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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  July 30, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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a very good tuesday morning to you. i'm jim s sciutto in new york. >> and i'm poppy harlow live in detroit. it is a beautiful tuesday morning and a big night here tonight. the first of two critical debates now just hours away. take a look at this. here's a live look inside the cnn debate hall where bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and other contenders will be face-to-face tonight. they will battle it out, those two, over their progressive credentials or will they set their sights on the front-runner, joe biden will take the stage on wednesday. biden who according to a new quinnipiac poll is stretching out his lead. he has a highly anticipated rematch if you will with senator kamala harris and that is tomorrow night. >> look at how those numbers have changed since the last debate. the stakes could not be higher for some of the candidates struggling to gain traction among a very crowded field. they need a break out moment if
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they can manage it or risk being left out of the next round of debates as the threshold to qualify increases significantly. ginning us now is cnn's phil mattingly. phil, as we're looking forward to tonight, each candidate has a different goal but also probably a different standard for success. what should we expect? >> yeah, no question about it. look, each candidate and campaign is keenly aware of what happened after the last debate when there was a noticeable bump in numbers for specific candidates, notably senator kamala harris. as you can see the ten candidates tonight will be lined up behind me. the debate will last about two hours. each candidate unlike the last debate will have an opening and closing statement. when the candidates are asked questions they'll have 60 seconds to respond and be allowed a 30 second rebuttal to another candidate's point put out there. there will be no show of hands questions we've seen in the past
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which has made some candidates uncomfortable and some candidates feel like they've got into some specifically difficult positions. basically when you look at the two people in the middle that's what everyone is pretty much focused on because they align in terms of the voter pool they're going for, in terms of their progressive spgzs. one, beto o'rourke obviously had a moment early in the campaign traying to relaunch to some degree his campaign now. and pete buttigieg has had a ton of money, looking for a break out moment as well. and real quick as poppy noted, there are a couple of people on the outside of the stage that could be their do or die moment. they need to perform, get a bounce, see something happen tonight or else they might not make it to the next debate, guys. >> all right, phil mattingly, it looks great. it's the perfect day for this in detroit. we're looking forward to it. let's talk about this with david gergen, former presidential
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advisor to just four presidents. good morning one and all. what a perfect day in detroit for this, right? all right, if you were working with elizabeth warren and bernie sanders whose campaigns say they're not going to fight, they're friend, the media has it wrong here, how would you be preparing them? >> i'd be preparing them to look friendly but have a -- >> sort of the obama to hillary, she's likable moment in 2008? >> and we have a lot of double standards for women candidates. >> we do? shocking. >> i think right now the big question for elizabeth warren is can she break away from bernie sanders. she could potentially turn this into a two person race against
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biden. that's a big opening for her. >> can i read you guys this? this is from president obama's former chief of staff, the former chicago mayor. there's a reason trump gleefully tweeted at the end of the race. too often you succumb to chasing on twitter. if you win the nomination in a way that forecloses the path to victory in a general election we will lose and your name will go down in infaems. he's not known to mince his words here. but remember on the last debate when we saw them all on the stage to raise their hand for free undocumented migrants. that doesn't play well with swing voters. >> it doesn't when you don't have an opportunity to explain what you mean or nat case of harris explaining and
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reexplaining. bernie sanders wants to draw a contrust with her on that. and also to the point david was just making, it gives him an opportunity to attack her because they're not on the same stage together. they're going to have to figure out how much of your time are you going to spend putting forward what you believe is your positive vision? i heard from the buttigieg folks how much do you want to talk about the future or make it clear you're the person who can take on trump. >> it's just a different race than it was when it was, you know, hillary clinton and even before when it was obama, clinton in the primary because it just wasn't so negative what the president has setout in terms of the attacks. looking at a new quinnipiac poll, biden got up a big 20
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points. >> you've seen kind of an up and down, up and down and the question is whether kamala harris has adequately seized on that moment she had in the debate. i think you're looking at not just what he says on the stage but what she does in the hours after that. >> you think she should have been on tv doing more interviews. bernie sanders is on every other minute. >> but i think a lot of people have said not just what are you going to say but how are you going to capitalize on that. >> let me read part of it. this new every which way approach, and then they went onto say to their credit the sanders campaign has been honest the only way to enact medicare for all without substantially raising taxes on the middle
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class would require unicorns and magic wands, backhanded compliment there i suppose. >> i think biden has an interesting decision to make how much he's going to attack kamala harris. i think he wants to disagree with her on the substance but not attack her personally because she may turn up to best candidate he can find. a lot of people talk about her as being the obvious second choice. he doesn't want to look like he can't get along with her. >> you make an interesting point and you say you think biden can bounce back physically from the last debate. >> yes, he has to do that. i think this is a big test for biden. you know, he seems slow on the up take, sorting out the questions. he just seemed to -- i won't call it a mueller moment but there were similarities between the biden debate and mueller.
