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tv   State of the Union With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 4, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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this president is encouraging greater racism. not just the violence that so o follows. this shooter in the manifesto cites in part for his inspiration the shooter in christchurch, new zealand, who cites donald trump as his inspirati inspiration. this anti-immigrant rhetoric, it is not just president trump, but he's certainly as a person in hello, i'm jake tapper, the the greatest public trust, most responsible for it. this is fox news, this is what state of our union are in shock. we're seeing on the enter net. at least 29 people were killed this is the toleration of just hours apart in two intolerance and hatred and killings. the first shooting saturday morning in el paso, texas, when racism, this is what is causing what we are seeing here today. an accused domestic terrorist it will continue to happen unless we call it out and unless opened fire at a wall matt. 20 people killed, 26 injured. we change it. >> the fbi director christopher a gunman was taken into custody. wray that is warned congress of the increasing threat in the we are told he's talking with law enforcement. texas governor greg abbott says past.
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i want you to listen to something he said in april of the incident is being this year. investigated as a hate crime. >> we have seen an increase in the ecearly this morning the reporting of hate crimes and shortly after 1:00 a.m. in the fib's own number of hate dayton, ohio. crime cases have increased. >> shorts fired, multiple shots the danger i think of white fired. supremacist, violent extremism, >> we've got shots fired, or any other kind of violent multiple people down, we're going to need multiple medics. extremism is, of course, we think there's one shooter, he significant. we azest it's a persistent, per is down. >> a gun plan clad in body armor investigative threat. >> if the kind of shootings we killed at least nine people and wounded or injured at least 27 have seen in el paso, or in in a business and entertainment district part of the city. california with the individual authorities in dayton say the there, who was suspected to have lone suspect, a while male was killed by police less than a white supremacist ideology, and minute after he started other white supremacist shooting. ed laugh terra joins us from el murderers, the tree of life paso. i want to start with cnn's crime synagogue in pittsburgh, and on and justice reporter shimon and on, if they were muslim men, prokop prokopec. we measure this carefully in
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terms of giving the person's name or showing an image. how do you think -- were we have not mentioned the image or name of the el paso reporter, reacting. >> they weren't muslim -- though we have report. >> my point is, is there not a you're going to say the dayton double standard? that's what i'm saying. gunman's name once. >> saying it once here is >> well -- let's focus on the absolutely rake. problem that the fbi director his name is connor betts. has called out to members of we are told he's 24 years old. congress and to this country. he lives in bellbrook, ohio. we have a problem with white that is where he lived, that is nationalist terrorism in the where he lived with his family, united states of america today. and we're told that the fbi was so i don't want to confusion people about what is going on or there this morning, early this use a hypothetical about what if morning at his home in this was some abilities from a different background or profile. bellbrook, ohio. they executed search warrants and now have left. these are white men motivated by they are done set taken. the kind of fear that this they have interviewed family members, and they did remove position traffic in. the mosque in victoria, texas, items. it's unclear what they are was burned to the ground on the looking for, what it is they removed. bellbrook is about 16 miles from same day prumpl signed his order dayton, ohio, where the shooting attempting to ban muslim travel to the united states of america. occurred, and authorities there
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obviously the investigation not when he says after stretching into other parts of charlottesville, that klansmen and neo nazis are very fine ohio as they seek clues to the people, the commander in chief motivation here. that, jake, is not entirely is sending a very public signal clear yet. in talking to law enforcement to the rest of this country what officials, they're still working is permissible and even what he through that. it's not as clear-cut as we encourages to happen. let's connect the dots here on perhaps have seen in the el paso shooting, where authorities have zeroed in on one perhaps motive what is happening and why its there, that being a hate crime. happening, and the fact it's going to take all of us, reps, democrats, independents alike, they're now still trying to figure out exactly what set off standing up to be counted this shooter, jake. >> just to put a button on it, against what this president is the shooter in el paso, the doing, again this white national accused domestic terrorism there, law enforcement is racism and getting this country investigating whether or not he back. indeed wrote this document that they are saying our differences are in fact dangerous. was uploaded that is white supremacist racist vile. if you're a muslim, you're inherently dangerous. that's the reason for the if you are an immigrant, suspicion this is an act of terrorism and hate crime. we still do not know -- correct irinherently dangerous. me if i'm wrong -- what motivated the dayton killer, those rules have consequences. whether it was a copycat, or he you don't torch mosques, you don't put kids in cages until also shared white supremacist you have a president that's
