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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 29, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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and we are back and live in detroit, michigan. it is so nice to be here. so, so nice to be back.
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i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for joining us for special coverage of cnn's democratic debate. it is debate eve. check out the beautiful set here. we are a day away from this debate at the historic fox theater across the street from us. we begin with breaking news about the party's front-runner for 2020. former vice president joe biden has taken a stronger hold of his lead according to a national poll released moments ago. joe biden is now sitting pretty at 34% with senator elizabeth warren in second place. this is how the candidates did in the same survey a couple of weeks ago. biden has gained more than ten points and senator kamala harris has lost support, dropping to the third spot. all of this is coming to us today on the same day senator harris has launched her health plan after months of confusion over whether she supports private health insurance. let me explain this for everyone. harris's proposal basically puts
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her between joe biden and bernie sanders. biden wants to expand obamacare, offer private insurance plans. bernie sanders wants the government to back all health care with his medicare for all to eliminate private insurance. senator kamala harris's version allows for private health plans but only those that adhere to strict medicare for all benchmarks. let me bring in gloria borjer, cnn chief political analyst, republican mia love, cnn political commentator and angela rye, a former executive director of the congressional black caucus. welcome, ladies. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> let's go left to right. hillary, just on the polling and seeing where joe biden now stands in this national poll and warren now in the second spot. what do you think?
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>> warren, i feel like is establishing a little bit of the old bernie sanders role which is lots of solid support. people are sticking with her as everybody else shifts around she's got a solid base of support based on her ideas, which is really important. she's making headway with the ideas. nice to see a democrat running on ideas. joe biden is solidifying, but, look, national polls don't mean that much. we are here in michigan. state polls matter. these top four will stay the top four unless something dramatic happens this week. >> what was interesting to me about this poll is if you look at very liberal democrats, as they put it, warren is 14 points ahead of bernie sanders with liberal democrats. >> what's going on, do you think? >> she's capturing a lot of his supporters, probably because they see her as something different. maybe she has different ideas.
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they say they're friends, but we'll see. they will be on the debate stage together here in detroit. bernie sanders has to work to get those people back in his camp and differentiate himself from elizabeth warren. i think that might be difficult for him to do. >> what do you think about the numbers? >> i'm not surprised that biden is solidifying the numbers and getting better when you think about the idea of medicare for all. we talk about middle america and independents that want to keep their private health care insurance. that's a big issue. i hear from republican strategists the more democrats talk about medicare for all the better it is for republicans. that's a reason why he's doing so well. also, if you think about it, most people want for congress to fix the health care system, to fix what's going on. when you've got somebody who's been in the mix working on health care and starting from that point to improve it instead of getting rid of the whole
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thing, i think that's really what gives people pause. they don't want to just take away or change everything. it's a big part of people's lives. >> i want to stay on that. let me pivot to you on what we have seen from kamala harris. we'll come back to the first point. rahm emanuel had a message for democrats today. on kamala harris, she says she will not increase taxes on households making $100,000 or less, a key between her plan and sanders' plan. she will not raise taxes on the middle class for this change. she would tax stock trades, derivative transactions. she said, my proposals would raise over $2 trillion in the next ten years. my question to you, $2 trillion. easy for me to say. >> i don't know. honestly, i haven't checked the
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numbers on this. >> i think the reality we have here and mia, it's interesting to hear you say people don't want to hear the whole thing completely broken after your party voted so many times -- >> here we go. >> -- obamacare. i want to say the irony of that. here are candidates coming forward with proposals to fix something that's already in place. i think that's where at least finally there can be some unification in the democratic party. we know the health care system as it is doesn't work. it's even more broken than when obamacare was signed into law in the first place. regardless of how much it costs, what we know more than anything is middle america, whether democrats, republicans or independents, cannot afford their health care bills. if they're honest. the system that's in place doesn't work. >> do you want to respond? >> i do. i was very familiar with the health care bill i supported.
