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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 11, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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we appreciate you joini ining u >> thank you. that is it for me. "newsroom with brooke baldwin" starts right now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news -- brianna, thank you so much. i'm brooke baldwin, thank you for being with me. you're watching cnn. the president making a flurry of headlines on everything from vaping to john bolton to guns. let's start with vaping, as illnesses and deaths possibly linked to e-cigarettes are on the rise across america, the trump administration looking to ban flavored e-cigarettes. >> vaping has become a very big business, as i understand it, like a giant business in a very short period of time, but we can't allow people to get sick and we can't have our youth be so affected, but people are dieing with vaping. so we're looking at it very
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closely, and, you know if nothing else this is a conference that will let people know about it because people will watch what we're saying and parents will be a lot tougher with respect to their children. >> the president also spoke about the dramatic departure of his third national security adviser john bolton saying that bolton made mistakes and had trouble getting along with others. >> frankly, he wanted to do things, not necessarily tougher than me. john's known as a tough guy. he's so tough he got us into iraq. that's tough. and -- but he's somebody that i actually had a very good relationship with, but he wasn't getting along with people in the administration that i consider very important, and i hope we -- we've left in good stead, but may we haven't. maybe we haven't. i have to run the country the way here running the country. we're doing very well. we're respected all over the world again. >> straight to our cnn white house correspondent kaitlan
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collins and on his comments onoa tough guy and then totally threw him under the the former nation security adviser in there, too, made 16 months ago in the president's eyes through those negotiations with north korea about denuclearization into a mess. something the president brought up repeatedly in the oval office today. >> but we were set back very badly when john bolton talked about the libyan model, and he made a mistake. and as soon as he mentioned that the libyan model, what a disaster. take a look at what happened to gadhafi with the libya model, and he's using that to make a deal with north korea, and i don't blame kim jong-un for what he said after that, and he wanted nothing to do with john bolton. and that's not a question of being tough. that's a question of being not smart to say something like that.
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>> reporter: so, brooke, talking about the north korean the highly fended and critical and the president was talking about it was overthrown and killed a few years after agreeing to abandon his nuclear ambitions but he made that statement last april and the president kept him around. the president did not accompany him when he visited the denuclearized zone but the president clearly irked by the comments made when he was the national security adviser. >> move off bolton. he also made news on the controversy surrounding the noaa statement, repudiating those scientists who contradicted trump on the whole dorian forecast, a/k/a sharpiegate. what did he say? >> reporter: not long before that oval office meeting the "new york times" reported the president's chief of staff mick
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mulvaney called wilbur ross and needed them to get noaa to issue the statement rebuking their own national weather service's fracting thfract i forecasts that noaa would not be impacting alabama in any way. that came after the president was furious rebuked, widely rebuked after claimed alabama would be in the path of the storm, long after forecasts assured people in alabama, no, the state would not be affected by that storm. >> kaitlan, thank you very much for the updates from the white house. going back to the headline from the president on vaping. as trump says his administration will look to ban flavored e-cigarettes and the american lung association joined a host of agencies urging people especially teenagers to stop using them. there have now been at least six deaths and hundreds of cases of lung illness possibly linked to vaping. erica sward, assistant vice president of national advocacy
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for the national lung association is with me. thank you so much. i mean, you just heard the president. that's significant news. your reaction to that? >> absolutely. the american lug association welcomes the president's announcement about the plan to remove all flavored e-cigarettes from the marketplace. the one association that's been calling on congress and fda to remove all flavored tobacco products from the marketplace, because we know that the only reason these candy and fruit flavors are out there is to attract kids and make the poison go down more smoothly. >> how did we even get here? if e-cigarettes are that dangerous, how did they even get approved for sale? >> well, they haven't been aproorch approved and that's something most people don't realize. they came on the market about a decade ago, imported online from china, and from there they were pretty much allowed to remain on the market as we waited for fda to take action on them.
