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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  September 6, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good friday morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow in new york. >> and i'm jim sciutto here in washington. right now hurricane dorian is slamming into north carolina as a category 1 hurricane bringing powerful wind gusts, storm surges and heavy rain. officials are warning of life threatening flash floods as the storm slowly creeps along the coast, and also a threat today tornados form from dorian's outer bands. already at least two dozen tornados have been reported in the carolinas just over the last 48 hours. >> and in the bahamas prepare for unimaginable information about the death toll. that is what officials there are warning this morning saying while the number of people killed in this storm is at 30 right now, it is expected to climb much higher. hundreds of people still missing as searchers continue to look for survivors. the situation on the ground is
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so grim right now officials are bringing in extra body bags, morticians and coolers to store those bodies. we will bring you a live update from the bahamas in just a moment. let's begin, though, this hour with our alexandria field who joins us this morning and we're just learning that the national hurricane center says dorian has made landfall over cape hatteras, north carolina. >> reporter: certainly starting to feel the effects of dorian here. we should be feeling it over the next few hours but as you look behind me you can see the surf, the rains coming down. we're expected to see possibly 8 to 10 inches of rain. really the big concern here in the outer banks is storm surge. they're expecting the possibility of 4 to even 7 feet of storm surge. obviously we've been watching this storm make its way slowly
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up the east coast. so we did have time to order a mandatory evacuation. for those who decided to defy that and stay in town a curfew was implemented. they really want people off the streets, off the roads. i am still seeing people out here on the beach. i guess can't help themselves to come take a look. that's exactly the opposite of what officials want. north carolina has prepared for hurricanes three times in the last three years so people do to some extent have preparation and know what they're doing. they are asking people to take precautions. they've shutdown a number of roads. they have readied hundreds of additional national guards men and women. search and rescue crews at the ready, swift water rescue crews at the ready but they don't want to have to deploy those resources so they are asking people to stay inside and wait this out. >> it is amazing to see where
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you are when they pulled that shot out and the way it is behind you. thank you for being there and that reporting. >> it gives you a visual of this storm and how it's continuing. let's get to meteorologist allison chinchar in the cnn weather center. this has been going on for a week now. this storm has amazing power and life to it. what are we expecting from dorian just a few hours from now? >> still heavy rainfall, very strong winds. again the most impressive thing about this storm is the slow movement but the facts it's been able to maintain an eye for so long. this storm really has not gone through many very weakening phases. yes, it is weakening now. this is good thing we like to see. it's obviously down to category 1 but the winds are still seaned at 90 miles per hour. this can still cause significant damage not only from the winds but also the incredibly heavy rain coming down.
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61 in hatteras, 64 around elizabeth city, so you've got have very gusty winds. and all of those areas that have had fluc chaugs anywhere from 70 to 80 mile per hour wind gusts. as those outer bands continue to push onshore for states like north carolina but as well as virginia tornados will still be a threat. flash flood warnings and flood watches are in effect for several states now because of those heavy bands of rain that will continue to come in. you have to keep in mind even though additional rainfall may not seem that high, it's on top of what they already had. portions of north and south carolina already reporting over 10 inches of rain. keep in mind yesterday they actually broke a daily rainfall record. and we're likely to add an additional 2 to 4 inches widespread for these areas. you have to remember it's on top
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of what they already had. north carolina, virginia, likely going to be the spots for the heaviest rain today. but it's not the only areas. later on tonight, boston, heartfield and portland also likely to get some rain in the outer bands. >> the whole east coast getting some experience of this storm it seems. all right, to the bahamas now where officials say prepare for unimaginable information about the death toll and human suffering. the abacos islands, one of the hardest hit places from dorian. buildings ripped apart, boats scattered inland by the force of the wind and the water. >> just look at it, communities wiped off the face of the earth. one resident telling cnn it is like an atomic bomb went off. cnn's patrick oppmann has been on the ground in the bahamas for days. she joins us from eastern grand bahama island.
