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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  September 10, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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. hello, everyone, i'm kate baldwin. thank you so much for joining me. is it still the economy, stupid? by stupid, i'm talking about myself. because if it is, you could be looking at some new red flags ahead for president trump. a brand-new washington post showing the president's approval rating is slipping, with particular trouble around his handling of the trade war with china. 38% of vote, approve of the job performance right now down from 44% in july with 56% disapproval. when it comes to the trade war,
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just sheriff% approve of his job there. 56 disapproving. on the overall economy, his approval rating there has also tipped down now at 46%, 47% disapproving. let's put more action behind the numbers. christine, it's not just the poll numbers offering troubling signs from president trump that you are tracking right now, what are you looking a in the. >> the strong economy is central to the president's re-election hopes, right? when you talk to voters, they are expressing some concern. you see that number you showed, 46% approve the economy. 47 disapprove. when you dig in those numbers, you see why, six in ten thinks there is a recession likely in the next year, six in ten. 35% say it is unlikely. when you ask why, it's because of china. how concern reasonable doubt you that the trade dispute with china will raise prices? 60% say they are concerned. the trade war will raise prices for them. here's what they are worried
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about here, manufacturing. manufacturing activity shrank for the first time in several years last quarter. look at manufacturing job creation, it has slowed down here and petered out. the sector they have embarked on to protect, talking cone raising tariffs, this morning we also learn that small business optimism is falling here to a five-month low in august to the chief economist of the organizations that put these numbers together. the pessimism we are seeing is contagious, even though the actual economy is thriving. in terms of the economy, it is solid. the job market is strong 7.2 job option, 3.7% unemployment. >> that is historically low here. so the economy is doing well. it seems, though, the messaging is a problem here. you got the white house, the president calling it the best economy in history. it's not. it's growing and adding jobs. the challenge for the administration is squaring the strongest economy in history
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message with trump's own demands the trump cut interest rates to stabilize it, the president having trouble messaging how you can it have both ways. >> especially on that exact point, that's the clearest example of what exactly do you mean, what exactly is your message here when it comes to one of the trouble spots, it comes to the trade war, are you seeing any signs the administration is considering tweaking its strategy and this dags on? >> i see zero, zero evidence of that even the president has recently telegraphing and tweeting and saying maybe the chinese want a different president before they move. maybe the trade strategy is working. peter navarro, the top trade advisers here that the tariffs are working, china is suffering because of them and this is the strategy they're using. >> it comes to maybe it's going to come down to who will be suffering more and more. as everyone says, who wins in a trade war, absolutely nobody. >> absolutely nobody. two more rounds due in october
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and september and the first time on consumer goods, things you buy, consumer electronics, shoes, clothing, that means the bite could hit faster. >> great putting it altogether. i really appreciate it. thank you very much. another thing we are watching, the new york statements ais reporting wilbur ross got on the phone and threatened fire people at noaa that alabama could be hit by hurricane dorian. when he predicted it, it was inaccurate. noaa is in charge of weather forecasts. last week the birmingham office tweeted out a correction minutes after the president claimed that alabama could be harder hit than anticipated. here's what the weather service then sent out, saying this, alabama will not see any impact from dorian, we repeat, no impacts will be felt across alabama. because of that, scientists stating scientific data, the commerce secretary threatened
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fire them. joining me right now, boris sanchez, the white house is denying this threat by wilbur ross. >> reporter: less than ten minutes ago, the national weather service put out a statement about this ongoing controversy, the man he allegedly called, the administrator gave a speech to the national weather association this morning. they put out a statement shortly after he spoke saying they are proud to represent their dedicated meteorologists. now in this story, ross apparently today jacobs to fix the contradiction in that tweet from the birmingham office from the national weather service. whenia cobs hesitated, ross reportedly told him that noaa's staff would be fired if he did not. during his speech he referenced the ongoing controversy between the president's tweets. he walked a very fine line in talking about this controversy. listen to what he said. >> at one point, alabama was in
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the mix. as was the rest of the southeast, the ensemble, not just the gfs ensembles, but the euro ensembles. the numbers were all over the place, particularly further out into the forecast. >> reporter: jacobs not directly addressing what the president said, that was inaccurate. he's right that alabama was in the mix, it was in some of the projections of the path of hurricane dorian, but when the president tweeted this out, it wasn't. the models had shifted long before the president tweeted out inaccurate information. cnn reached out to noaa. they referred this story of the will bur ross story to the commerce department temperature examiners department denied the story saying it was false. we should point out several law makers have called into an investigation into this. at least one democrat, of virginia calling for ross' resignation, kate. >> boris, thank you so much. let's speak to that congressman right now.
