we have, the democracy is for all people. he's extinguishing it, and i think we have to be concerned about that. that's why we should hold him accountable. >> appreciate you joining us today, thank you. >> thank you. the makers of juul e cigarettes, walking into a ninth grade classroom telling kids vapping is totally safe? the president's pick to be the treasury spokeswoman
11:48 am
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vapping, totally safe, that's what one teen says he was told in his classroom by a rep from juul, the maker of e cigarettes. the top executives are set to respond in a house subcommittee hearing. i have to say, i saw the headline on this story this morning, i said, i have to have misread this, what happened here? >> everyone i think was floored by that, these hearings are passionate hearings, they're not getting as much attention as anything else going on in washington. this was supposed to be about
11:53 am
marketing. about the fact that big tobacco is putting billions of dollars into these vapping devices all of a sudden in the middle of these hearings, you hear this exchange with these high schoolers talking specifically about their experience with juul. take a listen. >> the presenter called juul totally safe more than once? >> yes. >> what impact did those totally safe comments have on your classmate classmates, some of whom started vapping? >> for the classmates that were already vapping it was a sigh of relief because now they're able to vap without any concern. >> normalizing this sort of thing, saying it's totally safe. we reached out to juul on this, and asked them, what's the deal. they released this statement to us, they did concede there was this short lived education, youth prevention program. it was ended in september of
11:54 am
2018, it was to educate youth on the dangers of nicotine addiction. it sounds like someone went into this classroom with some sort of aagain de. that's part of the issue now, it's totally safe, this is not a problem, that's what they took away from it. >> juul was accused of an arms race, that was upping the amount of nicotine in their products? >> there was a certain amount of nicotine in these e cigarettes. there was -- well, there wasn't regulation around this, there was a certain amount of nicotine in these pods. they kept upping the amount of nicotine, if you're taking a pod, which anyone who knows about these devices understands what a pod is, what you put into the device, it's basically a pack of cigarettes. how do you contextualize that. >> it's not a dosing mechanism.
11:55 am
put this in perspective for us, how widespread at this point. end of july of 2019 is vapping? >> talk to any middle school student, any high school student in america today, they're going to know about this, anybody. and parents who don't know about this, are going to need to know about it, it's going to become that widespread, there are numbers we can attach to this, these are people who admit to vapping, the number is probably much higher, 3.6 million middle school and high school students. a year earlier, 2.1 million. >> we don't know the 2019 numbers yet, obviously, if you continue to see that trajectory that's part of the problem. what they really think is the problem is how many of these kids are transitioning to combustible cigarettes. they try the vapping and go on to the actual cigarettes. some say it's as high as 20, 21%.
11:56 am
>> my 7th grader tells me where he sees all the kids vapping just across the street from the school. >> keep an eye on him. >> i will. >> he knows he will bear the wrath of dr. gupta. the search for more suspects after new york, cops get doused with water and the president is now weighing in. a doctored seal appears behind the president at an event. and now someone's fired. those details just ahead. un for. i didn't have to call 911. and i didn't have to come get you. because you didn't have another heart attack. not today. you took our conversation about your chronic coronary artery disease to heart. even with a stent procedure, your condition can get worse over time, and keep you at risk of blood clots. so you added xarelto®, to help keep you protected. xarelto®, when taken with low-dose aspirin, is proven to further reduce the risk of blood clots that can cause heart attack, stroke, or cardiovascular death in people with chronic cad. that's because while aspirin can help,
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top of the hour. the dust is still settling in the aftermath of robert muelle