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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 2, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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nomination. alex mar alex marquardt is with me. why did he withdraw his name? >> his name came to surface last sunday when president trump said he would be nominating the three-term texas congressman to the post of director of national intelligence. at the time a lot of people say who? the men who have held this role since 9/11 when the position was created are people who have had deep foreign policy and intelligence experience. so criticism over his lack of experience grew. he had been a u.s. attorney in eastern texas and as we started digging into his time as u.s. attorney before he was a congressman, he stated clearly that he had put terrorists in prison. when we looked up
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terrorism-related cases in that area, in his time there, we saw no evidence that he prosecuted any of those. it quickly became clear that not only did he not have the experience, but also that he had embellished his resumé. there was also an example in that same bio where he said he arrested 300 illegal aliens. that was an embellishment as well. he had been part of a multi-state, multi-agency operation and only some 45 of these illegal migrants had been prosecuted in his area. this criticism grew largely from democrats. democrats were vowing up and down that they would do anything they could to block his nomination. he hadn't even been officially nominated yet and we understand from sources both on capitol hill and at the white house that senate republicans had started voicing their concerns to the white house. and as this criticism grew over the course of the past few days, president trump, we understand, sources are telling our colleague caitlin collins that
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he in turn started to express his concerns that ratcliffe would not be a shoe-in, that he was surprised. clearly the president seeing the writing on the wall tweeted a short time ago that our great republican congressman john ratcliffe is being treated very unfairly in the lamestream media, john has therefore decided to stay in congress where he has done such app outstanding job representing the state of texas and our country. i will announce my nomination for dni shortly. he responded i was humbled and honored that the president put he is trust in me to lead our intelligence operations and remain convinced i would have done so with the fairness and integrity that our intelligence agencies need and deserve.
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he does not wish for a debate surrounding my confirmation. it's clear both men saw this was going to be a significant uphill battle, the nomination was far, far from guaranteed, brooke. >> and it wasn't just democrats, dana. you're hearing from republicans. what are they saying to behind the scenes? >> alex just talked about the fact that some republicans, according to our sources had been talking to the white house saying, whoa, this is not a good pick just since this new broke within the last hour i've been communicating with some keey senate republicans and there was one sort of emotion and reaction and that is relief, relief that they are not going to have to go through a process that many of them -- again, we are talking about the president's fellow republicans, the congressman's fell open republicans -- go through a process where they do not think, even without digging very deep into the background of mr. ratcliffe that he is the
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right man for the job for a whole host of reasons, never mind his bio, just his broad background. you just talked to james clapper, the dni during the obama years. he was part of the intelligence community, knee deep in it, came from within the intelligence community for 50 years. now that is an extraordinary amount of experience. you don't necessarily have to find that but at least a little bit of experience given the import of the job. with the cia the president did nominate someone that came from within. it's not that it's impossible. it is another bruise on the president's whole idea of trying to fill his cabinet with people who he kind of thinks maybe look the part or are loyal to him and they don't get very far. they don't even get the full nomination sent to capitol hill or they're withdrawn once it
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begins. >> let me ask you about this as well, to the house. the story line we've been covering, impeachment, how many people are in favor. now we know, a majority of democrats support an impeachment inquiry. according to cnn's latest tally, the number have been rising steadily. what kind of pressure does this put on the house speaker? >> more, more pressure. she was really hoping and other democratic leaders that don't want to go forward with an impeachment inquiry, she was hoping once the members got back home it would take the air out of the bubble, the pressure would be relieved and that's not happening. in part because grass roots activists or people who are just regular citizens and regular constituents of these members are going to them and saying, no, we want to push this forward. is a majority of the
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my sense is in talking to sources before they got to this milestone is it's still not 218 and the 218 is the majority of the house and to have a successful impeachment in the house of representatives or to refer it to the senate where the trial would happen, you still need a majority and it is just democrats. it is very, very partisan, which of course mirrors the times that we're in. but it's going to be harder when she gets back if the numbers keep climbing to push back an inquiry. it's not saying impeachment will start, it's about we will begin to inquire about impeachme have tough since your big week this week moderating two presidential debates. i hear it in your voice. it's a lot of prep work. you are elegant, you are classy, you are brilliant and you did a phenomenal job. bravo. bravo, my sister.
