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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  September 1, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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we're live in the cnn newsroom. i'm ana cabrera in new york. we are covering the very latest developments of hurricane dorian. >> here in odessa, texas, the scene of the latest mass shooting here in america that has left 22 injured including members of law enforcement. a little toddler. and seven people have died. >> we'll talk to you soon. this monster hurricane, bigger and more intense every hour, has now maid landfall and doing major damage as a destructive category 5 storm.
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>> look closely there, that is a flipped over vehicle just outside those -- that house. that person's window. this is hurricane dorian. this is what it's already doing there in the bahamas, flipping cars, tearing off roofs. the first landmass it's hitting on its way to the east coast of the united states. hurricane warnings are now in effect up and down the atlantic coast of florida. mandatory evacuation orders already issued for several communities. or will go into effect in the coming hours. dorian is now a category 5 hurricane. the most intense storm measurable. with wind gusts over 220 miles per hour. the national hurricane center confirms this is now the most powerful storm to ever make landfall in the bahamas. and officials there are desperately urging people to stay indoors. cnn's patrick oppmann is in the bahamas for us. rosa flores in daytona beach, florida, where they're anxiousry watching which direction this massive and powerful storm decides to go next.
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meteorologist tom sater is in the cnn severe weather center. that's where we want to start, tom. sustained winds, 185 miles per hour. this is a monster. gusts over 200 making matters worse. >> yes. >> this hurricane is movie ininy slowly. >> you could outwalk it really. in fact, tg going to slow down to maybe 2 1/2 miles per hour. the sun is setting now. i fear when the sun rises parts of the abaco islands in the bahamas will look like puerto rico. it will look like the u.s. and british virgin islands after irma and maria moved through those regions. some of those islands, they had to take everybody off. it was uninhabited. this has been a buzzsaw through the entire area. we've had a couple of landfalls now. well-defined eye. when the eye passed over its first initial landfall area, the winds died down, ana. they were able to get some heavy machinery in there to try to grab as many people that were meandering the streets in shock to get them out of the way before the back edge of the eye came through with more destructions. 7 0 miles now to the east of
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freeport. 70,000 live in the bahamas. 26,000 in freeport. they're already -- they're about 30 feet above sea level whe. where it made landfall, it was only, like, 11. they're inundated. the trend in the last 24 hours, everything was trending away from the coastline. in the last 24 it kind of moved back toward the coast. we're talking the difference between 20, maybe 30 miles. power outages, light destruction, or death and billions and billions of dollars in damage. so, again, this stall down here means everything. it's going to happen in the next several hours. it will probably stay near freeport for 30 hours straight. at cat 5 status. then maybe just then, ana, we'll be able to see how pressure which has been steering this storm toward florida. loosen its grip, slide away and that could be just what we need to keep it away from florida but then what happens up in south ad north carolina? so, again, it's a lot like matthew but that caused some
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tremendous flooding for the carolinas. a lot can still happen. it could still make landfall in florida. we're not out of the woods on that just yet. >> that's what we heard from the governor as well, prepare for that to happen and heed those evacuation orders. tom sater, thank you, you're going to continue to let us know if anything changes in the forecast. let's get to the bahamas where hurricane dorian has already made landfall. in freeport, patrick oppmann. patrick, forecasters really have no good news for the people there. they say this storm could park itself over the islands where you are for maybe 24 hours, possibly more. are people ready to endure that? >> reporter: i don't know how anybody could be ready. i'm practically not ready for that. i mean, we're talking about the most powerful storm that any of us have really ever seen and that would just sit dumping rain, causing incredible damage. it is a nightmare storm. and another huge factor here is
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that so much of the bahamas, much of the bahamas, is incredibly low lying. islands in this area are a few feet above sea level. we're on a slightly higher island, yet the maximum piece of land is only 30 feet high and yet we're talking about a storm surge of over 20 feet. the math just doesn't add up and we've already seen in towns like marsh harbour on the island of abaco whole neighborhoods under water. we heard about whole communities being swept away. houses, you hope nobody was in those houses. i just received an email from a bahamian government spokesperson who said there are no reported fatalities at this time but, of course, there are so many areas where emergency responders have just not been able to respond. it will not be able to respond. and here in freeport, on the island of abaco, we probably won't get help until the airport
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opens and that could be days after the storm leaves us. so i talk about people being prepared, but how do you prepare for something like this and so many people who live in this region don't have the resources. we only found out that the storm was going to intensify in the last several days. many people here over the years have ridden out storms and been okay. i don't see how anyone coweuld ride this storm out own be okay. it is one for the history books. i think it's one that no one will ever forget here. the damage will be something people are dealing with for years after this storm leaves the shores of the bahamas. >> and as we get more images of what's happening there, we'll be sure to bring those to our viewers to give you a firsthand look of what's going on. patrick, please stay safe. as hurricane dorian lashes the bahamas, florida is bracing as this mammoth storm is set to start impacting that state as soon as tomorrow morning. that's when those of you in
