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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  September 14, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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a place that heals the world. >> to see how nuja is providing basic need, education and hope to thousands a year go to thanks for watching. our coverage continues. brausing, a new tropical storm in the atlantic. it has the bahamas waiting to see where it goes after hurricane dorian did so much damage there. plus, a democrat running for president says the u.s. government should confiscate assault-style rifles. some other democrats are now concerned those remarks from beto o'rourke could be a huge gift to republicans come 2020. also ahead this hour, actress felicity huffman is sentenced to jail for her role in the college admissions cheating scandal. live from cnn world headquarters at the mothership here in atlanta. we want to welcome our viewers
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here in the united states and all around the world. i'm george howell. "cnn newsroom" starts now. at 4:00 a.m. on the u.s. east coast in the atlantic right now, a new tropical storm has formed near the bahamas and, again, it's threatening the same islands that were hit so hard by hurricane dorian. take a look at the satellite imagery. it shows the storm called humberto slowly move towards the region bringing more rain, more wind. relief teams plan to bring help to those who are riding the storm out. for a region that's been through so much, people are cautiously keeping a close eye on this storm. so many on the island still recovering from that deadly hurricane that was dorian. we'll have more on that in just a moment. but first, let's find out where this current storm is and where it's going with our meteorologist here on deck.
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derek van dam. >> here is my concern, george. this could delay the relief efforts at least by 24 hours as the storm moves through. remember, this is still a nation in mourning. and regardless how strong this tropical storm happens to be for them, it is not what residents and tourists in this area want to see, especially after what they had to go through two weeks ago. welcome. we're monitoring four different areas of concerns for the atlantic basin. the most immediate threat, humberto. here is the latest from the national hurricane center. 60 miles per hour kilometer sustained winds. that's roughly 40 miles per hour. that is tropical storm force. and you can see the bulk of the thunderstorm activity. the convection is to the north and east of the center of circulation. we're holding thumbs, we're crossing our fingers. maybe that will spare the hardest hit areas.
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tropical storm warnings in effect. the good news is for southeast florida, we have released the tropical storm watches that were in place because our computer models are starting to get a better handle of the exact trajectory of this storm as it moves across the gulf stream waters over the next five days. we expect that abrupt easterly turn away from the southeast coast of the u.s. and that is limiting the chances of tropical storm force winds. nonetheless, dangerous rip currents and high surf expected along the coastline of georgia, florida and into the carolinas. where will this storm go and will it intensify? we expect a north to northwesterly track over the next 24 to 36 hours. it will strengthen slowly as it interacts with the gulf stream waters. look at that. the category one as it moves further over the atlantic ocean. one of the immediate threats. remember, marsh harbor in abaco island saw over 36 inches of
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rain. so additional rainfall from humberto could cause localized flash flooding. we see more of a consensus as the computer models are tlopull humberto away from the southeast coast of the united states. keeping a close eye on this storm. >> a very active season right now. >> yeah. four areas of concern that could develop into tropical storm cyclones going forward. >> as we mentioned the search effort, the recovery effort is under way in the bahamas, but another storm would stall that operation and cause even more problems as our diane gallagher explains. >> another storm hitting the exact same islands that hurricane dorian completely decimated kind of hits the bahamians in two ways.
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there's obviously the physical way, the fact that there is going to be rain and wind and the homes or what's left of the homes on abaco or marsh harbor can't with stand much more. now, there are ngos, usa id and volunteers who were out there. they are staying through the weather and they say that they have brought additional supplies. this is going to put a pause on relief efforts to those areas that were hardest hit two weeks ago because they simply can't fly to those islands to bring in supplies. they have search and rescue teams on stand by who will be spending the night through the weather just in case there's flash flooding or people who need to be rescued, and they've been going around giving hard, thick, plastic tarps to the people who are trying to stay in what's left of their homes so they can best prepare for some more weather coming their way. now, the bahamian government would like for everyone to
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evacuate to shelters. here in the nassau area, there were 2,000 people who have come from those areas hardest hit by dorian who are staying in shelters right now. and that's when you get to the other effect, the emotional, the mental anguish of knowing that yet another storm, more weather, more howling wind, more heavy rain coming to those same areas that you just fled from. hearing those sounds, knowing what's on the horizon, adding to the trauma that all of these people have already experienced. there are still 1300 people on that official list of the missing and so much more to do to talk about recovery in the bahamas. but first, they have to get through another bout of weather. diane gallagher, cnn, nassau, the bahamas. >> you can visit we've vetted several
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organizations. you can find different ways to contribute to helping the bahamas. the 2020 election just around the corner. just over a year away. democrats running for president are back on the campaign trail. after thursday night's debate in the state of texas, now comes the second-guessing, the cleanups and even a few high-fives. jeff zeleny has this. >> joe biden brushing aside another round of attacks on the democratic debate stage. this time from castro. biden's campaign is calling that moment a cheap shot and a low bel blow in an email to supporters. but the democrat says his age is fair game. >> last night is the closest we came to a debate. >> castro defending his words, but not repeating them.