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and we went through this with reagan in '94. in that case he was hesitant, he seemed to be lost a couple of times. he was overstuffed with facts. and what they did was prepare him for the next time out and he used humor to deflate the whole question. and mondale as soon as he heard reagan using that humor realized the race was over. >> i think that's such an overt point, being stuffed with facts. i think women do it a lot, i do it a lot. and elizabeth warren with all of her plans, so how could she be most effective on the stage tonight? >> you know, i think she has to keep doing what she's been doing. and she's sort of in this do no harm. she has been steadily moving up in the polls. her fund-raising is going quite well, and -- >> her supporters back there. >> we call that visibility.
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but people like she's got plans and she is actually helping to drive this sort of policy agenda and the conversation in a lot of these, and yuchb seen a lot of these try to put ow a criminal justice plan before the debate because they're trying to maybe stuff those facts but be able to come in and have that conversation. >> i've had the pleasure of reporting over the last decade, seen the resilience of this city, the come back of detroit and i'm interested in how candidates answer the question on the stage tonight. if it comes do them, the michigan economy is good under president trump. unemployment has fallen to nearly 4%. gdp, economic growth here, way up. i will note in detroit the african-american unemployment rate is over 17%. it's more than double that of the white unemployment rate. that's a big problem. but how do they answer that question?
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>> and a lot of candidates have been workshoping this on the campaign trail. they'll say the economy is doing well, the stock market is doing well but how are you doing personally? what's your income in your household? that's a another thing. and i think a lot of candidates have talked about sort of disparities within disparities. what about for african-americans in particular and minorities in general? >> it's interesting in michigan, if you talk to folks they will say it's the recovery act under president obama and who led that effort? joe biden. i would be trying to tell that story, hey, when i was vice president we put together a plan and look at how great detroit as an example is doing now. and again acknowledging not perfect for everybody, we still have more work to do but this is the kind of thing we can get done. >> and brookings point out manufacturing in michigan is pretty flat actually. >> right.
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and so we've downgraded the growth number. the number for the second quarter was 2.1%. so it's not stalling out but it's becoming less impressives a talking point about how effective president trump has been. a lot of trump supporters say i don't find his behavior very admirable, but the tariffs and other things may be robbing him of some of the force of that argument. >> brand new polling out from quinnipiac. biden at 53% of african-american democrats and democratically leaning voters. closest trailing him is sanders at 8%. >> and where's kamala harris? >> kamala harris is at 7%. >> that's surprising, isn't it? >> what is it? >> i think it's name recognition. and if there's something about again this whole election is going to be heart versus he. we want to win. joe biden is a known entity. he may have had some stumbles, but there's still this feeling
6:12 am
that people believe he could beat trump. people feel like do you go with the guy you know and could beat trump or do you take a risk? >> thank you all. jim? we're following this breaking news this hour. police on the scene. you see those pictures thereof a shooting at a wal-mart in south haven, mississippi. that's about 15 minutes south of memphis, tennessee. according to cnn affiliate wmc there are at least three victims, no immediate word on the conditions of the victims or on the shooter, the motive. we will stay on top of this developing situation and bring you news as we have it. so a familiar scene there once again, poppy. >> absolutely tragic. it's just developing as jim said. we'll bring you more still to come here from detroit. will the president be watching the debate tonight? what is his strategy for 2020?