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florida could get those storm-force winds, the hurricane stretches far and it's wide and it's moving at a snail's pace. just about 5 miles per hour. meaning the dangerous rain, the winds, the storm surge, could continue in florida for days. martin county sheriff gave this dire warning. >> we are within 20 miles of an apocalyptic hurricane coming ashore on the treasure coast. if it does what the models are predicting, we will be okay. >> within 20 miles of an apocalyptic hurricane, he says. cnn's rosa flores joins us now from daytona beach. the national hurricane center just issued a hurricane watch and a storm surge watch for parts of daytona beach. how are residents there bracing for this storm? >> reporter: well, officials are letting people know that a mandatory evacuation will be issued tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., but i want to set the scene for you, ana, because i'm live at
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the daytona international speedway which is doubling as a processing center for the 18,000 men and women from 34 states and canada who will eventually be restoring power to floridians once this storm hits. if you take a look closely, see the different logos, see the license plates. these people are from all over the place. now, here's how it works. they are processed, they're signed in here. they get a safety check and then they're dispatched to 20 strategic areas around the state wherever there are power outages that then they will be deployed from those 20 strategic areas to the impacted area. now, back here to volusia county where i'm live, it's about the size of rhode island and tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. officials tell us they will issue a mandatory evacuation order for the barrier islands. anyone living in rv parks or mobile home parks, ana, and officials say they don't have to wait for this evacuation order. if they want to leave, they can
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do so now. >> okay. rosa flores, thank you. we'll check back. the southeastern u.s. all along the coastline is bracing for what's to come. let's talk about south carolina where people are stacking sandbags and securing property and with us now is the mayor of charleston, south carolina, john teklenburg. you pointed out earlier the power of this storm is already one for the history books. it's also grown larger or wider today. what are you anticipating there? >> thank you, ana. as powerful as this storm is, we hope it diminishes as it heads north, we are serious about this storm. we will have impacts to south carolina and so the city of charleston has put in place emergency operation personnel and out there securing our property, asking our citizens to do the same and take this seriously. we have our storm order crews
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out checking lines, adding additional pumps. we'll be serving our citizens tomorrow with sandbags. we'll be facilitating the governor's just recent evacuation order which takes effect tomorrow at noon in charleston county. >> okay. so people will start evacuating tomorrow. we know the governor, mcmaster, was part of president trump's briefing today. what resources have you received at this point from the federal government? >> we've requested resources through our state emergency management division including extra high-water rescue vehicles and teams in the event that they're needed. over the next few days we'll be facilitating as many people to leave as possible so we keep everyone safe. >> we know the storm has been incredibly unpry tickedictable. we've seen the track shift a number of times this weekend. is there any fear that, you know, people might wait a little too long to evacuate? >> well, that's always the case,
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and we continue to urge people to take this storm seriously. we've all seen the tracks. this is a dangerous, powerful, storm, and but for a little turn that they're predicting to the right, it could come straight to charleston, so, again, we're getting prepared. we're urging everyone, the old scout motto, to be prepared, get their property secured, and think about leaving town. >> mayor john tecklenburg, thank you for taking the time, helping us and you get the word out as well. as dorian inches toward the florida coast, officials are urging people to take these warnings seriously. remember, it was just last year that hurricane michael pummeled the florida panhandle as a category 5 wiping out parts of panama city beach and mexico beach. right now parts of florida are under mandatory evacuation orders as well. and because of that, florida's governor, ron desantis, has suspended all the tolls on major highways to make it easier for people to get out. we're also seeing more school
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closings across the state and people are making their way to shelters. joining us now, vice admiral scott bushman, atlantic area commander for the united states coast guard. admiral, thanks for taking the time. as dorian does get closer to florida and the whole coastline there, what is your mindset as you anticipate the impact of this monster storm? >> our mindset -- thank you very much for having me. our mindset is we want to be ready. we have been preparing this storm for over a week now and want to make sure we're ready for any possibility. for our local captain of ports, working with the maritime industry to ensure our ports are open as long as possible to let commodities to flow in. from a search and rescue standpoint, we're looking at our assets, our aircraft, our boats. we're getting that out of the immediate storm's path so they're protected but close enough as possible to come in as quickly as possible to render assistance to anyone that may need it. in doing so -- >> please continue.