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views or something else giving people permission to do entirely. >> that's exactly right. that. that's what's happening in the we don't yet know. united states of america. we don't know if they have zeroed in, if there's nfc that's >> just to be clear, i was trying to point out there seems come to authorities, whether a to be a glaring double standard how law enforcement and congress manifesto or something else that talks about these incidents. can help dermotive. there could be other reasons as these are white supremacist well behind the shooting. terrorist attacks where people the order thing that's important, the shooting in el are being murdered, and i was paso triggered seismologist in trying to offer a hypothetical this shooter in dayton. if it were a different group, it perhaps that wheat sim off. that will be something that will be a four-alarm fire. thorns will be looking at. there could be several reasons let me move on. why this happened as well. during one of the debates, sometimes, as we know, the jay inslee of washington said that president trump is, quote, motivation is not as clear-cut a white nationalist. that was a fairly stark as we're seeing perhaps in el paso and dayton. i think authorities don't have that yet, as they're trying to accusati accusation, do you agree with work through different that? scenarios, different interviews, do you think he is a white other pieces of information perhaps that they have learned, nationalist? >> i do. as we know, and they just yes. from the record i cited, the haven't shared a lot of it yet. >> shimon, thank you very much. i want to go next to ed things he said, both as a candidate, and again as the lavandera who has new president of the united states, information about the alleged this cannot be open for debate.
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terrorist in el paso. ed? you, as well as i have a >> reporter: good morning, jake. responsibility to call that out, to make sure that the american here investigators continue to people understand what is being work the scene at the walmart. done in their name by the person they have been there throughout the night, identifying the that holds the highest position. victim still inside that he does not even pretend to building and analyzing the crime scene, this as el paso police say the 21-year-old suspect respect or differences or understand were all created shooter has been speaking with equal. he is say some people are investigators late last night inherently defective or into this morning as well. dangerous, reminiscent of something you may hear in the we have garnered new information third reich, not some you expect from the social media posts of in the united states of america, based on their religion, based this suspected gunman. on their sexual orientation, it reveals a rather pathetic based on their immigration past. status, based on the countries in a linkedin page, he described they come from, calling those in africa -- nationses and say he as an awful work ethic. would like more immigration from i'm not really mott rad the nordic countries, the whitest place on earth today, so investigated to do anything more than what's necessary. working in general sucking. i spend about eight hours every let's be clear about who is day in computer, so that counts calling this, he is an aopen, towards experience, i guess, avowed racist and is encouraging
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which is the dichotomy of more racism, and this is targeting this walmart location, incredibly dangerous. and as we've covered immigrant all of us have a responsibility to stand up and by counted on this issue. presidents issues, over and over you went home to el paso after the shooting to spend time we hear they want a chance to with your wife and children. work hard and get hat. there's a lot of parents across that's a dichotomy between this the country right now trying to talk to their kids oar even profile and story from immigrants for years. debating whether or not they i think it's striking. should tell their kids about it. as these investigators continue what did you tell your kids to work this scene here, there's about what happened in el paso? other social media posts where this gunman was talking about >> i was laying down with my liking president trump's twitter youngest, henry, who isled years posts and building the wall. old. he was asking me question after question after question about why this is happening. for him, and really frankly for me, it's so hard to believe it happened in el paso. it's one of the safest places in america. safe in large part because of our differences. a quarter of those with whom we andrew, this is so much for live were born somewhere else, chose this country, made us joining us. let mess start with a basic
