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tv   S.E. Cupp Unfiltered  CNN  July 27, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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♪ >> a lot of news today. late last night the supreme court ruled in favor of president trump's fund to fund a board -- border wall with defense department money. in a set of vicious new tweets, the president unleashed a tirade against the city of baltimore calling it filthy, disgusting and rat-infested. that has many seeing a dangerous pattern. we will get to that too. those stories are just some of the reasons democrats and even republicans want trump gone.
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if the mueller testimony this week made anything clear that getting rid of trump will have to wait until november 2020. we do need to be realistic. the only way he is leaving office, at this point, is by being voted out. >> i agree. impeachment has been a pipedream and a folly and maybe even a waste of time. here is tonight's headline. beat trump at the ballot box. the next chance for democrats to make that case will be at the debates in detroit on tuesday and wednesday as joe biden enters leading the polls and promises to stop being polite and start being real. behind him bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are neck and neck. they are fighting for the same voters and have similar messages. night one they will share the same stage. i likened the warren, bernie
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battle to a murder mystery like agatha christie but for warren or sanders to be the last one standing they will have to take each other on. as long as they split progressive voters, the more likely it is the last man standing will be biden. they were reluctant to go after each other but only a matter of time before they have to take their gloves off. could that happen on tuesday? here is the deal. you heard the expression the town is not big enough for the both of us. sanders and warren, the town is feeling very cramped. they made very clear their differences with joe biden who they painted as wrong on foreign policy and too moderate. that is too clear and an important one for voters to know. what about each other. why vote for warren over sanders or vice versa. what does she offer he doesn't. how does he see the countries
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challenges differently than her? what significant policy differences do they have? the longer it is unclear to voters, the worth both will fare. the most important job they should be thinking about on tuesday night is not debating trump but debating each other. now to preview warren vs. sanders and all of the big matchups is a democratic strategist and former strategist for the bernie sanders 2016 campaign. you don't see that playing out on tuesday. you actually think they might team up? >> yeah. i think that you have two dynamics in the first night of the debates. you have a generational debate. warren and bernie are the two oldest on the stage. buttigieg and o'rourke there and they are looking to drive that
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degeneration line. i think that you will see the moderate candidates, delaney or someone that will try to take on either warren or bernie. i think you can see the two of them coming to each others defense. the dynamic everybody wants on that night is sanders vs. warren. i think it will be sanders and warren versus the rest of the field. >> i think it is necessary. maybe there is an argument to be made it is not necessary this early. it is going to have to come, you know, to a head. i remember during the 2016 campaign you said that the progressive wing of the democratic party was dying for a champion. does it help bernie if they have two in bernie and warren? >> well, i actually think what is going to happen, and it is not going to happen for several months. i think when we get in to
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january and february of next year as iowa and new hampshire get closer, one will establish some momentum and dominance. what is actually going to happen that the progressive base will fall away from one or the other. whoever has the momentum at the end will put it together. and i also would say to you that you have to be very careful in the debates in a multicandidate primary field about attacking other candidates. you can attack a candidate and do damage but you are also driving your support. there are a host of progressive candidates. i don't think it is unreasonable to think kamala harris couldn't pick up support. i would be telling my candidate not to attack. >> if they defend each other as
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you suggest they might, and thinking about joe biden. isn't that a dream scenario? he could say they are both naiive. neither can beat trump. if he treats the two of them as one is that helpful for them? >> i don't. i think he will have to take on the substance of the ideas. they have big, bold, progressive ideas that take the central challenges that the country faces. you might not agree with the prescriptions. you have to say they are taking on the central challenges on education, health care and on the economy. i think that gives their candidacies power. i would not worry about that at all. >> you tell me. you are right. i am probably not voting for either of them. you tell me. what are the differences? what are the substantial differences between bernie sanders and elizabeth warren? >> you know, i think the policy difference is clearly around the
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margins. you know, elizabeth warren has one huge distinction over bernie sanders in that she is a democrat. i think that matters inside of a democratic primary. you have also seen her saying i am not a socialist. i am a capitalist. i want to reform the capitalist system. she has some dividing lines with sanders. being a democrat is a powerful message in the primary. sanders, his argument is that i had the courage to stand up and lead on these issues in 2015 and 16. you know, you have to have courage of your conviction and leadership to take on a guy like donald trump. >> yeah. >> the distinction is if they go to them, not really on policy. >> do you think bernie sanders will run as an independent if biden gets the nomination? >> no.