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>> in these preparations, we're working very closely with the impacted states. with fema in direct support of the states and fema. emergency preparedness and response, i call this a team sport and working as a team here. >> absolutely important, but it is an unpredictable storm. we don't know when, exactly where, for how long it could hit. i think the only thing that has been predictable is its strength. 185 miles per hour sustained winds right now. how do you manage all of that given, you know, the trajectory may change in terms of allocating resources? >> we're constantly looking at the storm and putting our resources where we need them. i'm the operational commander for the entire east coast of the united states. so i have all the assets at my disposal. i'm bringing in assets from other parts of the coast guard. got to tell you this is an extremely powerful storm.
4:14 pm
catastrophic winds, there will be a storm surge, there will be rain. and the local citizens if they haven't finalized their preparations, they need to do so now and listen to their state and local emergency managers. >> it was less than a year ago hurricane michael hit the florida panhandle. what were some of the most important lessons you learned about preparing for a storm like this, and what should people do differently this time? >> i think the most important lesson is they need to understand what their preparations are. they need to complete those preparations and they need to listen to their state and local emergency managers. they know what they're doing and they have the citizens' best interests at heart. >> vice admiral scott buschman, thank you, sir, and sending you all the best in the days ahead. we have more breaking coverage just ahead here in the newsroom. we'll continue to follow the track of hurricane dorian as we give you a live look there at jacksonville beach, florida, right now. again, the storm currently pummeling the bahamas.
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welcome back. special live coverage here in odessa, texas. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being here. still so many questions after this shooting. 24 hours ago.
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that has left seven dead, plus this gunman, plus 22 injured including several members of law enforcement here in texas and a 17-month-old toddler. the chaos, the bloody chaos, played out, actually, in these two sister cities, midland and odessa, texas, and it all started with a traffic stop when this gunman didn't even quite fully stop after he failed to signal, grabbed his rifle in the car, shot out his rear window and shot toward these state troopers. he then escaped in his car, continued shooting people for miles and miles and miles. 15 total crime scenes here. until he somehow managed to hijack a postal truck and killed the woman behind the wheel who was apparently -- it was the end of her shift and i want to name her, mary grenados, 29 years of age. ryan young is with me here in odessa, and let's start with her. >> please. >> she was on the phone with her
4:20 pm
twin sister when she was killed. >> you know, we talked about this before, i the way you sort of try to cover these as a journalist sometimes is put yourself in people's shoes. but when you see this story on about these sisters being on the phone and having a conversation and then all of a sudden she hears her sister scream, she's thinking maybe she was attacked by a dog. but she was actually being carjacked and so her twin sister, her name is rosie, she talked to our dotcom cnn and they were describing the fact that it was her sister that was carjacked and i think one of the things we haven't learned yet, we haven't learned all the names of the victims yet. >> yep. >> a lot of information is being put out by the shooter. when you think about this, this is about a community that's been terrorized and, in fact, people have started lining up to go to this vigil that's going to happen in a little while. >> cars are forming in the parking lot. >> you're going to have this community swelling of emotion that's going to come out. we've been talking about it all day, people thinking they've been victimized so they thought there was two shooters. to have the direct contact with your family member and not be able to help them and she got in
4:21 pm
the car and drove to where her sister was found, it's just heartbreaking. >> it is. >> when you hear all this, think about the fact the fbi is still investigating the case. we learned more about the shooter, the fact he was 36 years old, a registered truck driver apparently. he's been arrested before. haven't figured out all the bases about the gun, whether or not he purchased it legally. listen to the fbi special agent talk about this investigation. >> in the midst of a man driving down the highway shooting at people, local law enforcement and state troopers pursued him and stopped him from possibly going into a crowded movie theater and having another event of mass violence. i think that's the story of law enforcement that should be conveyed. of how heroic the chief's men and women are. so i want to commend them on that. the fbi is here, as we are now, almost every other week supporting our state and local partners on an active shooter. we are now at every two weeks,
