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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  September 12, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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much. top of the hour, good morning, everyone, i'm poppy har allow. >> -- poppy harlow. >> and i'm jim sciutto. we are learning this morning that some of the democratic members on the committee have drawn up a list of possible charges against the president, crucially including obstruction of justice. >> outside that committee, the argument is not necessarily over the charges, it's actually over what to call the process itself. is it impeachment or oversight or some combination of both. >> our national correspondent manu raju on capitol hill, nadler was clear this morning saying i'm done with talking about what this is and what it isn't. >> yeah, he said we are conducting an investigation to determine whether or not to impeach the president of the united states. call it what you want, but the ultimate outcome could be recommending impeaching this president and just moments ago, they finished voting on this
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resolution, setting the ground rules for this investigation. this resolution was adopted by this committee by a 24-17 party line vote after two hours of acrimonious debate, where republicans criticized democrats with what they said were changing the rules in the middle of the game, and not saying they were in an impeachment inquiry, a number of democrats say that is exactly what they're doing, conducting formal impeachment proceedings. now, some of the democratic leaders, however, have not quite aware if jerry nadler, has been, saying that they're just simply doing an ongoing investigation of matters that they have been looking into, such as potential obstruction of justice. i talked to one member of the committee, steve cohen earlier who told me this could have implications, even though he says the ultimate recommendation could be impeachment. take a listen. what do you think the democratic
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leadership cannot say they are conducting an impeachment inquiry right now? >> i have no idea. what i'm interested in is the facts that would be brought out by hearings, facts that the grand jury testimony has, that's where the meat and potatoes are in this mueller report. >> reporter: wouldn't it be helpful if everybody was on the same page and calling it the same thing? >> probably. but it's hard to get, you know, 235 people to call anything the same thing. >> reporter: now, we're still waiting for the chairman of the committee to come out, jerry nadler, we'll see if he addresses reporters, which is why i'm looking over in the corner, watching his door, to see if he comes out. he has made it clear, if he wants to make a decision about whether or not to move forward on impeachment by the end of the year, the question ultimately will be with the leadership, will they decide to go ahead, but a significant move just moments ago, voting on a party line vote to set the ground rules of this investigation. this investigation now can must have forward and the -- move
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forward and the chairman has the authority, and impeachment hearings, we can see that happen next week. according to lieuen dough sewan. >> i'm joined now by california democratic congressman, john, thank you so much for joining us today. first question in the simplest terms for folks watching at home. is there a formal impeachment inquiry of the president? >> absolutely. that's exactly what they did. however you want to take it, we are now in a formal process. that's extremely important, as i see it, because that gives standing together information. makes it very difficult to stone wall because we are doing our constitutional responsibility moving down, determining whether there are facts that would lead to an impeachment vote sometime later next year. it's very very important in my mind, it is the standing that we
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now have under the constitution to proceed to investigate. >> you know as well as i do, however, that one, there's not large public support for impeachment of this president, even among people who do not support the president, and two, you have republican control of the senate, so even if you got an impeachment through the house in terms of conviction, of course taken up in the senate, you need 2/3 vote, ain't going to happen. so why do this so close to the 2020 election when you have a chance to remove the president at the ballot box. >> because there's been wrong doing. right now i just left a meeting with the acting secretary of the air force talking about prestwick, the airport in scotland, that we have seen an incredible threefold increase in the number of times the air force has used that facility right next to the trump golf course there, now 245 times this year, in the last eight months, why, how did that happen when
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before it was maybe 50 times. so there's all kinds of questions out there about the corruption with this man and with his administration to say nothing of the mueller report which in and of itself has plenty of reasons to move forward with an impeachment inquiry. bottom line is we have a task to do here. we have a corrupt president. we need to get those facts out there, whether it involves ultimately an impeachment vote in the house, or a trial in the senate. that's down the road. we need to lay out those facts. that's our responsibility. we must do that. on the armed services committee, we are proceeding with the prestwick thing, together with the oversight committee. >> and we'll continue to ask for updates on that story. i want to ask about another issue, it is gun legislation. president trump has said he spokes with senators murphy, toomey, manchin, about the idea of background checks. the president has reversed himself on a host of gun control
