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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 16, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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band. disguised as women. >> jack lemmon becomes daphne. without trying to, he tracks the millionaire who falls in love with him. >> i'm engaged. congratulations, who's the luck y girl. >> i am. >> the finale of the new cnn original series, the movies airs sunday at 9:00 p.m. we roll on on this friday afternoon, i'm brooke baldwin, thank you for being here. call it the ft. night of frenzy even by trump standards, the last two weeks have been turbulent both domestically and globally. the president retweets this guy who implied that jeffrey epstein didn't die by suicide, but was killed by the clintons. a claim from a random twitter account, that the fbi ignored investigating the parkland shooter and the convicted sex
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abuse user of larry nassar, because they too were busy investigating trump. after the mass shootings, the president insulted the mayors of both el paso and dayton. there was this photo with a little baby who was orphaned in those el paso attacks. a thumbs up and a grin. that didn't go over well. neither did the mississippi ice raids, which became a new kind of family separation for this administration, leaving kids alone without their parents. but acting citizenship and immigration services director ken cuccinelli warned, more are comi coming. >> they're enforcement efforts are up, and i think you can expect to see more of that as part of the message. >> its with cuccinelli who tried to take a red pen to the statue of liberty poem. >> would you agree that emma lazarus' words etched on the statue of liberty are also part
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of the american ethos? >> they certainly are, give me your tired, your poor who can stand on their own two feet and not become a public charge. >> that poem was referring back to people coming from europe, where they had class based societies. people were considered wretched if they were not in the right class. >> those loyal to the president turned on him, and suggested he's not all there. >> this guy, i was loyal to him because that is the nature of my background. that is the nature of my neighborhood. he's going crazier and crazier. >> not any calmer on the global stage. the president tiptoed around the pro democracy revolt unfolding in hong kong. largely launching a series of launches. he praised kim jong-un as
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ridiculous. he also took to twitter to urge israeli leaders to block two u.s. congress women from visiting. that is exactly what israel did. the economy, the dow which he always takes credit for when it's up dropped 800 points, after the bond market warned of a recession. he blamed everyone from the fed chair to the media, and you know the guy he mocked at his rally for being overweight? >> that guy's got a serious weight problem. go home, start exercising. >> turns out the president called him today, but he did not apologize. to cap it all off, the president inquired about purchasing greenland. like the country. buying greenland might be strategically awesome, greenland currently belongs to denmark. if trump is truly contemplating this, then this is the final proof that he has gone mad. so you're saying there's a chance greenland's for sale?
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folks, that was two weeks, two weeks. let me bring in michael smerconish. beyond all the chaos here, the president has always considered the economy his fail safe issue. with that potentially in jeopardy, and this administration doesn't have a plan if there is a recession, can he still run on the economy? >> i just listened and paid attention to the highlight reel. to hear what's transpired in the last few weeks, you'd say that's a real s show. it did not stop anyone who showed up last night in new hampshire. it did not stop anyone in manchester who showed up to hear their guy. nothing that you've articulated will dissuade those who supported him from doing so again with the exception, brooke to your question of the economy. he may be able to shoot somebody on 5th avenue, but the polling data and the focus group
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analysis suggests this really is his achilles heel. he's never been above 50% as president in terms of his approval rating, he's been evaluated in the best of economic conditions and only comes in in the mid-40s. bottom line, all of the other things are frankry a harump in the age of trump. >> such a valid point. people showed up for him. if and when he does feel cornered, the president has shown he knows how to turn his voters against his political rivals or you think of what he was able to do with robert mueller, special counsel. the economy might argue, it's not something that he could weaponize, right? at the end of the day, everyone has a wallet, everyone's worrying about their financial business. and it's that feeling of security or lack there of that they would bring to the ballot box next november. >> i think what you're saying is, and i agree with it, he
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carp can't lay this off on somebody else. the reason he can't lay it off on somebody else is because for the last two years, he's been taking full credit for it. you can't point at strzok and page or hillary clinton or barack obama or jim comey. i could sit here and give you the laundry list of the usual suspects. you can't blame any of them if the economy takes a turn. i'm not equipped to know if there's a blip on the radar screen right now or a downturn. >> this incredible polls show she's second only now to joe biden. there is only the sphere of her electability. why do you think that is? and how would she need to
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overcome that hurdle? >> jonathan is a guest of mine tomorrow on cnn, there seems to be a head versus heart debate playing itself within the democratic party where the passion is stirred by elizabeth warren, because those who were the party activists, they appreciate her pure progressivism. there's a concern. these flashbacks to walter mondale or dukakis or mcgovern for those who are old enough. is she too liberal to be able to run against donald trump? and are we the most progressive in the party better off taking two thirds of a loaf of bread and running with joe instead? it's an interesting debate, and i don't have an answer to your question, which is, how does she combat it? you know, how does she say, no, no, i am electable. and you can have your cake and eat it too. >> warren would be the heart. i think you're saying biden would be the head.