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that was keeping the things people wanted to keep -- the pre-existing conditions, making sure that premiums weren't skyrocketing. that happened. people lost their private health care insurance after they were told they wouldn't lose their health care insurance. you're talking about 40%. people in my district -- i have people in my district, a woman that was pregnant and had four children that completely lost everything. >> did she not join a pool? what happened? >> she lost her private health care insurance that was working well for her family. there was a major change for a lot of families. you can't say there isn't. those are the people that were speaking to me. i am talking about biden having more of a holistic thought in terms of keeping some of the private health care insurance. he knew exactly what hurt the administration in terms of the promises they were making. so what i'm saying is he's actually saying, okay, i'm going to improve upon it.
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i don't agree with that, but -- >> let me add -- >> bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. >> let me add something here. the democrats at least are being more realistic. they're not saying mexico will pay for it. >> i agree with that. >> mexico didn't payer if the wall. >> how are they going to pay for it? >> that's a good question. i think biden has to ask that question. you don't want to get into one of these tax the wealthy situations where the democrats hate the rich, because the democrats don't hate the rich. what kamala harris is saying here is very specific. we're going to tax a little bit of this and a little bit of that. yes, it's from wall street. wall street isn't really popular. biden will ask the same question and bernie sanders has to answer it. it's simple. >> given the week we have had where republicans have busted the budget, i think democrats are now clamoring how to pay for
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health care for families. what i think is interesting about what harris did is she took on elizabeth warren and bernie sanders on this medicare for all. honestly in some ways is a little bit more honest. she's saying already 30% of the people who are on medicare buy a private option. so what she's saying is let's take the private option, expand it and make it affordable. that's the big challenge. that's an intellectual honesty. >> we'll pause on the conversation, ladies. i want to talk trump and baltimore. stay with me. i want to get to that and to the breaking news out of northern california about the victims in the mass shooting at the festival in gilroy near san jose. investigators say two of the three people killed are children. a 13-year-old girl and a 6-year-old little boy. his name is stephen romero, a young man in his 20s was also killed and 12 people were hurt. last hour i talked to a father
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and a son who described what they saw when the gunman started firing into the crowd. i was more focused on the gunman. i was locked on him. i put my truck in reverse. i got out of the truck and screamed at him like, hey. he started to turn towards us. there was another guy next to us out of the car trying to film, a mexican guy. when he started turning toward us i threw it in reverse and started backing up fast, screaming at people to get down, run. the guy panicked and started running to the fence but changed his mind, turned around, raised the gun and walked into the festival and continued. you know, we were around the other side of the stage just trying to tell people to get out of there, get down. >> it's pretty emotional. i'm pretty much numb about it. i have been hunting all my life, but to see human beings hunted down is pretty sad.
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like i said, i don't know. i'm still numb. >> all i could think is someone had to stop this guy, but i had my little girls. they came first. i had to choose. it was pretty -- pretty horrific. >> brendan has two twin 12-year-old girls who saw it all as well. sarah sidner is live in gilroy. police identified the gunman. tell me more about the investigation. why did this happen? >> reporter: look, he had an ak-47-style assault weapon he planned on waging war against people who had no idea, complete innocents, that were at this concert. for whatever reason he seemed to be an angry young man. what he was doing there we do not know at this time. police are looking into whether or not for example he's a member of any kind of group. what we do know is we have seen his social media posts,
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instagram for example that's been taken down. a few days before the festival was to open up. on his instagram he talked about the gilroy garlic festival and items there being too expensive. then he talked about a white supremacist book filled with misogyny, anti-christian, antisemitic, a really racist and race-baiting-filled book he recommended people to read. those are two details from this particular shooter that we have learned from police as well. what we should also mention though because more importantly are those who suffered because of him. we now know that a 13-year-old girl, a 20-something-year-old young man, and a 6-year-old boy named stephen romero have been killed. let me let you hear from his
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father as he learned of his son's death who was supposed to be enjoying a lovely family outing here in gilroy. >> she said they shot my son and they took him from her. like the officer. >> so she was shot in the stomach at the time? >> shot in the stomach and hand. >> reporter: what did you think when she told you this? >> i couldn't believe what was happening, that what she was saying was a lie, maybe i was dreaming. they told me he was in critical condition, that they were working on him. five minutes later they told me he was dead. >> reporter: he learned of his son's death, learned he was alive, he thought, but in critical condition. five minutes later learned his 6-year-old baby had died. think about the impact of that family and the impact of all of the families here not only those