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measures. do you trust the president to get definitively behind substantial gun control legislation? >> i trust the members of congress and the senate to do what is necessary to protect americans. we absolutely have to have these measures, just as simple as they are about background checks, eliminate the loopholes, deal with the issues at gun shows and on and on. that's our responsibility. the president ultimately can decide whether to sign the bill or not. each and every one of us have the courage, it would be nice to have the president along, but frankly you can't count on him. >> beyond the president, it would require gop lawmakers to do something they loathe to do to stand up to the nra which opposes universal background checks. do you believe your republican colleagues in the house, and across the way in the senate will do so? >> i just mentioned courage, didn't i? didn't i just mention the responsibility that we have to
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protect americans. i would hope that every sing one of us, democrat, republican and an independent, would stand up and say i am going to protect americans. i am at least going to provide a vote for background checks. all of the loopholes, get those out of the way, and it seems to me it doesn't take much courage to do that, but for some, that may be a substantial leap for them. >> yeah, the president is a shortage of courage on this particular issue. i want to talk to you about the president, his now outgoing or gone, national security adviser, john bolton, a remarkable moment in the oval office, the president indicated that because the north korean leader, kim jong un, did not like john bolton, that seemed to be a factor in his decision. tell us the significance of a president seemingly taking the preference of a hostile foreign leader for such a senior role. >> yeah and one of the most
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egregious leaders in the world. a man that has no problem killing most of his relatives. i do not understand the love affair with kim jong un. he uses the word i'm in love with him. what's going on here. this is craziness. who knows what's going to happen here. the reality is north korea is a very serious problem to the united states as well as to the neighbors and certainly to south korea. we've seen north korea continue to despite the love affair that trump has with kim jong un. we see north korea continue to shoot off missiles more and more sophisticated missiles despite the love affair that the president has with kim jong un. this is a bad relationship. >> final question, if i can ask you, cnn is reporting that the night before bolton was fired, he and trump got into a heated argument specifically over the president's invitation of the
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taliban to camp david as part of a larger negotiation on u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan. based on what you know of the administration's withdrawal plan, does that look to you like a capitulation? >> it looks to me like an incomplete negotiation. first of all, i never understood why the negotiations did not include the legitimate afghan government. they were on the sidelines. it seems to me there's no way you can have a successful negotiation when one of the key partners is not at the table. nonetheless, that's where this president had been going. the notion of inviting the taliban to camp david is absolutely beyond belief. if the president was responsible for that invitation, thankfully bolton had a very short conversation and said, this is the wrong thing to do. if the president backed down, all the better. bad idea, never should have happened in the first place. hopefully, the negotiations are absolutely essential. hopefully they'll move forward
7:10 am
in a more productive way that will ultimately lead to a situation where afghanistan no longer needs to have american troops. i suspect that will be a long long time for now, but nonetheless, those negotiations between the taliban, the afghan government and the united states and also the surrounding countries, is essential, it must go forward. >> congressman john garamendi, thank you very much for taking the time this morning. >> thank you very much. later today, president trump heads to baltimore to speak at a retreat for house gop members. >> it's his first visit to that city since calling it, and i goat, disgust -- quote, disgusting rat infested mess. at the white house with more. not expecting the warmest welcome, maybe by everyone there. >> probably not, poppy, there's a lot of chatter on social media that there might be some protests and you're right, the quote about a rat and rodent infested mess in baltimore did
7:11 am
not endear the president to the residents of baltimore, but when you think about it, the president's criticisms are also very much about congressman elijah cummings, the chairman of the house oversight committee. now, he of course is conducting investigations into the president, so all of that mixes up into one ball, and what you have is the president going up there for a republican retreat, nothing, in fact, having to do with the city of baltimore proper, and the question of course will be what kind of reception he gets. >> as you know, joe, the administration got a major win from the supreme court when it comes to asylum seekers, denying a stay. the administration's measures can go into effect. how significant? >> it's significant for a couple of reasons. the administration can put in its rule that says if you come through a third country, the united states can block you from entering the united states for purposes of asylum, but there's