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joining me is don beyer, he sits on the commission that oversees noaa. congressman, thank you for being here. >> thank you, very much. >> off have called for wilbur ross to be fired over this. they flat out deny this happened. you are calling for him to resign. do you think that's premature at all? >> i don't think so at all. i think this is the final straw, kate. ross has been a disaster so far. i mean he lied or mislead on his ethics forms. he got all involved in what looks like philadelphiaer trading. he's been held in contempt by the house for denying their subpoenas. he, now this is sort of a final straw of threatening to fire senior noaa appointees if they didn't stick one trump's false claims about alabama. i just listened to acting director jacobs. he was pretty clear to avoid saying that the president didn't tell him that. i think i believe the "new york times" in their reporting. >> we have learned yesterday that the national weather
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service director is a kind of same conference you are talking about. this national service director. they prompted a standing ovation when he praised the birmingham office i talked about earlier at this conference. it does not sound like they are deterred by these threats. are you concerned about what this episode means then for forecasts in the future? because they don't seem to be deterred by it? >> well, i'm glad they're not. but we have this whole culture right now where next mulvaney, the white house chief of staff and the president go after federal employees again and again. they moved two major department of agriculture agencies to kansas city. we're talking about moving a lot of the bureau of land management officers out of new york or out of washington. they seem to decide the best way to get rid of this so-called deep state is to move them, the easiest way to fire them. federal employees are really under attack from this administration and this national weather service is the most
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recent example. >> i do wonder, the atlantic, 33 put it, made this point, it's not the storm, it's the coverup. is that what this is for you? >> yeah. it's also trump's amazing insecurity and narcissim over this. i think for post-people they will say, look, i made a mistake and move on. this has dominated the news now for five or six days. it's a little silly. i like what mayor pete buttigieg he feels sorry for the president that this is such a big deal. >> there is also a point i want to ask you about coming from the "new york times," this about the president's golf resort in scotland. the reporting is that in 2014, donald trump he struck a deal with the local airport in scotland there to help increase flight track and thus final flight crews to funnel them at his resort nearby this comes as they are looking at pilots staying at trump resorts when they have to do stop joseph's. in one instance, here, the air
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force is reporting that the price for the trump property was cheaper than the other option, the local marriott. i wonder from your perspective, because you have been kind of spearheading this kind of issue, what is the problem then here? >> well, if it really was cheaper, but that's awfully hard to believe looking at all the rest of the trump properties. the larger issue, whether it's attorney general bill barr holding his annual conference at a trump hotel or trump enticing the g7 to his home state florida. should the president make more money for himself and his family? we're pursuing the emollients issue in congress right now trying to make sure we hold him accountable. in the latest defense authorization act, i was a part of the team of four that got an amendment that says, any spending on the president's property needs to be duly reported. we hope that will come out of the senate intact. this is not why he is supposed to be president of the united states, why any of us do public
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service is to enrich ourselves is to rather serve the american people. >> when it comes to this, yesterday, he didn't know anything about the air force pilot staying at his property. does that make a difference to you? >> not much. first of all, he has a reputation for lying quite a bit. but even if he does, he's created a culture the air force schedulers, they decide, this is a way to please the president, is to spend money at his property. >> that itself not the kind of culture that we want. >> much more to follow up on that is this investigation over the air force actually continues which i'll definitely have to speak to you about that more. as congress is back, it's great to see you back, the will rogers camera. one issue front and center this week is the fact that house judiciary is inr engaged in the president. speaker pelosi is not comfortable with that wording. she was talking to my colleague manu raju and would not say if the house is conducting an
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impeachment inquiry. from your perspective, you've called for impeachment proceedings. what your perspective, what is going on? >> well, i'm not on judiciary so i only know what i read and who i talk to. they seem to be very serious about putting together a responsible articles of impeachment process. i understand the speaker pelosi's ambivalence. on the one hand, if we don't impeach this president, when will we ever impeach a president? he's done so much wrong to hurt this country. on the other hand, we know that control of the house sort of the politics of it could be in jeopardy. we want to maintain a majority so that in 2021 the great bills that are passing might sign the senate and be passed by the president. it's not an easy position for speaker pelosi to be in. >> right. at some point, the sky is blue. right. i mean, at some point reality is reality. the view is that i find it, is it a semantics game still even though this has been going on over and over all throughout the
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summer being in the semantics game, are we moving towards impeachment proceedings or not? now the day has come, congress is back from recess, from your perspective, are they launching, is the house launching an impeachment inquiry? >> yes, they r. i think there is a clear majority of the democratic caucus, chairman nadler is clearly moving forward. i don't know when we will see it. i do know he wants to make sure when it's presented on the house floor, it's bulletproof. >> congressman, thank you for being on. thank you very much. coming up, is one of the first political tests of 2020 under way? north carolina voters heading to the polls in a district president trump won by 12 points. this race is looking like it's going to be quite a bit closer. we will take you live to north carolina in a second. plus a secret mission to extract a spy from russia and why president trump doesn't seem to trust foreign assets like that. stay with us.