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we'll watch for your conversation with jonathan martin tomorrow, curious which one would win at the end of the day. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we'll be tuning in tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. on cnn. also today, congresswoman rashida talib says she will not go to israel, thus rejecting this reversal made by israel over her visit for this upcoming weekend. israel said it was denying congresswoman atalib and omar entry due to their support of the israel boycott moment. and then congresswoman talib made a plea to be able to go, she wanted to see her grandmother, she's in her 90s, and lives on the west bank. israel's interior minister granted her access on the basis of humanitarian grounds and after she committed to accept israel's restrictions. flash forward to this morning, she rebuked the offer tweeting this. when i won, it gave the
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palestinian people hope that someone will finally speak the truth about the inhumane conditions, i can't allow the state of israel to take away that light by humiliating me and use my love for my city to bow down to their oppressive and racist policies. silencing me, she goes on and treating me like a criminal is not what she wants from me. it would kill a piece of me. i decided visiting my grandmother under these owe presidentive conditions stands against everything i believe in, fighting against racism, oppression and injustice. israel's ban on congresswoman omar remains unchanged. a former defense department official who has served the national security counsel and the state department, she's now at the center for american progress, nice to have you back. i was reading some of your notes on all of this, and you said this is a disgrace. tell me why? >> absolutely. i mean, i've served in national
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security counsel staffs for two presidents, i've worked closely with the israelis on a number of security issues. the u.s./israel relationship has been a unique one. i think it's a disgrace for both countries the fact that president trump told a foreign government they should bar entry to a member of congress who's also a member of the political opposition party has a tremendously negative precedent. not just for israel issues, but also beyond israel. >> what do you think his motivation is, trump's? >> i think trump thinks that politically this works for him, he can continue to divide democrats around the issue of israel. he's trying to sow division within the party, appeal to a very right wing evangelical base within his own party. his instincts in this case are purely political. unfortunately for israel, that's going to have long term implications. >> what about globally, do you think there's a bigger motivation? >> i don't know if there's a bigger motivation.
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but it does set the precedent for another country. a russia or china, to say, maybe to curry trump's favor, we can ban members of the democratic party from visiting, or anyone who critiques us, trump doesn't think about these things, he has no sense of the weight of the office, the responsibilities of the office, the responsibility to uphold the values of the united states and our constitution. i think you're seeing how that's playing out right now. >> what about the prime minister, benjamin netanyahu. what's his motivation here? >> i think this is in some ways not that surprising, he's a highly political prime minister. he's been very much a part of trying to drive this relationship into a political domain. in some ways it's not surprising, it's also a sign of real weakness for the prime minister. i mean, essentially, he's in his own political battle back at home. part of this is his own politics within the right wing of israel. this is all -- all politics and unfortunately, it's going to
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have long term strategic implications. >> i want to read this tweet. it's from marco rubio, he talked about how he disagrees with the congress women on israel and how he's the author of the anti-bds bill. going toward the end, he suggests that this ban. and this is from yesterday, right before the reversal on the humanitarian grounds. he suggested the ban may be what these congresswoman wanted. to bolster what he called attacks on israel. given the fact that she's not going and stirring up more headlines, does that give you any credence to what senator rubio is saying many. >> i don't think this is what they wanted in anyway shape or form. i think senator rubio's point about giving wind to the israeli forces, bds just got a huge boost from israel's decision on this issue. and, therefore, it's a very much cutting off their nose to spite their face. >> thank you. >> you're welcome.
