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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  July 31, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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criticism from the middle. so who won? who lost? and what does it mean for tonight's debate? we will see a rematch of joe biden and kamala harris. we have the best analysis on earth for you this morning. 5:00 a.m. has never seen so much talent. want to go first to athena jones live on the debate stage with the highlights. it's like being on the field at halftime. you're walking the 50 yard line. >> good morning. absolutely. it was something to watch last night. last night we saw the most progressive candidates, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, fend off attacks on their policy while avoiding clashing with each other. >> the ideological divides within the democratic party on full days play last night. >> folks seem more concerned about scoring points or outdoing each other with wish list economics. >> you're going to hear a lot of promises up here. >> we can go down the road that senator sanders and senator warren want to take us, come is
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with bad policies like medicare for all, free everything, and m impossible promises that will turn off independent voters and get donald trump re-elected. >> what do you say to congressman deadline? >> you're wrong. >> reporter: clashing with bernie sanders and elizabeth warren questioning their electability with their progressive agendas and slamming their key domestic proposal, medicare for all. >> i'm saying the policies of this notion that you're going to take private insurance away from 180 million americans who many of them don't want to give it, many do want to get rid of it, but some don't, many don't, you're going to -- the green new deal, make sure that every american is guaranteed a government job they want, that is a disaster at the -- you might as well fed yux the election to donald trump. >> well, the truth is that every credible poll that i have seen has me beating donald trump. >> reporter: sanders standing by his plan. >> they will be better because medicare for all is
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comprehensive it covers all health care needs for senior citizens. it will finally include dental care, hearing aids, and eyeglasses. >> you don't know -- >> second of all -- >> you can't know that, bernie -- >> i do know it i wrote the damn bill. >> i think democrats win when we run on real solutions, not impossible promises. when we run on things that are workable, not fairytale economics. >> you know, i don't understand why anybody goes to all the trouble of running for president of the united states just to talk about what we really can't do and shouldn't fight for. >> to win this election and to defeat donald trump, which by the way, in my view, is not going to be easy, we need to have a campaign of energy and excitement and of vision. i get little bit tired of democrats afraid of big ideas. republicans are not afraid of big ideas. [ cheers ] >> other candidates like mayor pete buttigieg saying the focus should stay on defeating president trump instead of taking down fellow democrats.
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>> it is time to stop worrying about what the republicans will say. look, if -- if it's true you that if we embrace a far left agenda they're going to say we're a bunch of crazy socialists. if ween brace a conservative agenda, you know what they're going to do, they're going to say we're a bunch of crazy socialists. let's stand up for the right policy, go out there and defend it. >> warren blasting trump when questioned about white supremacy fueling domestic terrorism in the wake of the latest mass shooting in california. >> call out white supremacy for what it is, domestic terrorism. and it poses a threat to the united states of america. we live in a country now where the president is advancing environmental racism. economic racism, criminal justice racism, health care racism. >> reporter: beto o'rourke highlighting his call for a new voting rights act to address systemic racism. >> the days of jim crow and suppression is alive and well in every aspect of the economy and
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in the country. >> reporter: political outside author marianne williamson also issued a warning to more seasoned candidates. >> the entire conversation that we're having tonight, if you think any of this wonkiness is going to deal with this dark psychic force of the collectivized hatred that this president is bringing up in this country, i'm afraid that the democrats are going to see some very dark days. >> reporter: looking ahead to tonight, another ten candidates will be duking it out. front-runner joe biden will be here at center stage and likely a huge target of folks like cory booker and kamala harris. he said he's going to be more aggressive in fighting back. we'll be watching closely to see not only how well he defends himself but also whether he's able to make a compelling, firmive case for his presidency and be a bigger figure on stage. >> athena jones on the field during halftime. i think the ten candidates who will take the stage tonight know how high the bar is. >> that was helpful. that they got to watch last night and see the pace of how
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fast it is. >> blistering pace. they're going to have to know their stuff. want to bring in john after lynn, palestinian analyst, former white house press secretary for president clinton and a political commentator, mj lee, correspondent, and bakari sellers, former democratic house member who endorsed senator kamala harris. you're the dean of 5:00 a.m. as it were here. what did you see? again, there was so much substance, so much policy at such a fast pace. what broke through? >> a couple things. one, i saw a cleanup of the miami debate where i think the democrats came off as, you know, promises and wildly lurching left. i think there was a distinct effort to show that there's two wings in the democratic party and there are choices for democratic voters. i think that was important -- succeedly, i think the irony is -- secondly, i think the irony is sanders and warren are advocating on eliminating private insurance. a deeply unpopular idea.