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we appreciate you taking us and our viewers on the ground there to get a sense of how the power plays out. tell us where you are and what you're seeing. >> reporter: this is the first time wave been able to get into this area because even today we're still driving across high-water, across roads that are no longer roads. this is one town, a town of bevens town. from here to the eastern tip of the island of grand bahama there's lots of little towns and communities or i should say there used to be. every house, every structure, every life has been essentially destroyed in this area. we are in the house of a man we met in washington. he rode out the storm here you can see and this is just one side where the roof has been completely torn off, the side of the building. this used to be the front of his house. the side of his house is gone. we see cars over that way flipped over. the water came in here about
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11:00 at night on saturday. right, saturday? thank you. friday. it was friday. got over 20 feet high and stayed here for 50 hours. he said it was 50 hours of torture. imagine riding out with your daughter as he did this storm, your house under water, the wind pounding you knowing that no help was on its way. and this is not unusual. this is the new norm here. every house from here to the end of the island, this is the story. people who evacuated who have their houses completely destroyed or people like mr. washington who rode it out and lucky to be alive and as well as people we don't know about. some residents tell us that they recovered the bodies of five people who died in this storm just yesterday. there are many more here. when we were driving up, we could smell the smell of death. assistance still has not arrived here. there's still a lot to be done. >> oh, my goodness, patrick, the
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smell of death. thank you for being there for us and bringing us that reporting. again, that's what they're warning of, a surge in the death toll. joining us non ophone now is gary tuchman. he's with us on the phone. gary, you just heard patrick's reporting and you're with the folks going in to help, right, to bring in this aid, to rescue people to retrieve the bodies of those who died in the storm. what can you tell us? >> reporter: that's right, poppy. working to help the victims of hurricane dorian. and our cutter which launched from miami beach but was based in key west yesterday, we got here last night, there are 25 coast guard men and women and two paramedics from the miami fire department because the main purpose is search and rescue and help the people who they find are injured or trapped. and we're going to be working at
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abacos. we arrived at nightfall last night and it's too dangerous for this area to get close. they did take a small aluminum boat which is on the cutter for an initial check. four coast guard men were on that boat to a southwestern portion of the abacos. it was there to their surprise and a bit of happiness is there wasn't tremendous damage on the southwest coast. some of the people there said it wasn't as bad as they expected there, but they wanted to get out and get to nassau. there were no resources. shortly after morning, after dawn broke we made a delivery to a port in the bahamas. we had on this cutter 1,400 pounds of temporary shelter materials, material for housing which is badly needed. we've seen that over the years
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and we covered the horrible earthquake in haiti -- that's all you saw were blue tarp for months and where people lived. we will tell you that other coast guard yunlts here have already rescued many people. their work will be cut out for them but they hope to have the opportunity to help the bahamian people. >> gary, thank you so much for being there, for bringing us some of that good news and more aid on the way. we will check in with you a little bit later. >> they're doing their best, a lot of people there. but it just seems there's a lot more need. joining me now is a business owner on green turtle cape in abacos and evacuated before the storm hit but has been back. describe what you've seen there
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as you go back to the island in the wake of this storm? >> reporter: hey, jim. i've seen our island from the air and again on the ground there today and really hard to believe all these buildings and you walk around and it's completely flattened and there's nothing left. like nothing i ever expected or ever thought i would see in my lifetime. and it's just completely shocking. i don't know how to describe it really. >> you, one of the lucky ones. you were able to evacuate before. of course a lot of people could not do that. they suffered as a result. our reporters on the ground have been there for days. they say in their experience it's hard to see who's in charge, right? who's delivering the aid to the people who need it most urgently. is that your sense? do you see leadership there from the local government authorities or are they simply overwhelmed? >> it's going to take some time for order to set in.
