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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  July 26, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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there. someone fixed it. jeanne moos, cnn. >> you need tremendous stamina. >> new york. >> and thanks so much for joining us. have a good weekend. you can watch "outfront" any time. anderson starts now. good evening. we begin tonight with breaking news on president trump's signature issue the border wall with mexico. he's using money from the pentagon to build it in the supreme court in a 5-4 vote gave him the green light at least while a lower court challenged it. pamela brown joins us with reaction from the white house. i imagine the president has to be happy with the rule. >> he immediately hailed it as a big win for him. this is what he tweeted not long ago saying wow, big victory on the wall, the united states supreme court overturns lower court injunction allow southern border wall to proceed. big one for border security and the rule of law. this is a significant ruling by
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the supreme court along ideology lines and the president's favor allowing those from the defense department to be used to build the wall. you'll recall that the president directed those funds to be used for the wall after he didn't get what he wanted from congress. as you'll recall, that led to the longest government shutdown in u.s. history and the president ended it when he called for a national emergency. after that, groups immediately lower court agreed with the group's challenging it saying that congress has the power of the purse and that the president didn't have this authority the groups argued violated the law but today the supreme court said the government showed that these groups. the government did a good job showing that and so this is certainly now this is not over yet, anderson.
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the wall continued to be built with funds we should note that some of them will go toward replacing, as well. >> replacement fencing which is all that's been build or that's been done so far with just -- they have been characterizing it as a new wall but replacing existing fencing. >> yeah, that's right. the president tries to frame it certainly most of it has been this replacement fencing. the president argues that this is all about protection because the fencing was crumbling and needed to be replace for the there to be a secure barrier there to prevent people from trying to cross. but, you know, on the campaign trail, politically, anderson, this hands the president a big talking point because now he can tell his supporters that he promised in 2016 on the trail he would build the wall and that the wall is being built even if a lot of these funds are going toward replacement fencing, anderson? >> pamela brown, thanks very much. more on the legal and political dimensions. joining us is elliott williams
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in the obama administration and the senior spokesperson on the 2016 clinton campaign and scott jennings former assistant to george g bush and leader to mitch mcconnell. elliott, the president certainly understandably views this as a big win. do you see it as a win for him because as pamela said, litigation challenging had to pay for it is still on going. >> litigation is but look, in effect, if the construction can be completed, if he ultimately loses in court, some of this construction will have already been in place. i think the loss here is for the relationship between the president and congress. congress explicitly made a determination not to fund this project of the president, which is largely a political project of the president. 48 hours later, the president went again and went ahead and proceeded with an executive order to get this built. so really, the question here anderson is this a reshaping of
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how presidents of the united states are going to regard congress and disregard them as this president has largely done throughout administration or is this an aberration that ends with the presidency of donald trump? that remains to be seen. i think that's the bigger question and problem here and it's something that haunts this administration. it's just an utter disrespect for congress as a branch of government. >> scott, certainly for the republican side, this is clearly a win. there is no, you thougknow, reao look at it anyway. >> there is a lot of dimensions to the victory. it's a political victory when the president came under some attack for not building the wall so he'll be able to check the box. number two, it comes at a time when the most recent gallup poll shows immigration has gone back to the top of the list of the issues that the american people care about the most. so this is kind of riding the wave of public opinion. number three, i think it validates the president's position. he said the border issues are a
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crisis and national emergency all along and what has happened? thousands of more people have come. we all seen it's an actual emergency so he's validated on that and one final political win, i think the supreme court decision based on my twitter feed will bait the democrats into saying some pretty dumb stuff at this week's cnn debate. they have become extremists on immigration and it will get worse on your debate stages this week, anderson. >> karen, do you expect that to be the case? wrote about his surprise how i mean, to the left some of the last debate comments about immigration. >> look, a couple things. number one, i don't think you're going to see that and remember when we're talking about the border and border wall, there is another part of that conversation we are talking also kids in cages and family separation policy. if we're going to go back to
