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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  September 4, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states. thanks for joining us. we begin our breaking news coverage. the storm we know have lost its strength. this is a hurricane that's not under estimated. the last few hours, dorian has upgraded again is noi baw back dangerous category three. dorian is bringing strong winds
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and heavy rain to parts of florida and north of the carolina. life-threatening storm surges and dangerous winds and flash flood. some places could see 15 inches. that's n about 38 inches of rai. that number is expected to go much higher. prime minister of the bahamas addressed the nation on wednesday night. he had a message of thanks and reassurance. take a listen. >> i am deeply grateful for our first responders who are putting their lives on the line and for our residents. we know there are many who are
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in need of help. i want to assure you more help is on the way. >> we have reporters covering this story from the bahamas and on carolinas. we have the big picture from the cnn weather center. let's begin with the storm. so where is it now and what is the impact we are seeing? >> robyn, what an incredible storm. it is 100 miles south of charleston at this hour. it is impressive of the storm. eventually it will approach north carolina. radar imagery here, 50 miles diameter of the eye.
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heavier band of rainfall. the storm is close to charleston and bringing in wind gusts up to 100 miles er hour across the region. inside the next couple of hours, significant flooding. when a storm of this magnitude, a major hurricane approaches within 40 or 50 miles of land. a lot of water pushing on shore into charleston harbor. the storm here kind of parallels the coastline. we think off the coast of wilmington and consider the over night hours as the early morning hours of friday when the best likelihood for landfall. it is forecasted for some where in wilmington and charleston.
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rainfall amounts, 10 to 15 inches. 10:00 a.m. on thursday morning, winds gusting up to 36 miles per hour. the model suggests landfall would be some where towards the outer base north carolina where winds could be upward of 115 miles per hour for some of these gusts. we know the system itself is sustained winds should be some where in the upper level of cat 3 or cat 4. storm surge up to 8 feet. it is going to be a big story here. >> we got to check back with you a few moments later in the show. thanks so much >> you got it. for two days, dorian category five winds and rain and
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devastating the island. one of the main entry points for tourists headed to the island paradise. our cnn team made it there on wednesday and described the damage that's breathtaking. patrick oppmann found this exclusive report. >> we saw airplanes coming over this island and the first size and organized church and any effort bringing help from outside of this island. the airport here was functional or had reopened so we went to the airport and what we found was total devastation. >> reporter: we are on the runway at the freeport airport. it is in assessable for days. there was a river between the rest of the city and this airport. it was completely under water.
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it looked like the waves were crashing against this airport. look how destroyed it is right now. just about every side, eight feet to 10 feet up has been levelled and ripped and torn. look at now. i don't recognize this. there is not a wall standing. you think about these, the island has right now to get injured people out and supplies in. the airport right now is completely destroyed. i have never seen anything like this in my life. this is completely and utter devastation like i have never seen. jose is going to put the camera over here. that's a wheel. this is the other side of the wheel. this is what's left of the wing. you think of the force required
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to throw a plane from the runway into the terminal. if anybody was here, i don't know how they would have survivored. i have seen a lot of damage. this is the absolute most devastated area i have seen so far. it will be impossible for anybody who was injured or want to get off the island or leave from here. aide will not be able to come into this part of the airport. help is going to have to come through some other way. boats or another airfield. this is the only airfield for this island. it is in utter ruins. we try to get to two other terminals that we are still standing but had been in floodwaters for days.
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one of terminals, we are told simply too dangerous to enter and nobody had been in there to do a damage assessment just yet. we looked inside and saw tremendous damage from the days of flooding. that'll keep flights from landing this airport and flights that could be carrying tial aide. >> thank you, patrick for that. extraordinary reporting. >> paula newton, she told me how many people are traumatized by what they witness. >> reporter: this is the first time we are seeing clear stars. the light of day and it is quite eerie in the nighttime. it is absolute destruction.
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you see tall debris everywhere and the damage and buildings that were supposed to withstand the hurricane forced winds. it is completely torn apart. that's the kind of devastation. you are seeing debris from everywhere. you would see people's furniture in one house and left in the bathroom. it is in describable. air conditioner pulled out from homes and tossed upside down. it is an absolute mess. when you see that, debris, you realize how lucky people are coming out of this storm alive. >> what are people saying to you? is there any sense of just how big the loss of life is? >> reporter: there is no sense of it yet. people are afraid to hear what it may be like.