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it's chaotic at the moment because so many people are wanting to help and get over there and bring aid and bring supplies. and that's what we're focusing on is just getting items over there and getting them into the hands of people. but it's just too soon and that has extended the life of this organization process. >> you have a lot of staff down there and i'm sure as someone who's part of that community, you have a lot of friends, people you know. do you have a sense of how they weathered the storm? are you hearing from people on the ground and i imagine you're having some trouble tracking some people down? >> yeah, so we have minimal communication by a couple of sat phones that we've confirmed about 500 people are safe and accounted for. however, the people that rode out the storm -- which are
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basically family to us we're not sure yet. >> listen, i know a lot of people at home are watching this, the scenes from here. they want to help. what do you think is the best way for people outside watching this looking in for them to help, to send aid, to just do their part? >> find a trustworthy organization, send money. we're sending flights over. we've sent 11 planes in the last 48 hours. it goes to fuel. there's so many amazon lists right now you can just order and
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ship them to west palm here. there's a lot of ways to get involved and help. >> listen, we wish you the best. we wish all the people who you're friends with, your staff down there the best in just recovering from this storm. and poppy, cnn has on the website a lot of organizations including the red cross being the most prominent where folks at home and you're watching you want to do your part, look there. those are reputable organizations and it's a good way to lend a hand. >> if you go to you can see all the ways to help right there. >> still to come, we'll speak to a storm chaser who rode out dorian on the abacos island. that incredible journey ahead. the august jobs report just
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and stay done. behr, ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with interior paints. right now get incredible savings on behr. exclusively at the home depot. all right, new this morning the august job reports. the u.s. economy added 130,000 jobs in august. that is slightly what is below what had been predicting.
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our chief correspondent christine romans is with me and the former director of the -- and also worked in the george w. bush white house as the chief economist. so let's begin with you, romans, on the numbers. a little below expectations. and african-american unemployment really low. >> some of these nuggets are pretty interesting. 130,000 nets new jobs. you put that into context it shows you there's hiring but the pace is slowing. and more recently that hiring pace has slowed. that's a good number, a generational low. and what i really like about these numbers too about 571,000 people entered the labor market. they've been hearing about people getting jobs and now they think it's time for them to come back. anybody with a kid in college, there's something called computer systems design, those people are in really high demand. health care a steady performer in the economy.
6:21 am
but there is a tale of two economies here because making stuff, manufacturing, mining, this part of the economy has stalled lately. and in fact manufacturing hiring only about 3,000 there. when i look over the past 12 months it looks as though manufacturing hiring has really cooled here. and that is something troubling. exactly as the president has put tough tariffs and tough talk on trade there. you mentioned the african-american unemployment rate, a record low there. and the lowest we've been keeping these numbers since 1972. >> it's such a good thing to see. douglas, what's your read on this? you've got a strong ish top line number. you couple with this week and the lowest consumer confidence reading out of the university of michigan since 2016. which is it? which is more telling of the real state of the u.s. economy right now?
6:22 am
>> well, i think first just on the report, at this point in the expansion i think the jobinize itself is less illuminating about how we're doing. the unemployment rate is at 3.7%. so success is measured by paying them better. and for production workers wages up by 3.5% last year, that'serary good or getting more people to join the labor force and we had a big jump in that. so i think this is very solid report. what's so interesting about it is it reel does illuminate the contradictions going out on the grounds right now. they show wages rising, employment opportunities. in that very same month consumer confidence fell by the sharpest amount since 2012. so in a very good environment they're worried about what's going on especially their expectations of the future and that's something to keep an eye on. as far as manufacturing weakness you can draw a straight line from that to the loss of
6:23 am