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that conversation, part of that conversation is not a politically good conversation for the president. part of his going after the squad has been to move away from the conversation because you have so many members visiting the conditions. >> he ran on build the wall and mexico would pay for it. that's not happening. he ran on build a wall. he can say the supreme court is going to let me do it and i'm going to do it. >> absolutely. look, it's a victory for him and we've seen that in his twitter feed tonight. he should take the victory lap. i think obviously this on going question between the relationship between congress and the president and the power of the purse, that is going to continue and i think to some degr degree, the back and forth between congress and the president on this part of it gets a little mirky given there is politically so many other fights between congress and the president right now, but you're right, it gives him a great
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political talking point but again, that issue of the wall and the border is not without a flip side that is not good for the president to be talking about. >> i hear you on that. to elliott's point about kind of being a new model for things, is there any republican concern that, you know, there is an executive order this is a national emergency if a democrat comes into office and says climate change is a national emergency and does it by executive order, i mean, does this set a new president? >> oh, there is huge concern about that. i mean, this is one of the down the road, you know, i told you so that could happen if democrats win the white house. i have no doubt that guns, you know, the truck that sits in my driveway, you know, all kinds of things -- >> they will go to your truck? >> on executive orders. hey, i don't have one of the new models with the fancy whatever pollution controls. i'm telling you, they will declare a national emergency on anything. there is concern about that. in the moment, there is no
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question. this is one of donald trump's best days. >> elliott, certainly, this president has used the idea of executive orders in ways that if he was a democrat or barack obama the republicans would be very upset about it. >> the intellectual dishonesty is staggering in terms of what republicans will tolerate from this president of the united states and look, let's talk about the underlying policy of the anderson, i worked at i.c.e. for five years. the policy is flawed because most people that are unlawfully president of the united states under stayed their visas so building a wall, while i can certainly agree that there is a room for barrier fencing in the debate over border security, but most of the people here didn't cross the southern border. you're forscoring political points. this is about whipping people up at rallies. he's built this or seeking to
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build a big extensive wall that won't solve the underlying problem. i would be the first person at the table to have a conversation about border security and immigration if that's what republicans and the president wanted to do but that's not what this is about. >> karen, again, on the campaign trail or debate stage when it gets to be the republican or democrat, the argument i built -- i said supreme court a me, i'm doing it is clearer and understandable than a discussion about barrier fencing has a role but, you know, the ramifications about building a wall and it's less effective and it's not as powerful as what the democrats previous argument could have been which was you promised to build a wall and mexico to pay for it and neither has happened. they can't make that argument anymore. >> no, you're right. i think there is probably one other line in there, anderson of the president's talking points. i would envision him saying the democrats tried to stop me and the supreme court says i win,
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right? so look, again, from the perspective of the president, it is a great talking point. we have a talking point, though, on the democratic side to talk about okay, but what about the people who are here? if we can all agree that there is now a crisis at the border, build your wall if that's going to keep people out but i suspect part of where this conversation is going to go on the context of this election because it is dire and grave and we have all of these children and families that at some point we have to figure out how to reunify them, what do we do with the people who are here? we've been so focused on the wall we move aid way from that part of the political conversation and people that live on the boarder states, they are interested in having that conversation and also interested in understanding how the wall will affect the land that they live on. >> oh, yeah. >> scott, i mean, it is a more -- i don't know, it's a tougher discussion for democrats after today. >> oh, look, this is a very simple thing now. donald trump ran on boarder
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security. he is securing the border. democrats are running on decriminalizing border crossings and free health care for people that come here illegally. they look like they are inviting the entire world to come here illegally and they have no interest in securing the border and donald trump is going to say i ran on securing the border, i fought all the way to the supreme court. it's happening. if you go with their policies, we'll have no borders at all. turn on the tv. it's a crisis. this is as lean as it gets for a pot l political argument. >> there is a manufactured part of this crisis. what will we do with these children and families? it is the case under donald j. trump we're seeing children in cages. we're seeing men and women in cages so packed they can't lie down. there is another part of that, too. he delivered on conservative judges and border security but this other part is not going to go away and i think he's going to be as much of a lighty for