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except they're much better messengers than the people who are advocating for a popular idea which is using both private insurance and medicare for all. so i don't think -- you know, i don't think that they -- i thought sanders did very well. excuse me, i thought warren did very well. and sanders did okay. but i think the idea of narrow medicare for all is more challenge today than -- than it was yesterday. i think the last point is that no one mentioned joe biden. not once. >> not once. >> i think he's the winner because they advocated things that he's for without him taking any heat. so i think he came out well last night by being ignored. >> we didn't predict that. we didn't predict that he wouldn't be mentioned. on the elizabeth warren thing, i thought that she did a good job of making a convincing case that even if taxes were to go up for, say, the middle class, that it would be offset by how much less you'd pay for your doctors bills and insurance. >> that's the argument she made. that's the argument bernie
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sanders made. and it's very persuasive if you don't believe that actually passing a bill or paying for it actually matters. that's where you run into the buzzsaw of popular opinion come does matter in a general election. are you taking away people's private insurance, even if you believe you're replacing it with something better. it's persuasive in this environment, in the hall, to say, look, we're going to go big, we're going to go bold. that's how donald trump won. there is simply the reality of polling, of winning over swing states, swing voters. of actual implementation and paying for things that can't be ignored dismissively. you see a little of that in this deep policy debate in the democratic policy on issue after issue. >> but m.j. lee, you cover elizabeth warren day in and day out, and you saw from her the most fulsome explanation on electability yet. >> i did. i thought it was a clear strategy that elizabeth warren came in with last night. her opening statement started with the words "donald trump," and her closing argument ended with "i can beat donald trump." she is a candidate who has not yet sort of fully embraced
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taking on donald trump at every opportunity on the stump unless she is asked about it. she rarely will sort of choose to go after him. last night i thought was all about elizabeth warren trying to make the elect ability argument. that for her is i know there are some of you out there who like my ideas, but i know somewhat some -- that some of you think they might be too risky and others might not be on board, and i am imploring you to go with your gut, to vote for the person that you actually like, and not feel like you have to be scared to not vote for the person that you believe in. >> bakari, what jumped out at you? >> i think that last night what we saw at the beginning of the debate, the first 35 minutes, is the democratic messaging on health care is pretty bad. i think it's all over the place. i think this debate last night was healthy as we attempt to sort out various messaging. i think anyone who saw that last night has a really hard time still yet today understanding what medicare for all is and what building on the aca is. it was somewhat of a mess.
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i think that, you know, john delaney came out like tyson when he first got -- started -- started boxing and ended up like glass jaw on -- on mike tyson punchout. you know, he came out there swinging, swinging. by the time elizabeth warren got done with him there wasn't much left. i believe one of the people who stuck out last night was steve bullock. >> yes. >> whether or not you like bullock or not he was a value added last night. there are a large group of people in this country who want someone who can beat donald trump. bullock won a state that donald trump won by 20 points. they want someone who speaks in that moderate cadence. he did that. so bullock -- bullock stood out. i thought that the winners last night to be extremely clear were warren, sanders, buttigieg, and i still think that beto o'rourke is having a very difficult time taking advantage of this platform. >> let me add on that bullock point. i think that was a standout performance. his first debate. didn't make the first one. got in late. he came out very strong. really slamming wish list
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economics. making the case that he won a state that donald trump had won by 20 points. that you needed to understand and win over some trump voters. then it reminded us that a lot of our political divisions in this country that we are so polarized right now are not really red state, blue state, but urban versus rural. he came in as a western progressive with a real record on a lot of issues and got attention. here you have a western governor making a case to scramble all the polar situation that we're confronting as a country now. strong opening. >> and yet i think the entire framework for the discussion was driven by ideas that are coming from bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. and part of that was the questions, part of that is just where the policy discussion is right now. they were defending what they were proposing and people going after them. as i listen, i wonders if you were -- i wonder if you were pressed to name a winner, if you could. was there a clear winner from the first night? >> i think joe biden was the clear winner because people didn't go after him. on the stage, i thought that blarn outclassed brs --