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after being widely panned for a thinly veiled swipe at biden's memory. >> after the debate, senator cory booker raising questions about biden's fitness for office. >> there are a time of people who are concerned about joe biden's ability to carry the ball across the end line without fumbling. >> forgive me if my football metaphor is being taken out of context, but the reality is i want to get into the end zone. i think we need to win. >> the democratic debate in houston proved at least one thing. the 2020 primary fight is likely to go the distance, driven by deep divisions about how far left is party is willing to go. front and center is health care and whether to expand on obama care as biden is proposing. >> i know the senator says she's for bernie. i'm for barack. i think obamacare worked. >> or to follow the lead of bernie sanders and elizabeth
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warren with the medicare for all plan. while sanders says taxes on the middle class would increase, but be offsetd by lower health care costs, warren declined to answer that question. >> the richest individuals and the biggest corporations are going to pay more. and middle class families are going to pay less. that's how this is going to work. >> senator amy klobuchar sounding the alarm about the wisdom of abolishing private health insurance. >> and while bernie wrote the bill, i read the bill. it says that we will no longer have private insurance as we know it and that means that 149 million americans will no longer be able to have their current insurance. >> on guns, former congressman bedo o'rourke finding his voice, calling for a mandatory buyback of assault weapons in the wake of his shooting in his hometown of el paso.
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>> hell yes, we're going to take your ak-47s and not going to allow them to be used against americans any more. >> president trump, you spent the last 2 1/2 years full time trying to sow hate and division among us. and that is why we've got nothing done. >> but it was that intense exchange over health care that is driving this democratic debate. nothing is settled on that, but it is the outline of the fight to come. as for that exchange between biden and castro, joe biden did not mention that at all during a fund-raiser on friday in houston, but he also told supporters and donors, i think i did well, but i have to do better next time. the next debate is next month in ohio. jeff zeleny, cnn, washington. >> and a programming note. on that next debate october 15th
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in ohio. cnn and the "new york times" will co-host this event. cnn anchors anderson cooper, erin burnett as well as "new york times" national editor mark lacy will serve as moderators again on october 15th. let's put all of this into focus now with leslie benjamori. leslie, chatham house think tank in the uk joining this how live in london. good to have you with us. >> thank you, george. >> so this left/right binary, there are two issues that you'll hear on the conservative talk shows that are the right's boogeyman. first, the suggestion that the democratic party is shifting further and further to the left with no room for moderates and that democrats will take america's guns. so that frank and candid comment from beto o'rourke checked off both those boxes for the right and now it has some lawmakers concerned that the conversation, the debate on gun control, will
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be a lot harder to have. listen. >> and i frankly think that clip will be played for years at second amendment rallies with organizations that try to scare people that say democrats are coming for your guns. i'm a gun owner. my sons and i have gone skeet shooting and hunting and, quite frankly, i don't think having our presidential candidates like congressman o'rourke did say that we're going to try and take people's guns against their will is a wise either policy or political move. >> did he hurt the party? >> this comment from beto o'rourke, what does that do for the conversation on gun control? >> undoubtedly, there will be certain parts of america, parts of the republican party that try to spin it and to argue, as they have, that this is something that all candidates want to do
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and that they don't respect the constitution. but remember, the majority of americans would like to see more gun control, more control on assault weapons, the democratic candidates are more or less aligned on this. the question of buybacks. if we listen to joe biden and others, voluntary buybacks are something that they support. mandatory buybacks are not. and i think very quickly the american people will see this very different. the problem of spin is very different. those who reject any kind of buyback, it will reinforce their views of the democratic party. but i think the mainstream of america is united on the interest in having more gun controls and there have been some really very tragic events, so i don't think this is something that will be taken out of context. i think the remarks are very