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. today north carolina voters are headed to the polls. it's a holdover and a do-over from the 2018 mid-term election. yes, almost a year ago.
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but it moo it have a whole lot more to say about the upcoming 2020 election. republican dan bishop, he is fighting to keep a north carolina house seat republican red. it's a district that president trump won by 12 points in 2016. but it is a race now that the democratic candidate dan mccready has a real shot at. but this race has been anything but easy to predict since the wild allegations and evidence of ballot fraud surfaced right after voters went to the polls last time around. how high are the stakes? president trump and vice president mike pence have both traveled there this week to try to rally supporters. >> that tells you something. here was the president's pitch last night. >> tomorrow we take the first steps to firing speaker pelosi and winning back the house in 2020. [ cheers ] >> we need everybody to get your friends, get your families, get your neighbors and get out and
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vote. >> cnn's dianne gallagher is if north carolina. dianne, folks are heading to the polls now, what are you hearing from voters? >> reporter: yeah, kate, just under 300 at this particular polling station at 6:30 this morning. the truth is from just about eb, they are waiting for all of these ads to be gone they are glad election day is here. they have been in91 daundated w the history elections. there is pressure to win this election. it is seen as a kind of a bellwhether right now. i reported in politics for years, the fact i am here reporting on a tossup is astounding. look, early voting totals seems to favor the democrats. one, that happened in 2018 as well and dan mccready ended up losing by just under a thousand votes in that discredited
8:21 am
election to in north carolina, you can't count on someone being registered as a democrat necessarily meaning they will cast their vote for a democrat. you have a lot of older voters especially who have been democrats for a long time. so you called this unpredictable. it is coming down to the wire, which is indicative of why the president and the vice president, other members of the trump family have been here stumping for dan bishop so hard. he's run a campaign, very similar to donald trump's rhetoric. the ad versus mirrored what we have seen on a national scale in terms to have what they're trying to do there. so, kate, it's interesting to watch this play out here right now. voesers are ready for some representation. >> yeah, they're ready, maybe to get somebody working for them in washington. you spoke with dan bishop recently about the role of president trump is playing in this special election. what did he say? >> reporter: he did. we spoke actually at length that he found president trump to be a good leader. he was with him last night at that rally, with him at a rally
8:22 am
if greenville before. i this i that this, though, here, take a listen really sums up how he views their philosophies. >> reporter: in district 9, is a vote for dan bishop a vote for donald trump? >> i certainly will go to washington and work very aggressively to help president trump. >> reporter: kate, on the flipside there mccready, he has sort of avoided painting himself with any of the national democrats saying he prefers a moderate grass roots campaign that fits this district better. >> diians, let us see what happens as the voters continue to go to the polls. i really appreciate it. let's talk about this. joining me is the chairman of the democratic party, wayne goodman. thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> you obviously hope a democratic candidate wins today, if mccready does win what message does that send? >> that send a message that we want to move beyond the
8:23 am
divisiveness that a trump and bishop campaigns have brought to north carolina and to other states. the republicans and president trump are in panic mode. they won this district by 12 points in 2016. they were narrowly ahead by 900 votes before the last election was invalidated due to election fraud and polls show this election is now neck and neck. our democratic nominee dan mccready a marines that momentum and i think the message is that we are ready to move north carolina forward and enough with these name calling that trump and bishop have been doing against a very valiant honorable man dan mccready. >> on the flipside, then, if dan bishop wins, what does that then say the message is? what does that say about the strength of trump district? >> well, i don't believe dan bishop will win. if he does win, it will be an extremely close race on an election day that is out of the ordinary and that the republicans will have spent millions and millions of dollars