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who were physically injured but those who will have emotional scars for a lifetime after experiencing something like this in the midst of what was supposed to be a wonderful weekend as school starts to come closer, this was a time for families to enjoy the end of summer. brooke? >> why does this keep happening in our country? that poor farther. sara sidner, thank you. we are back talking politics. the president using racism as a political strategy as he escalates attacks on baltimore and congressman elijah cummings. we'll discuss it with my ladies here in detroit. two american teens charged with murdering an undercover police officer in italy. authorities say it started with a botched drug deal. you're watching cnn special live coverage. we'll be right back. >> announcer: cnn newsroom is brought to you by a place for mom. you know your family. we know senior living. together, we'll make the right
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12:19 pm offers free so bookers can book now... and ask their boss later. [do you want breakfast or no?] free cancellations! [definitely breakfast.] how good is that? be a booker at president trump quadrupling down on his feud with maryland congressman elijah cummings. since saturday he's tweeted more
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than a dozen times about baltimore and cummings calling baltimore a rat and rodent-infested mess lashing out at the congressman as racist and incompetent. let me bring the ladies back in. just to start with you, i was talking to a guy last hour from baltimore. he was saying he wasn't surprised by this which i think is tragic. he said it's part of his behavior. we have seen him single out members of congress who are black and brown. if this is some sort of strategy he's deploying and we'll see more of it potentially between now and next november, what's the result of that in this country? >> i think it's dangerous. i think we are at a time now where for so long people have suppressed feelings of racial bias and hatred and haven't had to deal with them.
12:21 pm
i think if i could point to a silver lining in this moment which is hard for me to do that, it means we finally have to call the worst amongst us out. i hope that's exactly what comes for donald trump to refer to congressman cummings as king elijah i would say, yes, you are right. this is a man that fully understands that being in elected office is akin to being a public servant. that's what he's dedicated his career to. he's threatened by the fact that this man has tremendous oversight over his administration which is horrible and abysmal. that is, in fact, rodent-infested. it is full of people regularly violating ethics rules, the hatch act on down. that's what he's the most threatened by. the other thing quickly for reverend al to dedicate his life to fighting for those of us gunned down by police violence, assaulted at the hands of people who are taken on an abuse of power is troubling. it's time to get his head checked. this is dangerous behavior.
12:22 pm
>> it's not just trump. it is his advisers. i want to ask you about this. "the washington post" is reporting trump advisers concluded the attacks by him are good, that they resonate among his political base and in particular with white working class voters he needs to win. why do they think racism is working among white working class workers? >> i have no explanation for it. as a matter of fact, i think this is the worst of not just american politics, but humanity. i remember just watching elijah cummings and trey goudy go at it. he never said the words the president said. jason chafitz and elijah going at it but they never have done what the president did. people like mark mediciadows wh people like elijah helped and said he's my friend, you have to
12:23 pm
ask permission -- >> none of them -- >> you have to ask permission to stand up for your friend. i remember sitting down in the congressional black caucus, the only republican there feeling like, oh, my gosh, i'm by myself and being embraced by so many people. >> where are they? >> that besides all of the things we fought against each other on politics it had nothing to do with how we felt -- >> where are they now? >> they need to be standing up against donald trump on this. >> you mean -- >> republicans. where are the republicans on this? >> let's remind everyone. let's go back to the moment. we'll play the sound when mark meadows got emotional in a congressional hearing, the testimony when rashida talib criticized him for bringing in an african-american trump employee for that michael cohen hearing suggesting the whole thing was a stunt. guess who supported mark
12:24 pm
meadows. watch. >> my nieces and nephews are people of color. not many people know that. you know that, mr. chairman. to indicate that i asked someone who is a personal friend of the trump family, who has worked for him, who knows this particular individual, that she's coming in to be a prop is racist to suggest that i asked her to come in here for that reason. mr. chairman, you and i have a personal relationship that's not based on color. >> i think she said she was not calling you a racist. i thought we could clarify that. mr. meadows, you know of all the people on this committee i have said it and got in trouble for it that you're one of my best friends. i know that shocks a lot of people. >> likewise, mr. chairman.