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are you already seeing it emerge? i'll talk to one of the members of the president's re-election campaign next. and new details num another shooting, the tragic shooting at a california food festival. what we're learning about the victims, such young people. as well as the man who perpetrated this horrible crime and his motive. plus, it is wn one of the largest data breaches in history. a hacker gaining access to over 1 million capital one accounts and applications. how does this affect you? when the hot sun hits your ice cream lick fast like a cookie dough ninja. apply that same speed to the ford hurry up and save sales event. for the first time ever get 20% estimated savings on select ford models, plus earn complimentary maintenance through fordpass rewards. it all adds up. don't you love math? so get here asap because tasty deals and summer go fast. get in or lose out on 20% estimated savings
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fixodent and forget it. welcome back. any minute now the president will be leaving the white house for virginia, and as he continues his very public feud with congressman elijah cummings administration officials tell cnn those attacks are not as popular within the white house as his earlier attacks on the squad. and this morning we're learning those tweets do not appear to be
6:18 am
part of a larger strategy. cnn white house reporter sarah westwood is live in williamsburg, virginia. so, sarah, no strategy here? it did seem that the president has calculated attacking the squad, attacking cummings are politically beneficial to him. but you're saying inside the white house there's some opposition? >> reporter: that's right, jim. aides are drawing a distinction between those attacks on those four freshman democrats known as the squad and congressman elijah cummings. aides, several of them expressed some discomfort with the president's attacks on cummings in a staff meeting on wednesday. part of the reason they're worried is that cummings is pretty actually well liked among democrats, among republicans. he's not considered a particularly far left politician and therefore he's harder for president trump to portray as
6:19 am
radical and extreme, which is one of the reasons why he was going after the squad, why some in the white house believes some attacks could be politically beneficial to him because it helped him to define the entire party as radical a big part of his 2020 strategy. the president was adamantternally he thinks his inner city messaging is working. the white house has pointed to cummings as for performance as a reason why trump is mad. sources tell our colleagues part of the reason is cummings has overseen subpoenas. scrutiny of ivanka trump, so there are no signs president trump is backing down from this divisive rhetoric even as members of the virginia black legislative caucus are boycotting thisvent here in williamsburg because of his divisive rhetoric on race.
6:20 am
>> often there's a political, personal rather motivation for these attacks. we'll see if the president doubles down, triples down as he leaves the white house shortly. >> let's talk about it now with someone close to the president. so nice to have you in person. thanks for making the trip. you just heard sarah westwood's reporting and our reporting is that there have been senior aides in the white house warning the president, going after eliem elijah cummings like this not a good strategy or on impulse. >> i think the president is highlighting some of the failures -- >> it's just they were personal. you know they were personal attacks. >> reporter: what he's calling out on the failer of these to deliver on promises. it's much like in 2016 when he asked african-american voters what do you have to lose.
6:21 am
when you look at the possibilities and talk about the leadership he's provided, lowest unemployment, wages, jobs coming back and contrasting that with the failed leadership in many cases has led to these impoverished conditions. >> it sounds like you don't think it is a bad idea. take detroit, we're sitting in detroit. it is a great iconic american city that's seen quite a rebound and revival, but black unemployment here is 17%, more than double that of whites. you may have a national unemployment rate that's lower but in detroit it's a problem. >> reporter: and woo dee have more work to do. that's one of the reasons why the president created opportunity zones which encourages people to invest in impoverished and distressed communities. can help baltimore, it can help detroit. as we continue to makethosis investments and as employers with record low unemployment across the board, as they struggle to find people the fill their jobs, wages are going to
6:22 am
go up -- >> we're going to move on but let me ask you this. if the president is so worried as he clearly is about baltimore, why doesn't he go there and tour the neighborhoods and spend time? i know ivanka trump has done that. will he do that or continue to criticize the congressman on twitter? >> i think it's something he'll definitely continue to highlight. it's opportunity for him to go there. as we saw yesterday with just one of our colleagues from the housing and urban development agency they're talking about the amount of money going into baltimore, more money now under president trump to help than the previous administration. we need to stee that continue. >> let's talk about tonight. what's the strategy for responding to the debate tonight? >> i think right now we're going to sit there and watch the democrats talk about their policy proposals and the more they do, the more their going to
6:23 am
alienate themselves from moderate, and independent americans as they talk about taking away peoples private health insurance, eliminating medicare for seniors. >> when you look at state like michigan the president won it, yes, but he won it by this much in the election in 2016. when you look at the head to head matches from a really reputable polling agency, they have a number of the democratic contenders in a face-to-face against the president ahead of him. namely joe biden 52% to the president 41% here. how do you explain that? >> i think any kind of head to head matchup is meaningless because they're just getting started campaigning against each other let alone campaigning against president trump. once we get through that, it's a lot like taking a poll of vegetarians about their favorite cut of steak -- >> come on, this is the most
6:24 am
reputable polling agency in michigan. you don't believe the numbers at all? i ask because, look, the economy here is good under the president. unemployment is way down. economic growth in michigan is up, some 8% when you look under his presidency, so those numbers don't give you pause at all? >> not really because we're so far-out. this election is a going to be a choice and we don't know who the choice is going to be opposite of president trump. right now all we have are hypothetical matchups. >> it'll be an exciting night for everyone. i appreciate it very much. we are learning more this morning about the three young victims killed in that shooting at that food festival in northern california. children. we'll talk about that. we're also moments away from the opening bell on wall street. a key two-day meeting of the federal reserve starts today. investors will be watching to see if the central bank gives any clues over a possible rate cut. we'll be right back.