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elizabeth warren outclassed bernie sanders, that's important there. >> without going after him at all. >> exactly. i think if you were in the -- in the most progressive wing of the party, you looked at sanders and warren and said i think warren is more electable. i think warren has more energy and has the same ideas. you know, i think where she ran into some problems was her spineless moderation line. i think most of the party is not there. and i think there were -- there were a lot of progressives up there who were lumped in as sort of almost republicans, and they're not. and i think there's a lot of room for all of the people, you know, in the middle to make the case that they have -- they are real progressive, but they're more practical. and they -- and as some said, more electable in the general election. >> only 20% of the democratic primary voters are very liberal. it's not a surprise that bernie and elizabeth warren had a nonaggression pact last night. they were going after the same
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poll of voters and can't afford to alienate them. it's a mistake to show disdain for people with experience to say how do we implement it, and shouldn't we care that this could alienate more voters than attracts. >> don't you think the line about i don't know why you take the time -- >> best line of the night. >> all you're going to talk about is what you can't do. i think that summarized why they're going bold. >> that also ended the presidential campaign for john delaney. i mean, that -- that was the moment in come john delaney's presidential campaign died on that stage. >> that was the moment? >> that was it. it was probably over when he got there. that was definitely the moment. bernie sanders and elizabeth warren aren't going after the same voters. i think that they're their is more of an over-- that there is more of an overlap than elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. i think there's -- we think about things such as a progressive lane. to joe's point, there are sorts who looked like -- there are voters who said i believe in the progressive ideology, but i can
2:13 am
have blarelizabeth warren, some who was energetic, had an upside. why would i take something that we've tried before. and so i think that that was there. and bernie sanders still ran into the same thing that bernie sanders has run into his entire life which is the glass ceiling of race. on the -- as the issue meandered to race last night, bernie sanders still stumbled back into his age-old rising tide lifts awe boats attitude. stumbled through clyburn's 30 30-2010 plan. he could not fully articulate the systemic racism issues, the white nationalism we're dealing with on a daily basis. there are a lot of voters who, especially black voters, who want to be a part of the progressive train. they're looking between the two and will say i think i'm going to take elizabeth warren this round. >> m.j., what are you hearing from the campaigns this morning? is there one team that thinks that they had a tough night? >> there is not. i mean, this is a campaign that
2:14 am
actually doesn't speak so much about process. you might have noticed they would not sort of say before the debate what their strategy was. they would not talk about the fact -- other than elizabeth warren herself saying i don't -- i have no intention of taking on bernie sanders or anybody else on stage for that matter. they put out a single statement from the cons director that said she went out there and set out to do exactly what the plan was. it was first to make the case for why these progressive ideas can be backed up by this candidate. and second, to make make that general election argument that we walked about a lot. she can show that she can takea donald trump. at least this is her campaign's messaging. >> no question elizabeth warren had a very good night last night. i want to make one other point in this divide between the left and the center. judging by the frame of the debate, barack obama is to the right of most of this field. the policies that barack obama advocated not that long ago
2:15 am
which some folks in the center tried to defend are being castigated as republican light. that says a lot about the shift in the debate in the democratic party. >> stand by. we have a lot more to talk about. was i right? best analyst at 5:00 a.m. >> fantastic. >> amazing. amazing. coming up on "new day," we'll have four of the ten candidates who were on the stage, mayor pete buttigieg, we haven't talked about him yet. a lot of people thought he had an impressive night. amy klobuchar who had a specific strategy. beto on, rush hour, did he do -- o'rourke, did he do what he needed to do? as john said, it's halftime. who will happen tonight when joe biden is on stage with areas d kamala harris -- with kamala harris and cory booker? my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else?