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>> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> let's get to a major development in a longstanding police brutality case. the department firing daniel pantaleo. nyc commissioner must make the final decision. garner died while five years ago while being pulled to the ground during an arrest and the disturbing video was captured. it went viral following a national rally cry for his removal. emotions running high in new york. protesters interrupted a news conference with the mayor and
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presidential candidate deblade o shouting that pantaleo should be fired. it's a pleasure to meet you, his son eric garner jr. >> pleasure to meet you. >> five years. it sounds to me that commissioner o'neill will follow the recommendation of this judge and fire this man. this is what you've been waiting five years for. how do you feel? >> well, the emotions is high right now. i'm sort of happy that he came to -- the judge came to a conclusion about it, but it's still one step forward. we still got more steps so we can make sure that this don't happen again to another family. >> are you okay in. >> i'm okay. as i said yesterday, i didn't think that she would make that decision. i'm grateful that someone sees what we see because for a long
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time they were saying that eric garner resisted, eric garner fought back and that's not the case. it's not proven by a judge that you did something wrong and you should be held accountable. so i really do hope that commissioner o'neill makes the right decision, which is to fire pantaleo. >> this is mayor de blasio responding to this judge's recommendation today. this is what he said. >> today we finally saw a step towards justice and accountability. we saw a process that was actually fair and impartial. and i hope that this will now bring the garner family a sense of closure and the beginning of some of peace. >> is it bringing you the beginning of some peace? >> he still hasn't said that pantaleo has done something wrong. so, i mean, de blasio, you're
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talking in circles. that's just how i feel about it. a judge has said that he has done something wrong. you should be saying agri graea with that judge and he should be fired. that's what i would like to hear de blasio say. >> to say that we had a fair process when we listen to the drum beat of the criminal advocates who have been chanting every time anyone on the other side tries to get the truth out, that is not justice. i'm sorry to say that we have to tell our police officers take it a step slower. make sure we're thinking. make sure you're making decisions in seven seconds because you won't get backing. >> eric, what would you say to
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him and also to speak to his message to police officers? by the way, not just in new york city but around the country? >> i don't know what to say to that to tell you the truth. i just don't know what to say. >> why? >> i don't know. i feel like he's being arrogant. >> why? >> because we seen -- well, we seen my father get choked out on camera. for him to say to make a decision under seven seconds, what is that? >> seven seconds versus 11 times eric garn eer said "i can't breathe," versus the five years i've lived without mile-per-hour father and the two years i've lived without my sister. the seven seconds compared to the two years that my daughter and my niece and my nephew have been without eric garner. so i don't want to hear that to take it a step slower they
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should have took it a step off of eric garner so he can breathe. >> what would you say to commissioner o'neill? look into that camera and speak to commissioner o'neill. >> commissioner o'neill, please understand that as everybody have been saving for the past five years, don't take it personal, eric garner is gone. i can never get my father back. do us a faevor as a family and make this right. justice for eric garn eer woulde pant pantaleo. stand with the children and grandchildren of eric garn eer o have been suffering for the past five years, pass the eric garner law, continue to stand with my