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when you look at the devastation and you see the amount of people that are missing, listening to people talk and all the people they could not account for, robyn and for everyone here right now. in the middle of all this, they're doing the best they can today. today was a good day to ease and get to people that needed medical help. there were a lot of traffic in the area. >> the people that you talked to, paula, just tell us what they describe being like and the fact that this hurricane just sat over there and just did not go away. give us a sense of what it was like. >> reporter: it felt like torture. the winds came up and yes, the rain started and it was on and
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on. water cannons being thrown into your home with that kind of force. just looking at trees, right in front of me. the tree tops are completely blown away. there is nothing left. when you see that kind of devastation and you talk to people what they went through, scrambling from room to room to find a safe place. absolutely terrifying. it went on longer than any storm. it gone through about eight hours. literally, this must be over now and we would go over another 12 or 14 pending on the location. this is traumatizing all of them. i am sure of what to do next.
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>> paula, the big question is what is next for those who survived? >> a lot of people are trying to leave the island to go stay in a stable place. there are people that are remaining here with children. they want to know what to do next. i have to tell you people that have remainders here. they're not able to leave. sanitation and disease and we are not there yet. people don't are food and water and they started to bring in some kind of medical help. sanitation issue and disease issue is an important one. many people in these communities are starting to understand, the longer these go on, the more fragile it becomes and everyone become to disease. that's why they have to make a decision how much they can actually rebuild and rec re-construct and the frame of
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time. they'll are to rebuild and come back or some people talking about never coming back robyn. >> thank you, paula newton. the u.s. only seen glances from hurricane dorian. that could change in the coming days. one place in ehigh alert is charlest charleston, north carolina. what will is it like where you are right now? >> reporter: we are in south carolina, charleston. the city is on high alert because of the vulnerable coastal city. there are a trio storm that we are facing right now. we have the potential of flash flooding and dangerous hurricane winds. we know the hurricane has strengthen and passed that major
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category threshold, sustained winds of 115 miles per hour. it edges closer to sheore. we have seen the sky illuminate bright green. i would be surprised if we hold onto our electricity for much longer here in common. we have seen some of the captains of the boat that are staying at the hotel that we are at. they're going to ride out from their storm and their boat are the most prized possession. >> robyn. >> good luck to them. let's talk about charleston and where you are. everybody visited charleston knows their topography and
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they're susceptible to flooding of a storm surge. >> reporter: without a doubt. it is opened to the atlantic ocean for our international viewers. this is similar to hong kong for instance. there is nothing between the open city water or nothing's protecting it. the heavy rain in land will come back into the rivers and they'll be competing water sources allowing that water to rise right here the city center. we know this area sits very low. we expect the potential at least for some of the path to have over 10 feet and maybe that'll bring flooding through much of charleston. three to six blocks in land from the area where we are standing now. >> robyn. >> thank you for the update there. >> stay with us throughout the coming hour. you are watching cnn.
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we'll continue to track the path of hurricane dorian. we'll look at what's being done to help those devastated by the powerful system and tell you how you can help. >> the prime minister is awful when it comes to the parliament vote. what comes next for him and the u.k. on cnn. beep goes off ]
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welcome back, i am robyn curnow. our top story at this hour, dorian is off the u.s. as you can see here. it is expected to brush the coast of carolina. many are under a mandatory evacu evacuee. the house of commons dismissed the election and voted
10:21 pm
to prevent it from taking the u.k. out of the eu without a deal. boris johnson weakest than ever. you get the latest from nic robertson. >> reporter: over the past little more than 24 hours. boris johnson has faced crushing defeat after crushing defeat. he now lost four votes. these votes now mean that his plan to exit the european union without a deal, he says has been taken away from him. his answer was to call for the general election. he needed to get a two-thirds majority in parliament. he did not get the support of opposition. he cascaded him for that. >> 48 hours ago, he was stopping the coup and let the people vote
10:22 pm
and now he's saying stop the people voting. >>. >> the opposition have long said they'll call the vote of no conference and triggering the general election when they thought the time was right so the leader opposition, essentially he does not trust the prime minister. he wans ts to get his legislati firmly. >> i repeat.