8:24 am
and trump and his family will have spent lots of time here trying to push bishop over the finish line. you've heard a moment ago in this interview where dan bishop said that a vote for him was a vote for donald trump. a vote for bishop is a vote for divisiveness, a vote for the types of things that are tearing this country apart. i think this race is a close race and dan mccready has the momentum to win the race. but either way the message will be sent that this is going to be a haringer, a barometer of 2020 and that democrats are fighting for every vote in every district and that it's going to be something as to watch here in the 9th district tonight and, of course independent coming months. >> so where donald trump says yesterday that he does not see this as a bellwhether, you do? >> i do. i do, indeed. i mean, again, trump had a 12-point lead in this district. just a couple years ago and now it's next and neck. it has to be a bellwhether and north carolina is a bellwhether state as it is.
8:25 am
it's going to be on the battleground in the presidential race. of course, it's rather telling in trump's rally yesterday, all he can talk about is seeing 2020 and his own race. >> that i think is, it ensures that he sees it as a barometer. whether he admits it or not. >> let me play some more of what the president said, about north carolina democrats, while he was in north carolina last night. >> tomorrow is your chance to send a clear message to the america-hating left. for the other side, i don't think they're big believers. they're not big believers in religion, i can dell you. a vote for a democrat in 2020 and any democrat tomorrow in north carolina is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and a destruction of the american dream. >> that's the president, that's what president trump had to say to north carolinaians last night. what do you sa i to him? >> well, that's a lot to unmake. but what i'll tell you is this
8:26 am
once again president trump is lying. he is using divisive rhetoric. he's calling a capitalist, dan mccready, who is a clean energy entrepreneur that's brought 700 jobs to north carolina a socialist. he is using buzz words. to call into question the faith of dan mccready to call into question any candidate, the patriotism of a marine in this race, i mean, nobody else in this race has vowed to serve overseas other than dan mcyeedy. it is offensive that we have trump, once again, calling names and trying to divide and distract. if dan bishop says a vote for him is a vote for donald trump, we don't feed that type of rhetoricing reflecting the 9th congressional district it's time to move on. i am strongly encouraging folks to exercise their right to vote and speak loudly at the ballot box in the 9th district today. >> voters say today and tonight. thanks so much, really
8:27 am
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much more information this morning on cnn's reporting about a cia spy inside the russian government and the secret mission to extract the asset in 2017, a move driven in part by concerns president trump and his administration repeatedly handled classified intelligence, russia is now responding. and new details about president trump's skepticism of using foreign assets at all, cnn anchor and chief correspondent jim scuitto, he was the first to break this story. he is here with details. jim, this reporting is really fascinating. what are you learning about the president's skepticism here? smr this is a part of the bigger picture here. the president has a hesitancy to use intelligence from sources inside foreign governments, foreign countries, including hostile countries, countries hostile to u.s. interests, for a
8:33 am
couple of reason, one, and by the way, this is based open people who have been in the room when president trump has expressed skepticism about such sources. based on a couple things, one, he believes it damages his personal relationship with foreign leaders, including the leaders of hostile countries. think of kim jong-un. think of vladimir putin. think of xi jinping. he believes it damages u.s. relationships with those countries. he also has a personal feeling i am told that you shouldn't trust source like this, these are people who are quote selling themself, selling their governments out, as one former senior intelligence official described to me. the problem with this is u.s. intelligence depends on such sources to figure out what countries hostile to the u.s. are doing today and might do to harm the u.s. in the future so it's a remarkable thing for a sitting u.s. president to say, i just don't want to go there with those sources. >> remarkable, yes.