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much in the context of somebody who has seen devastating violence in recent weeks in his home state. >> yes. it does seem that polling does suggest, in fact, that americans do want this conversation to be had and want lawmakers to do something about the issue. i also want to shift now to castro's comments over biden. biden's campaign calling ate cheap shot. castro denying that was his intention. but it's interesting to see mr. biden seeming to embrace the issue saying age can be on the table as a point of consideration. keeping in mind mr. trump is also in his 70s. >> clearly, there are many candidates that are 70 and above in this race. age is always a consideration the american public will think it through when they go to the polls. they will look at the things
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that the candidates say and they will assess their mental acumen, their physical abilities. i think the attack did not play well. if there's anything the american public would like to see, the majority of the american public would like to see a civilized debate where there's respect among the candidates and i think that this particular attack crossed a line people are not comfortable with. joe biden has handled it well. those are the questions people are going to be asking and taking very seriously as we go forward. >> we even heard cory booker sort of walking back -- maybe not walking back, but clarifying his comments on that issue regarding joe biden. finally, i'd like to get your thoughts on the op-ed written by three people who want to challenge president trump for
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the republican nomination, but in four states, four different states, arizona, kansas, nevada and south carolina, they've always canceled their nominating process. it is worth noting that no candidate at this point has the level of support that mr. trump has among republicans. but what do you make of the argument that essentially the voices of these three are being blocked out unfairly? >> to be fair, this is not without precedent, either in the republican party or the democratic party. there have been debates that have been canceled due to the overwhelming support for the current president. but i think the key issue in the current context is there is a tremendous division in america. there's a concern for the republican party. there is a concern for the legitimacy of the democratic process and any number of dimensions. so i think the op-ed is clearly
1:17 am
calling out what's been seen as the inability within the republican party to have a credible, serious and sustained debate about which direction america is heading. so in the current political context, notwithstanding the fact that there is a precedent for this, i think it's much more damaging not to go ahead and air the views that exist, especially those that differ from the sitting president. >> leslie benjamori, we appreciate it as always. thank you. >> thank you. actress felicity huffman says she was terrified she wouldn't be a good mother. now she knows her sentence for her role in the college admissions cheating scandal will come into play here. we'll have that story for you ahead. also, cnn is live in jerusalem where israeli voters are preparing for a general election just months after the last general election. we'll explain what that is all about as news room continues
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is the first to be sentenced for her part in the college cheating scandal. she pleaded guilty to paying to have her daughter's score on an entrance test rigged. miguel marquez has this report. >> felicity huffman hand in hand with her husband. huffman addressing the court through tears. she apologized to the court, her daughters and her husband saying she's ashamed of her behavior recounting how one of hurry daughters told her i don't know who you are any more, mom. she also said she is driving her daughter to the testing center, she thought to herself, turn around, just turn around, and to my eternal shame, she says, i did it. huffman concluded by saying she takes full responsibility. prosecutors wanted her to spend a month in prison.
1:23 am
her daughters wanted probation for a year. in sentencing huffman to 14 days in prison and a $30,000 fine, the judge saying despite huffman taking responsibility, the outrage is a system that is already so distorted by money and prison in the first place. in may, the desperate housewives star pleaded guilty for one count of fraud for paying $15,000 to rick singer would got her daughter extra time and on an exam. huffman wrote, in my desperation to be a good mother, i talked myself into believing that all i was doing was giving my daughter a fair shot. i see the irony in that statement now because what i've done is the opposite of fair.