12:25 pm
>> you are. i can see and feel your pain. >> called him his best friend. >> i am fired up. i almost get emotional about it. >> you are emotional. >> my brother -- my brother was diagnosed with colon cancer and the cdc put their arms around me and started to pray for my brother without being asked. when you see somebody stand up for mark without being asked -- he didn't have to ask permission. mark has to do the right thing. he really does. you know, i'm calling on him to do the right thing. >> sometimes in politics you have to look inside yourself. you say what is it worth? what is it all worth to me? >> yes. >> he may disagree with those of us who believe strongly that the donald trump tweets are racist. say he even disagrees with that. say he finds a way to rationalize that and say it's
12:26 pm
not racist. elijah cummings is different. he's his friend. >> best friend. >> somebody who defended him. if he's so worried about the president, what does that tell you? what does that tell us and what should it tell his constituents? quite frankly, i know he's a conservative. he's been with the president. the president has elevated him in a lot of ways. at a certain point i think all of us have to look inside ourselves and say what's it worth? >> exactly. >> i think people will look inside themselves on election day. let's not lose angela's point. this is a distraction from what elijah cummings and the democrats are calling the president out on. now we are spending two days on whether or not baltimore has rats, which is horrifying. january 20, 2017, donald trump spoke and we all sat at these panels and said, he is not
12:27 pm
speaking to all of america. he's got to broaden his communication. he's got to embrace that every american is now his citizen. he hasn't done that for a single day. this confirms it. why should we be surprised when he's consistently distracting us with the same message he's been doing since the day he was inaugurated. >> quickly and we have to go. >> is it a distraction though? at this point we are talking about a number of people who now have their lives at risk. there is a real threat. >> yeah. >> shifting. >> it's a problem. i'm saying it is a bigger than a distraction. it is a fundamental problem. so long as the democratic party continues to say this is the distraction and not the core problem -- >> i agree with that. >> i appreciate you talking about your brother and calling him out and asking for mark meadows to say something. >> i hope he'll do the right
12:28 pm
thing. >> i appreciate that. >> he didn't answer questions today. reporters shouted at him. >> he was at the white house. thank you all so much. one of the 2020 candidates who will be on the debate stage behind me tomorrow night at the fox theater, former congressman john delaney. first, president trump picks a party loyalist as the country's next intelligence chief. we have information on john ratcliffe. you're watching cnn. red lobster's weekday win menu is here. five days. five deals. for fifteen dollars get a different deal every weekday til six pm like endless shrimp monday admiral's feast tuesday four-course feast wednesday and more. five days. five deals. fifteen dollars. see you before six. i felt completely helpless. trashed online. my entire career and business were in jeopardy. i called reputation defender. they were able to restore my good name. if you are under attack, i recommend calling reputation defender. vo: there's more negativity online than ever.
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another major shake-up under way in the trump cabinet. with the president nominating texas congressman john ratcliffe to replace dan coats as the next national intelligence chief. ratcliffe is a partisan trump loyalist and fierce critic of robert mueller's handling of the russia investigation. last week he publicly showed the fierceness during the televised mueller hearings. >> i agree with the chairman this morning when he said donald trump is not above the law. he's not. he damn sure shouldn't be below the low which is where volume 2 of this report puts him. >> by nominating congressman ratcliffe trump launches a lawmaker with fewer than five years national experience to one of the most powerful and sensitive jobs in u.s. government. it also set it is stage for a tough partisan confirmation battle. abby livingston is the
12:34 pm
washington bureau chief for the texas tribune and covered ratcliffe since 2014 when he was a congressional candidate. thank you very much for jumping on tv with me today. you know then ma. you tell me. describe him over the years, his evolution as a republican in congress. >> he's something of an establishment rebel. that doesn't make much sense but he came up through the ranks in republican politics. he worked were john ashcroft and was on the romney transition. he was a republican party man. in 2014 he challenged a long-time republican congressman named ralph hall. this was extremely upsetting. he was successful in it. other texas members of congress were uneased about that. it took a while to ingratiate himself to the new colleagues. >> fast forward to the cnn reporting we have now. he had been considering him as
12:35 pm
dni premueller hearings but was impressed with what he saw in the questioning of the former special counsel last week. a chorus of folks has claimed he's not qualified. in watching, did you feel that was a total audition for the job? >> i mean, it's what was in his mind at the time. i can say as much as it impressed the president it made democrats more militant and put some republican senators in a very uncomfortable position if they are up for re-election in swing states. it will be an interesting way this will play out. we'll get closer and closer to the 2020 elections. >> establishment rebel. i have never heard that one before. abby livingston with the texas tribune, thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. republican senator leader mitch mcconnell just moments ago defending his decisions not to tackle election security bills as he gets attacked for doing vladimir putin's bidding. we have that for you just in.