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question for the fbi. better by their presence. i floe what a lot you do is why is this happening here? opaque and has to be not why would somebody come to our community -- i don't know how he transparent. there's an impression that the got here, but it's a 10, 11, fbi takes more seriously acts of 12-hour drive, to come here in terrorism committed by other order to do this. groups beyond white some of this i have explained to supremacists. is not fair? >> it's not fair. you in terms of what our the work is very different, as president has done, in terms of you know, jake, i.t. is an this environment of racism in this country. really hard for a child to entirely different discipline. >> i.t.? >> international terrorism. understand why anyone would do this to anyone else, but my sorry about. there are laws and tools and responsibility, your responsibility, is to make this approach toss use in the better for henry and for the international terrorism realm we generations that follow ours. just don't have in the domestic they need to know that we knew realm. i think director wray's comments exactly what was happening. and in the face of that we stood a few week action in which he up and did the right thing. indicated there had been around i'm 100% focused on doing that or over 100 arrests in the right now. domestic terrorism area just this year alone, the same number >> congressman beto o'rourke, a generally they have arrested of city that is grieving today, good luck to you and your fellow international terrorism suspects, i think that shows you citizens. it is a horrible day and we're all thinking about you. there's a lot of time and energy thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, jake. spent on domestic terrorism.
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earlier in the show i was he the white house is responding to these horrific mass shootings. talking to juliet kayem and she that's next. a job well done. was talking about stochastic painting be done... and stay done. terrorism. but for viewers at home, it's behr, ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with interior paints. the idea of leaders demonizing great paint, new low price. starting at $24.98. one specific group, whether it's exclusively at the home depot. jews, gays, immigrants, whatever, and then acts of violence happening not directly but allstate actually helps you drive safely... ordered by those leaders, but with drivewise. acts of violence against those it lets you know when you go too fast... groups happening, not predictable in an individual ...and brake too hard. sense but predictable in a with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. general trend sense. he sways specifically faulting unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. president trump for his anti-immigrant language. now that you know the truth... we have seen acts of violence are you in good hands? again jews against the tree of lie synagog, in the theory that the business of family time... they are funding -- what's your ...and downtime.
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basically shunned, they were losers, they had freakish bigoted views, and, you know, were oextstracized -- forget wh leaders might be saying, that the internet brings people like this together, and that might be emboldening some of them, sharing hideous ideas. we know this is the case when it comes to islamist terrorists. >> true. >> is it also true with white domestic terrorists? >> it's the same idea. when you have the ability to tap into a like-minded community that will reverberate and encourage your obsessijec obses has the effect of emboldening them to take action. it's no different than an
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isolated extremist young man or woman here in the united states that's easily able to connect with known terrorists on the battlefield in, let's say, the mcma fest!t of summer... syria, and be directed or country music's biggest stars perform their hottest hits. encouraged and inspired by those folks. >> andrew, you said something at and the first time ever. the top of the interview that i lil nas x, billy ray cyrus and keith urban thought was interesting. as a former director of the perform the hit "old town road." phish, you had more tools to investigate international cma fest! tonight on abc. terrorism. >> that's right. >> so anybody who might be and after the show inspired by isis, than fbi check out a special encore performance of officials or agents have to brett young's song, "catch." available only on xfinity. investigate domestic terrorists, just say "brett young" into your x1 voice remote. such as the individual in el pass ox suspected terrorist. for instance, he posted something, law enforcement thinking -- it's not not 100% confirmed -- but hi allegedly posted something on 8chan. if that had been posted on an isis component or isis website, as opposed to a web side or whatever, a section of that website, would fbi, law
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enforcement have had an easier time finding out who posted it? >> hypothetically a man walks into a restaurant, shoots it up, and then we find out he's posted a manifesto online in which he pledges allegiance to isis and indicates he's been talking to you cannot be a white people on the battlefield, that by definition connects him to a supremacist and be normal in the foreign power, and puts the head. these are sick people, you know it, i know it, the president bureau in a position to knows it. investigate that person, all his we have to figure out a way to figure the problem, not figure potentially associates, out a way to lay blame. >> mick mulvaney on a different planners, commune -- >> easier to access who sent it, show. president trump ordered flags to where they sent it, where it was be flown at half-staff, and posted, et cetera, than if it's just this domestic terrorist in el paso. issued a statement saying, >> that doesn't exist on the quote -- we share in the pain and suffering of all thousands domestic terrorism side. injured in the two senseless any experienced investigator or attacks, unquote. prosecutor will tell that you we need a domestic country.