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i don't. i think he made the decision before the 15-16 campaign. there is no way. whatever you think about bernie sanders, let me tell you one thing. he sees donald trump as a fundamental threat to this country and to its future. there is no way bernie sanders would participate in allowing donald trump to be elected president. >> as the primary gets closer and closer to the end. if elizabeth warren is leading sanders by 10 points do you think he will drop out? >> i don't think he will drop out but i think his support will drop away and she will pick up momentum. if you look at the polls sit in iowa and new hampshire today, biden is somewhere in the middle 20s. warren, sanders and harris in the teens. any of the candidates could rocket past biden and get up into the lower 30s and win the two states.
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i think either one is capable of doing it. >> earlier in the week i am sure you saw it. an analyst responded saying he -- there is a perception, and maybe an unfair one that the bernie bros and maybe bernie himself is not in touch with women. is that a weakness for him? >> i don't think that is a fair characterization. i will say as a political matter, bernie sanders carries a lot of damaging baggage from the 2016 campaigns. i think that is unfortunate myself. the skin crawl thing is inappropriate but that is just an example of a whole host of actors in the democratic party that are still bitter at bernie sanders. >> we have got to have you back
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to talk about these debates and the rest of what will be a very long primary and campaign. thanks so much for coming on. >> you bet. >> persistence is part of her mythology and the slow and the steady path has been working for elizabeth warren. does it lead past trump? i will discuss after a less than spectacular showing in round one, joe biden is ready to come out swinging. how does that play out on the debate stage this week? stick around. it scrubs, degreases, and shines to get your dishes truly finished. and with finish quantum you get up to 25% more loads for your money. it's not clean until it's finished! you'when you barely the clip a passing car. minor accident -no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual
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go big or go home seems to be the mantra for senator elizabeth warren and presidential ambitions. she is in new hampshire for two separate events to boost her numbers in the important primary state where she will be trailing joe biden and bernie sanders. also she hit the million donor mark receiving 1 million donations making her the only candidate besides sanders to reach the milestone. now she is gearing up for the next debate on tuesday where she will get another crack at the field and layout her bold, progressive plans for
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everything. in many cases forcing her competitors to meet her on her turf and come to where she is on any given issue. it is a completely -- the rainbow of the democratic primary, there is a general election. can she take her revolution all the way to the finish line? with me is a national correspondent and cnn political analyst, josh green. you appreciated the elle woods reference? >> it is a completely brilliant plan. you wrote a piece for bloomburg this week saying warren's -- saying it revived a campaign many observers, not just the president, had written off. suddenly she is one of the hottest candidates in the field. just a few months ago she seemed to be in deep trouble, josh.