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2:21 am
people, viewers are compelled by her. and she, i thought, had a commanding performance. from her opening statement she came out strong. she had a moment where she talked about her position on reparation reparations. let's watch. >> if $500 billion, $200 billion to $500 billion payment of a debt that is owed. that is what reparations is. i believe that anything less than $100 billion is -- is an insult, and i believe that $200 billion to $500 billion is politically feasible today because so many americans realize there is an injustice that continues to form a toxicity underneath the surface, an emotional turbulence that only reparations -- >> ms. williamson, thank you so much. >> reporter: she was the top most-searched candidate. if we pull that up, that list up, she was ahead of bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, pete buttigieg, john delaney, et cetera, et cetera. john avalon, i'm not even looking at you, and i can feel your body language.
2:22 am
your body language speaks volumes. what is the problem? >> what is the problem? >> yes. >> first i don't think googling is necessarily a proxy for success, but it is a proxy for curiosity. who is this person? what is she saying? that's interesting. she sounds a lot like my aunt. second of all, she's a spiritualist running for president. there's a reason to be skeptical about someone who's never held elected office before. we have the reality show version in the white house right now. now we're going for the spiritualist version. let's be clear about that. >> she seems to have given a lot more thought to policy petitions that happen donald trump did -- suspicions than donald trump did in during his first debate. >> possibly. look, i think having a dollar number to project on reparations is not the mark of a full policy -- you and i know -- that's fine. but that's -- >> that's not all she d. i don't have any illusion that marianne williamson is not winning a primary. this is probably her -- this is probably her last debate. but she gave the full, the most
2:23 am
full and most robust answer on issues dealing with race and talking about systemic issues of race we have in this country. look -- >> more than beto? >> no question. i think that when you -- beto had his best moment, and then was followed by marianne williamson. people will remember maryan williamson's -- marianne williams's response to beto. i firmly believe nobody's getting a check, so you have to have direct policy that effectuate's change in nose areas. marianne williamson was full eyed, robust, and giving a comprehensive answer to the question. i think that you have to give her more credit than that. now, whether or not she stays or goes, i hear you. does she belong on the stage? whatever you want to say. however, i want will say on the issue she excelled. >> there's no question she connects. people talk about her during the debates, after the debates. all you have to do is have a discussion about people, with people and say who stood out to you --
2:24 am
>> at dinner parties her name comes up. >> any losers from last night? >> i think the losers are the candidates who probably were not going to qualify for the third debate in september because the trajectory of any of the candidates on stage last night i think did not drastically change. for warren, sanders, buttigieg, as we have talked about, they gave the performance that they probably needed to give. ranging from strong to i think stronger. and then i think for everybody else, they needed to not only have these big, memorable moments. they also needed that to then translate into political momentum in the weeks to come. and i just am not convinced that for anybody who is not going to be on the stage in september, now they suddenly are because of last night. the losers?illing to name names, >> we've got to cut to the chase and beat donald trump. i think hickenlooper had a rough night, deadliney had a rough night. -- delaney had a rough night. throughout the debate they thanked delaney's wikipedia page
2:25 am
to say he died at the hands of elizabeth warren on stage at the moment. >> that's nice. >> not accurate. >> when did you become nice? >> and i think that, you know, you go through here, the people who were not named, the people who are not named buttigieg, sanders, warren, bullock, probably will have a rough time making it to the next stage. >> what about amy kolb collar and beto on -- amy klobuchar and beto o'rourke, before this seen as just below top-tier candidates, and they're struggling to break through. >> i think neither has delivered a clear rationale for why they are the alternative. like last night, too, elizabeth warren or bernie sanders. i think, you know, one of the things i took from last night is why it's so important that we whittle this field down. we have, as i said, we have this ironic situation where unpopular positions were articulated much more strongly than popular positions. and what i want to see now is on
2:26 am
stage bernie sanders and elizabeth warren go toe to toe with the people who aren't for their version of medicare for all, joe biden and -- rest of the field. i think tonight you're going to see nine candidates who don't believe in the sanders or warren version, and the guy defending sanders and warren is bill de blasio. and he's not a very popular guy. so it's going to be a very, very different thing. and so i want to see them together. >> i'm so fascinated by the klobuchar performance last night. she had this burst of energy when she first announced because people saw her as, you know, potentially being able to win the moderate vote in a way that wouldn't just be for joe biden. that this space isn't just for joe biden. and over and over again, i think we see her in a space like this, not really taking on the candidates that she needs to take on. she is reticent to go there and bring that kind of fire. i think she really needed to fight like an underdog and did not do that. >> can i just -- beto o'rourke
2:27 am