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right now the patriot act defines what do metz iic >> i didn't hear any solutions. terrorism is and what requires for something to qualify, but it i've heard people blame video is not currently a crime in this gaming, blame pharma, parents. country. stop looking to blame. it could very easily be turned there are solutions at hand. i can guarantee the executives into a statute, similar to the at walmart -- there's been two statutes that we have that shootings at walmarts in the criminalize conducting terrorism past few weeks, they're on behalf of or in support of a scrambling for solutions, foreign power, and that would they're not going to check with put our investigators on a very the nra first, they're going to different footing to be able to be smart about things. attack this problem. >> that's so weird. why would congress be reluctant to give you more tools -- i red flag laws, longer waiting mean, these terrorists are perio killing people, and they are just as dead -- >> they are. >> -- as if they had been killed periods. >> patty, if islamist terrorist by somebody influenced by isis. his economies the and in el paso >> that's right. >> in conversations with we know was carried out. congress, what are the reasons -- i understand you don't want to penalize people for views, as opposed to actions, but we're talking about people epps talking about we've seen it.
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we've seen it happen before and actions they're about to take. there's no specification mention >> there's very essencibilities of white supremacists, even around our first amendment, but though the shave has said the i would venture to say that doesn't put you in a position document is linked to the where we can't act. for instance, it's much easier to build those tools targeting terrorists there. international terrorists, because we have basically concerned that even if you're an american here in the united states, if you are acting in >> i think the president's rhetoric has taken a toll. concert with and on behalf of, let's say al qaeda, you are acting as the agent of a foreign we have seen a rise in hate power. it's not the same for someone cream incidents. here in the united states and whether a man is yelling at a just voicing their political or woman speaking spanish, yelling philosophical views as abhorrent at her to go back to his as they may be, you are still an country. whether a woman is yelling at a american citizen or u.s. person as the statute defines it, and man mowing his lawn, to go back -- whether it's two males you enjoy the protections of the beating up an old hispanic man. first amendment. however, the patriot act defines it's culminated in this tragedy. domestic terrorism as an act of the president didn't pull the violence that constitutes a federal or state crime committed trigger. he did not plan the attack. here in the united states for
9:15 am
the purpose of intimidating or his tone and his rhetoric has coercing a population, changing taken a real tot it's giving government policy or affecting the actions of a government. that is a very tight and people permission to hate. constitutionally sound definite 'tis. it could easily be applied to criminalize acts of terrorism i beg him to stop. done for those intents. andrew mccabe, thank you so my father came here illegally much. i appreciate your time today. >> thank you. twice, deported twice, he up next, i'm going to talk finally came back, got his to senator kamala harris, how papers. she would combat gun violence as he was here legally. became a sit sine. president. plus an interview with beto my brothers and sisters became citizens later in life. o'rourke, who is tying president i was born here. i've raised two great kids. trump's rhetoric to the el paso massacre. stay with us. i'm mar rid. i've had a successful career, most of it in public service, but i can't watch this and think, but for the grace of god go i, do my brothers and sisters, my cousins, my family. it's tragic. adolfo, your perspective. >> i'm latino, too, i saw all these comments being made well
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>> shoot them. >> that's only in the panhandle you can get away with that statement. >> that's despicable. you know, to say that you're offended that beto o'rourke would say he's a white nationalists, white nationalists are calling him white nationalists. that's ensure max protein, his receipt ricket is not worldy with high protein and 1 gram sugar. of the offices. it's a sit-up, banana! he snickers at the thought of bend at the waist! i'm tryin'! killing an immigrant. keep it up. you'll get there. i don't know how we can call it whoa-hoa-hoa! anything about what it is. 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. ensure max protein. >> i just -- this is your former bot after 9/11, george w. bush. we really pride ourselves on >> temaking it easy for youass, to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> the faith of terrorism is not >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. the true faith of islam. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. that's not what islam is all with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. about. islam is peace. >> teacher: you must be pascal. these terrorists don't represent >> tech: yes ma'am. peace.