10:23 pm
>> we'll back at the election. >> boris johnson's problems are not just for his own party. the current father of the house then eviscerated in national television telling him he should stop playing games. >> we now have a bill which is the beginning of a part way, the prime minister now is in a much weaken position and the longer this goes on, waiting for a general election that he can't determine the date it. nic robertson. cnn, london. >> let's go to cnn, our
10:24 pm
commentator, you are joining us from berlin. >> robyn, if you think about a few weeks ago when he was selected of the new leader of the conservative party . in his speech, he was going to deliver brexit by the 31st of october, unite his party and defeat jeremy corbyn and energize the country. what he's done is divided his party and not representing of the conservative party and the process of this selection and so on ialienated people within his party. energizing and mobilizing the oppositi opposition is exactly what he did not want it, unelected and unable to legislate and
10:25 pm
subsequently losing vote after vote. his position is extraordinary weaken. the question is if we do end up with a general election, whether the british people will come out and reflect the conversation and discuss in parliament and with some uncertainty though. >> uncertainty for the last three years and continuing right through the wire here. you mention boris johnson and his party. are we seeing an implosion of the conservative party? >> including winston churchill's grandson on the anniversary of the beginning of world war ii. there he is there. what does this mean for the political landscape for the u.k.? >> it is extraordinary. extensive activity party but it is forever change. either they move towards trying
10:26 pm
to bring back into the fold, those voters that went into the european election supported the brexit party. sticking to this idea of a no deal which is the red line for nigel and the brexit party. they'll alienate what has historically being a traditional base of the conservative party, or it is a party that continues to move to the right. when you look at polling and so on for the time being at least, the conservative party leads the poll. the opposition is careful but divided. there is not a one single political party at the moment that looks like it has a chance of emerging and in equivocal leader of the general election. what's so important is the opposition finds a way to work together if they are going to
10:27 pm
defeats the new extensive activiconservative party. >> broadly the kind of pattern that's setting so much fragmentation and what it means. so from all of us watching this day by day, what happens next? what do we watch for with this? >> well, the big question is whether or not the opposition is going to, it is interesting because of the new fix term of parliament and it is designed that so the sitting government can't. so we have here really the control with the opposition, it is up to them now to decide when they feel ready to call the general election. the big debate is whether or not it will happen before the october 31st, brexit deadline. which is a great concern to people. if the conservative party with
10:28 pm
boris johnson is able to win and has the majority, he can potentially repeal all the hard work that's being done right now and trying to prevent a no deal. they go off the 31st and on the general election. it is interesting though. the house of lords say they'll support this deal and pave the way. by early next week, they could be in a situation where the general election is being traced. if the date is after the 31st of october and he's forced to go to the european union to ask for an extension, his whole position of promising to deliver brexit and the big question is whether or not the brexit party supporters will follow him into the general election or whether he'll repair the damage, ultimately is the goal of his newly and empowered opposition here. >> of course, let's not forget
10:29 pm
they could have leave britain frustrated. >> thanks so much for unioning us dominique. >> thank you, robyn. a few hours from now t prime minister is to meet with mike pence. the u.s. president has been about out spoken supporter of boris johnson and his brexit agenda. >> boris is a friend of mine. he's going at it and there is no question about it. he's in there. he's in there fighting. he does know how to win. boris knows how to win. >> arriving in the london. the u.s. siding with the brexit
10:30 pm
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welcome back. thanks so much for joining me, i am robyn curnow. as the u.s. bracing for hurricane dorian. it is back being a major category three storm. we are seeing scope of what category five storm did to the bahamas.