12:36 pm
and the countdown is on for the cnn debates. former congressman john delaney joins me live in detroit to talk medicare for all and the president's attacks on his home state of maryland. stand by for that. for your heart... your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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my next guest in detroit john delaney will take the debate stage tomorrow along with nine other democratic presidential hopefuls.
12:41 pm
it will be the first of two nights of cnn presidential debates. john delaney once owned a health care company and served as congressman for the state of maryland. he was the first 2020 democrat to declare his presidential bid. nice to see you again. welcome back. do you like this? >> it's a great set here. really great. >> you represented the six congressional district of maryland just west of baltimore. >> yes. >> you have read all of the things president trump has said about the city. what would you say to president trump? >> i would say he should be ashamed of himself. first of all, elijah cummings is an extraordinary public servant, a decent individual with high integrity and character. secondly baltimore is a great city. baltimore has its challenges like a lot of places do. but it's a great city full of great people. if he wanted to help people, go to baltimore, do an infrastructure bill, invest in communities, encourage public-private partnerships like we have seen in detroit which is so important to turning this city around. he should be doing that.
12:42 pm
he should be embarrassed. >> listening to an interview this morning with the mayor of baltimore with john berman saying have you heard from the president and he said no. >> no. >> this is what donald trump tweeted back in 2015. this is the fun part about twitter. he says our great african-american president hasn't exactly had a positive impact on the thugs who are so happily and openly destroying baltimore. president obama you have a job to do. go to baltimore, bring both sides together with proper leadership. it can be done. you see it on the screen. he's calling on the former president, the president at the time to do something, yet who does this fall on to fix baltimore? president trump? who is this? >> it falls on everyone to help every community in the country. communities that are struggling need investment. i used to say in business unless someone invests, nothing happens. there was a big mass transit project in baltimore planned called the red line. it was $2.5 billion.
12:43 pm
elijah cummings was a huge supporter of it. it never got done. those are the things we need to be done -- investing in cities, getting private companies to invest, having more collaboration between business leaders and government leaders and investing. people like elijah cummings have been fighting the fight his whole career. >> the president is calling out -- at the time -- president obama to do something -- >> he's a hypocrite. he knows these cities won't vote for him and he doesn't care what he says about them. he doesn't care about the country. he cares about himself. he's a narcissist. all he cares about is himself. the job of the president is to unify the president, every day to get up and remind the american people we are all in this together and we have to support each other. he does none of that. all he does is attack people and try to divide the american people. he tries to tell the american people their enemy is their fellow american because they live in a city or have a different color of skin. it's shameful and should underscore for democrats why the election is so important.
12:44 pm
can you imagine what he'll do if he's re-elected. just imagine. he talks about political enemies. he might try to iarrest his political enemies. that's why we have to run on a platform that can win. >> you would like to be the next president of the united states. >> yes. >> we'll see you on the debate stage in detroit. you were in congress for six years. before that you were a health care finance executive. you're the only guy on stage who's worked in health care. i know this is near and dear to you. we saw senator kamala harris. today she rolled out her plan. i want you to help explain what's the big difference between what we saw from her with medicare for all and a loophole for private insurance versus what you're supporting. >> i support universal health care for every american but allow the people to choose. that's someone sense. what medicare for all does is makes private insurance illegal. that's a terrible idea. we will never win the election
12:45 pm
if we run on telling half the american people their private insurance including medicare advantage which half of the seniors have, that it's illegal. it's bad health care policy and will cause underinvestment in the health care industry. this is something i know about. i'm the only person who's ever run for president who was in the health care business. >> how do you pay for it? are you willing to tax the middle class? >> my plan is paid for by taking away the corporate deductibility of health care. we have a big loophole. in other words when you get health care from your company you are not taxed on the benefit. but your employer gets to deduct it. that's a $4 trillion loophole over ten years. i will take that, use it to expand health care to every american. >> you need more than $4 trillion. >> we need $5 trillion. the other trillion comes from affordable care act subsidies we don't need. it's fully paid for. when people work at companies they cannot take their federal plan and get a tax credit, turn it in to their company which will cycle back to the company health care.