7:12 am
another piece of this flying under the radar. that's a procedural piece. of course the administration, particularly the attorney general, has been very much up front in the idea of nationwide injunctions against their immigration policies and why, in their view, those things need to be stopped or need to be curtailed, so the question, when you look at this is whether the united states supreme court decided, with some descent from justice sonia sotomayor, whether it was a good idea to go in and step in, essentially on the side of the justice department. back to you. >> john, thank you very much. still to come this hour, joe biden and elizabeth warren will come face-to-face tonight for the first time in round three of the democratic presidential debate. exactly what's at stake, what can we expect to see, we're going to discuss. also, look at the devastate, that is great abaco in the
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bahamas, 2,500 people are now reported missing since hurricane dorian devastated that country. many survivors say they are still desperate for help. we'll take you live there again in a minute, but let's listen to the house judiciary committee chairman, democratic congressman jerry nadler of new york. he has just come out of the committee room. looks like he's going to speak to reporters about impeachment. >> this morning the judiciary committee adopted amended procedures to enable us to more effectively carry on the investigation that we're involved with. this investigation will allow us to determine whether to recommend articles of impeachment with respect to president trump. some call this process an impeachment inquiry. some call it an impeachment investigation. there's no legal difference between these terms, and i no longer care to argue about nomenclature, what we are doing is carrying on an investigation
7:14 am
as to whether to recommend, to determine whether to recommend articles of impeachment for the president. with these new procedures, we will begin next week an aggressive series of hearings, investigating allegations of corruption, obstruction and abuse of pouwer against the president. the invest will go well beyond the four corners of the mueller report, and we will be starting with a first hearing on september 17th, we expect among others, we expect mr. lewandowski to testify. thank you very much. >> what kind of impact -- >> how long do you expect this process to take? >> thank you, guys. >> what are the implications of the leadership not calling this an impeachment inquiry? >> thank you, guys. >> do you have any concerns that the speaker won't call it an inquiry? >> thank you, guys.
7:15 am
>> so the important questions you just heard reporters trying to ask there, many of them, jim, came from manu raju, our reporter, as soon as manu is ready, they'll let us know. >> manu, it looked like he wanted to answer you, you know, he stopped and then his team was sort of like let's go, let's go. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, guys. he didn't seem to want to answer any questions about the debate that's been going on in the democratic caucus, which is whether or not they are conducting an impeachment investigation. he said that he's done with it. he said what they are worried about right now is simply the ultimate outcome, which is whether or not to recommend this president should be he's calling an aggressive set of hearings. we have the ranking member right now, doug collins,, let's take a listen here. >> this is the most well covered procedural hearing i've ever seen in my life for rules that
7:16 am
existed. these rules are not new. there's nothing new about what we just saw. these rules were already in our rules. the chairman could have done these at any time he wanted to. this is not new today. what is new, like i said in my opening statement, this is a filter, this is to make you believe something is happening more than what is actually happening. and this is why it matters because when you report to the american people, you have to definitely do it in smaller sound bites and for anybody to say this moves us closer to an impeachment inquiry or anything else is simply not true because these rules simply clarify stuff packaged together, in a resolution stage that says we're doing nothing more than we have done before, and the chairman had these powers before. anybody that purports these are new rules is not accurate reporting. >> ultimately they may decide whether to impeach the president, what's the difference about what they call it? >> did you see theway, they do t have the votes for. this stays inside the committee.
7:17 am
this does not go to the house floor. they are covering for the moderates who don't want to vote for impeachment, the vast majority don't want anything to do with it. if they were going to an impeachment inquiry, there's over 900 pages of procedure and precedence that would be applied, that would be due process. one of the biggest jokes today in the hearing is that they were giving the president due process by allowing his attorney or him to write a letter after the fact. you can write a letter after the fact. that's nothing new and if that's due process, this committee is following a long way. >> what about he says he double dog dares to bring it to the full floor, do you feel the same way, just bring it? >> this majority has been struggling with it, all along, what they have found so far, they have lost their way on this, and their own party, if they had it, they would have brought it a long time ago. >> what do you think about the accusations of self-dealing, regarding the president's properties and resorts. >> i was just asked this question a minute ago.