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>> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! they represent evil and war. >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> two very different tones. >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ >> two very different situations. we find this individual is part of an organization as al qaeda was, that was carrying out a mission for some organization, yes, i think that would be something very, very different than what i suspect this will be, which is a sick individual, an individual who was motivated not by any political ideology we are also treating this as a domestic terrorist case on but the fact he's a rogue person this meetings it and appears to who is ill, is very different. be designed to intimidate a civilian population. individual, had he been with hi we are treating it as a domestic friends, the president would terrorism case, and we're going have called hi very good people. to deliver swift and certain justice. >> that's not fair. cnn contract le reported this initially. the president was referring toed good people, the people who were
9:20 am
>> that was jab bark, u.s. there supporting the monuments. attorney for the western the president deplored nazism, district of texas. the suspect has been charged with capitals murder. from two different crime scenes, the president as son-in-law is one in ohio and dayton. where dozens of people were killed by mass shooters. jewish. >> unfortunately we have to take a break. joining me from las vegas, more coverage on this speak ebel nevada, california senator addition of "state of the kamala harris. senator harris, i would say good union." stay with us. morning. it's obviously not a good that led to the ride morning. what is your reaction to the ♪ mass shootings in el paso, and which took them to the place then you wake up to find out where they discovered that sometimes what happened in dayton, ohio, earlier today? a little down time >> that's exactly it. can lift you right up. went to sleep just mourning the ♪ tragedy of it, and frankly flights, hotels, cars, really it's a combination of activities, vacation rentals. feelings, none of which, of expedia. course, match the feelings of everything you need to go. the families of those victims, i felt i couldn't be but the sadness, the at my best for my family. in only 8 weeks with mavyret, frustration, and frankly the i was cured and left those doubts behind. ang anger, jake. we can do something about this. i faced reminders of my hep c every day.
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action i can take. >> let's talk about that. >> let's talk about that. >> you've talk about executive orders and actions. >> yes, i have. >> what are they? >> but let me tell you why. we don't lack for good ideas. there are all kinds of good ideas. i've plenty of my friends or colleagues running for president have great ideas. i'm supporting them. we don't lack for good ideas. we lack for action, so we electioned eye prepared to take executive action, i will give the united states congress 100 days to pull it together, put a bill on my desk for signature. if they do not, i will take executive action, and do three tines in particular. a comprehensive background check. check out this time-space wormhole i created. why? it's just logical you might want - how's it work? - let me see your togo, and i'll show you. to know before someone can buy a lethal weapon if they've found