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6:30 am
mississippi, say at least two people are now dead. this after an early morning shooting at a wal-mart. our nick valencia joins us now with breaking developments. also news of a police report down. >> reporter: we have very limited information at this hour. this still a fluid situation, a developing situation. but here's what our assignment desk has been able to confirm so far. two people were shot dead at a wal-mart in south haven, mississippi. desoto sheriff tells cnn an officer responding to the shooting and suspect were both shot in the early morning incident and are being treated at nearby hospitals. there are several responding agencies including south haven police as well as the sheriff's department. they've secured an area and investigation into the cause of the shooting is ongoing. according to local affiliate reporting this shooting happened around 6:30 or 6:45 there at the wal-mart on goodman road. this is still a developing situation here. this is what we can tell you,
6:31 am
two dead in a shooting earlier this morning at a mississippi wal-mart. >> we're going to stay on top of that story, of course just 48 hours ago there was another shooting, a deadly one in america. and we're learning more about the 19-year-old shooting in that attack in gilroy, georgia. as investigators pour over hez hoim and crime scene. at the same time the gilroy community is mourning the loss of three victims. those are the faces there. all dead. cnn correspondent dan simon live in gilroy. so, dan, there was some concern in the initial hours and days after this shooting about the possibility of an accomplice still at large. what is the latest? >> reporter: well, at first authorities were pretty much saying there was a second suspect out there. that's based on some of the
6:32 am
descriptions they got from witnesses, but now approaching the 48-hour mark they seem to be lss confident in saying there is an accomplice. at this point they're really asking for the public's help with this. they're saying, hey, if you have any photos or videos that might yield some clues go ahead and up load them directly to the fbi. >> and shooter about moat investigation here, there were social media posts prior. what has that told us? >> reporter: well, at this point they're still trying to pinpoint a motive, why would this shooter target his own hometown? keep in mind he lived about a mile away. he has this instagram account he made reference to a white supremacist book and also talked about high fire danger, a way to talk about gunfire at this. in terms of the weapon, jim, we
6:33 am
do know this was a semiautomatic ak-47 style rifle purchased legally in the state of nevada earlier this month. we should point out such weapons are actually banned in the state of california. cannot buy one here, cannot even import one here, and so that further highlights this major gun divide we have in this country. of course it's going to be a talking point on the campaign trail for many days or weeks to come. >> also you can ban it in one state but it's easy to get from one state to another with a weapon like this. dan simon, thanks for being on the story. we know you're going to stay on top of it. so what do michigan voters really want in a 2020 candidate? we're going to ask the state's 45th governor that's coming up. and the cnn debates only here on
6:34 am
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all right, welcome back, eve everyone. i'm poppy harlow live from detroit. and right now d town is debate town as presidential candidates take the motor city by storm. in the hours left before the first night of the debate kicks off tonight, what is going to happen? how could this all rev up the race? remember the president won michigan in 2016. with me now is former democratic governor of michigan james plantar. we should note he has contributed to three of the candidates, biden, harris and
6:39 am
bullock. >> welcome to detroit. >> and what a beautiful day. we are so glad to be here. so let's talk about tonight. you've given money to biden. you were at the fund-raiser just a few days ago where he said, quote, he was going to be less polite on the debate stage. >> the other night here in michigan he was dynamic, energized. for anyone that was were yg about whether he's slowing down or being too calm, i think he'll do very, very well. and i don't think he needs to attack the others at all. i don't think he will. his message really is a unifying message, a positive message. i mean, he's a guy that's had a career of respecting other people, of bringing people together. that's what people in michigan want. >> so you're saying stay high. >> i would say stay high, be your same old self. just put some more energy into it. i think he was a little more
6:40 am
casual in the first debate, and i think he doesn't need to do that. how do they address the economy, unemployment is way down, economic growth is up. how do they answer that question? >> it all started in 2000 with barack obama rescuing and joe biden rescuing the auto industry. that's when the recovery began. i might add that mr. trump and mike pence opposed the auto rescue. so it's the democrats who put wisconsin, iowa, back on track. >> let's list toon the president of the united states. >> i will tell you the economy is doing fantastically well. we have people over in china right now. we're negotiating with china. we'll see what happens.