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coming up next, president trump floats the idea of buying the country of greenland. that country responding, we're not for sale. and an employee at a rhode island detention facility is on leave after he drove his truck toward this group of immigration protesters. and then the crowd gets pepper sprayed. we'll show you the video, and explain exactly what happened there. later, 2020 candidates make their case to a room full of black church leaders. we'll take you live to atlanta with details on their message today.
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president trump's dream of buying the island of greenland, the government making it clear it's not for sale. >> it must be an april fools day joke, but totally out of season. >> the president has on multiple occasions floated the idea of buying this island from the danish government. it seems like a farfetched real estate deal, the deal has come up before, most recently during the second world war. greenland is home to the northernmost u.s. military base,
12:19 pm
some 750 miles above the arctic circle. heather conley is a senior vice president of europe, eurasia and the arctic. she's also a former u.s. deputy assistant secretary of state under george w. bush. is this a crazy idea or a crazy smart idea? >> well, i don't think it's a serious idea. but i'm really glad we're able to talk about greenland and how strategically important it is for the united states. you mentioned the tulle air force base, it's an important air force base for early warning against incoming missiles and a strategic location to make sure we can keep an eye on what russia's doing in the arctic. it's really important, we're not buying greenland but it's an important part of the u.s. danish defense cooperation for sure. >> i mentioned some of the historic context. trump isn't the first u.s. president who has tried to buy
12:20 pm
greenland. truman offered. denmark said no then. they're saying no idea. what options does the u.s. have to expand military operations in greenland? >> well, we have a defense agreement and it's very much focused on gain that cooperation with the danish government and the greenland authorities. this joint agreement allows us to keep that military base and to upgrade it when needed and potentially to expand it. we do it in cooperation, we don't need to buy greenland but we will over time continue to strengthen our defense relationship and our position at the air force base? >> do you think that this move is about strategy or trump's legacy or do you think this is just merely meant as distraction, heather? >> well, i think it must have peeked his curiosity from an
12:21 pm
historical standpoint. as he prepares to go to denmark for his state visit, i hope the president has a full appreciation for the strategic importance of the arctic. i hope this conversation is helping the president do that. >> heather conley, thank you very much. next here, five immigration protesters were hospitalized in rhode island after a worker at the detention facility thoerp gathered around, drove a truck toward them. hear what his employer is now saying, and an update on the investigation into that fiery plane crash involving dale earnhardt jr.'s plane. to turn ts into amazing deals, sports fans are seeing more away games. various: yeah-h-h! isn't that a fire hazard? uh, it's actually just a fire. priceline. every trip is a big deal.
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new video shows an employee at a detention center in rhode island. they were there protesting over the facility's acceptance of ice detainees. five people were hospitalized in rhode island. [ horns honking ] [ screaming ] >> the driver, an officer at the detention center has been placed on administrative leave.