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to be a danger to themselves or another. i might want to know if they've - burt! been found by a court to be you have my lunch. guilty of committing a violent - introducing togo's new hot chicken trio. crime. so background checks. the new brewpub chicken with grilled chicken, bacon, and fresh avocado. i'm going to require that we put the hot buffalo chicken with frank's redhot wings sauce. resources into atf, so they can and the tangy barbecue. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. take the licenses of gun dealers how far would you go for a togo? who break the law. do you know that up to 90% of the guns associated with crimes are sold by just 5% of the gun dealers? we need to take their licenses. the third piece is by executive action. i'll put in place a ban on the importation of assault weapons into our country. we've got to get this under control. again, it's one within or the state of our union is ability to act. i know there's been a lot of angry. we are all trying to come to conversation this morning about many things, but you know, the grips as news of the two or rink reality is that we are not mass shootings, one in el paso without hope on this issue. yesterday, another in dayton, ohio early this morning. we're without action. we're also learning more about you know, leaders got to lead. what might have driven two white in particular when our babies, men in their early 20s to such our children are living in acts of horrible violence
9:24 am
feared, and they are. >> so law enforcement officials are investigating this document, schools are going to open in the this screed that they believe next coming days in was written by the suspected terrorist who conducted the el paso massacre. it's filled with white nationalist, white supremacist racist hatred towards immigrants, specifically towards hispanics. you're a former prosecutor. was this a hate radio im? was this an act of domestic terrorism? what's your take on the legality of it? >> based on everything i know, yes, and yes and yes. hate crime and active domestic terrorism. on that point, you know -- i'm in las vegas, as you mentioned. i did a big rally last night. las vegas experienced 1 october, the deadliest matt shooting in recent history. a couple days i was in colorado, and clem bien happened there,
9:25 am
and in my home state, gilroy. so let's talk about it. when we're talking about domestic terrorism, we also have to recognize under this administration, they have not put resources into investigating and dealing with these cases as they are, what they are, which is to your point domestic terrorism. there also has to be some accountability by this administration to call these cases what they are. this is where we also have to acknowledge that we have a president of the united states who using the microphone -- which is probably one of the most powerful tools in the hand of the president of the united states, and uses that microphone that is in a way about sowing hate and division in our country, not acknowledging domestic terrorism when it occurs and in a way that's highly irresponsible and not a reflection of the values of who
9:26 am
we are as an american people. s your 2020 opponent beto o'rourke told me this morning president trump is not only encouraging rhetoric, but is also responsible for racist violence because he's creating this atmosphere. do you agree? what role, if any, do you see the president playing? obviously the shooter is responsible for the shooter, but in terms of the environment of hatred, what is your view of that? >> my view is pretty simple and direct, which is there is a consequence words that the president of the united states speaks,lic discourse and speaking to our better selves and our higher angels, there will be a consequence for that as well. we have a current president of the united states who does not understand the responsibility
9:27 am
that comes with the office, which is to be a leader on every level, including encouraging, challenging us to be or besur b selves. we have an occupant in the white house who consistently goes to the lowest denominator, so yes, i believe there's consequences. cory booker said he was frustrated that some of his fellow candidates do not support gun licensing, and calling on his opponents to support it. you said you agree with lots of your competitors' ideas. is that one of them? >> yeah, i think it's a great idea. i think it's a great idea, but again, jake, my issue is -- i do, i think it's a great idea. there are a lot of great ideas. this is not about corecorey.