8:34 am
but the president i guess attitude or position towards the intelligence community has long been an issue at large. >> no question. it has, we've seen it come out in public with consequence. this is a president who stood next to putin in helsinki and said i take his word that russia interfered in the 2016 u.s. presidential election. he has expressed doubts about u.s. intelligence assessments that north korea expands the nuclear program so far without bearing fruit. he has questioned u.s. intelligence assessmentes that iran was complying with the nuclear agreement before he withdrew, that's public testimony, gene haskell stood up on capitol hill and said russia is complying. have you those disagreement, which are consequencesh, they affect policies and positions of this government against its adversaries. then have you the other one, the open attacks on the cia, intel
8:35 am
actions calling them nazis or comparing them to nazis, intelligence official, this kind of thing beyond damaging the morale inside these agencies q3 creates questions and pits a sitting president against agencies whose job it is to help keep the country safe. >> this all comes under your really important reporting yesterday about the highly placed cia asset within the russian government and the secret mission to extract that asset in 2017. what more are you learning in. >> we are learning, these are details we initially did not report. although we knew them, once the "new york times" confirmed the extraction after our reporting and put out details how high level this source was, once those details were out in public, we are reporting those details. what we know is is a cia informant or asset or spy who had served and provided information to the u.s. more than a decade, so developed over the years and providing information over the years, had risen to the highest levels of the national security structure
8:36 am
in russia. that i have a nic-like body wooik like we do national security like structure and had such access to the russian president that this person was able to take photographs of presidential documents. it's that kind of information. imagine how important that is when you are trying to develop a picture of what vladimir putin wants to do and we know how important this intel was, it was intelligence drawn in part from this source that contributed to the 2017 assessment on russia's interference in the election, which found specifically that putin directed that interference. he did so not to just disrupt u.s. politics but to advantage trump over clinton. >> really amazing reporting. thank you. i really appreciate it. we'll be right back. ed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there.
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can't wait till i'm 65. a few more chairs, please. unitedhealthcare medicare complete plans, the only plans with the aarp name. free dental care and eye exams, and free designer eyewear. go ahead, take advantage. just into cnn, a sixth person has died from a lung disease that the tied to they believe ecigarettes. this time in kansas. that's on top of the previous deaths reported in california, illinois, indiana, minnesota and oregon. this also comes as the american medical association is now urging people to not use ecigarette products at all and
8:42 am
calling on the fda to speed up regulation on these same products. that's not all. cnn senior correspondent elizabeth cohen is tracking all of this these are not the only warnings coming out today about vaping products. what else are you learning? >> reporter: oh, kate, there have been so many warnings that have come out. let's start with what the ama is saying. it's quite unusual for this group to come out with a warning like this. the american medical association saying that vapeing is quote an urgent public health epidemic that needs to be addressed. and the ama is calling on the food and drug administration to ban flavors in ecigarettes. you probably have heard about these flavors, they're kind of candy and sweet and really attractive to kid. the ama is saying, look, we shouldn't be using these flavors, nobody should be using them, ecigarette companies should not be doing all this child-like marketing. it is clearly directed at children. so they're hoping this puts a stop to this. the reason for that is there
8:43 am
have been 450-some illnesses. the six deaths you mention, kate, these illnesses, these are not mild illnesses, some folks ends up in the intensive care unit on ventilators because they can't breathe on their own. before this illness, they were perfectly healthy, kate. >> what is the fda say sfg i know they are putting out a warning against juul i believe. what else is the fda saying about all this? >> reporter: right, the fda is saying just yesterday they wrote a letter to jewel, which is the big maker of ecigarettes saying, hey, you know, you've got to think about this marketing, we think that this could be illegal. we want to see your paperwork. it appears you are marketing this as something that is safer than regular cigarettes, which it's not. the fda is doing this on the heels of what the ama said. the cdc put out warnings. senator deck durbin urged the fda to get tougher, mayor bloomberg said the fda needs to
8:44 am
get tougher and wants to spend money trying to ban ecigarettes. there are a lot of people jumping on the band wagon, it's not just the ama, or the cdc or politicians. it's a chorus of people saying enough is enough. >> bloomberg is putting hisilli try to ban these flavored ecigarettes. she really taking this on like we have seen him take on other philanthropic causes. this is really interesting. it's a really interesting moment when it comes to this. another, again, most importantly, a sixth deficit just reported in kansas related to all of this. elset elizabe elizabeth, thank you, i appreciate it. benjamin netanyahu announcing plans to annex parts of the west bank if he wins re-election. that's next.