12:27 pm
with me now, cnn's jason carol. >> what do you know about this truck driver and what kind of trouble is he in? >> when you see that video, it's a miracle no one was severely hurt or worse. the truck driver has been identified as a correctional officer in central falls, rhode island, that's the privately run facility that works with ice. he's on administrative leave pending the outcome of a few investigations. isis told cnn none of their personnel were personally involved in the incident. the facility is conducting an internal investigation. a spokesperson saying daniel martin is conducting a top to bottom review of the incident. why correctional officers respond. and the protocols regarding protest activities outside of that facility. rhode island state police are also conducting their own
12:28 pm
investigation. the states attorney general saying once we have a full understanding of all of the relevant facts, we will determine how to proceed. peaceful protest is a fundamental right of all americans, we urge all to exercise restraint as our investigation proceeds. also, rhode island's governor weighing in on all of this, she's outraged by what she saw, these protesters were out there doing what the constitution allows, and in her eyes, it's clear this truck driver went too far. >> that video, jason carroll, thank you very much. just in to cnn, we have learned the results of jeffrey epstein's autopsy is expected to be released later today. what exactly are we expecting? >> we've been waiting for just some more answers to all these questions that have been surrounding the death of jeffrey epstein since the weekend when he was found dead in his cell here in lower manhattan. what we're learning from a
12:29 pm
source, is that that autopsy is expected at some point today. that is going to give us the cause and the manner of his death. now, remember, we have sources that are very close to this investigation who have been telling us that they have no reason to believe that it's anything but the fact that jeffrey epstein killed himself inside that jail, this is going to give us some final conclusions. sources tell us, that even his personnel, his representatives of epstein aren't disputing that fact either. of course, that's not the final answer. we get that final answer with the autopsy and that will also just help investigators in the end continue this investigation, like giving the time of death and other details from what they found through that examination of his body by the medical examiner. we'll continue to update you, brooke. >> we'll await that information later on. more breaking news this afternoon, israel announcing its intercepted a rocket from gaza, stand by for new information
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just in to cnn, israeli defense forces say they have intercepted a rocket over southern israel. it comes after a day of protests. after two separate attacks on the west bank. as soon as we get more information. on the campaign trail.
12:35 pm
the website says they focus on ministry, the media and the marketpla marketplace. they were able to rouse the crowd when they were asked about stopping white nationalism and black voter suppression. >> we need to get the white nationalists out of the oval office. we do not need one president that comes in and says, i'm the savior, i got my savior y'all. and i'm telling you right now, we have to bring about our salvation. that is what this moment is. i want to end with a call to this. that this is about what we do right now. it's not about what they do. this is about us taking responsibility in this moral moment to bringing forward the force because they've tried to subvert african-american voting power before. >> we should point out senators warren and sanders will speak tomorrow. cnn business and politics
12:36 pm
reporter is with me. and vanessa, i know you talked to mayor pete. we saw a healthy response from the audience for both castro and booker. how did the mayor do? >> all three of these candidates had the opportunity to make their pitch to church goers and black millennial voters in atlanta. it was cory booker who got the warmest response here, he talked about his time as mayor of newark. a predominantly black city. mayor buttigieg not so much. he has a lot of work to do with black voters. i asked him right before he took the stage what he thought the reason was for his low polling. he's about zero% with black voters, i asked him why? >> i'm relatively new on the scene, and not from a community of color, that means i have to work that much harder, to make sure the voters have heard our message, understand how the
12:37 pm
values and policies connect up. we're getting a fantastic reception especially in recent weeks, as we go out and communicate what we're seeking to do. my challenge is to communicate that to millions of americans who haven't followed me up until recently when we've come on the scene. >> i have heard you say a couple months ago, you're still introducing yourself to voters, to african-american voters. i mean, don't you think that people know who you are at this point? >> there's a long way between people being aware you exist, and people understanding your vision. >> so mayor buttigieg there saying, maybe people know who i am right now, maybe they don't know what i'm about. this weekend he's heading toing is sk to try to spread his vision as he calls it it. and tomorrow elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are coming to day two of this confidence here. they are among some of the highest polling candidates with african-american voters, they will be here to make their pitch to voters, trying to secure this really critical electorate of
12:38 pm