7:18 am
this committee can continue to do any investigation. that's the chairman's right. i support the chairman to be able to call hearings. i may disagree with him, and we'll disagree. this has nothing to do with the investigation. today was simply to get you all here to cover something that is really frankly a snooze fest most of the time because it was packaged in such a way, and starting from last friday when it leaked out that they were doing this, that this was an impeachment inquiry, it's not. >> i'm asking you about the substance. >> you see the question there, turning to the question of the president's possible directing of air force business to his turnberry resort, the real headline, the chairman of the house judiciary committee, jerry nadler saying they are voted to move forward based on what some members of the party are calling a formal impeachment inquiry. we haven't seen the last of this. >> no, we have not. so let's take a break, and let's come back and talk about all of that, next. makes my butt look good fancy but not too fancy no matter why you love your clothes, care for them with woolite. woolite keeps clothing looking like new
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7:24 am
let's discuss with our panel sabrina sadiki, the news is they're going to move forward, the judiciary committee voted to move forward. nadler didn't want to answer questions, wes, on what does this mean, and the semantics and leadership not wanting to call it an impeachment inquiry. doug collins says they're covering for their moderates. where does this go. >> there's a semantic debate happening, and it's symbolic of a real debate in the democratic caucus. the last cnn count i saw, it's 134 of the 235 house democrats want to move forward with impeachment proceedings of some sort, but those who are not, so a slim majority, but those who are not in the majority desperately do not want that, and some might say house speaker pelosi who has not supported impeachment proceedings because she's looking out for the moderate members of her caucus.
7:25 am
there's been a divide amongst democrats from the day donald trump got elected. some folks who worry if there's overreach, if people seem zealous to go after him, it might cause backlash, and others saying look, we think donald trump is existential threat to our country. and we're seeing it play out in semantics games. as doug collins noted they didn't do much today besides reassert rights that jerry nadler had but there's messaging there, nadler signaling to his people, that we're working on this. >> sabrina, i said this the last hour, i'll say it again. if this were reversed and republicans, they would be sky writing impeachment over washington right now, everywhere, without question or division. you know, beyond the semantic differences, beyond the opposition from the leaders who are conscious of swing districts in the upcoming election, the fact is that the wheels of an impeachment proceeding are rolling forward.
7:26 am
are they not, in terms of you're going to have folks called up to the hill to testify, they're gathering information. and it looks like at some point, you're going to have a vote. >> right. this is effectively impeachment without giving it that specific tag, and i think this vote today, while it is largely procedural, it is the first time that the house judiciary committee has taken a vote on language that explicitly refers to impeachment, and they are trying to expand the committee' to be questioned by committee staff so that they could juggle more witnesses at once. the key question for democrats is who is actually willing to come to capitol hill to testify against this president, the timing of this coincides with nadler having issued subpoenas for corey lewandowski who played a key role in the trump
7:27 am
campaign, as well as former white house aides, rick deerborn, deputy chief of staff on policy and rob porter, former white house secretary. so far, only lewandowski is slated to appear before the committee. so the real challenge for democrats is going to be finding that star witness. the white house has blocked most of their efforts to get many of those who played a key role in the mueller report to appear before lawmakers on capitol hill. and so as they do that evidence gathering, we still haven't seen a real breakthrough for the committee when it comes to having some of those people come forward. >> all right. so wesley, let's switch gears and talk about gun legislation because that's also going to get and continue to get a lot of focus as lawmakers are back on capitol hill after the summer recess. 145 ceos this morning from uber's ceo tor lyft, to levi strauss sending a letter to the senate saying you have to do something specifically on red
7:28 am
flag laws, et cetera. you even had thrive capital, founded by jared kushner's brother, josh kushner, and this is ceos and business leaders stepping in where lawmakers have abdicated their responsibility to do something. but i wonder if it matters. is it going to change anything or will only withholding all political contributions change something. >> it will be interesting. at the end oftd d the day it co down to mitch mcconnell, whether he's willing to bring the legislation to a vote, and he and the republican leadership get to make that decision. it is fascinating here. i was with a ceo earlier this week who was talking about the idea that businesses have a lot of power in our democracy. they are powerful interest groups. they get to put their foot on the scale time and time again, and not always publicly this way, often privately in what they oppose, what they lobby for. this is interesting, there is a
7:29 am
lot of frustration, polling shows that there is a fair amount of bipartisan support for some amount of gun control measure, no matter what that means, whether that be red flag laws, background checks and there's been gridlock in washington on in issue, going back to manchin toomey, years ago, under the obama administration, post sandy hook, and so there's this big question now, will republicans bring it up. i think the business pressure could provide some additional pressure. what we also know, president trump, while he has kept a close relationship with the nra, loves to be able to say he has done something that barack obama couldn't do. he did criminal justice reform and talks about it all the time. perhaps there's an opening there. we'll see what happens. >> if he calculates the nra is going to punish him in the next election. sabrina, what is interesting beyond what companies are doing, it does seem there's bipartisan support for a red flag law. that might be able to cross the threshold. is that realistic at this point?