4:22 pm
almost every two weeks, an active shooter in this country. >> wow. >> that's tough to hear. >> every two weeks. >> and you think about it, we have some of the best in the business analyzing these shootings and, of course, there are several things that sort of match up. almost always the same gun, almost always the same description, but this is different because you had someone driving around sort of inflicting terror over two communities. and even today, to see the shockwaves from this, it will be interesting to see what the outpouring of support is here, but obviously, the details are still being gathered at this point. >> yep. ryan, thank you so much for that. i'm glad we got the details. thanks to on this postal worker, mary, and her twin sister hearing her screams. horrendous. juliette kayyem is joining me now, thank you so much. former assistant secretary for the homeland security department. as i was just talking to ryan, we actually got new information that a neighbor tells cnn last -- that last month the gunman threatened her with a rifle because she put trash in a
4:23 pm
dumpster? she says he would often shoot into his backyard from a structure on top of his house and go retrieve dead animals. she said that he called police and they didn't show up because his house was not on gps. again, this is all according to this neighbor, but your reaction to those new details. >> i think this is going to be inevitable at this stage. i was on earlier pretty critical of the local press conference with the governor just because i think it's an opportunity to present facts for the public about who he is and what they know so far. so what we're going to probably start to hear is the story much more complicated than this guy woke up one day and decided to shoot a bunch of people. they're always much more complicated than that story. how much interactions did he have with local law enforcement, how many times had he been approached? how many times had neighbors called about him? what are -- the questions surrounding his access to the gun, if he had a criminal record, and, of course, the use
4:24 pm
of the ar weapon. i don't think we have a number yet, but the -- which is just now basically the mass murder weapon. there's just no other way to describe it, it's used in almost all of these cases. so that's where this investigation is going to go. in terms of a determination of motivation and then also what can we learn about missed clues. >> and, you know, you mentioned the ar rifle and, by the way, that didn't even come out in the press conference. they had to be asked about it for them to divulge the type of weapon that was used and it's my understanding that here in texas, you know, again, we don't know if he obtained this, you know, weapon legally or not, but, you know, it is perfectly legal, it's my understanding, in texas -- >> yes. >> -- to be driving around with a loaded weapon like this. >> yeah, most cases, i mean, might depend on specific areas or where it is, but let's just say since today, today's the
4:25 pm
1st, texas is essentially the most per missive gun ownership, gun state, right? i mean, in other words, everything from where guns can be in schools to having them in your cars, to carry -- open carry -- >> taking them to church. >> all of those exist -- exactly. all of those exist in texas which just raises the question, if it is true as we often hear from critics of gun control that more, you know, people with guns stop bad people with guns, you would think texas would be, like, nirvana, right? it would be, like -- we don't have that. we have the -- i think four of the worst mass murders ever in the united states occurred in this single state. >> yeah, you know, i was talking to a texas gun owner for a while, actually, earlier, he was saying to me -- he was actually an eyewitness and he saw other people open carrying as he saw this whole thing go down, but obviously there's good guys with guns, there's bad guys with guns, but, you know, he didn didn't -- folks with the guns didn't necessarily know where to
4:26 pm
shoot because it was a moving target and wouldn't want to -- it's just complicated. and then there's the issue -- >> it is. >> -- of background checks, right? this has been something that's come up a ton. president trump was actually asked specifically about these universal background chicks when he was speaking to members of the media at the white house earlier. this is what he said. >> we're looking at a lot of different things. we're looking at a lot of different bills. ideas. concepts. it's been going on for a long while. background checks. i will say that for the most part, sadly, if you look at the last four or five -- going back even five or six or seven years, for the most part, as strong as you make your background checks, they would not have stopped any of it. so it's a big problem. it's a mental problem. it's a big problem. >> hmm. so he says background checks wouldn't have stopped it. you know, the shooters in el paso and dayton, juliette, bought their weapons legally. >> right. >> does the president have a point? >> the data's actually the
4:27 pm