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him or much more of a liability than he imagined. >> elliott, do you give him anything on boarder security or to your point, which is, you know, statistically correct about people over staying their visas, again, it's a more -- >> howne border security? we'll make the border safer. the means will be detouring people from coming to the country by ripping their toddlers away from them. that's not securing the border. if you wish to have a conversation about border security, it needs to be a whole list tick conversation not just about building barriers and yeah, i'm not making a moral point and i'll agree that san diego, california needs to have hard border barrier fencing but i just think this idea that immigration is exclusively a function of boarder security and nothing else and no other parties in government or the ngo
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community or whatever else need to be part of it. that's a false bianry. >> the congress thinks the united states senate just passed a massive humanitarian piece to this immigration crisis, which this president signed into law. so he just put billions on the humanitarian crisis and now he's got billions for the wall this is a great day if you're donald trump making an argument about a wholistic approach. >> let's see the action before we start -- let's see what really happens to those families. >> i don't think $4 billion toward a hemisphere wide crisis that deals with -- starts with corruption and crime and violence in guatemala and el salvador is the perfect solution or total solution to fixing what again extends the length of the hemisphere and is a much bigger problem. >> elliott williams, scott jennings, as well. next, house democrats take a big step toward impeachment while trying not to make what
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...the samsung galaxy s9. all with the unlimited plan, just 45 bucks a month, with 25 gigs of high-speed data. no contract. knowledge dropped. class dismissed. straight talk wireless. only at walmart. keeping them honest, with house democrats still divided on the question how hard to push, the house judiciary committee asked for access to the full unredacted mueller report and information connected to the russia probe. i'm quoting the committee seeks key documentary evidence and intends to conduct hearings with former white house counsel don mcgahn and other critical witnesses testifying to determine whether the committee should recommend articles of impeachment against the president or any other article one remedies and if so, what form. this is certainly a big step and prompted the question would these hearings be a formal
5:19 pm
impeachment inquiry, something pelosi and leadership have been resisting. when asked chairman nadler said this. >> we are doing exactly what i said a moment ago we are doing, that is to say we're examining and investigating the various crimes and so forth of the president. now whether you call that an inquiry ocho inquiry or whatever you want to call that, that's what we've been doing and will continue to do. >> some said the chairman is trying to have it both ways. there is a reason if that's what he's doing. reneeds to show the court why the committee needs what it asked for while avoiding what democratic leaders see as a danger moving too quickly to the election and there is growing pressure to speed up hence the careful language from the chairman and also from house speaker pelosi apparently seeking to reassure her less patient members. >> no, i'm not trying to run out the cot. let's get sophisticated about
5:20 pm
this, okay? okay? >> how long will these court fights take? >> we won't proceed when we have what we need to proceed, not one day sooner. this isn't endless. when we have the best strongest possible case and that's not endless, either. it may be endless in terms of the vie voolations of the law t president is engaged in but that's what i say to you. >> that's the backdrop for one of the players. joining me is steve cohen, a member of the judiciary committee. thank you for being with us. >> nice to be here. >> is this an impeachment inquiry in your mind? >> we're calling it an impeachment investigation and probably a new term. we've been doing this for awhile having hearings that would lead up to this and the john dean crowd and barbara mcquaid crowd and the next step is to get the actual players, don mcgahn is
5:21 pm
the main player, hope hicks who knew about pay offs to stormy daniels and whatever. i call her miss august. i don't remember her real name. >> you're saying hope categorically lied. >> she said she knew nothing about those things. the papers that came out in the southern district said that was not true. we want to get into some corey lewandowski and that's what you do in an impeachment investigation is you put the parts together and study what happened and determine if there is sufficient evidence to impeach and should there be a duty to impeach. i think there is. i understand people wanting to see more direct evidence. >> do you -- as we've been saying the next step is in the courts. it's possible that could drag out for a very long period of time and push this close to the election. is there a time when it becomes too close to an election in your mind or should that not play a role. >> whether it should or
5:22 pm