business confidence and poor investment climate. there are some things out there that are negatives but we're still doing pretty well as a whole. >> i'm wonder how folks at home balance what are conflicting numbers here. global economy is slowing, there's no question. trade war is having an impact on the u.s. economy, no question. manufacturing is slowing down, no question. should folks at home look at that as an indicator of where things are going in the coming months just for their own economic situation? >> i think people look at their paycheck, really and you saw wage growth of about 3.2%. which is 3.2%. it hasn't been gain busters, hasn't been as big as the fed would like to see it, but it has been holding in there. and i think this has been a ten-year expansion that it took a lot of people a long time to really believe it because the recession was so terrible. so i think people have been kind of late to embracing that the
6:24 am
economy was so solid. i will point out, jim, that 20,000 jobs created were temporary census jobs. take those away and now you're closer to 100,000 net new jobs here. look, you've had so much hiring for so long at some point you're going to talk about where are we going to get more workers if we keep adding jobs at this pace. >> doug, not to be all bad new bearers here, but i do want to point out there is this indicator a lot of people look at and that is what does the new york fed say. and when you look at the number of people predicting a recession over the next 12 months that ticked up to 38% in august. of course you saw the inverted yield curve so there's a lot of concerns on that front. and then you even heard michael steel who, you know, used to run the rnc say that the economy for this president is everything and right now looks like they're riding in his words a rubber ducky into alligator infested
6:25 am
waters. fair? >> i think that's a bit strong. let's put this in perspective. we expected job growth to slow. you can't create 200,000 jobs forever. that number was going to come down. it's inevitable. manufacturing, yes it's in trubl but it's really not the economy. we're seeing the economy slow. that was inevitable. that's not the same as actually going negative and having a recession. i do think it's important to keep those distinct. for the president slowing can be political danger. there's no doubt about it, he doesn't need a recession to get him in trouble. a very slow growth could get him in trouble. this is an economy really at an inflection point. it's got a weak business secker. they can't stay that way forever. that's what we have to watch. >> thank you both. good to have your brains on all of this this morning. have a good weekend. mechanics are hired to fix problems, right?
6:26 am
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plus get $250 back when you buy a new samsung note. click, call or visit a store today. all right, welcome back. within the past hour hurricane dorian has actually made
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landfall. dorian continues to slam the state's coast with heavy rain, storm surges and strong winds. about 215,000 people still without power in north carolina right now. dorian has spawned at least 24 tornados across the carolinas over the last two days. >> and now north carolina officials say that life threatening flooding remains possible. 9 inches of rain fell in wilmington yesterday. that is one-day record for the city. josh, a veteran storm chaser took one of the last flights into the abacos islands before that airport shutdown, but he got stuck there and had to ride it out in one of the island's designated shelters. he was posting updates on his twitter feed and then fell silent. there was a lot of fear he fell victim to this storm. thankfully two days after his last tweet joshua turned to twitter posting posting yep, i'm
6:32 am
alive. >> he joins us now with his incredible story of course of survival but also, josh, of what you saw there. let's begin. that warning last night from the bahamian health minister that we should be prepared for a rise in the death tolls. what did you see? >> that doesn't surprise me at all. this was a direct hit by a nuclear hurricane. right over the main town which is marsh harbor and that area it's a poor neighborhood, just got swept by a tremendous storm surge and the whole area was simply wiped out. and it's going to take a long time to figure out how many people perished in it. >> you saw people who died? >> yes, yes. it was ugly. the hurricane hit and the front half of the hurricane just had
6:33 am
these unbelievable winds. i was in a solid concrete building and lot of it collapsed at the eye of the storm. there were a few cars not totally mangled outside, one of them being mine. we all piled into those three cars and found a government building to ride out the backside. people from that neighborhood, everyone was converging on that one government building to get in there before the backside of the storm hit. >> i have to wonder because our reporters on the ground now in the rescue phase are saying they're having trouble figuring out who's in charge in the midst of this. it's just authorities, rescue operations overwhelmed. i wonder why prior to the storm there weren't more warnings about where people should go, how they could ride it out safely, try to get people off the island. do you feel there were missed opportunities in advance of this to keep people safe?