black voters that is absolutely needed to secure the democratic nomination. brooke? >> we'll be watching tomorrow then. vanessa in atlanta, thanks vanessa. coming up next, the family of nascar driver dale earnhardt jr. says he's doing well after this frightening plane crash in tennessee. we'll have the latest on the investigation there, and the parents of a veteran who died by suicide, join me live to discuss the bill they are trying to get past in congress to help other returning service members like their son. tell him we're flexible. don't worry. my dutch is ok. just ok? (in dutch) tell him we need this merger. (in dutch)
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a freshman senator calls it america's deadliest war, not vietnam, not afghanistan, but here at home, where 20 veterans take their own lives every single day. but when congress returns next month, they have a tangible solution to bring to the president's desk. this progress was born out of tragedy. daniel summers an iraq war veteran took his own life in june of 2013. he served 400 combat missions and was only 30 years old. daniel left behind a suicide note that made headlines for
12:44 pm
being as one journalist put it, devastating in its eloquence. daniel's parents chose to express his words. the many times the va failed him and his attempts to seek help. his father shared the letter with me on this show back in 2014. >> the illness i have has caused me pain that not even the strongest medicines can dull and there is no cure. all day every day a screaming agony in every nerve ending in my body. it is nothing short of torture. my mind is a wasteland filled with visions of incredible horror, increasing depression, and crippling anxiety, even with all the medications the doctors dare give. simple things everyone else takes for granted are nearly impossible for me. i cannot laugh or cry, i can barely leave the house. i derive no pleasure from any
12:45 pm
activity. everything comes down to simply passing time until i can sleep again. now to sleep forever seems to be the most merciful thing. >> i will never forget him reading that on this show. for howard and jean the pain of losing daniel, they met with other veteran groups, testified on capitol hill. and in june of this year, kyrsten sinema introduced the daniel sommers support act. >> each new service member be asked for the names of loved ones that he or she considers to be part of his or her network of support. in return, the department of defense and the red cross will provide information about benefits and services available to military members. by engaging loved ones and families from the beginning, the department of defense can better
12:46 pm
prepare and equip our military families and friends to better understand military life. >> and senator sinema and daniel's parents are with me now. senator, nice to meet you, welcome. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> howard, let me start with you, because it's been six years now since daniel took his own life. and the solutions in this bill seem to be born out of -- stemming from the frustration daniel encountered. can you remind people, some of the obstacles he faced and how this bill would mitigate them for others? >> thank you, brooke. daniel's obstacles started when he first came home and tried to approach the va and get help. he was in a situation where he was still deployable.
12:47 pm
he had to go to va hospital. that was resolved and va is now taking people as they present at the door other issues were lack of psychological treatment at the phoenix va, senator cinema has called daniel the first whistle blower in phoenix, because with his experiences, with the letter, everything came out about phoenix va and the issues they were having at that time. >> so we did not know -- >> and -- >> i'm sorry. >> no, no, go ahead. >> we did not know how to help daniel, how to approach daniel, he didn't know where to get help except at va, we didn't know where we could get help or send daniel for help, that is what's been our initiative has been our driving force with this legislation. >> for years, i mean, i've been in touch with you two since that interview, and i am so grateful
12:48 pm
for that i know you talked about kirstyrsten sinema for years, hi know much was made about your senate victory. here you are now and there's a whole host of issues you can take on from arizona. you tell me, what was it about these two phenomenal people sitting to your left. what was it about daniel's story that made you decide. this will be my first mission, my very first senate floor speech. >> i was honored to meet howard and jean shortly after we lost daniel. he was my constituent when i was a member of the u.s. house of representatives. within days of losing daniel, i met howard and jean, they immediately turned their grief into action. to make sure that other veterans didn't face the same crippling circumstances and feeling of hopelessness that daniel faced. and, well, you know this as soon
12:49 pm
as you meet howard and jean, their mission becomes your mission. i promised them i would not look away, i would continue to work on this issue until we solve this crisis in our country. so that no veteran feels like he or she has nowhere to turn. i have to say, brooke, howard and jean have been phenomenal over the last more than 6 years have been dedicating their life to helping other veterans, and my big brother is a veteran. my little brother is on active duty today, and i think about how grateful i am that howard and jean are fighting this fight for them and for other members of the military. and other veterans. i couldn't be more grateful. >> they are, and we should all be. we should all be grateful. jean to you. congresswoman sinema signed the classified access to care act. can you tell me how that law?