1:24 am
dozens of wealthy, prominent and connected parents, administrators have been charged in the scam. his front charity purported to help disadvantaged kids in the u.s. and abroad, singer, who is cooperating with investigators, has since confessed to taking tens of millions of dollars for helping kids and college parents to falsesy cheat on examinations and admissions. also caught up in this scandal, laurie loughlin, whose two daughters were admitted into college as rowers even though her daughters never played the
1:25 am
sport. loughlin and gianulli have mroed pleaded not guilty. huffman has been ordered to report to prison on october 25th. it's not clear where she's going to do that time. she asked for california. it's not clear where she'll get it. the judge at the end of the sentencing said she thought it was the right sentence. the judge said you can rebuild your life from here on out. you can repay your dues. in israel, voters are preparing for a general election. tuesday's election is just too close to call. the prime minister of the nation is in a dead heat with the former chief of the israeli military. for more on what is expected to be a very tight race, let's
1:26 am
bring in sam kylie. the stakes are extremely high for netanyahu in many different ways. >>. >> the last one back in april produced an inconclusive result and he proved unable to to deal with the result. so that gives casting votes to onner parties, other smaller parties. the real kingmaker in all of this is lieberman who is likely
1:27 am
to get around ten votes for his party. but he will not vote, he says, to support a netanyahu-led coalition. so there will be horse trading there and at the same time there has been a lot of outrage in the arabic speaking community inside israel, about a fifth of the population, george, following what were frankly racist tweets on the netanyahu facebook page that forced a closure of his messaging system by facebook for 24 hours. that may well have galvanized some arabic speaking voters and palestinian israelis or israeli arabs to get stuck in and get out into the polls. again, about ten seats, 11 seats, perhaps, for them. so it's going to be a pretty agonizing process after the election when the coalition negotiations start and no guarantee at all that he'll be able to put together a ruling
1:28 am
coalition, nor, i may say, is there any clear side that mr. gantz and his center left coalition could stitch together that critical 61 seats that need to have one person majority in the israeli message, george. >> it is interesting to see this prime minister police facing investigations certainly looking to see how this plays out in this election. sam kylie live for us. thank you for the recording. we'll keep in touch with you. still ahead, we talked earlier about the impact beto o'rourke's comments at the democratic debate could have on efforts to inability gun control in the u.s. still ahead, nascar is shifting gears on that issue, taking a position you might not expect. details ahead for you. plus, deportation fears are a growing concern for some children in the united states. why a new policy could force the seriously ill to leave the nation. stand by.
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welcome back to viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell with the headlines we're following for you this hour. tropical storm humberto has formed near the bahamas. it's threatened to hit the same islands that were hit so hard by that deadly island weeks ago. they're expected to stop the temporary and ongoing search and recovery efforts. some 1300 people are still reported to be missing. the american actress felicity huffman reports to jail to serve a 14 day sentence for her part in the u.s. admissions cheating
1:33 am
scandal. huffman apologized on friday after pleading guilty to have her daughter's score boosted on an entrance test. democratic presidential candidate beto o'rourke's proposal for a mandatory buyback of military style weapons is getting pushback even from some fellow democrats. they say it makes it harder to get other gun legislation through congress. a surprising turn in the battle over guns. the stock car racing association nascar is rejecting some ads from gunmakers. it's yet another example of the corporate world leading the way on this issue when lawmakers won't. sara murray has this. >> nascar is shocking some gun companies as it appears to reject some ads that were supposed to advertise certain fireworks. this is a kerfuffle that started when they said nascar would like some ads from you.
1:34 am
why don't you submit them. a couple months later, they heard from this vendor that said nascar is having a grul shift on its gun approach. they don't want ads depicting assault-style rifles, things like ak-47s, ar-15s, but they're happy to take ads for less controversial accessories. this set the gun companies up in arms. they were livid. they pointed to the overlap between nascar fans as well as gun orthopedics. and we've seen this trend of companies re-evaluating this trend on whether they are willing to advertise guns, whether they want to partner with organizations like the nra. but things are murky when it comes to nascar. in part because they won't publicly clarify their position. the gun companies to press for more information about the gradual shift, i have reached out to nascar multiple times to say what does this mean about
1:35 am
your approach and your willing, to part with the companies. it is worth pointing out that the nra has taken notice of this story. they put up a blowing post online making it clear about what they see as a not so subtle shift. there is another debate raging in the united states over the issue of vaping. and it seems the u.s. president is changing his tune on the use of the electronic cigarettes. on wednesday, mr. trump supported an effort to ban flavored vapes. but on friday, he tweeted this. while i like the vaping alternative to cigarettes, we need to make sure this alternative is safe for all. six deaths and more than 300 cases of lung disease have been associated with vaping recently, but it's not clear exactly what's causing it. some immigrant families here in the united states say the government is handing out death sentences by kicking their desperately sick kids out of the