3:16 pm
i called her candidacy d.o.a. how did she revive her campaign? >> she is out there pitching big, bold ideas that get liberal's excited. democrats lose because they offer timid, tepid plans. that does not work anymore. warren is going to go out there and offer things like a wealth tax, universal child care, medicare for all. whether you measured poll numbers or donors that is connected. >> you talk about a plan to beat trump at his own game but she seems his polar opposite. what do you mean by beating him at his own game. >> trump came in. he entirely blew up the republican party and primary by doing things that no republican had done before. you know, attacking other people. pitching plans that cut against republican orthodoxy. warren is coming in doing things
3:17 pm
democrats have not done, pitching huge tax raises on the rich. free college, universal child care, that sort of thing. you did not see plans with these price tags in the past because they were afraid to be called tax and spend liberals. warren is running completely unafraid and at least in the democratic primary that seems to be working. >> she is in new hampshire now where she is trailing bernie and biden. you know, it is bernie's backyard. you can argue it is sanders backyard. warren's backyard too. how important is it going to be from her. >> i think it is important. she has put all of her chips in on iowa. the only way warren's candidacy is that she is hoping it leaves to a wave of momentum. i think it will be problematic if she came in third, fourth, fifth in new hampshire. people will wonder that these
3:18 pm
people know you so well, why didn't they vote for you. >> sanders voters by the way. >> yeah. we got eight months to go before new hampshire. >> sure. sure. i say that as a new englander. i know the contour. new hampshire, yeah. very, very different. let's say that she wins the nomination. in head-to-head matchups against trump she does not fare as well as other competitors. she will really have a tough time reaching moderates. how does she plan to beat him in a general swinging so far to the left in the primary? >> i think if you look to the head-to-head matchups they are tied or warren is winning. trump, at least right now would look to be at a slight disadvantage. warren is running as an economc populous. trump ran in 2016. there is a lot of fear in his camp he did not deliver for that. the working-class.
3:19 pm
the tax cut is geared towards the rich. warren will point that out hoping it connects with midwestern, working-class voters. the voters they could not attract in 2016. >> iowa will be so important for her. great piece. thanks for spending time with me tonight. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> when we come back i will talk about joe biden's new debate strategy and later the president's strategy to use racism to get him reelected. that has consequences. words matter. but family can onlo much... about your history. i found some incredible records about samuel silberman... passenger manifests, census information, even wwi draft registration cards. the records exist... they're there, they're facts. that made it so real for me, it wasn't just a story anymore. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at
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with humira, remission is possible. >> now he has unveiled his bill for a guy that helped to be an architect of mass incarceration this is an inadequate solution to a raging crisis in our country. >> if you look at the mayor's record his police department was stopping and frisking people, mostly african-american men. justice department took action against them and held the police department accountable. objected to the interference. if he wants to go back and talk about records, i am happy to do that. >> senator cory booker and joe biden exchanging fire this week. so it seems no more mr. nice guy. when it comes to next week's cnn debate joe biden is ready for a
3:24 pm
fight or as he put it, he is not going to be polite this time. an enhanced research team biden spent this week attacking cory booker over his record as new york mayor, he took shots at kamala harris over her record in california and slammed medicare for all supporters that will not say how they will pay for it. someone did his homework. biden is relishing the chance to remind people why he is the frontrunner. what are his opponents in store for on wednesday? biden is still the frontrunner. very much the frontrunner. even the run-in with kamala harris did not really damage him. why change course? >> it is not show friends but showbusiness. he seems so unprepared and unready for the last debate. even though his numbers did well, his opponents caught up to
3:25 pm
him. he can't allow that to happen again. number two, you know, there is peril for someone like cory booker. he has done a very good job of raising his profile on an issue that is incredibly important. but the truth is, and you saw joe biden's attack. you want to come after me for the crime bill. >> you have a record too. >> the challenge for biden is explaining a very long record to people that don't know him without the context. that is important. everybody else that wants to challenge biden and recreate that harris moment from the first debate they have to be prepared for his counter attack. >> we will see, right. you know, he is previewing it. we can see if he will deliver on it. biden has gone after cory booker and kamala harris again. do you think he should be focusing on elizabeth warren and bernie sanders too? >> yeah. he does not have that luxury. he is the frontrunner. what do we learn at the last
3:26 pm
debate? attacking trump does not separate you from anybody else in the field. attacking the frontrunner, like kamala harris did, gets you news that night, the next day and frankly a lot of people thought she was the winner of that. that will be the lesson that everybody going in here will go in to. i have to make news. the best way to do that is to go against biden. people have to understand this is not a horse race. there are multiple races going on now. sanders versus elizabeth warren on economic populous. cory booker is in a really tough position because harris went up in the polls. booker hasn't moved that much but needs to soon. >> biden has the luxury of going after warren and sanders because booker and kamala will come after him? >> right. at some point he will look defensive and mean. >> at some point? >> but don't forget he got to where he was because a lot of the people thought he is the one
3:27 pm
that can beat trump. now i do not see that in this debate. >> biden does not have to go after harris or warren or sanders because there are a lot of people that want him and those that don't want an alternative to him. let sanders and warren fight it out for who will be the alternative to joe biden. he in some respects is the standard bearer if you will of the democratic party for the moment in the campaign. the campaign context. if there are those that want something different let them define that amongst themselves. >> that is what biden is still very much winning among black primary voters. there is a new poll of south carolina primary voters. biden at 51% among black primary voters there. now, he has been trying to shift away from civil rights because that was a thorny issue for him.