6:41 am
but a lot of great things are happening and including with china. our country has gone way up in terms of its deferential. we're the number one economy in the world. it's picked up tremendously in the last three years since i've been here so a lot of great things are happening, a lot of really great things are happening. we'll see what happens. but we have a lot of good things happening. we were just speaking with the department of commerce and we have interest in our country hat we've never had before. baltimore has been very badly mishandled for many years. as you know congressman cummings has been there for a long time.
6:42 am
it's a corrupt city. there's no question about it. all you have to do is look at the facts. the government has pumped in over the years billions and billions to no avail, to absolutely no avail. baltimore is an example of what corrupt government leads to. billions of dollars have been given, and i feel so sorry for the people of baltimore. and if they ask me, we will get involved. but we're already involved from the standpoint that over many years billions and billions of dollars have been given to baltimore. it's been misspent, it's been miss, it's been stolen with a lot of corrupt government. and as you know cummings has been in charge. now, i will tell you this, i think that representative cummings should take his oversight committee and start doing oversight on baltimore.
6:43 am
so the talks are moving very well with china, but they were often with china but china always makes a new deal or it seems to. we're taking billions and billions of dollars from china in the form of tariffs. and they're pumping money into the system in order to pay for it. they had the worst year in 27 years. they've had a terrible year because of the tariffs, a lot of companies are moving out of china. you've never seen this before. the united states is doing phenomenally well in which they've given us ten of billions of dollars from china. we're giving some money to our farmers who have been really target by china to do a number of them. and because they like me, the farmers like me and i like the farmers. and i will say that the farmers
6:44 am
are very greatple. the most they've ever spent on agricultural products is $16 billion. so when they pulled out i took just a small part of the money china is paying us and i gave it towards the farmers and the farmers are very happy. the fed in my opinion far too early far too surearly. it puts me somewhat at a disadvantage. fortunately i've made the economy so strong nothing is going to stop us. i would like to see a large cut and i would like to see immediately -- i also think had they not done it, as good as
6:45 am
we've done, we've set a record as you will say in the stock market. we have an all-time high in the history of the stock market. i think i would have been 10,000 points higher. president obama had zero interest rates. we have normalized interest rates. with zero interest rates anything happens and yet we still blew his economy away. >> was it mistake not -- >> i don't talk about that. i'm very disappointed in the fact i think they acted too quickly by far and i think i've been proven right. people have said i was right, they were wrong. the fed is often wrong. the fed is often wrong. >> "the washington post" calls mitch mcconnell what?
6:46 am
i think "the washington post" is a russian asset by comparison. mitch mcconnell loves our country. he's done a great job. we're trying to pass an infrastructure bill. it's being written up right now. mitch mcconnell has gotten more judges than probably any -- in mean in all fairness with my help. but as a combination we've got -- we're going to be up very soon to 179 federal judges. nobody's ever seen anything like that. and other than george washington, we'll end up having the highest percentage of judges put on the court, and it's going to be a legacy. mitch mcconnell is a man that knows less about russia and russian influence than even donald trump. and i know nothing. so i think it's a horrible thing when just a paper which is really just a paper for the
6:47 am
benefit of amazon, "the washington post" is fake news, just like "the new york times" is fake news. it's put there for the benefit, "the washington post" of amazon. that's my opinion. and i think it's a disgrace. and if they actually said that, i didn't read it. if they actually said that, that mitch mcconnell is an asset of russia, they ought to be ashamed of themselves and they ought to apologize. well, i think right now i am watching. i think right now it will be sleepy joe, i think. i feel he'll limp across the line. that's what i think. so what i think doesn't mean anything, but i know the other people. i know him. i think he's off his game by a lot, but personally i think it's going to be sleepy joe.