10:34 pm
this is what was left. at least 20 people have died. we know that number is likely to rise. the u.s. coast guards rescued 61 people. the bahamas and the southeast and the u.s. is bracing for hurricane dorian. dangerous storm surges and whether or not dorian makes landfall. i am looking at my e-mail pedro, i am seeing news flash coming in from emergency services saying downtown charleston is being
10:35 pm
flooded. what can you tell us about that and what it means? >> charleston is historically a city that's prone to significant flooding. the low line elevation there and the way the channel fell into the harbor. this storm has the potential getting into that threshold the next several hours. 3 to 4'5" to 8 feet, that begins to flood. potentially getting close to the second story at home as well. these are significant values. even if you are looking at what's happening in the region there. category five storm came ashore is the wind damage that left behind that we are seeing there. that was up to 22 feet high.
10:36 pm
that's exactly what the concern here is, the moving water directly towards the city. so again two to three feet knocks you off your feet. that's when you can have property right where you need it. severe damage across the coastal community. about 80% of all damage are related to storm surge and heavy rainfall and flooding and high surge. this is going to be something to watch carefully here. charleston harbor is up to 10 feet high. that's shy behind hurricane hugo which moves to shore around 1989. impressive storms. just about 100 miles per hour off of charleston.
10:37 pm
unfortunately, we get close to charleston within the next several hours. we are seeing gusts upward and go to charles around 33 miles per hour. so really going to be a wild thursday across the south eastern. >> certainly is. the next few hours re crucial. >> thank you so much for the update. early on i spoke with the mayor of north charleston about hurricane dorian, he teold me hs city is bracing for the storm surge and flooding. >> well, we are expecting some where between six or 7 feet of storm surge to go along with higher than normal high tide already. low lining area. we are expecting some flooding.
10:38 pm
we do have our area that we have major concerns about. we keep preparing for the worse and hoping for the best. >> what kind of preparations have you been engaged in and mass of evacuations. >> we have handed out roughly 45 to 50,000 sandbags to different communities and people pick them up in four different locations. we made deliveries to areas that we know we have floods in the past and deliver them to those locations and help people get them put out at their homes. have peop ha have. >> have people heeded the evacuation pool? >> i don't think much of our area. more of the beach area. most of our folks have gone into
10:39 pm
shelters in the local area. we have some that have gone but not nearly as much in the city of charleston. many of us know charleston very well. those beach areas very low line. this is a concern in terms of those areas as well. >> absolutely. i have been mayor for 25 years. we have been through a lot and we learn from each one but you know there is only so much you can do especially when you are talking about six or 7 feet above normal. we are just preparing the best we can. encouraging our people to stay where they are when the flooding
10:40 pm
stars. don't try to leave. just get yourself secure and we'll get to you as quickly as we can. >> what are the major lessons you have learn from matthew and hugo? >> try to get people in the low line area. it is hard to get people sometimes to do what they think they can and each storm is as little different so we learn from each one of those. the basic line is to be safe. we can replace property and we can replace homes. we can't replace looiives. >> you will suspend emergency response if the winds are more than 50 miles per hour? >> we have to suspend at 50 miles per hour and until it gets down below that.
10:41 pm
we won't be able to respond. >> we can communicate and tell you what to do and how to do it. >> when it gets to a certain wind level, we can't go out. >> any final comment as you prepare for the next few hours? >> we are hoping for r the best and preparing for the worse and continuing and ready to respond as we have to. we just ask people to hunker down and get ready. we'll be quick to help you out if we can if you have trouble. we pray everything works out the best for all of us. >> thank you very much. >> mayor of north charleston . >> up next, we'll talk to a
10:42 pm
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welcome back, you are watching cnn, i am robyn curnow. the man who wants to remain anonymous, he walked into florida and walked out with 100 generators to send to the bahamas. getting to bahamas could be challenging. there are still a lot of debris. earlier i spoke to a relief worker who describes the rescue and police effort that's happening right now in the bahamas. >> right i believe everybody is
10:46 pm
in the assessment phase. everybody is taking a look at what is really needed and trying to get out and very complicated with the lack of safety and inability to get to some of these areas. the government is basically saying at this point in time, search and rescue is underway and there is a need for food and shelter for people. >> and how difficult is the coordination in any of these situations coordination is key. the government is central to that, no doubt? >> the government is working really effectively with the model that's used by a lot of countries and coordinating and the different types of services and different sectors or as we do it in the united states with the emergency court function. and it is a little challenging and it is a very overwhelming