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family because it's not over. look for action next week and all of the weeks to follow. >> what have these five years been like for your family? >> it's been up and down. been hearing about this craziness about this officer just being on desk duty, still collecting a paycheck after he just killed a man on camera and he's still collecting a paycheck. that's to say that everything right there, it's just not fair. it's not fair at all. >> eric and emerald, thank you both so much for coming in. i really appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> coming up next here on cnn, the only black republican in the entire u.s. house of representatives announces he will not seek reelection. the eighth republican lawmaker to do that just this year. we have that story for you. also president trump admits north korea may have violated a u.n. resolution by launching short range missiles but says
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last fall republican congressman bill herd barely won reelection in his texas district, winning by less than a thousand votes. his presence loomed large as the only black republican in the house and the only republican to represent a detective on the border. and recently congressman heard talked to christiane amanpour about his unique spot that he occupied within the party. >> look, i'm the only black republican in the house of representatives. i go into communities that most republicans don't show up in order to take a conservative message. i always say if the republican party in texas doesn't start looking like texass a, there wo be a republican party in texas. i think that goes for the rest of the country. while i can say i'm the face of the future republican party. >> now just two weeks later herd
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is calling it quits, announcing he will not seek reelection. that makes him the sixth republican in the last two weeks and the eighth overall to announce their retirement. be a ladies, thank you so much for coming on. abby, we jumped right to your twitter and you called hurd's retirement a political earthquake in texas and nationwide. tem me why. >> i mean, my phone has not stopped vibrating and it was going overnight and it has been -- republican operatives, consultants, they were just texting me in complete shock. this was not expected. we've been expecting a lot of retirements out of texas but not this one. he could have been chairman of intelligence committee someday. he's worked hard and has wanted
12:21 pm
to be in congress a long time. that he's throwing in a towel is a huge statement and he's the best republican politician in the state at the house level. if he's doubting 2020, a lot of other people are running scared. >> abby, we know minority leaders in the minority party often leave office but is this saying they don't feel they regain control of the party any time soon? >> if republicans can't hold on to this seat, it's almost impossible to see how they get back power. there's a chance they could still win this seat butch it's so much harder without congressman hurd. >> you heard congressman hurd on with christiane amanpour, he would go into districts that most of his fellow republicans wouldn't go. does a trump era increase the isolation or loan liveness of
12:22 pm
black republicans and make it harder to sell the message? >> i mean, the loneliness of the black republican indeed. this announce p announcement may be shocking but we shouldn't be surprised. >> why? >> will hurd has had an incredibly hard and difficult job. ef sense live he ng -- essential donald trump to a district and area that is increasingly not only skeptical but actually hostile to these kind of ideas and hostile to independent decemb -- ideas of president trump. and historically what we've seen in these kind of situations, at a certain point, republicans like wil hurd hit their breaking point and end up leaving the party. we see a larger exodus at the state, the local level, the
12:23 pm
national level. we see it in things like the rnc with people resigning. this is an indication that something is seriously wrong, has been for some time, and just the real difficulty that republicans are going to have trying to appeal to a nation that increasingly does not look like the republican party. >> noteworthy that you're not surprised a, and, b, why is he leaving. and abby, his decision wasn't impulsive. he said that trump was being influenced by putin, he was one of four to condemn the president's tweets against the four congress women.
12:24 pm
might this be trump fatigue? >> i think it's very possible. he is a young guy. he's still i think in his early 40s. i don't think he's done with politics or being in the political arena. it might serve him better to not run for reelection and possibly lose in 2020 and resurface whenever trump leaves office. >> remember that autopsy, leah, back after the 2012 election, they said the party should not write off any demographic and they needed to speak to minority groups on either side of the i'll. now you have one loan black republican, tim scott, south carolina. how do they even begin to attract more people, leah?