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it took both the obama and the trump administrations a long time to do that. in the meantime, we saw companies making claims that were unproven left and right and a whole other generation of kids getting addicted to tobacco as a result. >> okay. why this warning just to go cold turkey and why did it take so long to sound the alarm? >> the american lung association has been sounding the alarm for a long time and we're so thankful to hear the president's announcement and really look forward to reading details about the guidance, but the american lung association wants to urge everyone not to use e-cigarettes. if you are trying to quit smoking for good, we want you to use something that has been approved by the fda, and the lung association can help you quit. as can 1-800-quit-now. it's important to recognize and for parents and for schools to recognize that they need to talk to kids about the dangers of these products. it is simply not safe to inhale
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these chemicals into your lungs, whether it's a nicotine or a thc or cbt compound. you only want to inhale clean air into your lungs. >> hmm. what, then, should doctors be discussing with their patients about the use of e-cigarettes? should people who vape who haven't had any problems get checked out? what's your recommendation? >> clearly if anyone is having symptoms, shortness of breath or chest pain in some cases g.i. symptoms immediately talk to their before, but if it's severe enough they should go to the emergency room right away. but people should also talk to their providers about what they might do to end their use of all e-cigarettes, and it's important that especially as we continue to wait for the state and local health departments and cdc to make the determination about
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what is sickening people in this kind of current outbreak, that no one use e-cigarettes, and it's also important for fda to regulate these products moving forward, and to remove them from the marketplace until they have gn through fda review. >> okay. erika sward, thank you so much. for joining me. >> thank you. >> every day you wake up a new vaping story there. moving on before their debate, joe biden's campaign taking shots at elizabeth warren and all of her plans. plus -- one republican senator has been quiet for months after openly criticizing the president and now the president just endorsed him. so much to talk about. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. e dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum.
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breaking news in the trial of a woman accused of intruding at mar-a-lago, the presidential resort. a verdict reached. the verdict which is -- >> guilty, two counts. bizarre trial only lasted about two days, but here's what she basically did and what the jury found her guilty are.
11:14 am
trespassing on mar-a-lago considered and area because of the president and his family goes there, so protected by secret service so it's a federal charge of trespassing and also when fbi, the actual secret service agents questioned what she was doing on the property, the jury found she lied about why she was there. >> didn't she get past the front desk? >> yes. past the receptionist, there for a pool day they thought. she use add name that matched someone else that belonged to the club and then when she got to the second set of screeners, secret service agents and officers there began noticing strange behavior from her. she was wearing what they called an evening dress basically. it was 1:00 in the afternoon. >> to go to the pool. >> to go to the pool. a lot of bizarre behavior. what's been most interesting about this i think, we really don't know much about her. the government has chosen not to bring any kind of evidence into the case to really explain what she was doing there. they filed some evidence under seal leading certainly some to suspect she perhaps may have been a spy there operating on
11:15 am
behalf of the chinese government, because some of the things that the government sealed, they now have under seal at evidence, the judge and the government said, well, it's because of national security interests we need to not make some of this public, strategically, the government did not charge her of any crimee evidence how they obtained information about her and what she was doing there. keep in mind, in her hotel room, staying at a local hotel room found about $8,000 in cash and spy equipment. actually found a gadget, a device, that can detect hidden cameras. of course, raised all sorts of questions. >> so bizarre. >> she chose to represent herself. had an interpreter. barely asked any questions. she didn't even do a closing argument. so certainly not a very difficult case for prosecutors to present. this jury started deliberating
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at 9:30 this morning and 1:30 just as they got their lunch, right after lunch, came back with a verdict. i still think there's a lot of questions here that need to be answered about who she is, but clearly the government choosing not to get into that for probably very specific reasons here. >> okay. i think we'll hear more about her from you. thank you very much for the update there. he is one of the nfl's biggest and most controversial stars and now patriots' antonio brown accused of rape. those details, next. you don't live in one corner... ...fragrance shouldn't either. air wick's new technology releases fragrance upwards and outwards, unlike glade. so now you can fill every corner with fragrance. upgrade to air wick.