opposite of what president trump said. states with stronger background check laws have less gun violence and less criminal gun violence and fewer mass shootings. the data's just absolutely clear in that regard. the data actually comes from the department of justice, so it's not made up by proponent -- by gun control advocates. but the president does throw out this sort of mental health issue. it's often just a way for him -- >> yeah. >> -- i think to deflect from the question of two things related to gun control i guess i should say, there's the question of access which is background checks, it is the red flag rules, whatever. and then there's the question of type. right? do we just want a certain type of weapon taken off the street? the president has a tendency to conflate the two i think to sort of confuse the issue, but there's -- you know, we can have a debate about access to those guns, but we also need to have a debate about the types of guns that are available even lawfully. do we need guns like this permissible in the states? and i'm just looking at the mass
4:28 pm
murder numbers and i'm telling you, i find it hard to believe that the ar rifle is not contributing to the numbers that we're seeing in these mass shootings. it's the weapon of choice of these guys. >> this is the final week of the congressional recess. they are back to work next week. and let's keep these conversations front and center. juliet kte kayyem, you are the best. thank you so much. we are continuing in addition to covering this story here, the vigil that's going to happen a little later this evening, we're going to watch the dangerous category 5 hurricane, dorian, it is now pounding large parts of the bahamas and setting its sights on the eastern coast of florida and beyond. we'll have the latest forecast for you just ahead.
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a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! think of worst-case scenario, this is a storm of storms. that's the dire warning from a florida official as hurricane dorian heads that way. it may look calm right now, you see those live images from florida. hollywood beach, florida, right there, but just offshore is a high-end category 5 monster. right now we are talking sustained winds of 185 miles per hour and wind gusts of more than 200. hurricane dorian is the strongest storm on the planet this year. it's already pummeling the bahamas. watch this.
4:33 pm
>> this is now my house. the water is up to my half. the kitchen. stove. >> already the flooding as dorian tears through buildings and dumps torrential rain on the islands. and now it is inching toward florida. with us is diane allagher in jarksvill jarksvil jacksonville. the mayor there issued a state of emergency. what are officials telling residents? >> reporter: ana, that state of emergency goes into effect at midnight, eight hours later at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, mandatory evacuations for zones "a" and "b" in jacksonville take place. naval station mayport also issuing a mandatory evacuation tomorrow morning at 8:00. tonight the beaches, neptune bach, atlantic beach, jacksonville beach, all closed
4:34 pm
down. the marriott at jarcksonville beach says they're going to issue a curfew. they're trying to get the people in jacksonville to take the storm seriously. in the past few moments we've had bands of rain come by not related to dorian but people have been walking around. it is the first time since we have arrived in jacksonville that i've actually heard people starting to take the storm a little bit seriously. starting to say, you know what, maybe we should get our act together, make sure we are prepared. up until then the slow nature of this storm seemed to kind of have them jaded that it wasn't going to happen here, so local officials have tried very hard to implore them to be ready and then to get out of town. the shelters open at 10: 00 corm morni tomorrow morning. i have been here covering a hurricane, for cnn, when that happened. the sand dunes as well were busted by yet another hurricane two years ago. and so this is a community that,
4:35 pm
you know, they know how to deal with it but they've also experienced significant damage from these hurricanes. they're trying to make the human damage minimal here and make sure people don't get trapped because this storm was so slow and they did not expect it to affect them. now, again, as everybody has been saying we don't really know what the storm is go inging it. how significant it's going to be. in florida, ana, they don't want to take any chances. they want people to be safe and don't want to go out rescuing people because they say they didn't have enough time to get out. so there's plenty of time. that mandatory evacuation kicking in tomorrow morning. for "a" and "b." >> we know the latest track shows the storm moving closer to that coast and just heard from the governor at the top of the hour they cannot rule out this hurricane making landfall. diane gallagher, thank you for keeping us posted on all things there. as florida prepares for what's to come, the bahamas is already bearing the brunt of this powerful hurricane. seeing sustained winds of 185 miles an hour. it's like off the richter for a
4:36 pm
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4:40 pm