7:30 am
>> it's hard to say. republicans have said they favor these so-called red flag laws which effectively bar someone temporarily to be able to purchase firearms if they are deemed to be a threat to themselves or others, but the version of the legislation that republicans support would incentivize states to adopt red flag laws, as opposed to forcing states to adopt them, making them mandatory, and so gun control advocates say it's effectively toothless if you don't ensure that they are enforceable across the country, similar to the conversation be held about background checks, democrats want them to be universal, manchin toomey, there's not sufficient support for that. it's hard to say where both sides can come together on something that's meaningful and not simply symbolic. >> sabrina siddiqui, wes lowrey good to have you on. ten candidates, one night,
7:31 am
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the democratic candidates take the stage for debate number three. this time around, the top ten candidates face off during a single night, and that means for the first time, joe biden and elizabeth warren will be on the same stage. they're getting a host of the attention this morning, meeting
7:36 am
face to face right next to each other for the first time. cnn polling shows the former vice president's lead is getting thinner. he's got a 6 point lead now. joining me to discuss all of this. alberto himinosa. good morning, sir. >> good morning, poppy. i know you're looking forward to tonight. we're all going to be watching. what do you hope gets the most attention on stage tonight? >> i think it's important not only that we have all the candidates at the same time so that people can take a look at them at one time and they can really have a conversation with one another about the issues that are important to american families today, and i think what i'd like to see is a contrast between what we stand for and every one of those ten candidates stand for and what this administration with mr. trump stands for, and i think people are going to see that,
7:37 am
you know, the folks that are competing to be our nominee really really are talking about the values of all americans, and about what's important to american families, about the kitchen table issues that people worry about every single day, and that contrast, i think, is important for america to see tonight. >> it's interesting because you're talking about a democratic party, one that you want to appear united but i think the divisions between the more progressive, or for the left wing of the party and the moderate, centrist wing, is clear. i wonder, sir, how would you define the democratic party today? >> well, a party with a big tent, but, i mean, even if there is some variations in positions, they all basically believe in the same thing. they believe that every american should have access to affordable health care. >> yeah. >> they believe that every child should have a quality public education and an opportunity to go to college. they believe that everyone should have a living wage to be
7:38 am
able to support their families. >> totally, i hear you. >> they believe we need to take care of our climate. >> i hear you but the path is so different. there are those who believe the country can't afford things, like medicare for all and free college and those on the stage that don't. it's interesting the divide on the route you would achieve those things. i guess i'm wondering, where do you feel in your gut where the majority of your party is right now? >> well, they're probably somewhere in the middle. i believe american families believe that all of these issues or these things are essentially to a quality of life in america. how we get there and what we end up with is going to be what is -- what our nominee is going to be able to achieve once he or she becomes the president of the united states. i mean, at the end of the day, no matter what, their position is going to be far better for americans, whether it's one or the other, than what you're seeing today from the trump administration and the republicans that are running this country as well. so i think this is a good thing.
7:39 am
this healthy debate is a good thing. they are representing what america is really all about, and i think americans are going to see that. >> you've spoken very glowingly, especially, of julian castro, obviously a son of texas. is that a formal endorsement? >> no, i'm not endorsing any candidate this time. julian castro is someone who we know very well. he was the mayor of san antonio, and city council member before. we deal very much with his brother juaquin who is in congress, and since he's been in the house of representatives. these are people we have been working with a number of years, and they represent the best of what texas is all about. but we also have a beto o'rourke who is an outstanding congressman while he was there and ran a great campaign for the united states senate and we have a lot of hope for him as well. so we believe that the whole slate of candidates, the ten people out there are outstanding
7:40 am
candidates and all can do a great job. they can do a hundred times better than the guy who's in the white house right now. >> and you guys have this whole new campaign online outlining your hope, your plan to register 3 million unregistered vote skpeers and to try, as many have before to flip the state of texas. we'll be watching on that, and obviously have you back after tonight to see what you think. thank you so much, sir. i appreciate it. >> thank you, poppiment thank you -- thank you, poppy. thank you for having us. watch this story. the number of people reported as missing in the bahamas continues to grow. what does that mean for the death toll there, just a harrowing scene. a live report from the islands coming up. . anyone can deliver pizza.