shouldn't, i don't think it should. it's our duty as congress people when we believe strongly there is violations of our constitution or have been. individual one has done bad things in new york and washington. and in washington he's not individual one. he's the guy that hides behind the office of legal counsel's decoloration, he can't be indicted as long as he's in office. you have a president whose been named in two different cases as a criminal. he's a criminal. lying donald, that's what he is. >> so if that is the case and then why not immediately move to impeachment, to impeach if you believe -- >> i believe it but i think you need the votes and right now we got a little over 100 democrats that believe he should be impeached but you need 218 people to impeach. >> to those that say speaker pelosi and others slow walking this hoping it sort of drags out and ultimately does not lead to
5:23 pm
impeachment, which some democrats are concerned will fire up the president's base or in someway over take the actual election and what the democratic candidates talk about. what do you say? >> i think the president is an expert at firing up the base. he knows what gets them whether it's four freshman or saying he was exonerated and he'll say that regardless if we don't come file impeachment, he'll say he was exonerated, nothing there. he'll call it a hoax. he'll say anything. i think we need to help fire up our base and i think we need to do what is right. the monument clause he's violated. there is a lawsuit about it. there is no question he's making money hand over fist and meet at a hotel. it a grift. this is the most in my opinion and a lot of other people's opinion, the most criminal group family to ever get in the white house. the bambinos couldn't do
5:24 pm
anything more. >> they were actually prosecuted and evidence was found that has not occurred yet. >> it has occurred in the southern district he was individual one and they chose not to -- he should be with michael cohen up the river wherever it is and in this case, if it weren't -- first he said mueller said the elements were there and it was only olc opinion, obviously counsel stopped him. he came back when he got to intel committee and said i phrased that wrong, blah, blah, blah. think about this, anderson. he said he could be indicted after he leaves the presidency and he said that one of the things about getting the evidence and preserving it is you get the evidence when it's fresh in people's minds, their recollection is the best and they are the best witnesses and so you get that and you keep it for sometime. you don't keep that if there is not a crime. >> do you believe mueller's first answer to congressman lieu was what he felt. >> what he felt and what
5:25 pm
happened. i think he was counseled by his associates and attorneys and whoever else to say be consistent with the report. you wouldn't have made a point of getting this evidence and keeping it if it wasn't a crime. >> at what point would something become, okay, this goes to the courts and that takes however long. at what point would it actually become an impeachment process? >> well, i think judge howl will act promptly. judge howl has been in charge of this investigation. she's the judge in charge. she'll be accused of being everything short of benghazi when she makes her order. i think she'll rule. the law is on our side and we're basically investigative body looking into impeachment and whether it's an impeachment investigation or inquiry, whatever it is. we're looking at impeachment and as a gentleman several scholars, tribes, colleagues wrote everything is there and it
5:26 pm
been -- we got barry working with us and they have made sure that everything was about the first article one. use all of article one powers and pref phraaced that way. >> i want to bring in "usa today" columnist kirsten powers and cnn political analyst kirsten powers. i think she has a question for you, too. >> i'm interested congressman, you keep saying there is a duty to impeach but does that mean you impeach even if it harms the democrats and would potentially reelect the president? it sounds like you're saying you're willing to live with that if you believed it would help him get reelected, you would feel this is the duty of the democrats. am i hearing that correctly? >> it's the duty of any congress person. when you see what happened and a person -- he's obstructed justice, not just in the mueller report but obstructing justice now by telling everybody to
5:27 pm
avoid subpoenas that, don't turnover documents. this is just wrong -- >> i understand that. >> i don't think it will hurt the democrats. i think the people when they see the proof and evidence come out and layout the form, that they will see that this president is lawless and they will support people that are in favor of his impeachment and be against people that aren't and i really think that when the democrats won in 2018 we won because people wanted to put a check and balance on this president and want to put not just a check and balance in 2020 but throw him out. >> does it -- i mean, that would -- an impeachment procedure would suck a lot of the oxygen out of the room for democratic candidates out on the campaign trail. they would be talking about that a lot and those who are concerned about impeachment process believe that would essentially stop them or prevent or lesson the amount of time they spent talking about pocketbook issues and table top issues. >> that's an issue and i think speaker pelosi thinks we need to
5:28 pm
concentrate on health care, which we do. we've been talking about health care and that's not the news. the news is impeachment of trump. when i'm at home and my district is heavily african american, maybe the most in the country. my people tell me stay on him, stay on him. don't give up. don't let that man get away with this. that's not representative necessarily of america but a lot of americans feel that way. when you see the polls, college educated women big time don't think he's telling the truth. the only group we're messing with is us, the white men. >> congressman, appreciate your time. there is now information tonight on how one key state failed to heed warnings as the russian systems were compromise the. we'll have details on that in a moment. ♪ let's go!