12:25 pm
>> the problem is everything they have to do to attract the minority consistetituencies, everything is completely at odds with donald trump. that's where you see the real tension. that's where you see the real problem. so a figure like tim scott is really going to be under the spotlight. people are going to be looking at his words, they're going to look at his policies and his vote in congress. they are either going to be looking at him to to push back at trump or to rationalize what trump does. so do you explain your continued support of the republican party that has essentially become donald trump's party in 2019? that is a difficult, difficult path and it does not bode well for the 2020 election, either the presidential election but also mid term so state and
12:26 pm
lowell levelocal levels. there is a real possibility that texas will look politically different in a couple of years. >> this is so figure. >> the autopsy report warned about this. >> this is so significant. thank you for both of you, ladies. new details about how much robert mueller's investigation into all the russian election meddling actually cost you, the american taxpayer. jessica schneider is live with me. what are the numbers? >> p. >> reporter: we're now getting a final glimpse at the spending, learning this investigation cost nearly $32 million. this is direct expenses from
12:27 pm
robert mueller's office. his own direct expenses from his office totalled $16 million. the president has repeatedly railed against this investigation calling it a witch hunt and calling out among other republicans the amount of money this investigation has cost. now we know after its completion had has cost more than $32 million. democrats, on the other hand, have been pushing back on this, brooke. they have said essentially the cost that the government has recouped from these plea deals or convictions basically cancels out the entire cost of the mueller probe. ja jerry nadler just last week basically said the forfeiture from paul manafort would cancel out all of the costs of the probe. we did a little bit of the number crunching ourselves. it doesn't exactly work out that way. paul manafort is expected to forfeit $11 million.
12:28 pm
6 million will go to the irs and the other fines will go to the banks that he defrauded. others here who have been guilty like michael cohen, they would go into a crime fraud fund and only total about $130,000. in all, brooke, it does not look like the government will direct live recoup this near live $32 million. that is the final will price tag for the mueller investigation here that has wrapped costing taxpayers near live $32 million. brooke? >> thank y the same day as a positive jobs report, but how good is the economy really? we'll take a look next.
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lynn lynnette lopez is back with us today. great to see you. we thought president trump had this truce with president xi of china hand he's totally up ended this. >> yeah. >> this is sucker punching investors, ceos. >> trump is betting that the chinese are going to eventually cow towdemands. donald trump is taking this to the casino and unfortunately he has bankrupted several. xi can't give in to president
12:35 pm
trump's demands without looking weak. both countries put out read-outs that were fairly positive and it wasn't until the next day that trump blew all that positivity up and said, no, we're going to put on tariffs. that positivity was giving both governments time to, you know, maybe backtrack, do some soul searching, send some e-mails, come to some negotiation. what's really unfortunate about it is a year ago we had more time and we were lichiving in v different worlds. chinese nationalism was not stirred up like it is now. >> we were in a different place. >> in a very different place. >> it was floated to me that fed chair jerome powell announced a rate cut of 25 basis points on wednesday, trump wanted to see a
12:36 pm
50 point cut. how much of this is trump trying to force the fed chair's hand? >> i don't know if trump is smart enough or guileful enough to do that. i have no idea. what i do know is this could very well force rates down. this could very well force the chinese to put rates down to allow their currency to go down and then we're in a real race to the bottom here in the global economy. once people start pushing their currencies down to compete with each other, that's when things really start to get ugly. >> he's touting this positive economy, we're running into an election year. why take this gamble? >> morgan stanley estimates if we put on these tariffs and then some, we could be in a recession in three quarters. this is very powerful stuff. so i don't know why the president is gambling like this. it's a bad gamble. and i will say one more thing about the jobs number. we have a very healthy
12:37 pm
unemployment number here in the united states, but it doesn't capture the full picture. costs have gone up exponentially in this country. health care is up 50% since 1999. paying for a college education is up 209% or something like that. wages have not gone up. even though everyone in america has a job, the economy might not feel good because that job, the wages that you're getting, are not taking you as far as they used to take you 20 years ago, 30 years ago. >> so frustrating. so frustrating. lynnette lopez, thank you so much. good to see you. >> coming up, "the world is a little less beautiful today, that is what ethel kennedy said. you'll hear saoirse kennedy's own words about her struggle with depression. volunteerism.