10:47 pm
disaster. there are a lot of relief workers flying in as you mention. so it can be incredibly challenging to coordinate all of this. how does this disaster compare to others that you have been involved in. >> can you give us a sense of scale of what folks are dealing with on the ground right now. >> this seems to be one of the worse that i have experienced in my many years of responding to disasters. i think the fact that it robbed people of shelters and basic needs. instantly it is immense. >> you talk about mental health and no doubt for survivors, the
10:48 pm
exhaustion and survivors must be feeling and if the devastation is what it looks like. it certainly is to be long-term, trying to deal with the people of bahamas. >> absolutely. >> that affects everybody. not only the people who experienced this directly and who'll be deeply effected by it. providers who workdayly may have been affected themselves and government officials who are not only struggling but have the normal push back in a different way. it is an incredibly challenging situation for full recovery. >> thank you very much for that lisa ladue. thank you. >> thank you. >> if you would like to help those affected go to
10:49 pm you can find a list of organizations that can help people with medical supplies and food and shelters. the frequency and severity of storms like dorian. president trump rejected and reversed the initiatives and withdrew the u.s. from the climate accord. in the town hall, every challenger strikes the urgency of doing something about climate change. take a look. >> we are fighting for the survival of the planet earth, our only planet. how is this not a nature priority? it must be a nature priority. >> life on earth is at risk. if we don't make this commitment, we not only are cheating our children but their fur future and their children's future and that's morally wrong.
10:50 pm
>> i strongly believe this is a fight against powerful interests. leaders need to lead so lead follow or get out of the way. get out the way >> we got to start choosing science over fantasy here. the fact of the matter is that what he did by removing the united states as the leader of the paris climate accord, he, in fact, dissipated the enthusiasm across the board. the rest of the countries are saying, whoa, wait a minute, why are we engage in this if the united states is stepping down? >> most of the democrats favor plans to eventually get the u.s. off oil, coal and gas. coming up, in the early days of hurricane dorian president trump warned that the state of baha alabama was set to take a big hit but it wasn't. still he's doubling down on that claim with the help of a magic marker. thanks to priceline working with top airlines to turn their unsold seats into amazing deals, family reunion attendance is up.
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i can worry about it, or doe. something about it. garlique helps maintain healthy cholesterol naturally, and it's odor-free, and pharmacist recommended. garlique hurricane dorian is once again a major category 3 hurricane. the national hurricane center is warning that there will be life-threatening storm surge with significant coastal flooding.
10:55 pm
and dorian is now battering the coasts of georgia and the carolinas, as you can see here. flooding is going on right now in downtown charleston. and finally, the u.s. president does not like to admit when he's wrong. in a barrage of tweets over the weekend, donald trump warned hurricane dorian would hit alabama. almost immediately the national weather service in alabama corrected him in no uncertain terms saying the state would not see any impact from the storm, but president trump took his insistence that alabama was in the forecast to a whole new level on wednesday. >> that was the original chart, and you see it was going to hit not only florida but georgia. it could have -- was going toward the gulf. that's was what was originally projected. and it took a right turn. and ultimately hopefully we're going to be lucky. >> well, a closer look at that national hurricane center map
10:56 pm
shows it was apparently altered with a black marker to include alabama. a note here, it's actually against federal law to alter an official government weather forecast. well, mr. trump followed that up with a tweet showing another map that does include alabama in the path, but it was dated august the 28th. by the time the president tweeted his warning on sunday, none of the projections included alabama. so you've been watching cnn's breaking news coverage of hurricane dorian. i'm robyn curnow. thanks so much for joining me. there is much more news coming up with rosemary church right after this. new super stay concealer from maybelline new york. dark circles wiped out full coverage and up to 24-hour wear. new super stay concealer only from maybelline new york. should always be working harder.oney that's why, your cash automatically goes into a money market fund when you open a new account. just another reminder of the value you'll find at fidelity.
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hello and welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and from all around the world. i'm rosemary church. right now hurricane dorian is again a major category 3 storm and its winds and rains are slamming the southeastern u.s. coast. the massive hurricane has been slowly tracking just offshore since making a northerly turn right before hitting florida. of course, before that it devastated parts of the bahamas, and we are getting our first


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