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all right. tomorrow evening may be the third democratic debate for president, but offers a first for the 2020 race, because the two front-runners, joe biden and elizabeth warren, will be facing off standing side-by-side. so this is the podium positioning on your screen. former vice president a showing some of his cards in these hours ahead of this ten-candidate event in houston, texas. biden advise other said, "i expect you'll see biden echo an important point made during last week's climate forum. we need more than plans pap presidepap" that comment appears to be a bit of a strike against senator warren's known strategy of having a plan for just about every policy issue and the massachusetts senator gave a
11:22 am
preview how she'll counter biden after asked about biden saying, we need more plans." this is her response. >> well, i think that we start with a plan, and then we get out there and fight for it. to me, that's what being president is all about. it's about laying those plans out and showing the direction for this country, and then getting in the fight, leading the fight and bringing people along. >> in the meantime, two other competitors may have start add deba debate on their own. discovered they were on the same flight. buttigieg tweeted, very funny, and the debate begins. good sitting by you, pete buttigieg, to be on that flight. and our plit director would have totally geeked out, is geeking out, the fact they'll stand next
11:23 am
to each other tomorrow night. biden is taking her on and we need more than plans. is that a risky strategy because there's a lot of love for elizabeth warren and her plans? >> it's more than taking on she has a plan for everything. two other candidates on either side. sanders and warren, he has to contend with. what is clear if you heard him at the climate change, hear what strategists saying he wants to make the point he is going to also offer progressive solutions that can also get passed. the contrast he wants to draw. says having plans in not enough, you have to be able to enact them. the contrast, you heard elizabeth warren statement there, fight, fight. i want to be a fighter. a fighter. like an energy contrast she's trying to draw with joe biden is how i see it. she wants to show this constant desire to be in the fight to actually enact those plans. his point is, we can't just be pie in the sky. right? we have to put forward stuff we can actually get across.
11:24 am
>> the contrast to watch for tomorrow night. new polls sure to give a tailwind to democrats. throw them up on the screen. 0 percen 60% of voters don't think trump deserves re-election. good news not just for biden. tell me about this. >> 60% number is chilling for trump folks and astonishing, because it's remarkably consistent over the last couple years in polling. look back two years ago, that's where donald trump was. he's not, hasn't solved that problem yet to get to where majority of the country wants a second trump term. but you're right. the "washington post, be po abc news poll matched up, four of the five bested him in numbers and joe biden gets another credential here to be able to sell the democratic voters, which is he beats trump in this poll 55/40. not that that's what the election will be 14 months from now. not what the poll is, but for
11:25 am
joe biden to say now to democrats i am the safest choice to defeat donald trump and i know that's priority number one for you, but i think it's also while you hear the likes of cory booker and elizabeth warren telling democrats don't go with the safe choice. that won't create the energy we need at democrats to defeat donald trump. a divide we see playing out on the campaign trail. >> david chalian, thank you for setting that up. to this, aliso milano, senator ted cruz in the same room talking about guns. talk with a father in the room also who lost his daughter in parkland. and one of the nfl's biggest and most controversial stars now accused of rape. what antonio brown's camp is saying about that. thanks to priceline working with top airlines to turn their unsold seats into amazing deals,
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headlines for the nfl not so good. star wide receiver antonio brown facing rape and sexual assault allegations after a federal lawsuit is filed in florida late tuesday. britney taylor a woman who went to college with brown later worked as his trainer alleges that brown sexually assaulted her not once but twice, first in june of 2017 and raped her in may of 2018. brown's attorney says his client denies "each and every allegation in this lawsuit, and his agent talked to espn" just a short time ago. >> antonio and i both strongly believe that these allegations are very serious. in no way do we condone any type of illegal conduct, misbehavior.