3:28 pm
and to health care. is that helping him? >> helping him among african-american voters, he has a long history with the party. if you think of how he defended himself after the first debate. he said obama vetted me. that was strong. i wish he did that earlier. that was a great line. as long as he attaches himself to baobamabarak obama. many are fairly moderate. a lot of men that do not like the way the party leaned into immigration reform. they have been saying we have been here a long time too. just the fact that joe biden is a moderate candidate in a field that some will say moved so far to the left. >> john, trump fired off some new sleepy joe tweets yesterday.
3:29 pm
do you think that is an effective attack on biden? >> well, i think it is of the people that trump is talking to. blue collar reagan democrats. you know, look. the one thing about this president he is not afraid of offending anybody and he offends everybody and joe biden will not be spared. i think there is part of him wanting to run against joe biden. i don't believe his campaign does. i think they would rather have someone farther left. but for some reason -- >> why? >> you always want to run against hillary which a lot of people were surprised at. i think people feel that biden will look sluggish and low energy like he said. biden uses all of these examples where it looks like he got elected right after the civil war. >> he is also attached to barak obama. anything related to barak obama donald trump wants to get rid of. >> what will be a good night for joe on wednesday? >> you know, if i think about
3:30 pm
how voters, and you touched on this, how voters see joe biden. they see him with the person that has the temperament and mindset to go after donald trump. he has to have a similar night donald trump had with his 19 or whatever opponents. i don't want to say suck out the oxygen in the room but he has to come close to a point where he looks like he is dominating in policy and in personality. i don't know if he has it in him right now. he is well ahead in a lot of the polls. he has to seem more presidential than he has been in the past. >> it will be super interesting couple of nights. we will have both of you back to talk about it on the other side. so, adding billions to the debt. blocking national security bills. how is any of this conservative? we will ask the former republican governor and
3:31 pm
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in the wred file tonight. another day, another racist tweet as the president attacked a sitting member of congress
3:35 pm
tweeting in part cummings district is a disgusting rat and rodent-infested mess. no human being would want to live there. just minutes ago the president doubled down tweeting cummings spends all of his time trying to hurt innocent people through oversight and does nothing for his very poor and very badly run district. a video purported to be west baltimore. as i told you last week on the show no way around it. it is not gray, ambiguous or a dog whistle. trump is trafficking in overt racism to attack his opponents. he has used the word infested, one all too familiar with victims of anti-semitism to
3:36 pm
describe the following people or places. congressman john lewis's georgia district. africa. illegal immigrants. four female congresswomen of color. notice a pattern? trump supporters may shrug it off as words or trump being trump. they are not just words. they are hurting people. this is my colleague victor blackwell earlier today. >> the president says about congressman cummings' district that no human would want to live there. you know who did mr. president? i did. from the day i was brought home from the hospital to the day i left for college. a lot of people that i care about still do. there are challenges, no doubt. but people are proud of their community. i don't want to -- people get up
3:37 pm
and go to work there, care for their families there. they love their children who pledge allegiance to the flag. just like districts of people that support you. they are americans too. victor, that was so powerful. it has resonated with so many people. tell me what was going through your mind. >> when i read the president's tweets this morning, i was disappointed. not only because i am from the seventh district in maryland, west baltimore and baltimore county and the president used the term infested. he used it in 2017 about congressman lewis. i was living in congressman lewis' district here at that time. i thought back to two weeks ago. i found out what you just shared about the commonality. i was not going to talk about
3:38 pm
having lived in the or grew up in that district but i decided to talk about it on the show but i thought it was important to offer the context. i am from west baltimore. hundreds of thousands of humans that do live there mr. president. that is the second half of what you saw there and how it came to fruition. >> it is important to point out that, you know, as news people we cover this stuff. we report on it. i opine on it. but it is personal for many of us. how personal is it for you when the president of the united states says that about your hometown or they tell women of color, american citizens to go back to where they came from? >> you know, i know that many of the people who live in this district. they said no human will want to live there. they are my family members. they were classmates. yes. does baltimore have challenges?