6:34 am
>> yeah, definitely that's a possibility. you know, i have very mixed feelings about how the bahamians reacted to it. where the bahamians really excel is the way they build houses and buildings. they know how to build for hurricanes. even in 180 mile an hour winds most of the houses stood up for occupants to keep them from getting crushed. in terms of who's in charge, i felt the same thing. while it was at government complex which became home for hundreds of victims i had trouble figuring out who was in charge. a lot of people were people without homes with basically just only the clothes on their backs. so definitely authority was needed. >> the last thing you wrote on twitter before you went dark for a few days, josh, is we're moving children to a safe space, wrapping them in blankets. to jim's opponent you guys were moving kids. that's not how it should work ahead of a storm. >> well, we were in a -- there
6:35 am
were ten of us, three families and in a solid concrete classroom. and when i say moving the kids the boards blew off the windows and the shutters started to cave in. and five of us were holding boards against the shutters to keep them from caving in. we were wrapping them in blankets and putting them under a table. the parents were there and we were just doing what we had to do. i know exactly what to do and where to put people to keep them safe so i kind of took the leadership role there. >> 26 years in covering these storms or 28 years you say dorian number two on your list of craziest. you've seen a lot of crazy. tell us why this was particularly dangerous? >> you know, sustained winds of 185 miles an hour when it struck marsh harbor. the one that devastated the
6:36 am
florida panhandle last year was a 60, so this was a whole magnitude above. it hit the building with the force of hammers. and when we came outside afterwards were the cars, thrown around in every direction and mangled like they'd been through a blender just from the wind. there's damage i don't even understand how it happened. just imagine people and obviously imagine people, humans in that kind of force if that's what it does to cars and buildings. it's just a horrendous story to see unfold. >> it is, and again we're waiting for that updated death toll. and again josh is an expert in this stuff. he has a new series all about this, hurricane man, it premieres in just a few days on the science channel. and josh, thank you for bringing us your experience. still to come this hour an american airlinesmicn mechanic
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mechanic is accused this morning of trying to sabotage one of their own planes filled with passengers. >> investigators say he tried to disable part of the plane's navigation system shortly before it took off from miami international airport. they were onboard to take off. do we know why he tampered with the system but also how close this led this aircraft to potential danger in the air? >> let me set the scene for you. i mean this plane was actually rolling down the runway. there were 150 people onboard, and according to court documents this mechanic allegedly placed foam in a tube that leads to a flight navigation system. luckily, the pilots realized that something was wrong and they aborted that take off. but the man at the center of all this, told investigators that he was upset over a contract dispute between union workers
6:43 am
and the airlines and that this dispute cost him money. he allegedly explained he tampered with the aircraft so he could get overtime working on the plane. this all happened at miami international airport. it is worth noting no one was hurt, but this really does highlight a larger issue, this issue of insider threat that u.s. aviation or aviation as a whole actually is extremely vulnerable to. i mean, just a couple of years ago congress put out a report that essentially said that airlines, airport operators and even tsa need to do a better job about getting a handle on this issue of insider threat. just last week cnn, we reported that tsa in the midst of its own internal audit trying to test its own program looking for potential vulnerabilities as it relates specifically to insider threats. >> specifically to what this mechanic did, he glued something
6:44 am
to that data system. did that put the plane at risk is my question. >> i mean, this is critical system. it's a system that tells pilots not only the speed of the airplane but also the pitch of the nodes. that's all data that a pilot would need in order to safely fly an aircraft. so certainly it's concerning that an individual who works for the airline would do such a thing. but to answer your question, jim, yes, this is all critical data that pilots would have needed. happy to know they were alert and these pilots would see the problem before they got off the ground. >> thank you for covering this story. we'll be right back. ld seats into amazing deals, family reunion attendance is up. we're all related! yeah, i see it. and because priceline offers great deals by comparing thousands of prices in real time, sports fans are seeing more away games. various: yeah-h-h!