for a second, i want the viewers to understand why i'm critical of beto. beto o'rourke is very, very talented. i mean, anybody who goes to texas and set texas on fire, ignite the country. a lot of it had to do with ted cruz, let's not get that wrong. she's a -- he's a very, very talented individual. it looks as if somewhat like the stage is too big for beto o'rourke. it looks as if the lights are engulfing beto o'rourke. i know when he came out, he was running because he was born to do this. for a lot of us, we're like wait a minute. >> hold on. >> there's no difference between the positions electorally of you and an drdrew gillum and stacey abrams. there's no difference. being born to do this is presumptuous. you hit a ceiling, boom, it's a dud. after the debate we were expecting a restart. but beto o'rourke has not answered the question. and no one can tell me why is he running for president of the united states. there is no clear answer to
2:28 am
that. and it's very hard to go up there and show that out and show that through in a debate if no one even knows why you're running. >> we talked a little about joe biden. let's talk about tonight if we can. again, i think the bar is very high. has been set very high for all the candidates who will take the stage. they know they're going to have their policy. they have to deliver it very quickly and succinctly and battle people who have been critics of them. let me just be clear, is joe biden up to it? >> we're going to find out tonight. i think first off there's a great advantage to the second night because we're already -- we just finished talking about last night. we're going to spend the rest of the day talking about tonight. so having the last word is important. that was the message i think of the first round in miami. that's all people talked about. i think the -- biden has a real opportunity tonight because, you know, they both did okay last night. but none of the, you know, more
2:29 am
moderate candidates distinguished themselves. that was their chance. and it really leaves an opening for biden. but he's got to deliver. he's got to be stronger, he doesn't -- he doesn't have to attack anyone, but he's got to know his own record better. he's got to be able to put in context all the things he's done. he can't just say me and bar barack obama, i think he knows that, but it's a question of execution and why everyone should tune in tonight. >> he's got to be focused. he's got to be fiery. and he's really -- if he compounds the perception that he's lost a step, that he wasn't quite willing to punch back, that could be disastrous for his campaign. but if he exceeds that bar, he is clearly in pole position. the polls show that he has bounced back from the -- >> and harris has with the first 35 minutes of what we saw today, harris actually has a high bar, as well. she's going to have to stand in a health care answer for 30 minutes and defend it, something she has not been able to do throughout this campaign. >> you say that as someone who
2:30 am
is supporting her. >> she's got to get it right. >> guys, thank you all very much. that sets the stage for an exciting night. you can watch tonight's debate lightest from detroit at 8:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. in is other news developing this morning. north korea has fired a new round of ballistic missiles. what we know about these weapons and what will president trump do or say about this? will he continue to downplay the actions of kim jong-un? grab some pens. would shakespeare have chosen just "some pens?" methinks a tul pen would serve m'lady well. thanks. and a unicorn notebook! get everything on your list. this week's doorbuster- school backpacks for $10; $10 in store or online from the advisors at office depot officemax.
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if it's not xfinity xfi, it's not good enough. for wifi with super powers, get xfinity xfi. and go see, fast & furious presents, hobbs & shaw. august 2. developing overnight, north korea conducted its second missile test in a week. this morning south korea is providing new details saying pyongyang fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea of japan. let's go live to cnn's ivan watson for the very latest on this. north korea seems to be trying to send a message here, ivan. >> reporter: absolutely. some sabre rattling, a predawn surprise with the two short-range ballistic missiles that were fired from north korea's eastern coast into the ocean off to the east of that
2:36 am
coast. now, this comes exactly a month after president trump's historic first steps across the demarcation line in the demilitarized zone with the north korean leader, kim jong-un. it's also the second time in less than a week that north korea has fired short-range ballistic missiles. last week, last thursday when it fired two missiles, it said this was a warning to south korea. it appears to be angry about what are expected to be upcoming annual joint military exercises between the u.s. and south korea. now a u.s. official has told cnn that the latest missile launches pose no threats, no direct threats to the u.s. or its allies, the south koreans are not downplaying these short-range ballistic missile launches. there was an emergency meeting of south korea's national security council. it issued a statement expressing concern about the missile launches saying that they
2:37 am
threaten to hurt the peace process on the korean peninsula. and if you look at the range of these missiles, about 250 kilometers, about 155 miles, that's easily within range of hitting the south korean capital. the trump administration says it's still trying to work out face-to-face working level negotiations with the north koreans. john? >> we'll see how this changes that. ivan, thank you so much for the reporting. so john and i are here in detroit. this is in a state that went narrowly for donald trump in 2016. so what did michigan voters think about the debate last night? >> what are they cheering for? that i won the "best of" i casweepstakes it. and i get to be in this geico commercial? let's do the eyebrows first, just tease it a little. slather it all over, don't hold back. well, the squirrels followed me all the way out to california! and there's a very strange badger staring at me... no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico.