3:39 pm
absolutely. every major city in america does. when the president speaks about a community with such disdain and disgust, i think that it is important that we speak out about that. that is what i was attempting to do this morning. the people that live in baltimore, as i said, love their children as much as anyone else in this country, in any district. republican district. a district represented by a republican in congress. maryland is a state. baltimore is a city in that state. they are americans too. >> right. congressman cummings has responded to the president tweeting mr. president i go home to my district daily waking up and going to fight for my neighbors. it is my constitutional duty to conduct oversight of the executive branch but my moral duty to fight for my constituents. >> politics aside there, if you change out the committee
3:40 pm
assignment, that could have been tweeted by any member of congress, right. >> yeah. >> every member of congress tries to do exactly what congressman cummings there talked about. but as i said this morning, the people in maryland 7th, west baltimore, baltimore county, the children that go to woodlawn middle, they do the same things that the ranking republican on the house oversight in their communities do. the president speaks about people in this way, he dismisses them in the name of politics. there are people in maryland 7th who support president trump. there are republicans. there are people that voted for him there as well. when he dismisses them it is really disappointing. >> his words to me are dehumanizing. he is attempting to dehumanize immigrants and minorities and
3:41 pm
even american citizens that disagree with him. what effect does that have on communities. >> when you hear the word infestation, from the president, and he is talking about your neighborhood. your community. it is deflating. all right. it is deflating. president on the night of his election in 2016 said that i will be the president for everyone. he repeated that in the inaugural. but we have seen from the president, and he has been transparent about it that he prioritizes those that support him. well, all of the people in all of the district are americans. i am sure they are disappointed by what we have seen on social media by what the president has tweeted out. not just today but other communities in trying to attack members of congress. >> victor blackwell, thank you so much for your words earlier this morning and for coming on to discuss this.
3:42 pm
i appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> the supreme court handed the president a victory last night. it is just one of the topics i will speak with former congressman mark sanford about next. family, starting with unlimited data. use as much as you want, when you want. and if you like netflix, it's included on us. plus no surprises on your bill. taxes and fees are included. and now for a limited time, with each new line, get one of our latest smartphones included. that's right, only $40/line for four lines and smartphones are included for the whole family. that was, surprisingly, not terrible. even without scrubbing, lysol power toilet bowl cleaner attacks tough limescale and rust stains to clean 10 times better than clorox toilet bowl cleaner. lysol. what it takes to protect.® hmm. exactly. and doug. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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remember back to the future 2 when marty hops in the delorian and zooms ahead to 2015 and back to 1985 but it is not the real 1985 but a parallel 1985 where hill valley is no longer a charming suburb but a distau distopia. imagine 1985, ronald reagan's america and being transported to 2019 and trump's america. republicans are suddenly in favor of all kinds of things they once weren't like tariffs and protectionism, breaking up families, ballooning the debt. old foes like russia and north korea are now our friends. the de facto leader of the party routinely attacks other republicans on twitter.
3:47 pm
wait. what is twitter? this week congress and the white house reached a two-year, $2.7 trillion budget deal clearing the house and expected to pass the republican-controlled senate with the president tweeting his support. republicans defend it pointing to the $738 billion allotted for defense spending. some things have not change and extends the debt limit through july 2021. hours after robert mueller and others confirmed russia and others were trying to still interfere in u.s. elections republicans twice blocked legislation that would have enhanced security. what am i? what year is it? joining me now a former congressman from south carolina, mark sanford. he is considering a primary run against president trump. what has happened to the republican party?