11:31 am
none of that happened here. >> okay. in light of all the turmoil surrounding antonio brown -- >> i'll repeat -- >> jason carroll is cnn's national correspondent outside of the stadium there in foxborough, massachusetts. jason, we know brown just signed with the pats after a drama-filled 48 hours and we know coach bill belichick talked about this earlier. what did he say? >> reporter: he did. at first we should point out, brooke, brown for his part, antonio brown, was actually out at practice today. the patriots are saying, look, taking this one day at a time. it's clear at this point that brown's future with the team is uncertain. simply because the patriots again are waiting to see about this outcome of this investigation that the league is doing and they said they're taking these allegations very seriously, but bill belichick as you know is a man of very little words and today no exception when we tried to press him more about these allegations his star
11:32 am
white risher is facing basically here's what he had to say. >> first of all, with antonio brown what has he said to you? >> i'm done with that. okay? anything else on miami? any other questions? >> can you explain being done with it? trying to find out if he said anything to you about the allegations? >> i just answered that question. >> i don't actually think you did. >> actually i didid. >> wow. >> reporter: britney taylor saying that -- antonio brown sexually assaulted her in 2017. raped her allegedly she said in 2018. she released a statement that says in part she kept this to herself for a long period of time because she says of the shame she faced. she turned to her religion, was finally able to come forward. she says speaking out removes the shame i have felt for the
11:33 am
past year, and places it on the person responsible for my rape. also you've heard from the antonio brown camp, and they are denying all of these allegations, basically you heard from his agent there who says this is a money grab. that's why he says this civil suit is being filed at this time. we have a statement from brown's attorney which says in part mr. brown denies each and every allegation in the lawsuit. he will pursue all legal remedies to not only clear his name but also protect other professional athletes against false accusations. his attorney, brooke, leaves open the possibility that he might countersue. so this might turn into a he said/she said. meantime, you have antonio brown back out on the field but, again, his future with the patriots very uncertain. >> all right. jason, thank you very much, and for trying to get something out of belichick there as well. antonio brown's road to the patriots hasn't exactly been the
11:34 am
smoothest. brown just signed with new england on saturday after being released by the oakland raiders following what can only be described as a tumultuous off-season. we even had to make a full sdreen fit it all in. right? helmet disputes, fines by the team, confrontations and aid apologies. what do they do now? cut him, suspend him, play him. a sports columnist, wrote an opinion piece. antonio brown is becoming the worst thing to happen to the nfl's 100th season. incredibly serious allegations not likely to go away soon. what is the next move for the patriots? >> reporter: they're kind nf a holding pattern, brooke. there's not a lot they can do until the nfl investigation is complete. one of the things i thought most telling, when rosenhaus, his agent spoke today, already in touch with the nflpa, players association, union.
11:35 am
they would file a grievance if they suspend or patriots try to cut brown. trying to send a message that no action can be taken immediately, and nothing can be done unless there is an investigation already done. >> do you think, do you have any idea, if the steelers, the raiders, the pats knew anything about this ahead of time? >> that's a really good question. rosenhaus was asked that and so was bill belichick. neither would answer it, which given the -- you know, the history of both of these guys, whether it's rosenhaus or bill belichick and the patriots, they don't do anything without having a lot of forethought. i would be surprised that they didn't know about it. like i said, telling to me neither would answer that question. >> uh-huh. the league had big plans for the 100th season. now roger goodell, commissioner, needs to be ready to answer some of these tough questions. how is the league likely to respond? >> reporter: well, they said they are going to investigate the allegations and the lawsuits, and when that is done,
11:36 am
and britney has said she would cooperate with this investigation. so they can't do anything and won't do anything until that investigation is done which will be several weeks from now, but anywhere roger goodell goes, anything, you know, any kind of display they try and make with the 100th anniversary this is hanging over them and not going away anytime soon. >> as it hangs and as they're investigating, belichick just said that brown is supposed to practice with the team. there is a game sunday. right? against miami. does he play? >> reporter: that's a great question. i think unless the nfl comes out says they'll put him on the commissioner's exempt list, an option, i don't know they have any choice not to, any choice but to play him unless they would less him dress and just not use him, but bill belichick has not really cared about propriety or image or anything like that in the past and i don't think he's going to change right now. >> thank you very much.