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2:42 am
president trump won this state by 11,000 votes. so what did voters here think about last night's debate? miguel marquez spoke to some of them, and he joins us now with more. what are they saying, miguel? >> reporter: good morning. we spoke to a small sliver of them, just a stone's throw from the fox theater where the debate went on. one thing was very clear. progressives resonated with this crowd heavily. centrists fell flat. >> this is the cnn democratic -- >> reporter: we watched the debate with citizen detroit, the local political activist group here. we're watching it in shane's pub, a spot of historic neighborhood. who impressed you tonight? >> elizabeth warren. i think she did an excellent job. i was also impressed with mayor buttigieg. and bernie was bernie. >> reporter: it was standing room only tonight, and the person who got the most love throughout the night was senator sanders. >> trump is a pathological liar.
2:43 am
[ cheers ] >> mayor buttigieg and senator warren also got a lot of love from the crowd in this room tonight. >> we should stop using republican talking points. >> reporter: who did you like tonight? >> warren, elizabeth warren, i really did. >> reporter: what impressed you about her? >> she has answers. >> i thought elizabeth warren did the best job tonight. she showed passion, empathy, energy, intelligence. you know, grit, toughness. >> reporter: some of the centrist democrats didn't do so well tonight in this room at least. governor bullock, the congressman, delaney and ryan, they got booed at certain points here. [ booing ] who did you not like? >> delaney's my least favorite by far. >> reporter: why? >> i don't think he has the solutions that america needs now. >> reporter: did anyone turn you off? >> i wouldn't say that. there are people i would not
2:44 am
miss if they're gone. >> reporter: did anything stick out during this debate? >> i never heard from steve bullock before. he was kind of interesting. >> i wouldn't say anyone impressed me in terms of becoming my candidate. i appreciated that marianne williamson was making a little more sense this evening. >> marianne williamson. tonight like, yeah. like i know she was oprah's like spiritual adviser, and i really appreciate just really a candidate talking about dark forces at work. i was like, whoa, like she actually said that in the debate. >> we have communities, particularly communities -- >> reporter: now in addition to looking forward to tonight's second round of debates, there's something else that everyone i spoke to at this pub is looking forward to -- fewer candidates. they think that they will start to be called out in the months ahead. they think it's a great process. they think it's going to make a stronger nominee. they think it's all fair. but they want fewer candidates. they want longer explanations, and they want more deeper discussion essentially in the months ahead.
2:45 am
john? >> it's coming. that is coming. that is what is next, miguel. miguel marquez in detroit. i think it's so interesting, such an important reminder. this is a primary. this is a primary debate, and you've got to appeal to democratic voters. and those are the ones who were in the bar last night. >> they see it differently than our pundits. >> sometimes. >> i think it is helpful when miguel talks to them. when i have my voter panels, they just often have a very different take and sort of the, you know, cognizant -- >> it's before we are told by the experts. >> great point. >> what happened in the moments before police say two american teenagers stabbed and killed an italian police officer? the new evidence investigators are using to make their case next. at t-mobile, for $40/line for four lines, it's all included for the whole family. like unlimited with netflix on us. and now with each new line, get one of our latest smartphones included. $40/line for four lines and smartphones are included for the whole family.