and cnn's patrick oppmann is there for us in freeport right now which is yet to see the brunt of the storm. it's making its way closer to patrick. we just heard that officials there are about to cut off water service on some islands, patrick? what are people being told to do? >> reporter: on this island, we actually just spent the last several hours filling all the sinks and luckily where we're staying there's a very big bathtub. that's where our water reservoir will be. but other people have a much harder time because they may not have gotten word. ana, it's harder to imagine a worse storm in a worse place. this is a nightmare storm. it's a very powerful slow-moving storm over incredibly low-lying islands. it will stay over the bahamas where we are starting tomorrow for perhaps as long as 24 hours. and just think about this, ana, there's a storm surge, expected,
4:41 pm
of 20 feet. the highest point on this island is 340 fe0 feet. coming this time tomorrow, most of the island where i'm standing will be under water, ana. >> just hearing from the bahamian prime minister saying we're facing a hurricane we've never seen in the bahamas, please pray for us. patrick oppmann, we'll be thinking of you. we'll be checking back here in the next hour. there will be a vigil for the seven victims gunned down in yet another senseless mass shooting here in america. brooke baldwin is live in west texas and will speak to the mayor of midland, next. all money managers might seem the same,
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welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin live in odessa, texas, and, you know, i've been standing here for the last four hours and this parking lot is really filling up here as people are showing up for those lives lost and those injured and those who just want to help. there's a vigil that's beginning in about 15 minutes from now. what's happened in the last 24 hours is 22 people were wounded including members of law enforcement and a little toddler and seven people have been killed in this mass shooting
4:46 pm
rampage. little girl's name who happened to be driving with her mom who was driving along in the car, little girl was shot in her face. she's got sh rarapnel in her ch. she's undergoing surgery tomorrow. and according to the governor who spoke about her earlier today, he said via text the funny thing about toddlers is they just want to continue to play. despite all of this that's happened to this little girl, anderson. as for the gunman, he was killed in the shootout. ultimately with police outside of a movie theater just around the corner from where i'm standing. police say you can only imagine what he planned to do there. we won't mention the shooter's name but i will tell you he's a 36-year-old white male with a criminal history. and with me now, the mayor of midland, texas, sister city to odessa here, this is mayor jerry morales. mr. mayor, thank you so much. this must be so hard for you. >> yeah, no, it's horrible. it's a horrible feeling and, you know, it's going to take a little while to shake this
4:47 pm
feeling off. never imagined it would hit in our communities and we kind of, you know, are out here in the middle of nowhere. >> you just were talking about oil -- >> it's oil and gas. we're the largest producer of the oil in america and the world and we've been talking about that for six years. >> and now this. >> then you have this idiot that came in here and put a lot of pain in our cities. >> this vigil begins in 15 minutes and i know you're opening the whole thing. what's your message to these communities? >> yeah, of course, it's the mayor of odessa and i will be talking to our citizens and saying, hey, we are resilient, we'll come together. we're being lifted up in prayers by the whole world. these ones that we lost, our friends, our family members, that we lost, they won't be forgotten and we'll continue to raise them up in prayer and so to let them know we're going to stand strong and that we are strong people, that we're being loved and we're being touched. >> you know, i do need to ask, people here, you know, they are owed some answers. they want -- they may never know but they would like to understand why. right? and so with the news conference,
4:48 pm
you were there earlier today where law enforcement only gave out so much information. >> that's right. >> i talked to a number of former fbi, former police commissioner, today, many people very critical of the lack of information. they didn't divulge what kind of weapon was used until asked. we don't know if the shooter purchased this gun legally, illegally. out of respect for the law enforcement, i understand they're doing their jobs and can't divulge everything. >> that's right. >> but -- >> you're right, it's frustrating. it is frustrating because you're so angry. you're so hurt and your heart's broken and when you lost a loved one, you want answers immediately, but when somebody like this person came out of nowhere, gets in a vehicle, just starts shooting at will, it's hard to understand why and what was the reasoning and what kind of weapon it was. >> just the information -- >> you want the facts asap and we just couldn't get it because it happened so fast. >> mr. mayor, i'm going to let you go. >> thank you. >> you got a vigil to open. i appreciate you very much. >> thank you. >> for everything. for being with me. and, of course, we're going to continue following this.