3:48 pm
>> i don't know. i am scratching my head. you are scratching yours. a lot of people are wondering. john boehner says i don't know where the republican party is these days. indeed it is. if you think about the hopes and dreams of a lot of people at the grassroots level. a lot of the people still care about what they cared about. >> that is interesting. if republicans don't stand for cutting spending and national security, what do we stand for? what are the things those grassroots voters think that we are as republicans? >> well, right now hypocrites. republicans, in fairness, one of the corner stones that we stood for has been realism. prudence on that front. that seems to have gone out the door as we are running record levels of deficit.
3:49 pm
have the largest debt we ever had in our country's history. i think we really have a spending problem. i think the debt deal that you alluded to really highlights that fact. you know, if president barak obama signed a deal like that. >> of course. >> the fact that there has been an eerie silence as the president says it is good to go. one, all things in elected office in washington seem to revolve around president trump if you are a republican office holder, and two, the degree to which there has been a real morphing, at least at the elected level as what republicans are about. i think it is a real problem. i talk to people here on the coast of south carolina and many think the same. >> last night it was ruled by the supreme court president trump can use $2.7
3:50 pm
>> no, i mean borrowing from peter to pay paul never works out real well. based on constitutional construct it's always been the legislative branch the that drives the train in terms of where money gets spent. >> right. >> i think if you're a conservative you'd say, look, i want a wall. i want a secure border. but i don't agree with the idea of funding it this way when you are going at robbing other accounts, pulling it over and redirecting the money. >> yeah. >> particularly if it's executive branch driven. again we'd go nuts if obama attempted the same thing. >> i know. >> when redirecting funds already appropriated. >> you told cnn you are foermg an exploratory committee or exploring the idea of primarying president trump. would you like to share any news with me tonight? >> no news. and again i do not have an exploratory committee. what i had said i would explore
3:51 pm
over the next 30 days go versus no to on the front. one of the drivers for me in the decision is to the degree to which we lost our way as republicans and debts and deficits and spending. >> yeah. >> and i think we need a debate within the republican party as to what we stand for, particularly on that front. we need a larger national debate where we go next on the fronts, because if it's simply more versus more, more wins. >> i totally agree and hope you'll come back and let us know your decision when you've made one. >> yes, ma'am. yes, ma'am. 3 >> all right, senator sanford, thank you so much for your time tonight. we'll be right back. 7 ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination. most people haven't driven a lincoln. discover the lincoln approach to craftsmanship at the lincoln summer invitation. right now, get 0% apr on all 2019 lincoln vehicles
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a south korean 6-year-old known as borun apparently just bought a $5.8 million home in the through a company set up by her parents. what made mere so rich? she is a youtube star with 30 million subscriberers. if you have a young child you have seen her or others like her. kids opening and playing with toys on a camera. that's what she does. she is raking in the dough. this little girl is adorable. but she is also part of a big problem and why i don't let my kid watch the videos. that's because the videos are imparting awful values onto kids. they teach them to want toys and presents and things in abundance. they teach them that their value is in what they have and not who they are. they teach them to overshare lives with strangers and that anything worth do something worth doing on camera. the videos are justicy.
3:56 pm
and i feel bad for borum. she may be rich and famous it's not with the help of my kid. in case you couldn't tell from the past hour i'm real ready for the next set of debates. two big nights, ten candidates each night. do not miss the cnn democratic presidential debates. tuesday and wednesday night at 8:00. live from detroit, only on cnn. up next, cnn numerous with ana cabrera.
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we're live in the cnn numerous. i'm ana cabrera in new york. the president of the united states for some reason decided today to focus on a major american city to insult, denigrate and disparj. he took to twitter of course. and started in on the city of baltimore. calling it filthy and dangerous, running down the entire southern district of maryland and the long serving congressman representing it. this from the president today in to a tirade against elijah cummings, ripping his district as quota disgustinged rat and rodent infested mess. if he


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