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2:50 am
disturbing new details emerging this morning in the case of two american teenagers accused of murder in italy. authorities there say the two men repeatedly stabbed an undercover police officer in a drug deal gone wrong. melissa bell is live in rome with much more. what have you learned? >> reporter: well, we're getting a clearer idea of what the italian authorities at any rate believe happened on that fateful night, that is last friday in the early hours between about midnight and 4:00 a.m. local time when those two american teens were involved in some kind of incident on the streets of rome. new cctv footage which we're about to show leaked to the press but confirmed by the police to be genuine. but also a much clearer idea thanks to the ruling that was published from the judge investigating the case about precisely what should have been told by both men, including that one had confessed to having stabbed the undercover police
2:51 am
officer. the other had woken up in the morning after a few hours sleep unaware until then that his friend had used a knife. american teenagers running through the streets of rome in the early hours of friday morning. carrying a reduction -- a rucksake they had stolen after a alleged drug deal. >> translator: we compared the roads they took and were able to the two americans. >> reporter: what happened next has shocked the country. according to italian authorities, a police officer, mario chcela rega, tried to stop the pair buts stabbed to death. >> translator: they were after money and drugs. we have clear evidence indicating that. >> reporter: police say the two americans had arranged to meet the owner of the bag to return it in exchange for money and drugs. they weren't expecting police to turn up instead.
2:52 am
>> translator: as soon as they identified themselves they were unexpectedly and immediately assaulted. >> reporter: police say the officers stabbed 11 times. according to court documents, elder was carrying a seven-inch knife and also confessed to the stabbing. police say he brought the knife with him from the united states. >> translator: some of the stab wounds went straight through the body, the length of the blade, through the stomach, the spine, and the intestines. so it was impossible to react. >> reporter: the two teenagers dispute the police account saying the plain clothes officers did not identify themselves as italian police. the pair have seemingly turned on each other. natal claims he was not aware that elder was carrying a knife. his lawyer said -- >> mr. natale has clarified his position which is completely extraneous to the unpredictable conduct of others which led to the death of a servant of the state.
2:53 am
>> reporter: under italian law, the suspects can be held in custody for up to six months if not longer before any charges are filed for a crime that has outraged the country. so even as the two american teens await here in this rome prison to find out what their fate is going to be, it continues to dominate here and is on the front page of every single newspaper this morning with this question especially -- emerged from a press conference given by the prosecutor yesterday -- why was that policeman, the one who was fatally stopped, confronting these two teens unarmed. >> there are still so many questions. thank you so much for all of those developments. well, it was a democratic debate filled with policy positions pitting liberal candidates against their moderate rivals. so who stood out last night? we have an all-star panel coming up next.
2:54 am
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introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. the late-night comedians were live after the cnn debate. they gave immediate funny feedback on the candidates. these are your late-night laughs. >> on the subject of health care, john delaney tried to speak to his experience on the trail. >> i've been going around rural america, and i ask rural hospital administrators one question -- >> do you know who i am? [ laughter ] >> this was some lineup. it was actually more pileup than lineup. there were more characters than on the show "this is us" in this debate. there they are. meet the new management team at
2:59 am
kinko's. [ applause ] >> delaney and others accused warren and others of trying to make private health insurance illegal. warren stepped in to stop the bickering. >> let's be clear. we are the democrats, we are not about trying to take away health care from anyone. that's what the republicans are trying to do. [ applause ] and we should stop using republican talking points in order to talk with each other about how to best provide that health care. >> elizabeth warren, we'll turn this car around right now, and nobody's going to disneyland. [ applause ] >> we've got a table full of elected officials who you'll see in a moment who were dying laughing right now. >> yes. they are chortling loudly, and we look forward to getting their take on that because we have all of the key moments of last night's debate. "new day" continues right now. . our biggest problem in washington is corruption. we need to have the courage to
3:00 am
fight back against that. >> medicare for all is comprehensive. it covers all health care needs for senior citizens. >> we'll come to you in a second. >> i wrote the damn bill. >> this isn't just a choice between the left and the center or thinking we have to sacrifice our values to actually win. >> we are more worried about winning an argument than winning an election. how we win an election is to bring everyone with us. >> i didn't have more of an understanding about what they're going to do. it's going to be a different dynamic. what a night, what a morning. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is a special edition of "new day." it's wednesday, july 31st. it's 6:00 here in detroit. it's a half-time show. >> yes. it's half-time right now. will you be performing a la pink? >> up


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