11:37 am
this just in to us here at cnn. iconic oil man and energy executive t. boone pickens has died. a family spokesman says he was surrounded by friends and family and died of natural causes according to at family spokesman. pickens is best known as an investor of oil and natural gas but gained fame for corporate rating making bids for gulf oil, phillips petroleum and unocal and made a name back in 2008 calling for a shift away from oil by increasing use of wind power and natural gas. pickens isy five children and he was 91 years of age. president trump is planning a crackdown on homelessness, but the foc now is just on california. a look at the situation on the streets as the white house team pays a visit. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
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aag is working to make your retireme... better. don't wait. get your info kit now! the trump administration showing signs it may get involved in california's growing homeless crisis. the white house sent a team to los angeles on whether calling a fact-finding mission in the area of skid row. the move comes in the midst ap long standing rocky relationship between trump and californian officials. president criticized the state's homeless crisis in the past calling it "disgusting" and "a disgrace to the country." what are you hearing from local officials about this white house mission? >> reporter: well, hi, brooke. first of all what you see here
11:44 am
on the streets behind me in san francisco is a common sight. tents here in the middle of the sidewalk. brooke, i have to tell you, chronicling this homeless issue many months and spent time with a person who's been documenting the issue including images up on this twitter feed. you see is disturbing and took us on a neighborhood tour. it's home to some of the biggest companies in the world. take a look. >> what was once just a microcosm in a small area has spread tremendously. >> reporter: we're on the streets of a san francisco neighborhood called soma, short for south of market, toke to tech giants lie uber, google. for a few years, adam, a local restaurant owner documenting the city's homelessness problem. >> reporter: it doesn't feel like we're in america right now? >> it's like third-world
11:45 am
squalor. >> reporter: it's a problem spiraling out of control not just in san francisco but in california. in los angeles tents line entire city blocks. numbers are staggering. nearly 60,000 homeless in l.a. county. a 12% rise in just one year. >> everywhere i go people are outraged, they're angry about what's happened or not happening on the streets. it's no longer a coastal issue. it is defining the state of california. >> reporter: no matter when locale you hear about the same problems. skyrocketing rents, not enough shelter beds or mental health services and rampant drug use exacerbated by the nation's opioid addiction. >> how many times a day are you shooting up? >> on a good day -- actually, no. on a good day, less times probably than on a bad day. >> reporter: back in san francisco, these images shot directly next to one of the most well-known courthouses. the ninth circuit court of appeals. fresh data revealing the
11:46 am
homeless population spiked 30% since 2017. >> we see so much foipoverty an suffering and death on our streets. we have the means to be able to help people but don't have the political will. >> reporter: the san francisco marp elected last year made tackling homelessness her signature issue. she's added more than 400 beds, helped 1,600 people exit homelessness and cracked down on tent encampments but resident, tourists and work woulders alike continue to see the problems daily. >> you see it more because it's in areas where a lot of people walk, a lot of people catch public transportation. you see it more, because it's in the center of the city. it's downtown. it's in union plaza, in mid-market. you see it a lot more because it's right in your face. >> reporter: indicative of the times she's had to install a
11:47 am
dedicated team to clean up human waste. adam who helps many people he encounters with food a few bucks or just conversation says he's embarrassed to have his out of town relatives come for a visit. >> it's one thing on television. one thing in the movies. but this is real life. and real life san francisco, the streets are really, really tough. really tough right now. >> reporter: and, brooke, you asked how local leaders feel about what the president has been saying. i have to tell one issue defining the problem they're in agreement, because everyone agrees the problems on the streets, it just simply is appalling and the problem is getting worse. for every person they get into supportive housing another three wind up on the street. a catch 22 and feels unsolvable. everybody tells you comes down to housing. it's just too expensive to live here. get this. one median apartment, median
11:48 am
prirs, $3,500 just to get a roof over your head. you haven't got an meal or any food or clothing. it's just a terrible problem. so the price for real estate has to come down. brooke? >> yeah, well california talking about it, the white house should talk about it and glad you're talking about it, dan simons. thank you so much for that story. appreciate it. back to more of our breaking news this afternoon. the president making news on a variety of topics today to including what he plans to do about the vaping crisis in our country. and what he really thinks of john bolton. plus -- one of the smallest survivors of hurricane dorian joins me with his mom. the story behind this precious preschool group hug and what it meant to a family dealing with disaster. billions of mouths.
11:49 am
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11:53 am
in the wake of a natural disaster it's hard to know what to say to the people who went through it, to console someone who lost everything, to ask them what they saw, what they experienced. well, leave it to a group of preschoolers to show us how it's done. >> we miss you! >> oh. >> i'm meting.
11:54 am
this is 3-year-old mekhi simmons overcome with emotion as his classmates welcome him back to school after surviving hurricane dorian. he was visiting family in the bahamas when the hurricane hit so little mekhi and his mom join me now and so takara hi, mekhi doesn't have an earpiece, but tell him hi. >> hi. >> i'm going to try to keep it together here. but the hug moment. the hug moment. you you were taking that video. what did that mean for you? >> that moment was a really special moment for me. hold on, mekhi, they're talking to us. really special to me because you know the kids just came and jumped up and came to mekhi and they wanted to hug him and make him feel so supported. after everything he went through, you know, as a mom, that really warmed my heart bought i'm like, this is my son
11:55 am
and after knowing what he went through, such a traumatic experience. those kids showing him so much love and emotion that really touched me. it touched my heart. >> and i don't know if mekhi is still with us or moving and grooving to something else, obviously, way more -- >> come on. come on. >> can we try to pull him back up and do this on live tv. can you just ask him, why, what they meant for him when his little friends were hugging him? >> mekhi, come on. sit in your chair. they asked you, how did you feel when your friends hug and you? how did you feel? you felt good. come on. oh, my gosh. mekhi, the people are talking to you. come on. see? look. remember they're speaking with you. are you okay? you're good. >> yes. >> what did your friends do when you came -- hmm? they hugged you up? >> they hucked me up.