4:49 pm
>> yes. >> we'll be at the vigil. the other breaking story this hour, hurricane dorian lashing the bahamas as a strong category 5 hurricane. sustained winds of 185 miles per hour and gusts over 200 miles per hour. ana cabrera has the very latest next on cnn. ♪ ♪ applebee's handcrafted burgers now with endless fries starting at $7.99. and get more bites for your buck with late night half-priced apps. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. ♪ boom goes the dynamite, club yoko plays ] ♪ feels like i'm taking flight. ♪ [sfx: poof] [sfx: squeaking eraser sound effect.] ♪ i am who i wanna be ♪ who i wanna be ♪ who i wanna be. ♪ i'm a strong individual
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4:52 pm
officials are telling residents to get out.
4:53 pm
mandatory evacuations have been issued for parts of florida and south carolina as hurricane dorian takes aim at the u.s. mainland. already, the bahamas are being tortured by this gigantic slow moving storm. >> we need help. please, someone please come help us. >> the storm that caused this is set to bring dangerous rain, wind and storm surge to the southeastern u.s. officials have no choice but to tell residents to leave now while they still can. for some, leaving is not an option. i want to bring in anthony zorba, the executive director of the source homeless ministry. you are dealing with a eventualeventua vulnerable population. how are you preparing? >> we are buttoned up. we got the hurricane shutters buttoned up. we got homeless individuals, the
4:54 pm
information to get to the nearest shelters. this is going to be a storm of catastrophic proportions. >> talk to me about the challenges in making sure people who are homeless stay safe. >> sure. it's not only just homeless individuals. there's over 55,000 households in our county and over 51% of every resident in our community is one emergency away from being on the street. coming the next 24 hours, this is that emergency. i'm sorry. >> when you tell me about it's not just the homeless you help serve but others less fortunate and they need assistance, what kind of need are you anticipating, especially after this storm arrives? >> sure. the source, we provide life saving services every single day to individuals in our community. we provide three meals a day. we provide showers. we provide laundry services. we provide all of the essential
4:55 pm
services in our community so individuals can stay afloat in our community. one of the biggest challenges that we're going to have after this storm is when individuals are focusing on rebuilding the community, we rely on the community for support. we're going to need help on a national level to help sustain our community. >> are you confident that all the people who are homeless in your community have a safe place to get out of the storm? >> yes, ma'am. we have an amazing team of individuals that work at the source. we have an amazing team of volunteers. we truly couldn't do that without them. we have been, over the last week, just preparing individuals to get to the nearest red cross centers. they open up schools in our local community for people to get to. we have been diligent with making sure that individuals
4:56 pm
have the necessary stuff to get there. >> anthony, i appreciate you taking time. thanks for the work you do. >> thank you so much. we're going to need support all over the country. they can help us at we have news on the west coast. kevin hart has been hospitalized with major back injuries following a car crash. his friend was driving his 1970 barracuda when he lost control of the car, went off the road and rolled down an embankment. two of the three passengers were trapped inside the vehicle. hart left the scene to go get medical attention. it does not appear he was one of those trapped. we will update you on his condition as soon as we learn more. we will be right back. aches farther than ever before. with more engineers. more towers. more coverage!
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5:00 pm
lo que yo quiero estar con mi hijo. i know that's not true. and the shelters really don't know what to do with them. i just got another person at d.h.s. to confirm this. i have this number. we're going to publish the story. it's 8:00 in the bahamas, 7:00 p.m. in texas. this is special breaking news coverage. those two cities are where we begin. tragedy in texas as another gunman claims the lives of seven, wounding another 22. a vigil is being held to honor the lives lost. in the bahamas, hurricane dorian brings catastrophic wind and rain. the strongest storm to ever hit
5:01 pm
the islands. it's sti


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