12:46 pm
it's a common sense way to give health care to every american. it's fully paid for. it allows the american people to have choices. our seniors have choice. people who work for companies and like their health care can keep it. labor unions work hard and they can keep theirs. >> center stage, sanders, warren, progressives flanked by moderates like you. >> yes. >> how do you, you know, fight for your time, send your message to america on what you represent with them at sebasticenter stag >> i have a feeling cnn will do a good job. >> thank you very much. >> i'll make it clear we have a choice. we can go down to path of very far left policies, turn off the middle of the country and give the election to donald trump or we can run on common sense solutions. i call them real solutions not impossible promises. and we'll win. that's what president clinton did and what president obama did when he ran. >> good luck.
12:47 pm
>> nice to see you, brooke. >> thank you very much. congressman john delaney in detroit. coming up next, thousands showed up today for the funeral of an italian police officer murdered less than two months after his wedding. investigators say it was two american teenagers who stabbed him to death. we'll be right back. [farmers bell]
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floor the majority leader mitch mcconnell striking back at critics taking aim at "the washington post" dana millbank who accused mcconnell of doing quote/unquote putin's bidding when he blocked the two election security measures last week. so here is leader mcconnell from just moments ago. >> mitch mcconnell, the hawkish foreign policy conservatives who spent decades pushing back on russia every way i can think of was accused of what amounts of treason by multiple media outlets. these people have worn out the knobs so badly they have nothing left but the most unhinged
12:53 pm
smears. welcome to modern day mccarthyism. >> he spoke for nearly 20 minutes. his tone often angry as he referred to the con expirational fever swamp. we also have details about the mass shooting at a california festival. a 6-year-old and 13-year-old among the confirmed victims. we're live in gilroy as the families are speaking out. here, it all starts with a simple...
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hello! -hi! how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to everyone! [ camera clicking ] wifi up there? -ahhh. sure, why not? how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. this just in from rome. as two american teens have been arrested in connection with the stabbing death of an italian police officer.
12:58 pm
one of teens telling a judge he didn't know the man approaching him in plain clothes was a police officer and thought the man intended to hurt him. the two 19-year-olds are from the san francisco area. police say the stabbing occurred after a botched drug deal. investigators want to know who leaked this image, showing one of the teen suspects blindfolded at the police station. the police officer was laid to rest at the same church he was married at weeks ago. what do you know about the teens and the crime they are accused of committing. >> reporter: two men here, the names gabriel natal hjorth and finnegan elder and finnegan elder has confessed to stabbing the police officer. they say he stabbed him 11 times and they're saying that hjorth admits to being there at the
12:59 pm
scene. they're alleging they did this because of a botched drug deal that involved them going out, approaching a man to buy cocaine, they say. but then finding out it was just crushed up aspirin. they stole the man's backpack and phone and when he called they would not give his belongings back until they got 100 euros and one gram of cocaine. when that didn't happen, the person went to the police. that is when the plain clothes police officers approached the two americans and that is when they thought something had gone done. that is what the americans are saying and that is when the police officer was stabbed. but at this point, according to the documents that are coming out from court, it does seem the two men have turned on each other a bit here. as they've been separated and they are being held. we do have a new statement, though, from the elder family where they're saying that they did learn that this morning the italian authorities did allow the u.s. consulate in rome to visit with finnegan for a brief time and they plan on traveling to rome soon and we're getting
1:00 pm
more details but according to the police there in rome, the two men have admitted that they were part of the crime. >> got it. stay on it for us, stephanie el um. "the lead" with jake tapper continues right now. president trump once called elijah cummings a terrific guy. i wonder what's changed. "the lead" starts right now. president trump launching a new round of attacks on maryland congressman elijah cummings and his baltimore district and hinting that the strategy may be part of his re-election campaign. mice, mold and maggettes in baltimore area apartments, the president mentioned it but did he realize that many were in buildings that -- wait for it -- apartments owned by his