12:50 pm
tell me about the action. how that's helped veterans who had such strict clearances like daniel? >> well, with that bill did regardless of whether or not they had the staff. they to figure out a way to make sure that members of the armed services, if they served in classified missions, were given the option to have individual therapy and not have to go to group therapy where they could not talk about their experiences. >> and that was one of the barriers that daniel had faced. he was told we don't have enough people in phoenix. you have to have group and he said i can't do group. >> right. so this moves those barriers away. senator, the current bill is part of the national defense authorization act. so when you return from recess next month and conference committee will work through the number of contentious issues here, how do you ensure that
12:51 pm
your piece does not get lost? >> brooke, i feel 100% confident that our piece of legislation that is currently part of the nda will stay in the legislation, will get passed up to the president and i feel completely confident he will sign it into law. there is shared bipartisan support for this effort in the senate and in the house. and that is partly due to howard and jean's tenacious work of building relationships and trust with people and being willing to continuously share daniel's story because there is bipartisan recognition this is a crisis in our country. that we let the men and women of our country down when we don't do our best to help prevent veteran suicide. so this will get through. it will get passed and it will be signed into law. i feel very confident of that. >> and we'll talk again when that happens. howard and jean, i want to end with the two of you.
12:52 pm
if there is a parent of a military man or women who is preparing for their home coming or worried about that transition back to civilian life, what is your message to them today? >> wow, that is a tough question, brooke. i think you have to educate yourself. what our legislature is going to do is going to educate folks. but what you have to do now is educate yourself as to what transition issues, what transition programs are available and what the v.a. has to offer as well. and don't stop -- don't stop, just keep looking, keep searching. ask anybody you can. approach people who have been through it and don't be afraid to ask questions and to approach your elected representatives because it is ultimately their responsibility to make sure that this information gets disseminated. >> one of the things i'm proud of about this legislation, brooke, is that it will help teach the loved ones of our
12:53 pm
armed service members to recognize the signs when something might be wrong or to understand when they might need help so we could offer that help to them when they are struggling or facing a difficult day because we know those days are coming for many of our men and women who served. >> i appreciate every one of you and let's do this again when this passes. i'm so honored to have you back on and best of luck. thank you. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. still ahead here on cnn, a scare in new york city this morning. after several rice cookers were found throughout the city. now police are trying to figure out who did it and why. and more on the breaking news. a source tells cnn jeffrey epstein's autopsy results will be released soon. if your glasses aren't perfect, we'll fix them.
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there's safe, and then there's subaru safe. (avo) get 0% during the subaru a lot to love event. want to take a moment to honor this week's cnn hero, roger montoya lived in a county in northern new mexico ravaged by the opioid crisis. overdose deaths are four times the number and a third of the area lives in poverty but he gives thousands of young people to a safe haven to explore talents and eat meals and receive tutoring. >> many of the kids come to us traumatized. we create a healthy environment where young people can discover themselves and a way to
12:59 pm
contribute. when i see a child's face and spirit come to life, i don't need any more evidence. i know that that kind of joy is what will save them. >> and you could see much more of roger's program at right now. retired nascar driver dale earnhardt jr. and his family are doing well after a fiery plane crash. he was on a private jet with his wife and daughter when the plane burst on a runway and burst into flame. all three and the two pilots were able to escape. by the time the fire department made it to the scene, the fire chief said the aircraft is pretty much destroyed. he and his family were evaluated at the hospital and released hours later and the ntsb is investigating the cause. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. have a wonderful weekend.
1:00 pm
keep it right here. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. if president trump really wants to buy greenland, he better act fast before it all melts. "the lead" starts right now. after being disinvited and then reinvited essentially, democratic congressman rashida tlaib is saying she will not visit the west bank. not on israel's terms and now the controversy president trump started with a tweet is getting even uglier and more personal. betting on the economy and rattled by the warning signs, does president trump have any new ideas besides throwing shade at the fed? plus an american mother's heart-breaking battle in saudi arabia. a saudi judge ruling she cannot have custody of her young daughter because she's too western. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. and we