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click, call, or visit a store today. we're learning details on the russian interference of the 2016 campaign, namely information that builds that russian hackers penetrated election systems. the report heavily redacted does
5:33 pm
not mention the state by name only referring to state two but senior official familiar with the matter says state two is florida. the report paint as picture of federal officials repeatedly reaching out to warn officials that they were targets and officials failing to heed the warnings. fortunately, there is no evidence of votes being changed. it is still pretty unnerving. want to talk about it with our counterterrorism analyst, black site the cia and post 9/11 world. are you surprised that officials failed to act on these warnings given the fact that the president, you know, doesn't address election meddling head on or really acknowledge it's happening right now? >> i'm not surprised. i would say worry going to the future but as someone who served in government not surprised if you look at the time period here when americans were just learning about the extent of russian involvement. if you go state by state and the feds are walking through your door, you have the responsibility in the state for
5:34 pm
securing your systems and saying hey, we have new information and we can't share it with you but you guys are in trouble in essence saying you're not doing your job securing your own systems. i can see how there is a break between the fed and state guys and the state guys saying hey, call me another day. i have stuff on my mind and we think we're doing well. >> do you think that has been fixed? do you think now if the feds called upstate officials, it would be a different response? >> i think there would be a different response. i don't think that's the question i would ask, anderson. you see there was failed legislation about a federal response. the problem is are you going to call 50 states and try to tell them each of you has independent systems, let's try to secure all those systems and help you defend yourselves against a state actor like russia or china? i realize the states are independent in this case on elections but i don't know why the heck we would want to depend on states to fight the russians and the iranians and chinese. they can't do it. >> i want to play something that the president said today calling for new investigations into last
5:35 pm
administration. >> let's look into obama the way they have looked at me from day one they looked into everything that we've done. they could look into the book deal that president obama made. let's subpoena all of his records. let's subpoena all of the records having to do with hillary clinton and all of the non-sense that went on with clinton and her foundation and everything else. we could do that all day long. >> i mean, the president of the united states suggesting, you know, the use of law enforcement as a political weapon as pay back, that's pretty stunning. >> let me tell you one simple rule here that we've lost among many rules in the last two and a half years. never ask your politicians to determine who should be investigated. whether it's the sheriff and the mayor or the president and a former president. politicians have an agenda, justice is supposed to be blind. as a politician interferes in how a case will be open, you
5:36 pm
have to say how can justice be blind when a poll session saiti after their adversary. >> i want to ask about black cia and post 9/11 world because it's -- i have not been able to read it yet. it's not out yet but coming out. there has been so little understanding about what actually happened internally in the planning and operation of those sites. the whole notion of black sites is something which, you know, we heard the term and stuff but really don't know that much about it. >> that's why i wrote the book. i was actually on a run. i'm a runner one morning three or four years ago and realized that people had written individual slices but there is a piece of american history that was so tense and so significant that the cia stepped back and said we're not only going to capture our own prisoners but detain them and use techniques that later americans said we don't like. i thought that just in terms of a fascinating story but more important, in terms of a sliver of american history, we couldn't lose it. most of my friends will never
5:37 pm
speak to you. we couldn't lose that story and what we did and why. >> you interview and talk to folks that worked in the black sites. >> yes, i talked from everything from cia directors and knew 95% of the people there down to people who were conducting terrorism and managing the sites. >> we'll read the book. phil, thank you very much. president trump won michigan by 11,000 votes in 2016. the cnn democratic debates there are a couple days away. the question is what do undecided voters have to say about the 2020 candidates? we'll take a look at that next. lick fast like a cookie dough ninja. apply that same speed to the ford hurry up and save sales event. for the first time ever get 20% estimated savings on select ford models, plus earn complimentary maintenance through fordpass rewards. it all adds up. don't you love math? so get here asap because tasty deals and summer go fast. get in or lose out