9:28 am
this has been going on for far too long. you can go back to the reason we had the brady bill. you can go back to president reagan being shot. you can go back to, you know, in my backyard in san francisco, 101 california, we are not lacking for good ideas. we are lacking for congress to have the courage to act. listen -- i want to say something else that i think is really, really important to also acknowledge and recognize. those children having those drills are not registered with any political party and could give a you know what about what party you or i are registered with to vote. they are scared. those victims of these crimes, their families will mourn them not through the identity of the party with which they were registered to vote. this is ridiculous that congress
9:29 am
has simply not had the courage to stand up and have the spine to say, hey, it's a false choice to say you're either in favor of the second amendment or you want to take everyone's guns away. that's a false choice. have the courage to say, hey, final if you all want to go hunting, but we need reasonable gun safety laws in our country, including university background checks, including a renewal of the assault weapons ban. assault weapons were designed to kill a lot of people quickly. there is no reason for them to be available on the streets of a civil society. senator kamala harris, democrat of california and presidential candidate coming to us from las vegas, nevada, this morning. thank you so much. >> thanks, jake. officials in texas say they are treating the massacre as a case of domestic terrorism and
9:30 am
they will seek the death penalty. 2020 presidential candidate beto o'rourke whose home district as a councilman, was el paso. he canceled his campaign events and went home to el paso yesterday after the shooting. joining me now, 2020 democratic presidential candidate beto o'rourke. congressman, thank for you joining us on this horrible day for your community. our thoughts and prayers are such a cliche at this point, but we're all feeling the pain of what's going on in el paso and dayton. have you learned anything new since you got back to el paso? >> thank you, jake. we'll grieving for our fellow el pa paso pasoans. >> i came back yesterday and spent time with families and
9:31 am
victims. i've seen people who are so courageous, and have also learned it wasn't just one family member, it was two or three or more who were shot. in some cases who were killed. this community is coming together unlike any other time that i can remember. donations of blood, donations of food, just the love and the encouragement and the strength and the support in the face of a horrific mass killing. el paso will see on averages 18 murder a year. that's the average over the last ten year. we lost at least 20 people yesterday. it took someone coming from outside the this community of immigrants to come and bring their hatred and their death to el paso. in the face of that, this community has shown just incredible strength and love and is more than a match for this. we will overcome this. but something has to change. one of the wives of one of the
9:32 am
victims -- he had been selling things to raise money for the soccer team he coaches. shot in the chest. hi wife asked me why is this happening in our country? how do we change this? jake, i've got to tell you, in addition to universal background checks, in addition to ending the sale of weapons of wars into our compliant, in addition to red-flag laws, we have to address the hatred. there's an environment of it in the united states. we see it on fox news, on the internet, but also from our commander in chief. he is encouraging this. he doesn't just tolerate it. he encouraging it, calling mexican immigrants rapists and criminals, warning of an invasion at our border, seeking to ban people of one religion, it encourages the kind of violence severe weather seeing, including in my hometown of el
9:33 am
paso yesterday. >> i want to show you this picture she is doing well after surgery. we want to bring as much attention to the victims of this as much as possible. >> i met her son on the flight back. he told me he had just learned his mother had been shot in the chest. his grandmother had been shot in the stomach. he great aunt had also been shot. he was flying back to el paso, and he asked if i would join him going to university medical center, where i bet rosemary. both of her lunge lungs were sh.
9:34 am
these extraordinary caregivers at university medical center, nursing working 12, 14 hours, doctors seeing multiple patients with multiple gunshot moves. really moved me. makes me so incredibly proud of rosemary, her families, families all across el paso right now who never should have to demonstrate this kind of courage, yet nonetheless are doing so. met families who had not heard from a family member and feared the worst. have called del sol medical centering, called umc, fear they're one of the at least 20 who are dead already. and are resolved to ensure that this changes. i heard that from so many people yesterday. this cannot be the norm at for the understanding of america. i know this community will do
9:35 am
everything one or power to make slur it's not. >> you wrote on twitter and said publicly president trump's racism does not just offend our sensibilities, it fundamentally changes the character of this country and leads to violence. now, the document this terrorist in el paso that law enforcement is investigating whether or not he actually posted this document, refers to latinos coming to the country as an invasion, which as you noted is language that we have heard from the president of the united states. it also says -- and i know it's hard to make sense of any of this stuff, but it also says that he had this ideology before president trump. he kind of anticipated -- assuming this document is real, the alleged terrorist anticipated people would blame president trump for it, and said i felt this way before president trump.
9:36 am
>> i don't know the point you're trying to make here, jake, but it's obvious to me and anyone who has listened to the president and will look at the facts that his antiimmigrant receipt ricks. not just the things i cited, but calling asylum seekers animals or an infestation. you might describe a cockroach or termitis as an infestation, something less than human. you may hear someone in the third reich described people a certain characteristic an infestation. that's what the president is doing. conflating congresswoman omar with a terrorist from now.
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