1:36 am
country. there's been a dramatic change to a program that once allowed about a thousand undocumented individuals a year to stay for medical treatment. tom foreman reports on what this policy change means for these sick kids. >> i don't want to die. i don't want to die. >> one after another, they are pleading with congress. immigrants in the united states for medical care who now fear being forced to go home. >> this is not a partisan issue. this is a humanitarian issue and our lives depend on it. >> the issue is a change to a program that has allowed some undocumented immigrant families to stay in the u.s. for treatment of serious medical issues. applications about a thousand a year were previously handled by u.s. citizenship and immigration services. but now, immigration and customs enforcement, i.c.e., is in charge. and civil rights advocates say
1:37 am
many of those immigrants have been told they must depart or be deported. jonathan sanchez is just 16 and was suffocating from cystic fibrosis. he believes if he has to leave his doctors in boston and go back to honduras -- >> it will be illegal homicide because in our countries doesn't exist any treatment. >> to inform families via a letter that their status in this country is at risk is not only cruel, but it is harmful to these children's health. >> immigration advocates immediately sued, but even that legal challenge is being complicated by the mystery of it all. >> i'm baffled. >> at a hearing, democrats asked who ordered this change, when, why. >> we're not able to respond to that today. >> and you heard right. >> who advised you to do this? >> immigration officials
1:38 am
repeatsedly said because of the lawsuit, that would not answer but maybe in the future. >> was this a policy change that was as a result of a request of any high ranking individual at the white house? >> at the advice of counsel, i'm not able to discuss the reasons for any change. >> so all serea knows is this, she has been through five surgeries and her future remains wildly uncertain. >> i do think i had to come to d.c. to fight for my life. i only thought i had to go to the hospital for that. >> we reached out to officials who told us once again they had that time until this lawsuit was settled. but a very limited version of this diversion program might still go forward is still under
1:39 am
review. in the capital of zimbabwe, a memorial service for robert mugabe. the former leader of that nation. it is under way. but sunday's funeral has been delayed for several weeks. we have a live report explaining why.
1:40 am
1:41 am
1:42 am
the 15th straight weekend we've seen these type of demonstrations. there were some scuffles earlier between supporters of mainland china and pro democracy protesters. hong kong denied requests for permits amid weekend demonstrations. robert mugabe who had a great deal of influence over the african continent for decades is
1:43 am
being remembered right now at a memorial service in zimbabwe's capital. loved by many, also hated by many. he has drawn quite a crowd there. this picture n in harare. dignitaries around the world are there to pay tribute to the man around the world as the founder of zimbabwe. but the funeral, planned for sunday, has been postponed. let's go live there with ferai. tell us more about these final plans for, again, a very complex figure. >> absolutely, george. a very complex figure, as you say. yes, he is the founding father of zimbabwe. did they remember him for the fantastic education he gave them or do they remember him for giving them land when none of them could afford it or at the same time do they remember him
1:44 am
from taking away land from other people forcibly, violencely. do they remember him for the violent elections. but at the same time, you must remember robert mugabe was a massive figure on the african continent. he stood on the front line in southwest africa. he's a huge figure on this continent. i'm looking at the memorial program right now. we've got family representatives, the kenyan president is down there at the moment. j.j. rawelings is down there. representative of cuba, china and russia. so at the moment, it's been a week since the man died, george, and at the moment, everyone is trying to pay tribute to his contribution rather than his complex legacy to the african continent. and at the moment, we know for
1:45 am
certain that there have been many, many sort of arguments of where he should be buried. back in november of 2017, i covered that incident of that apparent coup for cnn, that he was kicked out, very unceremoniously. and at the moment, the family members were thinking, no, you should be buried in his village with his people. but, of course, the government wants him to be buried at the shrine which houses all the leaders of the revolution to freeze zimbabwe from way back from the 1979 onwards, including army generals and ministers and everybody. but he feels really that, as he said back in 2018, that why should he vote for people who
1:46 am
tormented him. and it seems the family were thinking why should his remains be determined by the people who tormented him. but we gather now that everything has been appeased and that he will be buried at a date yet to be determined, george. >> and, again, we're looking at these live images right now there in harare. 10:46 there in the morning. we're seeing dignitaries, many people there of government walking there in the stadium. tell us, generally speaking in zimbabwe, the legacy of this man is incredibly complemented. do you get a sense that history will make a determination on him now or as years pass, will there be a better understanding of who he was for not only zimbabwe, but for the african continent?