6:48 am
i think i'm helping myself because i'm pointing out the tremendous corruption that's taken place in baltimore and other democratic run cities. all you have to do is look at the past mayors in baltimore and see what happened. no, i think i'm helping myself. and i'll tell you what, the white house and myself have received more phone calls than i think on any other subject of people from baltimore and other cities corruptly run by democrats thanking me for getting involved. those people are living in hell. they're largely african heroin. we have a large african-american population, and they really appreciate what i'm doing and they've let me know it. they've really appreciate it. and by the way the numbers just came out. unemployment for african-americans is the lowest its been, the best numbers
6:49 am
meaning in the history of our country, the lowest in the history of our country. but people have called from baltimore thanking me much. there's all that money that's been spent over 20 years has been stalling and waiting by people like elijah cummings. well, i have a great relationship with purdue. i have a fantastic relationship with your president, and he's a great gentleman. as you know, they say the talk of brazil, i like that. by the way, i think he's doing a great job. it's a tough job but i think yourpress is doing a great job. he's a wonderful man with a wonderful family. we're going to work on a free-trade agreement with brazil. brazil is a good trading partner, they charge a lot of
6:50 am
tariffs but other than that, we like the relationship. >> the russian opposition leader who apparently i heard about it last night [ inaudible question ] >> well, john ratcliffe is a brilliant man, he is a wonderful person. i spoke to him long before about this. long before, months ago. i spoke to him long before the mueller fiasco. i think probably nobody in the history of capitol hill has embarrassed themselves like what mueller did to himself and to the democrats. but john ratcliffe, i spoke to him about this for a long time. he's a very talented guy. he's a strong man. it's what we need in that
6:51 am
position. [ inaudible question ] >> i am the least racist person there is anywhere in the world. when conmen i've known almost all my business life, because i had to deal with them unfortunately. al sharpton, he's a racist. but when people -- let me explain to you. what i've done for african-americans in two and a half years, no president has been able to do anything like it. unemployment at the lowest level in the history of our country for african-americans. nobody can beat that. you look at poverty levels, they're doing better than they've ever done before. so many things. opportunities. criminal justice reform. president obama couldn't get it done. it was done, really the biggest beneficiary probably is african-american.
6:52 am
i got criminal justice reform done. president obama couldn't get it done. no other president was able to get it done. what i've done for african-americans, no president, i would say, has done. now, i'll say this, they are so happy because i get the calls. they are so happy at what i've been able to do in baltimore and other democratic-run, corrupt cities. the money has been stolen, what they've done. it's been wasted and it's been stolen. billions and billions of dollars. and the african-american community is so thankful. they've called me and they said, finally, somebody is telling the truth. >> reporter: do you think there will be a trade deal with china before 2020? >> i think the biggest problem with a trade deal is china would love to wait and they hope -- it's not going to happen, but they would just love if i got
6:53 am
defeated. so they could deal with somebody like elizabeth warren or sleepy joe biden or any of these people. because then they would be allowed and able to continue to rip off our country like they've been doing for the last 30 years. china has been taking out hundreds of billions of dollars a year from our country. and now what i've done with the tariffs, is number one, they had the worst year than they've had in 27 years. yesterday in the "wall street journal," companies are leaving by the thousands and their prices are coming down. and i will tell you this. china is dying to make a deal with me. but whether or not i'll do it -- it's up to me, it's not up to them. >> reporter: what do you think china will give you in negotiations? >> i think china is willing to give up a lot but that doesn't mean i'm willing to accept it. i think if china had their wish,
6:54 am
they'll wait until after the election, they'll pray that trump loses and then they'll make a deal with a stiff, somebody that doesn't know what they're doing, like obama and biden and all of the presidents before. because they've picked our pockets as a nation. that's not happening with trump. [ inaudible question ] >> that's okay. i think if that's the case, i would be shocked. but if that's the case, they're fighting against their people. because the african-american people have been calling the white house. they have never been so happy as what a president has done. not only the lowest unemployment in history for african-americans, not only opportunity zones for the biggest beneficiary, the inner city, and not only criminal justice reform. but they're so happy that i pointed out the corrupt politics of baltimore. it's filthy dirty.