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michigan is a key state to win in 2020. this tuesday and wednesday night's ten democratic candidates will face-off in the debate in detroit. back in 2016 president trump won michigan by a slim margin just nearly 11,000 votes more than hillary clinton and more than 75,000 voters in the state refused to cast a ballot for any presidential candidate. our randi kaye went to michigan to see what voters had to say about the candidate and talked with ten undecided voters, two republica republicans. here is what they had to say. >> i really wish i could pull a number of things from a number of candidates to create an ideal candidate. >> for these ten undecided voters in michigan choosing one
5:42 pm
candidate is tough. >> i think bernie sanders has been saying the same thing for the last 30 years and truth really matters today. >> who else is leaning, frank? >> castro. i like his executive experience. san antonio is a bustling city and i like his marshall plan as a way to address immigration issues. >> this democrat likes elizabeth warren but more interested in kamala harris. >> i'm looking for someone who has an agenda for african americans and has something with meat behind it and camillkamalas proposed a $100 million plan for housing for african americans. >> one name i'm not hearing is joe biden. is there anyone here considering joe biden, raise your hand. >> if he's on the ballot, march 10th in michigan, i will vote for him without question. >> joe biden in my opinion is hillary clinton 2.0. he's the worst thing that the democrats could do. you are your record. now he's out here in front by
5:43 pm
himself, we get to look at the statements he's made and laws he's passed. >> some in this group haven't forgiven biden for his recent comments about working alongside segregation senators and his opposition to federally mandate bussing to integrate schools. >> you didn't buy his explanation. >> i didn't buy his explanation and don't feel like he gave an authentic apology. >> you have a problem with biden and his support of the 1994 crime bill. >> it e rate karadicated my com. most of my friends i grew up with are in jail or dead as a result of the policies. >> biden said it had plenty of good things in it, too. still, four of the democrats and inde ppendents in our group sai they may not vote for biden if he turns out to be the nominee but one republican might. >> i would consider biden maybe and i would consider pete buttigieg. i'm looking for somebody that is more moderate and more progressive wing of the democratic party scares me. >> a first-time voter is also
5:44 pm
intrigued by donald trump. >> i think he's trying to grow the economy and really help the average american voter but i just wish he would put down his twitter. if he would put down his twitter, i would be behind him. when he has these tweets that's a turn off for me. >> independent voter david palmer hasn't ruled anyone out except trump. >> the man is a habit l liar and accused of sexual assault by over a dozen women. he's run multiple companies over the ground and if you look last month, we had the highest national deficit total in one month in our nation's history. >> even this undecided republican who praises trump on the economy is considering a democrat. >> andrew yang is the closest person on the democratic side i would consider voting for. i think andrew yang is intelligent and has a few good ideas especially with universal basic income. >> what do you need to hear at the upcoming debate to help push you toward a candidate?
5:45 pm
>> truth, consistency. i'm sick of being spun. >> i need to hear policies that will appeal to americans who are like me with a family. we're trying to pay off our student loans and buy a house but the housing market is unaffordable. i'm trying to live the american dream and it's really hard for me to do that because this america wasn't set up for me. this america we live in today is set up for trump and his buddies. >> to get more perspective. joining us is "usa today" columnist kirsten powers. kirsten, the big take away from the piece seems to be not a scientific polling and we want to hear from voters this group not terribly enthusiastic about any particular democratic candidate. >> this is a bic tag take away not untheenthusiastic about joe
5:46 pm
biden. they are still sort of searching if you listen to all of them, they are coming from different perspectives and looking for different things. they don't seem to have found anything they are really excited about now it's really early. >> yeah. >> so it's not uncommon for people to be figuring things out and will be figuring things out over a long period but joe biden has been in the public eye for a long time and so i think if you're joe biden, i'd be concerned watching that because i think if you look at the polls, i'm sure that biden campaign is wondering how much of that is name recognition and obama thand people that have really specific problems with him at best they are not enthused. >> also most of the polls you're seeing are national polls which, you know, it's interesting to see but it's not what is happening in michigan, not what is happening in iowa. these are early states and these states that are crucial. >> right.