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benjamin netanyahu promised to claim sovereignty on the west bank. all of this banking, of course, on him getting reelected. that election is next week.
8:50 am
oren liebermann is here with more. oren, what are you hearing? >> when he built a dramatic announcement, he laid out a map, which is something he's never done before, and showed specific areas that he wants to annex. even earlier this month, he promised to pursue annexation but went about it quite vaguely. here's a map saying if he wins the election, if he gets a clear mandate from the public, he would pursue an annexation not only on the settlement blocks considered national territory but also jordan valley. the other part that made this completely new from netanyahu's concept was donald trump. he said donald trump was having an election, and he said, which do you want handling trump, netanyahu or somebody else, indicating that only netanyahu
8:51 am
can handle trump. remember back in april it was donald trump who recognized the goran heights. if he promised to annex the goran heights, this would be one thing he would do before this election. >> thank you, or or re oren, i appreciate it.
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this week to block offshore drilling in places like the arctic national wildlife refuge in alaska, something that was blocked by the obama administration and rolled back then by the trump administration. this comes as alaska is already seeing some dramatic environmental changes there, shattering record high temperatures over the summer. cnn chief climate correspondent bill weir traveled there to find out why that is raising so many red flags for scientists. >> take a trip across alaska this summer from the iceless north to the smoky south, and you'll see when it comes to alarming changes, the alaskan frontier is first in line. >> this is insane. >> fires used to end on august 1st, but it's so warm and dry that the fire has been burning
8:57 am
for nearly three months. and the most popular part of the state is swallowing more smoke than ever before. >> if you look at the actual observations, we've had twice as many smoky hours in 2019 than any other season, and in fact, almost as many as all other years combined. >> and when anchorage is hotter than key west on the fourth of july, it can turn the steady drip of a glacier into something much more dramatic. that was an event last month at the spencer glacier, just one of a dozens of melting red flags. >> this whole lake was -- there was no lake in the early 1950s. >> really. so the ice went all the way down -- >> to the end of the lake. >> -- to the end of the lake down there. >> right. >> a recent study found that since the 1960s, alaska has lost more sea life than greenland,
8:58 am
iceland or any other part fortunate world. >> this is not just a changing alaska landscape story. this is a miami story. this is a charleston and san francisco bay story. >> once this water melts off and goes into the ocean, as long as we have all this carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it's not coming back here. >> health scientists like michael hahn are equally worried about changes harder to see, like new kind of ticks bringing new kinds of disease north. and when dr. jermaine studied insect bite trend since the '90, he found that way up in the arctic circle, stings from yellow jacket watches jumped 65% over five years. >> so the queens are having a severe impact with the weather, so they're surviving. >> then there are fish so vital to this economy. while he saw another epic salmon run, more and more streams are just too hot for the fish to
8:59 am
spawn. >> the temperatures we saw this summer were what we expected for 2069. >> really. >> we're 50 years ahead of where we thought we would be for extreme temperatures. so that's very alarming. >> meanwhile, out at sea, this research team from noa is seeing climate change, including those at the bottom of the food chain. >> they're taking toxins from the water for harmful algae. >> they're coming up farther north, right? >> and sooner, maybe, yeah. that's a big concern for the communities because that's food safety. >> this state is such a gorgeous reminder of how earth's goldilocks climate held so many forms of life together in harmony. but in a too hot future with more fire than ice, what comes next is anyone's guess. september is blessedly bringing more moisture thanks to fire crews up there, but that
9:00 am
one fire less than 50% contained. it's not as dense. the population is california, obviously, so they can let those areas burn, but it is freaking people out. >> as it should be. the video you brought is amazing. thanks so much, bill. we'll continue covering it because you are spearheading it. thank you so much for joining me. "inside politics" with john king starts right now. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. dramatic breaking news just as we begin the hour. the president of the united states announcing on twitter his national security adviser john bolton is leaving. you see the tweet from the president right there. i asked john for his resignation which was give tn to me this morning. i thank john for his service. ilbe naming a new security adviser this week. there have long been tensions between the president and his security adviser, long been tensions between the president and the


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