6:55 am
it's so horrible. and they are happy as hell. so you may have a couple of politicians boycott, but it's all a fix. it's all a fix. the fact is, african-american people love the job i'm doing because i'm working for them. i'm not working for the politicians. [ inaudible question ] >> absolutely. what elijah cummings should do is he should take his oversight committee, bring them down to baltimore and invest and really study the billions and billions of dollars that's been stolen. it's been wasted. its been stolen. they ought to take that beautiful waste of an oversight committee, go down to baltimore and other democratic-run cities and take a look, see if you can find the billions that have been stolen.
6:56 am
[ inaudible question ] >> my relationship with kim jong-un is a very good one, as i'm sure you've seen. we'll see what happens. i can't tell you what's going to happen. i know one thing, that if my opponent was president, if she won, you would be in a major war right now with north korea and we are nowhere close. we'll see. i have a good relationship with him. i like him, he likes me. we'll see what happens. [ inaudible question ] >> at the right time i'll visit. but the people of baltimore are very thankful. they have let us know by the thousands of people, because of the fact that finally somebody is pointing out how corrupt baltimore is. how billions and billions of dollars have been stolen. and the ones that like it the best what i'm doing are african-american voters. those are the ones. thank you. >> the president there just a few moments ago on his way from
6:57 am
the white house to williamsburg, virginia. let's do some quick fact checks, because oftentimes in the president's interactions with reporters there are false things that he says. for one, he said that china is paying -- that the u.s. is getting billions and billions of dollars in tariffs from china. of course the fact is that u.s. importers and consumers pay for tariffs. that's not a true statement. he also made quite a charge against representative elijah cummings, saying that baltimore has taken -- stolen, he seems to be saying, or wasted billions of dollars. he then said it again later there, poppy, claiming it seems to be accusing cummings of stealing billions of dollars in money. it is not clear what that is based on. i think we can fairly call that a baseless charge. but also i think key, and you heard this as well as me, poppy, the president showing no hesitation to stick with his attacks on cummings and claiming that it helps him.
6:58 am
>> yeah. a hundred percent. jim, he also said that the "washington post," one of the post storied journalistic institutions in this country, is a russian asset, with no basis in fact. and then he said that it is for the benefit of amazon, just because jeff bezos owns the "washington post" and amazon, they're not connected at all. and amazon -- the "washington post" does a lot of critical reporting on amazon. so just setting those two facts straight for everyone, because they were stunning to hear, jim. >> no question. suzanne, if we could begin with you, because it's cnn's reporting that within the white house, and again we've heard this times before, that some of his aides are uncomfortable or have some discomfort with the president's attacks on elijah cummings. despite that, you heard from the president there really expanding his attacks on the sitting representative, claiming without basis that he's stolen billions
6:59 am
of dollars in federal money. it appears the president is going to stick with this line of attack. >> he's doubling and tripling down on what he has said before. it seems like this is a approach in his mind, because cnn reporting that there are some staff in the white house that are concerned and uncomfortable with the kind of language going after a very popular congressman cummings, as well as the whole city of baltimore. we heard the president say that the people in baltimore were living in hell, and that he was the least racist person that there is. when you talk about the fact checks here, and i want to talk about this a little bit more, he said that there were thousands of people through emails and calls that he has been hearing from since just yesterday, the day before, when he brought up all of this. people from baltimore, he said largely african-americans who are affirming what he says and are preesh tiv of the complaints that he has leveled against the congressman. that needs to be fact checked. he says it's one of the issues
7:00 am
that has come up beyond any other issue when getting some sort of response from the community. and i asked him specifically in light of that, there are lawmakers from virginia who are boycotting his event today in jamestown who say they are not coming because they are highly offended. he does not belong there to talk about freedom and democracy. and he essentially put that aside, minimized that, saying that they are not serving their own community, that they're not a large number of people who feel this way. and so it's interesting, poppy and jim, to listen to what he is saying here in light of the fact that there are so many african-americans that we have heard from who are very angry and very upset about the kind of broad-brush stroke that he has given to baltimore and other cities. >> yeah. phil mattingly, the president also talked about china and the tariffs. and as jim pointed out, falsely claimed that china is paying us billions of dollars. even the president's own administration has said that's not how it works. but o


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