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new this morning, zimbabwe's former d eer dictator robert mus dead at 95 years old. after ruling with an iron fist for three decades, mugabe leaves behind a grim legacy. >> his loyal supporters revered him for ushering independence for bringing an end to white minority rule. after the decades that followed, he waged a campaign of violence and oppression to retain power. he repeatedly stole elections, imprisoned and harassed his
6:50 am
political opponents, and plunged zimbabwe into poverty. he relinquished power in a coup when members of his own party overthrew him. the cause of death is not known at this point. i got a taste of mugabe's rule. i snuck into the country in 2008 during an election. i went to polling stations where his party blatantly fabricated results to win the election. it shows what his control was on them. this is a $5 billion bill -- >> oh, my goodness. >> this was worth less than $2 u.s., could buy a couple tomatoes in the market. they had to issue in the hundreds of trillions of dollars for people to be able to feed themselves. they eventually dollarized their
6:51 am
economy. but it was just one measure of one man's rule imagined that only he could lead this country caused such enormous consequences there. >> that's remarkable that you went in that way in 2008. i mean, the runaway inflation and everything. there were high hopes among his people when he came into power and he abused it so long destroying the economy. >> and violence too. imprisoned dissidents and political opponents. i mean, this was a brutal, brutal dictatorship in the end. >> no question. to this story we brought you first on monday morning. remember this tragedy off the coast of southern california? well, surviving crew members have told federal investigators they tried to save those 34 people trapped below deck on that boat as it burned off the coast of santa cruz island. but they could not make it through the fire and the smoke. the "conception" caught fire while the victims were sleeping there early on labor day morning. of the 39 people on board, only
6:52 am
five crew members including the captain survived. investigators now say that the victims were likely trapped. their escape cut off by the roaring flames. a ntsb board member flagged several safety concerns about whether there was proper safety equipment for detecting and suppressing fires. mean meanwhile, we are hearing from the boat's owner for the first time. listen to what glen fitzler said. >> a lot of these customers that come out with us are like family. and a lot of them that were on that particular voyage had been coming out with us for 20, 30 years. so it's a tough time for us. >> wow. well, the owner says he's reaching out to the victims' families but his company is also preparing for the possibility of lawsuits. this week truth aquatics filed on the liability of that fire. but left behind are the families reeling in grief for their loved
6:53 am
ones. among those who have suffered unimaginable loss is vicki moore. she lost her husband of 35 years and their first-born daughter in the fire. here's what she told me last night. your first born, 26 years old. as a mother, i cannot imagine losing a child. no one can until it happens to them. but can you just spend some time telling us about her? what do you want everyone to know about kendra? >> well, yeah, kendra was -- i don't like to use the word "was requests, but amazing and beautiful and accomplished. curious, adventurous young woman. my husband and i were incredibly proud of her. >> what do you want people to know about scott? >> he had great appreciation for the arts and culture and we had amazing travels together.
6:54 am
and just wonderfully complete and well rounded and like i said, multifaceted person. and a loving father and amazing father and amazing husband. our lives are forever changed. it's just this experience is somewhat surreal, really. but we're going to be on this journey whether we like it or not. and, you know, we're going to make it. and we really -- i think we really are going to be thinking about my husband scott and my daughter kendra. a lot of what we do in our lives, we hope to continue to honor them because they did such amazing things. and we're going to honor that. >> jim, i don't know where she got the strength to talk to us, but she said she wanted to be there because she wanted to honor, you know, her first-born daughter and her husband's lives
6:55 am
and what they live for. >> that poor mother. i cannot imagine that pain. so many families reeling from that disaster. we're going to continue to cover that story and the repercussions of it. other news we're following this morning. five major retailers are asking customers to stop openly carrying firearms in their stores in states where that is legal. walmart was the first to come out with this policy earlier in the week of course in the wake of a deadly shooting at its store in el paso. kroger quickly followed, walgreens, and wegmans as well. urging to take action after mass shootings in recent weeks and over decades now in this country. all of the retailers will still allow law enforcement officers to openly carry firearms there. hurricane dorian is making landfall over cape hatteras, north carolina, as a category 1 storm. we're going to be live from there in a way only cnn is covering this storm. that's coming up. at t-mobile,
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i'm jim sciutto in washington. >> and i'm poppy harlow in new york. we are following the devastation of hurricane dorian which has made landfall in the united states. just a


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