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breaking news on capitol hill. where in the house a majority of democrats now say they support starting an impeachment inquiry. you could see all of them on your screen. this is the latest cnn tally and now we're learning that speaker pelosi is not ready to change her opinion, standing firm in opposition. moments ago she released a statement reading part of it, she said this, the mueller report and his testimony last week confirmed that the president's campaign welcomed russian interference in the election and laid out ten instances of the president's obstruction of justice. the president's more recent
12:50 pm
attempts to prevent us from finding the facts is further evidence of obstruction of justice. in america no one is above the law. the president will be held accountable. now to this. north korea has launched another missile, firing what is believed to be the third missile launch in the past eight days. president trump downplaying this, the sudden escalation in the missile tests, firing off tweets dismissing the launches, writing, these missile tests are not a violation of our signed singapore agreement, adding that chairman kim will do, quote, the right thing, because he is too smart not to. and he does not want to disappoint his friend president trump, exclamation mark, as talks have stalled and the president shrugs off the new round of weapons testing. >> is kim testing you? >> i think it is very much under control. >> why do you say that. >> very much under control. short-range missiles, we never
12:51 pm
made an agreement on that. i have no problem. we'll see what happens. but these are short-range missile. they're very standard. >> will ripley has spent how many times -- >> 19. >> 19 times in north korea. you'll get there. i have no doubt. it is so good to see you in person. >> good to see you. >> thanks for coming on. the president totally downplaying this. >> it is a violation of the u.n. security council resolutions and they could potentially carry nuclear warheads and threatening those in south korea and japan and troops as well. >> throw the tweet back up. to the point about violating the u.n. security council. >> he said it doesn't violate -- >> there may be a united nations violation but chairman kim -- dot dot dot. and he's brushing that off but whatto, which none of us know what was discussed in singapore but he didn't violate what he had. >> he's em boding kim jong-un.
12:52 pm
as long as you didn't break your promise to me, launch whatever you want. no matter if it makes south korea nervous. and this is a time of heightened tension. in between south korea and japan and now north korea testing weapons that could reach as far as japan or go over south korea. and this is all strategic on the part of kim jong-un. he's pushing the envelope and knows that president trump isn't going to get up set about a shorter range missile launch and he's trying to gain leverage ahead of the potential working-level talks with the u.s. >> pompeo was in region -- well in bangkok. >> didn't even mention the missile launches. >> that is interesting. so what is north korea -- you said emboldening kim. when kim reads these tweets and my friend president trump, referred to in the tweets, what is he thinking? >> it is president trump hinting to kim jong-un, you could do this, but do not launch anni cbm or a nuclear test. it is a veiled warning. don't upset your friend
12:53 pm
president trump, but at the same time, kim is not getting what he wants out of this or getting sanction relief and he wants to send a message, a preview of what would happen if the sessions don't go his way. he was annoyed when president trump walked out of the hanoi summit and members of his team were severely punished and they gained some of that at the demilitarized zone with president trump last month but the question is will he get results and i think the launches are an attempt to remind everybody that he still has an arsenal and it is also messaging not just for the outside world but for hardliners inside of north korea. because a missile launch is a missile launch, it is looking the same whether it is a short-term or long term. >> you're around for a couple of weeks. we'll do this dance again. will ripley, thank you very much. back to breaking news. president trump's pick to be the director of intelligence john
12:54 pm
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has made it his life's mission to give the people of haiti a peace. we collect tires that burn and we use them as planters. people eat from what they actually grow. we opened a community library to all of the schools. we help kids manage their anger. >> we can't let the children of haiti lose the only thing that they have left which is their hope. >> so inspirational. please go to our website to check out the full story of how daniel helps 200 children each and every year. go to cnn >> i'm barack right now.
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>> so apparently a few guardrails remain. the lead starts right now. breaking today, an embarrassing defoet for president trump, the pick for director of national intelligence is pulled after democrats accuse the potential nominee of being a yes-man with a trumped up resume and republicans signal to the white house they don't think he's up to the job. president trump trying to score political points off the body count in american city as his campaignand a party with se diversity gets hit with another setback as the house of representatives lone black republican announces he's retiring. why congressman will hurd said he's out of here. >> announcer: this is