5:47 pm
well, and michigan of course, the democrats lost so narrowly by around 10,000 votes. >> 1 1, yeah. >> a lot of that is because african american turnout was down and listening to how the 1994 crime bill affected him is a very personal story and he's probably not the only person with that story and so, you know, i think the more attention that joe biden's record gets, maybe the more accountable he'll be held. >> kirsten, great to have you. thanks very much. be sure to tune in tuesday, wednesday night at 8:00 eastern for the democratic debates. live from detroit on cnn. ahead tonight the ridiculous trump steaks and wine as the president gets into a tax fight with the french 6789 at t-mobile, for $40/line for four lines, it's all included for the whole family, starting with unlimited data. .
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5:52 pm
. still to come, the ridicoluos. >> is this just about a hedge against having a vote on the floor because maybe whipping a yes on the democrat side would be hard er harder and is the miscalculations they are exposing themselves to risk and creating risk by hiding so i'm going to do a closing argument tonight where i look through the eyes of romeo and juliette and. >> thank you. >> that's all i remember. chris, thanks very much. i'll see you in about seven minutes from now. president trump taking on the
5:53 pm
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(v...especially when your easily distracted teenager has the car. the worst... at subaru, we're taking on distracted driving [ping] with sensors that alert you when your eyes are off the road. the all-new subaru forester. the safest forester ever. . time now for they di ridicu. and this time it's about wine. the president full bodied with maybe some nuttiness we've come
5:57 pm
to expect. the president has passed taxes on google and amazon. if anyone is going to hurt amazon, the president clearly wants to be the one to do it. >> some of the greatest companies in the world are complaining about it, having to do with amazon and the daoud p departme -- department of defense. >> i've always liked american wines better than french wines, even though i don't drink wine. i just like the way they look. >> i like that. i just like the way they look. i'm with him on that one. american wines look better. i don't know how exactly. they just look more like freedom. that's how they look. french wines don't look like freedom to me. the president is certainly qualified to discuss wine because he does actually sell wine, unlike those steaks that he claimed to sell during the campaign but didn't seem like he
5:58 pm
really did. >> we have trump steaks. he said the steak company and we have trump steaks. and, by the way, if you want to take one, we'll charge you about what, $50 a steak. and we make the finest wine, as good a wine as you can get anywhere in the world. >> the steaks were not trump steaks at that press conference. they were purchased from a local butcher. despite the specialist, the sharper image didn't seem to stick anymore. >> when it comes to great steaks, i've just raised the stakes. >> with a sizzling slogan like that, how could it not work out? i'm stunned. a trade war with france would raise the stakes even higher. russia could then go after vodka. the president might be worn on that one. >> we launched a vodka called
5:59 pm
trump vodka and we're considering it. i think it will be the finest vodka anywhere in the world. >> where is it made? >> it's made actually in various parts of europe. >> again, one of my favorite lines of all time. the vodka was so complex, it had to be distilled in various unnamed parts of europe and combined into an incredible concoction. perhaps it a finnish muffler shot or hungarian shop. >> my new game is trump the game. trump, the game, where you deal for everybothing you wanted to own. it's not whether you lose, it's whether you win. >> repetition is critical when you're selling trump, the game. >> my new game is trump, the
6:00 pm
game. >> trump, the game, where you deal for everything you've ever wanted to own because it's not what you win or lose, it's whether you win. >> yes! >> that voiceover just makes me want to play trump the game. i love the game. i remember so many days me and whiff and skoozer, j-bob sitting around the dorm room at yale, pounding down steak and playing, losing, not winning. >> the news continues for "cuomo primetime." >> i have to tell you, look at this american wine bottle i found online. you only need to look at it to know that it better than french wine because you're not going to find a french wine with this label. i love