7:41 am
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we promised you we would keep a light on the bahamas, and we are doing that this morning. an alarming number coming out of the government there which now says the number of people reported missing has grown to a staggering 2,500. >> of course raises the worries that the early death toll estimates are low. paula newton, she's been there since the beginning. she's live now from nassau. paula. and i'm amazed, you have the bahamas, a few dozen miles from the coast of the u.s., americans visit there, live there all the time, and yet more than a week after this devastating storm, people still not getting the aid they need. what's going on? >> reporter: well, the issue is how that aid was distributed and
7:46 am
when it was distributed. i mean, it is hard. it's hundreds of miles, right, guys, those little islands and keys everywhere. i think that usa id says that now, look, they have done a first sweep, and they have been able to evacuate anybody who needed to be evacuated by air, and they are trying to get the basic supplies, right, food and water. the main concern now obviously is disease, and so they are trying to go back out to those islands and see who needs medical attention now and what they can do to really mitigate a lot of the stress and obviously a lot of the risk in staying there. while the lot of people have left and have been evacuated, there are some people that either haven't had that opportunity or refused to leave their homes. again, a problem there. i want to go back to the number of 2,500 missing, a terrifying number, isn't it, and yet the government says they say they know the death toll will rise. in that number, though, of 2,500, a few things, one is i had a look at the list, unfortunately i spoke to two
7:47 am
people who hadn't the opportunity, guys, to actually even report their relatives as missing, so they are not on that list. now, i spoke to them a couple of days ago. maybe they made it back on the list. listen, the prospect is there, that there is a portion of the haitian population that was undocumented. you do not know if they reported to government authorities and also people who of course have told me, look, my friend, my relative was swept out to sea, i have no idea if we'll ever see them again. >> lord help us, listen, paula, continue to bring the word back from there. it's so important. thank you so much, and for you watching at home, go to, impact your world, there are a lot of great options there for getting aid to the folks in the bahamas who need it. there is a lot going on today. here's what to watch.
7:48 am
ahead on the opioid crisis, the makers of oxycontin may have reached a proposed settlement with dozens of states and local governments. some say, though, it's not enough, and the fight is not over. we'll bring you that ahead. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from anyone else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist. nothing stronger. nothing gentler. nothing lasts longer. flonase sensimist. 24 hour non-drowsy allergy relief
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this morning, what could be a historic moment in america's opioid crisis, but also a controversial one, perdue pharma has reached a preliminary agreement to settle more than 2,000 lawsuits linked to opioids. >> gene joining us now with the details of the settlement. it's a multibillion dollar proposal that would mean they would fire for chapter 11 bankruptcy. what are the actual implications here in terms of helping those who have suffered so much, though. >> well, i think that's a good question because this is a global negotiation. it is between all of those and is over 2,000 states, municipality, native american governments that are
7:54 am
consolidated their cases into this one litigation, but also state attorney generals that did not participate in the national litigation are also negotiating so, it is a huge amount of people, and i think it would be up to the individual states or the municipalities of how the people that need these moneys would actually get them, but this is what we are learning. we are learning that the settlement in essence would be $3 billion of the sackler's, the owners of perdue pharma, personal money, and an additional $1.5 billion, that would come from selling a company we're hearing, an international company that they have, munde pharma. those are not set in stone. it's got to go through more negotiations, consent decrees, but here's what we're understanding, many states are saying we are not for this. we are not going to sign on to this.
7:55 am
we have at least 12 states that cnn has confirmed that they will not be a part of this, and so the question is, now what will happen. just this morning, north carolina has opted to individually sue the family, the sackler family and so will that then create a domino effect because the states do not believe they're getting enough money. poppy? >> je >>, thank you very much. >> i'm poppy harlow in new york. >> and i'm jim sciutto in washington, and "at this hour" with our colleague kate starts after the break. i wanna keep doing what i love, that's the retirement plan. with my annuity, i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self,
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bolduan, thank you so much for joining me. what is in a word, such deep questions we ask on this show. that seems to be still a big question on capitol hill right now when it comes to impeachment. the house judiciary committee just this morning approved new ground rules for its impeachment inquiry or investigation or both. those words, though, are not something the democratic chairman at the least is shying away from >> this investigation will allow us to determine whether to recommend articles of impeachment with respect to caln


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