11:56 am
>> all of your friends. >> well -- >> that was good. right? >> you grew up in the bahamas. you go there as often as you can to see family. you were there labor day weekend thinking maybe a nice time and obviously dorian hit and i know you lived through some storms before. tell us -- >> correct. yes, that's right. >> thank you, mekhi. i'm melting inside. can you just talk about -- surviving through this and how you managed to comfort mekhi through such a terrifying or deal? >> yeah. dorian was absolutely horrifying. a very terrifying storm. you know, as a mom, even as an adult it was really scary for me and i had my 3-year-old there who's never seen anything so destructive as that storm and i'm like, you know, i have to try and comfort him as a mom and because he's thinking that the storm is literally, like, a monster. that was the problem. he thought the storm was like a
11:57 am
monster. i'm trying to hold him. he's saying, mommy, i'm so scared i'm keeping him under my arm and keep him near me i never knew when i would have to get up and run with my child. i couldn't sleep well because i had no idea when mekhi and i would have to evacuate. really scary for me. >> what looks like a batman t-shirt, tells me he likes superheroes. >> loves superheroes. >> when it was happening, he had to put on a life vest. and it felt like. >> yes. out an a life vest. >> he wanted to go help people? >> yes. mekhi loves superheroes especially spider-man and put on a life vest. right? you put on a life vest? . to save the children. >> yes. he put on a life vest to save the children. >> yes. >> to save the children. >> what he wanted to do. his first thing. the first thing that came to his mind. he wanted to save the kids because he knew what happened, knew what was going on. i spoke to him. mekhi is a very smart kid and
11:58 am
understood something terrible was going on and people needed help. his first instinct, be a superhero. i've got to save the children. >> i want to end with that and i'm so grateful to you and thank mekhi. obviously there is way more important things happening in that studio than little me. i appreciate it. glad you're okay. glad you're family's okay, seriously. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank mekhi. >> yes. say bye, say bye, mekhi. thank you. >> bye. we'll continue on. you are watching cnn. top of the hour. president trump is making move togs curve what the first lady called the growing epidemic of teen vaping. moments ago the president said his administration will propose banning some flavored e-cigarettes. >> vaping has become a very big business as i understand it, like a giant business in a very short period of time, were ut we can't allow people to get sick and we can't have our youth be
11:59 am
so affected, but people are dieing with vaping. so we're looking at a very closely and if nothing else, this is a conference that's going to let people know about it, because people are going to watch what we're saying and parents are going to be a lot tougher with respect to their children there have been at least six deaths, and hundreds of cases of lung illnesses possibly linked to vaping. several top medical groups are calling on people to stop using any and all e-cigarettes until the fda can figure out why and how this outbreak is happening. elizabeth cohen is our medical correspondent here at cnn. elizabeth, the white house saysed fda will put out guidelines? >> basically say look, we're going to ban our flavored e-cigarettes except for tobacco flavor. only candy-ish and fruity flavors, those will be banned. it will take a couple of weeks maybe a little longer to put this in process but that what's
12:00 pm
going to happen. there's another step in this that anti-tobacco advocates are a little concerned about. they made it clear after their taken off the market, companies like juul can apply to put them back on the market. so there is some concern about this, and activists are saying, advocates saying can we just make it clear that those applications will be deniedenie? just make it clear those applications will be denied and hoping that the administration does that. they don't want to see those applications approved. >> if this is so dangerous, i heard you mentioned the flavored e-cigarettes. why not ban all of them? why some are okay and some are not? >> right. this actually has to do with the histories of e-cigarettes. it really came about as way for people to stop smoking regular cigarettes. it was a way for people to sort of taper off. for many people it's actually been a very effective tool. the thinking