1:47 am
>> i absolutely agree with you, george. i think 30 years from now, his will judge him in a kinder manner. remember what southern africa was like when he took over. he was at the front line of trying to keep the ideal of black african independents alive. and then, of course, you must also remember the violent manner in which he ruled his country. i mean, i don't say that lightly. i was a reporter in and out of that country for many years. and every election was violent. 2008 was the worst. i met young people who were mdc activists, the movement for democratic change who were jailed, killed, disappeared, and, indeed, that legacy of violence has carried on. but 30 years from now, george, i do believe that the whole idea of trying to get people's land
1:48 am
back will appease robert mugabe's legacy. there was no other way to do it for him at that time. >> farai, thank you. logging, oil drilling, new industry. an arctic refuge in the wild of alaska that's been kept free from all of that, but it could be about to change. we'll have more of what's at stake there. a line for 4 lines.0 bucks and for a limited time, get free smartphones too! get 4 new lines of unlimited and 4 free phones for just 30 bucks a line! ♪ a lot of folks ask me why their dishwasher doesn't get everything clean. i tell them, it may be your detergent... that's why more dishwasher brands recommend cascade platinum. it's specially-designed with the soaking, scrubbing and rinsing built right in. cascade platinum's unique actionpacs dissolve quickly... remove stuck-on food. . .
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell. climate activist greta thunberg has a message for washington d.c. she joined other campaigners on friday outside the white house calling for action on the climate change. she's in the united states urging congress to take a long, hard look at what's happening to the world around them and the environment. a pristine part of the state of alaska is about to be opened up for oil that's not sitting well with environmentalists nor is it sitting well with democrats.
1:53 am
our bill weir went there to take a look at how people there feel about it. >> amid countless signs of a climate in crisis, a camera phone captured a fund-raiser on the pa nins la not far from the swan lake fire. >> with donald trump on speaker, that is alaskan senator dan sullivan holding the phone and swatting at hornets. the president promises to help them drill for oil in the arctic national wildlife refuge up north and build a road in the south. and then governor mike dunlevey enters the picture. he's been bonding with trump during air force one refueling stops. >> on our mining concerns, timber concerns -- >> often bringing a list of things he wants overturned in
1:54 am
creation of the industry. >> he's a great guy. he's doing something with your logging and all of your other things. >> when the president mentioned logging, they knew exactly what he meant. republicans want to put new roads into the old growth of pongas national forest, the crown jewel of the national forest system. >> you know, we're very much against that. and i would say first that there's nobody in this town that a mile of road here or there would benefit more than me. >> gordon chew run aes father/son timber operation. >> so you built this yourself? >> yeah. >> and while he believes old growth spruce and cedar can be har vented one tree at a time, he's terrified. >> we're not going to be grinding up trees for paper any more. not on my watch.
1:55 am
when you build a road, you don't know what's going to come down the road. and the reason that you would build a million dollar a mile road is to extract resources big time. >> former mayor art bloom tells me the roadless rule is a decade of a place that absorbs more carbon dioxide than anywhere else in america. >> you can never have this again once you cut it down. that won't support the wildlife this supports. >> cnn, bears do poop in the woods and the bears in these woods poop salmon, the most incredible fertilizer, the kind of fertilizer that throws cathedrals like this and these days fuels a multibillion dollar fuel and tourism industry. in alaska, if you're going to talk about cutting down
1:56 am
500-year-old trees, even if you're the president, you're going to make some people angry. >> what's the reaction? >> shock and anger. after all the work we put in to keep this area as pristine as we possibly can. >> can you characterize yourself as a tree hugging liberal? >> no, not at all. not a tree hugging liberal at all. and the governor and the president, you know, this is what i'm saying. do not -- do not do this to us. we need to keep this place untapped as much as we can. >> and captain tuck wants me to remind you, these are your trees, america, and any new roads will be built with your tax dollars. bill weir, tenekee springs, alaska. >> thank you so much for that report and we thank you for being with us for this hour of the "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell at the cnn center in atlanta. the news continues here on the network after the break. stay with us. when we started our business
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♪ another storm headed toward the bahamas. the islands already so badly hit after hurricane dorian, we have a live look at tropical storm humberto. where it is now and where it's going. plus, the countdown is on to the new israeli election. new polls show the race is tightening. also this hour, the scandal that had everything, deep pockets and betrayal, now actress felicity huffman has been sentenced. live in cnn headquarters in atlanta, we want to welcome our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm g


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